Monday, December 6, 2010

Why not charge McGuinty's Liberal health-care monopolists with manslaughter?

After reading Tanya Talaga's story "Woman dies as ER waits continue" (Toronto Star, Dec.6, 2010) about Ontario Auditor Jim McCarter's latest findings regarding McGuinty's disastrous monopolist health care system, it seems like this is all a repeat of the same old things from Liberal health care disasters past, from previous reports by McCarter going back years; it's like the Groundhog Day of health care: same health care horror story, another year later.
Somehow, Dalton McGuinty along with George Smitherman and David Caplan, and now Deb Matthews, were able to just slough all of this off, year after year.
So what that a patient died waiting in the hospital emergency room!? Just don't tell Michael Moore about how Tommy Douglas works, and all will be be fine.
The Liberal-voting sheeple of Ontario will soon forget about this latest indictment of Liberal health care incompetence, and be told to view the Liberals as they should be seen: which is as being the saviours of health-care!! Yep, read that again - it's exactly what I meant: the Liberals have nothin' to do with any health care problems; and magically, the Liberals will fix all the health care problems which someone else - not them; not ever them!! - caused.
(What are the chances that the St.Catharines Standard tomorrow will have nothing to say about, or bother to obtain comments from, local Liberal MPP Jim Bradley, regarding McCarter's report?! Chances are pretty good that the Standard's Jim Bradley Fanclub will faithfully perform the Bradley Hindlick Manoeuvre and keep Good Ole Jimmy outta this; after all, what's Ole Jim got to do with any of this - right?!)

Let's look at a recurring issue that McCarter mentions yet again in his 2010 report, about there not being enough hospital beds. The bed shortage in McGuinty's Liberal health care monopoly is not news - this has been known by the McGuintyites for years - see: Time to debunk Liberal health care myths.

Remember Dalton McGuinty even smugly telling us in 2006 that more hospital beds weren't in the cards for Niagara? see: Sadistic Liberal health care in Ontario

[... Also see:
- St.Catharines Standard still protecting Liberal Jim Bradley
- No beds available: Go die at home
- Patients forced to wait a day in underfunded ER, while MPP Jim Bradley says nothing about Liberal monopoly health-care failures ...]

And don't forget when St.Catharines mayor Brian McMullan pompously promised in 2007 that he'll press hard for more hospital beds! hahaha!
So, which part of Jim Bradley has McMullan been pressing for the last three years; where are the beds?!
McMullan and Bradley have by 2010 dumped millions of tax dollars into expropriating land and building an arts centre in St.Catharines, appropriating money that should have been prioritized for health care.
This Liberal health care duplicity must be stopped.
When Ontario's auditor continually finds the same systemic health care problems, year after year; when Liberals underfund their unreasonable, ideologically-enforced single-payer health monopoly; and when patients die as a result, then McGuinty's Liberal cabinet of health care monopolists should be charged with manslaughter.
That seems to be the only way to make these Liberal FLICKERS accountable. They knew or should have known that their health care duplicity - in enforcing a health-care monopoly which they then underfunded - would have serious repercussions.
After reading years of Ontario auditor McCarter's reports as evidence, it is now obvious that the Liberals DID know, and banked on Tommy Douglas to cover for them. (While we're at it, charge Tommy Douglas with manslaughter as well.)
McGuinty's health minister George Smitherman even admitted that 'Ontario can't do it all' (St.Catharines Standard, Aug.11, 2005) yet, he nevertheless continued to force his state-run health-care-monopoly onto Ontario's patients.
And when patients die waiting for Tommy, no Liberal is held accountable.

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