Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Leftys are afraid of Shona Holmes' message

It’s astounding how those naïve/ignorant single-payer pushers in the U.S. still continue to regard Canada as their Utopian health care model. It’s like they just don’t understand that giving the government sole health control is a disaster in the making.

Just on Jul.26, 2009, the New York Times reported in “Obama Defends Proposed Health Office” that the "Congressional Budget Office said Saturday that a new agency proposed by President Obama as a way to cut health costs might save only $2 billion in its first four years, and that there was a high probability that “no savings would be realized."

No savings”… got that?!

And forget the 'probably' part – you can be assured that there will be NO "savings" - it's a non starter to have even been told (let alone believe) this crap!
There most assuredly will be plenty of costs, plenty of studies, plenty of new taxes, more deficits, and  corresponding coverage CUTS - much like happened in Ontario.
Patients will be trapped in a no-choice health monopoly at the mercy of a lying, cost-cutting, coverage-cutting, service-cutting, tax-increasing state-run health monopoly.
The Americans are now experiencing the ole 'Tommy the Commie Douglas' two-step that Canadians danced with forty years ago: lure the sheeple with grand health care promises; once the populace is dependent on your control, then - as the sole purse-string controller in your single-payer monopoly - use your health care control for political gain.
What do American single-payer pushing morons like Paul Krugman or Mike Dukakis or Dennis Kucinich not understand about this scenario? They find the prospects of this kind of power exhilarating! A deluded Dukakis believes it’s a myth that Canadians have to go to the States for health care, because when they need it, it is often unavailable in Canada! But, I guess this is what happens if you only read reports written by Morris L. Barer or Robert G. Evans or Ted Marmor... FLICK!
This is the whole point, isn’t it – of ‘liberals’ inserting themselves into health care as "saviours", as supposed “cost-cutters”, as phony "benevolent" providers, as 'we're gonna git 'em' anti-insurance company populists, as phony 'patient rights' advocates, bla bla bla – yep, heard it all before: but that isn’t the reality.

Why don't American single-payer nutbars have a look at the controversy in B.C., where again, on Jul.27, 2009, a single-payer, state-run monopoly, run by a Liberal government, is proposing to cut hospital beds, cut diabetes programs, cut operating rooms, and remove ER status from hospitals.
This is the same game plan that Ontario’s Liberals have also been playing – forcibly cutting health care budgets to ostensibly “save money”.
And this is what the single-payer-pushing Obamacare-hungry Americans want as well!? They should be heeding what their own Budget Office has just presciently said of Obama’s plan.

This is why the experience of Shona Holmes, who was victimized by Dalton McGuinty’s Ontario Liberal health monopoly, is, as Obama likes to now say, “a teachable moment.”
But will anyone really listen, mesmerized by all the 'single-payer is Utopia' bullshit?
Holmes’ attackers are plenty – because no single-payer-dependent ward of the state wants the victim to fight back.
It’s the Uncle Tom-ification of health care – shun, dismiss, and deride the victims of your own ideology when they don't play along, when they leave the club, when they stand up for themselves.

Suzanne Aucoin was in the same predicament as Shona Holmes, as was Lindsay McCreith, as were dozens of other patients from single-payer Liberal Ontario.
Holmes’ experience was not a one-off, as monopolists on both sides of the border want to believe. Holme’s experience was a manifestation of systemic single-payer health policy failure. George Smitherman, Ontario’s former Liberal Health Monster, er, Minister, under whom a lot of these patient-victimizations occurred, simply dismissed such cases as anecdotal. (much like Dukakis and other single-payer fanatics still do)

Another smug attack on Shona Holmes came from Barbara Yaffe in “Anti-medicare Americans cite Canada's system – wrongly”, (Vancouver Sun, Jul.28, 2009).

Yaffe dismisses Holmes as “a disgruntled Canadian embroiled in a fight with the Ontario Health Insurance Plan. The dispute revolves around funding for surgery -- for either a cyst or a brain tumor.”

Gosh, darn it, Babs – you’re right… she’s just a disgruntled, ungrateful, greedy turncoat, an ‘Uncle Tom’, ain’t she?
What damn business is it of Yaffe’s to question the cyst or tumour issue – whether it was for a cold, or heart surgery, or a burn, or a broken leg: what business does Yaffe have with another patient’s health choices? The point is that a patient should have the option - the private option - to provide coverage for themselves if they so choose, for whatever reason. It isn't Barbara Yaffe's, or Gordon Campbell's, or Dalton McGuinty's, or Jim Bradley's damn business. That doesn’t impugn or affect a government’s obigations to provide universal care. The problem is the single-payer lie that 'being covered' means you’ll also get timely care!!
For Canadians, that often occurs only by going to the States. Yaffe herself conveniently has a “knee-jerk aversion” to acknowledging this; underplaying the “government’s role” as a failing monopoly single-payer provider.

(While Americans debate "public option", Canadians should be debating "private option". The problem is that Obama's "public option" is seemingly becoming another euphemism for "single-payer", even though Obama has said that he's not seeking to emulate Canada's system. But, Obama, has also said 'if he could start again' (whatever that meant?!) that he would endorse a single payer system. Shona Holmes' experience in a single-payer regime is relevant to the American public in either event.)

By the way, Yaffe conveniently forgets to mention her own B. C. Liberal government's recent single-payer health CUTS ! Don't worry, Babs - your precious single-payer monopoly will victimize more patients, and spawn more patient-victims like Holmes or the late Suzanne Aucoin.
Yaffe can continue her pathetic career denigrating them and dismissing them as extreme examples. Yaffe can kiss Tommy Douglas's dead ideological ass, rather than acknowledge the practical consequences of Douglas's deathly ideology, which manifests itself as state-run monopolism in Canada.

Notice carefully how these slimy, duplicitous single-payer monopolist governments will incrementally CUT health care to their trapped sheeple - but NOT correspondingly CUT taxes! Notice they STILL enforce a MONOPOLY while at the same time CUTTING care.
Notice that the patients have NO CHOICE in the single-payer system.
Notice that single-payer pushers pretend that this never will happen! This is Liberal health care duplicity!

Oh, and when Yaffe writes: “Americans should be making decisions about their health care system based on fact -- not irrelevancies or extreme examples of what goes on in another country's system,” perhaps she should refer to Liberals, such as oh… Paul Martin, Iggy, or Dalton McGuinty, or Jim Bradley… who do nothing but point to the States, fearmonger, and disparage the U.S. system – to which Canadians are then sent, because single-payer couldn’t deliver in its own country!!

The "fact" is, Shona Holmes' experience was not, and is not, an ‘irrelevancy’, as smug shits like Yaffe dismiss it to be.

That’s the lesson Shona Holmes’ experience brings to the forefront, to those who bother to listen. This is why single-payer pushers are so dismissive of what she represents – she’s a victim of their own despotic ideology who fought back. She’s another Canadian hero, showing today how the deadly hand of Tommy the Commie Douglas can still pull patients to their graves.

Commie Douglas and his ghoulish enforcers are the extremists.

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