Thursday, June 30, 2011

The St.Catharines Standard protects Jim Bradley from health-care criticism: month-long C. diff outbreak in Niagara, yet no word from Bradley

It's amazing how the St.Catharines Standard deftly manages to write about the C. difficile outbreak in Niagara, without once mentioning or providing any comments from local Liberal health-care monopoly-pushing-despot Jim Bradley.
...hmm... it's as if Ole Jimmy thar's gots nuttin' ta do wid any'o' dis, ya see...!
Nothing about Jim Bradley and the C. diff outbreak from the usual old hacks Lafleche, Downs, Fraser or the newbie Bolichowsky - yet the outbreak has been going on for over a month! (Love that Lafleche story where doctors are now being blamed for the outbreak!!!)  hahahaha - no mention, though, of  Kim Craitor's and  Bradley's Liberal LHIN's role in all this... hahahahah. PATHETIC...
Yet, amazingly, Bradley keeps popping up in staged photo-ops all over the place, giving money away here, there and everywhere (it's election time, y'see), yet, no St. Catharines Standard reporter or commentator has bothered to interview Good Ole Jimmy about the c. diff outbreak in Jimmy's health-monopoly, in Jimmy's own Niagara backyard!!
Bravo, St. Catharines Lower Standard - BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Keep on fondling Jim Bradley's delicate politicals.
It's incredible, too, how Anne Kranics (in her Jun.29, 2011 Niagara This Week letter) swoons over Liberal MPP Kim Craitor... apparently Bradley Syndrome isn't an isolated case; the disease is spreading... why, Craitor isn't the problem... he can't be... he's not even a Liberal (!!!?) WTF??
(see also here)
The Liberals - Craitor's Liberals! - refused to place the NHS under Supervisory control years ago: it was Kim Craitor's Liberals who decided to continue their secretive, monopolist ways and hide from allowing the Ombudsman (by way of a Supervisor's appointment) to thereby gain access to investigate the NHS.
The Liberals DID NOT WANT the Ombudsman to stick his flashlight into what McGuinty's monopolists were doing at and to the NHS. Where was Jim Diodati then?
Jim Diodati's Liberal friends have been hiding their monopolist health-care incompetency for years - since that disgusting minister Smitherman's tenure.
Smitherman demanded cuts, and forced the LHIN to force the NHS to start cutting.
I don't ever recall Liberal Diodati questioning Liberal Smitherman's motives or methods!
Yeah - the Liberal-friendly media narrative now is that Diodati is some kind of  'long-time critic of the NHS' -  but has Diodati ever been a long time critic of monopolist Liberal health-care ideology;
or of the Liberal-created LHIN's;
or of the Liberal's eight-year's-worth of health-care-secrecy, duplicity and cuts ?!?!
How convenient now to have sanctimonious  Liberals pretending they're suddenly going to solve 'the problem' - when the problem is THEIR OWN idiotic, secretive, despotic Liberalism!!
Diodati - when not spreading climate-change fear - was more than happy to become a McGuinty Liberal. Craitor is a proud Liberal - still !!!
You can't trust any Liberal to solve the MESS in the NHS, because the Liberals CREATED the mess in the NHS.
The secrecy at the NHS is all orchestrated from the LHIN, from the Ministry of Health, and from the Liberal-majority government of Ontario.
McGuinty's Liberal cabinet should be held liable in the deaths of these Niagara C. diff patients, people who had no other choice but to go to the Liberal-monopoly-run health-care outlet, and take their chances of getting out alive.
Any "investigation" of the NHS which doesn't subpoena the LHIN's and Dalton McGuinty's cabinet and examine the Liberal's ideological health-care monopolism, is bound to be a phony sham. [...Go ahead: please put former NHS chief Sevenpifer on the stand to testify and publicly reveal  exactly who ordered  and  approved the HIP plan which the NHS was forced to implement... as if the Liberals want to hear the answer to that ..!]
So, before an election, isn't this 'sham investigation' exactly what Diodati wants - a disingenuous one-sided attack on the NHS, but with NO CORRESPONDING SCRUTINY whatsoever of McGuinty's brutally ideological Liberal single-payer health-care despotism? An "investigation" that's meant to show how-oh-concerned the Liberals are - without actually examining the Liberal's OWN culpability in the Mess in the NHS!!?
What could that have anything to do with it?!!
You will NOT see any Niagara reporter questioning the role which McGuinty's Liberal monopolist ideology played in this C. diff outbreak. Gulldarnit, dat's politics, not health..!
The Liberal's concept of the single-payer health-care monopoly will not be scrutinized nor linked in any way to these patient deaths; the narrative will follow the Craitor/Diodati-sanctimony of blame the NHS, followed by let's have more of the same failed old Liberalism - a deluded catch-22 of negligent ignorance.
Why, our sainted hero Jim Bradley is personally building us a new hospital, bless him, the angel... as if the same monopolist problems won't appear there, as well..!, vote again for Jimmy'n'Kimmy folks: you got what you asked for.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Forget the phony Liberal-orchestrated NHS "investigations" - it's time to call the cops on McGuinty's Liberals

It's astounding to see all these squawking Liberals running around, such as Jim Diodati and Carolyn Ioannoni, who want some kind of investigation  into the NHS  -  yet, they never demand any investigation of the  Liberal-created LHIN, which oversees the NHS!
C. difficile killed hundreds of patients in Liberal Ontario several years ago, while Diodati's and Iaonnoni's Liberal heroes McGuinty, Bradley, Craitor, and Smitherman REFUSED to call a public inquiry!!
Where were Diodati's partisan tears then?!
Where the FLICK was an oh-so-concerned Diodati when Jim Bradley's and McGuinty's secretive Liberals REFUSED to allow the Ombudsman to investigate those C. difficile deaths?!
Now the Niagara Falls council wants some kind of  "independent investigator supervisor" - but where was Diodati when Bradley's Liberals REFUSED to appoint a supervisor to the NHS years ago?!?!?!
Appointing a supervisor to run the NHS would have allowed the Ombudsman to investigate the NHS -so where was Diodati in that debate?!
What a damn Liberal hack hypocrite.
Does Diodati want this 'supervisor' to ALSO be some kind of  'investigator'??!! Does Diodati want to dissolve the NHS board?
And now, Liberal Vince Kerrio wants to contact the Ministry of Health directly?!?! To do what??  To show us what a phony, incompetent sham the Smitherman-McGuinty LHIN disaster is in the first place?! Your own Liberal health minister Matthews has no problems with the NHS, or the LHIN, Vince!! Why don't you go check with the politicians ACTUALLY pulling the strings: your buddies McGuinty and Deb Matthews?!!!!
What a Liberal charade of Grit hacks pretending that they're oh-so-concerned... yet, they DO NOT WANT to investigate their OWN LIBERAL party's ideological culpability in running a secretive and unaccountable single-payer health monopoly.
Screw asking, or trusting, any Liberal hack with any kind of phony investigation: it's time to call in the police to see if McGuinty's Liberals should be charged with criminal negligence. It has come to that.
McGuinty runs Ontario's health-care monopoly; it's time his Liberals were jointly and severally held accountable for the conditions which they created.
McGuinty's Liberals should be compelled to answer for their secrecy and their negligence at a criminal trial.
Ontario's secretive Liberal health-care monopolists circled their wagons and hid during the last killer c. diff outbreak; I don't remember Kerrio or Diodati or Iaonnoni being too bothered about that. The Liberals cannot be trusted to carry out ANY true "independent" investigation.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

McGuinty's Liberal propaganda tour fleeces Niagara

Reporter Don Fraser  (St.Catharines Standard, Jun.22, 2011) manages somehow to hit all of Jim Bradley's Liberal election talking points...

"If Ontario's premier has his way, Niagara will see public transit expansion before any new mid-peninsula highway.
In an exclusive interview with The Standard, Premier Dalton McGuinty said expansion of GO Transit train services through St. Catharines and Niagara is "simply a matter of time."
"The question is not whether, but when," McGuinty said, adding ridership numbers are an important consideration.
"We rely on the people at GO Transit to give us the best advice on these matters."
And while Conservative Opposition Leader Tim Hudak has pledged to build the $1 billion-plus mid-peninsula corridor, McGuinty threw cold water on it as a priority.
"We don't think it's warranted at this time," McGuinty said.
"We think we have an obligation to protect the environment," he said, adding he believed these concerns are important to Niagara.
"(And) based on the studies that we've seen, it's just not warranted."
McGuinty made his comments after touring General Motors' Glendale Ave. engine plant Tuesday morning, where he met with workers and officials.
His stop in St. Catharines also included a speech delivered to the St. Catharines-Thorold Chamber of Commerce at the Quality Hotel Parkway Convention Centre.
Following the brief tour at GM, McGuinty praised the plant's employees for the automaker's dramatic turnaround— one made possible by massive government loans, including from Ontario.
"We decided it was important to use some taxpayer money and invest in the future of this factory," McGuinty said at a media gathering inside the plant.
I'm absolutely delighted that we did."
McGuinty added that GM has paid off that loan and invested millions into the future of the St. Catharines operation.
"The fact of the matter is, because we all put something on the table, we are stronger here together," he said.
Later at the Parkway event, McGuinty discussed his plan to focus on five main areas in the run-up to the October provincial election: education, health care, infrastructure, electricity and taxes.
"Ontario was not an overnight success," he said, adding the same hard work that unites families and workers will help the province overcome challenges.
As for education: "I believe the single most important thing we can do to ensure we have a highly competitive workforce ...and ensure our children enjoy rich, full, happy lives is to invest in their skills and education."
Here, McGuinty pointed to things like lower class sizes, higher graduation rates, improved access to post-secondary education and full-day kindergarten as successes.
And health care improvements aren't just about new hospitals, shorter wait times and new doctors and nurses, he said.
"Too many Ontarians are getting sick from preventable illnesses, in fact a full 25% of the health care budget ... goes to treating preventable disease," McGuinty said.
"I'm talking about things like smoking, diet and inactivity."
McGuinty said major infrastructure building, including roads, schools and hospitals, will help families and the economy.
But he also painted a stark picture of the province's aging electricity infrastructure, which must be refurbished and ramped up to meet demand.
A long-term energy plan will rebuild 80% of the system over the next 20 years, he told the group of 220.
"This is a massive undertaking," he said. "It is a very expensive proposition, and there's no getting around it."
Clean energy and being a big player in harnessing wind and solar power will help Ontario achieve energy goals and create new jobs, he said.
Tax reform is also key to Ontario's success, he said, adding a value-added tax like Ontario's HST (harmonized sales tax) is now a world standard for successful economies.
"We need to keep up with the competition, and this is why tax reforms are so very important," McGuinty added.
In a dig at the "opposition," he said it promises to "give us more, charge us less and pay down the debt."
"Our plan for eliminating the deficit will be responsible and proven," he said.
"It will be based on our record. We eliminated the previous government's deficit." "

... and yet, there wasn't even one word in this "exclusive interview" (!!!) from McGuinty or Bradley about the C. difficile outbreak in St. Catharines!!!
[Can't stray from the Jimmy-Feel-Good script with embarrassing questions and risk spoiling the Standard's not-too-subtle Liberal electioneering campaign!]
Did anybody actually ask these Liberal liars any questions?!
This story is half a story, with no critical analysis of any of the Liberal's claims; it amounts to nothing but regurgitated Liberal Party election talking-points, taken at face value by the reporter.
When did the St.Catharines Standard's "reporters" become Liberal stenographers? Was anything which these Liberals said challenged?
These Liberals came to the Standard; so, what did the Standard actually ask them?!?
A slimy McGuinty disingenuously claims GM "has paid off that loan" - but, did any St.Catharines Standard reporter ask about the rest of the loaned bailout billions which GM received from taxpayers, and which just happened to be converted from debt into shares? What an interventionist-government shell-game!
Then, when McGuinty - Ontario's Premier Liberal liar - let out that whopper about his Liberals eliminating the "previous government's debt", and talking about his "record", why didn't Fraser use that wide-open-opportunity to CHALLENGE McGuinty on his record: a record of lies, of tax-increases and of increased debt!!
Really - why couldn't Don Fraser bother to ask about any of this?!? McGuinty doubled Ontario's debt, while outright lying (during two elections!) that he wouldn't raise taxes - all the while increasing government spending by 77%! Fraser just let McGuinty's Liberal propaganda pass unchallenged!
What's with this paper's pathetic and deliberate lack of policy analysis; will that be forthcoming - ever?!
In the Standard's printed edition (which came out later on Jun.22, 2011) reporter Fraser actually asked one question of Dalton McGuinty regarding the C. difficile outbreak in St.Catharines:

Q. St. Catharines General Hospital has dealt with a string of C. difficile patient deaths recently. Ten with the infection have died.
Is the province aware of this and is there any way it might intervene?
A. We've learned through these outbreaks in the past, and have made C. difficile a reportable outbreak that must be conveyed to the public health unit.
We have also adopted protocols which are recommended to all of our hospitals.
We also have the equivalent to a SWAT team (Infection Control Resource Teams to provide rapid, on-site assistance with outbreak investigation and management in hospitals), which I believe the hospital or public health unit has asked for.
We will make it available to them and ... they are to play a supportive role.
I know the public health unit and hospital officials are working together as aggressively as they can to help manage this and turn it around."
That's it - that was the St.Catharines Standard's only C. diff question: 10 C. difficile patients (as of Jun.22, 2011) are dead in St.Catharines, in McGuinty's Liberal-run health-monopoly, and yet, there was only one question and one answer on the C. diff issue!!
Why should anyone trust the claims of these Liberal liars on this C. diff outbreak, when back in 2008 the same Liberals hid from a public inquiry when 500 Ontario C. diff patients were killed in the Liberal-run health monopoly?
Apparently, the Standard is more than satisfied with its enormous one-question-investigative effort - "Lookit - we actually asked McGuinty about C. diff. What more do ya want?! vote for Jim Bradley!"
And, by the way: where was Jim Bradley in all this?!
That little shit's weasely head is seen popping up in the GM photo, but there was nothing at all in this story from Jim Bradley himself !! Nothing whatsoever!! Somehow, throughout this grand GM tour and this "exclusive interview", Jim Bradley was - amazingly - completely overlooked protected from the spotlight!
This kind of politically-friendly media manipulation takes serious planning.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Liberals deflect blame for their own secret-G20-law incompetence

CHCH on Jun.21, 2011 reported in "Premier dogged by G20 during GM visit":
"Premier Dalton McGuinty couldn't escape lingering questions about the G20 summit, during a pre-campaign stop Tuesday in St Catharines.
McGuinty was there to tour the General Motors plant, flanked by local MPP and provincial safety minister Jim Bradley.
He defended his government's decision to take a direct role in trying to save the province's auto industry, saying that GM has already paid off its loan. He also noted that Ontario's manufacturing sector was particularly hard hit during the economic downturn.
McGuinty was also asked about the demand for a public inquiry, into the secret law governing police powers during last year's G20 summit in Toronto.
He admits his government should have done a better job communicating the law they passed - but says that's all he's responsible for.
"We had a particular connection with this, involving a particular law. We have asked a highly regarded statesman to review that for us and provide us with specific recommendations; we have received those recommendations. We are adopting those wholeheartedly and that's our connection with the G20."
"I have always said if there is an inquiry to be called it is up to the prime minister. It was his G20, it was his invitation, it was his choice to bring it to Toronto, it was his police predominantly that ran the security for this major undertaking "
Most of the people arrested during the G20 weekend were released without charge, or had the charges dropped.
Civil liberty groups have been demanding a public inquiry since shortly after the summit."
Liberal scumbags McGuinty and Bradley hide from acknowledging that it was their law - not someone else's law! - which precipitated the outrageous police response.
It was Liberal Rick Bartolucci's botched G20 law which was purposefully passed in secret by McGuinty's Liberal cabinet, and then purposefully misrepresented up to and until the havoc ensued.
The utter gall for these two pieces of Liberal shit to shift the blame and pretend that they aren't culpable in this massive civil rights abuse!!
These Liberal FLICKERS and political manipulators Bradley and McGuinty are the ones who SHOULD BE IN JAIL.

McGuinty's secretive Liberal 'closed government'

Len Greenberg reported in "Secrecy causing problems for Ontario government: ombudsman" (Ottawa Citizen, Jun.21, 2011):

"A spate of cover-ups in Ontario jails is raising red flags for the provincial ombudsman.
Andre Marin says his office has received a number of complaints surrounding use-of-force incidents by guards where there is no corresponding report or where pages are missing from reports.
“This is not limited to one or two institutions,” Marin said at a news conference Tuesday during which he presented his annual report. “It appears to be something that’s happening out there. And it’s giving me a tremendous amount of concern.”
Marin says jailhouse complaints to his office in the past have typically been about issues like “wilted lettuce” and “expired bread.” This past year a number of serious complaints were filed that pointed to a “troubling” pattern, Marin said.
They include several episodes where guards did not file reports after using force on inmates. Those incidents were then covered up. At one jail, a log book page matching the date of the assault had disappeared. At another, the written report conflicted with video evidence. In a third case, investigators were told an exculpatory health report did not exist when they asked to view it.
“We’re very close to launching a special investigation concerning this area,” Marin said. “Use of force used to be documented, it used to be investigated. And unfortunately we’ve found some serious lapses in the system.”
The Family Responsibility Office, the agency responsible for monitoring court-ordered child and spousal support payments, was the most contentious government arm in 2010-11, according to the report. It received 716 complaints in total. The Ontario disability support program, Workplace Safety and Insurance Board, Hydro One and driver licensing followed in number of complaints.
Marin also used the occasion of his annual report to call on the government to allow his office into Children’s Aid Societies, which consume $1.4 billion in public funds and deal with society’s most vulnerable people and yet are subject to no public oversight.
“We’re the only province in Canada that doesn’t do that,” he said. “Something is wrong here.”
Marin also chided the government for its secrecy instead of embracing proactive disclosure.
“Today the expectation is that information from the government should be available in real time, without asking. Public services should be open to the public, by definition and by default,” he said.
He said the thread that runs through his cases – which include investigations into secretive property tax assessments, insider wins at the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation and, most recently, a secretive G20 law that led to “massive violation of civil rights” – is “closed government”.
CHCH reported on Jun.21, 2011 in "Marin: province more secretive under McGuinty":      

"We have more communication tools and technology than ever before - yet we know less and less about what our government is doing.
That's what Ontario Ombdusman Andre Marin believes.
As Scot Urquhart tells us, Marin says a culture of secrecy has been growing inside the provincial government for the last six years almost as long as Dalton McGuinty's Liberals have been in power - and Marin wants government to become more open and transparent.

It may sound like the Ombudsman is simply making a very public grab, for more power for his office.
But as Marin himself pointed out, at the moment Ontario is the only province in Canada that lacks independent ombudsman oversight of so many of its crucial public services."
How many years - if ever - will it take before the St.Catharines Standard bothers to ask Ontario's most secretive MPP, Good Ole St.Catharines Liberal Jim Bradley, about Ombudsman Marin's comments?! (...or how about asking Liberal MPP Kim Craitor, then - why isn't Kimmy being raked over the coals about the C. diff outbreak? Doesn't the Standard have his number?!)
The ombudsman has uncovered a 'spate of  cover-ups in Ontario jails' - yet, isn't this the purview of... um... oh yeah: JIM BRADLEY ?!!?  Why isn't the St.Catharines Standard asking their Corrections minister buddy Bradley about any of this?!?
The disgusting Bradley hasn't even said anything about the killer C. difficile outbreak which has been gripping the health-monopoly in Bradley's own city for the last three weeks - while the Standard happily made sure - damn sure -  that Jim Bradley wasn't mentioned in any of their stories regarding this c. diff outbreak!! [Why: it's as if Ole Jimbo's got nuttin' ta do wid any o' dis stuff!!!! Vote for Jim!!]
Yes, "something is wrong"  - seriously wrong - with Jim Bradley's secretive Liberal scumbag government, yet, the St.Catharines Standard dutifully continues its own 'troubling pattern' of laundering Jim Bradley's Liberal underwear...

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Patients die while McGuinty's thug MPP Jim Bradley hides

The C. difficile patient death-count increases in Niagara, while local St.Catharines Liberal MPP Jim Bradley disappears. Since the outbreak began three weeks ago, the local St.Catharines Standard newspaper has NOT ONCE managed to ask their favourite Liberal any questions whatsoever about the C. diff outbreak right in Bradley's own city. Nothing!!!
This alone is reason enough to once again vote for Jim Bradley.
Can't wait for Doug Herod's paean to Bradley - it's gonna be good, real good, like Jim Bradley is a hero among gods type o' thing... yesireeee
Oh yeah, by the way: Vote for Jim Bradley, folks, and vote often!
Fuggedabout those dead-patients-in-the-Liberal-health-monopoly thing!!
Feh - by election time, Niagara's rubes will be so inundated by the Standard's pro-Jim Bradley propaganda [...or maybe it'll be Andrew Gill cheerleading, if Jimmy quits...] that no one will even remember any of this.
See more:

Climate-change GreenFear: Junk-science recycled into junkier politics

It would be nice for some of Niagara's GreenFear-spreaders to provide a local rebuttal to Rex Murphy's column, "Inviting the fox into the henhouse" (National Post, Jun.18, 2011):

"One of the disturbing practices revealed by the great cache of emails out of the University of East Anglia - the so-called Climategate emails - was the attempted shortcutting or corruption of the oh-so precious peer-review process. The emails contained clear declarations of how the grand viziers of climate science would lean on journals and reporters to make sure certain critics did not get the validation, the laying on of peer-reviewed hands, so critical to full participation in the great climate debate. This was most succinctly expressed by the beautiful quote from Dr. Phil Jones of East Anglia that, "We will keep them out somehow -even if we have to redefine what peer-review literature is."

Much of what the world bizarrely allows to be called climate "science" is a closetgame, an in-group referring to and reinforcing its own members. The insiders keep out those seen as interlopers and critics, vilify dissenters and labour to maintain a proprietary hold on the entire vast subject. It has been described very precisely as a "climate-assessment oligarchy." Less examined, or certainly less known to the general public, is how this in-group loops around itself. How the outside advocates buttress the inside scientists, and even -this is particularly noxious -how the outside advocates, the non-scientists, themselves become inside authorities.

It's the perfect propaganda circle. Advocates find themselves in government offices, or on panels appointed by politicians disposed towards the hyper-alarmism of global warming. On the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) boards and panels, like seeks out like. And when the IPCC issues one of its state-of-the-global-warming-world reports, legions of environmentalists, and their maddeningly sympathetic and uninquisitive friends in most of the press, shout out the latest dire warnings as if they were coming from the very mouth of Disinterested Science itself.

An early and particularly graphic illustration of this vicious circle came when the IPCC 2007 report warned that most the great Himalayan glaciers would melt by the year 2035. Not only was the claim of a massive melt the very height of ignorant nonsense -the sun would have to drop on the Earth to provoke a melt of this proportion - it was also plucked from a seven-year-old publication of the ever busy World Wildlife Federation (WWF). As the Times of London put it, the claim itself was "inherently ludicrous" culled from a "campaigning report" rather than "an academic paper," was not "subject of any scientific review" and despite all these shortcomings became "a key source for the IPCC ... [for] the section on the Himalayas."

A scare report, seven years old, from the an environmental advocacy group, became the key document for a major report released under the authority of the IPCC, the world's best and brightest global warming minds. Sir Isaac Newton would be so proud.

Now we have an even more telling illustration of this same sad, vicious circle. It was first reported on by Steven McIntyre on his blog, Climate Audit (and was run on the FP Comment page of Friday's National Post). McIntyre revealed that the IPCC used a Greenpeace campaigner to write a key part of its report on renewable energy and to make the astonishing claim that "close to 80% of the world's energy supply could be met by renewables by mid-century if backed by the right enabling public policies." He further revealed that the claim arose from a "joint publication of Greenpeace and the European Renewable Energy Council (EREC)." And it turns out that while working for the IPCC, the Greenpeace campaigner approvingly cited a Greenpeace report that he himself was the lead author of. He peer-reviewed himself.

A report on renewables, by the Renewable Energy Council of Europe, and Greenpeace, peer-reviewd by the man who wrote it. All they need add is a citation from the Suzuki Foundation and an endorsement from Elizabeth May and "the science will be settled" forever.

This is not just letting the fox into the hen house. This is giving him the keys, passing him the barbeque sauce and pointing his way to the broiler. Or, as McIntyre put it in plainer terms: "A lead author of the IPCC report, and of the hyped 80% scenario, is Sven Teske of Greenpeace International, whose official contribution is essentially based on a Greenpeace report cooked up with Europe's renewable energy industry."

Kind people may put this down to pure sloppiness on the part of the IPCC. Coming after its disastrous handling of the Himalayan glacier melt, however, it looks to me more like deliberate mischief. The IPCC cannot be that stupid by chance. Why these stories, and others of comparable magnitude, have not worked their way into the consciousness of the world's politicians despite such clear demonstrations of the IPCC's ramshackle processes is a mystery. But thanks to Steve McIntyre and others of nearequal courage, standing firm against the rage and mockery of the alarmist warming establishment, at least some of the IPCC's dubious and chillingly erroneous practices are revealed."
Let's ask Liberal MPP Jim Bradley - Ontario's chief climate-change / global-warming bullshit artist - to comment on Murphy's story.
C'mon there, Jimmy, Ole Feller - spill your secrets! Tell Ontarians the ACTUAL SCIENTIFIC BASIS for your Kyoto agitation, and your green bolshevik climate lies!!
Yep - Liberal Jim Bradley has never publicly revealed  his basis, his sources, his influences, his... um... "reasoning" - for pulling his green climate fraud onto the province of Ontario.
Jimmy's had plenty of chances to provide a detailed explanation - and, we're still waiting!! [For decades, Niagara's media has been loathe to question Liberal MPP Jim Bradley's GreenFear-based climatalarmism.]
Jim Bradley is not the only climate-change-global-warming fear-mongering greenshevik in Niagara - let's get St.Catharines joke of a mayor Brian McMullan's response to Murphy's story!
McMullan doesn't think he has to provide any answers either for his deluded climate fear-spreading - McMullan partnered the City of St.Catharines up WITH the WWF for all those earth-day-turn-out-the-lights propaganda efforts for the last several years - has anybody asked Mayor McFullofit to actually prove that sitting in the dark for a symbolic hour is anything more than symbolic - and fraudulently symbolic, at that?
What a green-con-artist. [...and, year after year, Niagara's complicit press runs the earth day hokum WWF/McMullan propaganda, NO QUESTIONS ASKED!!]
It's sheer lunacy: GreenFear TM paranoia manifested in duplicitous publicly-funded policy.
How about that other local climate-change-fear-monger, Liberal mayor of Niagara Falls, Jim Diodati - ditto for him, as well - let's ask Diodati to offically explain the "causes" of  "global-warming" - and then let's ask Diodati to explain the role of water vapour and the sun in creating GHG; then let's also ask Diodati about Niagara Falls' role in contributing to "climate-change", and why he's not stopping the creation of Niagara's dangerous, vaporous planet-killing mists!
These green-pandering political hacks are perpetrating a massive fraud, using junk-science from Al Gore's ass to scare citizens into adopting green socialism - former Liberal MP Walter Lastewka did it, Liberal joke Stephane 'Bumbledore' Dion did it, Michael Ignatieff did it, now the Conservatives are even getting into it... all based on a 'consensus' mirage, recycling junk-science into junkier politics.
Then we had a report by Kristy Kirkup in the Jun.16, 2011 St.Catharines Standard telling us about more climate-change fear being spread by Jack - off MassageBoy Layton's NDP environment critic Megan Leslie.
Perhaps while the above-mentioned GreenFear-spreading kyodiots ignore responding to Murphy, they can also hide from and refuse to comment on these columns as well:

- Tom Harris'  No climate debate" (National Post,Jun.8, 2011)

-  Vivian Krause's  "Tarred by science: How green groups pursued oil sands agenda" (National Post, Jun.14, 2011)

- Terence Corcoran's  "Lipstick, Apples, & sperm count" (National Post, Jun.14, 2011)

- Terence Corcoran's "Greens 'lost' as growth prevails" (National Post, May 6, 2011)

- Terence Corcoran's  "No climate death in Venice"  (National Post, Jun.16, 2011)


So, let's fast forward to Howard Fischer's Dec. 8, 2017 report "UA ordered to surrender emails to skeptics of human-caused climate change" which - all these GreenFear-propaganda-packed years later - is nevertheless still DIRECTLY linked to the phony 'hockey-stick' issue behind the initial Climategate scandal:

"The University of Arizona has been ordered to surrender emails by two UA scientists that a group claims will help prove that theories about human-caused climate change are false and part of a conspiracy.
Pima County Superior Court Judge James Marner rejected arguments by the Board of Regents that disclosure of the documents would be “contrary to the best interests of the state.”
Marner said it may be true that some of the documents sought by Energy & Environment Legal Institute might be classified as unpublished research, manuscripts, preliminary analyses, drafts of scientific papers and plans for future research.
But the judge said the subject matter of the documents has become available to the general public. And that, Marner said, does not allow the university to withhold disclosure under a separate section of the law governing university records.
There was no immediate response from the university.
The ruling is a turnabout for Marner, who had previously ruled that some emails were properly withheld because they contained things like confidential information or attorney work product. He said at the time that the university did not act arbitrarily or capriciously in withholding other documents, including unpublished data, research, drafts and commentary.
But last year the state Court of Appeals told Marner to take another look.
Appellate Judge Joseph Howard, writing for the unanimous court, said it’s legally irrelevant what university officials thought was appropriate to disclose.
He said everyone involved in the case acknowledges that the emails from Malcolm Hughes, who is still with the UA, and Jonathan Overpeck, who left earlier this year, are public records. Howard said state law carries a presumption that all public records are subject to disclosure, with certain exceptions.
That, Howard said, required Marner to examine the records to determine whether making them public would harm “the best interests of the state,” as the university has claimed.
Craig Richardson, president of E & E, said the request relates to so-called “hockey stick” research. It drew its name from graphs that climate scientists say show a long-term decline in global temperatures over most of the last 150 years followed by a sharp rise.
“It’s the foundational argument for really this whole climate change industry and their focus,” he said.
In 2009, some computer servers at the University of East Anglia in Britain were hacked and emails stolen, with the names of the two UA scientists found in the mix. Some of what was found was labeled “climategate” and is being used by groups to show that global warming is a conspiracy.
“They showed there were a lot of games being played with the data,” Richardson said.
He said that getting all the emails, including from the two scientists, will reveal “an unvarnished view of how the process works ... and how climate scientists on the other side of this have been shut out.

I'm sure that , as usual, no one at the St. Catharines Standard will dare approach local Liberal GreenFear propagandists such as MPP Jim Bradley or MP Chris Bittle or the hack Diodati for their comment on this development regarding the "foundational argument" of their own GreenFear-based climate delusions - -  or to even ask them to provide 'evidence' of the scientific basis for the GreenFear which they constantly spout ('Dis ain't got nuttin' ta do wit Chrissy and da Jimmies..!). 
The local Niagara press allows these climate change hoaxters to peddle their climate fear policies without context or scrutiny.  

Saturday, June 18, 2011

A cute photo-op with Liberal Jim Bradley - yet the Cone of Silence remains intact

Amazing - that bag of Liberal crap from St.Catharines, MPP Jim Bradley, appeared twice in local media photo-ops recently...

 - in the Jun.18 St.Catharines Standard, with St.Catharines Mayor Brian McMullan and Conservative MP Rick Dykstra, opening Kiwanis Field in St.Catharines

- and in the Jun.17 Niagara This Week, with Lincoln Mayor Bill Hodgson and Conservative MP Dean Allison, opening the Hilary Bald splash pad in Beamsville, where Bradley's seen performing his umbrella-ella parody of Mary Poppins  (... by the way, since when has Jim Bradley become the MPP for Beamsville...?!)

... and yet, did anybody bother to ask that Liberal sack of shit Jim Bradley about the C. difficile outbreak in St.Catharines?!
How about it, Rick and Dean and Brian and Billy: did any of you ask your smiley photo-op buddy Bradley anything at all about why this killer outbreak occurred in St.Catharines, under Jim Bradley's monopolist watch?!
Did any reporter ask Bradley about that? Hey, Bernie Puchalski of the St.Catharines Standard, or Scott Rosts from NTW: did you bother to question the secretive Liberal Jim Bradley about the C. diff outbreak in St.Catharines??l Or were you simply acting as McGuinty's useful-idiot stenographers??
Oh, gee, gosh darnit... this isn't the time or place for seriousness, after all...
Only a week ago, a smarmy, sanctimonious Mayor McMullan was piously demanding 'answers and explanations' about the outbreak.
Hey, Mayor McFullofit: just yesterday you were happily posing with your buddy Bradley, while patients were still struggling with the killer outbreak in your own city: WHY DIDN'T YOU ASK BRADLEY?!!?
Where are all those 'answers and explanations' which you were phonily seeking, Mr. McMullan?!
Bradley's Liberals underfunded the NHS for years - have you conveniently FORGOTTEN  that, Mayor McFullofit?
Why hasn't McMullan demanded that his ball-buddy Bradley make a public statement about the C. diff outbreak and its causes?
Has McMullan demanded a public inquiry into this outbreak?!
Has McMullan demanded an independent investigation into the link between the Liberal cabinet, the Smitherman-era-Liberal-created LHIN's, the historical Liberal health-care underfunding to the NHS, and the consequent effect on patients, trapped within the confines of a no-patient-choice, state-controlled, single-payer health-monopoly?
No, Mayor McFullofit hasn't, the FLICKING hypocrite.
He just wants shallow, safe, phony, facile 'answers', all status-quo, don't-rock-the-boat mumbo-jumbo appearance over substance.
Have any of the other politicians rubbing elbows with Bradley bothered to demand answers and call for a public inquiry, an investigation which cannot be tainted or influenced by Liberal apparatchiks?
Nope - all were smiley-faced and la-di-da happy, kicking balls around with Bradley, while health-care monopolist Jim Bradley and his secretive Liberals were kicking patient-victims in the balls.
Shame on your 'political-correctness', Brian McMullan, Dean Allison, Bill Hodgson, and Rick Dykstra: shame on you, for sloughing off the interests of Ontario's patients, who are trapped and victimized in Jim Bradley's secretive, ideological state-run health-care monopoly, right in Niagara.
We expected more from these politicians; they are now all part of the status-quo problem.
Looks like no-one's going to bother holding Jim Bradley, McGuinty's senior Liberal thug in Niagara, accountable.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Liberal Jim Bradley vanishes into his Cone of Silence during C. difficile outbreak

Funny how the St.Catharines Standard somehow (heh heh) deftly manages to avoid any mention whatsoever of Liberal MPP Jim Bradley when reporting about the C. difficile outbreak in Bradley's own St.Catharines hospital.
The Jun.16, 2011 front page story ("Ninth C. diff patient dies") by Grant Lafleche said not one word about, or gave any comments from, the local MPP - it's as if Good Ole Jimmy's got nothin' to do with any of this stuff!!
The Standard has helped cover for Jim Bradley since the outbreak started, almost three weeks ago!
Rest assured, folks: no Liberals were taken to task during the careful crafting of Lafleche's story!
 ...oh, yeah - no word in Lafleche's story from Bradley's Grit buddy MPP Kim Craitor, either...

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Secretive Jim Bradley's indirect Liberal tax-increases

The St.Catharines Standard can't bring itself to examine what the costs of Jim Bradley's Liberal policies will be to those little towns somewhere out there in the country, so far away that neither Jimmy nor his Standard buddies could give two craps about. We're sorry, folks of Walkerton, about what that Liberal scumbag MPP Jim Bradley is doing to your jails.
Well - not all of us are sorry - y'see, there are a lot of ignorant Liberal Jim Bradley voters in St.Catharines - and they also couldn't give a rat's ass as to the damage Jimmy's causing. They think Jimmy and Dalton McGuinty are just swell!
As long as the St.Catharines Standard keeps refusing to seriously examine their friend Jimmy's policies, the ignorant sheeple of St.Catharines simply think all is well, and like robots, will keep voting this Liberal douche back in.
Some of us are truly sorry that Jim Bradley is our MPP, and we apologize.

Proud to be a Liberal... puke.

Liberal Warren Kantsellit was going on in his Jun.14, 2011 St.Catharines Standard column about how proud he is to be a Liberal, and asks rhetorically "can anyone name any other proud Liberal writing a column for the Sun Media chain?"
hmm... Maybe Kinsella doesn't know that the St.Catharines Standard is a Sun paper; and maybe Kinsella should be trying to name even one small-C- conservative reporter/writer/columnist at the St.Catharines Standard!! C'mon...  try it...  it ain't that easy....!
The Standard reeks of the lib-left-and-worse status-quo; it's like Niagara's own little CBC, without the tax-payer funding. The weasel-word-qualifier which Kinsella is using is that these Sun writers he's asking about have to be "proud" Liberals - whatever that means.
The St.Catharines Standard has been proudly kissing Liberal MPP Jim Bradley's ass for three decades now.
Doesn't that count for anything in Warren's Liberal world-view?!
Aren't the lib-left weasels at the Standard going to protest Kantsellit's insulting and demeaning rhetoric?!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Kyoto-pushing Liberal MPPJim Bradley misses his big chance to finally reveal the "scientific" basis for McGuinty's Green Disaster

The St.Catharines Standard allowed climate GreenFear spreader David Suzuki to take a shit on their pages, printing Suzuki's crapola column, "There's a new kind of Nimby: Nature in my backyard" (Jun.11, 2011). Thankfully, there are antidotes for Suzuki's tiresome rhetoric, such as these columns...

Terence Corcoran's "Greens 'lost' as growth prevails" (National Post, May 6, 2011)

Tom Harris' "No climate Debate. Alarmists refuse to take on skeptical geologists" (National Post, June 8, 2011)

... which the "climate-change is all settled" greensheviks at the St.Catharines Standard wouldn't dare print.
If they did, people in St.Catharines might start asking "Hey, so why didn't Liberal MPP Jim Bradley attend that joint annual GAC-MAC 2011 conference which Harris wrote about?"
Bradley could have attended as a senior member of McGuinty's Liberal Ontario government - as well as a senior member of the Liberal's Kyodiot GreenFear brigade.
Jim Bradley - Ontario's leading smug Kyoto pusher and climate-change / global-warming fear-monger, could have used the forum to publicly reveal his specific scientific reasons for agitating for Kyoto.
Y'see, Good Ole Jimmy has never publicly revealed which specific scientific evidence he relied upon to embark upon his career of political climate-change despotism!!
Jim Bradley has never revealed the specific scientific studies which influenced him and McGuinty's Liberals to instigate their statist climate deceptions in Ontario.
No one from the St.Catharines Standard has ever asked their buddy Jim Bradley about that, either!!
Why, somehow, we were all supposed to have just believed the Liberal climate-fear rhetoric through osmosis; we were simply just told to believe that there is no climate debate to be had; that it was "all settled".
Suzuki doesn't write about all the green bolshevik Nimby's who said "NO" to any debate about the scientific veracity of  their CO2  -AGW pseudo-science!
We were all fear-mongered by liars such as Al Gore and his various ass-licks, including Liberals such as Jim Bradley, and his media sycophants.
The St.Catharines Standard even developed a biased GreenFear propaganda dep't. to keep the doomsday greenshevik propaganda flowing.
Shamefully, to this day, the Standard has not yet bothered  to ask their local MPP Jim Bradley to explain the specific scientific basis which influenced him to support the disastrous green public policy we see in Ontario today.
"What's that?" says an alarmed St.Catharines Standard... "Asking Jim about stuff?? Not in our backyard, we won't..."

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Another Niagara health-care horror; St.Catharines Standard portrays Mayor McMullan as missing-in-action Liberal Jim Bradley's proxy during C. difficile crisis

The St.Catharines Standard's Jeff Bolichowski wrote in "Don't send me there" (Jun.11,2011):

"The family of a woman who died during St. Catharines General Hospital's C. difficile outbreak said she dreaded being treated at the hospital she volunteered at for years.
Elizabeth Loucks, 87, of St. Catharines died at the hospital Thursday morning, said daughter Janet Melnyk. She said her mother was a C. difficile patient and believes she caught the superbug during an earlier admittance to the hospital in May.
As Loucks battled the symptoms of the illness, Melnyk said, her mother didn't want to go back to the hospital despite having mended clothes as a volunteer there until about two years ago.
"She didn't want to go," she said. "That was her exact words: 'Don't send me there. I'll just get sicker.' "
Melnyk said despite her mom's death, she was pleased with doctors' efforts to save her. She said the hospital's staff were determined to beat Loucks' C. difficile.
But she slammed the hospital's "filthy" conditions. "The conditions in there are disgusting," she said, describing cluttered halls crammed with lab coats.
Melnyk, of Hamilton, said the feisty Loucks had gone to Guelph for a hip replacement in April and rebounded nicely. But after coming down with a bladder illness, she went for treatment in May to St. Catharines General.
When she returned home, the symptoms started. The timing has Melnyk convinced her mother picked up the disease in St. Catharines.
Though Loucks was not named in a Niagara Health System media release as the fourth C. difficile patient to die at the hospital, Melnyk believes she's the one because the release was sent out hours after her death on Thursday.
The release said the death was reported to the regional coroner's office. The NHS will conduct its own review to determine if C. difficile was the cause of death.
Loucks leaves behind two children and six grandchildren.
NHS vice-president Anne Atkinson would not confirm if Loucks was the victim or discuss her case.
"I have to respect patient confidentiality," she said.
But she said public health officials toured the hospital Monday and Tuesday and were pleased with its cleanliness.
She said sometimes bags are left out before laundry pickup, which can make the building look worse than it is. And while doctors may leave coats in the corridors when they put on protective gear, it doesn't happen often.
Mayor Brian McMullan said he had no concerns about the hospital's sanitation and has been assured it's clean. But he acknowledged the building is aging.
"It's a facility... well past its prime and its useful life," he said.
"I think everyone will be glad, especially patients, when they will be in a brand new state-of-the-art facility."
Dr. Jessica Hopkins of the Niagara public health department also wouldn't comment on specific C. difficile cases. But she said in some situations, C. difficile symptoms — which include constant diarrhea — don't show up for up to eight weeks after someone is exposed.
As of Friday afternoon, Atkinson said the hospital has 22 people with C. difficile, bringing the total to 29 patients over the course of the outbreak. But only two have been infected since safeguards were put in place, and even those caught it early on.
The hospital's protective measures include isolating patients in special areas, cleaning surfaces twice a day with a spore-killing agent and having staff who work with infected patients not work with uninfected people and vice-versa.
The outbreak isn't over yet, Hopkins said.
"There isn't a specific time period that you can say it's going to last," Hopkins said.
"Most outbreaks usually last a couple of months in time."
She said she couldn't guess if more people would die or estimate how many.
"It's not predictable," she said "It's based a lot on a person's underlying health condition and how they respond to treatment."
Hopkins said the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care is aware of the outbreak. The Ontario Agency for Health Protection and Promotion has been providing advice on bringing it under control.
But while she said the safeguards had provided positive signs the spread is being controlled, it's not over.
"We need to wait until rates of C. difficile return to baseline levels," she said. "It's going to take many weeks for that to happen."
McMullan, meanwhile, said he wants to know why the outbreak happened and how to prevent it from happening again.
"I think we're all anxious about the situation," he said. "The fact that there's been any loss of life is tragic."
It is utterly unbelievable - truly unfathomable - that the St.Catharines Standard FAILED YET AGAIN - for 14 STRAIGHT DAYS, since May 28 - to report what local Liberal MPP and single-payer health-care monopolist Jim Bradley has to say about this!!
Who the f*ck cares what Mayor Brian McFullofit has got to say?
What, has Mayor McMullan now somehow become Jim Bradley's goddam proxy?! Has Mayor McFullofit suddenly been appointed through some murky Liberal Order-In-Council as a phony 'deputy-MPP for St. Catharines'!?
Why is the St. Catharines Standard protecting Jim Bradley?
Why isn't the Standard even telling readers whether or not the paper had contacted the Savant of Secord Dr., and whether or not Bradley responded?
Now we're being told about how Mayor McFullofit - who has no provincial health-care authority - 'wants answers' and 'wants to prevent' this from happening... bla bla bla... what crocodile-tear contrition!
For Pete's sake, Mr. McMullan:
McGuinty's Liberals refused to call an inquiry when their health-monopoly killed 500 Ontario patients in 2008!!! That was 3 years ago!
Have you ever asked your secretive Liberal buddy Jim Bradley about that, Mr. McMullan??
Why would McMullan expect any Liberal - such as Jim Bradley - to give a rat's ass about a handful of his health-monopoly victims in St. Catharines? After all, the Liberals tell us that these victims are just anomalies...
Mr. McMullan, you were with Bradley (just several days ago, on Jun 10, 2011, as reported in Niagara this Week) for cryin' out loud, blowing millions of dollars on bus garages - why the f*ck didn't ya ask yer buddy Bradley about his killer C. difficile outbreak then??
Smitherman, Bradley, Craitor and the rest of Dalton McGuinty's scumbag Liberals covered up the earlier 2008 C. difficile outbreak with facile assurances {which clearly were lies} that all was taken care of.
We were just supposed to trust sleazy Smitherman on that, remember, with NO PUBLIC INQUIRY ever being called.
I don't remember big-mouth McMullan or Jim Bradley ever 'demanding explanations' from ANY Liberal scumbag for those C. difficile patient deaths back then, in 2008!!
I don't recall McMullan - now apparently the St.Catharines Standard's new Jim Bradley go-to clone - ever demanding that McGuinty's Liberals give him 'answers'; or demanding that the Liberals call a public inquiry into those 2008 C. difficile deaths!!
Mayor McFullofit didn't give a shit then.
So if McMullan was serious now - and not just mouthing McFullofit rhetoric - he would have already called for a public inquiry this time. That would get some answers. But, no such luck.
If McMullan was serious, he would have already publicly demanded that Jim Bradley's Liberals launch a public inquiry.
McMullan would be outraged and would have demanded publicly for Bradley to show himself and to explain his government's actions.
But we didn't see that.
We just saw hot air spewing from McFullofit, who has no responsibility for running the provincial health-system; and we saw NOTHING from Liberal MPP Jim Bradley - whose government is responsible for running the health system.
Jim Bradley has utterly abdicated his role as MPP on this most serious issue, which unfolded right under his secretive nose, right in his own city.
And mayor McFullofit's bleating lamentation about this being oh-so-tragic is thoroughly phony: seeing that the secretive Liberals in charge of the health-system couldn't be bothered to hold a proper public inquiry last time - when hundreds of patients were killed - then this latest outbreak isn't "tragic", Mr. Mayor - it's NEGLIGENT - see here.
Go get your story straight with Jim Bradley - if you can find him.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Kim Craitor lies about the origins of the NHS

Sarah Ferguson wrote in "Health System's hospital improvement plan to go under the microscope. An independent third party review will see what is working and what isn't in the hospital improvement plan", (Niagara Advance):

"The public will have a say in their health care in the Niagara Region with an independent third party review on its way.
While the review was requested because of changes to hospital services, mainly as a result of the new St. Catharines hospital, it will have implications across the region including to Niagara-on-the-Lake health services, says Regional Chair, Gary Burroughs.
The review of the Niagara Health System Hospital Improvement Plan (NHS HIP) will include services such as the family health team in Niagara-on-the-Lake, he said.
He believes the review will shed light on any problems with any medical services within a community, Burroughs said, and needs to be done to know where services in health care can be improved.
"The review will bring a lot of facts to light and it will bring us up to date."
Leading up to the announcement of the review, Burroughs and politicians from the Niagara region met with Deb Matthews, Ontario Health Minister, to ask for a review of the HIP plan and its implementation to date.
The discussion also included the importance of a patient's experience, the implementation of the HIP and the quality of work life for staff.
Matthews asked the Hamilton Niagara Haldimand Brant Local Health Integration Network (LHIN), responsible for planning and funding health care for the region, for the review.
The review was approved by the LHIN last week.
In a letter to Burroughs following the meeting, Matthews said the government is committed to ensuring the people of Niagara have the highest quality health care.
Since 2003, Matthews said, the government has provided increased funding to the NHS by more than 50 per cent. It has been committed to building a new hospital in St. Catharines, it has provided support to help the NHS drive down emergency department wait times and it has increased access to care in the community.
In the letter, Matthews said she hopes the review will provide valuable information on the implementation of the HIP.
"I continue to have confidence in the quality of health care the NHS delivers to the people of Niagara. However, I think it is important the people of Niagara share that confidence as well."
Matthews recommended the LHIN establish a committee of LHIN board members, NHS board members and members of regional council to establish the terms for the review.
She also recommended a subcommittee made of community partners and health professionals who represent Emergency Medical Services, the local Community Care Access Centre, the long-term sector and public health to be formed.
This committee will be consulted and asked to endorse the terms of the review before it is approved by the LHIN board.
Niagara Falls MPP Kim Craitor was among the politicians who attended the meeting in April. Having been the one to arrange the meeting, he said he believes a review would be beneficial for the HIP.
"This is a chance for a truly community review of the HIP. I'm excited we're going to the public."
He says when the NHS was originally formed, there was no public input.
"This is something different. The review will be open and it will consult with the public."
Craitor says there is nothing in the near future which the HIP is planning to implement so there is reasonable time to do a full review and ensure the people of Niagara have the best health care."

Note carefully how Liberal jerk Kim Craitor - as usual - FAILS TO MENTION  the LHIN'S role in not only creating, but also approving the HIP!! (see also here; see also here)  Note how reporter Ferguson conveniently fails to mention that Craitor is a LIBERAL MPP. ooops....

Note how for Kim Craitor - as was documented earlier here - this is all about attacking the NHS, not about acknowledging the direct role which his own Liberal government played in forcing the Liberal-created LHIN to force the NHS to create the HIP in the first place!!
Notice (outlined above in red) how slimeball Craitor came up with this disingenuous, greasy conflation:

" "This is a chance for a truly community review of the HIP. I'm excited we're going to the public."
He says when the NHS was originally formed, there was no public input."

Funny how reporter Ferguson didn't bother to ask:
"Mr. Craitor, what the FLICK does the creation (over a decade ago) of the NHS have at all to do with the HIP, which your own government foisted onto the NHS in 2008?" !!

Funny how reporter Ferguson somehow just didn't bother to ask:
"Mr. Craitor, please explain to us how it is that your own LHIN's were formed?! Where was all the "public input" when your Liberal majority, under health minister George Smitherman, rammed those LHIN's through Queen's Park?" !!

Reporter Ferguson also conveniently forgot to ask:
"Mr. Craitor, isn't this Niagara-Haldimand LHIN - which is now suddenly tasked with creating all these busy committees and subcommittees, and which is now tasked to approve the terms of reference for this NHS HIP review - the same LHIN which happily approved the HIP in the first place?" !!!
Why should the incompetent LHIN  - which forced the creation of the HIP mess in the first place - now be trusted to review the same mess which it helped cause?!?"

Reporter Ferguson also forgot to ask:
"Mr. Craitor, isn't it true that the HIP plan was forced onto the NHS by the LHIN and the LHIN's creator-overseer, Liberal health minister George Smitherman?"

Reporter Ferguson also forgot to ask:
"Mr. Craitor, now that even Dalton McGuinty has blamed the LHIN for the HIP, why are you and Deb Matthews disingenuously and falsely focusing on the NHS, instead of on the real culprit: the LHIN and its Liberal masters??"

Reporter Ferguson forgot to ask:
"Mr. Craitor, if, as you intimate, the HIP and the NHS were so bad, why wasn't former boss Sevenpifer  fired outright years ago?!
And Mr. Craitor, why did your Liberal government not only REFUSE to fire the entire NHS board , but your Liberals also refused to appoint a Supervisor, which would have allowed the Ombudsman the legal ability to investigate the NHS?
Mr. Craitor, why did your secretive Liberals continue this duplicitous game-playing with the NHS - and only now, several months before an election, are you agreeing to some kind of tepid, half-cocked, last-minute investigation - which should have been properly done years ago?"

Reporter Ferguson forgot to ask:
"Mr. Craitor, why is your Liberal government going through this charade of picking and choosing some kind of  'third-party' to conduct this so-called 'HIP review', when there already is a qualified independent third party: Ontario's Ombudsman?
The Ombudsman's office is more than capable of handling an arm's-length-independent investigation of not only the HIP plan, but also of the related culpability of the LHIN and the Liberal-run Ministry of Health in this matter.
Why are your Liberals afraid of having Ombudsman Andre Marin investigate the Liberal-instigated  political manipulations which directly led to the creation of the HIP?"

Reporter Ferguson also neglected to ask:
"Mr. Craitor, you claim 'there was no public input in creating the NHS' - but isn't that an outright lie?"

Reporter Ferguson did not follow up with:
"Mr. Craitor, if you continue to disingenuously make up fictions about what led up to the creation of the NHS, then what was the NDP's initiative - way back under Bob Rae in the 1990's - all about, when District Health Councils in Ontario - including in Niagara - were asked to examine their hospital services?
Was there not plenty of public input there, Mr. Craitor?
Are you even aware of any of this, Sir, or are you just bullshitting, pretending to be ignorant, and hoping that others will fall for your partisan crap?
Wasn't there also a Hospital Restructuring Commission, which carried on the recommendations of the DHC's, with public hearings throughout the province - including in Niagara?
Mr.Craitor - is this a surprise to you?
Do you seriously believe your own bullshit that the NHS's creation was somehow made in SECRET ?!? 
Sir, are you FLICKING insane? (...When it comes to secrets, Mr. Craitor, how... umm... "public" was YOUR fascist Liberal G20 law?!)
Mr. Craitor, do you seriously want Ontarians  - including the residents of Niagara - to believe your lies that such public meetings and hearings regarding the creation of the NHS never occurred?!!"

Nope - reporter Ferguson never asked Kim Craitor about any of this.

Someone should.
see Hansard, Dec.7, 1999

Ontario's patient-transfer industry needs regulating: ombudsman

Maria Babbage reported in "Patients better off in taxis than in non-emergency transfer vehicles: ombudsman" (CP, Jun.10, 2011):

"Ontario residents would be better off taking a taxi to a hospital than one of the privately owned vehicles used to transfer hundreds of thousands of non-critical patients each year, provincial watchdog Andre Marin said Friday.

The ombudsman said he was "blown away" by the stories he heard while investigating non-emergency medical transfers — an industry that's regulated in all provinces except Ontario.

It's allowed private companies to charge hundreds of dollars per patient for transports in old, beat-up ambulances operated by "kids" with no medical training, he said.

"They place people's lives in serious jeopardy," Marin said.

In most cases, patients would be better off travelling by taxi, he said. Cabs can't pick up customers in a beater and the drivers are all certified and licensed.

"These vehicles — that for all intents and purposes are ambulances — are completely without any rules," Marin said. "It's astounding."

That could change after the fall election, now that the governing Liberals have heeded his call to regulate the industry.

They promised Friday to introduce legislation "at the earliest opportunity" that would set standards and requirements for the industry if they're re-elected this fall.

Bills can't be introduced over the summer, as the Liberals abruptly ended the legislative session a day early last week. Any new legislation would have to wait until after the Oct. 6 vote.

"We became aware that people thought they were in an ambulance when they weren't, they thought that the driver had skills that they didn't have," Health Minister Deb Matthews said in an interview. "So regulating to make sure that they meet certain standards is what we will do. Exactly what those standards will be is something we're going to be working on."

Marin, who launched an investigation in January, said what he found was so compelling that he halted the probe and asked Premier Dalton McGuinty directly for immediate action.

"Of all the cases that I've done since I've been ombudsman, this is a case where I've rarely seen such incontrovertible and conclusive and convincing evidence early on, that was really not in dispute," he said.

Marin said he received more than 60 complaints about private companies providing medical transfer services for an estimated 350,000 to 500,000 non-critical patients every year.

Patients, municipalities, hospitals, even people in the industry agreed that regulation was needed, he said.

One complaint came from a Toronto man whose father — suffering from lung and bone cancer — was dropped twice while being taken to another hospital.

A woman from the Woodstock area reported that her mother choked to death while being transported between hospitals in 2005.

Another woman, Kathleen Goldhar, said her infant son, who was suffering from respiratory infection, nearly died while being transported between hospitals in January 2007. Now four years old, her son still suffers from asthma as a result of the infection.

Goldhar welcomed the prospect of provincial regulation of the industry, saying she'd like to see more training for staff and the same kind of equipment standards that ambulances must meet.

"It's about time, and I think it's going to save a lot of people's lives," she said.

There have been other complaints about lack of infection controls, and even parts falling off unsafe vehicles. Marin said complaints had been circulating for at least 10 years, but fell on deaf ears until now.

Matthews said she wasn't aware of the complaints until last year, but the New Democrats say the government has no excuse for not moving sooner.

"Anybody who had the health file knew about this, and they did nothing for the eight years that they were in power," said NDP health critic France Gelinas.

Visit any hospital and you'll hear the horror stories from patients, she said. Complaints have surfaced in newspapers. Others have written to her and the minister.

"Now they say, 'Re-elect us so we will act,'" she said. "My answer to this is: where were you for the last eight years?"
Well, for the last eight years Liberal MPP Jim Bradley has been cutting health-care and fearmongering about climate change!!
Will any of Niagara's Bradley-Buttlicking media buddies bother to ask Jimmy about this latest ombudsman's report?! Isn't it relevant, considering that Liberals Kim Craitor and Jim Bradley closed down two emergency rooms in Niagara, forcing patients to take various forms of transit to now-further hospitals?
The media spin will be: 'Lookit: just re-elect Kimmy'n'Jimmy, and they'll pass the legislation'! Forget about asking where Bradley or Craitor - or their Liberal-created LHIN's for that matter - had been on this issue earlier!!
It's best not to embarrass Kimmy or Jimmy.

Niagara hospital death toll reaches 4; while secretive Liberal Jim Bradley's Cone of Silence reaches 13 days

The front-page headline in the St.Catharines Standard's Jun.10, 2011 issue read "Hospital death toll reaches 4", regarding the C.difficile outbreak at the St.Catharines hospital.
It's funny (sadly) that this story, by the "Standard staff",  predictably failed to mention or to provide any comments whatsoever from the local St.Catharines health-monopoly-pusher and health-care cutter, Liberal MPP Jim Bradley.
Why... it's as if Ole Jimmy gots nuttin' ta do wid any o' dis!!!
Unflicking real.
The Standard's Bradley Butt-Lickin'-But-Good continues without shame. Since the outbreak began on May 28, the Standard has skillfully managed to avoid mentioning and to avoid providing its readers with any comment whatsoever on this issue from the local secretive monopolist Bradley!
Yeah: the hospital death toll in Jim Bradley's riding reaches 4; while Jim Bradley's Standard-assisted Cone of Silence has reached 13 days... and counting.
How long does Good Ole Jimmy think that he can hide from commenting on this issue?!!?
How long does the St.Catharines Standard intend to act as a shameless Bradley-Bootlicking enabler?

Let's hope Niagara's secretive Liberal hack MPP Jim Bradley quits as well

Good news that Liberal MPP Sandra Pupatello has (finally) gained enough sense to quit  McGuinty's Liberal equivalent of the Titanic. With Kormos gone in Niagara, here is hoping that local Liberal scumbag MPP's Jim Bradley and Kim Craitor will decide to bow out now as well, rather than continue on for yet another disgraceful term destroying Ontario.
Hey, Jimmy: for over a week now there has been a C. difficile outbreak in your own health-monopoly's hospital in St.Catharines - why are you hiding from public comment on this serious issue right in your own riding? Has any St.Catharines Standard reporter bothered to call you about this yet?!!!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

More climate GreenFear spread by the St.Catharines Standard

There was a nice bit of global warming/climate-change GreenFear TM being spread by the St.Catharines Standard in their Jun.6, 2011 story by Reuters' Alistair Doyle. Perhaps the Standard's greenies could get  H.F. Shurvell to provide an informed rebuttal to the greengarbage being regularly propagated by the Standard. [Feh - why would the St.Catharines Standard's greenshevik propaganda dep't. want anyone to challenge their green-tainted 'it's all-settled-cuz-Al Gore-and-Bumbledore Dion-said-so' worldview?!] Thankfully, Shurvell, an emeritus professor of chemistry, already had an answer prepared. In his letter "Three myths about carbon-dioxide" (National Post, also on Jun.6, 2011), Shurvell dispells three myths surrounding CO2, to counter the GreenFear-mongering of the typical kyodiot. (and Standard story-editor...)
This is what kyodiots such as Liberal MPP Jim Bradley and his greenie ass-licks just don't want to hear about:

Myth 1
Man-made CO 2 causes global warming.
Fact 1
Compared to water, CO 2 does not absorb enough heat energy to be a significant greenhouse gas. There is approximately 40 times more water vapour than CO in the atmosphere.

Myth 2
Reducing our carbon footprint will save the Earth from global warming.
Fact 2
Man-made CO 2 is a relatively small amount to the total carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Myth 3
CO 2 is a pollutant.
Fact 3
Oxides of nitrogen and sulphur are pollutants.
CO 2 is not.
It is a colourless, odourless gas that does not create smog and is essential for life on Earth.
see also here

Monday, June 6, 2011

More C. difficile deaths in Niagara; yet local Liberal health-care monopolist Jim Bradley can't be found for a comment

What a riot to read Grant Lafleche's St.Catharines Standard story "Preaching religion and history in Beaverdams" (St.Catharines Standard, Jun.6, 2011). Funny that Lafleche didn't report his urge to start bashing these religious bible-thumpers with a baseball bat... you know, in the same way Lafleche wrote about how he'd have no problem attacking priests a while ago. Maybe Lafleche thinks socialist NDP priests are special.
Funny, also, how neither Lafleche (in his June 6, 2011 St.Catharines Standard story "Two more patients die") nor anyone else at the St. Catharines Standard Jim Bradley FanClub could manage to find their local Liberal MPP Jim Bradley for an interview about the killer C. difficile outbreak in the Liberal monopoly-run hospital in Bradley's own St.Catharines riding. (see also here)
The Standard - with great sanctimonious homilies about freedom of the press - would have sent reporters to sleep on the front door steps of the local MPP's home if necessary to gain an interview - had the MPP been a Conservative! But Good Ole Liberal Jimmy, as usual, gets a sweet, easy, kiss-assy ride from his media FanClub!!
No difficult questions need to be answered by Bradley about what his monopolist Liberal government is doing to stem this outbreak - because no-one from the Standard bothers to ask Ole Jim!! Problem solved: let's all blame the NHS!! What's Ole Jimmy gots ta do wid any o' dis stuff, right??! hahaha
No-one at the St.Catharines Standard bothers to ask Jim Bradley about why his Liberal government refused to call a public inquiry into the 500 deaths which were caused by that C. difficile outbreak in 2008, and whether the Liberal's secretive political stance back then to avoid scrutiny has had an impact on what's happening today at the NHS!!
Of course the St.Catharines Standard would be asking any other MPP about such a link - except for their BoyJimmy!
No - the St.Catharines Standard seems blatantly biased in Bradley's favour, refusing or neglecting to actively contact Jim Bradley on a host of issues to provide readers with Bradley's responses. Bradley, conveniently (!), just doesn't get mentioned!! The effect is that readers are left with a (purposeful) disconnect between reported provincial issues and Jim Bradley's Liberal lies and duplicity.
The St.Catharines Standard is well on the road of becoming Jim Bradley's own self-appointed Liberal PRAVDA.
As of Jun.8, 2011, the St.Catharines Standard still has not provided its readers with any comments from St.Catharines local Liberal MPP, Jim Bradley, about the C.difficile outbreak right in Bradley's own Liberal-run health-monopoly, in Bradley's own city. Conveniently, Bradley is... uhhh...  missing in action. Hiding, that is. Or more likely, being sheltered from any possible attention by his media buddies.
Wonder how long the Bradley FanClub over at the Standard will continue to fondle Bradley's nutsack?