Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Calling on Canada's Cagey Climatologist to reveal proof of man-made climate change


Looks as if Ray Spiteri (in the Dec.22, 2011 St.Catharines Standard story "White Christmas? Dream on") engaged Environment Canada's senior climatologist David Phillips to determine whether a not-yet-snowy December in Niagara is proof of "climate change".

Spiteri reported Phillips' reply: ""Climate Change? Could be" said Phillips "We don't know what it is.""

Pardon?! "Could beclimate change???
"We don't know" ???
Yikes... that's probably not the answer which the GreenFear-mongering St.Catharines Standard was really hoping for!! hahaha
[...see some of my favourite Cagey Climatologist David Phillips stories  here;  here;  here;  here !]

Spiteri didn't bother to ask Phillips about the 'toxicity to The Planet' of the heat-trapping water-vapour cloud which Niagara Falls has been constantly releasing for some 12,000 years! [Whaaaaat? Whazzzat 'bout? Whaddaya mean..?]

Why didn't Spiteri or his Standard editors also provide readers with Liberal MPP Jim Bradley's response to Phillips' "we don't know" answer, about climate change??

Did Spiteri even bother to ask Niagara's Greatest GreenFear-monger, Jim 'Kyodiot' Bradley, who, by the way, is Ontario's Environment Minister?! You'd think that Bradley would have  a completely opposite point of view than Phillips on the matter!

Jim Bradley and his entire Liberal party believe that the causes of, the existence of, and the political solutions to, the issue of  "climate change" HAVE ALL BEEN SETTLED!!! Spiteri surely knows about the Liberals' GreenFear peddling, doesn't he?!

Bradley personally claims that man made climate change/global warming is real, and, obviously, Bradley's been blabbing that way for at least twenty years. Of course, Bradley has never provided any specific scientific basis for his claims, going back to at least 1991. The St.Catharines Standard, meanwhile, has gladly never asked. [see: Liberal MPP Jim Bradley shoots crap]

Bradley most certainly claims to believe that he knows what climate change is - though strangely, a secretive Jim Bradley has never publicly revealed his supporting 'scientific basis' for his climate change beliefs - which he clearly must have already had twenty years ago!

Reporter Ray Spiteri had the opportune time to ask Liberal hack MPP Jim Bradley all about his Liberal global warming AGW "evidence";
to ask all about ClimateGate (one and two);
to ask all about the Mann-made hockey stick climate hoax;
to ask all about the dismantling in Durban of Bradley's GreenFear weapon Kyoto, and why Bradley (McGuinty's supposed environment minister) did nothing about it; and... oh, yeah...
to ask all about Phillips' 'we don't know' answer about climate change!!

Conveniently, the biased wrong-righters at the St.Catharines Standard only brought us half the story, if that. (...an example of what would become more clearly known as "FAKE NEWS" after Trump was elected in 2016)

There are a lot of other GreenFear-mongers in Niagara - why didn't Spiteri talk to any of them, either, so they could, once and for all, prove that Phillips is just 'full of steamy Justin Trudeau sh!t'?


In the Feb. 22, 2017 Niagara Falls Review and the St.Catharines Standard, Ray Spiteri again 'interviewed' Cagey, and again, Spiteri did not bother to ask David Phillips if what Phillips was saying was the direct result of man-made (AGW) climate-change. 
The GreenFear-mongering insinuation that this was all due to 'climate change', was palpably present in Spiteri's piece, as Cagey Dave told Spiteri how: 
“These records go back to 1901. It’s hard to break a record when you’ve got over 100 years of records. I think (Thursday) could very well be (a record), especially if we get a little bit more sun than the fog that we’ve seen in some parts of southern Ontario.”

Phillips said he doesn’t recall such a sustained stretch of warm weather in February such as this year.

“I don’t think there’s been a warmer week in February. 
What’s so interesting about this heat wave in February is that it is so persistent. You often will get one or two days where spring has arrived, and then you’re back into the cold winter weather. This has gone on. It went from (last) Saturday to this coming) Saturday"

Spiteri just obediently stenographed whatever Cagey said, without question. Spiteri could have asked: 
'David, regarding this '100-yr-old record breaking February temperature' which you just mentioned, is this definitive evidence of man made climate change, the kind that Liberals such as Justin Trudeau and Jim Bradley say it is? 
David, you make all this innuendo about hundred year records being broken, but as Canada's Senior Climatologist, what do these records have to do with AGW climate change?
David, when you say to me “I don’t think there’s been a warmer week in February",are you specifically referring to the period from 1901 to Feb. 2017? Could there have been a warmer February week anytime earlier, say, oh... in the last 10,000 years? And, why is it that you "don't think there's been a warmer week in February" - don't you know these things for sure, before you say them?
Either it has been 'the warmest February week since 1901', or it hasn't - why allude to this, if you don't know? Do you want me to sensationalize the story, and spike it with GreenFear?' 

Sadly, Spiteri sold himself out as a journalist and simply danced the tired old Cagey Two Step Tango with David Phillips. Spiteri did NOT ask any questions, just lapped up David Phillips' sputum and regurgitated it in the St. Catharines Standard and in the Review.


Let's look at 2016, at yet more in a long string of pathetic instances where David Phillips happily pops up in some alarmist climate-change propaganda piece, spouting what amounts to essentially pseudo-scientific baffle-gab.

There was the piece of hagiograhy in the Jan.17, 2016 Toronto Red Star where Amy Dempsey fawningly writes:

"During the Harper era, when scientists were routinely restricted from speaking to the press about their research, reporters could call Phillips and ask him about anything at all.
{Nice try at deflection Amy: Your hero Cagey Dave STILL can't prove climate change is caused by humans - even in 2017, under Turdo. Get it?! Enough with your 'scientists were muzzled' Liberal bullshit propaganda! That's also Grant Lafleche's parroted meme! haha. pathetic.}

“Canada’s going to be a warmer country, there’s no question about it,” he said in a January 2014 interview with Peter Mansbridge that aired on national television. 
{Pardon me, note Amy's deflective slant in not questioning Cagey's statement, that 'there is no question'. It's laughably taken as gospel! It's just that there'd be" NO QUESTION ABOUT IT" from CBC hacks, such as Mansbridge then, or from Amy Dempsey now - you see,

"Canada's Cagey Climatologist" plays to the choir - no challenge is really expected, to whatever he may blurt!

That's the choreographed Cagey Tango - the media don't ask, Cagey doesn't tell. It's all about the insinuation, innuendo, and hyperbole of climate change, without the actual evidence of AGW.

There ARE a lot of questions that Cagey's media sycophants just (conveniently!) can't think of, since they've been programmed by Al Gore and David Suzuki to believe 'it's all settled'.}

How did he get away with talking about climate change, of all things? “I think it’s because I try to stick to the science,” he says. “I stay away from the politics and the policy.”

{Hmm: 'stick to the science' eh? Swell, Dave - so, what specific "science" shows that AGW causes "climate change?? Anyone been asking you about that little detail - proof of AGW from Canada's Top Climatologist?!!
Hey David Phillips: Provide your AGW evidence, or stop with the fake climate-change propaganda!!

The Toronto Star happily publishes horseshit like this from the likes of Amy Dempsey, yet, there is no substantiation for the GreenFear innuendo being spread. It remains innuendo, fluffed and puffed by the idolizing press. Amy Dempsey - like hundreds of reporters before her - had a clear chance to ask David Phillips to show his evidence for AGW climate change; but, not surprisingly - like those hundreds of others - she didn't ask. She refused. She chose not to challenge whatever shifty gospel she may have believed that Cagey Dave was preaching, and instead, did the usual Cagey Tango}

“The other thing, too, is I never told Ottawa when I was asked for an interview. Because we were supposed to say when the interview took place, give a list of the questions, and the answers, who was it, how long was it …” Sometimes he gives 12 interviews a day. Logging that information would have eaten up much of his week. So he didn’t do it. “And they never really asked me,” he says. “They never rapped my knuckles.”

{Wow: so Cagey Dave refused to do what his employers asked him to do - gosh, what a hero.

Similarly: Amy Dempsey refused to do what journalists ought to do - ask questions.

Instead, she simply propagandized to her GreenFear-infected TorStar echo chamber.

But let's get back on track to the real issue being whitewashed here: Turdo is now PM - so, where is Amy's story NOW. asking Cagey Dave Phillips for official evidence from Environment Canada, proving AGW?!

Y'see - it was never about proving AGW; it was about dutifully extending and propagandizing the hoax; and it was about sliming Harper. They couldn't prove AGW before Harper; they couldn't prove it during Harper, and they can't prove it after Harper. But, oh, how the innuendo machine cranked out the GreenFear!!

Even though Canada's Cagey Climatologist David Phillips HIMSELF intimates that he was NOT in any way muzzled or reprimanded under Harper, somehow his claim was either misinterpreted or purposefully misunderstood by Amy - because his phony muzzlement was a fake lib story from the beginning.

And here we see that Amy just used the phony "scientists are muzzled" meme AGAIN here in this story, really, for no other purpose than to slime Harper, even though Turdo is in power, even though Cagey told her he wasn't muzzled So -even though Cagey sang Amy a different tune - Amy ignored it, as her mind was preoccupied with 'it's all settled' GreenCrap agenda}

Perhaps it’s because he walked the line without stepping over it, stating facts without casting blame or offering his opinion. Or maybe after 48 years and all his achievements, he’s untouchable.
{GreenFear pushers eagerly want Cagey to crow on about climate change. Over the years, hundreds of them tried to spin Cagey's facts about weather into innuendo laden GreenFear doomsday stories - - - like Amy does}
       If Cagey is 'untouchable', it is only because propagandists such as Amy Dempsey allow him to be! Do you understand your own willing role as an enabler here, Amy? Do you get your own role in your own self-fulfilling prophesy?!}

Phillips acknowledges that colleagues may have felt he didn’t use his platform to take a strong enough stand on climate change.
    {You were getting close, here Amy - but you chose not cross the line from being a GreenFear propaganda peddler to acting as a journalist}.

And indeed, his friend Phil Chadwick, who speaks admiringly of Phillips, says: “I wish sometimes he would have been a bit more definitive on climate change, but I totally understood what his circumstances were.”

{Maybe Cagey doesn't have the 'definitive' evidence which Chadwick thinks he has!
How much more climate change innuendo would Chadwick like Cagey to peddle? Does he want Cagey to lie??
   Let's ask AGAIN, since Chadwick (like Amy) seems to have had his ears full of GreenCrap:   WHAT exactly did Chadwick "understand" about Cagey's "circumstances"?!?
Cagey wasn't muzzled; Cagey makes that clear himself. Yet, that just cannot register in Chadwick's or Amy's GreenFear-packed skulls. So, WTF  was Chadwick talking about?!

What exactly were these ominous 'circumstances' which Chadwick mentions, other than the already false innuendo of 'muzzlement'?! What were Cagey's circumstances??? Chadwick doesn't really say, and Amy doesn't bother to ask Chadwick. And furthermore, neither did Amy ask Cagey himself, to explain what he thought Chadwick meant! Her goal was simply to paint an image of innuendo!!

Amazing: Amy's story -without questioning - just piles on innuendo BASED ON OTHER INNUENDO!! Sort of like Climate Gate was all about, BTW!

In fact, the case can strongly be made, that Cagey WASN'T ASKED by Amy about proving AGW, because it would require him providing actual evidence (rather than loquacious innuendo).
So, he couldn't very well risk having anyone actually pin him down with specific questions on climate change, which would soon show that the "climate change" aspects of any of Cagey's claims were essentially conflated , glorified, weather garbage.

Does Chadwick really think that David Phillips isn't cagey enough to not get caught in a climate change lie? Cagey's moniker ain't fer nothin', you know!!!

There is a pretension to uphold here, which would not hold up under scrutiny. Best for the media just to play along with the Cagey Tango, and NOT ask for AGW specifics; beat around the bush all ya want, conflate this with that, throw in some homespun homilies - just DON'T ask Canada's Senior Climatologist for the Chadwickian "definitive" evidence of AGW. The hoax itself must not be challenged.

And Amy skillfully abides - deflect, peddle innuendo, slime Harper, but DO NOT ask the real questions!!

What a heroic effort to add to the FAKE NEWS gallery!

Does Chadwick prefer that Cagey just out and out peddle climate change lies???
Would that satisfy Chadwick - having Cagey become an outright GreenFear-monger?

Cagey's slicker than that: Cagey peddles innuendo!!! Your perception of what Cagey peddles is YOUR problem, make of it what you will. Hey, its hot - is it climate change, or weather... who knows? Hey, it's cold - is it climate change or weather? Who knows?! And Cagey's trademarked folksy caginess just rolls on.}

Phillips strives for balance. The doom-and-gloom perspective of some environmentalists has never sat well with him. “Why would we change if the world’s going to end in 2056?” he says. “I think you’ve gotta give people hope. And so what I try to do is to say you know it’s not necessarily doom and gloom. It’s not the end.”"
Yet unbalanced Liberal GreenFear pushers WANT you to believe that 'it's the end'.


Another example of  classic GreenFear crap appeared in Joseph Brean's Dec. 7, 2016 National Post story:

 "...Environment Canada’s senior meteorologist {...note: some some reason, Phillips was referred to as a 'meteorologist' in this NP story, yet in other past publications he was referred to as 'senior climatologist'...} David Phillips said the main effect of this increasingly moist warm air is that when it rains, more falls in less time, as in the kind of deluge Phillips called a "Texas gullywasher"...
Canada is second coldest and first snowiest country in the world, so it is hard to convince Canadians that climate change “has some evil to it,” Phillips said. Many simply look fondly to a future of milder winters and longer summers. A bit of flooding might seem like a small price to pay.
But as he described it, this is not your grandfather’s flood, the classic river backup caused by melt water and ice blockage. It is a modern artifact of a highly urbanized society in an era of warming climate, when a single flooded road can leave people stranded and at risk of death.
“That’s the kind of thing that scares the bejeebies out of insurance people,” he said. “You could have floodier floods and droughtier droughts.”

So, there you are:

the Jim "Liberal Gullywasher Of Bullshit" Bradley Scientific School Of Floodier Floods And Droughtier Droughts... Now MORE STEAMIER and MORE CRAPPIER than ever!
There you have it: the National Post reporter Brean DID NOT ask David Phillips to provide actual specific evidence of AGW.
Instead - as many other reporters have similarly done with Cagey Climatologist David Phillips in the past - the National Post simply fear-mongered and spread fake news about climate-change, using David Phillips' silly, homey - but ultimately non-substantive - pontifications as a 'legitimizing' cover. 

The Cagey Climatologist Fan Club just loves Phillips. 


Let's continue with Cagey's Climate Saga:
In a Sheena Goodyear story written Dec. 7, 2016,  the CBC happily, obligingly published an outright lie with their deceptive, GreenFear-laden headline "The weather outside is frightful thanks to climate change and the polar vortex", (scary eh?! - apparently, Canada never had cold and snow before...umm... climate change...) 

The CBC, naturally, had to run to the Cagey Climatologist for a bit'o'GreenFear-mongering:

"... "Instead of a bungee cord, it looks like more of a roller-coaster. It dips and dives. It kind of goes up over British Columbia and then dives down across the Prairies down to the United States and then comes swooping up towards eastern Canada," he says.

Sometimes, it brings warm air from the United States, giving Canada the warm November it just had. But then it swoops down and brings cold Arctic air, which is what's happening right now in western Canada.
And the cold tends to linger.
"It's hard to kick the cold air out. It's like molasses — it's thick, it's heavy, it's dense, it hugs the ground," Phillips said. "So when it becomes entrenched, well, you get that pattern set up and it just doesn't move, you see. You get day after day and week after week and then, my God, month after month with the same kind of flow."

The polar vortex 

So how does climate change come into all of this?
Arctic and Antarctic sea ice have reached record lows, declining by an area twice the size of Alaska, according to recent measurements.
"We're seeing the Arctic ice cap is melting. We're seeing more open water. The ice is thinner and so there's more heat getting up from the water into the air in the Arctic," Phillips says..
This causes the polar vortex — a swirling area of low-pressure cold air over the North Pole — to weaken.
"Therefore, it leaves home. It migrates," Phillips says. "It's sort of like Canadians going to Florida for the winter. The polar vortex comes south, and it hangs out down in the South and, of course, it brings its cold wind with it."

The bright side?

The good news is the wobbly jet stream means there will most likely be periods of respite this winter. What's more, meteorologists predict this La Nina will be a weak one. 
"We don't think it's going to be, as they say, a punishing winter, in spite of what the west are seeing right now," Phillips says.
"I'm not saying it's going to be the Goldilocks of winters but ... if you can remember the toughest winter you ever lived through and then remember last year, it might be something between those two."."
Yep: 'My God, it might be this, might be that, it's a roller coaster, it dips, it dives, it's like molassess'..., blah bla bla...
Phillips' blathering completely evades the issue that 'climate change' is being used here as political propaganda. Phillips never says  (but more pointedly, he is NEVER ASKED by hack CBC reporter Sheena Easton to prove) that the 'climate change' they are referring to, is caused by man (AGW). 
After all, isn't that what it's all about?? What a bait-and-switch dance of conflation going on here!
The Toronto Star prints a false headline ominously blaming "climate change" - - - for causing winter weather! 
Yet no one asks Ole Cagey Dave to prove that "climate change" caused by man, caused winter.... get it? Get the ridiculousness of their scam now?
Isn't it the spectre of AGW  {which is the GreenFear movement's underlying tenet; their touchstone, their foundation; their unshakable premise; their supporting pillar, their all-pervading, 'all-settled' undercurrent}  which the CBC and others are hoping that the Cagey Climatologist will confirm through loquacious innuendo (...yet without actually saying so, nor providing proof) that 'climate change' is ALL MAN-MADE, and, that it can only be mitigated by lots of new taxes being instituted and spent by 'well-meaning' Liberals??
Phillips seems more than happy to oblige as a cover for GreenFear-pushers, who act as if for millions of years, some kind of fictitious climate stasis had always been the norm, and that 'climate change' (...which, of course, we have been all indoctrinated 'nudge-nudge-wink-wink' to believe was caused by Harris, Harper, Bush, now Trump, and those denying deniers...) is somehow the new kid on the block (!!)... and furthermore, that 'climate-change' can not only be stopped, but even be REVERSED (wahoooo!!) simply by voting for creeps such as Justin Trudeau, Elizabeth May, Jim Bradley, and Kathleen Wynne!!
It's Phillips and his interviewers who seem to 'dip' and dive' for the cause, peddling their pattern of entrenched views, trying their best to soft-peddle Jim Bradley's Liberal Green Fear delusions.
CBC's slick propaganda peddled here is in the hazy 'nudge-nudge-wink-wink-y'know-what-we mean-and-who-is-to-blame' assumptions being made, and the definitions remaining fuzzy and unspecified. it's just great all-purpose, typical climatalarmist propaganda - no other way to describe it, is there?
Sadly, Canada's Cagey Climatologist, by abiding in this effort, has shown which way his wind blows.


On the CBC nightly news (Dec.23, 2016) there was another sacred confirmation of how far global warming and climate change has been shoved up CBC 'reporter's' asses, and how they dutifully shovel their GreenFear onto their loving, appreciative, sheep-like audience. 
Wendy Mesley and that creepy CBC 'science' guy Bob McDonald were in a smug lather about Trump referring to THEIR beloved climate change religion as a hoax. You could see the seething hate/shock/disdain in their eyes; their non-comprehension of how anyone could challenge their GreenFear gospel. It was revealing, it was a teachable moment, it was precious and above all, it was sad. It wasn't news that these two CBC clowns were reporting, it was Green Bolshevik agit-prop.
And no; they did not bother to ask Cagey the Canadian Climate King about why Environment Canada hasn't proven the very "climate change" which they themselves were just sneering at Trump about.
Is somebody at CBC "muzzling" Mesley or McDonald, to stop them from obtaining all the "climate change" proof they could ever want, from Canada's Chief Climatologist, David Phillips???
(hahahah.... as if Wendy and Bob were really ever going to go to Cagey to PROVE CLIMATE CHANGE once and for all... hahahah)
Or, is someone "muzzling" Ole Cagey, stopping him from revealing the actual evidence of climate change, once and for all??!!
Funny how these GreenFear pushers continually spout their climate fear agenda, yet somehow can't get/won't provide the actual evidence, which supposedly exists right under their noses at the un-muzzled Environment Canada!!
All the CBC reporters had to do was ASK CAGEY to show them the climate change proof  - - but that is NOT the point is it? The point is to keep the GreenFear charade afloat, not to really prove it; the point is to spread endless innuendo and confuse and conflate cherry picked weather with meaningless climate projections, with hints that "progressive" saviours such as Liberal charlatans Jim Bradley or Justin Trudeau can PREVENT the climate from changing, if only they could have an endless supply of taxes.
To closed-minded CBC clowns, their GreenFear-based religion is 'all-settled' and cannot be questioned. It was a typical drive-by anti-Trump smear, but, apparently it's mandatory for the CBC to keep flailing Liberal climate change deceptions.


But let's get back to Cagey's bountiful loquaciousness, which has no bounds (!) - here's yet another piece, this time by CTV's Taline McPhedran, Dec.11, 2016) :
"According to Dave Phillips, a senior climatologist with Environment Canada, the weather system moved from the northwestern part of the United States and over to the Great Lakes, heading northeast. A majority of areas in southern Ontario are expected to get anywhere from 10 to 15 centimetres of snow by Monday morning.“That’s more than we had all of last year and this is only the first big one,” Phillips told CTV News Channel on Sunday.."
OMG: Canada's SENIOR CLIMATOLOGIST is warning us this is only the first big one ----  that means, there will be more Big Ones  ---- OOOOOMG---- what to do? --- what to do?!? --- can we get Trudeau and Jim Bradley to prevent all this??? We MUST STOP THE CLIMATE FROM CHANGING - NOW!!! We don't want any Big Ones anymore!! We want nothing to change!!
There was not much snow at all in St. Catharines during Dec. 11 - Dec 12, 2016!! A little bit of snow fell overnight - WAY LESS than what fell during "ALL OF LAST YEAR", as David Phillips fear-mongered about, and got completely wrong.
He easily, glibly and WILLINGLY fear-mongered - simply on speculation.
Canada's Cagey Climatologist CANNOT GET THE WEATHER right, a DAY in advance; yet, this is the same darling go-to guy when the media needs a booster-dose of Climate Change GreenFear.
But... oh, yes... Slick Cagey always has an out {...hence, the nick name!} He did say "a majority of areas are expected to get anywhere from 10 15 cm..." so, there ya go: ya can't pin Ole Cagey down! Ya can't make the crap stick to Cagey, there's always some indecipherable home-spun connotation, some weasel word, an asterisk, an 'expectation', a qualifier, a generalization, a 'potentially' this, a' likely' that, a 'possibility' here, a 'probability' there...
After all, in Cagey's world, some snow was bound to fall somewhere, right!? Point is: was this man-made climate change at work??? The CTV reporter NEVER ASKED.
Was there some unspoken rule that, in literally hundreds of interviews over the years, prevented anyone from asking Canada's Senior Climatologist David Phillips to provide evidence of 'climate change' caused by man? Why isn't anyone actually asking Cagey Dave about that?! Why isn't ANYONE asking David Phillips if the 'climate' can be prevented from 'changing', and if so, how?! What is it with this phony dance, this Cagey Two-Step, which the media continually performs with David Phillips?
Gosh: if we gave ALL of our treasury's dollars to Justin Trudeau and to Kathleen Wynne to Save The Planet, will that Stop And Reverse Climate Change???????! Will we finally get rid of this horrible changing climate once and for all, and just go back to a good ole static climate, where nothing ever changed, like we once had for millions of years when everything was good, when there was no climate change... heh heh...  to scare us - - - until that Harris came along and ruined it all? Seriously... this is what Liberal MPP Jim Bradley - Ontario's Godfather Of  GreenFear - wanted us to believe...
Politics and weather are conflated for political purposes.
The cumulative work is in conflating weather with GreenFear, using elements of the former to 'hint at' (but not prove) the latter. 


Another instance: Dec.21, 2016 CTV News presenter (reporter??) Erin Paul had the apparently-mandatory-because-it's-the-start-of-winter TV interview ("The real deal is coming".... ohh... ohhhh... are you afraid yet of the ominous GreenFear being peddled??!) with the "expert" Senior Climatologist David Phillips, and there was a lot of the typical homey banter.

Yet, CTV reporter Erin Paul  did NOT ask the "expert":
 'David, is this climate change? Is this all caused by anthropogenic, man-made global warming? Do you have any evidence that this is man-made 'climate-change'?
I'm asking you this specifically, because also today - Dec. 21, 2016, the same day that we are interviewing you - CTV reported  Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau saying that 'climate change is a fact'.
David, what 'climate change fact' is the Prime Minister referring to here?
Do you  - as Canada's Senior Climatologist - have any evidence of the 'climate change fact' which Justin Trudeau is talking about? Don't the pipelines, which Trudeau was approving today- while telling us that 'climate change is a fact' - carry oil which supposedly causes climate change??!
David can you please expand on these specific definitions, and reconcile these assumptions, which have become political memes without scientific bearing?'

yah: CTV never bothered to ask about the conflicting 'news' appearing on the same day, on their own site!
They had a chance to question Phillips, yet, they demurred, and shied away from the issue of climate change.
THAT kind of conversation WILL NEVER HAPPEN on Canadian media. 

Remember the Liberal meme about 'Canada's scientists being muzzled'?! Yet: when exactly had David Phillips ever been "muzzled"???? Has anyone ever asked Phillips about THAT meme??! 

Has Justin Trudeau ever directed Canada's esteemed - and unmuzzled! - Environment Canada to provide evidence of the 'fact' of 'man-made climate change', so that his Liberals can justify valiantly "battling climate change" by spending ever-more taxes?!

Wouldn't Cagey be more than happy to provide Justin Trudeau with this proof, with this "fact' - as Trudeau claims - of man-made climate change?!
Seems like Trudeau won't ask, because Phillips can't prove it. 

Why doesn't the CTV news organization NOW ask Canada's Senior Un-muzzled Climatologist David Philips for his official stance on man-made climate change??!

What is stopping CTV from asking David Phillips (now that he has ....ummm....apparently been un-muzzled by Liberal Saviours such as Justin Trudeau) to provide official confirmation of AGW?

So: who's "muzzling" David Phillips today? The left's 'evil' bogeyman Harper can't be blamed.

Here we are at the end of 2016 - yet, the media continue their darling little GreenFear dance; they are SELF-'MUZZLING'; conspiring together NOT to actually confront the 'climate change' charade which they both dance around, and sadly, help perpetuate. It seems like an unspoken don't ask/don't tell arrangement - the media doesn't ask what Phillips can't (won't?) answer; Phillips happily abides, spouting cagey weather homilies and dire innuendo, but never really addressing the elephant in the room: providing evidence that "climate change" is "man made".

After hundreds of interviews over the years, by hundreds of writers: where's David Phillips' defense - or repudiation - of the meme (which Justin Trudeau now repeats) that 'man-made climate change' is a fact??

This CTV reporter Erin Paul (as did many other reporters before her) HAD THE CHANCE to ACTUALLY ask David Phillips some real questions, but all we got was softball 'nudge-nudge-wink-wink' FLAKY FLUFF.


Speaking about flaky fluff, here we go with yet another TYPICAL example of yet ANOTHER vacuous interview with Canada's Cagey Climatologist, David Phillips (...the dance never ends with this guy: the media's at him essentially everyday...) This time it was reporter Bill Graveland who joined the long list of partners sent in to dance with Cagey Dave (Globe and Mail  (Jan.13, 2017):

    "It’s not as if winter is over by a long shot,” Phillips said. “We’ve just hit the halfway point, but the good news is ... the flow seems to be coming more from the Pacific than the Arctic.”
    Although there are no records being set in Western Canada, Phillips said it has been a tough year for the four western provinces. Vancouver has received twice as much snow as normal and recorded 30 days where temperatures were below normal — double the average of 15. “It has been persistently cold for that period,” said Phillips. “In fact, if you look at the average temperature in December, the last time there was a colder December was 1990. That was more than 25 years ago. It was a bit of a shocker.”
    Winnipeg received a record snowfall for the month of December, while Calgary has suffered freezing temperatures and heavy snowThis winter in Western Canada follows one of the warmest years on record in 2015 and, in many jurisdictions, winter was essentially cancelled last year, he said.
    Canadians tend to base their weather expectations on the winter before, so this season has come as a shock to many, Phillips said.
    “It’s like a punch in the face. Clearly, when you look at the temperatures, certainly the amount of snow, the number of cold days — if you’re whining, it’s not without cause. It has been tough.”
Reporter Graveland never once asked David Phillips whether the 'persistent cold' was caused by man-made global warming / climate change (...as experienced climatologists like Jane Fonda might have us believe). Graveland didn't ask exactly WHY it was a "shocker" that the month of Dec. 2016 was the coldest December since Dec. 1990. Was this cold directly attributable to AGW climate change???? Or was it the previous warmth?
And, who would be 'shocked' - and why? What kind of expectations had been fed to those who suddenly, somehow, were 'punched in the face' and became 'shocked'? Were these people 'shocked' because they experienced a paradigm-shift after having been conditioned (ie punched in the face?!) by years of leftist GreenFear-mongering?  
Phillips was not asked, after he said "winter was essentially cancelled last year" (...exactly where, which exact jurisdictions? Is he referring to the Prairies in 2016..?) if that 'cancellation of winter' he just mentioned, was direct evidence of climate change! The opening WAS RIGHT THERE for Graveland to ask for clarification!!! 

Winter was cancelled, Cagey tells him; sounds like global warming, then, doesn't it?! Yet, there was NO follow up from this Globe and Mail reporter!!
Cagey's comments were just left there, unquestioned, to hang and ferment in the reader's mind...
... Winter was cancelled... Winter was cancelled... Winter was cancelled... repeat... Winter was cancelled... Winter was cancelled... it must be Global Warming, you see; it's gotta be Climate Change, you see... Winter was cancelled... Do not ask why... Winter was cancelled. . .

All that reporter Graveland had to do (...as a journalist in a supposedly open and free society) was to follow up on Cagey's statements: "David, you just stated that winter was essentially cancelled in the Canadian West in 2016, correct? Was that directly attributable to Global Warming, caused by man?" 
But, well, well... Lookit that: Graveland doesn't ask and David Phillips doesn't answer!!!
THAT'S how the game is played!!
Well done, gentlemen!
Nice performance!
Great Cagey Two-Step Tango dance moves!
Good show!
The Globe and Mail had the chance (but refused) to pin down Canada's Senior Climatologist and get down to the facts and get the evidence of all that' man made global warming / climate change' which Jim Bradley, Justin Trudeau, Kathleen Wynne... and climatologist Jane Fonda... say is happening. 
But facts would cloud and hinder the continual propagation of GreenFear innuendo; therefore, we have this ongoing, drawn-out Cagey Tango, where the two willing dancers coyly carry out their choreographed moves, winking at each other knowingly, dropping an opening hint here, a seductive spin there, coyly suggesting the kinds of things both know must better be left unsaid... ...  sheesh... 
Was reporter Graveland self-muzzled, or was he muzzled by his Globe and Mail bosses to NOT ask Environment Canada's Senior Climatologist for evidence to support that what Phillips reports is directly attributable to climate change? 
That IS the intended, underlying message here, isn't it - alleging 'climate change', without proving it? Scaring the shit out of people with doomsday GreenFear innuendo so that leftists can have their excuse to raise taxes?
Why the massive disconnect between the media blaring everyday about 'climate change' - - and yet, not actually asking for the corroborating evidence about said 'climate change' from Canada's SENIOR climatologist? 
It should be easy for Phillips to prove, seeing as that even Al Gore and David Suzuki and Leonardo DiCaprio and Jerry Brown and Stephane Dion. . .   ALL 'know' that global warming is caused by man! 'It's all settled', doncha know!!
So why can't Canada's Senior Climatologist actually come out and admit that everything he reports, is and always was, caused by man-made climate change?!
Cagey is not muzzled anymore, under Turdo, is he?? (...as the Canadian lefties loved to allege when Harper was in power, when they were spreading the meme that "Canada's scientists are being muzzled") Which scientists were muzzled? Was it David Phillips? Or is Philips not a "scientist", just a glorified weatherman??!! Why is this guy ALWAYS being quoted, and yet, after the interview, we are left with the realization that he had nothing to say. How can this occur over literally thousands of media interviews over the years - and never a request - nor an answer - about proving climate change?! Its FLICKING unreal.
     Cagey Dave could  just come right out and now admit that EVERY interview he has given since he started his career, was actually a long-arc demonstration of climate change evidence, right from the start, from Day One.
He could say "Over the thousands of interviews I've given over the years, I can now admit that I have been actually reporting on man-made climate-change all this time, since the beginning of my career, because man causes the climate which creates the weather. Or maybe it's the other way around? Oh, well... as Hillary says, what it does it matter now, anyway?! Man definitely has always had something to do with it, way before I came along. Don't blame me, I'm just the messenger; blame man. Man is to blame for the weather which causes the climate to change which then changes the weather, you see? This has always been so, since the dawn of man."
That would make clowns such as Al Gore and Catherine McKenna and Jim Bradley real happy. So, why isn't David Phillips letting loose and telling us the truth? What's he hiding about climate change??!
Why hasn't anyone actually asked Canada's Senior Climatologist about... umm... "CLIMATE CHANGE"??


The Sad Saga of Canada's Cagey Climatologist continues:
Fast forward to another CBC GreenFear piece  (Jan.31, 2017)   this time written by Lauren Pelley, where the dark insinuation is that somehow climate change caused the month of January to be cloudy, sunless, and , well... dark. Lauren Pelley again does the Cagey Two Step Tango with David Phillips, never once asking Cagey "Is all this evidence of man made climate change, Dave? Will the carbon taxes legislated by Sunny Ways Turdo eliminate these dark days forever, Dave? Should we all vote for the Liberals, Dave, to Save The Planet From Peril??"
Another sad demo of Fake News on the GreenFear-peddling climate front, in a long line of similar Cagey Dave  propaganda.
C'mon, somebody: just ask Ole David Phillips, if he has any evidence whatsoever of man made climate change!
NO ONE is preventing Canada's Senior Cagey Climatologist from answering.
No one is muzzling David Phillips! (Eh, Grant Lafleche?)
It's apparent that NO ONE IS ASKING!
The reporters are muzzling themselves, dancing around the climate change AGW issue with Ole Cagey, but never directly addressing it. GreenFear permeates their phony reports, the main purpose of which is to propagandize FOR GreenFear-policies, without actually demonstrating that the weather event factoids Dave talks about, are actually caused by man.
All these "reports"over the years with David Philips amount to an impressive oeuvre of unsubstantiated GreenFear propaganda. It's a homey pastiche of cagily subtle hints, causal conflation, insidious double-meanings, allusions, dire innuendo, oblique comparisons.
Why aren't hacks such as Lauren Pelley (...in a long line of sad stenographers posing as' journalists'...) asking the question?
The Canadian and the Ontario governments peddle claims about climate change that Canada's Senior Climatologist Phillips (to his discredit) cagily refuses to address (...although, of course, he freely could), and furthermore, his enabler-"interviewers" (to their discredit) never dare ask (...although, of course, they freely could).
Therefore we have this ongoing delicate Cagey Tango, this phony show where two willing, nudge-nudge-wink-wink partners choreograph their coy dance to propagate the GreenFear pretense without challenging the underlying premise. They have both willingly peddled what amounts to a long-arc of innuendo posing as  'it's all settled climate science'.
In other words, it's designed to be fake.
It's designed to be 'politics-disguised-as-science' propaganda - a cagey conspiracy that is inherently apparent throughout hundreds upon hundreds of interviews: how can the question of "man made climate change" not ever be raised?
It's as if the press spins what Cagey says as being 'evidence of climate change', when Cagey was only talking about common weather - - - a disconnect of cross-purposes, with the press seeing only what they wanted to see.
It's like David Phillips is in a weatherman's Canadian version of Being There; he's acting as Canada's Chauncey Gardener of weather, where Cagey Dave has been elevated to some kind of climate change deity, where everything he says is taken at face-value as wise greenie gospel explaining man made climate change.
And yet, you'd think that David Phillips would have recognized this scenario a long time ago, after perhaps being misunderstood after several interviews, and then set the record straight by openly saying yes, this IS evidence of AGW, or, no, this ISN'T evidence of AGW.
But Cagey Dave didn't challenge his interviewer's reports. They came to him, begging for wisdom and climate guidance, as they flocked to Chauncey. Cagey became a light in their proverbial darkness. They heard what Cagey uttered, and determined that it was wisdom. It reaffirmed their own beliefs, spoke to their innate suspicions, reflected their own illusions - how could it not mirror their own default bias?! Like Chauncey Gardener, Dave let the charade continue for years; unlike Chauncey, though, Cagey Dave had a chance - many chances - to set the record straight.

The Sad Saga of Canada's Cagey Climatologist will continue.


Let's ask:
Why hasn't anyone in Canada asked Canada's Senior Cagey Climatologist to comment on Stephen Capozzola's article about the  fake basis of the Paris climate agreements?!

Again, you'd think that all those Canadian GreenFear-pushing media outlets which amplify the climate change lie on a daily basis, would have asked David Phillips, or flakey Liberals such as Justin Trudeau, Catherine McKenna, Jim Bradley, Stephane Dion, or Kathleen Wynne, or daffy David Suzuki, for their detailed responses - detailed responses, you know, not the politicized GreenGarbage rhetoric that is their usual hallmark.

As Stephen Capozzola asks (PoliZette, Feb.14, 2017) in "Discovering the extent of  global warming cheating: Once experts aren't bound by politics, the truth about climate change surfaces":
 "...One has to wonder why, if the case for man-made warming is so tenuous, would alarmists resort to such questionable methods? Wouldn't the more obvious recourse be to question the hypothesis itself? But such is the state of the contemporary global warming debate. Hundreds of advocacy groups are engaged in an all-out campaign to certify the premise of anthropogenic warming..."

That sums up the bullshit which has been spewed by the skewed left, deluded and besotted with creating a scenario of fear to push their socialist agenda. Canada's prime minister Zoolander Turdo has happily pushed the phony climate change agenda - yet, we are to believe that somehow scientists were umm... 'muzzled'... by someone {...Harper, Trump, Harris, Diefenbaker...???} to prevent them from revealing their unfounded 'truth' about supposed man made climate change!!! 
It's a bizarre reverse-onus bias being peddled here.
The 'man made global-warming / climate-change' hypothesis is NOT to be questioned; it is to be treated as Green Gospel.
The thing is, no one has asked Liberal climate liars Jim Bradley or Stephane Dion or Justin Trudeau, for their detailed evidence on supposed  man-made climate-change, details on the underlying AGW premise which they use on a daily basis to further their socialist agendas. 
These unsubstantiated claims you often hear in the media that 'science is muzzled' are themselves regurgitations of a phony meme, still constantly repeated in Green Bolshevik echo chambers; y'know, 'Harper muzzled scientists'; 'Trump muzzles science' etc.
Yet, when exactly was 'science muzzled'??? No one has ever asked the politicians who ought to know - such as Canada's and Ontario's Liberals, for example!!
There again is the falsity of the Green Lie;  Liberals in power in Canada - such as Jim Bradley - get away with peddling climate change bullshit without ever being held to account by a complicit media! The phony policies based on fairy-tale AGW fear-mongering are accepted, not questioned.
The media set the tone to ease in the Green Fear agenda years ago. The media has acted as the protectors for the political policies for which there is no scientific basis,  spreading a meme that 'science is being muzzled' - YET, they also spread the meme that 'the science is settled' - - - how utterly convenient to have these two contradictory memes in use, to support the same agenda!!! 
Interesting how the scientists who are supposedly 'muzzled', are those who peddle the GreenFear agenda; yet, conveniently, for the GreenFear narrative to work, the scientists who challenge the 'it's all settled' meme are never glorified and raised to the hallowed status of being 'muzzled'- those scientists are immediately shamed, denigrated, and branded as "deniers" - that other gem of a meme beloved by the purveyors of Green Fascism, who are the true 'muzzlers' here. (see Tom Ferguson)
You see, it is only the GreenFear-pushers who can possibly be 'muzzled' {...do you see how the default bias works here?) The GreenFear-pushers can be elevated to hallowed status as 'Victims Of Scientific Suppression' in the 'War On Science' - they are nothing less then glorious green martyrs, you see; but - if you do not subscribe to the "it's all settled" GreenFear fascist mantra, you are not a martyr; you are not deemed a Victim Of Scientific Suppression - you are labelled a 'denier' - as Time hack Eric Polley does in his Feb.16, 2017 fake news story "Climate change denial is the original fake news" .
Polley, of course, can't be bothered to show any evidence of AGW (...that's never the point though, is it?!) - he just professionally peddles the GreenFear agenda. 
Time should be ashamed to peddle such one-sided nonsense, but they're not by far the only ones slickly suppressing science by skewering 'deniers' while skewing the facts - The Atlantic happily threw a couple of punches too, publishing Meehan Crist's Feb.10, 2017 story "How the new climate denial is like the old climate denial", without actually providing ANY evidence to support the AGW premise, which they claim is being 'denied'!
In a classic case of projection and deflection, Crist, Polley and their editors are themselves the deniers, denying the reality of their own false premise of AGW. Their 'real' premise is the false GreenFear-premise: that AGW is 'all settled'; that's their unquestioned jumping off point. (Like drones chattering in their echo chambers, GreenFear-pushing climatalarmists seem to miss the irony that Crist's article is exactly the kind of article which Polley sneers about!)

It's all rather a convenient political construct, isn't it?!

    If anyone, it is the media (playing offense as usual for their leftist political agenda) which continues to protect their favourite politicians (and therefore their socialist policies) from scrutiny.
    Take at look at Martin Regg Cohn's sly worship to Green bolshevism, not surprisingly, printed in the Toronto Star and its drone propagation outlets, such as the Windsor Star, Feb.16, 2017. It takes a propagandist's skill to pen a supposed 'critique' which in fact is a lament that Liberal GreenFear Bolshevism doesn't go far enough! 
    Like Polley and Crist, Cohn purposefully fails to provide any specific evidence for AGW - but again: that's not the point, is it, to question the premise of AGW?! The point is to continue propagating the GreenFear hoax, without questioning the premise! You know: the way it works with hundreds of Cagey Climatologist interviews.
    Cohn dutifully skips over any mention of the premise of 'man-made global warming/climate change', as he shills for policies which are solely based on that premise. The GreenFear hoax must be taken as a given - the rule is "it's all settled, don't you dare ask questions", and so the stories are built upon that premise.
    It is the media itself, which is muzzling science by propagating the phony GreenFear agenda, and demonizing anyone who dares challenge the underpinnings of this socialist fabrication.
    Think about it, they themselves are the muzzlers of science... they {...the free press..!} self-muzzle scrutiny of the GreenFear lie, while themselves muzzling those who actually challenge the AGW premise. (Let's nominate Martin Regg Cohn and Eric Polley into Polley's own Climate Change Hoaxter's Hall of GreenFear-Peddling Shame, along with 'bright' lights such as Jim Bradley and the entire Ontario Liberal government, David Suzuki, Al Gore, Turdo and his Liberal Greensheviks in Ottawa... )

   It's an Orwellian deception enabled here by the media, where the real muzzlers deflect their own complicity in a meme designed to blame others for 'muzzling science'!!!

   You see this all the time in the St. Catharines Phony Standard (...look at the sickening GreenFear-mongering spewed by Liberal Climate-Fraud-Conman Glen Murray, Ontario's Chief Climate-Change Liar, in the Feb.15, 2017 Standard...); look on the CBC, Toronto Star, Globe and Mail, Huffington Post, Time, McLean's etc - the prevalent GreenFear-based climate-change lie is peddled on a daily basis, while its validity - and therefore, the validity of those political policies which are based on the AGW climate lie -  are purposefully not questioned; the premise is never scrutinized.
   I mean, who wants to believe that climate-change fraudsters such as Justin Trudeau will be flying to sign phony 'climate agreements' in Paris, which are based on  premises which have no scientific substance?!
 (... this is same smarmy  Justin Trudeau, who believes the climate-change AGW fairy tale is "a fact", who officially met with Donald Trump in Washington (on Feb.13, 2017) and who nevertheless,  muzzled himself to avoid mentioning climate change! What a phony true believer!)

Stephen Capozzola wrote:
"For those who follow the heated squabbling of climate alarmists and skeptics, this has been a bombshell week. John Bates, a recently retired scientist at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), has revealed that a 2015 study by the government agency was riddled with bias and questionable methodology.
More specifically, NOAA released a study in 2015 announcing that we haven’t had a “pause” in global warming over the past 15 years. Although the study flatly contradicted data from satellites and weather balloons documenting a net flatlining of temperatures, its findings were cited prominently at the 2015 Paris climate talks. The resulting Paris accord called for major decarbonization efforts worldwide.
According to Bates, the “pausebuster” study, led by former NOAA Director Thomas Karl, was rushed to publication before underlying data issues were resolved. Bates says that Karl was “insisting on decisions and scientific choices that maximized warming and minimized documentation.”
It’s interesting that the Obama administration rushed to embrace the Karl study, though, since a subsequent paper in Nature Magazine disagreed with the NOAA report, saying the observed “slowdown” in warming is real, and occurred at a time when carbon dioxide emissions have been rising steadily.
Even the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has stated that “the rate of warming over the past 15 years … is smaller than the rate calculated since 1951.”
Subsequent rumblings about possible bias at NOAA prompted Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Texas) to investigate the matter in 2016, earning the veteran congressman considerable criticism. In taking on NOAA, Smith was accused of being "anti-science" and trying to "intimidate" the scientific community. The U.K.'s Guardian even referred to him as a "witch hunter."
Now, however, it looks like Smith was absolutely right to question whether taxpayer money was used in a dubious manner.
It's significant that satellite and weather balloon readings of global temperatures have steadily borne out observations that net temperatures have remained relatively stable since the start of the 21st century. However, NOAA said that its 2015 study used "significant improvements in the calculation of trends" to assemble "improved versions of both sea surface temperature and land surface air temperature datasets."
But NOAA engaged in two very questionable practices in order to arrive at their new and improved graph of temperatures. They included seawater temperature measurements collected from the engine intake valves of ocean-going vessels, and they estimated Arctic Ocean temperatures by extrapolating from nearby land areas.
The result? When compared to satellite and weather balloon data, their "new" findings eliminated the net flatlining of 21st century global temperatures and instead showed a series of scraggly rising temperature lines.
Essentially, NOAA wanted the American people to believe that eliminating satellite data, while including readings from engine thermometers, would yield a more accurate temperature record. For the casual observer, all of this might seem plausible. But clearly NOAA engaged in a questionable methodology.
Most notably, thermometers installed in the intake valves of ocean-going vessels aren't intended for such precise measurements of temperature. This becomes all the more apparent when one considers, for example, that 2016 was declared the "hottest year on record" by a mere 0.01 degrees Celsius.
But there's also the possibility of "heat contamination" from the ships themselves. Seawater intake valves also pose a big problem, as well. They vary in depth according to the size and shape of a vessel's hull — presenting a problem for collecting samples of uniform depth.
Interestingly, NOAA gave priority to these ship readings. As one of the report's authors explained, "[D]ata collected from buoys are cooler than ship-based data. In order to accurately compare ship measurements and buoy measurements over the long-term, they need to be compatible. Scientists have developed a method to correct the difference between ship and buoy measurements, and we are using this in our trend analysis."
How exactly did NOAA adjust for this discrepancy? They added 0.12 degrees Celsius (0.25°F) to each buoy to bring their measurements in line with readings taken from ship gauges.
It's somewhat amusing to look at NOAA's website, though, and see their justification for using engine intake readings. Essentially, they portray such measurements as a step forward in scientific progress, thanks to the "change from ships throwing a bucket over the side, bringing some ocean water on deck, and putting a thermometer in it, to reading the thermometer in the engine coolant water intake."
But NOAA took another liberty, as well. They decided to estimate Arctic Ocean temperatures based on neighboring land areas. Simply put, there are only a limited number of temperature monitoring stations in the Arctic.
As such, NOAA simply extrapolated Arctic Ocean temperatures from neighboring land-based measurements. However, much of the Arctic Ocean can remain ice-covered throughout the summer, and imposing warmer land surface data on areas of sea ice will inevitably skew temperature readings.
But this is what NOAA undertook in order to make the case for concerted worldwide action against fossil fuel use. And while many climate-watchers had suspicions about the validity of NOAA's approach, it took Bates' revelations to help confirm the bias that drove their findings.
One has to wonder why, if the case for man-made warming is so tenuous, would alarmists resort to such questionable methods? Wouldn't the more obvious recourse be to question the hypothesis itself? But such is the state of the contemporary global warming debate. Hundreds of advocacy groups are engaged in an all-out campaign to certify the premise of anthropogenic warming.
And with salaries, grants, and reputations on the line, it's doubtful that truth and scientific accuracy will get in the way of their ultimate quest. The American people deserve better, though, noting the large sacrifices that will be asked of them if the United States continues to follow the edicts of the Paris accord." Steven Capozzola has served as media director for both the Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) and the U.S. Business & Industry Council (USBIC).
      Will any media outlet ask Justin Trudeau or Jim Bradley or Glen Murray or Chris Bittle about any of this? These Liberal clowns propagate the climate-change lie on every day which they are in office. 
      And, far be it for any reporter in Canada to ask Canada's Senior Cagey Climatologist (...or is he a Cagey Climatalarmogist...!?!) David Phillips for his comments on the phony basis of the Paris climate accords and Canada's labyrinth of cap and trade schemes  - what's that got to do with climate change - right?! 


Let's look back at what I wrote earlier in this post, in Chapter 2:

    "In the Feb. 22, 2017 Niagara Falls Review and the St.Catharines Standard, Ray Spiteri again 'interviewed' Cagey, and again, Spiteri did not bother to ask David Phillips if what Phillips was saying was the direct result of man-made (AGW) climate-change. 
   The GreenFear-mongering insinuation that this was all due to 'climate change', was palpably present in Spiteri's piece, as Cagey Dave told Spiteri how 
“These records go back to 1901. It’s hard to break a record when you’ve got over 100 years of records. I think (Thursday) could very well be (a record), especially if we get a little bit more sun than the fog that we’ve seen in some parts of southern Ontario.”
     Phillips said he doesn’t recall such a sustained stretch of warm weather in February such as this year.
      “I don’t think there’s been a warmer week in February. 
What’s so interesting about this heat wave in February is that it is so persistent. You often will get one or two days where spring has arrived, and then you’re back into the cold winter weather. This has gone on. It went from (last) Saturday to this coming) Saturday"
      Spiteri just obediently stenographed whatever Cagey said, without question.              Spiteri could have asked: 
    'David, regarding this '100-yr-old record breaking February temperature' which you just mentioned, is this definitive evidence of man made climate change, the kind that Liberals such as Justin Trudeau and Jim Bradley say it is? 
David, you make all this innuendo about hundred year records being broken, but as Canada's Senior Climatologist, what do these records have to do with AGW climate change?
David, when you say to me “I don’t think there’s been a warmer week in February",are you specifically referring to the period from 1901 to Feb. 2017? Could there have been a warmer February week anytime earlier, say, oh... in the last 10,000 years? And, why is it that you "don't think there's been a warmer week in February" - don't you know these things for sure, before you say them?
Either it has been 'the warmest February week since 1901', or it hasn't - why allude to this, if you don't know? Do you want me to sensationalize the story, and spike it with GreenFear?'

       Sadly, Spiteri sold himself out as a journalist and simply danced the tired old Cagey Two Step Tango with David Phillips. Spiteri did NOT ask any questions, just lapped up David Phillips' sputum and regurgitated it in the St. Catharines Standard and in the Review.'


      Spiteri's Tango With Cagey appeared on Feb.22, 2017,  so it was amusing to see that only a week later (on Mar.1, 2017) Cagey was involved in yet another typical GreenFear-laced piece, where he was basically spouting similar things as he did with Spiteri - but in this case, the reporter actually did try to ask if all this warmth in Feb.2017 was climate change. This is what Spiteri and literally hundreds of previous Canadian reporters failed to do. 

     So who was this supposedly 'heroic' reporter? It was Kate McGillivray, who reported this being asked in her CBC article (Mar.1, 2017): (Yes, this was in the CBC!! But, looking at the story in the link, it isn't even clear if McGillivray actually interviewed Cagey herself, or, was she reporting a second-hand story here, based on some other interviewer on Metro Morning... was it her or someone else doing the interview?? I am taking it here that McGillivray was Cagey's interviewer. If it was someone else, than the same comments apply to whoever it was that actually did this Cagey interview.)

"So long, normal weather: Toronto just had the warmest February on record

Expect the unexpected and get used to temperature swings, says climatologist Dave Phillips

 It's official — Toronto just lived through the warmest February in at least 80 years, says Dave Phillips, senior climatologist at Environment Canada.
"It also had the warmest February temperature ever, up to 17.7 C on the 23rd," which broke records going back to the 1840s, he told CBC Radio's Metro Morning.
The month didn't start off this way.
""We had temperatures at -12 C," said Phillips. "We had a month's worth of snow in the first ten days."
After that, the jet stream, a narrow band of strong wind, moved "almost into a summer position, well north of us in Northern Ontario. It allowed the warm air to just flood into Southern Ontario," he said.
All that warm air led to 12 days in a row with melting record temperatures. "So clearly, the look and the feel of winter disappeared in February," Phillips said.

Enjoying the weather, worrying about the climate

So are February's unseasonably warm temperatures a sure sign of climate change?
"I'm reluctant to always go there," said Phillips.
He said that it's the wild swings over the last few years, the absence of "normal weather," that is more of a tip-off.
"We had the coldest February on record two winters ago, here we have the warmest. That back-and-forth, up-and-down is more a mark that something is happening to our climate," he said.
"We say, 'Enjoy the weather but be concerned about the climate.'"
     Amazing: some CBC reporter/interviewer asks Canada's Cagey Climatologist whether the Feb. warm weather is a sure sign of climate change, and Cagey cagily answers that he is "reluctant to always go there"!! 
He ominously rattles off fearsome temperature records being broken, citing scary "wild swings" and the declaring that this all due to the absence of "normal weather".  That is meant to be taken, unquestioningly, at face value - the cagey unspoken insinuation is prepared and provided for us to jump to a conflated conclusion that this must therefore all be due to man-made climate change. The GreenFear link is pre-engineered for our unquestioning consumption, prepared by both Cagey and the CBC, without any evidence that anything here is linked to AGW. The illusion and the insinuation and the scary spin is meant to confuse, and to suggest that the only possible cause is AGW.
     There is an interesting interplay here, in this slick GreenFear piece, but make no mistake about it: this is still CBC fake news GreenFear propaganda, even though Kate McGillivray (or whoever the mystery interviewer was) tepidly did "go there" with Cagey. 
    Keep in mind that McGillivray's piece (and the Metro Morning piece, if it was by someone other than McGillivray)  is nevertheless an orchestrated CBC event spun, processed, and presented to further the GreenFear-mongering agenda, scary headlines, innuendo, and all.     The focus was on fanning climate fear, and definitely not on scrutinizing why David Phillips cannot "go there" and provide evidence of AGW. 
    The CBC's editors well know how to orchestrate the Cagey Tango, telling half the story (...actually way less than half of the story; more like lying by omission) -- most of the real story is what the CBC left out, such as specifically providing interviews from any GreenFear-bloviating Canadian Liberal, dipper, or greenie, asking them if the weather events which Cagey talks about (...but which he cagily refuses to confirm as AGW!!!!) are in fact evidence of climate change.
    Climatalarmists such as Jim Bradley, Justin Trudeau, Glen Murray, and Elizabeth May peddle the GreenFear-lie every day. Where's their reaction to Canada's Senior Climatologist coyly demurring to confirm 'evidence' of AGW - the AGW which they base their GreenFear Bolshevik policies upon??
  Where's the leftists' phony "science is being  suppressed" meme now, when Canada's Senior Climatologist muzzles himself  (...under J-Turd's Liberal watch, no less..!) and refuses "to go there"; to publicly state to the aroused and panting press that the weather events he reports are evidence of AGW?!!
   The CBC has spent untold millions of tax dollars over the years, helping peddle the GreenFear lie that man has created the climate - and the CBC will continue to do so, regardless of what Cagey said on Mar.1! They will continue to peddle GreenFear, and will make sure that Cagey's comments aren't mentioned - they {...ahem... not 'Harper'...} will suppress what Cagey said. (The CBC, predictably, did exactly that, continuing their GreenFear-laced climate fascism only 4 days after Kate McGillivray's report, where NO MENTION at all was made of Cagey Dave's inability to show evidence of "climate change" -  see Chapter 15 further below) 
They will muzzle Cagey's comments. 
They will continue to peddle the phony "it's all settled" meme.
They will censor their future GreenFear-mongering to purposefully not mention David Phillips' climate skepticism, which he demonstrated in the CBC on Mar.1, 2017.
     So where's the backlash when Canada's Senior Climatologist REFUSES to agree with the CBC narrative? Where are the instant mass denunciations of Cagey as a 'Denier', as an 'Uncle Tom Of Science', as a 'Traitor To The Planet'... .... ...?
    Funny eh?
For years, the left happily chortled and regurgitated the meme that scientists such as Good Ole Cagey were somehow "muzzled" when it came to climate change. Cagey was treated as some kind of a 'subversive' hero, as some kind of martyr, cleverly sending us coded messages of climate change while he was being 'suppressed', which the left hungrily ate up.
Everything Cagey said - even still here, in McGillivray's Mar.1, 2017 article! - was spun to reflect the gospel of AGW. 
The CBC's McGillivray had a chance in her report to examine, but she completely ignored, the 'suppression' meme (...a meme which her own CBC had happily peddled). 
    When Cagey answered that he was "reluctant to go there" reporter McGillivray could have explored this, to ask:
   'Why? Why is David Phillips 'reluctant to go there'?? Go 'where', exactly? Why can't he prove climate change, when we're all told that the 'science is settled'?? Is he being suppressed by anyone? Is someone preventing Phillips from linking the warm Feb 2017 weather as being evidence of man made climate change? If records are being broken, as Phillips is saying, then why can't he admit that it is evidence of climate change?' 
    McGillivray and her CBC editors cleverly did NOT bring up the point that David Phillips could not give them their desired 'climate change is real' money shot! 
   They did not bring up the point that, when Phillips didn't deliver the 'climate-change evidence' in the past, it was at that time all blamed on the meme that Phillips was 'muzzled by Harper'.  {Y'see how the propaganda works..?!
  Yet, now that Turdo is in power...  and now that Cagey works at Turdo's frickin' phony 'Ministry of Climate Change'... and now that Cagey is (supposedly) un-muzzled... and is no longer "suppressed" -  the CBC IGNORES analyzing this incongruous set of circumstances... as well as their own role in propagating it!
Y'see the CBC's self-serving spin now?! 
The old narrative was that scientists such as Cagey were only 'muzzled by Harper'; yet when Cagey refuses to confirm AGW now, no link is being made to Trudeau!! Aren't dem CBC commies clever, eh?!
     Where's the bombastic vitriol to Cagey's refusal, from the man-made climate-change hoaxters such as Jim Bradley or Justin Trudeau, or Catherine McKenna, or Kathleen Wynne...? 
    In 2016, Jim Bradley's Ontario Liberals, practicing Newspeak, renamed their Environment Ministry to become the  "Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change". In 2015, the Turdo federal Liberals renamed Environment Canada (where Cagey peddles his cagey climate business) to the "Ministry of Environment and Climate Change".
Turdo stated that "climate change is a fact" - yet, Canada's Senior Climatologist David Phillips {who works at Turdo's Ministry of Climate Change...!!!} CANNOT or WILL NOT 'go there' to actually confirm this "fact"!!
    And furthermore - the CBC refused to follow up on the discrepancy - and this is a glaring discrepancy, going to the heart of the AGW man-made climate-change change issue. 
   Were McGillivray nor any other CBC hack prepared with any follow-up questions?
The usual narrative from the AGW GreenFear-pushing warmists includes a litany of attacks on anyone who dares to even profess climate change skepticism -  they are immediately slapped down, tarred and feathered as "deniers". We all know and have all  seen this kind of typically reflexive leftist trope. The disgusting David Suzuki demonized 'deniers' and wanted them put in jail.
     Strangely, Cagey is allowed to remain in his conveniently fuzzy, grey, slippery, shifty, amorphous, nebulous climate change zone, UNABLE to confirm to the CBC that what he's saying is (or isn't) climate change.
McGillivray didn't ask in her article:
    'Hey David - you work at the freakin' Ministry of Climate Change - -why can't you do us a solid and confirm once and for all that climate-change - specifically AGW man-made climate change - is real, for f@!* sake??? C'mon, David - Turdo pays yer wages; why don't you confirm that man-made climate-change is real??? What's stoppin' ya from agreeing with Suzuki and Stephane Dion??? '
    McGillivray's CBC story is such a Green-Fear laden piece of crap, that the narrative was purposefully shifted NOT to trumpet a headline that more accurately reflects the real issue: "Canada's Senior Climatologist refuses to confirm climate change" should have been the actual headline, as THAT was the real story. (Maybe someone should re-interview Cagey's pal Good Ole Phil Chadwick, for his reaction to Cagey again refusing to provide evidence of AGW - even though Cagey isn't being suppressed by anyone...!)
    McGillivray's story was spun to emphasize the GreenFear angle. McGillivray could have explored (but didn't) the long arc of  the climate change lie. McGillivray could spend several years documenting all the past hysterical climate-change GreenFear-mongering perpetrated by HER OWN CBC colleagues. But she didn't.
She didn't even ask Cagey about his citations, such as 80 year old records apparently being broken, dating back to the 1840's. Even that glib math fails to prompt McGillivray . {1840 to 2017 is 80 years??} When Cagey was spouting his weather record citations to Spiteri - only one week ago!!!!!! - he was claiming that hundred year old records were being broken, going back (supposedly) to 1901. Yet in Toronto, suddenly 'records' were being 'broken going back to the 1840's'. This is the kind of "science" that constitutes evidence of AGW? Sad.


...Moving right along, right on the tail of Cagey's Mar.1, 2017 refusal to confirm AGW, let's look at what the GreenFear-hoax-pushers were peddling at the Toronto Star, with Olivia Ward's Mar.3, 2017 GreenFear-propaganda piece - published just 2 days after Canada's Senior Climatologist refused to provide or confirm any evidence of man-made climate change...!
    Funny, somehow Ward and the entire Toronto Star editorial staff conveniently weren't aware of David Phillips' studied silence on climate change...!
    Propagandists, such as the Star's Olivia Ward, continue their biased, GreenFear-mongering campaign non-stop (...giddily reporting oops propagandizing, without question, how ""All life on earth now depends on maintaining efforts in environmental and related sciences,” says an open letter from scientists calling on Canada to protect science under threat from Trump"..!  again trotting out the 'scientists are being muzzled' meme, while David Phillips' (unmuzzled!) comments from 2 days ago, are purposefully buried and forgotten as if they never happened. 
   Pure propaganda, hot'n'steamy from TorStar's fake news factory!
   The ever-clever Toronto Star even published Fake News about fake news (even though the Star's own editors jumped hoops to pretend that they weren't peddling fake news)  as was pathetically demonstrated in Kathy English's classic fake-news-worthy piece of Atkinson-principled-propaganda seen in the Toronto Star, Feb.17, 2017. 
   It's a sick spiral of cognitive impairment with these deluded Green Bolsheviks.
   Here we see the Star lying about their role in peddling fake news, when they have been portraying a biased position (a political position, not a scientific position; ie peddling the hoax that 'the science is settled', and trumpeting political propaganda disguised as 'proof' of AGW'. Kathy English ranks up there with Goebbels in the propaganda department. 
    (... and despite their phony claims, FaceBook / Google aren't stopping the peddling of the kind of GreenFear which the Star peddles...! Google News happily publishes 'climate change is man made' science fiction on a daily basis, disguising these fake stories as "news" classed under 'science', instead of where they belong - in a hybrid 'science fiction' fake news category, where fake-science morphs into real political-propaganda. You know: the same pseudo-science that Ontario Liberals, such as Jim Bradley, peddle and practice.)
   You have to wonder if the Star's Olivia Ward, in her Mar.3, 2017 Fake News article, had even read her own Star colleague Kathy English's Feb.17, 2017 fake story on fake news?!?      Ward's article came out less than 3 weeks after English's, so Ward ought to be aware of it, it's not ancient history!
    Ward would have seen English's mighty attempt to provide her slanted Atkinsonian definition of Fake news, to justify how the Star cannot possibly be publishing phony articles: English writes:
"So, what is fake news?
To answer that accurately, we must look to Craig Silverman the Canadian journalist who first wrote about the phenomena of fake news for BuzzFeed News in November. Silverman, who has achieved global recognition for this important work, exposed the reality of fraudulent news, deliberately created and shared, largely on Facebook, to gain advertising dollars. Much of what he discovered was pro-Trump fake news that cast his opponent, Hillary Clinton, in a negative light with clearly false information.
Silverman’s reporting provided a fascinating look into the digital media universe and the ease with which wholly made-up “news” could be spread – and seemingly, believed. This “ecosystem” of fabricated information presented as serious news continues to be a significant concern in discerning the credibility of news sources..."
    It's quite sickening to see English use Silverman's views as justification that the Toronto Star is not a fake news peddler, when what he writes definitely would include the Star's own peddling of its slanted brand of fake news for clicks and for subscriptions!! 
    The Star editorializes its news, placing facts and events into their branded Atkinsonian slanted narrative. News and opinion and political propaganda meld, morph, and intertwine in various degrees from story to story; editorial stances permeate what should be news stories; news stories are fabricated to support editorial positions - - - but, this is nothing new, nor exclusive just to TorStar - so why the impassioned phony pretense that somehow the Star is as pure as the (man-made) snow?! 
    English is disingenuous to say the least, when, in an article about fake news, she just censors the starting point, that the Star is an inherently biased, Atkinsonian endeavour, that  it is a fake 'fair' and fake 'balanced' organization; in other words, that there is no 'fairness' or 'balance' to be expected. We expect leftist garbage from the Toronto Star. English can't bring herself to acknowledge how the Star's basic organizational tenet infects and seeps into everything they do. There is a political agenda at the Star, and stories are editorially engineered, spun and processed to reflect their biased Atkinsonian narrative.
    News is presented as political opinion, while opinion somehow morphs into 'news'. The Star's role is to massage and amplify their politicized brand of 'the news'. English knowingly peddles a fake narrative - as if her organization does NOT peddle biased, processed political opinion, disguised as 'straight facts'!!! (Is the irony lost on her, that the article is ostensibly about fake news?!  Or is she so deeply embedded in 'principled' Atkinsonian assholery that she cannot see the irony?! That is tragic. Or, she does see the irony, does see her own disconnect, does see her own discrepancy and hypocrisy - and yet, coldly doesn't give a shit, and peddles the lie anyway?? That's fanaticism.)  
   All we have to do is look at Olivia Ward's fawningly fakey article 3 weeks later, to see how fake English's denials of the Star's propensity for fakeness are!!! They keep on doing it, while denying it - is this a genetic compulsion, that they just can't help it?? 
   English would like us all believe in her own partisan alt-left hallucination, that fake news can ONLY come from the scary right, not from socialists. Now, let's get back to reality and continue to document the GreenFear climate change lies peddled by the 'non-biased' hahaha Toronto Star over the years.
   Kathy English can help demonstrate how full of umm ...non-fake news the Toronto Star is, by getting her Star colleague Olivia Ward to contact David Phillips (Canada's Senior Climatologist) to get his reaction to the GreenFear crap-laden story which Ward wrote on Mar.3, 2017. Why was Phillips omitted from the story?
   Kathy English claims that the Toronto Star would never deliberately publish false information: I have yet to see any validity in any of the “fake news” charges lobbed our way. While it should go without saying, I think it’s safe to say, the Toronto Star is not in the business of fake news. While this news organization’s work does sometimes fall short of its own journalistic standards, to suggest that the Star would deliberately publish false information is wrong. We don’t make stuff up.
And, that’s a fact."
So here we are at the heart of the issue: the Star does make things up, but doesn't see it that way. They manufacture stories embedded with their corporatist Atkinsonian narrative. English slyly hazes over and conflates the Star's rare 'straight, factual news reports' with the Star's much more common 'newspinion' pieces, where biased Star reporter/propagandists are clearly pushing a political agenda; where the headlines are consistently spiked, biased, or deceptive; where other related opinions are conveniently and deliberately edited (censored) to further the biased Atkinsonian narrative. (This was clearly demonstrated (as was documented in Chapter 3 earlier in this essay) by Amy Demsey's GreenStink in the Jan.17, 2017 Toronto Star - a month before Kathy English's phony defense of TorStar fake news. 
Kathy English claims "we don't make stuff up", but the Star's Atkinsonian narrative belies that phony claim. Amy Dempsey's GreenStink belies that claim. Olivia Ward's GreenStink climate-change 'story' belies English's phony claim, where strangely, Environment Canada's Senior Climatologist (who would not confirm climate change 2 days earlier on the CBC!) was NOT interviewed.  The Star purposefully spins, censors and omits - yet, hey, they don't make stuff up! They just want you to believe their manufactured version!
You'd think that of all the people in Canada, Ole Cagey Dave would have had something relevant to say to Olivia Ward about 'muzzling scientists' and 'global warming/climate change'!!! Look, for Gaia's sake: the Toronto Star just muzzled David Phillips, while claiming they don't do fake news! It's amazing. The Star consistently prints climate change stories as "news", which are based on the AGW GreenFear hoax. 
What English and Toronto Star are doing here, is so insidious, it really is beyond 'lying', or 'fake news', it's Orwellian in scope. 

    Following Kate McGillivray's Mar. 1, 2017 CBC article (detailed in Chapter 13 above) where Environment Canada's Senior Climatologist refused to link his weather reports as evidence of climate change, the CBC ran another story 3 days later (written by Maryse Zeidler,  Mar.5, 2017) with this typically GreenFearsome fascist headline" "20 years ago, B.C. scientists warned of provincial impact of climate change
'Being able to talk about climate change outside of the science world, that continues to be a real challenge'".
     The CBC's Zeidler trots out Stewart Cohen, referred to as a "senior climate change researcher with Environment Canada", yet Zeidler suppresses any mention of Environment Canada's David Phillips in her story, and doesn't bother to ask Cohen to comment on EC's Senior Climatologist refusing to link weather to "climate change"..! The CBC's GreenGoebbels certainly work at a feverish pace to peddle their propaganda. Has Cagey already been greenwashed out of favour by the CBC's climate fascists?? Wow. (ya better repent now Cagey...)
    Who is preventing anyone from "being able to talk about climate change", as the headline on Zeidler's story ominously suggests??! (...as if the media themselves aren't the ones to immediately do so, when anyone challenges the 'it's all settled' hoax...)

    Zeidler never bothers to ask her subjects about that claim;  the dark insinuation is just left to hang there without question. It's enough for the CBC just to print the claim, without delving into messy details which spoil the overall effect of the desired GreenFear narrative. That's not reporting, it's biased, scripted stenography - it's propaganda.

    Here's the same old 'science is being suppressed meme' being slickly, subtlety - subliminally - peddled, without substance. We are just supposed to "know" that these poor old scientists are being somehow suppressed... by someone.... y'see...

    Not once did the CBC's Zeidler bother to actually provide, nor ask for, any evidence of man made climate change - her starting off point, as we see, takes for granted that 'the science of man made climate is settled' - therefore, all the subsequent propaganda flows from that faulty premise.
     (How can the CBC be peddling 'fake climate news', eh?! Well, if they do not question the premise, and 'believe' it to be 'real', and continuously peddle their stories under that supposition, to them it's all 'real' and cannot be fake. After all, no TorStar or CBC reporter has been threatened to be jailed by David Suzuki, so, really, how fakey can the their science-fictiony false stories possibly be!?! Yes, there is some kind of perverted, demented 'logic' in the Green Bolshevik mind - ya can't blame us: we think/we believe/we trust/we don't even ask if  it's real - - - it can't be fake if we thought it was real, y'see? We was just tellin'  ya, what our (selective) impressions were, of what we were (selectively) told by the (selected) people who fit our (selective) narrative!! 
    There is no need for CBC or TorStar reporters to go actually question anyone about the AGW premise; their task is to propagate AGW and amplify it, as if it was real. 
     And if it means censoring David Phillips - while still claiming science is being censored, well, so be it - climate fascism MUST march on at all costs. It's as if what David Phillips said 3 days ago (which was not what the CBC had actually wanted and expected him to say) wasn't relevant to Zeidler's report. Is Zeidler's report the first act of the shaming of David Phillips, who sinned and refused to bow to the GreenFear-peddlers' demands??
     Zeidler didn't bother to ask Stewart Cohen to provide all the data from Environment Canada, which proves AGW. Zeidler could have asked for that, and could have listed all the citations which Cohen and Environment Canada have to prove AGW. But this typical CBC propagandist, disguised as a 'reporter', DID NOT do so, as the purpose of this CBC story was about creating a haze of GreenFear, not about reporting facts.
     Zeidler purposefully didn't ask Cohen, to comment on his Environment Canada colleague David Phillips' refusal to link weather to AGW. Why was that avenue not followed - what, the CBC in British Columbia doesn't know what Mother Corp. is peddling elsewhere across the nation??
    I mean, Great Gaia's Ghost: Zeidler 's assignment was to peddle an illusion for us to believe that somehow in BC, they've had 'evidence of AGW'  for 20 years doncha know - or so the narrative leads us to believe, yet, no actual AGW evidence was  provided by anyone in Zeidler's report, from back then, or now, of course, unless speculation IS evidence!)
Zeidler could have easily even asked Ontario's Liberal Godfather Of GreenFear himself, Jim Bradley, about the existence of AGW evidence - - -Bradley has secretly had it, for some 30 years - maybe more, who knows..!) Why didn't Zeidler interview Bradley and ask him all about his 'decades' worth of 'AGW evidence', which he's never revealed, and compare it to all the 'evidence of AGW' which we are led to believe in her report that Environment Canada has???
    Zeidler was more than happy in her one-sided story to peddle Cohen's and "climate scientist" Trevor Murdock's views " ...Despite those advancements, both researchers say the biggest challenge on the climate change front has been trying to change public perception. 
Cohen says it's frustrating to see people who still don't believe climate change is happening, or that greenhouse gas emissions have anything to do with it.
"Being able to talk about climate change outside of the science world, that continues to be a real challenge," he said.
"We need to figure out how to do that better and how to do that more continuously too."
    As expected from the CBC, Zeidler obligingly did NOTHING to question them.
    If anything, we see that the CBC happily does "continuously" peddle GreenFear (which is exactly what Cohen wants - as if Zeidler was not sent by the CBC to do just that!!! Can't the "journalist"  Zeidler see her own role aiding and abetting the propaganda she's peddling?

    She WAS there, paid by the CBC, to peddle one side of the (false AGW) story, and she was there to "change public perception" to accept the AGW hoax (and therefore, to accept AGW-premised political policies)
   She didn't say to Cohen: What the f*ck, man: I am here, and the CBC is giving you a soapbox to peddle your views, more than any other views, so don't fu@*ing patronize me, ok? Now, let's get to all that AGW evidence you have from Environment Canada, which supposedly supports Catherine McKenna's Mar.9, 2017 "Climate  change is clear. It's man made" lie, and Prime Minister Turdo's phony claim that "climate change is real"... ... ... nah, Zeidler was there to do the typical boiler-plate Cagey-style tango (...the same old GreenFear tango, sans Cagey, who's been relegated to the Climate Change doghouse for the time being...)
   Zeidler writes a story propagandizing and peddling GreenFear, interviewing her selected (and decidedly selective) subjects as if their views are somehow unknown or somehow being suppressed.... as if their kind of views HAD NEVER ALREADY BEEN CONTINUOUSLY PROPAGATED BY THE CBC ON A NATIONAL BASIS!!! The disconnect, the self-serving propaganda, is astounding. 
   This CBC reporter had a chance to write a story examining the 'scientific evidence of AGW' and how this 'evidence' , politically portrayed as being settled, manifests in Canadian politics. Who stopped her from doing that?!? Instead, Zeidler earned her CBC paycheque by spinning GreenFear while never actually addressing the underlying premise of AGW. Great job.