Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Another Canadian politician goes to the United States for healthcare

Kenyon Wallace reported (National Post, Feb.2, 2010, here) that Newfoundland Premier Danny Williams has chosen to have his heart surgery done in the United States, not anywhere in Canada.
Someone, quick, tell those sickos Michael Moore or Mike Dukakis (see here) that another patient from Utopian Canada - a Premier, no less - has decided to trust that 'awful American health system' rather than his own supposedly-superior Tommy Douglas-socialized system.
Reminds me of the Belinda Stronach situation several years ago, see here.
At least Williams has gone to the States before Obama's socializers destroy their system as Canada's socialists have destroyed ours.
And rest assured there will be many proud liberals on both sides of the border who will spin that Williams' going to the States for his heart surgery shows that Canada's health care system works!!!
You saw how the left attacked Shona Holmes because she dared go to the States rather than sit around Ontario while Tommy Douglas figured out what to do with her - see here; here; here; here.
The left demands that patients wait in line to sacrifice themselves for the supposedly-great socialist ideology of state-run, single-payer health care.
Canadians need a choice, here at home.
The Post's newspaper version stated "A decision to leave Canada for the surgery, especially if it is available here, raised questions about the Premier's confidence in Newfoundland's health system."
Details about the nature of the surgery and the availability of resources to perform it in Canada have not yet been disclosed; but this does raise many questions about the limitations of Canadian health care and its single-payer (except for Quebec) model.
The questions should be raised: did 'the system' fail Williams, or did he abandon his own system?
If the kind of surgery Williams needs isn't available in Canada, then why isn't it?
Was he expected just to sit and wait in Newfoundland, hoping that somehow he eventually might get the care he needed, from the single-payer monstrosity he supports?!? NO: he beat it to the States, to get proper health care!
So: what about all the rest of us in Canada, who have no other choice but to suffer in the same system which isn't good enough for the politicians themselves to endure?
Williams has outsourced his own health care to the best system there is, the American one (...that is, until the Democrats "fix" it...) but, he leaves a lot of unanswered questions at home.
Maybe after his recovery, Williams will call for and work towards getting rid of our ideological Canada Health Act, and work towards the implementation of a private-parallel health care system here in Canada. (...and sadly, Williams DID NOT do that - another example of "do what I say, not what I do" political hypocrisy...)

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