Yep - and Chris' story could possibly go down in the history book of GreenFear propaganda as being story # 30,001 where David Phillips got away without having to face any challenge about how whatever he's talking about, has anything to do with man made climate change!! 
That's over 30,000+ Cagey Tango performances!! And this count is from five years ago -  from 2013 ! - and nothing else in the Cagey template has changed except for the increasing story count! There have certainly been several thousand MORE interviews since (Cagey has a voracious appetite to spread his climactic seed) yet, the "Climate Change" aspect of Cagey's blusterings, remain CENSORED; remain VERBOTEN; remain SUPPRESSED; remain UNCHALLENGED! 
(Let''s remember, as we saw in Chapter 13, how Cagey Dave himself REFUSED 'to go there' refused to go to the "climate change" topic, on a CBC interview !! And this was on a CBC interview, for gaia's sake - they are Cagey's best pals! Who "suppressed" Cagey then, in 2017?!! Still blamin' "Harper"  heh heh?! Funny how the CBC didn't blame Trudeau for 'suppressing science', when Turdo's own State Climatologist wouldn't talk about climate change to Turdo's own State Broadcaster..!)

These interviewers eagerly dance around the climate change issue with Cagey, making moves in coordination as if they are talking about climate change; they spin and they twirl, pedaling their two-step climate-shill in unison, as if they were one, until they're sweaty and spent and created another fresh precious sweet little bundle of 'AGW evidence'. 
Ahh, yes... happy times, indeed... Good times, them days... them 30,000 tangos... 
All those decades of sordid dirty dancing; all those mutually-beneficial Cagey Tango 'interviews', yet NO 'man made climate change' evidence!! But sh!tloads of AGW innuendo!!
Here we have a typical Cagey Tango interview, where man made climate change is COMPLETELY IGNORED by the interviewer, Chris Fox!.
Did someone order Chris Fox NOT to mention the subject of climate change to David Phillips?! Was someone suppressing either Chris Fox, or David Phillips, from saying ANYTHING about climate change? Were they being "suppressed " by anyone?
Or were they pulling this off all by themselves??! 
{Remember back in Chapter 3 how Cagey's ole pal Phil Chadwick was openly despairing over how somehow Cagey was someone's victim, how Cagey suffered mightily under somekind of "circumstances" which mysteriously prevented Cagey from talking about climate change! This was happily reported by TorStar's Amy Dempsey - no evidence necessary!}
So let's ask again: who in this CP24 report was 'suppressed'; and how?!?! The only thing that can be said, is that they themselves self-censored, they themselves decided to suppress the man made climate change issue -  they decided NOT to deal with anything to do with climate change - while interviewing Canada's Senior Climatologist!!!!
COME ON: just LOOK at the massiveness of this GreenFear con job! 
The closest to anything related to climate change that Chris Fox bothered to ask was "....we have had lots of extreme weather lately to the point that I have ask if we can even call it extreme at this point. Is it just the new norm?"
Chris Fox didn't specify what he even meant by terms such as 'extreme weather' or 'new norm'. Those were media-created memes which we all were led to believe that are representations OF man made climate change.
David Phillips cagily did not address the specifics of Chris Fox's terminology, which Fox used to lead into his question; Phillips cagily used Chris' assumptions to create this equally non-committal 'answer':
"We have always had extreme weather but it seems more complex now. It beats us up more."
So there you go: what did Chris Fox think he asked Canada's Cagiest Climatologist? And what does Chris think of Cagey's answer - did he actually get an answer to what he thought was his question?! Did Cagey 'satisfy' Fox?
Here's the REST of Cagey's blabbering 'answer': 
"...It is almost as if our grandparents were able to deal with that weather. They didn’t have to pick up the kids from daycare, they didn’t have to go to that social meeting and they were more resigned to the weather. But now because we have changed the impacts have changed. There is a sense that the weather is also getting more extreme at the same time, but it is also getting more variable. For farmers in Ontario for example they used to always seem to get the weather they expected and now they are sometimes getting the wettest season followed by the driest. It is almost like normal weather doesn’t occur anymore and we plan everything on normal weather. We build hospitals and schools based on normal weather, we make holiday decisions based on normal weather and the government drafts policy based on normal weather. If it is not normal anymore maybe we are planning for something that’s not going to be the situation and that can cause a problem."
Whaaaat?! What's "normal" when you are listening to Cagey's loquacious verbiage? WOW - and yet, try reading ANY random David Phillips Cagey Climatologist story, and you will see the same bullcrap, the same Cagey Tango, performed every time!
And we still have about 34,853 more Cagey Climatologist stories to get through! We are immediately applying for Canada Research Council, Arts Council, Gaia Council, and TVO/CBC grants, funding, 'gifts', University research grants and endowment funding to continue our work to fully document how climate change issues were presented - and how they were covered-up - by Environment Canada over Cagey's decades!

Over 30,000+ interviews, there were tens of thousands of participants playing along with Cagey's Two Step Climate Tango - editors, reporters, media outlets: let's see how the AGW-climate-change-global-warming hoax was presented, how was it characterized and handled by Environment Canada and its employees! This wasn't David Phillips' personal private soap-box to peddle Liberal 'man-made climate change' propaganda! 

Let's have a look at the hometown cheer-leading that David Phillips got from the Windsor Star's Sharon Hill (Mar.30, 2018) where the deceptive headline was "Canada's King Of Climatology has Windsor roots", but really, this headline should have properly depicted Phillips as "Canada's King Of Cagey Climatology" .