Monday, July 6, 2009

Mike Dukakis tells the "truth" about Canadian health care

Liberal MPP Jim Bradley has been vindicated from accusations that the Ontario government, under Liberal Premier Dalton McGuinty, has been exporting sick patients to the United States.

The rumours were that for years, the Liberals have been sending Canadian patients to the U.S., because the Liberal government could not provide timely health care in their single-payer, state-run monopoly.

Jim Bradley, a leading health care monopolist and patient-payer-choice denier, and his Liberals, can breathe a sigh of relief, now that U.S. Democrat Mike Dukakis has finally revealed the hidden truth - that these accusations of patients being sent from Canada to the States for treatment were simply "fairy tales". Dukakis stated that this never happened:


Thankfully we can now all see the truth, because, as we all know, the American Democrats have no interest in lying to or deceiving the public.

Michael Dukakis knows full well that Suzanne Aucoin received all her cancer care in Canada, and she did NOT ever need to travel to the United States for treatment. It is patently untrue - completely fabricated - that Jim Bradley's Liberals denied Aucoin health care, and that she was forced to obtain treatment in Buffalo; and furthermore, it is also a lie that Ontario's Ombudsman Andre Marin ever investigated the Liberal health system's treatment of Aucoin; and it is untrue that the Ombudsman ever criticized or severely chastised the Liberal health monopoly's performance.

Furthermore, it is a lie that Liberal billionaire and Magna-empire-heir Belinda Stronach ever used the American health care system. That would be a betrayal of her high Liberal moral standards. Stronach stayed in Canada for her entire treatment, due to Canada's high standards of socialized medicare. As a billionaire, she waited in front of poorer and sicker people, just like everyone else.

(In fact, the Chaoulli Supreme Court challenge did not even occur, and, no ruling was ever made pointing out the illegality of banning payer options for health care. This never happened in Quebec in 2005. Nope.)

Lindsay McCreith never received any medical care in the United States, and, neither did Shona Holmes. They were never denied timely treatment in Liberal Ontario!

Michael Dukakis clearly has revealed the truth that all Americans and Canadians should know. Canadians do not need - have never needed - to go to the U.S. for treatment, because the Canadian health care model is clearly so much superior. It is ridiculous to pretend that single-payer universal health care promises are not fulfilled in Canada - why would Canadians need to go to the States for treatment, anyway?

Scholar Michael Sicko Moore has proven that emergency wait times in Canada are shorter than pizza delivery wait times! This is an undisputed fact. Furthermore, studies showing that hospital ER waits in St. Catharines (in Liberal monopolist Jim "single-payer" Bradley's own city) average 23 hours, are nothing but a lie! Michael Dukakis knows this, and is fighting to inform Americans with the truth!

The Jepp quads never needed to go to Montana for their birth, and in fact, they were all born in Canada, NOT the United States. There were more than enough neo natal beds in Canada's socialized health care system, as Dukakis well knows; thankfully, this great Democrat is now making it known to all Americans. The only reason their mother went to the States (umm, that is, if she was really there at all...) was to get treasured American passports for the babies...that's all. In fact, Dukakis will soon be investigating this immigration loophole. Why give monopoly-health care victims free citizenship to their kids, any way?

In 2006, the Coote twins, from monopolist Jim Bradley's city of St. Catharines, were NOT born in Buffalo N.Y., as widely alleged. Jim Bradley's Liberals had plenty of neo natal beds available locally, and so, they must have been born in Ontario. There never was any neo natal bed shortage in Ontario under Jim Bradley's watch!

For that matter, in June 2009, infant Ava Stinson was also never sent to Buffalo. She was never sent to Buffalo because there were plenty of neo natal beds in Ontario's Liberal health monopoly. Mike Dukakis knows that this didn't happen, and Mike Dukakis wants you to know the real truth, that Canada's great health care system has never relied on the American system.

Canada hasn't been sending infants to the States for health care treatment for years; heck - maybe never - as far as Mike Dukakis is concerned...

Why, if one said that even back in 1988, MPP Jim Bradley and his Ontario Liberals were already sending expectant mothers to Buffalo, because the necessary facilities were unavailable in Ontario's health monopoly, one would be a liar. Mike Dukakis has now shown us the truth; therefore, Dr. Paul Byrne's letter in the Jan.21, 1988 Toronto Star also never happened.

Rick Laporte never had to go from Windsor Ont. to Detroit for emergency heart treatment! Charlie Godden was never sent to Rochester, N.Y., because Ontario had no burn unit available! It never happened - and this is on the high authority of a senior U.S. Democrat, Mike Dukakis.
In fact, Dukakis should be preparing a study showing that millions of Americans are forced to cross the border to obtain free health care in Canada - and it is free, literally; no one pays for it at all. No-one - 'cuz it's free.

Mike Dukakis knows that Ontario's Liberals never need to send patients to the States.

Mike Dukakis has read of the instances of Canadian patients (supposedly!) forced to go to the United States for treatment unavailable in Canada, as detailed in the essay Liberal Healthcare Duplicity

. . . and Mike Dukakis has clearly stated that such occurrences NEVER HAPPENED.

Liberal MPP Jim Bradley sure wishes that were true.

Will Jim Bradley bother to validate or dispute Dukakis' claims? Gosh: we'll never know!

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