Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The "blood-libel" spin at the St.Catharines Standard

It was funny (no, sad... pathetic, really...) to read Grant Lafleche's St.Catharines Standard column Jan.15, 2011, and to see how this newpaper, the epitome of the "lamestream media" in Niagara, functions.
Here is a Standard reporter who for years, throughout numerous stories, has worked diligently to provide fawning support to the Liberal government; in many stories, if the subject of the story is a provincial issue, the Liberals are simply not even mentioned. The biased spin, the Liberal-friendly treacle from Lafleche and the St. Catharines Standard is palpable.
The Jan.15 column is indicative of how the Standard's cross-border liberal-friendly smarm works.
Lafleche's column exists solely to bash Sarah Palin, in the guise of saying she is not to blame for the Tuscon murders!
[This is obvious - we didn't need Lafleche to 'prove' Palin's innocence, since she was not connected to the murders, despite most of the lamestream leftist media's lookit-we-told-you-so allegations; no, Lafleche's column was a slick opportunity to simply attack Palin and conservatives.]
Lafleche chortles derisively over how dumb Palin is, and how she's too stupid to know - as Lafleche sagely does (because he's opining on the... ah... facts) - about the supposed anti-semitism in her use of the term blood-libel.

Gawrsh, Lafleche's is so smart, and Palin's so stupid, cuz she's a conservative, and stupid conservatives everywhere, even in Canada, believe in 'sky-gods' - right, Grant?!

Can't wait for Lafleche to spin and rationalize Democrat Steve Cohen's use of the same term - "blood libel" - in a nasty smear against all U.S. Republicans to score political points in a fear-mongering ploy to shove obamacare onto Americans.

It's ok for Cohen to babble about nazi Goebells, though - as long as conservatives are smeared, right?! You betcha it is! There's no 'emotional jingoism' there, right!! Grant Lafleche won't bother to write about that, as only a dumb conservative's use of the term is offensive; having an educated Democrat use the term simply shows that the particular Democrat - similar to Lafleche - is... um... "smart" and "well-meaning".

Many of us have no use for Lafleche's tainted-reports nor his religion-bashing opinions. The great wise Lafleche has no problems attacking priests. What about rabbis, Grant - are you going to put a bag over their heads and hit them with a club, as you say you'd like to do to priests?!
John Robbins (in a July 9, 2015 Bullet News story) also finally tagged onto Lafleche's years of intolerant smarmbaggery.

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