Thursday, February 16, 2012

McGuinty's criminal incompetency

Only now, as the Drummond report is being drummed into our heads, can we finally and clearly see the Liberal Nanny-state lies which Jim Bradley, Kim Craitor, and Dalton McGuinty's Ontario Liberals had been spinning as truths prior to the 2011 Ontario election.
Read the Don Drummond report , and marvel at the differences between what Drummond's forensic analysis of Ontario's books has revealed, and what Ontario's Liberal scumbags were promising us last year.
It's clear that the McGuinty Liberals' last re-election was essentially based on sleight-of-hand politics, on a consciously orchestrated fraud. McGuinty was re-elected on a massive lie; on a blatant con; on a preplanned, purposeful political conspiracy, meant to deceive.
Either McGuinty's Liberals are truly incompetent and ignorant of  how their ideology has single-handedly ruined Ontario's economy over the last nine years; or, they were cognizant of their Liberal-led destruction all along, and simply didn't care, hoping to foist the repercussions of their pipe dream Liberal ponzi schemes onto some future government.
In either event, McGuinty's Liberals were not fit to lead Ontario. Their governance was - and is - reprehensible, if not outright criminal. This was - and is - essentially a Liberal government of serial liars, who spent nine years sanctimoniously blaming Harris, while they themselves destroyed Ontario.
Drummond's report essentially lays bare how 30-year's worth of Jim Bradley's pie-in-the-sky Liberal duplicity has now come home to roost.
Let's watch, shall we, as the Wrong-Righters at the St.Catharines Standard do their utmost to pretend that Jim Bradley's years of dismal, failing Liberalism had nothing to do with it.
Jimmy can try to blame 'harris', or Diefenbaker, or Ralph Klein, or Greece, Bush, Harper, Alberta, the Japanese tsunami, peak oil, global-warming... Fox news... Sarah Palin... anything, anyone... but his own Liberal ideology.
Let's see how the Standard bravely portrays their buddy Bradley.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Peak GreenFear peddled at the St.Catharines Standard

...and a Pinwheel award should go to Don Fraser, for another climate-change, GreenFear-peddling piece in the Feb.14, 2012 St.Catharines Wrong-Righting Standard, once again bringing up Jane Hanlon and her Climate Action Now peak oil nonsense, without a hint of reporterly skepticism! He's morphed into a Don VanDongenmayer.

Pinhead Pinocchio McGuinty wins windy Pinwheel Prize

above:  GreenFear propaganda still exists on this sign underneath the Windshare turbine/bird shredder, at Toronto's CNE grounds, still shilling the questionable "Lake Vostok ice graphs" as "evidence" of  "global climate change"!

Further to my earlier post...

...let's watch as the St.Catharines Standard completely ignores interviewing Ontario's Liberal Environment Minister [and full-time Green Bolshevik] Jim Bradley, about Wind Concern Ontario's Feb.13, 2012 press release:

"Wind Concerns Ontario, a coalition of more than 50 community groups concerned about the effects of industrial wind power plants throughout the province, has announced its first annual Golden Pinwheel Awards.

Premier Dalton McGuinty won the top award, The “I Can’t Hear You-lalalala” Golden Pinwheel for ignoring the Auditor-General’s report, specifically the criticism that the province is spending too much on renewable energy schemes, particularly wind, that the claims of 50,000 jobs being created are unsubstantiated, that health problems are being ignored, and that the province embarked on all this without a single cost-benefit study.

“We had a bit of fun with this,” said WCO president Jane Wilson, “to draw attention to a serious situation. Wind power is being pushed through Ontario as an answer to a number of problems, but it’s really a giant profit-making scheme for a few individuals and companies. It won’t ever live up to the promises of job creation and power production, and instead will end up costing the people of Ontario millions.”

Other awards were The “Green Doesn’t Mean Honest” Golden Pinwheel to Bullfrog Power which was fined by the Ontario Energy Board for using misleading contracts and marketing practices;

The “Pie in the Sky” Golden Pinwheel to Toronto Hydro jointly with Toronto Renewable Energy Co-operative for their fantasy claims about the Toronto Exhibition Place wind turbine, which has barely operated above 13% efficiency and has cost investors millions;
The “Take It for Granted “ Golden Pinwheel to the Ontario Power Authority for insisting it pays for its own advertisements instead of cash-strapped Ontario ratepayers;
and, The “Best Supporting Role in a Political Debacle” Golden Pinwheel to former Minister of the Environment, John Wilkinson, who ignored his own constituents as well as other rural Ontario residents who don’t want their communities turned into wind power factories, and was defeated in the October 6th election, helping to create a serious rural/urban division in Ontario."
So, Pinhead Pinocchio McGuinty wins the Pinwheel Prize!! Precious!!!
And what does Ontario's GreenFear-spreading kyoto-pusher, Jim Bradley get? Bradley takes the cake - the Kyoto Koo-Koo Cake - for his decades of  unchallenged greenshevist propaganda, which has oozed through his ideological filters to contaminate Ontario's economy.
About time, too, that someone mentioned:
- the greenie joke which the Exhibition turbine represents; as well, someone should also check out the propaganda plaques installed at the base of the turbine, especially those questionable graphs!!
- Bullfrog Power's bullsh!t tactics.
- and that insufferable smug grit John Wilkinson's bye-bye from politics
Gosh... wonder what Good Ole Jim Bradley thinks about all this?!
Feh - he's just Ontario's Liberal Environment Minister: why should the St.Catharines Standard bother their buddy Bradley about things such as this?!!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Niagara C.difficile deaths in 2011 directly attributable to McGuinty Liberal negligence in 2008

It was interesting to read two stories on pg.A4 of the Feb.10, 2012 St.Catharines Standard - "C.difficile outbreak ends at Niagara Falls hospital" by Alison Langley, and "Other systems turn to NHS to fight superbug" by Grant Lafleche. Somehow, no Liberals were dare interviewed in either story!

Langley wrote about how "enhanced infection prevention  protocols" have now been "embedded into our daily routine" throughout the NHS in the "last several months".

Isn't that great to hear: too bad almost 40 patients had to die before McGuinty's Liberal-run, LHIN-supervised health-monopoly franchise in Niagara got its act together.

Why weren't these newly-found procedures implemented and 'embedded' as routine protocols several years ago?

Can one imagine the smug outrage, the sanctimonious uproar, had such blatant incompetency occurred in a private hospital? All the executives would be raked over the coals, or worse; yet the perpetrators of the C. diff laissez-faire attitude in Niagara - the Liberal monopolists who direct and fund the LHIN and NHS - have gotten away without recrimination.

Debbie Sevenpifer had been the left's favourite target/scapegoat for everything which was wrong in Niagara, never mind that the same kind of systemic incompetence was playing out elsewhere throughout Liberal monopolist Ontario. Then, after Sevenpifer was canned, and a series of deadly C.diff outbreaks occurred in Niagara in 2011, suddenly, 'harris' was being blamed, for forming the NHS!! Somehow - after eight years of unfettered monopolist McGuinty majority rule - the Liberals HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH IT !!!!!!!!!

No Liberals were ever hurt during the deadly C.diff outbreak which they helped perpetrate in Niagara. How's that, you ask?

Well, let's do ask: let's ask (...seeing that Niagara's local liberal-besotted press won't...) local Niagara MPP's Jim Bradley and Kim Craitor why their Liberal majority government hid and quashed having a public C. difficile inquiry in 2008 - when hundreds of C. diff patients were already dying throughout Ontario!

Certainly, no reporter from the St.Catharines Standard or Niagara This Week has ever bothered asking our local Liberal scumbags Kimmy'N'Jimmy about their direct complicity in Niagara's 2011 C. difficile horror.

No one has dared to ask Jim Bradley or Kim Craitor why their Liberal government had lied to Ontarians in 2008 - despite the already then hundreds of Ontario C.diff deaths - by telling us that we didn't need a public inquiry, because the Liberals knew all there was to know about C. diff!

We were told by McGuinty's Lying Liberals to just wash our hands, and that everything was going to be OK; then, Smitherman, Craitor, and Bradley washed their hands of the problem, and continued on their merry monopolist despotic way.

And so, three years later, in 2011, several C.difficile outbreaks again brought deathly havoc in Niagara - yet no one asked why a floundering NHS was for all intents and purposes, completely caught off guard!!

No one from the Liberal-butt-licking Niagara press bothered to ask Liberal exrcementalist Jim Bradley about why the NHS was unprepared for C.diff in 2011, seeing that just 3 years earlier, in 2008, Bradley's Liberals were hiding from a public C.diff inquiry, while (fraudulently, we now see) telling us that all was OK in their health monopoly.

The Bradley-bootlickers at the St.Catharines Standard - to their disgusting, ever-lasting shame - did not once bother to carry out an interview with their Liberal buddy Jim Bradley about the killer C. diff outbreak, as it was occurring, in 2011, in Jim's own riding.
Jim Bradley miraculously vanished from the scrutiny of the press!
Jim Bradley's Liberal healthcare fraud was to be protected at all costs, and no links were to be mentioned! (...oh, rest assured that therre would have been plenty of links by Lafleche or Fraser and the boys, if it were Conservatives who dismissed a public inquiry with false claims - which later led to more (preventable) deaths!)

As the Niagara C.diff patient death toll rose through out the summer of 2011, the St.Catharines Standard, instead of covering Jim Bradley, disgustingly covered-up for Jim Bradley.

So now we get spin from the Standard's Lafleche, telling us glowingly how - get this - the NHS is now a glorious healthcare beacon, "a provincial leader in infection control"!! But: where was this leadership last year - or, in 2008?? Lafleche haha couldn't bother getting into that!
What revisionist, rehabilitative, whitewashing, utterly deceptive propaganda!!!

So, only now - after nearly 40 dead C.diff patients - the NHS suddenly 'finds' new methods and protocols to implement, suddenly becoming the poster-child for infection-control for the whole of Ontario?!?
Are you kidding, Grant?!? (Time to add ANOTHER glittering award to Lafleche's trophy case: the Liberal Jim Bradley Bullshitter Award)
Had Ontario not been deprived by McGuinty's secretive Liberals of a public C.diff inquiry in 2008, such infection protocols and procedures would have already been publicly discussed, and instituted, everywhere in Ontario!! Liberal ass-kissing 'fake news'-spreaders in the media refused to mention that.

Now, we are being told how the NHS is a leader in C.diff infection control - something which McGuinty's Liberals had consciously - negligently - refused to consider in 2008! Come on!!

Now Lafleche joyfully points out how the Bluewater health system is looking to the NHS for advice!

But, why didn't Bluewater get their infection control protocols FROM McGUINTY'S LIBERALS, back in 2008, by way of a public C. diff inquiry, instead of now looking to an equally-flustered NHS in 2012???! Not surprisingly, Lafleche heh heh couldn't be bothered to ask any Liberal about that. (How about another urinalism award to Lafleche, eh?!)

This all should have been dealt with and implemented in 2008!! McGuinty's secretive Liberals, we now clearly see, gambled that their bare minimum efforts, along with their smarmy political spin and their untouchable majority-gov't.-fiat, would get them through. These Liberal health monopolists gambled with Ontarians' lives, and lives were consequentially lost.

There is a direct, unmistakable link between Jim Bradley and Kim Craitor's lying Liberals smugly quashing the C.diff inquiry in 2008, to Niagara's subsequent horrible summer of C.diff death three years later in 2011-12.

We found out, only recently, that the NHS didn't even have a full time infection control specialist on staff!! Yet, no one has bothered to ask Jimmy'N'Kimmy why their Liberals obviously had allowed this to occur. The Liberal-appointed LHIN cozily sits quiet on the issue. Apparently, under McGuinty, nobody's to blame, for anything.

Now it is being trumpeted how the NHS  - as Ontario's newly supreme "leader" in infection control - has suddenly 'discovered' protocols and procedures - which were already regularly in use in U.S. hospitals!!

Once again: why then weren't these ALREADY known and implemented in Ontario by McGuinty's single-payer-pushing Liberals back in 2008, when hundreds of Ontarians had already been killed, and when there was a chance to prevent further unnecessary deaths??

Why are such tools as gels and UV lighting only now being 'discovered' in Liberal-monopoly-run Ontario??
Why is it now up to the NHS to muddle around for solutions (and for Bluewater and perhaps other Ontario health systems, to follow the NHS) when this should have all been previously studied and solutions implemented Ontario-wide, via a public inquiry, in 2008??

For Gaia's sake, please don't ask Jim Bradley 'bout any of that! (...and the St.Catharines Standard won't..! In fact, the St. Catharines Standard has NEVER asked Jim Bradley about his disgusting role in the C.difficile deaths in Niagara, and in Ontario.)

Bradley and McGuinty smugly and regularly denigrated and dumped on the American health system! Why didn't monopolists McGuinty and Bradley implement the best practices and the state-of-the-art procedures which the US hospitals were already implementing?
Does it have anything to do with the the inherent anti-American chauvinism infused into Ontario's inbred Liberal scumbag monopolists, who sanctimoniously laughed at the Americans while singing fraudulent praises to Tommy Douglas? You can bet that it was the sick single-payer fascistic ideology of Liberals such as Jim Bradley which played a major part in killing hundreds of Ontario patients.

McGuinty's Liberal-orchestrated,  anti-patient-choice  monopolist  negligence in 2008, is directly linked to the C. difficile deaths and horror in Niagara, in 2011.

Ontario Liberal Jim Bradley's wind turbine deceptions

Trish Crang Singhampton wrote in "Spinning tales about government's honesty regarding wind turbines" (Barrie Examiner, Feb.12, 2012):

"Both Premier Dalton McGuinty and Environment Minister Jim Bradley have been repeatedly quoted as saying that the setback requirements in Ontario are 'some of the toughest in the world' and 'the best in North America'.
Contrary to these claims, there are a multitude of townships and counties in the United States, other areas of Canada and various countries around the world, with setback regulations and wind ordinances that are clearly stricter than those in Ontario.
I believe that Mr. McGuinty and Mr. Bradley are intentionally trying to mislead and deceive the people of Ontario. Their statements are simply not true.
I feel it is vitally important that Ontario residents are aware of this. It is a clear indication that the government's concerns are for the wind company's profits, and not the safety and wellbeing of the residents of this province.
There are many more ordinances with setbacks listed neighbouring property lines that are far stricter than Ontario's regulation of turbine height, less the blade length.
There are also several international regulations that have further setbacks.
Obviously, these countries place the safety of their citizens paramount to the profit of the wind companies. Some countries are enacting setbacks as far as two kilometres from people's homes due to emerging studies indicating that there are, in fact, health, noise and safety issues associated with turbines.
Another area of serious concern is the exemption from setbacks for homes located on the properties that participate in the wind turbine project.
Theses homes are not subject to the minimum 550-metre distance from turbines and are often in much closer proximity. Children, the elderly and pregnant women living in these homes are exposed, each and every day, to much higher levels of noise and vibration emanating from the turbines.
To my knowledge, the Ontario government has never conducted any studies on the short-or long-term effect that this will have on these vulnerable family members who are being exposed to noise levels far in excess of the regulations.
Why is there no law that requires that the children or other family members living in these homes be protected?
Are the children in these homes acceptable collateral damage? Only the Ontario government can answer as to why it has clearly chosen to violate the rights of these children and family members, and not protect them in any way.
The simple truth is that Ontario's regulated distances from industrial wind turbines are woefully inadequate and sub-par to many other jurisdictions, and fail to address the issues of health and safety for the nearby residents.
The issues facing the rural residents of Ontario are far from being properly addressed or resolved. Ontario's chief medical officer of health did not conduct evidence-based scientific research, when it was concluded that there is no 'direct causal link between wind turbine noise and adverse health effects'.
Not one part of the May 2010 report reviews the present-day experiences of those in the municipalities in Ontario who have dealt with the impacts of sound from existing wind turbines. Many other international studies have concluded the opposite findings to this report and outline the impacts wind turbine sound has on people further than Ontario's regulated setbacks, not to mention the impact turbines have on property values, along with shadow flicker and visual pollution.
As the setback distance in Ontario is measured only from houses, it can limit neighbouring property owners from utilizing portions of their own properties, resulting in what is basically an illegal easement on adjacent properties.
Virtually all turbines being installed in Ontario are in productive agricultural and rural areas. Yet the setbacks in Ontario do not take into account the proximity to livestock structures (barns, stables, etc.). These animals are being put directly in harm's way in the event of a turbine fire or structural failure.
The loss of a livestock building containing farm animals would be financially catastrophic for most farmers.
I think the time is well overdue that the deception and dishonesty of the Ontario government with respect to industrial wind turbines be exposed and that the people of Ontario learn the truth about the inadequate regulations that are seriously affecting the rural citizens of this province and their livelihoods.
Regardless of one's position on wind turbines, we all have a right to know the truth about the lack of honesty and concern our government has for us."
Masters of deception Jim Bradley and  Dalton McGuinty have been lying about a lot of things, for a long time. These Liberal scumbags will happily shove their green bolshevism down our throats, in the fraudulent feel-good guise of  'saving the planet'.
As shown by the almost-40-victim C.diff death toll in Niagara in 2011, Liberal health monopoly-pushing scum such as Bradley and McGuinty will do anything to hide the truth - even if they have to quash a public C.diff inquiry, as they did in 2008, so no-one could examine the healthcare fiasco occurring under their incompetent watch.
Liberal scumbags care about ideology and perception, rather than about patients, agriculture, or livelihoods.
This, of course, is just another story which will not be pursued by the Jimmy-friendly St.Catharines Bradley-butt-kissing Standard.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Liberal Jim Bradley's perverted climate-change GreenFear-mongering

Peter Foster's article "Political science at the academies" (National Post, Feb.11, 2012) nicely recaps the fraudulent antics of the AGW global-warming crowd...

"When Lord Robert May — a distinguished British population biologist — told a journalist: “I am the president of the Royal Society, and I am telling you the debate on climate change is over,” he was risking the reputation of the venerable institution he headed.
Presidents of national science academies are not meant to engage in ex cathedra statements, but to promote objective research. However, according to a devastating report this week from the Global Warming Policy Foundation, the Royal Society — former home to Newton and Darwin — has adopted a stance of intolerant infallibility over climate science and, even less appropriately, over policy.
The report, Nullius in Verba: The Royal Society and Climate Change, by Andrew Montford, is important to Canada not merely because of the continued threat of climate alarmism, but because the Royal Society of Canada has twice attached its name to intensely political statements from its British counterpart.
The phrase “Nullius in verba,” the Royal Society’s motto, means “on the word of no one” and implies that science should always be determined by objectivity rather than the say-so of any “authority.” For ordinary folk like us, however, (including lazy and/or crusading journalists, and even scientists in other specialities) authority is all we usually have to go on, which explains the catastrophists’ relentless emphasis on the “consensus” of those 2,000-plus weighty “experts” who craft the reports of the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the IPCC.
The burden of allegedly “settled” climate science lingers at every policy level, from electricity bills boosted by outrageously expensive wind and solar energy, to vast schemes to transfer hundreds of billions of dollars to developed countries for a climate crime that was likely never committed.
Mr. Montford identifies Bob May as the man who started the society’s campaigns of radical advocacy and media manipulation. This approach continued under his successor, cosmologist Martin Rees, while current president, Nobel geneticist Paul Nurse, has continued to castigate skeptics.
Of pivotal importance to public opinion was action taken by the society in 2001, when promoters of catastrophic man-made climate change were focused on the IPCC’s Third Assessment Report — whose star exhibit was the so-called “Hockey Stick Graph,” which purported to show a thousand years of constant temperatures followed by a Nike swoosh upwards in the 20th century — and efforts to ratify Kyoto. The society took the lead in organizing a total of 17 national science academies to issue an editorial statement, which appeared in the journal Science. Lord May made it clear that he was particularly eager to counter skepticism expressed by U.S. President George W. Bush.
The 2001 statement, supported by the Royal Society of Canada, made the dubious statement that “It is now evident that human activities are already contributing adversely to global climate change.” It backed the IPCC as “the world’s most reliable source” on climate science, and demanded action on Kyoto.
Ironically, the IPCC has since been sharply criticized by a report from the InterAcademy Council, the representative body of national science academies, and more recently been lacerated by two dedicated Canadian researchers, economist Ross McKitrick and blogger Donna Laframboise. Meanwhile another independent Canadian researcher, Steve McIntyre would, along with Prof. McKitrick, break the Hockey Stick.
The 2001 editorial claimed that there was much that could be done to “reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases without excessive cost.” That obviously wasn’t true because it didn’t happen. Emissions reductions were trivial; costs were enormous.
The president of the Royal Society of Canada who signed this document, Dr. Bill Leiss, told me that he consulted with RSC science members before adding the society’s name. He also suggested that signing such documents is “the sort of things national academies do for each other.” However, another former head of the RSC, who did not want to be identified, suggested that the society had no mechanism for validating such support, and said that he disagreed with signing such documents.
In 2005, the RSC signed another multi-academy political document designed to pressure the G8 ahead of its meeting at Gleneagles in Scotland. The same year, the British Royal Society issued a misleading pamphlet rebutting skeptics, which Mr. Montford describes as “a low point in the society’s history.” Worse, it pressured the media not to publish dissenting views.
Towards the end of his term of office, Lord May characterized those who questioned the official science of climate thus: “On one hand, you have the entire scientific community and on the other you have a handful of people, half of them crackpots.” He pointed to the existence of a climate change “denial lobby,” funded by the “hydrocarbon industry.” Successor Sir Martin Rees came out strongly in support of the U.K. government-sponsored Stern review on climate change, whose economic assumptions were widely ridiculed. He also presided over a campaign against Exxon Mobil.
In 2010, by then Lord Rees was replaced by Sir Paul Nurse, a Nobel geneticist, who tried to bury the significance of the 2009 release of embarrassing internal emails between prominent IPCC scientists known as “Climategate,” claiming that it was “the greatest scientific scandal that never happened.” (Former RSC head Dr. Reiss suggested to me that there was no Climategate unless one was an “ideologue.” He also denied — as far as he knew — that there had been any halt to the trend in global warming. The latest official figures suggest it has been stalled for 15 years.)
The Royal Society of Canada has recently, with the help of Dr. Leiss, produced a well-regarded and well-balanced report on the impact of the oil sands (although it was inevitably ignored by radical environmentalists) and another on marine issues. However, by linking itself with politicized statements, it risks its own reputation.
As for its British equivalent, Mr. Montford concludes that “Each year that temperatures refuse to rise in line with the nightmare scenarios trumpeted by one president after another, the risk grows that the society becomes a laughingstock.”
Unfortunately, perverting science to promote draconian and poverty-inducing global controls is hardly a laughing matter."

...this is the same ideologically-perverted crowd which cheered on Ontario Liberal MPP Jim Bradley's idiotic Kyoto-pushing, doomsday global-warming/GreenFear bolshevism.

It would be interesting indeed for Foster to follow up this above summation, with a closer summation of the national waste of time and money expended upon Kyoto within Canada, from the time of its duplicitous adoption by Chretien to its thankful demise in late 2011; followed by a subsequent summation of how this GreenFear kyodiocy spread to every province and then subsequently to every municipality...

 [...such as, for example, the massively moronic missive sent from the City of Thorold, Ont., March 22, 2007, regarding their GreenFear-based "Community Energy Plan, File:35.11.2", also found in the City of St. Catharines General Agenda minutes dated April 30, 2007... or, more municipal climate idiocy, like this classic GreenFear peddling piece of crap from Peel Region in Ontario, sent to fellow climate kool-aid drinker Jim Bradley...]

...with leftist kyodiots everywhere falling over themselves to 'save the planet from peril'.

The national media should next shine their light specifically upon Ontario Liberal MPP Jim Bradley's years of climate-change/global-warming/over-population-crying GreenFear activism.

Ontario MPP Jim Bradley, frighteningly, is Dalton McGuinty's current environment minister, so Bradley's record of GreenFear kyodiotry needs a thorough airing. It is useless to expect Niagara's local Bradley-besotted reporters stenographers to examine Bradley's record: the local press is Bradley's strongest cheerleader.

The St.Catharines Standard and Niagara this Week are loathe to seriously examine and provide any in-depth analysis of Jim Bradley's environmental motivations: whatever Good Ole Jimmy says is pretty much ok with the local Niagara Liberal-friendly press, and is left as unchallenged gospel. That is the default press narrative: to promote Jim Bradley, and to avoid any examination of Bradley's claims, in order not to besmirch Bradley's gaia-like image.
Astoundingly, it seems that no-one has bothered to examine Jim Bradley's record of enviro-GreenFear-mongering.

Jim Bradley has been bleating about global warming and overpopulation for years; yet, no one seems to ever have asked Jim Bradley to actually provide the specific scientific basis which (in his mind, at least!) "proved" the existence of anthropogenic global-warming. This would have been the basis upon which secretive Bradley has built his GreenFear-mongering political career!

Liberal MPP Jim Bradley claimed to possess such knowledge at least twenty years ago - prior even to the narrative of the warmists which Foster has summarized above!

Yet: Liberal MPP Jim Bradley has never publicly revealed the specific scientific source [...which obviously he had supposedly 'known' about over two decades ago..!] upon which he has based subsequent decades of perverted Liberal global-warming/climate-change/GreenFear-pushing statist ideology.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Ask Liberal MPP Jim Bradley why the Mayo is not in Ontario

 Further to my earlier post...

It was interesting to read Adrian Humphrey's National Post story (about engineer Owen Boris, who had worked on the Avro project, and later became a Canadian cable-tv pioneer, and whose estate has recently donated $30 million to McMaster university for stem cell and cancer research); in particular these comments:

..Mr. Boris was also frustrated by Canada’s often cumbersome health-care system. “He went to the Mayo Clinic and wondered why we can’t have something like a Mayo Clinic in Canada,” Dr. Kelton said..
...“My dad had been to the Mayo Clinic a couple of times and raved about it,” said Les Boris, Mr. Boris’s son. “We’re looking to see that type of model and infrastructure created here, so that people can have access to the best doctors, efficient diagnosis and immediate treatment.”
“Without any wait times,” added his sister, Jackie Work...

Admirable donation, but, you have to wonder how anyone in Ontario could have lately still been pondering why there isn't a Mayo clinic in Canada - especially in Ontario! Could it be something to do with the fact that a Mayo-health-care model would be immediately demonized by Liberals and their lefty brethern?!

Ontario's Liberals... such as Jim Bradley, Kim Craitor, Smitherman, Dalton McGuinty... were all about fear-mongering against American exceptionalism! This was the Liberal's prime demented political strategy: not to have the kind of health-care model which the Mayo had developed!!

Ontario's Liberals earned their pay by smearing and denigrating the American system which allowed the Mayo to develop. One doesn't have to look too far to see why we aren't raving about McGuinty's ideological state-run, single-payer health-monopoly, which still has not - and I daresay, cannot - recreate the 'infrastructure'  which is the essence of the Mayo.

It's because of Liberal monopolists such as Ontario MPP Jim Bradley that a Mayo-style culture has not come to Canada. The Mayo model interferes with and challenges Jimmy's inbred Liberal statism. Can't have that.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Why does The St.Catharines Standard keep covering up for Liberal Jim Bradley?

It's FLICKING hilarious (as Liberal hack Laurel Broten would say) how the St.Catharines Standard's wrong-righters just... umm... haven't yet found the... um... time to ask their local McGuintyite Liberal MPP Jim Bradley anything at all about the Smitherman-imbued Liberal fiasco unravelling at ORNGE!

Wendy's gaggle of Niagara 'reporters' have had plenty of opportunity to interview Liberal MPP Jim Bradley for his comments about his Liberal's ORNGE disaster - but haven't!

When the Star reports

"...In an interview audio taped in 2008 by Ministry of Finance investigators, Keith Walmsley said former ORNGE boss Dr. Chris Mazza (who was terminated Thursday) and other executives were paying themselves whopping bonuses and had set up a spiderweb of for-profit companies. Walmsley went on to provide detailed allegations of numerous abuses of taxpayers money and said ORNGE was deceiving the cash-strapped health ministry, hiding a $5 million annual surplus in taxpayers funds by using a double set of books.
Walmsley had first brought his concerns to his bosses at ORNGE in 2007 and was told “what the Ministry (of Health) doesn’t know won’t hurt them.” When he complained further, ORNGE let him go just before his three-month probationary period was up.
Walmsley put his issues in writing to provincial officials, was interviewed by investigators in November 2008, then the health ministry told him the next month that the problems were solved"...

...why on earth would the Liberal ass-kissers at the St.Catharines Standard bother to ask their own local Golden Buddy Boy Liberal Jimmy about any of this??!!

Abuses of taxpayer's money in a secretive state-run single-payer health-care bureaucracy stacked with political toadies ---- Why should the Standard care about that?!!!

It wouldn't be nice to ask Jimmy about this kind of stuff; it'll make him look bad, and, would spoil our carefully built narrative about Jimmy's greatness... and, well... we don't want that; after all, what's Ole Jimmy got ta do wid any o' dis stuff, anyway??

 ...oh, hey; look over there! Lookit! Jimmy's cutting the ribbon at a parking garage!! Woohoo! Now, that's a great story!!

 Let's go!!

 And lookit: just like that, the "Problem is Solved" again!! [nudge nudge; wink wink...]

Dalton 'No-Fault' McGuinty

McGuinty Syndrome vs. Bradley Syndrome: same disastrous Liberal crap, coming out of different lying Liberal mouths...

Liberal pigs at the St.Catharines Standard

Another grrrreat Dolighan editorial cartoon was carefully chosen to appear in the Jan.31, 2012 St.Catharines Standard Wrong-Righter, brilliantly portraying Ontario Liberal MPP Jim Bradley as a bloated pig perched on the shoulders of a little taxpayer, squealing with great concern as to who will be paying for Jimmy's gold-plated Ontario pension; as to who will be paying for Jimmy's generous salary increases!
What a timely and insightful editorial comment, from the deeply-concerned Metcalfian right-wrongers at the St.Catharines Unofficial Liberal Standing Committee to Re-elect Jim Bradley Standard!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

New novel remembers the Niagara Ice Bridge disaster of 1912

It was a hundred years ago, on Feb.4, 1912 - in an era when thousands of winter visitors still regularly walked out onto the Niagara River Ice Bridge -  that three people died when the Ice Bridge suddenly broke apart, stranding them on ice floes, which began moving downriver. Despite efforts to save them, the three perished in the Niagara River rapids.

At the time of the ice break-up, as people scrambled to reach shore, a married couple, the Stantons, were struggling to make their way off the cracking ice; a teen-ager named Burrell Hecock valiantly decided he would help them, but in doing so, became trapped alongside them when the ice shifted again, sealing their fate.

Writer Noni Gross, a relative of Burrell Hecock, is working on a new graphic novel based on this tragic event; visit  to see her novel in progress, with more twists and turns than the Niagara River! It's historical fiction with a touch of futuristic Steampunk gadgetry.