Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Liberal Joyce Morocco discovers her local friggin' Liberal health-care system

Intriguing article in the July 20, 2011 St. Catharines Standard about a patient who collapsed in her car in front of the Niagara Falls Ont. hospital's Emergency Department, while her husband rushed into the hospital to find help; he was told TO CALL 911 (from the hospital!) while no-one assisted as his wife was gasping for air in their vehicle outside the ER!!
The woman in question was later quoted saying "No wonder our friggin' health care system is such a friggin' mess".
Turns out that this suddenly-enlightened soul, who was wondering about the friggin' mess of her friggin' health care system, was Joyce Morocco, ironically, also a  Niagara Falls Liberal, who ran federally in the 2008 election.(...strangely... hardeeharhar ...the St.Catharines Standard, Niagara This week, and other so-called independent local bloggerists didn't bother mentioning that this was a Liberal who was left in the parking lot by McGuinty's Liberal health-monopoly; apparently, this wasn't relevant, huh??!)
Honestly, Joyce... and Jim Diodati.... and Kim Craitor... seriously: these Liberals (they are Liberals, make no mistake) really still DON'T KNOW what's wrong with their own despotic Liberal monopolist health-care idiocy?
Good Lord.
Whose system is a "friggin' mess", Joyce: IT'S YOUR FRIGGIN' LIBERAL DREAM MONOPOLIST SYSTEM which is a friggin' mess, isn't it?! This is the system of Iggy and Dion and McGuinty!!
Don't you friggin' Grits friggin' get it??
You still don't understand your own Liberal healthcare duplicity???
What exactly is this "friggin' mess" which Morocco just found out about?
What: is this suddenly news to her, what her secretive Liberal colleagues have done to healthcare in Ontario? Come on.
She had to unfortunately find out the hard way what much of the rest of (non-Liberal) Ontario already damn well knows. Guess the boogeyman blame on harris and nicholson will soon follow; after all -what's Dalton McGuinty got to do with any of this, eh??!!
Where were Liberals Morocco and Diodati when Craitor's McGuintyite Liberals were hiding from a public C. difficile inquiry in 2008; and now the same Liberal secrecy hangs in the air with two dozen C. diff dead in Niagara?
Has Morocco called her friggin' useless Liberal MPP yet?
Has Morocco called that secretive Liberal Jim Bradley yet?
Has Morocco called her Liberal premier yet?
And, what will this Liberal friggin' tell them - as if they give a friggin' frig about her!
They'll tell her what they've told the rest of us: Frig off: we're building the Glorious Future of Tommy Douglas; a couple of wayside anomalies here and there are part of the game.
So vote Liberal, folks, and vote often.

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