Friday, August 14, 2009

McGuinty caught in another eHealth lie

On Aug.12, 2009, CBC reported that:

"Premier Dalton McGuinty is denying he intervened in the appointment of Sarah Kramer as the CEO of eHealth Ontario over the objections of some civil servants":


But then on Aug.13, 2009, the Globe and Mail reported:

"Premier Dalton McGuinty confirmed he directly intervened to fast-track the hiring of Ms. Kramer, at Dr. Hudson's urging, and called it a "mistake.""


Whaaa....?!? Looks like Dalton McGuilty is up to his lies again.

Did he or didn't he intervene?

Is he lying now, or was he lying then?

How can anyone know - with McGuinty's Liberals, the truth morphs into evasive revisionism without a moment's hesitation... and then: on to the next deception!

You just can't trust this forked-tongue Liberal reptile to be honest about anything.

Caplan should have been fired months ago - but now this comes out, a day or so after we found out McGuinty lied about ever having the Price Waterhouse eHealth investigation; and then, lied about the reasons for him cancelling it (that the Auditor told him to - which the Auditor denied)

Three days, three lies... and more will surely follow.

And we're supposed to blindly trust that these FLICKING Liberal clowns are competent to manage a state-run health monopoly? This is frightening.

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