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Niagara's C. difficile deaths: is this murder by McGuinty's monopolists?

It's amazing - astounding, in fact - how the St.Catharines Standard and its staffers, such as Grant Lafleche, continue to carefully conceal their local Liberal MPP Jim Bradley, from any scrutiny, comment, or connection, to the killer C. difficile outbreak in Bradley's own city. (23 Niagara patients dead from C. diff infection as of Jul.16, 2011; see "Another death, another worker infected")

It is telling that neither Lafleche nor anyone else at the St.Catharines Standard is willing or able to ask the Liberal monopolist health-care-cutter Jim Bradley to comment on even one aspect of Lafleche's Jul.16, 2011 St.Catharines Standard story "Bacteria can kill us" where the NHS's CEO Sue Matthews was quoted saying that "the resources we have is all we have" in reference to maintaining the newly-'heightened levels of infection control' (which, presumably, were not in place prior to the May outbreak).

Going on what Sue Matthews said,  no-one bothers to examine the McGuinty Liberal's claims that they are not health-care-cutters and their further claims that the NHS is not underfunded - a claim which the NHS's Sue Matthews pretty much seems to have contradicted. {hmm: "seems"?? ...on second thought, I think it's clear that she DID contradict the Ontario Liberal government's lies}

Of course, Lafleche did not bother to ask and report to Standard readers what the local Liberal MPP Jim Bradley's answer is in regards to whether the NHS actually has 'all the resources' it needs to control and eradicate this C. difficile outbreak, as well as prevent recurrences.

Lafleche also did not bother to ask, examine, or determine what Liberal Health Minister Deb Matthews actually meant when she claimed 'hospital funding is adequate' (as Lafleche reported in "Bacteria can kill us", Jul.16, 2011)
What metrics are being used here; whose idea of  'adequacy' ??

Lafleche did not bother to ask Good Ole Jimmy specifically about how much his Liberals actually knew about C. diff back in 2008...
    (...back when the disgusting Liberal hack health minister George Smitherman and premier McGuinty were hiding from a C. diff public inquiry, while telling us {...well, we now see that the Liberals were plainly lying to us...} how Ontario's Liberals knew everything there was to know about C. diff; that all we needed to do was wash our hands; and that everything was going to be all right...)
... and why all this so-called Liberal "knowledge" from 2008, was NOT in place for the subsequent Niagara C. diff outbreak, in 2011!!
Nope: "reporter" Lafleche did not bother to ask Liberal hack Jim Bradley about any of that -- wonder why?!

See also the Standard's July 15, 2011 story, about the 'gap in knowledge' at the NHS, and ask: why didn't the supposedly 'all-knowing' Liberals know about this??!!
Why didn't the Liberal's own LHIN know about this 'gap in knowledge', now, in 2011?
Why didn't the Liberal's own health minister know about this, now, in 2011?!
After all, the fact is that these very same Liberals were complacent in 2008, lying to Ontarians that they were supposedly doing all they could about C. diff, and that there was nothing new to know!
The fact is, that the 2011 killer C. diff outbreak in Niagara occurred under the noses of the very same Liberals who in 2008 HAD REFUSED TO CALL AN INQUIRY into the already-then prevalent killer C. difficile outbreak which had killed HUNDREDS of hospital patients in Ontario!!
So now, in 2011, the excuse being peddled in the press is that suddenly there was a 'gap in knowledge'!!! Wow: yet, these are the same Liberals today, who lied and hid from a public inquiry 3 years ago, telling us not to worry, that they knew all there was to know about C. diff!!!
Nobody has bothered to ask Liberal hack MPP Jim Bradley about this!!
Lafleche didn't ask single-payer-pushing monopolist Bradley if Bradley had any knowledge of the killer 'knowledge gap' in his own hospital system!!!
Asking such a question would be too confusing to the Standard's Liberal fan base - not to mention too uncomfortable!
{But rest assured - Lafleche and his paper would immediately and eagerly have done so, if it were a Conservative government! But: aww, it's only Ole Jimmy - we caint say nuttin 'bout da ole feller, 'fterall; we caint see what diff it would make, what Jimmy knewed or not knowded 'bout da C. diff nowlege gap?! hyuck hyuck...}
Clearly, the Standard's "reporter" Lafleche couldn't be bothered to report the whole story - certainly not if it meant asking Liberal Jim Bradley uncomfortable questions!

Jim Bradley has disappeared like a cockroach into the woodwork on this C. difficile issue of whether his Liberals have contributed (via the Smitherman-created LHIN) to the most recent 23 deaths in Niagara; Bradley's colleague Liberal health minister Deb Matthews says that boosting hospital funding is unlikely, and that the hospitals have adequate funding... which, note, contradicts what Sue Matthews - the NHS CEO - says!

With this kind of catch-22-no-one's-to-blame negligence from the Liberals, perhaps we should no longer be viewing Niagara's C. diff victims simply as "patient deaths"; maybe 'murdered by McGuinty's monopolism' is a more apt description of what is occurring in Niagara.

The Liberals claimed that their monopoly-run-hospitals were/are safe and 'adequately-funded' [...let's not forget that what 'adequately' means to Deb Matthews' Liberals is not specified in Lafleche's story...]; the fact is that so far, in 2011, 23 Niagara patients have been killed in McGuinty's Liberal health-care monopoly, and the reasons why these hospitals (...despite the phony claims made by the Liberals in 2008...) were still NOT 'safe' for these patients in 2011, is not at all clear... as it wasn't clear during the last outbreak, where hundreds of Ontario C. difficile patients died in McGuinty's health monopoly, and there was NO PUBLIC INQUIRY!!

One of the reasons we have no answers is because Liberal MPP Jim Bradley - the secretive Liberal scumbag from St. Catharines, where most of the recent C. diff patients were killed - has decided to hide, and the St. Catharines Standard and Niagara This Week,  have decided to let Bradley get away with it.

Why the hell should anyone in Ontario trust or believe Liberal Deb Matthews' claims that the NHS funding which she doles out to her Niagara health-monopoly is "adequate" ??? 'Adequate'  by whose standards???!

What we need is an independent analysis of McGuinty's Liberal health-care claims, going right back to 2004 when Liberal Finance Minister Greg Sorbara said during his very first budget speech that he was going to "control" ( other words to 'CUT BACK'...) the 8%-annual-increase health-care spending which the previous Conservatives had in place!
Sorbara and his Liberals then created an entirely new health-care tax, while at the same time de-listing some previously-covered care, and they went on to spawn an entirely new LHIN bureaucracy!!
What - doesn't anyone in the local press remember any of that?!

Where is the national media scrutiny regarding secretive Liberal health-care monopolist (and global-warming GreenFear-monger...) MPP Jim Bradley's pathetic silence, while C. difficile patients drop like flies in his own city; in Bradley's own despotic Liberal-controlled single-payer health monopoly?!

Where is the scrutiny of what the Liberal-created, Liberal-directed, Liberal-appointed, Liberal-funded LHIN's actions have been, as the overseers of the NHS?!? These hacks were also MIA!!

Where is the scrutiny examining whether McGuinty's negligent Liberal monopoly has murdered patients in Niagara, through the Liberal government's ideological obsession with single-payer, no-patient-choice, despotic, monopolist health-care statism?

Deb Matthews' glib claim that the NHS is 'adequately funded' IS NOT ACCEPTABLE.

Liberals make these claims of "...ah, listen, bub - we told ya: the funding's ADEQUATE, ya hear?? Trust us; don't ask us any more questions... we said it's adequate - now bugger off..." within a monopoly setting, which McGuinty's Liberals conveniently enforce, control, and manipulate with impunity.

These despotic, monopoly-enforcing politicians are held harmless from the damage resulting from their single-payer ideology. The people trapped in Ontario's Liberal-government-run monopoly have no choice in determining what in fact IS "adequate".

Deb Matthews, along with McGuinty and his cabinet crew of health-care-monopoly-supporting despots, should be charged with complicity in these Niagara C. difficile patients' deaths.

Let Deb Matthews and her Liberals describe to a criminal judge what "adequate" meant to them; and what "adequate" meant to the dead C. diff victims in their Liberal-controlled monopolist health prisons. Let Matthews and McGuinty plead their innocence with phony explanations to the judge about how the LHIN and the NHS are 'independent', 'self-governing', 'self-sustaining' organizations - and not Liberal puppets of the state!!

Yeah, these are exactly the questions which 'mavericks and rebels' such as Jim Diodati, Kim Craitor, Sue Salzer, Wayne Gates, Doug Herod, Doug Draper, John Robbins, Mike Williscraft and many others, aren't too fond of asking.


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R.Bobak said...

Interesting comment by Sue Salzer on Niagara At large, Jan.13, 2012:
"Memo to Mr Smith
The recent release of six of the staff ,who may have been responsible for the planning and execution of the disasterous HIP plan, might be a start {in your estimation} towards restoring public confidence.
What will be more meaningful will be restoration of service for the Southern Tier and a reduction of waittimes in all areas.
Closures caused public outrage and only rectifying the systemic problems caused by the HIP will restore that confidence in the NHS"
Interesting, because Salzer conveniently thinks these six "may" have had something to do with the HIP plan, but, doesn't really bother to mention those people who ACTUALLY DID, namely, McGuinty's LHIN, which forced the NHS to create the HIP as a cost-cutting measure, and, which then alsos APPROVED the HIP for implementation.
The LHIN - the Liberal LHIN -created the NHS's HIP.
Salzer should know that, by now!
Salzer now opines that "systemic problems" are due to the HIP; yet, weren't there 'systemic problems' BEFORE the HIP?! Back then they were supposedly caused by the precursor to the HIP boogeyman, the "harris" boogeyman!
It just CAN'T be the fault of a despotic monopolist ideology, can it?!!