Monday, July 25, 2011

First Liberal lie of the 2011 election campaign: Dalton promises Four More Years Of "Leadership"!

Great story with the headline "Premier promises 4 years of leadership"!!!
What a great example of "truthiness" at work.
Well, for starters, McGuinty is Ontario's Leading Liar - so, to loyal Grits, four more years of McGuinty's Liberal lies is "leadership"! See how easily the deception works!
But for the rest of us, McGuinty is no leader, just a plain friggin' Liberal liar - so, right there, this Liberal weasel has already told his first lie of the 2011 campaign.
Tell us the truth for once, Pinocchio Dalton; be honest: just promise us all 4 more years of lies!!!
Is that so hard to do?!
Tell us that your lying Liberal spots have not changed: you're still Ontario's Premier Liberal Liar, and that, if re-elected, your Lying Liberal Leadership will disastrously continue as it has continued for the last eight deceptive years. Steady as she goes, and all that, captain... (captain of the Liberal Titanic, that is...)
Can ya do that for us, just once, Dalton - tell us the truth, that you will continue to placate us with your relentless lying Liberal lullabies.

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