Friday, February 25, 2011

Dalton McGuinty and Jim Bradley: Liberal apologists for the oil barons!

below: gas in St.Catharines was selling at $1.23 per litre. Several days ago it was $1.09.
So now McGuinty sez that his Liberals won't regulate gasoline prices!
Oh, how times have changed!
This is the exact opposite of what McGuinty and his loyal Liberal hacks such as Jim Bradley were saying while they were  in opposition!
Back then, Liberal millionaire Jim Bradley shrieked incessantly about gasoline "price-fixing" and gas "gouging"! (You do remember that, doncha, Jim?!!) The local press cheered Bradley as he railed against Harris!!
Jim Bradley smugly insisted - while safely in opposition - that gasoline price control was a provincial matter!!! But now...  [!!!]  ...where's Jimmy?!
Back then, Jim Bradley bellowed with feigned outrage at how Harris was an "apologist for the oil barons"!!!
But now... heh heh ...Jimmy's nowhere to be seen!! And you can bet that no-one from the St.Catharines Standard's Bradley Asslick Society will bother to ask their Liberal buddy about his past lies!!
As I wrote in 2007:
"Ten years ago, a smug “veteran Liberal MPP” we know as good ole Jim Bradley, was saying a lot of things.
[Even the Sault Star was helpfully providing pointless innuendo, editorializing about then (Conservative)tourism minister Bill Saunderson being “a self-made millionaire”. (What was the point of that? Of what flicking relevance is that?) Surely, now with over 30 years in political life, Jim Bradley has also earned a million dollars, and enjoys the special-status of an unlocked pension. Oh, and yes, it was ‘self-made’, in the sense that it came out of our tax pockets. What business has Jim Bradley ever been in?]
So, what is our wealthy Liberal Jim Bradley doing about gas prices today, in 2007?
The price at the pumps went up five cents overnight, from a buck a litre (Dec.12, 2007) to $1.05 (Dec. 13, 2007). Is Jim Bradley talking to his “corporate pals” today?..Is Jim Bradley tabling predatory pricing laws? Setting up inquries? Does Jim Bradley, now the transportation minister, have anything to say about greedy oil companies, and price-fixing and price-gouging and oil-barons, today?
Who’s the apologist for the big oil bosses now, Mr. Bradley?
Bradley once accused then premier Mike Harris: “He has made a lot of noise. He huffs and puffs and he blusters, but he simply does nothing.” (Hamilton Spectator, Oct.15, 1997). Sounds like Jim Bradley was actually describing himself. It was a lot of bluster even then, but it's outright B.S. now."

Jim Bradley's fraudulent Liberals were as full of shit then as they are now. It takes a while for voters to see the long-con that is the McGuinty Liberal government.

Didn't Jim Bradley know about Agent Orange?

Maybe the Toronto Star can dig up McGuinty's former Liberal Transportation Minister, MPP Jim Bradley, to answer whether he knew of these allegations that the Ministry of Transportation sprayed 'agent orange' in Ontario, supposedly until 1980. Bradley was Kathleen Wynne's predecessor - how is it that Wynne is now suddenly aware of these allegations, yet Bradley had said nothing when he was Transportation Minister?
In the mid 1980's Bradley was also Peterson's Environment Minister - why didn't Jim ['the environmentalists' saint'] Bradley mention any of these allegations then?!
It's a good bet the GreenFear columnists at the St. Catharines Standard will do their utmost not to ask Jimmy 'bout that. Nobody from the Standard even bothers to ask Good Ole Jimmy 'bout anything - they've been helping Ole Jimmy this way for years, spinning the attention elsewhere, not on Jimmy's Liberal hypocrisy!
Hundreds of Ontario patients were killed by C. diff infection in Dalton McGuinty's Liberal health monopoly - REMEMBER THAT, FOLKS ???!
An oh-so-smug McGuinty couldn't be bothered  to "uncover what happened during those years" of Liberal health-care duplicity!!
Jimmy and Dalton don't want you to remember these hundreds of deaths which occurred under the Liberals' watch during this term - but they're sure gonna find out about the agent orange spraying from three decades ago!
What's next - asking Jim Bradley to explain why lead pipes carrying drinking water still exist throughout Ontario, even at Queen's Park? Why, Jim...why?

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dump Disastrous Dalton!

Barbara Ashbee wrote in "I am not an anecdote" (Orangeville Citizen, Feb.24, 2011):

"Dalton McGuinty needs to educate and inform his ministers, friends and colleagues in positions of authority, such as top doc Dr. Arlene King, Minister Wilkinson, Minister Duguid and the entire ministry staff in every district office in Ontario but especially in Toronto, on the existence of real live people in rural areas of the province of Ontario.
I AM NOT AN ANECDOTE - Dalton’s representatives use this anecdote word a lot...a whole lot. It squeaks out from almost every character we hear on the radio shows, in sound bites and in news items. When backed into a corner to comment on the serious health issues that rural families are suffering from his aggressive wind turbine policy, we hear that old familiar phrase..."well, we hear of some anecdotal reports, but"..... But what Dalton?
But.....we haven’t actually met them because we don’t want to go there? But.....they have written us hundreds of letters and signed their real names but we don’t want people to know? But.....those anecdotes might ruin my plans and destroy my career?
When will Dalton engage in looking out for all Ontarians? When will he respond to them? He was not elected to shelter a chosen few or to pander to lobby groups and companies that only fit his vision. He needs to look out for everyone and protect everyone’s health.
You were elected by socalled anecdotes from all over rural Ontario Dalton. When do they get a fair shake?"
McGuinty's greasy Grits have been hiding for years - just look at Jim Bradley! Smitherman - that walking disaster of a former health and energy minister - was also one of those despotic Liberals who engaged in the 'What? Oh, that? Oh, that's just an anecdote... it's no big deal' tactic.
When Ontarians voiced their concerns about the Liberal-created LHIN fiasco and the Liberals' underfunding of their Niagara Health System monopoly, these concerns were simply ignored and marginalized by McGuinty's Liberal scumbags as being "anecdotal" - ie, unworthy of discussion or consideration. Dismissing dissenters as  inconsequential "anomalies" or as "obscure voices" was another favourite rationalization tactic by McGuinty's ideological Liberals.
In October of 2011 Ontarians can finally dismiss McGuinty's smug Liberal gang, and begin the hard climb back to prosperity.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Thank-you for shooting us, Jim Bradley and Kim Craitor

Nancy Huizinga wrote in "Our wonderful health care system in action" (St.Catharines Standard, Feb.19, 2011) :

   "Thank you Premier Dalton McGuinty, for making my elderly father, who fell and broke his hip to wait at the emergency room at St. Catharines General Hospital for seven hours to get an x-ray, another four hours for a doctor to come and assess him and another two days before he had an operation.
   Thank you Dalton for the shortage of nurses and cutbacks, resulting in health care that is sad and pathetic. I requested that a doctor speak to us after surgery and that didn't happen. I requested to have my dad awake for surgery and to speak to the anesthesiologist, but that didn't happen.
   Thank you Dalton that during my dad's two-and-a-half week stay, we haven't seen a doctor once.
   Thank you Dalton that since my dad is very frail, the hospital decided to give up on him and consider him as palliative care, which he is not, but would like him out of the hospital regardless.
   Thank you Dalton for wanting my dad to be discharged before he regains his strength back, because if he isn't discharged within three weeks from his admittance to this hospital, he will lose his bed at the long-term care home and would have to look and wait for a new long-term care home to be available.
   Thank you Dalton for giving us no choice. Therefore, our dear and frail dad was transferred to his long-term care home. We pray to our dear Lord that He will look after him because our wonderful health-care system that you developed certainly doesn't!
   Thank you Dalton, because of everything that happened, or didn't happen, my dad passed away!
   Thank you Dalton. This is something for all of us "boomers" to look forward to. You might as well just shoot us, because your health-care system is a crime.
   Thank you for nothing".
Thanks should also go to local Liberal politicians Jim Bradley and Kim Craitor, whose duplicitous Liberal government-run health-monopoly underfunded the NHS and created the LHIN disaster in Niagara.
Why isn't Liberal MPP Jim Bradley publicly commenting on these continual horror stories emanating from his local Liberal-under-funded health-monopoly, in his own riding?!
Where is Jim Bradley hiding?! Will any St.Catharines Standard reporter bother to track down Good Ole Jimmy for a comment?! hahaha - as if...
Remember how a Smug Ole Jimmy, when in Opposition, used to huff and puff with sanctimonious feigned-outrage about Harris' alleged cuts?
And then remember how in May 2004, under finance minister Greg Sorbara, McGuinty's Liberals immediately announced that they were going to CUT Harris' health-care spending - which the Liberals themselves admitted was GROWING at 8% per year?!! (yes - you read that correctly: health-care spending under Harris was growing at 8% per year - and McGuinty's Liberals were complaining about this and planning to stop that!!)
Remember, these were McGuinty's Liberals - including the Niagara comedy-duo of Jimmy'n'Kimmy, Niagara's own FLICKIN' Frick'n'Frack  - who not only under-funded their despotic single-payer health monopoly, but who also CUT previously-covered health-care, and who then raised a massive new health-tax!!
McGuinty's Liberal-enforced single-payer health-care monopoly is a crime, but you can bet that the local municipal Liberals, such as Jim Diodati and Vance Badawey, will do anything to avoid investigating that.
It's all the NHS's fault, you see... oh, and Harris's too... hahahaha !
Bed shortages and under-funding can't have anything to do with McGuinty's health-care monopolism!!
McGuinty's LHIN's have nothing to do with any of this!
Smitherman's Commitment To The Future Of  Medicare Act has no bearing on any of this, either!!
Why - if you listen to Kim Craitor - Liberals aren't even involved in any of this - it's all Harris's fault!! What's McGuinty got to do with any of this?!
What's Jim Bradley got to do with any of this?
Nothin' - ya hear!?!!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bed shortage in Windsor labelled a 'crisis': McGuinty's health-monopoly now charging patients $600 a day if they don't leave hospital

So McGuinty's Liberal government health-care monopoly is now charging patients $600 a day if they won't move from Windsor hospitals to long-term care facilities. In a province dedicated to health care socialism and state-controlled monopolist pseudo-egalitarianism, when can we expect this very same tactic to be employed in Niagara?
It would be nice if some Niagara reporter would dare bother to interview Liberals Jim Bradley and Kim Craitor about this tactic their government is pursuing in Windsor.
Do they agree with this move?! Are they speaking out against it?!
But rest assured: folks in Niagara will never know!
Why should we know about such things; about what our Liberal MPP's think of what their own Liberal government is doing in Windsor!! It's best not to ask!
Bradley and Craitor don't want us in Niagara to know what their Liberals are up to in Windsor!! {and the local press would like to keep it this way...}
There's nothin' to see here, folks... move along, now!
Just like Liberals Pupatello and Duncan  aren't too keen on telling their constituents about how their own Liberals closed two emergency rooms in Niagara!
After all, why should Liberals in Windsor care about what the Liberals did in Niagara!? It's better for McGuinty's Liberals that their health-care incompetence and duplicity remain localized and hidden!
Kim Craitor probably thinks Mike Harris is doing this, but Jim Bradley sure knows that it is their own Liberal government allowing this!
Both Jim Bradley and Kim Craitor will hide and remain blithely mute if anyone asks them why in 2006 Dalton McGuinty was against building more hospital beds in Niagara!! (...and who is gonna ask?! It won't be anyone from Niagara's press!)
Why was McGuinty not interested in building more care beds in Niagara?
Isn't that  a "crisis" just waiting to happen in Niagara, just as it is now happening in Windsor, directly caused by Liberal incompetence?
We all know health-care isn't a priority of Liberals such as Jim Bradley; enforcing health-monopolism is their priority, allowing them to divert taxes to other priorities to help them buy votes!
By purposefully creating a bed shortage, McGuinty and his disgusting Liberals will able to charge patients $600 a day in Niagara as well  - for a bed shortage which the Liberals created!!
Isn't Jim Bradley's and Kim Craitor's sanctimonious health-care despotism just perfect?!
Hahaha: we don't need any more stinkin' beds, sez McGinny!!  So remember: Vote for Jim Bradley and Dalton McGuinty!! They will... umm... "fix" health-care! hahahahah
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Liberal greenshevism - pay more, get less

Christina Blizzard wrote in "Wind Plans run out of gas" (Toronto Sun, Feb.16, 2011):

"Nothing like an election on the horizon, with the two frontrunning parties tied in the polls, to make a government see the light.
Or, in this case, the wind.
The McGuinty government has finally acknowledged what critics have long been saying.
Offshore wind farms really blow.
Quietly last week, the Liberals dropped plans to push ahead with off-shore wind farms, mostly planned for Lake Ontario and Lake Huron.
I've always thought the idea was more window-dressing -- build massive, unsightly wind farms in the middle of the lake in the hope voters will actually believe their government is going green.
Except, as any sailor will tell you, there simply isn't enough wind -- especially in Lake Ontario -- to make the plan worthwhile.
Energy Minister Brad Duguid said in an interview Monday there isn't enough science to push ahead with the projects.
"There is a need to develop the science before the ministry of the environment approves fresh water wind turbines," he said.
While there are saltwater windfarms, there aren't enough turbines in freshwater to study the environmental impact.
For example, freshwater is more likely to freeze. How will that affect the turbine?
Duguid said the government will still be able to reach its goal of bringing 10,700 MW of renewable power on-line by 2018.
Only one contract out of 1,300 contracts was offshore.
"We are very confident we will meet all our objectives in building the renewable energy we need to build to replace coal and maintain our position as a green energy leader with onshore projects.
"The decision on offshore will not have any noticeable effect on our objectives," he said.
The government has pledged to shut the province's coal-fired generating plants by 2014.
Duguid expects to make more announcements soon on new, "feed-in-tariff," (FIT) renewable energy projects.
Wind and other renewable energy programs are largely responsible for soaring energy costs.
The "global adjustment," or "provincial benefit" consumers who are signed up to energy retailers pay has pushed many homeowners' bills into the stratosphere.
That money is going to pay for renewable projects.
It's now worth about $4.2 billion a year, and growing.
When electricity prices were high, the global adjustment was a negative amount.
Now electricity is cheaper -- and the global adjustment is soaring.
It was largely the FIT program that led to the situation on New Year's Day, where we had to pay other jurisdictions to take our excess electricity off our hands.
January 1 was warm and windy. The wind turbines were turning - but industry was mostly shut down.
Ontario Power Generation had to spill water at Niagara - wasting the cheapest, greenest energy on the planet -- because FIT contracts require the province to buy wind energy first.
All of which could zap the Liberals in the upcoming election.
Premier Dalton McGuinty is touring the province with his travelling road show, trying to explain away the soaring hydro bills.
The Liberals are also trying to soften the blow of rapidly increasing prices by introducing a 10% credit on your hydro bills.
Still, they're adding $1 billion to the debt to do that, so you'll pay one way or another.
They can add it to your hydro bill. Or you can pay it on your income taxes. Or you can pass the bill along to generations yet unborn.
Which is what we've done in the past.
With windmills, what goes around comes around.
It's enough to make your head spin."

We can fondly thank that walking Liberal disaster George Smitherman for all the piles of stinking Liberal policy turds festering throughout Ontario.
Whether on health-care or energy, Smitherman was a damn disaster, yet - this is important to remember - Smitherman was personally chosen and fully supported by Dalton McGuinty! Just goes to show how impaired Dalton's judgement was.
McGuinty should be charged for 'ruling while politically impaired'.
It's hilarious pathetic how the local GreenFear-spreaders at the St.Catharines Standard haven't been able to dig up their green wizard, Good Ole Liberal Jim (the 'environmentalists' saint'') Bradley, for a comment!!
(Waz ole Jimmy gots ta do wid any o' dis??! Nuttin'... ya git...)
Amazing how green bolshevism enables sustainable power such as that from Niagara's hydro to be dumped in favour of expensive legislated greenie power. But, hey: Liberals such as Jim Bradley and George Smitherman had nothing to do with any of this - right!!! ha ha ha Why bother Jimmy with these niggling details about Niagara's water capacity being dumped for windy green bolshevism?!
And what's with this about the Great Lakes freezing?
Jim Bradley's green bolsheviks have been fear-mongering FOR YEARS that the PLANET IS MELTING!!! The  ice is melting!! Run!! The seas are going to flood!!
We were fear-mongered by Jim Bradley and Al Gore and Suzuki and the CBC and the St.Catharines Standard that unless we succumb to  Liberal Greenshevism, the Great Lakes were actually going to flood!! The water is rising!! Run!!
And now, Brad Duguid, the Liberal slimeball, wants to talk about, um... SCIENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF?
These are the same Liberal liars who have been peddling the GreenFear boilerplate propaganda that global warming is ALL SETTLED!!! The "science" was "settled" they claimed!
So if the "science" on global warming is "settled" why do McGuinty's Liberal hacks now need to study the lake ice??! Why, Jim Bradley and his climate-change doomsayer Liberals (and Stephane Dion's and Ignatieff's loons as well) have been telling us that the water in the Great Lakes isn't going to freeze anymore - isn't that right?!  Unreal!  Talk about a "feed in": these Liberal GreenFear-mongers have been feeding us their green socialist garbage for years.
And doncha jus' luv da story in the St.Catharines Standard on Feb.15, 2011, outlining how water rates in Niagara are going to go up substantially because people have reduced consumption, to the point that providing the water has now become more expensive on a per unit basis!!
We were told by the greensheviks that saving the water would save the earth!! All this did was make water more expensive. The same will apply to electricity, as well as health-care.
see also here.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Iggy and Gill will make Canada less competitive

Charles Lammam and Niels Veldhuis wrote in "Ignatieff just doesn't get it" (National Post, Feb.12, 2011) that Iggy, well... simply just doesn't get it!!
Even Ontario's Liberal lunkhead Dalton McGuinty (kind of) gets it - that reducing corporate tax rates increases business investment - although his own brother David McGuinty doesn't.
Apparently, neither does St.Catharines Liberal candidate Andrew Gill:
above: Typical tax-raising misguided Liberal GritShit found as an ad in the Feb.9, 2011 Niagara This Week.

Hypocrite Liberal McGuinty coyly avoids issue of bibles in public schools!

So McGuinty's Liberal hypocrites - the same ones who claimed faith-based schooling was divisive to society! - have suddenly become silent on the issue of bibles in public schools!!
This (not healthcare!) was the McGuinty Liberals' Number One issue in the 2007 Ontario election!!
But don't worry, though, folks  -  rest assured that the Bradley-Brown-Nosers at the St.Catharines Standard will not be asking Liberal hypocrite MPP Jim Bradley for a comment!
It might might make Ole Jimmy's Liberals  look bad!

McGuinty Liberals blame the Earth for 60% budget-overrun at Niagara tunnel

Corey Laroque wrote in "Big Becky to surface this spring" (St.Catharines Standard, Feb.9, 2011):

"After four years of underground burrowing, Big Becky is about to surface near Niagara Falls.

Big Becky is the nicknmame of the tunnel-boring machine digging a 10-kilometre tunnel under the city of Niagara Falls that will bring more water to the Sir Adam Beck hydroelectric generators.

"If all goes well, we'll be breaking through the other side in April," said Tom Mitchell, president of Ontario Power Generation, the provincially owned company responsible for producing electricity.

The tunnel will actually be 10,143 metres, starting at the Beck station, underneath Stanley Avenue to Dufferin Islands and into the upper Niagara River.

Big Becky and the 230 workers toiling away underground is about 570 metres from seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Right now, excavating is taking place 65 metres underneath the Niagara River, even with where the old Toronto Power company gatehouse is located on the Niagara Parkway." Click photo to read:

Reading Laroque's strory, it is obvious that there isn't much criticism nor analysis about why the Liberals severely under-budgeted this third Niagara Tunnel.
Liberal hack Duguid simply tells us OPG isn't to blame, and neither is the contractor!
There ya go!
Apparently, no-one's to blame: this is just perfect!!
Notice how it is patently accepted as unchallenged Liberal gospel when Duguid glibly claims that:
 "The only thing you can blame for that is the rocks beneath our feet."
Wow: really?!?
Apparently, the McGuinty Liberal government had nothin' to do with any of this!!
No mention was given in this story of any opposition viewpoint either.

Now compare Laroque's above column to Parker Gallant's detailed analysis in "Big Becky's budget gets bigger" (National Post, Feb.10, 2011):

"Ontario Energy Minister Brad Duguid was in Niagara Falls this week with a local MPP and a school bus of media types to deliver a message. “You can’t build a tunnel like this for free,” he stated, referring to Big Becky, the nickname of the machine boring a 10-kilometre tunnel under the city of Niagara Falls to bring more water to the Sir Adam Beck hydroelectric generators.
At least that part of the message was factual. The Big Becky project is $615-million over budget - at least 60% - and will be almost four years late when it finally delivers some hydroelectric power. By that time Ontario’s electricity rates, according to the same minister, will be at least 25% higher.
While the Ontario Liberals claim credit for Big Becky because they approved the original budget of $985-million in 2004, the plans for the tunnel had been in the works for a couple of decades and detailed engineering work had actually started in 1990. Its environmental assessment was actually approved in 1998. At the time, Ontario didn’t need the power, so the project was deferred.
When the McGuinty government came to power, it announced it would close all of Ontario’s coal-fired generating plants by 2007. At the same time, several of the province’s nuclear plants were nearing their end of life and concerns that Ontario could face an energy shortage crystallized in the minds of Ontario Power Generation, the provincial utility, and the Liberals. Plans for Big Becky were dusted off and rushed through the OPG board. The Request for Proposal was sent off quickly for bids to complete the tunnel.
The original approval was for a budget of $985-million, but that ballooned when the contractor hired to drill the tunnel sought a huge adjustment, on the grounds that OPG’s RFP was flawed in its provision of geological information. As a result, the tunnelling costs jumped from $600-million to $1.2-billion. No announcements on this huge increase were made by then energy minister George Smitherman - it was simply run through the Liberal Cabinet and the overrun was blessed, along with the completion delay. A search through the notes of OPG’s financial statements disclosed what had happened.
As the delays in completion became known and OPG was struggling with nuclear refurbishments, alarm bells started ringing in the corridors of the electricity sector and among the Liberals. A power shortage would be a very bad event. McGuinty then backtracked on closing those “dirty” coal-fired generating stations, and their life was extended to 2014. Smitherman rushed through the Green Energy Act, instructed the Ontario Power Authority to pay generously for renewable power, and Ontario now finds itself faced with electricity rates that are 75% higher than 2003 and that are projected to be 46% higher by 2015.
“A hundred years from now, the project will still be contributing to our energy system,” said Duguid. “It’s clean. It’s reliable. It’s something I think Ontario families will be able to take a great deal of pride in.”
In 100 years, perhaps they will."
Funny, eh, how much of what Gallant managed to detail was somehow overlooked by the St.Catharines Standard!!
Smitherman... cost overruns... green energy disasters and Liberal kyodiotism... Liberal lies and flip-flops... what's any of that got to do with re-electing Kim Craitor and Jim Bradley?!!
Wow, indeed.

Fake "investigation" of NHS avoids examining Liberal complicity

George Smitherman's piles of Liberal policy shit are still stinking throughout Ontario: here's more on the McGuinty Liberal government's wind energy greenie disaster.

It is quite clear to all Ontarians now that it was the walking Liberal disaster Smitherman who hadn't "thought things out" when it came to his half-baked greenie and healthcare despotism.

So, while McGuinty "quietly" tries to hide his and Smitherman's gigantic green energy policy turd, we can fondly reminisce about  Wise Ole Liberal Jim Bradley's smug rhetoric as reported by a fawning Toronto Star, back on Dec.4, 1995:
“As Liberal MPP Jim Bradley observed rather profoundly in the legislature, governments can be judged best by what they do in private. Put another way, it is what governments try to do covertly that speaks to us about their integrity and respect for voters.”

ha ha ha:  read that again - that's straight from the stinking, smug wazoo of Good Ole Jim Bradley! Yet - just look at what Bradley and his secretive, incompetent Liberal global-warming GreenFearTM-spreading scumbags have been covertly doing since 2003!! Gee, Jimmy: don't your oh-so-sanctimonious observations just as well apply to YOU and YOUR DISASTROUS LIBERAL GOVERNMENT ?!

What damn respect for voters, tax-payers, and constituents has secretive Bradley shown?! Bradley and his Liberals are ALL ABOUT secrecy and covert actions!!

Just look at the Liberals' fascist G20 secret law [....hmmmm... anyone remember that?!!...] - for which Bradley has yet to apologize! And oh yeah: Bradley has now been appointed as McGuinty's clean-up boy  to sweep the G20 law and the McGuinty Liberals' complicity under the rug.

Talk about a damn two-faced Liberal snake - Bradley takes the cake in hypocrisy!

Now (further to this story) we have municipal Liberals such as Jim Diodati and Debbie Zimmerman squawking about some kind of 'investigation' of the NHS - BUT NOT OF ANY INVESTIGATION INTO THE LIBERAL GOVERNMENT WHICH CONTROLS THE NHS!!!!

What a classic diversion strategy!! Where was Diodati back in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, when Jim Bradley and his Liberals were hiding from scandal after health-care scandal?!

Did Diodati ever bother to demand that his Liberal provincial buddies immediately appoint the ombudsman to investigate the NHS's high patient death-rate?  Bradley sure couldn't be bothered to do so!!

Did Diodati ever demand 'accountability' from healthcare MONOPOLISTS such as Jim Bradley and Kim Craitor? Or do Jimmy'n'Kimmy have nothing at all to do with controlling, directing and (under)-funding  the NHS?!

Did Liberal hack Diodati ever demand that his Liberal buddies McGuinty, Craitor, and Bradley carry out the Legislative  LHIN review, which they had earlier promised - and then cancelled??! haha: Liberal hack Diodati conveniently vanished when it came to that.

Why don't we look into Diodati's and the many other municipal Liberals' partisan roles in enabling McGuinty's monopolistic health care despotism to flourish unchallenged? Why don't we look into these Liberals' adherence to greenshevik beliefs about global-warming, and their resultant idiotic kyodiot greenie policy decisions?!

An 'investigation into the NHS' is not an investigation into the McGuinty government's role in the NHS's decision process - and that's the way Liberals want this to remain!

This is a 'fake' call for an 'investigation'; this is more about illusion and diversion and Liberal partisanship in a provincial election year than it is about determining the McGuinty Liberal cabinet's ideological role in underfunding an entire health system WHILE concurrently enforcing a single-payer monopoly. These Liberals aren't interested in questioning their own Liberal government's draconian single-payer health care monopoly - they're more interested in blaming Harris for creating the NHS!! That is the underlying narrative here!!

I've never heard Liberal hack Jim Diodati express any concern over the death of Helen Harris. I've never heard Diodati call for an independent inquiry when hundreds of patients were dying from C. diff in McGuinty's health monopoly.

In fact, I've never heard Diodati or his partisan Liberals ever question [or even use the word] "monopoly" when talking of Ontario's failing Liberal-run health system! ( Pat Scholfield..!)

Any "investigation" purposefully limited only to the NHS - without the specific authority and scope of calling McGuinty's current and former Liberal cabinet members to testify - is just a soviet-style orwellian charade show-trial, all about appearance over substance.

Friday, February 11, 2011

The NHS is not an independent organization

Re:"Council calls for NHS probe" (St.Catharines Standard, Feb.11, 2011; and no, reporter Matthew Van Dongen couldn't be bothered to provide any comments in this story from Liberal Jim Bradley - typical St.Catharines Standard Grit ass-kissing; oh how Henry Burgoyne would be proud)...

... it's interesting to see how Niagara's puffed-up Liberals are now running around, screaming for some kind of investigation of the NHS - yet not one of these Liberals has ever demanded a public explanation from Liberal MPP Jim Bradley about what his McGuinty-led Liberal disaster of a government has done to health care in Ontario!

What FLICKING kind of "investigation" do they want?! The Ombudsman is the only one who can deal with the secrecy surrounding the NHS, whose decisions are made by the LHIN and by the Ministry of Health! The ombudsman was not allowed to "investigate" the NHS; Jim Bradley and his secretive Liberals spent the last seven years hiding their entire health-care monopoly - not just the NHS - from independent scrutiny!

Now Liberals such as Diodati and Zimmerman and others squawk self-righteously about the NHS, as if the NHS is somehow a self-reliant and independent organization; as if the concept of Liberal-forced ideological single-payer health-care monopolism HAS NOTHING to do with any of their concerns; as if everything the NHS does isn't approved by its superiors at the LHIN and the Ministry of Health!!!!!!!

They're all now squawking about the HIP - the same HIP which we were just told WAS NOT the reason why former NHS CEO Debbie Sevenpifer was (mysteriously) fired! 

No McGuinty-Liberal-government official has yet told us why Sevenpifer was fired, and, why the rest of the NHS's board of directors (who all implemented the HIP) are still there! Somehow the Liberals on the municipal level are all complaining about the HIP, as if the evil HIP was the only thing wrong with the NHS health-care monopoly!! {clue: the word "monopoly" !!}

Let's remember - for the hundredth time - that the HIP which these sanctimonious Liberals are whining about was FORCED upon the NHS by Dalton McGuinty's health minister George Smitherman!!

The urban legend propagated by the yellow-shirt socialists and the municipal Liberals is that somehow McGuinty's Liberal monopolist government has scant little to do with anything that happens at the NHS!

Let's remember that the Liberals were happy to accept Smitherman's great Liberal health-care plans. Smitherman ordered the NHS to 'save money': do not forget this fact!
Smitherman ordered  the Ministry of Health to force the NHS to create a HIP.
Smitherman's Liberals approved the NHS's HIP proposals.
Dr. Jack Kitts approved the NHS's HIP.
The McGuinty/Smitherman-created LHIN also approved the HIP.
The Liberals then ordered the NHS to implement the HIP.
And the Liberals - including Smitherman, then David Caplan, then Deb Matthews - also REFUSED to reconsider the NHS's HIP [which they had instigated in the first place!]

In other words: McGUINTY'S LIBERALS WERE SOLELY IN CHARGE OF INSTIGATING AND IMPLEMENTING THE NHS HIP - there was NO 'autonomy'; nor any 'independence'; nor any 'local self-rule' of any kind whatsoever on the part of the NHS: McGuinty's Liberals fully ran the show! (Kim Craitor has a hard time understanding the last several paragraphs) McGuinty's Liberal pipers played the tune; the NHS had to dance.

The board and CEO of the Niagara Health System did what McGuinty's Liberals ordered them to do:  that's what happens in a state-run single-payer health-care monopoly. So, if  the Diodatis and Zimmermans want to "investigate" the NHS, they better start with examining George Smitherman's role in forcing the NHS to create the HIP; and they better examine Dalton McGuinty and his Liberal cabinet's role in supporting the NHS's HIP. Will this "probe" look at the Liberal government's role in mis-managing their failing health monopoly, or will the scope of this "investigation" be limited only to the NHS, thereby shifting the focus away from the culpability of the Liberal government?! After all:  aren't the Liberals ultimately accountable for what happens in their monopoly?

This urban legend -  that somehow the NHS's board of directors are independent (and thereby "accountable") - continues with this letter by John G. Bullivant "NHS board should be held accountable" (St.Catharines Standard, Feb11, 2011):

Re: NHS boss gone (Jan. 20).
Niagara Health System Board of Trustees chair Betty-Lou Souter is factually wrong in stating that "hospitals are not unlike businesses or large corporations" insofar as a comparison between their respective organizational structures will clearly show a critical and significant difference with respect to the fundamental matter of who they are accountable to in terms of leadership, transparency and governance.
In the "business and large corporate" world, a board is held accountable to its shareholders. However in the NHS world, the board has no such restriction, and is in fact accountable only to itself. In other words taxpayers do not have the same influence as a shareholder as to whether we agree or not with its standards of leadership, transparency and governance.
Because of this imbalance of accountability, surely it is not unreasonable for taxpayers to expect, and indeed be entitled to have, the highest level of leadership, transparency and responsible corporate governance associated with an organization employing 4,150 people (599 physicians) in six locations with an operating budget of $400 million.
Whether we do, or not, is a subjective decision, but by reading the reports printed in The Standard on Oct. 28, 2008, (Poll shows health system dissatisfaction and NHS doctors vote in favour of non-confidence motion) the board of trustees under the leadership of its chair must be held responsible for creating the negative NHS profile/ image of mistrust, lack of confidence and a mutual suspicion with its medical staff association, the public and, until December 2010, the censure of the Ontario Nursing Association.
If indeed the NHS board was accountable to shareholders, you can be very sure that they too would have reached their "crossroads and opt for a change" a long time ago, and would have done so by replacing the current chair of the board whose current term finishes in June of this year."

Contrary to what Bullivant claims, the NHS board IS NOT "accountable only to itself"!! WTF?!

The NHS is "accountable" to the LHIN, to the Ministry of Health, and to the McGuinty Liberal cabinet; but under this definition of "accountable": seeing that the NHS is a state-run monopoly, "accountability" here means "following orders". "Accountability" in a monopoly means "obedience" to the monopolist-payer who calls the shots. That is the only kind of  "accountability" possible here - BECAUSE A PATIENT CANNOT - BY LAW - PAY FOR SERVICES!!!

Do ya get it ?!? (see another disingenuous Bullivant letter here)

The NHS is beholden to the only PAYER: Dalton McGuinty's Liberals!

The NHS board, the LHIN, the MoH - these are all layers of unaccountable bureaucracy; these are lackeys, all puppets controlled by the state! The NHS is subservient to, and reports to, McGuinty's Liberal government!

The NHS IS NOT an independent organization; it's a cog in the state-run health monopoly - it's simply a POLITICAL FRANCHISE.

Do ya get it!?! Yet?

Monopolies such as the NHS are accountable to the government first, NOT to the patient; you can thank Tommy Douglas.

There is NO "accountability" in the normal sense which would commonly apply when talking about a private endeavour! How does one "make" a fake mechanism (ie a fixed-health-care market) "accountable"?! What does that term even mean in a state-run monopoly?! It's meaningless!!

The conceptual framework of what health care 'is' in Ontario...
 [ie {once again, read this and repeat until understood} it is a state-run single-payer monopoly]
... is simply overlooked in Bullivant's letter! Thus, being "accountable" to "shareholders" in a state-run, non-competitive health monopoly is an oxymoron. Tax-payers are but figurative 'shareholders', this is all a socialist smokescreen: the taxpayer is simply a convenient teat for socialist ideology; socialism doesn't invite troublesome shareholders who are independent and responsible; it appoints lackeys who are obedient and know their place. The socialists now want to "elect" hospital boards - yet, how will these boards "get" their money? From the taxpayer's teat?! That's  "accountability"?! That's yet another smokescreen-charade.

Only when patients pay for their own health care will hospitals, their boards, and their staff, have real accountability - and real responsibility. They would be obligated to perform for their patients, not be protected by a socialist, unaccountable health care monopoly.

Monopoly health care is all about empowering the statist status-quo, rather than about empowering patients. And it's all about pretending that Liberals such as Jim Bradley have nothing to do with health-care, while other Liberals run around pretending they're going to fix health-care! Yep ... do ya get it now ?!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

McGuinty wastes millions while patients wait for emergency care: local Liberal Jim Bradley hides from comment

{further to earlier posts here; here}

Julie Pateman wrote in "Our health-care system is shameful" (St.Catharines Standard, Feb.8, 2011):

"Re: ER back-ups causing longer wait times (Jan. 28).
I read this article about the child who waited 812/hours to see a doctor in the emergency room. I also had to wait to see a doctor. I went to the ER with excruciating stomach and back pain. I was in such bad shape I had to ask the nurse if I could lie down. I got a bed in the ER and was left alone for six hours. No one came to check on me to see how I was doing.
By this time I was vomiting and writhing in pain. After the six-hour wait, the doctor finally came. I was admitted to the hospital and scheduled for surgery the next morning. They had to remove my gall bladder which was gangrened.
I have been at the ER and the urgent Care Clinic, and at both places I waited more than four hours to see a doctor. What is wrong with our health-care system when it takes so long to see a doctor, even when your case is urgent?"

So: what does Niagara's local Liberal monopoly-pushing-hack, Jim Bradley have to say about this?!

Jim Bradley and his Liberals control Ontario's health care system - yet Jimmy is shamefully and mysteriously nowhere to be found to explain why his state-run health-care monopoly keeps on failing!

Where is Jim Bradley, or that other pompous windbag Deb Matthews, to publicly answer Pateman's questions? (...and did the St.Catharines Standard ever contact their best friend Liberal Jim Bradley, for a comment?!? answer: NO)
Will Bradley dismiss Pateman as just another anomaly, another anecdote, another minor, inconsequential hiccup, in the Grand Scheme of Socialist Health Care?

Wait till you get Bradley's and Kim Craitor's and Dalton McGuinty's latest apologist piece from the Liberal Department of Propaganda: their green energy / Liberal election brochure, which has been paid for by a million of our tax-payer dollars!

Yep: Jimmy just happens to have millions lying around for arts centres and for his Liberal green energy lies - but don't bother Good Ole Jimmy about emergency room wait-times!! Billions more wasted on green scams while patients sit waiting and dying in Ontario's under-funded Liberal-controlled health monopoly!!

And not a FLICKING WORD from local Liberal scumbag Jim Bradley.

And can't you just wait for all the other treats which Bradley's Liberals will be, ah, "giving" us before Oct.6? There will suddenly be cash for everything - even cash to 'FIX' health-care!! Huh, ya ask? Yep: the Liberals will position themselves as the saviours of "health-care" - as if these very same Liberals had... umm... nothing to do with the problems during the last seven years! {so: Vote Jim!! hahahahahahaheeheeheehahahahah! Jimmy'l fixit!!}

The McGuinty/Smitherman greenie energy fiasco which was foisted by the Liberals onto Ontario is glibly rationalized in their partisan Liberal mail-out. Here's what McGuinty is hiding, and won't tell us in his laughable "brochure", see: here; here; here; here.

Lying about his fake green jobs and fake green economy and his fake green electricity price "cuts"! Proudly touting his "10%" rebate - on a 46% INCREASE - and glibly hoping nobody sees the obvious scam!!

If the Liberals just change some of the words and detail in this GreenFear-propaganda, this brochure can easily become a template for a McGuinty health-care propaganda brochure as well, telling us how great health care is in Liberal-run McGuintystan { other words, the spin would be that tax-paying patients - such as Pateman - and NOT McGuinty's Liberals - are the liars!}
It's probably already in the works.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Liberal liar's dilemma: McGuinty is scheming to con Ontarians again!

So here is the Toronto Star writing of Dalton McGuinty's terrible plight, fretting about how his poor, misunderstood Liberals can talk you into voting for them again:
"The premier insists leadership is about doing the right thing even if it’s unpopular and hard to understand — and this has left him trailing in the polls after seven years in office. But is time running out to make his case before Ontarians cast their ballots in eight months?
“It’s a real challenge. How do you tell a seven-year story to people who lead hectic, just-in-time lives?” McGuinty mused. “It’s hard to tell a seven-year story in a seven-second sound bite.”
As if on cue, local Tory MPP Lisa MacLeod popped up at the end of his news conference to mock McGuinty’s inability to master short clips: “I can. It’s higher taxes, it’s higher hydro rates and it’s higher unemployment. Okay, seven seconds - I was able to sum up seven years in office.”


We can also sum up Dalton McGuinty's Liberals quite succinctly in less than TWO seconds: "Lying scumbags". There.

But if you've got the time ...[oh, I dunno... seven days??!]... you can also read about Dalton McGuinty's serial lies in the hundreds of "Liberal healthcare duplicity" links below. You can see in painful detail how the Liberals spin the SAME OLD LIES, year after pathetic year. Now McGuinty - lying reptile that he is - wants us to TRUST HIM?!?

Saturday, February 5, 2011

McGuinty's new Liberal Poor School

Further to an earlier post, When Jim Bradley met Jim Crow:

How is it that Kalvin Reid's St.Catharines Standard Feb.5, 2011 Editor's Notebook column, "It's time for a popular uprising", doesn't have any response from local Liberal Jim Bradley? Isn't education near and dear to Jimmy's heart? Doesn't cabinet-minister Bradley have anything to say about education anymore?!

We all remember how sanctimonious Ole Jimmy was about faith-based-schooling! It - like "global-warming"! - was, according to Bradley, going to lead to the end of the world!

We all remember how McGuinty touted himself as the 'education premier'!!

We all remember how Bradley and his smarmy Grits fear-mongered that faith-based education was divisive and regressive and segregationist and a threat to social cohesion in Ontario!!

But now that Jim Bradley's Liberals have no problem creating "black" schools and "poor" schools - suddenly, Jimmy's nowhere to be found, hidden in his trusty Cone-of-Silence cloaking device. As far as Liberals are concerned, poor schools are, apparently, good; so black poor schools would even be better...

It's astounding that McGuinty's education minister Leona Dombrowsky wasn't even tangentially mentioned in Reid's column! Doesn't the 'education premier's' education minister have anything to do with any of this?!

What is Dombrowky going to do about this Liberal Poor School - will she embrace the concept, or distance her Liberal government from it?

Compare Reid's column with the perspectives in Moira MacDonald's Feb.5, 2011 Toronto Sun column.

Jim Bradley's dreadful silence regarding his Liberal Mess at the NHS

Frank Iker wrote in "Dreading going to ER" (St.Catharines Standard, Feb.5, 2011) about the "disconcerting" 8 1/2-hour wait time at the NHS's St.Catharines ER, seeing that the provincial "benchmark" is supposed to be 4 hrs. (don't tell Michael Moore)
Iker asks "What is our local Niagara Health System doing to improve our emergency health care?"

Interestingly, Iker DOES NOT ask the much more relevant questions of:

- what is our Liberal-controlled LHIN doing to improve emergency care?
- what is local Liberal health-care-cutter Jim Bradley doing to "improve" emergency care?!

As if it is not pathetic enough that the McGuinty Liberals' role in the ER closures was completely glossed over in Grant Lafleche's previous article, (which Iker was responding to here); but Iker himself seems to miss the point as well! There was no mention of any Liberal role or responsibility in Iker's letter, either!

Wow: it's as if McGuinty's Liberals had nothin' to do with these here wait-times and ER closures and budget-cuts! hee hee!

The NHS is in deficit 'cuz... well... they're just wastrels wallowing in cash, as Smitherman once said; Liberal underfunding of the NHS had nothing to do with it!! ha ha ha ha!

(We all know [!] that it was now-fired-NHS-CEO Debbie Sevenpifer who not only personally caused the long NHS health-care wait times, but also the deficits!! Yes she did! har har har! All by herself!! Yep!! Liberals had nothing to do with any of that!! Nothing... ya hear?!)

That McGuinty's secretive Liberal government enforces a despotic health monopoly in Ontario, and that local Liberal strongmen Jim Bradley and Kim Craitor are staunch single-payer monopolists, apparently has no bearing on the issue!

When McGuinty's Liberals export patients to Buffalo for health-care that (strangely!) is unavailable in Liberal-monopoly-controlled Ontario, so what that McGuinty is sending patients to the same Buffalo hospitals which would be illegal  if they were located across the river in McGuinty-stan?! What's that got to do with it, right?!! hahhaha

We must not pretend - whether purposefully, or through Bradley Syndrome - that Jim Bradley's Liberals are somehow disconnected, and are held harmless, from responsibility for their monopolist Mess at the NHS.

The Liberals must be held fully accountable for what happens in their state-controlled health-monopoly.

The Liberals  fully control the LHIN's, which fully control the NHS; Bradley and Craitor are Liberals.

It's dreadful that many Ontarians fail to recognize that.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Obamacare - unconstitutional?? Who knew?!

Remember how the local Canadian press and leftist monopoly-pushers gobbled up and propagated Obama's grand health-care plans?
Amazing how now, when Obamacare has been declared unconstitutional, forcing it to a Supreme Court challenge, you can't find a single mention of these developments over at the St.Catharines Standard!!! Amazing how the Democrats' bait-and-switch health-care tactics in the States are now being, umm... 'overlooked' by the local press!
Waivers are being granted to millions of workers so that they could opt out of , ie, not be hurt by, Obamacare! Costs are going up, not down. Calls are being made for Obama's impeachment!
Why should any Canadian Obama-booster write about that?!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Liberals 'absolutely committed' to lying about health care

The Petrolia Topic editorialized on Feb.2, 2011 in "Health care system needs work":

"Ontario Health and Long-Term Care Minister Deb Matthews said the province is "...absolutely committed" to keeping Petrolia's hospital emergency department open.
But a politician's promises are like eggs: They are both easily broken. And the ruling Liberals have broken many promises.

Matthews made the comment during a recent Lambton County visit, which included Charlotte Eleanor Englehart Hospital of Bluewater Health.

The emergency department is being kept open with local and provincial doctors easing a chronic shortage of physicians.

The Feb. 2 regional round table discussion held in Petrolia by the Rural and Northern Health Care Panel was a chance for local health care consumers to speak their mind about this and other issues. The discussion is one of 11 regional meetings being held across the province and the panel's report and recommendations are expected later this year. The report will lead to a new rural and northern health care plan.

The executive summary of the panel's interim report lists many challenges in access to health care in rural areas. The summary says "...Local Health Integration Networks, as well as other stakeholders in the (health care) system, struggle to effectively provide services to rural, remote and northern communities."

That's a bit scary, since LHINs are responsible for co-ordinating health care services that meet the needs of local communities.

The summary also lists 12 major challenges in having a health care system that's available and accessible to rural people, including: limited sharing of health records and information among health care professionals; a physician shortage; centralization of the health care system; and a lack of rural perspective applied in planning at the provincial or LHIN levels.

Solving health care access issues in rural areas is a complex problem but steps are clearly needed to help the Erie-St. Clair LHIN and other stakeholders carry out their mandate.

Consulting rural communities is a good start but health care stakeholders must work together and the panel's recommendations must be implemented in a timely manner. And modernizing the health care network with an electronic medical records system is needed to make it more efficient.

Results of the Oct. 6 provincial election could throw a monkey wrench into plans. But at least everyone agrees the health care system is sick and needs to get better."

So: Petrolia remains open  [guess they didn't get their HIP directive from the LHIN yet...] - but the emergency departments in Fort Erie and Port Colborne were closed?!
McGuinty and Smitherman promised to keep them open, as well!!
The Liberals lied about that.
Deb Matthews and her Liberals are "absolutely committed" - to lying, and to enforcing a despotic, unmanageable, unaccountable, single-payer, state-controlled health care monopoly.
The reason that Fort Erie and Port Colborne were shut down is that McGuinty realized that they are closer to better health care in Buffalo.
And not everyone agrees that the health care system is "sick" - not one Liberal admits that!
Jim Bradley certainly won't!
And what's with the "chronic shortage of physicians" mentioned in this article? If you read the tax-payer-funded propaganda put out by Caroline Bourque at the Liberal-controlled NHS, you would be led to believe that there is NO doctor shortage!!
That's what devious Deb's sayin' as well!
What is truly sick is that editorials such as these are a dime-a-dozen throughout the province; they always dance around the edge of the issue, recognizing that there's a health care problem, yadda yadda.. yet they never quite get around to addressing the real problem: even though they realize that politicians lie, and admit they understand that McGuinty's Liberals have lied - these editorial writers never seem to correlate the idea that these VERY SAME POLITICAL LIARS run a no-patient-choice health-care MONOPOLY.
They are loathe to recognize that the real problem is that health care in Ontario is a puppet of state control. Get the liars and political opportunists away from controlling the health care system by de-monopolizing it.
Just get Dalton McGuinty and Deb Matthews and Jim Bradley the f*ck OUT of their cosy monopolist health care racket.
Deny the Liberals the ability to freely TAKE, and then SQUANDER, our money, while smugly pretending  to know 'what's best' for us.
As with many other health care editorials throughout Ontario (and as we've seen in St. Catharines as well) this one from Petrolia recognizes part of the problem; but then stands helplessly and confusedly on the edge, unable or unwilling to put the rest of the pieces together; clinging desperately to the belief that their preferred "solution" (specifically: single-payer, state-run health-care) somehow is not the actual problem.