Tuesday, December 4, 2012

For Gord Miller, Liberal GreenFear-monger Jim Bradley hasn't destroyed Ontario's economy fast enough

Oh, it is absolutely hilarious - in the most pathetic way - how Liberal MPP Jim Bradley and Gord Miller are now arguing about global warming!

As far as Miller is concerned, Jim the Kyodiot Bradley and his Ontario Liberals - astoundingly - have NOT YET DONE ENOUGH damage to Ontario's economy!! What a phony GreenFear-scripted I'm-greener-than-you stage-play this is!!

Too bad that both of these GreenFear-spreading clowns don't heed David Evans' position in "Why I recanted", (National Post, Aug.30, 2008), that

"There is no evidence to support the idea that carbon emissions cause significant global warming. None."


"So far that debate has just consisted of a simple sleight of hand: show evidence of global warming, and while the audience is stunned at the implications, simply assert that it is due to carbon emissions.

In the minds of the audience, the evidence that global warming has occurred becomes conflated with the alleged cause, and the audience hasn't noticed that the cause was merely asserted, not proved.

If there really was any evidence that carbon emissions caused global warming, don't you think we would have heard all about it ad nauseam by now?

The world has spent $50-billion on global warming since 1990, and we have not found any actual evidence that carbon emissions cause global warming. Evidence consists of observations made by someone at some time that supports the idea that carbon emissions cause global warming. Computer models and theoretical calculations are not evidence, they are just theory."

Here we are in Dec.2012 [...after countless more billions were wasted just in Ontario alone on McGuinty's GreenFear experiments...] watching Bradley and Miller putting on quite the show in their sleight-of-hand act; all that's missing is for McGuinty-supporter David Suzuki to wander in, for the it's-all-settled GreenStoogery to be complete.

Note where Robert Benzie writes: "The environmental watchdog also noted Ontario has yet to formally announce when it would enter the Western Climate Initiative’s cap-and-trade program."

Ahh yes: the ole WCI... the other GreenFear-inspired bureaucratic-beard, which collapsed a while ago... so, tell us, Jim Bradley, when is your carbon tax going into effect!!!?

We all know that Jimmy's cash-starved Liberals would have already implemented their McGuinty Climate Tax, with or without the WCI-ruse: it's just that they desperately needed a majority to shove this further monstrous tax-gouge onto Ontario. (as they did with their health tax and their HST and their eco-tax)

So, don't worry, Gordo: Good Ole Jimmy Bradley wants to destroy Ontario just as much - if not more - than you do.

 Precious... just precious, how these money-hungry little GreenFear-pushing demagogues operate...

Justin Trudeau: Son of Fuddle-Duddle's Flip-Flops

Further to an earlier post here ...

... talk about the pathetic vaudeville act which Stephane Bumbledore Dion brought to the Liberal party - it looks like Drama Boy Justin Trudeau is now looking to capture Dion's laughable aura.

By Dec.4, 2012, Trudeau has flip-flopped AGAIN on the gun registry issue, telling us that "if we had a vote tomorrow, I would vote once again to keep the long-gun registry".

'WTF?', you may rightly ask!

Justin just several days ago, on Nov.30, 2012, claimed that the gun-registry was "a failure". Now, he says, he would still vote for it again, having just told us he thought it was a failure! This Liberal wannabe leader is as incoherent as Stephane Dion ever was - and he can't blame it away on any accent, either.

It's becoming quite true that there's "no true in Trudeau" - it's just the same old typical lefty moral-equivalency-pandering tactic, as usual, applicable to a host of their malleable positions.

When is this Liberal Trudeau ever telling us the truth?
Last week?
A little later from now?!
When he's in Quebec?!
When he's not in Quebec?
For the entire time when, as an MP, he supported the registry, and did not vote to abolish it, even though he now claims it was "a failure"?!

When did the registry suddenly morph into "a failure", for an opportunistic Justin? When he saw possible votes? What a base panderer!

We need only to recall back when the bumbling, hapless Dion was shovelling his GreenShift sh!t throughout Canada in 2008, that Dion was constantly shoving his foot in his mouth, policy-wise, yet, Liberal apologists have since created a mythical narrative that this was someone else's - not Dion's - doing!

Get ready for the same kind of spin (Warren Kinsella's probably manufacturing some already) to help cover for Justin's vacuous vacillation - that somehow, all this was a misunderstanding, that the whole thing was out of context, and, nevertheless, made up by others to smear the earnest, entitled, coiffed fruit of Pirouetting Pierre's loins.

Justin Trudeau - whose motto is that others, but not him, are 'full of shit'  - set out, as he admitted, to smear Harper, yet all that the hallowed Son of Fuddle Duddle managed to do, was only smear himself. So: that is why Justin would be a great Liberal leader...can't wait, really...

The McGuinty/Smitherman/Bradley Liberal Green disaster

J.C. Bourque wrote in "A warning for Ontario: government-led innovation rarely works" Globe and Mail, Dec.4, 2012:

"Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty has presided over a precipitous economic decline – a fact confirmed by Roger Martin’s most recent Institute for Competitiveness and Prosperity report. The province is experiencing a long-term drop in prosperity vis-a-vis its North American peers. Five years on from the financial crisis and more than a month after the announcement of his resignation, Premier McGuinty’s Jobs and Prosperity Council is set to offer up ideas on how to reverse the province’s economic decline.
Like the Drummond report, this document may prove decisive in framing the public policy debate for the current Liberal leadership race and, more important, the next election. Judging from a recent TVO panel, intervention may become the order of the day. Twentieth-century policy shorthands such as “industrial policy” and “sector supports” are being resurrected. The promotion of fuzzy policies around “innovation” and “clusters” continues unabated.
Government-led economic development and innovation initiatives usually fail and, in fact, often cause more harm than good. As the Ontario government finally turns its attention to the economy, here is a list of the biggest reasons why such government initiatives are so unsuccessful and frequently damaging..."

"...Many governments, looking for ideas to spur economic growth, cast an eye to successful examples of government action around the globe. Understanding successful government initiatives is certainly a good part of public policy development. However, copying other governments can often be a recipe for failure. It should not be forgotten that the genesis for the McGuinty government’s Green Energy Act was a 2008 tour of Europe by then-energy-minister George Smitherman. He was impressed with the apparent economic success of green energy policies in Germany and other European countries. The newspaper accounts at the time are interesting to read in light of the policy’s uncertain future and failure to engender “green jobs”:
“Imagine a world where we could emulate their success?” asks an animated Mr. Smitherman, 44, who later turns to Amy Tang, an adviser sitting across the table. “Sorry, now I’m getting all worked up. Am I frothing at the mouth?”
And “emulate” the province did. What the province failed to understand was that other European nations had a full decade head start over Ontario, that the economic/energy structure of Germany was not at all analogous to that of Ontario and that China was about to enter the renewables market in a big way. Understanding the key drivers of our own jurisdiction’s success is far more important than grafting on a strategy developed elsewhere. Instead of travelling to Germany for his policies, the then-minister should have strolled not 20 minutes down University Avenue from Queen’s Park, where a huge statue honoring Sir Adam Beck, the father of our hydro-electric system, is inscribed to remind us of his genius in allowing Ontario to “enjoy the benefits of low-cost electrical energy.” Hopefully, we have finally learned that aping other jurisdictions rarely works.
Rent seeking
Perhaps the most insidious effect of government interventions in the economy is “rent seeking.” Rent seeking occurs when actors gain a share of economic value through setting the political and economic rules, rather than through innovation or growing economic activity. These efforts create significant distortions in the broader economy, destroying value and economic potential throughout.
Industry structure is an important determinant to whether “rents” can be extracted. Telecom and the airline industry are examples of industry structures that keep economic value in the hands of a few firms, rather than spreading the fruits of productivity to consumers and the broader economy. As the Globe and Mail has pointed out, the structure of these industries has acted as a substantial drag on Canadian productivity.
A specific example in Ontario is when municipalities and the broader public sector are forced into “closed tendering” because of labour agreements. The results are predictable: when only one group has a monopoly on government contracts, the cost of services skyrockets. One City of Hamilton report estimated the extra construction costs due to being forced into “closed tendering” were as high as 40 per cent.
Often, the rationale for granting economic rents is to “protect” jobs and economic activity; the reality is far different..."
We all remember Dalton McGuinty smugly lecturing us how his statist Liberals would be the ones proudly picking the 'winners' and (consequently) creating the 'losers'.

We remember the whole 'Niagara is the Green (fear) Capital of Canada' propaganda campaign, don't we?! Rent seekers - what rent seekers, eh?!

Green jobs - what green jobs?! Green tax-debt-subsidized state-orchestrated make-work projects, y'mean?!

Ask Liberal MPP (Ontario's Environment Minister) Jim Bradley where specifically those 50,000 Liberal green jobs are, which he and his lying Ontario Liberals claim they have created!! Oh... and if you do manage to see secretive Jimmy, ask him (...because, no St.Catharines Standard reporter ever will...) how many net jobs he has created, after accounting for all the jobs which were lost directly due to Jim Bradley's GreenFear-paranonoia-induced Liberal ideology!

It was nice of Bourque to point out George Smitherman back in 2008, frothing at the mouth about 'green energy', plotzing happily in his diapers at the thought of having the state direct an entire industry, solely through Smitherman's own hallucinogenic vision. And yet that Grit stink Smitherman had the audacity to pop up from obscurity to lecture Rob Ford about "accountability" - considering that whatever Smitherman had touched in office, immediately turned into an incompetent, costly disaster! George Smitherman: Touchdown For Hypocrisy!

Voila: Smitherman's secret Samsung deal, lauded with praise - by unaccountable Liberals!!
Voila: Wind turbines forced onto rural land, with municipalities unable to fight back!
Voila: McGuinty - billions in the red!
Voila: Hydro rates sky-high, while Jim Bradley sells subsidized power to the Americans, to... um... ahh... "save the Planet From Peril"...!!
Voila: Liberal cowards ran away from Parliament - and also prorogued it! - when Ontarians finally demanded answers regarding McGuinty's and Jim Bradley's disastrous long-con Big Green Lie.
Fast forward to July 20, 2013, to Jim Merriam's column in the St.Catharines Standard, "Lots of spin by supporters of turbines", where Merriam writes of how on July 15, 2013 (during the heat wave, hour 17) Ontario's wind turbines were producing 47 MW of power - in other words: they were contributing less than 0.2% of peak demand of 24,025 MW.
It was a paltry, pathetic performance - and a supremely expensive one, at that.
It's funny how Merriam does not bother to  mention that it was Dalton McGuinty's high-school-educated genius George Smitherman, who cooked up this green wind turbine fiasco. These are the numbers which a secretive Smitherman, in his haste to satiate his buddy Liberal colleague Jim Bradley's global-warming Greenfear-mongering, neglected to tell Ontario's taxpayers about.
These nutters went on a bender with their green binge windy fiasco, in order (according to their green delusions) to supposedly 'save the planet from doom' - as seen by Dalton McGuinty's bald-faced GreenFear-induced lies, openly peddled on television to Sean Mallen in 2009.
Merriam, in his July 20, 2013 story, doesn't bother to examine the clear links [evident for over a decade, even before McGuinty's first election] between the subject of his column, and the GreenFear lies spewed by Liberal doom-spreaders such as Dalton McGuinty, Jim Bradley, George Smitherman, and the entire Ontario Liberal Party.
(Merriam doesn't even mention the word "Liberal" in his story!!! Wow: it's as if it was some other party which ran Ontario into the ground for the last decade!!!)
Merriam didn't bother to examine how a decade's worth of Ontario Liberal Party GreenFear-based climate-lies directly led to the Ontario GreenFear-induced energy disaster we now have.
Merriam (like the Standard's Wendy Metcalfe; like legions of wrong-righting media hacks before and since) failed to detail St.Catharines Liberal MPP Jim Bradley's decades of GreenFear activism, and failed to ask for, and examine, Jim Bradley's specific "evidence" that climate change is man-made, and that socialism is the cure.
After all, Jim Bradley is only Ontario's Liberal environment minister (!!) - so, teehee, what relevance could Bradley's decades of GreenFear-peddling have, to articles such as Merriam's, which end up telling us half the story about the expensive half-baked GreenFear-based delusions of Ontario's Liberal climate-lying machine - right?!!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Buffalo N.Y. health-care a solution to Ontario Liberal monopoly failures?

Further to this previous post here ...

... where is the vociferous left-wing opposition to this cross-border health care proposal?!!

As Allan Benner wrote in "Cross border hospital services pitched" (Welland Tribune, Nov.26, 2012):

"PORT COLBORNE - Dr. Nick Hopkins recalled a stroke patient who arrived the Gates Vascular Institute paralyzed and unable to speak.
Not long ago, that patient would have spent her remaining years in a nursing home — if she patient survived.
Instead, she walked out of the hospital a day later to carry on with a normal life. One that Hopkins learned recently included participation in a San Diego marathon six months after she was discharged from the Buffalo institute.
“This is the kind of result we can get,” Hopkins said, adding it’s an example of “a whole new paradigm for the treatment of acute stroke” offered over the river.
“Right now there’s no place in southern Ontario where you can get that kind of treatment.”
Hopkins was one of several physicians and health care administrators from Kaleida Health hospital system in Buffalo as well as the University of Rochester Medical Centre who visited Port Colborne Monday to meet with South Niagara Health Care Corp. to discuss the benefits of crossing the border to access medical services that are not available locally.
South Niagara Health Care Corp. general manager Joanne Ferraccioli said that kind partnership is not without precedent.
She said Dr. Gord Vail, a physician from Windsor, worked with the Local Health Integrated Network, the provincial government and hospitals in Detroit to allow select patients to travel to Detroit for treatments not available in the Windsor area.
As a result, she said it has resulted in better outcomes for select patients “and the reimbursement rate through OHIP is actually lower, it’s actually more fiscally responsible.”
Patients are returned to Canada for all their post-operative care, she added.
South Niagara Health Care Corp. is hoping to develop an initiative similar to the Windsor-Detroit partnership to benefit south Niagara and beyond, allowing easier access to medical services in nearby U.S. cities. It would, however, ultimately require approval from the Ministry of Health and LHIN.
“If someone is very sick with a heart attack, you should send them to Buffalo as the closest hospital,” stressed Dr. David Janicke of Kaleida Health.
“It’s extremely important to get your patients … your citizens to an acute care hospital as quickly as possible and if there isn’t one close by, nothing could be better than a hospital that’s 20 or 30 minutes away.”
Hopkins said the Buffalo facility also allows medical specialists to work more closely together to offer better patient care.
He recalled one patient undergoing surgery for a stroke.
“(The patient) had a cardiac arrest on the table. In the old days six months ago, that would have been a Chinese fire drill. We would have been scrambling to find a cardiologist, but now within a few seconds we had two cardiologists in the room barking out orders and taking care of the heart while we went ahead and fixed the head.""

Where's the NDP, trotting out that old chestnut about 'Tommy Douglas spinning in his grave'?
Where's Naomi Lakritz?
Where's Barbara Yaffe?
Where's Mike Dukakis??
Where's Linda Silas to guilt us about our 'national spirit'?
Where's Sicko Michael Moore?
Where's Mike McBane?
Where's Richard Murri?
Where's Liberal-appointed NHS supervisor Kevin Smith, lecturing us all about the "Canadian Way"?
Where's Liberal Kim Craitor, bragging about the superiority of his Liberal monstrous single-payer health-care monopoly?!
Where's Jim Bradley, whining about the dangers of evil, two-tier privatized American health care?! Where's Jim Bradley's rhetorical chestnut, warning us about that nefarious 'Slippery Slope' of 'U.S.-style health-care'?!

{Let's not forget: right now there's a Liberal leadership race going on in McGuinty-prorogued Ontario; yet, none of those Liberal leadership hacks - one of whom will, sickeningly, become Ontario's unelected Premier - has said a thing about this proposal! Isn't now the time for these Liberal leaders to unanimously condemn this proposal?!}

For years, Liberals smugly derided Buffalo's health care system - all the while shuffling Ontario patients to Buffalo and other U.S. cities, because Ontario's Liberal-run health monopoly could not provide patients the required care in their own country!

After all these years of Jim Bradley's Liberal healthcare duplicity and rhetoric; after all of Jim Bradley's anti-American jingoism; after all of Jim Bradley's incessant health-care cuts and health-care tax-increases - Jim Bradley's Liberal single-payer, state-run health monopoly still cannot deliver the Utopian care which Bradley for decades claimed it could.

Why is Liberal loud mouth Jim 'I-hate-doctors' Bradley now suddenly silent, in the face of such dastardly intrusion, unfolding right on Jimmy's own doorstep in Niagara?!

Why is Ole Jimmy not smugly railing on and on about how these Yankees aren't welcome in Canada, the same way Bradley and his buddy Smitherman did when they ridiculously agitated against the U.S. company Lifeline, by 'deputizing Ontarians to stop them at the border'  ?!! (see: here pg.44-45, and here, and here, and here and here)

Did the editors of the St.Catharines Standard bother asking their Liberal buddy 'Silent Jim' Bradley about this proposal?! (...of course not!! Jimmy's protected from media scrutiny!!)

Will GreenFear-monger Liberal Jim Bradley ever explain his role in botching Ontario's economy?

Further to previous posts here and here and here ...

... Andy Frame writes about "The big Ontario power-plant question, Will the Liberals ever explain their botched site-selection process?" (Dec.3, 2012 Hamilton Spectator), but oddly, he doesn't specifically mention former Liberal Energy Minister Brad Duguid's role in this McGuinty-energy-fiasco.

Why didn't Frame bother to question Duguid's claims (as reported Oct.7, 2010) that not only was the Oakville gas-plant's power suddenly not needed, but that the Oakville plant was NOT going to be rebuilt anywhere else in Ontario?!! Both of these points are relevant to Frame's story!

Doesn't anyone remember Duguid's smarmy claims, which we have since seen, turned out to be Liberal lies?!?

(...and, note, Duguid said this in 2010, a year prior to the Mississauga-plant also being cancelled!!)

Frame keeps asking "why not the Lakeview site", which is a good question, yet which, however, ignores the fact that Duguid claimed the power from the cancelled-Oakville plant was not needed in Ontario, anywhere, in the first place!! So, on that basis - why would any site be needed, at all??

Perhaps instead of Frame asking "why not the Lakeview site", Frame should be questioning 'why the Lakeview site'  [...not to mention 'why the Lennoxville-Bath site' and 'why the Sarnia site'...] based on what Duguid had said in 2010: that more electrical power was no longer required, so no replacement plant would be built, at any site!

... and on that line of thought:
... if  (as Duguid claimed in 2010) the power was not needed from the cancelled-Oakville gas plant in 2010, then that would have signified that, similarly, the power would also not be needed from the next-to-be-cancelled Mississauga gas plant, in 2011 - yet, both were announced to be replaced elsewhere, completely contradicting Duguid's statements! So: was the power 'needed' or 'not needed'?!

... and also: if the Oakville power was not needed in 2010, then why did McGuinty's Liberals nevertheless continue with the development of the Mississauga site - only to cancel it at the last minute in the middle of  the 2011 election??!!!

Frame should also try to contact (since the St.Catharines Standard certainly won't bother) the elusive Kyoto-GreenFear-peddler, Liberal MPP Jim Bradley (Ontario's currently-prorogued Environment Minister) to learn about the status and timing of the environmental approvals for these sites.

But as we have seen, secretive Liberal Jim Bradley doesn't much like answering pesky questions, especially when he is Personally Saving The Planet From Climate-Change Peril and Doom!!

As Frame writes: "What has been happening for at least five years is now evident. The McGuinty government has made political decisions that override power planning decisions and these decisions have cost millions of dollars. The result is higher hydro bills for residential customers. Ontario industrial customers will have much higher costs, which will lower their competitive position, and the Ontario economy will suffer."

This is exactly what Bradley and McGuinty were warned about in 2002-2003, when they were pushing for Kyoto.

These Liberals ignored the warnings then, and negligently plowed ahead with their idiotic GreenFear-paranoia-induced energy experimentation. Then when their Climate Change/Global Warming/Kyodiot house of GreenFear-fraud collapsed, they ran for cover and prorogued Ontario's Parliament.

Go ahead: ask Jim Bradley exactly why he and his disgusting Liberals ran away from accountability in the House: it was because they simply didn't feel like answering pesky questions from the opposition!

And now look at what these Liberal scum have wrought upon our province.

"Open climate-letter" to UN not so open in Niagara press

Further to previous posts here and here...

...the next time Niagara This Week's Paul Forsyth, or the St.Catharines Standard's Bernie Puchalski, or some other eager GreenFear-peddler from the Niagara press, sees Liberal MPP Jim 'Mr.Kyoto' Bradley, they might ask Ole GreenJimmy to comment on this open letter to the United Nations' Ban Ki-Moon

Maybe they can even bother to report Great Hallowed EnviroJimmy's sage response!