Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Shhhh... do not disturb Liberal Jim Bradley...

Can readers of the St.Catharines Standard Bradley Buttlick expect Wendy Metcalfe's Wrong-Righters to ask local Liberal MPP - and now Ontario environment minister - Jim Bradley about this?
Will the Bradley Buttlick demand answers from Bradley about whether his Liberals' promise to stop the Mississauga power plant was just another Liberal lie?

Will Metcalfe's Bradley Buttlick ask Jim Bradley to reveal the cancellation costs to taxpayers resulting from the stoppage of the Oakville power plant in Oct.2010 and  (now, possibly, possibly not...?!) the Mississauga plant in 2011?

Brad Duguid stood up in the House at Queen's Park during question period, at the time the Liberals were cancelling the Oakville plant, and stated that Ontario DID NOT need any more power!!!
Will the Standard Bradley Buttlick confirm from Jim Bradley that Duguid was correct, that Ontario doesn't need any more power?!

As the Oct.7, 2010 Toronto Star wrote:
"After insisting for several years that the plant was necessary because of plans to phase out coal-fired power plants by 2014, Premier Dalton McGuinty’s government said the picture has changed.
“When the need for this plant was first identified four years ago, there were higher demand projections for electricity in the area,” said a statement from Duguid’s office.
“Since then, changes in demand and supply…have made it clear this proposed natural gas plant is no longer required.”
The Star also reported:“Not only will the plant not be built in the GTA, it won't be built anywhere in Ontario,” said Duguid.

Note carefully that Duguid was quoted in the Star saying the power from the proposed Oakville plant was "no longer required" and, that the plant "won't be built anywhere in Ontario"!! Was Duguid just outright lying?!

Duguid's statement essentially rules out ANY future power plants in Ontario - seeing as that electricity is transmitted cross-provice as well as cross-border!!  Oakville's or Mississauga's electrical power doesn't start and stop within the confines of the city!! Or was he talking only of gas plants, but not about expensive wind and solar farms? If we do have enough power - as Duguid claimed - then why are those expensive wind/solar farms still being built?!

Note also, that at the time Duguid was saying this - Oct.2010 - the (later cancelled!) Mississauga plant was STILL on the go!! So, did Duguid's statements about the suddenly-cancelled Oakville plant include or NOT include the power contributions which the still-on-track-at-the-time Mississauga plant would provide?

If the Oakville plant's power contribution was suddenly "no longer required" in 2010 (...btw, has the Bradley Buttlick bothered to ask Jim Bradley why McGuinty's energy projections were supposedly so out of whack - in only four years!!?...) why wasn't the Mississauga plant cancelled at the same time? Was the power from both plants "no longer required",  from the beginning?!

If Ontario 'doesn't need the power' - then why was the Mississauga project allowed to continue until (conveniently for Liberal MPP Charles Sousa) just before the Oct. 2011 election??!
Was the Mississauga plant's power 'needed' (until Oct.2011!), yet, somehow, Oakville's wasn't??!!

Why wasn't Mississauga stopped earlier - at the time Oakville was - if  Duguid and his Liberals knew that Ontario did 'NOT need the power'?!
(While the Oakville plant was cancelled before its actual construction began (but after significant hard costs had already been incurred by Trans-Canada, the contractor), the Mississauga plant was already under construction when cancelled by the Liberals - right in the middle of the Oct.2011 provincial election!)

Were any 'wrongs' 'righted' here?!

Doesn't Good Ole Kyodiot Jim Bradley have anything to do with these costly Liberal energy deceptions?!

Let's pretend, as the St.Catharines Standard Bradley Buttlick does, that Jimmy doesn't!
Funny, isn't it, that the Bradleyites at the St.Catharines Standard Liberal Shoeshiner haven't yet asked their environment minister/footsie-buddy Liberal Jim Bradley about this Nov.2, 2011 Toronto Star story, either!!!

Way to go, you Metcalfian Right-Wronging hypocrites!!

Does Liberal Jim Bradley support the relocation of the Sousa-butt-saving Mississauga gas-powered electricity plant - especially seeing that Liberal Brad Duguid was lying to Ontarians before the last election that the gas plants WEREN'T needed??!!

You can rest assured that NO-ONE from the St.Catharines Standard will dare ask their dear friend'n'buddy Good Ole Jim Bradley about any of this!! I mean: what's Ole Jimmer gots ta do wid any o' dis stuff... right?! Hah ha ha ha !

As of Nov.3, 2011, neither the St.Catharines Standard - nor any other Niagara newspaper, media outlet, or even blogger - has yet bothered to ask Liberal GreenFear-monger, and now McGuinty's Environment Minister, Jim Bradley, to reveal his AGW global warming evidence!! Several reporters (Doug Draper, Peter Conradi) have, though, giddily told us how that Great Hallowed Waste Of A Carbon Footprint David Suzuki has (apparently) lauded and drooled over Jim Bradley -  as if that somehow answers the questions of Bradley's still-secret 'scientific evidence' for AGW, which Jimmy must have already known over twenty years ago... but... umm... kept secret, 'cuz no-one has ever asked him about!!!


Seeing that Suzuki blessed Bradley, and therefore Saint James Bradley has been now deified by GreenFear's best, the mutual admiration society must think that Suzuki's fawning legitimizes Bradley's greenshevism, and that we no longer need to ask Jimmy about his global warming fearmongering (...not that anyone bothered to ask before...)!

That Suzuki gave Bradley a big green thumbs up means that Jim Bradley doesn't have to publicly reveal his "scientific evidence" for AGW, because... after all... it's, ummm... all together now.... "all settled" y'see, so... no questions about man-made climate-change need to be answered!! It's a given!!Ya just gotta trust Ole Jimmy!!

It's perfect: Ontario's Liberal Environment Minister Jim Bradley is simply allowed to continue his climate change GreenFear-mongering, without anyone ever asking him for his AGW proof.

And, in Apr. 2012, just after Jim Bradley's favourite GreenFear holiday - D earth Day -it was reported that Ontario's Liberal gov't. was stung with a $300 million lawsuit  over the closure of the Mississauga gas power plant.

We will wait for the St.Catharines Standard to never ask their Ole Buddy Jimmer Jim James J. J .Bradley anything about that!!

We will wait for the Standard's Metcalfian Wrong Righters to never ask Good Ole Jimmy, how 300 million might have been better spent on... oh... let's say... perhaps Grimsby's Liberal-cancelled hospital?!

See the Star's May 31, 2012 follow up story here. Looks like saving Sousa's Liberal butt is already pegged to have cost at least 82 million dollars - all paid for by Ontario's taxpayers to keep McGuinty's incompetent Liberals in power.

...oh... by the way: where is that St.Catharines Standard in-depth story... that in-depth analysis... that in-depth interview, by the self-proclaimed Wrong-Righting St.Catharines Standard, with Ontario's Liberal Environment Minister Jim Bradley, regarding Bradley's Liberal energy fiascos??!! Still waiting!!
See the Star's Jul.13, 2012 follow-up story here.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Who will examine McGuinty's new environment minister Jim Bradley's years of GreenFear-mongering?

Here's some great Global-Warming GreenFear-mongering from the Oct. 19, 2011 Vancouver Sun, "Wallets will soon feel effect of climate change"; all that Metcalfe's Wrong-Righters at the St.Catharines Standard have to do is regurgitate the same kind of climate crap in Niagara, to justify Liberal Environment Minister Jim Bradley's green bolshevism. The GreenFear template is already there! Have a look at the climate fear being spread in B.C.:

"Higher costs for city water, rising home-insurance rates as sea levels rise, and programs to encourage people to leave their fossil-fuel-burning cars at home were cited Tuesday as ways that climate change is, or soon will be, hitting home for B.C. residents
That was the message from a panel at the opening session of BC Hydro's 2011 Power Smart Forum speaking on how a changing climate is affecting the business environment. Business, government and residents need to begin adapting so that the province will be more resilient as climate-change effects become more obvious, panelists said.
Research and talk about climate change are no longer enough, said Deborah Harford, executive director of Adaptation to Climate Change (ACT) at Simon Fraser University. She said costs that business and service providers will face include increased effects on health, energy production, food services and population movements due to rising sea levels.
And as the effects increase, she said, insurance companies will probably start raising rates if infrastructure has not been planned and developed to adapt to climate change.
Bob Purdy of the Fraser Basin Council said issues such as climate change are complex but actions can be taken, such as reducing emissions on transportation fleets, which also saves costs.
Harford said most British Columbians probably do not understand adaptation to climate change.
"They would say, 'Do we need this?'" she said of expenditures that would meet impending changes.
Local governments are already adapting by undertaking long-term measures, she said, citing some of the initiatives at the City of Vancouver.
Peter Judd, general manager of Vancouver's engineering services, said the city has already implemented programs, like the downtown bicycle lanes, that are responses to climate change. Strategies are also underway to adapt to climateinduced changes to the city's water supply, which will likely be affected by drier summers.
Judd said drinking water will be more expensive. In a later interview, he expanded on the water issue, saying the city is prepared to require new residential housing to have water meters installed beginning Jan. 1, 2012. All that's needed is city council's final approval.
There will also be a rate structure to encourage residents to reduce their water use, he said, but added that ultimately, the need to conserve will mean water rates are going to go up.
"The thing that we have an opportunity to do here is to actually reduce the long-term costs. If we can reduce the amount of water we are using, we can put off or eliminate major expenses like raising the dams in the region," he said.
"One of the challenges that we have is that we expect to be facing hotter, drier summers and more intense storms in the winter. The response to some of those things, like water conservation and droughtresistant plants, are the kinds of responses that you need to address," said Judd.
He said the prospect of rising sea levels is one of the biggest challenges the city is struggling with now.
And the city's controversial downtown bike lanes, he said, are part of the city's climatechange strategy. They are aimed not only at today's bike commuters, but also at the next generation.
"We have to make sure there are alternatives for people who haven't started driving yet."
Judd said the city is adapting to more severe and more frequent storms by increasing the size of the storm-sewer pipes.
The primary need is to replace the old system where storm drains and sewage were combined in a single pipe, but at the same time the city is installing wider pipes dedicated solely to storm run-off, he said.
Already, the city has recorded an increase in rainfall along with more severe rainstorms."

Scared yet of the man-made GreenFear phoniness?!
Think the above greenshevism isn't enough - how about this piece of GreenFear by Ray Grigg, Special to the Courier-Islander, August 12, 2011:

"Responsibility for reducing carbon dioxide emissions is falling to cities, municipalities and regional districts because wider efforts during the last 30 years to ameliorate the threat of global climate change are not working. Multiple negotiations sponsored by the United Nation's have been unsuccessful. Developing nations such as China, India and Brazil are determined to follow the destructive example of industrialized countries which, in turn, are reluctant to risk economic advantage by reducing their emissions.

Canada, under the Harper government, is so disconnected from climate science that it seems to live in parallel and separate universe, one that systematically obstructs reduction efforts, assiduously suppresses climate change discussions, silences climatologists, shrinks relevant federal research programs, pushes for greater oil and gas production, and abets coal exports. BC's government is only marginally better.

The situation is moving from serious to critical, according to the International Energy Agency that monitors global CO2 emissions. Emissions in 2010 broke a dubious record - 30.6 billion tonnes (Gt or gigatonnes) or 1.6 Gt over 2009's 29.0 Gt. The 5.52 per cent increase was also unprecedented, representing a nearly unbroken succession of yearly rises - the so-called "Great Recession" cut 2008's 29.3 Gt to 29.0 Gt in 2009 (Guardian Weekly, June 3/11).

Climatologists warn that we cannot exceed 2.0 C without invoking "dangerous climate change". To maintain any reasonable measure of safety, they estimate that 32.0 Gt of carbon dioxide is the maximum we can emit by 2020. However, if present trends continue, we will reach this threshold nine years early, "making it all but impossible to hold warming to a manageable degree" (Ibid.). The end of this century, therefore, could see average temperature increases of 4.0 C or more, about six times the temperature increase from the Industrial Revolution to the present. (Climatologists calculate that 32.0 Gt per year is not a safe level of emissions but the maximum before they must gradually be reduced to zero. Even during this transition we risk inducing serious climate change and destroying the marine ecology with fatal acidification.)

CO2 emissions are the key environmental force affecting almost every other corrective environmental action we undertake. We cannot restore wild salmon runs if rivers are too hot for fish and oceans are too acetic for marine life. We cannot protect endangered ecologies if temperatures rise above levels species can tolerate. We cannot sustain agriculture if the weather is too extreme for crops. We cannot cope with displaced people if hundreds of millions are fleeing rising oceans, drought, floods and unprecedented storms.

Unlike the federal and provincial governments that have been incapable of reducing CO2 emissions, cities, municipalities and regional districts are closer to the grassroots of communities. Their smaller size allows them to be more responsive and manoeuvrable, better able to initiate the many incremental reductions that can have a huge cumulative effect on total greenhouse gas emissions. Indeed, this is what many of them have already done. And given the overall severity of the emissions challenge, this should be the primary guiding principle of all local planning and development.

Several helpful options exist. First is to increase population density downtown. This concentration of people has multiple advantages, all of which are efficiencies that directly or indirectly lower CO2 emissions. Walking, biking or using public transit reduces the need for cars, long commutes from the suburbs, and the costly matter of building roads and servicing dispersed properties. As collateral benefits, city centres become more vibrant, social, interesting, healthy and safe. Public services such as schools, hospitals, libraries, water, sewage and law enforcement are easier and cheaper to provide. Think medieval towns and cities. Their efficiency has been tested and proven during the centuries before we had the energizing power of fossil fuels.

Garbage is a topical problem these days as landfill sites fill and methane escapes from existing dumps - methane is a greenhouse gas about 20-times more powerful than CO2. Burning is probably the worst option for garbage disposal because it emits CO2 and innumerable toxins. Expensive incinerators also commit communities to long-term agreements and eliminate better options as they come available. The best option is careful household streaming of garbage that can then be composted, recycled or stored. Sophisticated technologies such as anaerobic digesters and thermal depolymerization can process waste into reusable materials, thus creating useful heat, oil, gases and solids that can substitute for non-renewable resources.

The two communities of Campbell River and the Comox Valley both have problems with coal, the former with Quinsam Coal that is almost certainly polluting an important watershed, and the latter with a proposed Raven coal mine that will inevitably cause similar environmental problems if it is allowed to proceed. But the fundamental problem with coal is that it is a dirty and polluting fuel. When burned, coal emits toxic materials that compromise human health - every year coal kills 13,000 American prematurely, incurring $100 billion in health costs - and it is the major global source of carbon dioxide emissions. Coal mines are also a source of methane - whether surface or underground, they are essentially open methane wells that release large quantities of this harmful greenhouse gas. If less coal were mined, this would force up its price, thus encouraging efficiencies and cleaner alternatives.

Climatologists warn that we are reaching a critical tipping point in our misadventure with fossil fuels. If senior governments are not capable of curbing greenhouse emissions, then the responsibility for corrective measures falls to local communities and individuals. Given the evidence of all other failures, this is the place where important change must begin."
Scared yet?!
The above kind of GreenFear crap is the same kind of GreenFear crap which Liberal Jim Bradley and his Ontario Liberals also most assuredly believe in.

We've heard this same kind of climate-change / global-warming-fear spread in Niagara, as well, by the Jim Bradleys, by the Brian McMullans, the Walt Lastewkas, the Jim Diodatis, the Stephane Dions, the Iggy Poops, the Gary Burroughes'... the same global warming fear-mongering, inevitably and predictably coupled with the same bolshevik GreenFear thuggery which is then offered - sorry, FORCED - upon the population as a supposed green "cure".

In St.Catharines, Liberal Jim Bradley has been babbling about global warming for years. The local newspapers have NEVER demanded any specific evidence from Jim Bradley to justify his "solutions" to the "problems" of  "man-made global warming".

Wendy Metcalfe, the St.Catharines Standard boss, and Mike Williscraft, the Niagara This Week chief, can maybe check their files, going back... ohh... I dunno - how about, say... twenty years (is that long enough?) - and recount for readers exactly how many interviews they have had regarding Jim Bradley and the issue of climate change /global warming; and how many times Jim Bradley had ever been publicly asked by the press to actually cite the specific AGW evidence which he (supposedly!) had, and which he has since used to justify his Liberal greenshevism.

They'll find nothing; if anything, the local Niagara press has fawned over and supported - mostly with little-to-no serious criticism - Bradley's GreenFear policies, from the beginning.

Now, in Oct.2011, that Jim Bradley, the Liberal GreenFear kyodiot, has become McGuinty's environment minister, do you think that the St.Catharines Standard's Wendy Metcalfe, or Niagara This Week's Mike Williscraft, will dare ask Jim Bradley about his specific evidence of AGW / man-made climate-change / global-warming, or whatever Jim's calling his GreenSocialism these days? Or will the Metcalfe/Williscraft gang continue to kiss Jim Bradley's Liberal ass, without question?

Since Jim Bradley was thrown out of the House in Queen's Park in October 2002, back when he was GreenFear-mongering about Kyoto, will Metcalfe or Williscraft now - in October 2011 - ask their local Niagara Liberal MPP Jim Bradley to publicly provide the SPECIFIC evidence which Bradley had at the time, extant in 2002, to support his GreenFear-mongering?

Jim Bradley has never actually provided any evidence to support his Green Fear-mongering actions. And yet, Bradley's Bootlickers in the press - a decade later - still haven't bothered to ask, either; whatever crap came out of Bradley's Liberal yap, was considered sacrosanct; whatever Liberal Jim Bradley spewed was unquestioningly considered as "it's all-settled" green gospel from Ole Jimmy, Ontario's Holy Greenness, Gaia's Protector, and Canada's Environmentalist's Saint.

The Bradley Bootlickers STILL are not asking, even though Jim Bradley is Ontario's environment minister again; and not one report has emerged from the local Niagara press compiling and investigating Bradley's so-called "scientific evidence" which influenced Bradley's GreenFear bolshevism.

Let's go back even further than 2002; let's go back to 1991; the local Niagara press has never bothered to question [let alone report!] Jim Bradley's "beliefs" as reported in a July 21, 1991 Ottawa Citizen story:

Jim Bradley was Ontario's environment minister from 1985 to 1990, when the province cleaned up much of its acid rain and started enforcing pollution laws to the letter. The Liberal MPP for St. Catharines lists overpopulation, global warming, depletion of the ozone layer, discharge of persistent toxins, and deforestation of tropical and temperate forests.

In 1991, Jim Bradley listed overpopulation, global warming, deforestation, etc; are these still his priorities today, in 2011? Why hasn't anyone for Niagara - and as far as I can tell, anyone in Ontario [!] - specifically asked him?

No-one really knows what retro-environment-minister Jim Bradley's specific motivations and justifications are - or were.

The local press in his own city of St.Catharines and Niagara region has avoided asking Jim Bradley to justify his Malthusian "over population" fears and his global warming fear-mongering.

*Where; who; what specifically; which specific scientific "evidence", did Jim Bradley actually cite as justification for his "beliefs" in 1991?

*Where was Jim Bradley's publicly-cited specific scientific "evidence" for AGW in 2002??

*Where is Bradley's AGW evidence (obviously, the same evidence which Bradley must have [albeit, secretly!] already had in 1991!) today, in 2011???

When will Niagara's media moguls Wendy Metcalfe or Mike Williscraft bother to actually ask Jim Bradley - now McGuinty's environment minister in 2011 - specific questions about Bradley's decades of global warming deceptions?

Perhaps - in light of the above; in context to the above; and in context to McGuinty's appointment of Jim Bradley as Ontario's new environment minister - Niagara's press barons Metcalfe and Williscraft can bother themselves ever-so-briefly to read...

- Peter Foster's Oct.22, 2011 National Post story "A thoroughly political body"
- and Donna Laframboise's Oct.22, 2011 National Post story  "Conspiracy of silence",
- as well as Laframboise's Oct.25, 2011 National Post story "IPCC's activist 'experts' "  (both articles excerpts from Laframboise's new book "The Delinquent Teenager")

...and then examine how Liberal MPP Jim Bradley has managed to skate his way through two+ decades of his GreenFear peddling, without any scrutiny.

Talk about a 'conspiracy of silence' at the IPCC; the same thing happened here with Jim Bradley!
There was a similar conspiracy of silence/acceptance/acquiescence right in Niagara as well; for years, Liberal Jim Bradley was aided and abetted by a fawning local press which acted more like a defense line on Bradley's team, than an inquisitive, impartial press. For years, there was never any real examination locally in Niagara regarding what Bradley was saying; what Bradley was doing;  what, if any, evidence he had... whatever Bradley said about AGW was essentially left unquestioned and politely accepted as gospel. 

It appears that the same scenario remains in Niagara in 2011 - even though Bradley is (again) now Ontario's secretive, toxic Liberal environment minister.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Niagara press protects Liberals from healthcare scrutiny

Nice "editorial" in the St.Catharines Jim Bradley Buttlicking Standard on Oct.21, 2011 ("Hospital workers need clearer orders") by Corey Laroque, about the Doreen Wallace incident in Kim Craitor's Liberal Healthcare Kingdom in Niagara Falls - and not one word from Laroque about or from the local Liberals who control the NHS, and have done so for the last eight years!
It's as if  ...you know the drill: ...as if Jim Bradley and Kim Craitor have nothing to do with their own failing Liberal health care monopolism!! And apparently, Wendy Metcalfe's wrong-righters at the Standard Bradley Brown-noser intend to keep it that way!!
The Niagara press can't bring themselves to question the local Liberal politicians in charge of Ontario's health monopoly: remember, the press lauded Craitor - Niagara's Liberal Gomer Pyle - as some kind of health care maverick/genius... yet, we just saw another incident of incompetent CraitorCare TM in the NHS - and miraculously, no Liberal has anything to do with it !

Thursday, October 20, 2011

No time for honest talk about McGuinty's Liberal health-care incompetence

Sally F. Zerker, professor emeritus and senior scholar, York University, Toronto, wrote in "Time for honest talk about health care"  (National Post, Oct.12, 2011):

"Re: What McGuinty Has Meant For Ontario, John Tory, Oct. 7.
During the recent election campaign in Ontario, I waited to hear our politicians discuss the financial crisis that is brewing as a consequence of health-care costs. Not one politician risked telling us the truth - that our universal health-care system, as currently practised, is bankrupting us.
Right now, 46¢ of every dollar of revenue goes to health care. And every year, spending on health care in Ontario increases more than revenues, such that if current trends were to continue, health care would eat up 80% of total program spending by 2030.
Yet instead of exposing this dire reality, we were enticed with offers of yet more lavish health-care services, which politicians must know we cannot afford, but which they nevertheless pretended was feasible, all in order to win the election.
Sooner, rather than later, one of only two possible outcomes will have to be chosen: deep cuts in healthcare services and/or private expenditures on medical services. It's past time for an open and honest talk on these choices."

The 'time for honest talk' will - kind of , briefly, in a token way - return... about four years from now (in 2015, during the next Ontario election!) after McGuinty's monopolist Liberals will have had butchered Ontario's health care beyond belief for twelve continuous years; and even then, there will not be any 'honest talk' about monopolist health care - as there had not been in 2003, 2007, or just recently in 2011.

Here are some of the Jim Bradley Boosters, seen in an Oct.1, 2011 St.Catharines Standard ad, who can be thanked for supporting this kind of  head-in-the-sand  Liberalism:

Health-care disaster in Niagara: from broken Liberal HIP, to broken patient hip

Finally, the St.Catharines Standard, on Oct.20, 2011, bothered to report on the Doreen Wallace incident:

"Hospital staff should not have called an ambulance to deal with an 82-year-old Niagara Falls woman who broke her hip after falling near the main entrance of Greater Niagara General Hospital Oct. 8, says Niagara Health System supervisor Kevin Smith.
"Ambulances don't do inside-hospital transfers," said Smith.
He said Doreen Wallace's injury should have prompted a staffer to call what hospital workers refer to as a code blue, which would have immediately deployed a team of medical staff to the situation.
While hospital staff attended to Wallace, who was visiting her ailing husband at GNGH, the woman's family said they were told an ambulance would have to be called to assist.
The family claimed Wallace laid on the floor for 28 minutes before being admitted to the emergency department.
Speaking at a press conference at the NHS' Niagara-on-the-Lake site Wednesday, Smith said he's asked the hospital system to make sure every staffer knows what to do if this kind of thing happens again.
"I've asked the Niagara Health System personnel to ensure that we have a very, very, very clear process across our multiple sites so that everyone understands what we do when we see a patient in distress inside our facility," he said.
Smith was repeatedly asked why a patient inside a hospital was told to call an ambulance — a decision that seems surprising given the controversy generated by two similar incidents in recent months.
"I wish I had a better answer for you in terms of how did it happen again, particularly inside the building."
In July, Coun. Joyce Morocco's husband John went into the hospital seeking help for his barely conscious wife, who was in the parking lot. He said he was told to call an ambulance.
In April, Charlie Poisson, the boyfriend of Jennifer James, who died five days after she was admitted to GNGH, told The Niagara Falls Review he brought James by car to the hospital. Upon arrival, he ran into the main front doors and down the hall to the emergency department. He said he was told paramedics would be dispatched.
After about three to five minutes, when no paramedics came, they brought James in by a wheelchair and she received care. Poisson said he was told that the "policy was that we have to call an ambulance."
He was later told by doctors James had suffered a catastrophic heart event.
Smith suggested the failure on the hospital's part to learn from the two previous incidents is a management issue.
"Errors happen, but the fact the error has occurred on more than one occasion without correction concerns us deeply about process and structure and communication and accountability."
The supervisor said three hospital workers responded to Wallace in less than a minute. They included a nurse who was on her break, a security guard, and a housekeeper. At some point in those first few minutes, 911 was called from a hospital phone, with Smith adding it was not yet clear who made the call or who suggested the call be made.
Smith also said he wouldn't consider terminating anybody until staffers complete an internal review.
"I don't believe in a hanging judge, I want to have all the information."
Health Minister Deb Matthews called Wallace's incident a "very regrettable situation."
In an email to The Review, Matthews credited Smith, who she recently appointed supervisor, for responding quickly and requesting a review of the incident.
"I hope the findings of that review help ensure that what happened to Doreen Wallace doesn't happen again," said Matthews.
Neither Wallace, or members of her family, could be reached for comment Wednesday.
Wayne Pine Sr., who calls Wallace a friend of the family, decided to protest alone outside GNGH in the rain Wednesday morning. For about two hours, the Niagara Falls resident waved signs that called for the NHS to be abolished and for more local control over hospital decision making, as well as "justice for Doreen and all residents."
"I've lost total trust and respect in (the NHS)," said Pine. "What happened to Doreen was disgusting and ridiculous."
Pine said he is a retired paramedic who worked with the ambulance service in Dunnville. He said he also worked at GNGH as a certified nursing orderly.
"(Doreen) is a very kind-hearted person. Her husband, who passed away, was a (Second World War) veteran," he said. "If that was (Premier) Dalton McGuinty who fell like that, do you think he'd have to wait half an hour?
"And the more ambulances tied up at the hospital means less are out on the roads.""
Funny how the Liberal appointed NHS supervisor, Kevin Smith, is now saying that this unnamed hospital staffer was wrong in not helping Wallace when she fell and broke her hip inside the GNGH.
Let's note several items:

First off - notice that in the above story by reporter Ray Spiteri, NO LIBERALS were mentioned, nor asked to comment, on this incident!! Isn't that precious?!

The Liberal-friendly St.Catharines Standard has purposefully avoided asking Liberal hacks Jim Bradley or Kim Craitor any questions about this, in the same way they had hidden these Liberal hacks from scrutiny in the past.

There is no convenient 'harris' anymore, unfortunately, for the Standard, for Kimmy'n'Jimmy, and for the yellow-shirted-socialists to blame: there is only their dreamy, unaccountable, perverted, failing Tommy Douglasonian health monopolism.

Let's all remember, there is NO LONGER A BOARD OF DIRECTORS left to blame at the NHS - this monopoly is being SOLELY run by none other than Kevin Smith, and the Liberal-controlled LHIN, and therefore, McGuinty's Liberal cabinet.

We all remember how the NDP socialists and the Standard loved to dump on Debbie Sevenpifer, while pretending that Liberal scumbags Jim Bradley and Kim Craitor had nothin' to do with running the health care monopoly!

Why the f*ck isn't Kevin Smith being held responsible for the Wallace incident?

He's now 'the MAN'; he's now the manager of 'management issues'; he's to blame!

Smith is Bradley's and Craitor's [and Deb Matthews'] sock-puppet at the NHS!

If NHS staff didn't know the procedures, then Smith is now to blame; 'Supervisor' Smith should have supervised the staff, and ensured they knew the procedures; ensured that they were/are competent and trained for the challenges of their job. Why is Smith saying only now that he will 'ask to ensure that the process is clear'?  What else doesn't this cozy union-infected monopolist self-serving health cabal at the NHS 'know'?

Do these monopolist f*cks think that healthcare is some kind of f*cking joke; that however and whenever they f*ck up, that however many patients they harm, that Jim Bradley, Craitor, or some union hack (not to mention the Liberal-infected Niagara press) will cover for them (while finding a 'harris' to blame, naturally) and that they simply can go on their merry way without any accountability? 

Why isn't anyone asking if Smith is doing his job?

Is this supervisor, two-months into the job, already failing in his responsibilities? Are we just now learning that the supervisor is not up to speed and not solely in control of the NHS?

Was / is Smith competent to solely supervise the NHS, in the first place??

We were led to believe that somehow there would be changes at the NHS, but all we see are the same old monopolist excuses, and the same old monopolist unaccountability.

Why aren't Craitor and Bradley demanding that their boy Kev get his shit together? It's telling how Deb Matthews coyly credits (ie, circles the wagons around) her appointee Smith for being so-on-the-ball with this!
[...Can ya imagine if this had been under Harris' watch?! The Standard's wrong-righters and Deb Matthews and Good Ole Jimmy himself would be sputtering with indignance and rage! But now...  feh... this is only a mere misunderstanding..!]
It's telling also that the Standard and Niagara Falls Review can quickly conjure up people who've 'lost trust and respect for the NHS' - yet, there's hardly anyone that they can find who has lost trust and repect for
- the Liberals who created this Mess in the NHS;
- for the Liberals who created the HIP to 'save money;
- for the Liberals who created the LHIN - which OVERSEES the NHS!!
Funny that the NHS is the narrative in Niagara's media, but not the Liberals who (through their LHIN proxy) control the NHS!

Why aren't Wendy Metcalfe's laughable, pathetic wrong-righters over at the Standard Bradley Buttlicker also asking Craitor and Bradley and Jim Diodati, btw, about where all the ambulances were in Niagara Falls that day, seeing that the only one available had to come from St.Catharines? What was that all about? Aren't there enough ambulances available in Niagara Falls, keeping in mind all the tourists which are also there? Maybe an ambulance should have been called from the States.

Why isn't anyone asking Niagara Falls mayor, and Liberal hack, Jim Diodati why he hasn't yet issued a public warning to visiting tourists - never mind to the locals - about the dangers of the Liberal-run health care monopoly in Niagara Falls?

Why isn't the St.Catharines Standard asking Jim Bradley how his Liberal-instigated HIP (the HIP was created not by the NHS, but by McGuinty's Liberals) factored in Wallace's broken hip?

Why isn't the St.Catharines Standard asking Ontario's Safety Minister at the time - that would be Good Ole Jim Bradley - about why patients aren't safe in Ontario's Liberal-liar-controlled monopoly-run hospitals!?

Where's that in depth coverage by the St.Catharines Bradleyphile Standard examining the secretive LHIN's role in this incident? Why hadn't the LHIN - after all these years as a McGuinty shill - ensured that the NHS staff were competent enough to know their own internal procedures?! Did the LHIN even know anything about this - if  not, why not?!

Why isn't the St.Catharines Standard Liberal Shoeshiner asking McGuinty why he lied about conducting a province-wide LHIN review?!

You can trust that the St.Catharines Bradley Bootlicking Standard won't be holding any Liberal, or any Liberal institution, to account.

It's all about dutifully cleaning Bradley's Liberal laundry, and coddling Liberal incompetency.

Warning: Liberal global-warming fear-monger Jim Bradley now McGuinty's Environment Minister

Here's a blast from the past: the toxic Liberal Jim Bradley - Ontario's "Environmentalists' Saint"; Ontario's runty Al Gore before there was an 'Al Gore'; Ontario's eminent AGW global-warming / climate-change / GreenFear-mongering Kyodiot - has been recycled and appointed (again!) as Ontario's Environment Minister.
Get ready for more expensive and disruptive greenshevism from this secretive Liberal hack.
Suzuki will probably plotz in his hemp knickers with glee!!
What a joke - seriously.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The 'Mess in the NHS' continues...

Here we go again: McGuinty's Liberal-run health monopoly couldn't care less: tells patient in hospital to call an ambulance - as the Oct.18, 2011 Toronto Star reported in "Elderly woman breaks hip at Niagara hospital, told by staff to call ambulance".

This isn't the first time it's happened in Niagara!

What the f*ck is the NHS's new Supervisor doing about this?? I guess now -finally - Kevin Smith is finding out the disaster which McGuinty's Liberals have fermented in the NHS.

How long is this f*cking 'not-my-job' incompetency going to continue??! Why is there a f*cking "communication problem" in the NHS - STILL?? Why hasn't the Liberal created LHIN ensured that the hospital staff are on the same page?? Why isn't the St.Catharines Standard asking Jim Bradley about any of this?!?

What an utter goddam joke - a horrible f*cking joke - this Liberal health care horror in Niagara has become. (see here, here, here)

THIS is the system run for the last eight years by McGuinty's scumbag monopolist Liberals. This is what Niagarans voted for when they voted for Liberal hacks Kim Craitor and Jim Bradley:

"When Doreen Wallace fell and broke her hip in the lobby of a Niagara Falls hospital, she figured at least she’d get help — and fast.
But that’s not what happened.
Instead, the 82-year-old Wallace — who was leaving with her son after visiting her dying husband at Greater Niagara General Hospital on Oct. 8 — was told by staff no one could help her until an ambulance was called.
To a hospital.
“It was horrible. It really was. Everybody who walked through the door stopped and stared at me,” said Wallace, who already had a broken arm from a previous fall. She ended up spending almost 30 minutes on the ground.
“I was inside the hospital. Why did they have to wait for an ambulance to come and pick me up?”
As she lay face down on a metal grate, her right arm slashed, a security guard called for help and two nurses from the emergency room came over. But Wallace’s son said they refused to help until paramedics arrived.
“I was floored,” said Mike Wallace. “We’re probably, maybe, like a 50-yard walk, literally, down to the emergency department.”
In the meantime, Wallace’s head was wrapped in a dirty blanket and the security guard helped wipe away her blood with paper towel.
Eventually, an orthopedic surgeon came across the scene and with the help of an assistant, moved the elderly woman into a wheelchair.
Shortly afterwards, paramedics finally arrived at the main entrance — their ambulance allegedly originating in St. Catharines because no one at the hospital in Niagara Falls was available to help.
The supervisor of the Niagara Health System said the incident stemmed from a communication problem among staff.
“We shouldn’t have called the emergency room,” said Dr. Kevin Smith, who was hired on to aid the beleaguered region at the end of August.
He said when a person is hurt in hospital, staff should call a “code,” meaning a team — not necessarily in the ER — is paged to help immediately.
When asked why staff felt the need to call for an ambulance, Smith said that may have been an old rule at the hospital. He said staff has now been briefed on the correct policy and a review is underway.
Health Minister Deb Matthews said the situation is unacceptable. “Clearly this is very disappointing and isn’t the standard of care that people should expect,” she said, adding she is pleased a review is being done.
This isn’t the first time the Niagara hospital has encountered controversy.
Last April, 39-year-old Jennifer James died from a “catastrophic heart event” a few days after emergency department staff refused to help her in the parking lot after her boyfriend drove her there when she lost consciousness and stopped breathing. He was told to call 911 instead.
And in July, local Councillor Joyce Morocco, who has a history of heart problems and asthma, was semi-consciousness when taken to the same hospital by her husband. He was also told to call an ambulance.
Morocco survived, and the hospital’s then-interim president apologized.
Apparently, hospital staff wrongly thought they would not be covered by insurance if they treated a patient outside a hospital building.
Two Toronto hospital presidents said their facilities provide emergency care anywhere on hospital grounds, although both acknowledged there could be situations where 911 would also be called.
Dr. Tim Rutledge, president of North York General Hospital, said he has come to the rescue himself when people have run into trouble in areas other than the emergency department.
“Even with my suit on, if there is an arrest in our parking lot or whatever, I am out there,” said Rutledge, who still works in the ER once a week.
At Toronto East General Hospital, president Rob Devitt said staff respond to emergencies wherever they occur. But he noted that at larger hospitals with numerous buildings it might make sense to send an ambulance to bring a patient to ER.
As for Wallace, she simply wants an apology — something the Niagara Health System claims it has done, but she hasn’t yet received.
“All I want is that if this happens again, nobody’s treated like that.”"
Remember all those fine, upstanding citizens/Bradley boosters who appeared in that 'vote for Jim Bradley' ad, back on Oct.1, 2011 in the St.Catharines Standard - I hope they are quite satisfied with what Jimmy and his Liberal monopolists have created.

And now that he's been re-elected, Jimmy can go right on ignoring us, no matter how many patients are killed by C. diff, and no matter what Ted Sendzik or Walter Ostanek have to f*king say.

Why... that's how the Bradley Syndrome delusion works: "Ole ["Non-partisan"...ohh... HA HA HA HA HA!!!! What LIES!!!!] Jimmy's here ta FIX things"!!!! yep... 

Funny how the Metcalfian wrong-righters at the St.Catharines Standard haven't... uh... found the time to interview Jim Bradley about Wallace's experience!!

So c'mon, folks - all together now - you all know the narrative chant:
"Waz Ole Jimmy gots ta do wid  dis... wid any of dis?! Jimmy's here ta solve all dese problemses!!" yep... 

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Patronized by NHS Supervisor Smith AND the Standard

Here's a story by Shawn Jeffords "Standard series revealed need for changes at NHS, supervisor says" (St.Catharines Standard, Oct.13, 2011; my comments highlighted):
For starters, just look at this headline (in the web edition) "Standard series revealed need for changes at NHS, supervisor says"  - now, there's some self-tooting, pompous horn-blowing, right from the get-go in this story, from the Standard; honestly - are we really to believe this spin that Smith simply had no f*cking clue that the NHS was in dire need for changes - until he read the Standard's stories (which, btw, somehow never mentioned Liberal MPP Jim Bradley's role in anything to do with health care)?!
Come on!
And - if that's actually true - well, then, this Liberal-appointed supervisor is looking more and more like a Liberal-hack-puppet and deserves to be fired immediately. What patronizing crap...
Niagara Health System supervisor Kevin Smith is vowing to tackle problems with the "hierarchy" at the beleaguered hospitals that contributed to the deadly Clostridium difficile outbreak. *Does this include the "hierarchy" of Liberals who have run the NHS into the ground since 2003, Sir?
Smith made the comment after reading a six-part Standard series that focused on the plight of NHS workers and patients as they cope with C. difficile. Thirty-six patients have now died as a result of the deadly superbug. He pointed to the story of NHS cleaner Cherie Bernard as a "disappointing" example that highlights the need for systemic change.
Bernard, a cleaner for 23 years at the NHS, was berated and belittled recently by a hospital visitor whom she asked to don protective gear while visiting a patient exhibiting symptoms of the superbug. * "23 years", eh? Funny, because the NHS was not in existence 23 years ago. Who made this exaggerated claim: reporter Jeffords, or Smith??
"The most disappointing read of the series was the story about the housekeeper who was treated like less than a professional, and told that she was 'just' a housekeeper," Smith said.
"That just infuriates me."
* the most disappointing thing is a Supervisor who has not bothered to show Niagara that he is truly  independent (and not beholden to Liberal government interest) by calling for a criminal investigation into the NHS's C. diff outbreak. Apparently that's not the "Canadian Way" - what ever that is...
He said it's imperative people with years of expertise, like Bernard, are fully included in the system. They can offer valuable insight into combating hospital-borne illnesses and must not be afraid to offer advice and guidance to doctors, nurses, patients or hospital visitors, he said.
"People stop offering constructive criticism when they keep offering it over and over again and nothing changes." *Liberals stop listening when they're re-elected over and over again...
Smith said the series also underscored the need to encourage patients to advocate for top-quality care. If hand-washing rates among medical professionals continue to remain low, patients must feel comfortable enough to remind doctors and nurses to scrub up before providing care. *Patients should be telling doctors and nurses this?!?
It's not an easy sell, he admits.
"Consumers must be more empowered to say, 'Don't touch me until you sanitize your hands,'" he said. "Don't give consent to be examined if your provider is arrogant enough to think they shouldn't wash their hands.
*You're lecturing us about "consumers", Mr. Smith?
 So now we're "consumers" -  stuck in a no-choice f*cking Liberal health care monopoly? Are you kidding, man??
We're not "consumers" - we're PRISONERS trapped in arrogant Jim Bradley's hovel of health-care horror; we have NO f*cking choices here!
Smith was appointed by the province this summer to assume control of Niagara's troubled health-care system and complete a full review of its operations. Staff morale will be one of the major issues he'll tackle over the next 12 months, he said. *Expensive babysitter...
"We don't want to treat the staff like they did something wrong," he said. "We need to make sure they have the tools to do something right. On the frontline of health care today, there is a good deal of demoralization." *Did the staff do anything "wrong", though? How will anyone know, Mr Smith - if there is no independent inquiry? What did the political bosses tell the staff, Mr. Smith? 36 patients dead and counting, Mr. Smith - we need answers.
Smith said the series also stressed to him the need to increase communication with the community about the risks of coming to the hospital for care. A key part of winning back patient trust will be to tackle the fear that has made patients like Joe Kenny, who was featured in the final installment of the series, nervous about seeking care, he said.
"You have to be honest, it isn't a risk-free environment," he said. "We gather the sickest and frailest patients in hospital emergency rooms and in doing so, if you're not really ill, it's a bad place to be."
*Hmmm... 'if you're not really ill in the emergency room, it's a bad place to be' (...great ad for the NHS, btw...)  I guess people just hang out at the ER because they have nothing else to do?
And, Mr. Smith - you do understand that 36 NHS patients who WERE ill, found out that your NHS WAS  'a bad place to be'?
Stop the BS; stop the pandering. 36 dead: find the answers.
Smith said the NHS will have to work to decrease the length of some patients' hospital stays to ensure they aren't exposed needlessly to deadly superbugs. *as opposed to being exposed purposefully? WTF..? The hospital can also re-establish community trust if it remains vigilant about infection control, he said.
"Persuade me that the Niagara Health System is at the leading edge of preventing hospital-acquired infection," he said. "I think that helps." *Persuade us that Jim Bradley's  monopolist Liberals weren't negligent in allowing the 2011 C. difficile outbreak to occur; that would help.
Smith said the stories also highlight the need to limit the use of so-called "super-antibiotics" that are used to combat serious infections but can also leave a patient vulnerable to a C. difficile infection.
"In days of old, the view was, 'Use the strong drug and knock everything out.' Now, we're realizing knocking everything out also means the good stuff and that can be very bad if you're very sick."
*"In days of old" - what the hell does this cavalier generalization of Smith's even mean?!
When specifically is the "old" and the "now" to which Smith refers?
What specific date/s is Smith referring to - before 2003?!
Or is Smith referring to 2008, when McGuinty and Bradley's Liberals refused to call a public inquiry into the C. diff outbreak that had already then killed 500 Ontarians?
Was Smith referring to 2008, when McGuinty and Bradley said nothing about limiting antibiotics, telling Ontarians that we just had to trust the Liberals, because they knew what they were doing?!
Did reporter Jeffords bother to ask Smith to actually explain any of his murky generalizations?!!
...uh... nope...!!!!!
Smith is back in Niagara Friday to continue his work. He is gathering input and has come to no conclusions yet, but is seeing areas he wants to address, he said.
He said the Standard series puts a human face on workers who coped with the outbreak. *Oh, gosh, yes... the St.Catharines Jim Bradley-bootlicking Standard... ever so conveniently helpful, eh?
"Historically, we've seen the human faces particularly around the tragic cases or the very ill where hospital-borne infection has … been the cause of death. You saw a different view by talking to the frontline providers, who really do want to give good care."
*And, who will talk to the Liberals on behalf of the dead C. diff patients, and the infected survivors, who surely also 'really wanted to receive good care' - but didn't ??

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

36 C.difficile patients now killed in Liberal-controlled Niagara health-monopoly; no response from Jim Bradley

Ahh... it wass grrrrreat to see Dalton McGuinty's Environment Minister David Suzuki - again - spewing his GreenFear-mongering (unchallenged!) in the Oct.11, 2011 St.Catharines Standard! Classic climatalarmist greenshevist crap from Canada's premier climate-doom propaganda-peddler!
Funny that no Metcalfian wrongs were being righted here - or were they?! hahahaha
Funny how - over, say... the last decade (!!) - the St.Catharines Standard has not been able to show readers the evidence of AGW!! hahaha
Funny, how - during, say... the last decade (!!!) - the St.Catharines Standard has not bothered to demand that their buddy, Liberal Kyodiot MPP Jim Bradley, provide his still-secret-AGW "evidence"!!! hahahaha
Way to go, St.Catharines Standard Bradley Bootlick!! Wahoooo! Way to go, keeping up the same-old-same old, Wendy Metcalfe... keep on laundering Jim Bradley's Liberal underwear!
Funny, how in the Oct.12, 2011 Standard Bradley Bootlick, reporter Grant Lafleche mysteriously (hahahahaDIDN'T BOTHER TO MENTION local Liberal MPP Jim Bradley when writing that the patient death-toll in Niagara's C. difficile outbreak has now reached 36; 27 of whom were killed in Bradley's own city of St.Catharines.
Apparently, Bradley's horrific re-election in St.Catharines (where, btw, 60% of the votes were NOT for Jimmy!!!) cleanses Jimmy from all responsibility and culpability for these C. diff deaths. An entire election passed by while the St.Catharines Bradley Bootlick scrupulously avoided asking their buddy Bradley (...who was also McGuinty's Safety Minister!) any serious questions about the performance and safety of his Liberal health care monopoly!!
The Standard Bradley Bootlick carefully makes sure:
 a) not to mention their idol Jim Bradley in any story remotely connected to the C. diff horror in Niagara's Liberal-controlled health monopoly (...if we don't ask Jimmy 'bout it, why would there be a 'response?'!)
 b) to mention that there were 'other underlying health issues' with the killed patients - which is code for 'what's our boy Jimmy's Liberal health-care monopoly got to with it?'!!
Lafleche dutifully made sure to mention that this 36th C. diff victim "also had several serious medical problems"; what the Bradley Bootlick didn't mention was whether this C. difficile patient (or the previous 35 victims) also suffered any serious political problems, directly attributable to Jim Bradley's and Dalton McGuinty's monopolist health-care negligence.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

The NHS's Kevin Smith doesn't want to look back, but someone must

CTV reported on Oct.7, 2011:

ST-HYACINTHE — More than 50 victims of a C. difficile outbreak at Honoré-Mercier Hospital five years ago – including the families of 16 people who died – will split a $1 million settlement of a class action law suit.
For the families of those who died, the compensation would be in the range of $25,000 to $50,000, said lawyer Jean-Pierre Ménard.
A coroner's report investigating the deaths between May and November of 2006 was scathing - hands insufficiently washed, rooms improperly disinfected and a serious lack of health and safety guidelines were prevalent at the hospital according to the report.
"Everything that could lack, was lacking here," Ménard said. "Everything that could be mismanaged was mismanaged here."
Honoré-Mercier Hospital officials say things have changed since 2006.
"We work in a totally different manner," said spokesman Claude Dallaire. "We take a lot more precautions and now we have teams to control the spread of infection."
This is the first time in Quebec history people who contracted C. difficile in a hospital were compensated financially.
Were it not for the coroner's report, the case may never have gotten this far because proving culpability is difficult.
For Sylvie Dorion, who spearheaded the class action suit, this settlement puts an end to a long, three-year journey.
Dorion's sister Marie-Andrée was one of the 16 people who died five years ago after the outbreak at the hospital, and the pain of that loss clearly remains.
"My sister was my mother, my friend, my sister," Dorion said. "Oh, I miss her very, very much. I miss her every day."
The suit was more a matter of principal for Dorion, because doing nothing simply wasn't an option.
"I see my sister is looking at me," she said, "and saying it's done now, you can turn the page."
In light of the above, when will the wrongful death civil lawsuits similarly begin appearing in regards to Niagara's C. diff horror? When will the Jim Bradleys and the Smithermans and the Matthews' be held to account for the deaths of those patients who were killed in the McGuinty Liberal health care monopoly here in Niagara?

It's pathetic (but not unexpected; in fact, predictable) that the NHS's recently-appointed Supervisor Kevin Smith now says he doesn't want to focus on the HIP - and the possible links between the Liberal-mandated HIP and Niagara's C. diff outbreak in 2011's summer of death; coincidentally, the Liberals don't want to focus on that either!!

Smith was mandated to be an administrator - understandably so - but: we also need an INVESTIGATOR to delve into the specific reasons and causes for what led up to Niagara's C. difficile crime-scene in the summer of 2011. This is in addition to what the Ombudsman may or not investigate, and independent of what the coroner may find.

Kevin Smith should have ALREADY called for an independent, separate police investigation into these NHS deaths, and publicly announced that the NHS would completely and openly cooperate in any such criminal investigation.

We didn't hear that from Smith - and this now STINKS of Liberal coverup and pseudo-transparency.
Secretive Liberal Jim Bradley has still not yet demanded a public inquiry, nor a criminal investigation, into the killer Niagara C. diff outbreak, perhaps in order to keep his Liberal monopolism and C. diff complicity out of criminal scrutiny.

The criminal investigation into the Ontario Liberals should focus:

1- on uncovering and explaining the reasons behind the purposefully-forgotten-by-Jim-Bradley's-Liberals'  Nov. 2007 CIHI report, which revealed that St.Catharines had the third-highest patient death rate in Canada

2- on determining how long McGuinty's Liberals had known about the high mortality rate in the NHS

3- and what did they do about it in the meantime (...as patients were dying...), especially since McGuinty's Liberals enforce a monopoly on healthcare in Ontario? Were patients ever given any warning; were they ever given any choice?
Was the Liberals' devotion to state-forced health care monopolism a factor in creating the circumstances of patient death?
Did McGuinty's Liberals do all they could do - seeing as that they ran a no-other-choice monopoly - or, did their enforced monopolism harm Ontarians, by depriving Ontario's patients of choice?

4- on examining what McGuinty's Liberals were saying and doing in 2008 - after hundreds of Ontarians were killed by C. difficile province -wide

5- on examining how McGuinty's Liberals in 2008 avoided and refused to consider any public inquiry into those hundreds of C. difficile  deaths

6- on seeing whether the Liberals' secretive, smug stance to hide from a public inquiry in 2008 deprived Ontarians of a truly objective, independent assessment of the Liberals' health-care promises/claims up until that time (as opposed to the facile 'just trust us' C. diff assurances which McGuinty himself made in 2008, that all was OK)

7- on whether McGuinty and his Liberals were negligent in not calling a public C. diff inquiry in 2008

8- on whether the internal-Liberal-sourced response which Smitherman cobbled together in 2008 (in order to hide from a C. diff inquiry) was in fact "enough" of a preventative "response" - because, as we saw about 3 years later in 2011, another killer C. diff outbreak occurred in Niagara, and, the Liberal-controlled-health-monopoly again acted as if they had NO IDEA how to respond, as if they never knew of, and never learned from, the previous hundreds-of-dead-patients episode from 2008!!

9- on whether the claims made by McGuinty and Co. were true (ie, that no public C. diff investigation was needed, because the Liberals would not learn anything new about C. diff that they didn't already know, as McGuinty himself said in 2008)

10- on whether [in light of the fact that Ontario's health system was a government-controlled MONOPOLY] McGuinty's refusal to call a public inquiry deprived patients of critical, unbiased information regarding the true emergency preparedness and safety of every Liberal-monopoly-controlled hospital, especially those in Niagara

11- on how patients had no other alternatives available to them to arrange for alternative health care choice in Ontario, since all of it was being run under McGuinty's Liberal single-payer monopolist ideology, and, since competition and improvement to the state-run-monopoly was actively politically discouraged

12- on whether the McGuinty Liberals' refusal to call for a public inquiry (and to implement its recommendations) in 2008 led to the C. diff deaths in Niagara  in 2011. Specifically, whether Smitherman's 2008 attempt to skirt a real public C. diff inquiry (and therefore, to pre-empt and to purposefully sabotage the 'best practises' findings which such an inquiry would have brought) was a reasonable mitigation on the part of the Liberal government [...once again, keeping in mind that this was a Liberal monopolist government] or, was it a negligent factor, which directly impacted Niagara three years later - with more deadly results?

Kevin Smith doesn't really have the time to get into any of that (and neither, btw, does the St.Catharines Standard!) ... and Jim Bradley's Liberals are damn well counting on that.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Liberal Jim Bradley named in $275M NAFTA claim

Looks like Liberal Jim Bradley is in the news (but not the kind of news which the St .Catharines Liberal Shoeshine Standard would want to print about GoldenJim!) The Oct.7, 2011 Daily Commercial News writes:

"St Marys Cement claims interference on Hamilton, Ontario quarry
St Marys VCNA, LLC has submitted its claim for NAFTA Chapter Eleven Arbitration alleging Ontario’s Dalton McGuinty government was so politically motivated to secure a Hamilton-area provincial seat, and to benefit Liberal political insiders, that it used a Minister’s Zoning Order and Declaration of Provincial interest — for the first time ever in a quarry application — to kill the Flamborough Quarry.
St Marys’ claim alleges that: Jim Bradley, Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services, took extraordinary and unprecedented steps to kill a proposed quarry that is adjacent to the home of his former senior staffer and the staffer’s wife, who was a senior adviser to Liberal Premier David Peterson; the government facilitated funding and legal assistance to the community group fighting St Marys’ quarry through the Greenbelt Foundation, chaired by former Premier Peterson’s senior policy advisor; and despite an exhaustive FOI request, the government records that were provided did not contain any scientific evidence that the quarry would compromise the watershed, water quality or quantity, wetlands, or the natural environment or any scientific reason to deny St Marys the right to a fair and impartial hearing.
The Liberals narrowly won the riding in question, Ancaster Dundas Flamborough Westdale, by margin of 6.7 per cent in the 2007 election.
St Marys is seeking damages of not less than $US275 million in compensation for the loss, harm, injury, loss of reputation and damage imposed by various governments.
In 2006, St Marys Cement Inc. (Canada), the Canadian subsidiary, took over an application for a license to extract high quality aggregate from a site it purchased in Flamborough. In April 2010, then Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, the Hon. Jim Bradley, imposed a Minister’s Zoning Order on the site. After St Marys Cement appealed this decision to the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB), the government issued, in April 2011, a Declaration of Provincial Interest which gave it license to overturn any OMB decision. "
So this is how secretive Ole Liberal Jimmy operates!
We're waiting for the Metcalfian wrong-righters at the St.Catharines Standard to look into this (why haven't they yet?!); to examine how the millions of tax dollars poured into the Greenbelt Foundation are being "utilized" for Liberal political purposes; to ask their buddy Jimmy all about it.
ha ha ha... as if ...
Get ready for more Liberal unaccountability, more Liberal lies, more taxes, more GreenFear, more Liberal despotism.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Liberal Jim Bradley gets away during this election campaign without once having to explain his role in Niagara's C. difficile deaths

Kudos to the St.Catharines BradleyBooster, aka St.Catharines Standard, for another outstandingly biased editorial ("Community has a role to play in beating C. diff", on Oct.5, 2011, a day before Ontario's provincial election) ostensibly about health care in Niagara, which completely avoids mentioning whether the bait-and-switch health-care lies of local Liberal hack Jim Bradley had any bearing upon the murderous mess which occurred in Niagara this summer in Ontario's state-controlled hospitals.
The NHS was a crime scene; the crime: Liberal single-payer-pushing health-care monopolism, causing death.
Editorialist Monique Beech just plain forgot (!) to mention Dalton McGuinty's secretive, laughable, unaccountable, unverifiable, falsely-reassuring Liberal promises made in 2008 (after some 500 known C. difficile deaths in Liberal Ontario) which should have been derived from the recommendations of an open, public inquiry, not from the lying Liberal yap of McGuinty.
The deceptive narrative of dumping the blame on the NHS (instead of on the political monopolists who controlled not just the NHS, but every other Ontario state-run hospital) conveniently worked for years for the champions of the Liberal status-quo, of which the BradleyBooster is a big, um, booster of...
Notice how Beech just plumb forgot (!) to mention Jim Bradley's Liberal cabinet's role in raising new health-care taxes, de-listing coverage, and creating the Liberal-puppet LHIN's, which imposed health-care cuts on the NHS; and which created the HIP.
Beech just plain forgot (!) to mention how Jim Bradley and his Liberals hid from having a public inquiry into the hundreds of Ontario C. difficile deaths in 2008; somehow, Beech and the BradleyBooster can't link the secretiveness and false 2008 C. diff promises from Bradley's Liberals, to a repeat ocurrence in Niagara in 2011's summer of death.
After all, it was just another 35 people killed off in Niagara.
No biggie.
Jim Bradley and his Liberal monopolist politics had nothin' to do with any of this!
And, nobody should be asking Jim Bradley for any explanations, either - especially the Metcalfian wrong-righters at the BradleyBooster!
Beech just plain forgot (!) to mention that since 2003, Jim Bradley and his Liberals refused to call for any Ombudsman or Supervisory investigation/control at the NHS. This was eventually done only at the last possible minute, after dozens of patients were killed,  just before the election!!
Beech just plain forgot (!) to mention that Jim Bradley DID NOTHING  after the 2007 CIHI revelation that St.Catharines had the third-highest patient-death rate in Canada. No investigations on that!!
Beech just plain forgot (!) to mention that during the Niagara C. diff outbreak, Jim Bradley conveniently vanished from the scene - and from her own paper.
Beech 'overlooked' all this, yet still managed to cobble together some inane "editorial" whose conclusion was not that we must stop Jim Bradley's Liberal health-care havoc, but that we must work with hockey coaches to stop C. difficile...