Friday, July 10, 2009

Patients at the mercy of Liberal health monopoly 'deserve better'

Having read Anne Kranic's letter to the editor in Niagara This Week "Get involved, young people", (Jul.10, 2009), I was wondering what she specifically meant when she wrote:

"The Progressive Conservative government started this, the Liberal government didn't stop it but you can."

Could Kranic please explain how and when the Progressive Conservative government started what? Specific names, details, dates, legislation, etc. would be appreciated.

As far as I've seen, the NHS HIP program was instigated by Liberal George Smitherman after Liberal Kim Craitor called for an organizational review of the NHS.

This occurred shortly after the NHS was found, in a 2007 CIHI study, to have the third highest patient death rate in Canada.

No Liberal - neither Jim Bradley, nor Kim Craitor, nor Smitherman, nor Dalton McGuinty, has yet explained this high death rate in the NHS's St. Catharines hospital.

The HIP plan quickly morphed into a new St. Catharines hospital, followed by LHIN-ordered NHS budget cuts, and the phasing-out of south Niagara's ER's.

The Liberals, not the Progressive Conservatives, created the LHIN. The Progressive Conservatives did not support McGuinty's bill which established the LHIN bureaucracy. The Liberals control, direct and fund the LHIN. The Liberals are the ones now underfunding their own health care monopoly's obligations; yet the Liberals were the ones who raised a brand new multi billion dollar health tax. Exactly how did the Progressive Conservatives cause Dalton McGuinty's majority government to do any of this? Come on.

If Kranic claims to want young people, or any people, to 'get involved', it would be more welcoming if she presented pertinent facts, not innuendo. But I understand her frustration in having to deal with such monumental Liberal health care duplicity.

Please write and complain to those unaccountable Liberals who have run Ontario's health system into the ground since 2003: Jim Bradley, Kim Craitor, David Caplan, and Dalton McGuinty. Please feel free to copy me. I would certainly want to hear what these Liberal liars have to publicly say about Kranic's concerns.

Kranic's plaintively wrote to the Liberal-powers-that-be, earlier, in "The bottom line for Fort Erie residents" (Niagara This Week, Feb.6, 2009; see: )

"We are at your mercy and ask you to do the right the right thing. Do not leave us with nothing. We deserve better!"

This is the whole problem with single-payer monopolism - isn't it? Liberals COUNT on patients being at their mercy - this is what political health care is all about! The plan is to make the sheeple beg - to make the sheeple fully dependent on government-only single-payer health care. Now, the sheeple who believe that they 'deserve better', are astounded and astonished at what the Lying McGuinty Liberals have done to them?! You wanted a government-run, single-payer health care monopoly - that's what you got.

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