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Five feet of snow proves global warming!?

Further to this post, and this post, is this story "Obama rebukes climate skeptics" (AFP, Feb.19, 2010, here) of the continuation of the global warming hoax by the U.S. President himself:

"US President Barack Obama on Friday rebuked climate change skeptics who argue that piles of snow dumped on the United States during a frigid winter cast doubt on global warming science.

"We just got five feet of snow in Washington," said Obama, when asked about alternative energy projects during a town hall meeting in Nevada.

"Opponents of climate change, they say -- 'see look at that, there is all this snow on the ground -- this doesn't mean anything.'"

"I want to just be clear that the science of climate change doesn't mean every place is getting warmer -- it means the planet as a whole is getting warmer."

Obama cited the lack of snow in Vancouver during the current winter Olympics and unusual snowstorms in places like Dallas in the southern United States as examples of violent weather patterns brought on by climate change.

The president has committed the United States wholeheartedly to the fight against climate change - unlike the previous Bush administration - and played a major role in the ill-fated UN climate conference in Denmark last year.

But there is growing doubt over the fate of legislation being pushed by Democrats in Congress aimed at establishing a cap-and-trade system to regulate carbon emissions.

Republicans have branded such legislation "job killing" and even some Democratic lawmakers have questioned the wisdom of passing such a bill that could impose more costs on industry during a deep economic crisis."

Piles of white global warming laying in the streets of the American south are indeed a sign of Obama's willful climate ignorance. The skepticism, as Obama clumsily tries to spin it, is not about "climate change" (!!!!!!) - it's about the inherent socialism of the alarmists' man-made global warming AGW LIES.

Obama's unfounded, Old-Gore's-tale citations mean absolutely nothing.
It's Obama who disingenuously confuses weather extremes with global warming. Vancouver's lack of snow is indicative of NOTHING... Sir. That's how Vancouver IS!!!! When O'Bammer made his first state visit to Canada last year, he was complaining how cold it was in Ottawa, remember?
In May, it'll be warmer: OMG - SO IT HAS TO BE CLIMATE CHANGE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[...oddly, later, when the Vancouver area DID get major dumps of snow (see here, Mar.11, 2010, where Cypress Mountain (site of the Olympic ski event which Obama claimed above proves global warming!!) got 37 cm. of snow (...see also here, Apr.11, 2010, where the Vancouver Sun reported Cypress Mountain got another 65 cm. of snow) OBAMA DID NOT BOTHER TO UPDATE HIS CLIMATE PROPAGANDA BY MENTIONING THIS INCONVENIENT TRUTH.
In fact - Obama's Democrats, who just a year ago chortled derisively at 'drill, baby, drill', HAVE NOW APPROVED OFF-SHORE DRILLING (whaaaa...?! see here!) along vast areas of their coastlines!! Joe Wilson's 'Obama you lie' comment was nothing but prescient, on so many levels...]

It's as if these AGW-propaganda-pushing Democrats have not yet heard of, or don't understand, Climategate. To them, the IPCC's lies are still gospel, no matter what... that is mind boggling cognitive dissonance, on a dangerous and massive scale.

Here's Terence Corcoran writing yesterday (National Post, Feb.18, 2010, here) about what Obama (instead of pushing his AGW fearmongering) should have been talking about today:

"It’s hard to tell right now which part of global warming policy is in the fastest free fall — the economics, the politics or the science. The politics seemed to be winning the race yesterday. At least five major U.S. corporations have pulled out of the U.S. Climate Action Partnership, an agglomeration of business and green groups lobbying Washington for climate legislation. High on USCAP’s agenda is a cap-and-trade system for carbon emissions.

The withdrawal of BP, ConocoPhillips and Caterpillar from USCAP is widely seen as another sign that cap and trade, which would allow corporations to buy and sell emissions credits, is losing ground politically. Another political sign that a major climate bill containing a cap-and-trade regime was unlikely came recently when President Barack Obama announced he might be willing to carve out the cap-and-trade elements from climate legislation as a separate bill. Since a stand-alone tax carbon plan surrounded with a corporate trading system would be political dynamite for the administration, Mr. Obama’s comments triggered speculation that cap-and-trade would never see daylight.

Two other companies, Xerox and March Inc., are also reported to have left USCAP. Cap and trade is also fading from the political agenda at the Western Climate Initiative, a U.S.-Canada association of states and provinces set up a few years ago to bring cap-and-trade to the North American economy. As Lawrence Solomon writes below, that initiative is unravelling as key states pull away, leaving Quebec, Ontario and British Columbia as mainstays of an international initiative that’s going nowhere.

All this is being driven by breakdowns in the science behind global warming theory and in the global resolve to respond. The failure of Copenhagen to reach agreement reflected the two main problems. If the science is perceived to be shaky, and the global economic situation is shaky, if follows that the politics will head in the same direction."

Lawrence Solomon wrote in "A dying initiative" (National Post, Feb.18, 2010, here):

"The Western Climate Initiative’s cap and trade market may soon need to be renamed The Canada Climate Initiative.

Until last week, the Western Climate Initiative boasted seven U.S. states and four Canadian provinces who were working toward the launch of a regional cap and trade system on Jan. 1, 2012. Last Thursday, Arizona formally announced it was backing out of cap and trade. As the state with the fastest rate of emission growth — 61% between 1990 and 2007 — many feared a body blow to Arizona’s economy if it tried to meet the initiative’s carbon reduction goals.

The following morning neighbouring Utah indicated it might follow suit. By a 6 to 2 vote, its House Committee on Public Utilities and Technology passed a nonbinding resolution to urge Governor Gary Herbert to pull out of the Western Climate Initiative. Earlier in the week, the full Utah House voted resoundingly — 56 to 17 — to curb any carbon-curbing attempts by the federal government’s Environmental Protection Agency. Specifically, the resolution introduced into the House “urges the United States Environmental Protection Agency to halt its carbon dioxide reduction policies and programs and with its ‘Endangerment Finding’ and related regulations until a full and independent investigation of the climate data conspiracy and global warming science can be substantiated.”

To date, only four of the 11 jurisdictions have adopted legislation that would allow them to participate in the cap-trade-market: California, British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec, with Manitoba appearing close to joining. Oregon, Washington, Montana and New Mexico have not yet adopted cap-and-trade legislation and now California, which is tottering toward bankruptcy, has become iffy: A voter initiative in California, if it passes in November, would halt the cap-and-trade program until unemployment falls to 5.5%.

Even before last week’s climate revolt, many believed the Western Climate Initiative unofficially died with the ascension of Barack Obama to the presidency. When George W. Bush was U.S. president, those backing climate change legislation could argue for a regional plan on the basis that national legislation would never pass a Bush presidency. As soon as Obama came to office, pressure built in the western states to abandon the regional cap and trade plan, on the logic that the states should harmonize with federal cap and trade policy. Now that federal cap and trade legislation appears dead, the states have cooled further to regional trading.

The upshot? By the end of the year, the only jurisdictions left in the Western Climate Initiative’s cap and trade program could be the Canadian provinces."

Ahh...Copenhagen... the place were Obama and Dalton McGuinty and Michael Iggy cap'n'trader Ignatieff wanted to find their political salvation, where Kyodiot greensheviks from Ontario and Quebec were happily spewing their anti-Alberta crap.

So: let's hear Liberals Dalton McGuinty and Michael Ignatieff tell us now - prior to any election campaign - that they believe in AGW - specifically, in man-made global warming (as opposed to nebulously generic 'climate-change').

Let's hear Dalton McGuinty and Michael Ignatieff reveal the evidence which they rely upon to support their climate beliefs - which of course, directly impact their energy policies.

McGuinty, like his secretive Ontario MPP Liberal collegue Jim Bradley, HAS NO evidence supporting the claim of AGW "global warming"; neither does Iggy.

If they do - then please, they should reveal their sources.

Even Environment Canada's so-called senior Cagey Climatologist David Phillips is unable to cite any specific evidence of AGW - so if Iggy or Dalton magically know something that David Phillips doesn't, the onus is on them to show us their sources.

C'mon, Dalton... Iggy... Jimmy... cantcha get Al Gore or David Suzuki or Rajendra Pachauri to dig you out of your snowdrift of climate lies?
above video of kitten-eating Liberal Borg leader Dalton McGuinty lying on Sean Mallen's TVO Focus Ontario in Dec.2009. (Mallen, unfortunately, just accepted what McGuinty was spouting. Not any real journalism going on there - it was 'all settled' y'see,.. so... why bother askin' questions?!)
Update - on Apr.13, 2015, when Liberal premier Kathleen Wynne announced she was imposing a new fraudulent green 'cap and trade' tax, she used the same GreenFear global-warming rhetoric which McGuinty (and Jim Bradley) were using in 2009:  "To fight climate change -- one of the greatest challenges mankind has faced -- Ontario is putting a limit on the main sources of greenhouse gas pollution through a cap and trade system to protect the air we breathe, the water we drink and the health of our children and grandchildren."
It is the same Liberal enviro-fraud, the same Liberal GreenFear crap, years later.
Further update: On the nightly CBC news television broadcast (Dec.27, 2016) there was another sickening appearance by the deluded Kathleen Wynne, this time we were treated to a barrage of her GreenFear bullshit; a montage of  her many different interviews, spouting her climate change fear-mongering.
She was still using the same Green Fear crap which McGuinty was spreading to Mallen in 2009. She was still pulling the same old climate garbage out of her ass, creating conflated scenarios and blabbing about unsubstantiated 'extreme weather' and insurance costs, you name it - yet, there was never any proof of AGW given. It was plain fear-mongering to justify more phony carbon taxes, a fraud peddled by the Ontario Liberal government.
NO evidence has yet been provided that what the Liberals are doing will "solve" anything at all -  - and this Liberal climate con game has been going on (in Jim Bradley's case) for decades now.

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