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Single-payer sucks

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How pathetic it was to hear Carol Mott (CFRB, July.22, 2009) dismiss the experience Shona Holmes had in Dalton McGuinty's single-payer health monopoly. Mott called the ad Holmes was in "misleading" and "simplistic" - yeah - much like the Mott's own show was today.

Who the FLICK is Mott to dismiss Holmes' claim that she would have died had she not gone to the United States for treatment - treatment that was promised - but could not be delivered - in good ole single-payer Ontario? Doesn't the phrase "access to a universal health-care waiting-list is not access to health care" ring a bell? Yeah - from Quebec's Chaoulli challenge?

Has Mott forgotten Suzanne Aucoin from St. Catharines, who was denied cancer treatment in Liberal Ontario, and who had to find it in the U.S.?
Has Mott forgotten that Ombudsman Andre Marin issued a scathing report into how Aucoin was mis-treated in Ontario's Liberal-run health monopoly?

Suzanne Aucoin herself once said much the same thing as Shona Holmes is saying now - Aucoin said: “If I lived by what they could provide me, I wouldn’t be living, I’d be dead. It is only because I go to other places, that I go to the U.S. and look outside of what’s available to me here, that I’m able to stay alive.” (Toronto Sun, Mar.16, 2007) How many Americans are even aware of this?!

C'mon... let's hear Carol Mott dump on the late Aucoin, too.

Hey - why doesn't Mott also dismiss what Mike Brady said? So who's that?

Well, Brady is the cancer patient who refused to shake Ontario Liberal premier's Dalton McGuinty's greasy paws when McGuinty was disgustingly trolling for votes in Brady's hospital lobby.

Yeah - McGuinty slithered away from Brady, when Brady said to the Liberal snake "You're not helping me any".

McGuinty dismissed Brady's concerns with a smarmy "That's not true", then turned away from the cancer patient, leaving him trapped in McGuinty's no-patient-choice health monopoly.

City News reported (Sept.26, 2007) Brady saying:
"The study I was on was paid for by the drug company... If I had to rely on drugs available in Ontario I would be dead today."
That's basically the same thing which Aucoin AND Holmes had said!!!

Are all these people - who were failed by Ontario's Liberal single-payer-prison health monopoly, and who are essentially saying the same thing - just to be dismissed by the likes of Carol Mott, or by U.S. buffoons like Mike Dukakis?

The point is to get the state and its pandering vote-giddy politicians away from monopolizing the doctor-patient relationship.

When Obama (on Jul.15, 2009) in the States waxes up his rhetorical gems such as "Deferring reform is nothing more than defending the status quo," that is taken for granted as being wise and awe-inspiring.

Yet - that very same mantra is ignored in Canada - we need "reform" as well; all we get are talking heads defending the failing single-payer status quo, and deferring reform!
When Ontario's Liberals can't provide patients with promised universal health care, they conveniently send them to the States, to hospitals that would be illegal if they were in Ontario!! (Whaaa..? ask America's single-payer-pushing dim Demotards...)

Oh, and let's not forget the additional taxes and premiums (business and personal) for monopoly health care; and the corresponding cuts in service, and cuts in coverage (not to mention the trips to Buffalo...) Yeah - the frothing-at-the-mouth Ed Schultzes and the Randi Rhodes' don't focus on these little details! They're jes out to git da insurans compnies! Da govermint kin do it all!!

In Ontario, when the left finished with their attack on private health insurers in the 60-70's, they next attacked and demonized doctors in the 80's (Liberal MPP Jim Bradley's 'I hate doctors' moment comes to mind)
This is what will surely unfold in the States, once health is solely funded by the state and ruled by unaccountable, arrogant bureaucrats and leftist politicians (such as Bradley, McGuinty, Smitherman, Caplan, etc. in Ontario).

Americans would be well advised to read what happened to Shona Holmes, and consider the full impact of what their Democrat government is rushing to institute.

Single payer sucks.


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