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McGuinty's Liberal scumbags find a scapegoat to absolve them from their Niagara Health System health-care mess

Well, look at that: McGuinty's Liberals have just found the scapegoat to take the blame for the Liberal-created mess in the NHS: today they (through the government-appointed, un-elected board of the NHS) fired Niagara Health System CEO Debbie Sevenpifer!

Allan Benner wrote in " 'Crack open the Champagne' " (Welland Tribune website, Jan.19, 2011):

"The change of leadership at Niagara Health System has left some opponents of its restructuring plans wondering if it could also mean a change of direction.

The health system announced Wednesday president and chief executive officer Debbie Sevenpifer is being replaced for the interim by Sue Matthews, vice-president of patient services for Welland and Port Colborne hospitals and chief nursing officer.

"Crack open the Champagne," said Pat Scholfield, from the People's Healthcare Coalition, when she learned about the change of leadership.

But she doesn't "blame all our problems" on Sevenpifer. She said the restructuring her organization has been opposing is the result of provincial government policy.

"I strongly doubt that the plans will change," she said, adding she recently read information on the LHIN website says clearly there are plans to cut another 41 hospital beds in Niagara.

"It's a start, but it will not solve all our problems."

Port Colborne Mayor Vance Badawey said change is imminent.

"I think the board has recognized that there is some direction needed for change," he said, adding he hopes that change will mean the NHS will review its decision to replace hospital emergency departments in Port Colborne and Fort Erie with urgent care centres and the impact those changes are having on south Niagara residents as well as other hospitals throughout the region.

"Now that they've made this move, once again, I would expect that they wouldn't stop short. That they would continue on responsibly to ensure that an operational review as well as a performance review of the HIP (hospital improvement plan) is just around the corner," he said.

This week Health Minister Deb Matthews said a review of the health system is not necessary, and that the community should instead embrace the changes being implemented, including consolidation of pediatrics and obstetrics in St. Catharines.

Badawey said he thinks NHS board members feels differently than the health minister "based on the move they just made."

"Let's face it, I think the minister needs to get a pulse on what's happening here in Niagara with respect to our health-care system."

Welland MPP Peter Kormos was not hopeful that the change of leadership would make any difference to hospital restructuring.

"There will undoubtedly be some schadenfreude with respect to Ms. Sevenpifer's termination," he said, referring to people who might be happy about the change of leadership. "But that will in no way restores hospital services to Port Colborne and Fort Erie."

He said Sevenpifer was "doing the bidding of an unelected hospital board, an unelected LHIN and the (Premier Dalton) McGuinty government. It's as simple of that."

And the change of leadership "is no signal at all that there's going to be any shift in the position of the provincial government when it comes to shutting down small town hospitals," he said.

The health minister has reaffirmed her approval of the hospital restructuring now underway at local hospitals, and "that simply underscores that this is part of a McGuinty Liberal agenda."

He said the change of leadership at the NHS will make no difference to that agenda."

So Pat Scholfield (see here, here, here) and her smug yellow-shirted socialists are drinkin' champagne!! [Or are they drinking Tommy Douglas' and McGuinty's monopolist-poisoned koolaid?] Everyone's celebrating that somehow Kim Craitor and Jim Bradley and Deb Matthews have saved Niagara from the 'tyranny' of Debbie Sevenpifer!

It's astounding, isn't it?

Let's remember that it was (Liberal) Vance Badawey's own Liberal friends who closed the hospital emergency room in Port Colborne!!
Let's remember that it was Dalton McGuinty's Liberal lying scumbags who:
created the LHIN's;
- who forced the Niagara LHIN to impose cuts on the NHS;
- who forced the NHS to create the ER-cutting HIP plan to 'save money';
- who concurrently underfunded the NHS; and
- who did not object to, but unquestioningly accepted, Dr. Jack Kitts' rubber-stamping of the NHS's LHIN-instigated HIP Report !!

Yet now, these same McGuinty scumbag Liberals pretend that somehow this was all personally caused by Debbie Sevenpifer !?!

Why, look at that folks: it's as if McGUINTY'S LIBERALS had nothing to do with any of this!!!


And yet, Juanita Gledhill is strangely still ensconced as the useless local queen of Smitherman's useless Niagara LHIN!

Sevenpifer has been vilified and sacrificed in order to cover-up the McGuinty Liberals' MASSIVE health-care incompetence in Niagara.

What a vile political act this is, designed and carried out by McGuinty's Liberal monopoly-health-care-pushing fascists.
Also, Karen Howlett's Jan.19, 2011 Globe and Mail story had this strange bit of bias, which was a little too glib considering the serious nuances in play here:

"Ironically, many of Niagara Health’s current difficulties were triggered by its plans in late 2008 to save $28-million by converting hospital emergency rooms in Fort Erie and Port Colborne into around-the-clock urgent-care centres – essentially walk-in clinics."

"Triggered by its plans"?!  Howlett strangely omits mentioning that the NHS's "plans" WERE FORCED by McGuinty's Liberal government!!

Why would Howlett gloss over this extremely important fact?!
These were Dalton McGuinty's Liberal plans, Karen, forced onto the NHS. Do try to keep up with the nuances of the story, please.

George Smitherman, McGuinty's health minister,  forced  Ontario's Ministry of Health to order the NHS to create a HIP plan! This DID NOT originate from the NHS! The cuts were "triggered" by the Liberal government, through its LHIN!!

( ...and note: this was meant to supposedly 'save money' for the Liberals - although now, the Liberals DENY this! At least Karen Howlett did report that in her 2011 story, for the record:
 "Niagara Health has been embroiled in controversy over the board's decision to permanently close the emergency departments in two hospitals and the exit of four of six doctors who worked in another emergency department.
The latest revelation to dog Niagara Health is that it is running a deficit again. The hospital is forecasting a deficit of $3-million for the 2010-11 fiscal year and $7-million the following year, according to a copy of an internal memo obtained by The Globe. The shortfall comes even though Niagara Health received an additional $14-million a year in funding last February to help cover operating costs.")

What Howlett should have focused on, and for some reason completely missed, were the real reasons why the HIP was created in the first place!

It was Ontario's monopoly-enforcing Liberals who forced the NHS to create the HIP;
it was the Liberals who accepted the NHS's subsequent Dr. Jack Kitts-approved HIP;
and then it was the Liberals who ordered the NHS to implement this LIBERAL-REQUESTED, LIBERAL-APPROVED, and LIBERAL-ACCEPTED, HIP!!

The NHS complied with the Liberal government's every order! The Liberals used the McGuinty/Smitherman-created LHIN as their proxy to do the dirty deed.

The McGuinty Liberal government knew full well every detail of the HIP report. The Liberals knew the hospital ER's were to be closed!! The Liberals knew that the deficits at the underfunded NHS were not going to end!! (....because the Ontario Liberals SET the budgets; the Ontario Liberals create the never-ending 'underfunding' crises!!)
They knew this prior to forcing the NHS to implement the HIP! This was pre-ordained from the beginning.

None of this was a surprise to the Liberals! Yet today, somehow, the blame is all on the NHS, on Sevenpifer, but not on the Liberals who run Ontario's health-care monopoly!


In Karena Walter's take on this story in the Jan.19, 2011 St.Catharines Standard website, there was, predictably for the Standard, no mention of, or comments from, St.Catharines Liberal MPP Jim Bradley!! Why should there be? Bradley's got nothin' to do with the health-care system! haha. Was Bradley even asked by the St.Catharines Standard Bradley Bootlicker for his comments on Sevenpifer's firing?

But the pisshead Liberal MPP Kim Craitor was found in the story, whining on about... wait for it... waaaiiit for it: yep - about MIKE HARRIS!!

This disgusting Liberal shit IS STILL blaming Mike Harris for what Craitor's OWN LIBERAL GOVERNMENT has been doing for seven years!!

Kim, remember to say "Thank-you, Mr. Smitherman".

It was Kim Craitor and his Liberal government [...not Mike Harris!] who forced the NHS to create the HIP!
It was Craitor's own Liberal government which did that, proudly led by Dalton McGuinty!
It was Craitor's own Liberal government [not Harris!!] which created the LHIN - which became the NHS's new political puppetmaster!

Kimmy knows all this though; Kimmy knows full well that his own incompetent, monopoly-pushing Liberal hacks have devastated health-care not just in Niagara, but province-wide!
Kimmy's hoping to spread his own version of anti-Harris 'blood-libel', hoping that other insane people will fall prey to believe his disingenuous drivel.

It wasn't Harris who shut down two hospital emergency rooms in Niagara, Kimmy: it was your own Liberal government. You do understand that, eh??????????

[Now, what's interesting about the above-mentioned story by Karena Walter, which appeared on the Standard's website on Jan.19, 2011, is that it was changed the next day (Jan.20) in the actual printed-paper-edition. The following part of the story (which was in Walter's column on Jan.19 on the website) was removed the next day from the printed edition of the same story:

"...Niagara Falls Liberal MPP Kim Craitor said the board's decision won't change the focus of what he's been saying for the past six years — that when the old health care system was brought in by the Mike Harris government, residents were promised the NHS would provide better health care and be more cost-efficient.

"It is time to look and see if we've gotten the results that we were told were going to happen when they restructured," Craitor said.

Niagara Falls Mayor Jim Diodati said the move acknowledges some problems with the NHS, but doesn't go far enough.

"I think it's a good start, but I think the issue runs much deeper than the CEO," Diodati said. "Changing the captain of a sinking ship doesn't really change the problem."

Niagara Falls council voted unanimously Monday to ask the provincial government to appoint an independent investigator to look into the management of the NHS. Afterward, provincial Health Minister Deb Matthews said no investigator would be appointed."

The above paragraphs, which were there in Walter's Jan.19, 2011 web-version of the story, did not appear in Walter's column the next day, Jan.20, in the actual printed edition of the St.Catharines Standard. Diodati's and Craitor's names and comments were completely omitted in the re-edited version of the story!]

Liberal-pandering can be seen as well, over at Niagara This Week in their Jan.19, 2011 report by Melinda Cheevers, where Cheevers writes that Debbie Sevenpifer "spearheaded the NHS’s controversial “hospital improvement program,” which saw services centralized and emergency rooms in Fort Erie and Port Colborne closed."

Wow - lookit that folks: Debbie just "spearheaded" all this, ALL BY HERSELF!!
Neither Craitor, nor Bradley - in fact, no Liberal, anywhere in Ontario - had anything to do with it!!!! Deb did it all!

No mention at all from "reporter" Cheevers of how Liberals such as George Smitherman and Kim Craitor and Jim Bradley FORCED the NHS into making the HIP cuts!!

No mention from "reporter" Cheevers about how both of McGuinty's health ministers who served after Smitherman - David Caplan and Deb Matthews - also REFUSED to challenge, to review, or to rescind the HIP plan - WHICH THEIR OWN LIBERAL government forced the NHS to make!!
They ALL had a chance to cancel the HIP, yet, they declined to cancel it, and in fact kept on supporting and defending the HIP!! Yet "reporter" Cheevers somehow just plain forgot to mention any of that haha!! Somehow, only Sevenpifer alone was the 'spearheader'!!!

In the fall of 2008, Niagara's scumbag Liberal MPP Jim Bradley SAID NOTHING about the Kitts HIP report, the health-care-cutting plan which Bradley's buddy Smitherman forced the NHS to create and implement!!!

Why would "reporter" Cheevers mention any of this, eh - the Liberals had nothing to do with any of this!! hahahahah. The Liberals are here to help us, bless them...!

Deb did it all. Yep...

"Reporter" Cheevers does make sure to mention Jim Diodati's spouting off about the NHS, but "reporter" Cheevers neglects to report (!) that Diodati is a Liberal hack, who was eager to join McGuinty; so when Diodati now blabs about "the issues go much deeper than the CEO", what's he actually talking about? It can't go much deeper than admitting the complicity of Diodati's own beloved Ontario Liberal monopoly-pushing incompetent party in the NHS's 'problems' - can it, Jim?! Don't Diodati's Liberal asshole buddies Kim Craitor and Jim Bradley have anything to do with this latest Liberal Mess in the NHS?!

We are supposed to believe this crap from Williscraft's ass-kissing Liberal friendly rag, that Sevenpifer personally "spearheaded" all these cuts, while McGuinty's Liberal scumbags - the NHS's monopolist overseers, and Sevenpifer's political superiors - were not in any way involved; and were not the original instigators behind the whole thing!!?

The blatant, disingenuous spin is unreal!

Hope Sevenpifer sues for wrongful dismissal. She's lucky to get out of this Kafka-esque McGuintyist health-care horror.

And, why the hell is Betty-Lou Souter still on the NHS board??

If Sevenpifer was deemed worthy of firing - THEN ALL OF THE NHS BOARD should have been dismissed. As I had written several times, a provincial Supervisor should have been appointed by the Liberals YEARS AGO to take over the NHS and remove the board; thereby enabling constant ombudsman scrutiny of the going's-on at the NHS.

McGuinty's secretive, ignorant Liberals have continuously refused to do that! (see here; here)

This firing of Sevenpifer is a cowardly act, and a hollow "victory" for the yellow-shirt socialist champagne drinkers; this entire government-appointed NHS board is as equally complicit as Sevenpifer was. This whole gang was allowed to operate by, was directed by - and was [under]funded by - McGuinty's Liberal government.
Souter knew it, and has publicly acknowledged this.

In Niagara there are only two persons responsible for Sevenpifer's alleged transgressions: Liberal MPP's Jim Bradley and Kim Craitor.

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