Monday, July 18, 2011

Liberal Jim Bradley's "Voldemort" to Kim Craitor's "Gollum"

Here's a good description by Matt Gurney, which can be used to describe Niagara Falls' Liberal peckerhead MPP Kim Craitor's infatuation with Mike Harris.

Craitor, Jim Bradley, McGuinty, and the rest of Ontario's Liberal scum need this manufactured political prop of a "harris" - a generic evil doer - to become their rhetorical political tool, a strawman- distraction, allowing McGuinty's Liberal liars to divert attention from their record of incompetence, lies and deception. (as seen practised here by another disgusting Liberal, Kathleen Wynne)

"Gosh, folks - look at "harris"",  a Liberal would say - thereby quelling any further examination of whatever the Liberals have done!! All a Liberal's gotta do is point to "harris" (aka boogeyman) - and they no longer have to explain their own record!!! Frickin' magic!

This clown Craitor has never been seriously asked by the local - or national - press about HIS "solutions" to the inherent problems of his own Liberal health-monopolism, and how it would manifest in Niagara, "if things were different" (ie if  "harris" - oooppssiee... I meant McGuinty (!) - weren't in power!!! Which he - McGuinty - of course, is!! Think about it! Obviously, Craitor hasn't.)

Hahahah - these reports and interviews just don't happen!! Yes, what would Kim Craitor's ideal Liberal health monopolist system be, if only "harris" - dammit, did it again  - McGuinty, weren't in power??

Who can take a moron - such as Kim Craitor, who says Canada has twelve provinces - seriously, let alone understand how Craitor would re-organize and pay for not only Niagara's, but all of Ontario's, health-care as well. (...and which way does the Niagara River flow, Kim???!? Has the leftist media asked ya that, yet? At least Stockwell Day knew how many provinces were in our country!)

Craitor got all kinds of media attention parading with his yellow shirt buddies in front of Bradley's office, or in front of the Niagara Falls hospital, yet, not one media outlet bothered to actually examine what Craitor said!

It was enough just that Craitor was there, spouting sanctimonious horseshit about "harris"... and viola: he's some kinda heroic, maverick 'rebel', standin' up to da man... WTF?!

Forget about Craitor's lefty pipedreams and his inability to understand that his own Liberal party (which he proudly ran for twice, and will proudly run for again... some rebel...) and his own Liberal healthcare monopolism, directly led to what his own Liberals did!! (Kimmy should ask Dougy Herod, Bradley's buddy at the Standard, about that!)

'Twasn't "harris", Kimmy: 'twas you.
Isn't Jim Bradley Voldemort to Kim Craitor's Gollum? Discuss, class.
And what would that make Master McGuinty -  Ontario's Mordor's monopolist mass-murderer?

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