Thursday, March 4, 2010

Ooops - Smitherman suddenly remembers he HAD something to do with McGuinty's eHealth fiasco!!

Oh, this is precious: McGuinty's disastrous old health and energy minister, and wannabe Toronto mayor, George Smitherman is now - get this - floating the idea of private sector involvement in TTC transit and garbage collection!! (here)
This is from the dictatorial Liberal ideologue who railed against ANY dilution of McGuinty's Liberal-enforced health monopoly? Ole Shitty Smitty now wants, what....?! Competition?!!
What a pandering, opportunistic hypocrite - typical slimebag Liberal.
Smitherman, the idologue, never said the same thing about healthcare - and he should have, years ago, in 2003.
Smitherman also kept pretending that he had nothing at all to do with the billion-dollar eHealth spending scandal - yet now admits (Mar.4, 2010, on Agar's CFRB show) that he should have been "more attentive"! Now, Shitty Smitty - who as McGuinty's bagboy never met a tax he didn't like - wants to portray this cultivated, fake image that somehow he's Mr.Fiscally Responsible!!!
Come on...!
Remember: this duplicity is from Dalton McGuinty's hand-picked incompetent, bullshitting health and energy minister; this is from McGuinty's hand-picked deputy premier of Ontario!!!!!!!!!!
This is from the ideologue who cut health funding while enforcing an ideological health monopoly; who was against patient-payer choice in Ontario; who sent cancer patients like Suzanne Aucoin to the U.S. to obtain their treatments - and then pretended (along with secretive Liberal MPP Jim Bradley) that he knew nothing about it!! (see Liberal Healthcare Duplicity here, page 70)
Who the flick can take this snake Slitherman seriously?

Time for McGuinty to walk, not talk

Antonella Artuso wrote in "Time to talk health care" (Toronto Sun, Mar.4, 2010,[]):

"Premier Dalton McGuinty wants to engage Ontarians in a conversation about the future of health care as the expensive ministry threatens to gobble up the entire budget.

Health care already consumes 42 cents of every Ontario tax dollar and is projected to consume more than 50% of the budget at some point between 2013-2015.

“They tell me that in 12 years it will be 70 cents on the dollar if we continue at the existing rate of growth,” McGuinty said Wednesday. “So it will crowd out many of our other programs that are highly valued by Ontarians.”

The McGuinty government has signalled that its Throne Speech Monday will begin a dialogue with the health care sector and Ontarians on how to preserve the system without breaking the bank.

Health care threatens the budget for education, the environment, business investment and supports for the vulnerable, the premier said.

“We want all those things — we don’t just want health care — and we need to find a way to come to grips with that,” he said.

The Liberals introduced a health care premium and delisted some services such as routine eye exams during their first term of office.

Finance Minister Dwight Duncan said they are not looking at specific cost cutting measures like trimming salaries.

Instead, the government wants to look at ways to make the system sustainable over the long term, he said.

“No questions that the aging of the boomer population is going to have a dramatic impact on long-term care,” he said. “That’s one of the reasons we’ve been so focused on post-retirement income. One of the concerns that I have is that our generation doesn’t save the way our parents did.”

NDP Leader Andrea Horwath said the government’s messaging around health care raises “alarm bells” that they’re about to embark on spending cuts.

Various parts of the province are already dealing with nursing layoffs and emergency room closures, she said.

Tory MPP Peter Shurman said the government needs to spend its health care dollars more wisely, pointing to the $1 billion eHealth Ontario boondoggle as an example of mismanagement of precious resources."

Time to talk!?
With that arrogant Liberal, McGuinty?!
Oh, please.
It's time for McGuinty to walk.
Ontario's Premier Liar, Dalton McGuinty, isn't really interested in any engagement of conversation regarding health care!!
Remember: What Deceiving Dalton says, ain't what Duplicitous Dalton means.
Double-speaking Dalton has done his best to avoid the scrutiny of the Ombudsman and the Auditor when it comes to health care.
This Liberal scumbag, and his smarmy Liberal ministers, have refused to answer my questions regarding their failing monopolist health-care policies!
McGuinty isn't interested in any health care reform in Ontario - this is simply a PR exercise, offering appearance for substance.
Sure... go talk - Dalton ain't listening.
Monopolist Liberals such as McGuinty and MPP Jim Bradley sailed through the 2007 provincial election barely even mentioning health care!!!
The stink of Smitherman was all over McGuinty's failing monopolist policies already then - yet Liar McGuinty wasn't interested in any kind of dialogue - see here!
Dalton's Liberals were only interested in enforcing Tommy Douglas' failed socialist single-payer health care ideology: see Liberal Healthcare Duplicity!!
Nevertheless - Mcguinty's government continued to spend like proverbial Drunken Liberals.
Yet now we're told - in Mar.2010 - that healthcare sending eats up (only!) 42% of the entire Ontario budget!??
So -was Dalton lying then - before the 2007 election, see video here - or, is McGuinty lying now??
Secretive MPP Jim Bradley didn't bother to answer my questions about that; neither did the health minister.
When McGuinty coyly now says "health care threatens the budget for education... environment... etc." - we should remember that it is McGuinty and his gang of ideologues who have threatened and severely mismanaged Ontario's health care system!
Every McGuinty Liberal MPP in Ontario is the problem.