Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Proroguement causes Liberal Jim Bradley to be subpoenaed in Greenbelt-quarry seat-saver scandal

Do you think Wendy Metcalfe's Liberal Friendly Bradley Bootlickers at the St.Catharines Standard will bother to follow-up or pursue their buddy, Ontario Environment Minister Jim Bradley, about this Oct.29, 2012 story "McGuinty prorogation enables subpoena of Premier & other Ministers in $275 million seat-saver scandal"??

Part of the story reads:

"...Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty and other senior Cabinet Ministers will be subpoenaed and compelled to testify in the judicial review of the Liberal government's decision to kill the proposed Flamborough Quarry. The judicial review will help determine whether the government acted improperly in cancelling a quarry in the riding of Liberal MPP Ted McMeekin in advance of the 2011 provincial election. St Marys Cement has also filed a NAFTA claim based on the regulatory failure in this case, and is seeking damages of not less than $275 million.
In May, St Marys Cement served a Notice of Application to review the decision by the McGuinty Liberals to issue a Minister's Zoning Order and a Declaration of Provincial Interest to stop the proposed Flamborough Quarry. The provincial government brought forward a motion to have the application dismissed, a motion that has now been dismissed by the Ontario Divisional Court. The government has appealed this ruling.
Due to a common law principle that protects sitting members from being subpoenaed while the house is in session or on break for holiday, the decision by Dalton McGuinty to prorogue the Legislature presents the first opportunity for the Premier, in addition to Ministers Jim Bradley and Rick Bartolucci, to be forced to testify. The legal process will now be initiated with the full intention of hearing from key decision-makers around this decision to save the seat of a Liberal MPP..."

Well, it's not like this story hasn't been around for a long time!! I wrote about this issue back on Oct.6, 2011, and even then I was questioning why the disgusting Bradley Liberal Brown Nosers at the St.Catharines Standard weren't bothering to ask their pal Jimmy about this - when he was still a sitting Liberal minister.

Now, a year later - after Jim Bradley and his cowardly Liberal scumbags have callously and spitefully prorogued Queen's Park - Wendy's Water-Skiing, Wrong-Righting Bradley Sycophants, somehow, strangely, still have NOT BEEN ABLE to... umm... "find" their local MPP, Good Ole Jimmy, for an interview on this!! Reports are that Good Ole Jimmy will be subpoenaed on this, now that Jimmy's enjoying his self-serving proroguement.

Now, after the Liberals' seat-buying-at-public-expense gas-plant scams, we're hearing of even more Liberal seat-saving scams, this time that possibly the coffers of GreenFear-pusher Bradley's oh-so-highly-vaunted Greenbelt, were raided for partisan Liberal gain?! Say it ain't so, Jimmy. Sounds like the familiar sort of M.O. the Liberals used in their gas-plant seat-saver scam!

Hopefully for Jim Bradley, this will not be newsworthy nor important to Wendy Metcalfe's St.Catharines Standard JimmyBoyFanClub!

Liberal Jim Bradley should explain his cap-and trade-carbon-tax lies

Let's start with Lorrie Goldstien's Sept. 25, 2011 column (published several weeks prior to the Ontario election, during which McGuinty went on to let a junta from his own Liberal Party dictate Ontario energy policy, and pilfer millions of tax dollars to buy McGuinty's Liberals some seats):

"Here are four big reasons why you shouldn’t believe Premier Dalton McGuinty when he says he will not impose a carbon tax if he wins the Oct. 6 Ontario election.

And why there’s also no reason to believe his claim the cap-and-trade market he intends to create — basically a carbon tax by another name — is years away from reality, if it ever happens.

(1) Last week, Liberal MPP David Levac said twice during an interview with our sister paper, the Brantford Expositor, the McGuinty Liberals are considering a carbon tax. While he later claimed to have confused a carbon tax with cap-and-trade, for which McGuinty has already passed enabling legislation and issued regulations, it’s very hard to believe that.

Levac is the parliamentary assistant to the energy minister, the ministry, along with environment, most directly involved in putting a price tag on industrial carbon dioxide emissions, which is what both a carbon tax and cap-and-trade do.

This is because both initiatives will increase the price of energy, including gasoline, home heating fuels and electricity.

If Levac, as parliamentary assistant to the energy minister, really did confuse a carbon tax with cap-and-trade, he’s incompetent.

Both Tory Leader Tim Hudak and New Democrat MPP Peter Kormos, who have known Levac for years, say there’s no way that’s the case.

(2) What is McGuinty’s promise he’s not considering a carbon tax worth? McGuinty said repeatedly in the 2003 election campaign that brought him to power he wouldn’t raise taxes and signed a pledge not to do so.

And yet, after winning office, he brought in one of the largest tax hikes in Ontario history.

That was before the HST in 2010, after McGuinty again promised in the 2007 campaign he wouldn’t raise taxes.

Look at the fiscal mess Ontario is in and you know McGuinty needs a huge, new revenue source to pay for his big-spending, union-friendly government.

A carbon tax fits the bill because it creates a new revenue stream for government by charging taxpayers for something they’ve never been charged for before.

(3) There’s also reason for skepticism about McGuinty’s claim he will move slowly on establishing a cap-and-trade market and won’t do if it hurts the economy.

Asked about cap-and-trade last week, McGuinty said: “We can’t go there right now because we have no partners, no other people who want to engage in the trading system right now. At the end of the day, if it’s not something that serves to benefit our economy, we’re not going to do it.”

First, recall that McGuinty claimed the HST would benefit our economy, so there’s his excuse for introducing cap-and-trade whenever he wants.

As for having “no partners”, Environment Minister John Wilkinson has been telling green groups in this election Ontario is proud to co-chair the Western Climate Initiative (WCI), a coalition of four provinces - Ontario, B.C., Quebec and Manitoba — working on a regional cap-and-trade market with six U.S. states — California, Washington, Arizona, Montana, Oregon and Utah.

The WCI website (westernclimateinitiative.org) describes these provinces and states as “WCI partners.”

While he’s now advocating a go slow approach, when Ontario joined WCI three years ago, McGuinty accused Prime Minister Stephen Harper of a “lack of leadership” on the issue, saying Ontario couldn’t afford to wait any longer.

A more plausible explanation for McGuinty’s downplaying of cap-and-trade now is that it’s far less politically popular today than in 2008, because the public now understands a carbon tax and cap-and-trade do the same thing — dramatically raise their cost of living.

President Barack Obama’s attempt to introduce cap-and-trade in the U.S. died in Congress and Harper has said Canada won’t proceed without the U.S.

Grits ‘committed’

However, Wilkinson told the Globe and Mail in April while Ontario won’t be ready to implement cap-and-trade on Jan. 1, 2012, as originally planned, “We are committed to cap-and-trade through the Western Climate Initiative.”

(4) Finally, none of McGuinty’s green energy initiatives — the Green Energy Act, the Samsung deal, feed-in-tariffs, higher electricity prices, imposing wind turbines on rural communities — make sense unless McGuinty intends to introduce a carbon tax, cap-and-trade, or both.

Given current technology, wind and solar power can only be made competitive with fossil fuel energy if the price of fossil fuels rises dramatically. That’s exactly what a carbon tax and cap-and-trade are designed to do".
Now, a year after the above story, we can clearly see that McGuinty was desperately in need of a majority, in order to push through his planned carbon-tax cash-cow, similar to B.C.'s Liberal money-grab fraud, based on similar, typical climate GreenFear lies.

...(By the way: see Ontario Liberal John Wilkinson's smarmy cap-and-trade act on You Tube here - it's incredible!! And, can ya believe that GreenFear-infected dufus who is seen "asking" Wilkinson those "questions"??! And, can ya believe that some are now touting that this hump could replace McGuinty as premier!! [Makes perfect sense!!]
That kiss-ass Wilkinson "interview" is the same kind of phony "interview" which the St.Catharines Standard JimmyBoyFanClub gives to Jim Bradley!!)...

After the Oct.2011 Ontario election, McGuinty obtained a slim minority; we watched the Liberals subsequently squirm and connive to try to get a majority - unsuccessfully - in two 2012 by-elections. McGuinty knew he could not contain his incompetent, costly Liberal GreenFear-based energy fiasco bottled up much longer - he needed that crucial majority in order to hide his disastrous GreenFear ponzi scheme from exploding in his face... at least for another term.

McGuinty knew he needed lots of cash to pay for his eight years-worth of incompetent green energy experiments, and that is why his cap-and-trade scheme...

(yes, yes; it's a carbon tax, they're the same thing... don't be fooled by the GreenFear-industry's claims that this is somehow different! McGuinty's "health premium" was a tax! McGuinty's "eco-fee" was a tax!)

...was put out and touted on Jim Bradley's Ministry Of Environment website: see here and here.

The set up was fermenting since 2009, all McGuinty needed was another majority: the gas-plant scandal then would have all been swept under the rug (or, it might have never been revealed at all!), and the carbon-tax would have already been gouging Ontarians, WCI or no WCI - it wouldn't have mattered, and this never did matter: the WCI itself was a GreenFear-creation.
All that mattered was that McGuinty needed cash, and needed a phony enviro-beard to justify it, all based on the utter lie that McGuinty and Jim Bradley would be Saving The Planet From Doom.

This was Dalton McGuinty's and Jim Bradley's long green-Liberal-carbon-tax con - thwarted by one seat.
(see MPP Michael Harris' take on the Liberal's cap and trade carbon tax lies, from May 1, 2012)
After all, we must not forget the template and the established record set by McGuinty's and Jim Bradley's lying Liberals: Ontario got their Health Tax after McGuinty's Liberal lies; Ontario got their HST after McGuinty's Liberal lies, and no doubt Ontario would have already got their Carbon-Tax, again based on McGuinty's Liberal lies.

Now, take a look at how the smarmy, sanctimonious Jim Bradley in this May 1, 2012 You Tube video, blatantly lies and laughs off during Question Period in Ontario's Legislature, that his Liberals have any carbon tax schemes - yet, they're right there, on his own tax-payer-funded website!

Warren Kinsella hopes that Wendy Metcalfe's St.Catharines Standard Liberal Wrong-Righting Water-Skiiers immediately do not contact Jim Bradley for an interview about this! (...and - of course - they didn't...)

And anyways, Enviro-Jimmy's tied up for a month or two, what with that mountain of paper-shredding he needs to take care of. Wendy's Jim Bradley Brown Nosers understand, and will loyally abide: can't bother Good Ole Liberal Jimmy with pesky questions!
By Jun.6, 2013, Ontario's Privacy Commissioner Ann Cavoukian was reporting that senior McGuinty staff members had been deleting emails regarding the gas plants. Thankfully, we in Niagara can rest assured that the local newspapers will not be interviewing Liberals Jim Bradley or Kim Craitor about any of this, either.
By April 2015, the desperate Liberals (now a lying majority again) have now moved to create a carbon tax in Ontario, as seen in this Apr.12, 2015 Toronto Star story.
Despite his previous lies, Jim Bradley's GreenFear wet dream tax fantasy will be forced upon Ontarians - yet neither Jim Bradley nor Kathleen Wynne have provided any evidence of  'man made global warming', nor have they provided evidence that their tax grab will do anything to stop 'global warming / climate change'.
Ontario's Liberals are pushing a fraudulent tax based not on fact, but on GreenFear rhetoric.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Liberal Brad Duguid should explain his gas-plant-closure lies

Further to my earlier post, where I wrote:

"...Brad Duguid stood up in the House at Queen's Park during question period, at the time the Liberals were cancelling the Oakville plant, and stated that Ontario DID NOT need any more power!!!

Will the Standard Bradley Buttlick confirm from Jim Bradley that Duguid was correct, that Ontario doesn't need any more power?!
As the Oct.7, 2010 Toronto Star wrote:
"...After insisting for several years that the plant was necessary because of plans to phase out coal-fired power plants by 2014, Premier Dalton McGuinty’s government said the picture has changed.
“When the need for this plant was first identified four years ago, there were higher demand projections for electricity in the area,” said a statement from Duguid’s office.
“Since then, changes in demand and supply…have made it clear this proposed natural gas plant is no longer required.”
The Star also reported: “Not only will the plant not be built in the GTA, it won't be built anywhere in Ontario,” said Duguid.
Note carefully that Duguid was quoted saying the Oakville plant was "no longer required" and "won't be built elsewhere in Ontario" !!
Was Duguid just outright lying?!..."


Well, we have since seen that Dalton McGuinty's Liberals (in order to buy themselves an election) cancelled two gas plants, and have announced that BOTH gas plants were to be built elsewhere.

We all do know this by now, right?!

So - why isn't anyone asking Brad Duguid about his blatant lies?! (...which is why Duguid's Liberals shut down Queen's Park and ran away: specifically so these Liberals would not have to answer such questions...)

Duguid was quoted in the Toronto Star (Oct.7, 2010) claiming that the cancelled Oakville plant would not be rebuilt anywhere in Ontario - but, as we now know, this was yet another lie in a myriad of lies peddled by McGuinty's incompetent boobs.

Duguid danced around other issues as well: in the Oct.7, 2010 Toronto Star story, Duguid said:
"changes in demand and supply…have made it clear this proposed natural gas plant is no longer required ”  - yet, McGuinty's Liberals announced that they were going to build two new gas plants to 'replace' both cancelled Oakville and Mississauga gas plants - the same two plants whose power, we were told by Duguid, was 'no longer required' in Ontario!!! So Duguid and his Liberals lied about that, too.

And Duguid also clearly said in the same Star Oct.7, 2010 story, that the need for the Oakville plant was "first identified four years ago" - which means this was identified squarely on McGuinty's Liberal watch. It was McGuinty's Liberals who approved the gas-plants, and McGuinty's officials who provided the faulty projections; then, the Liberals lied about it all, then went ahead and moved the plants elsewhere.

(...Read Parker Gallant's Oct.21, 2010 Financial Post analysis, where he makes clear that the Oakville gas-plant's procurement was NOT done by some lowly government civil servant: this had the greasy manic fingerprints of Liberal Energy Minister George Smitherman all over it. It was slippery Smitherman who, in August of 2008, had ordered the OPA to "move expeditiously" to finish the procurement process for the Oakville gas plant by June of 2009 - which is what the OPA then proceeded to do, signing a 20-year deal with Trans-Canada by September 2009. Then, at a hastily called news conference held at Otello's banquet hall in Oakville on Oct.7, 2010, Brad Duguid's Liberals flip-flopped, and cancelled the plant's site... a move that would cost Ontario's taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars.) 
So, if the power was not needed in 2010 (as was Duguid's original lie to justify the cancellation of Oakville, followed by Duguid's next lie that there would be no rebuild elsewhere) why have the Liberals announced that both gas-plants are being built in other locations?!

(680 News, Oct.7, 2010, also reported: "Duguid said demand for electricity in the GTA has dropped since the project was first proposed in 2006, and now, it’s been determined the plant is no longer needed.")
Which leads to the question: are the Bath-and-Sarnia 'replacement'  gas-plants still necessary, or not; and, based on what information? No one seems to know - certainly not McGuinty's Liberals, who are jumping ship like rats.

And let's remember, this whole gas-plant fiasco was set in motion by an even earlier McGuinty energy fiasco, which was his GreenFear-based pledge to close all of Ontario's coal-fuelled power plants; the gas-plants were supposedly necessary as backup because of the Liberal plans to phase out coal-fired power plants by 2014. 

And let's not forget: the "2014" date to close all of Ontario's coal-fired generators was from the Toronto Star story, which conveniently neglected to mention that originally (in 2002/2003/2004) McGuinty's Liberals kept saying that they would shut down ALL Ontario's coal-fired plants by 2007, not by 2014! Remember that, folks?! Upon obtaining power, McGuinty's bait-and-switch Liberals kept postponing the date!!

The 2007 date turned out to be just another blatant GreenFear-induced lie, perpetrated by McGuinty's and Jim Bradley's incompetent climate-doom-spreading Liberals.

The Liberals were well-warned at the time about the folly of their Grand GreenFear-based proposals: McGuinty and Jim Bradley couldn't care less about the warnings, about the predictable damage which their faulty climate fear-mongering would end up causing Ontario's economy.

Yet, in 2012, Jim Bradley and McGuinty sanctimoniously began blaming the opposition (!!) for what the Liberals recklessly did during their own eight years of majority rule, with their disastrous green energy experiments.

So there is your connection:
from Jim Bradley's smug, half-baked green bolshevism in 2002-2003,
to his Liberals' lies about closing the coal plants by 2007,
to their subsequent scramble (due to the inherent incompetence of their green energy schemes) to find replacement power quickly,
hence their idea to build new gas-plants,
which the Liberals later crassly cancelled and moved elsewhere,
but not before cravenly buying themselves an election in the meantime with taxpayer money,
and then, ultimately lying about the whole fiasco,
with the resultant pathetic political spectacle where Premier Liar McGuinty resigned because he was up to his long nose in his own Green Grit Shit.

So, there it is: what brought down McGuinty and caused him to resign, had been fermenting since the beginning, since his heady days even prior to his first election in 2003.

Dalton McGuinty's legacy was doomed to fail from the start, with his absurd [almost detached-from-reality] propagation and bureaucratization in Ontario of the GreenFear-induced climate alarmists' agenda, without regard for its affect upon the economy. It was all a pathetically smug, brash, despotic, irresponsible, and utterly negligent experiment - and now, Dalton's gone, held harmless from accountability or justice, while Ontarians will be stuck paying dearly for decades. It will be remembered that Dalton McGuinty fell on his own green climate-fear-induced petard.

The Liberals began their regime with a load of GreenFear-based lies; it is only fitting that McGuinty's pathetic political career ended with him being caught in his and Jim Bradley's demented Liberal web of GreenFear-induced paranoia and lies.

It's funny that Wendy Metcalfe's St.Catharines Standard gang of BradleyButtlicking Wrong-Righters have not bothered to ask their Green Idol, Jim Bradley, the climatalarmist Kyodiot, about any of this!! (After all: Jim Bradley is only Ontario's Liberal Environment Minister - so what could Ole Green Jimmy possibly know, about any of this, right?!!!) hahahaha

There was nothing in the St.Catharines Standard Bradley Shoeshiner, no investigative reports or interviews regarding Good Ole Jim Bradley, for over a week... and that's the way Warren Kinsella likes it, Wendy!

Keep up the good work: Jim Bradley and the Ontario Liberal Party are relying on the St.Catharines Standard now, more than ever, to protect Jim Bradley and his Liberals from scrutiny.
[...note that even in Wikipedia's page on the Liberal Ontario gas power plant scandal there was ABSOLUETELY NO LINK made to the Oct.7, 2010 Toronto Star article; even as of Jun.13, 2014 - a day after Liberal liar Brad Duguid was re-elected - there was still no link to show Duguid's blatant gas-plant lies!!! Even the Toronto Star's trio of reporters who had written the original Oct.7, 2010 story, never bothered to follow up on Liberal liar Brad Duguid's deceptions; the Star even endorsed the Liberals during Ontario's Oct. 2014 provincial election campaign...]
By Apr.1, 2015, Globe and Mail writer Adrian Morrow wrote a story on the Liberal gas plant scandal, at one point stating that the electricity from those two NEW relocated plants "will have to be piped from those locations to the Toronto suburbs, where the power is needed".
This statement by Morrow is in direct contradiction to what was being reported at the time of the cancellation, in Oct. 2010: Duguid at that time was making it clear (actually, Duguid was lying) that the power WAS NOT needed!!!
Why isn't the Globe writer Adrian Morrow acknowledging that fact?
The phony excuses peddled by the Liberals as a justification to cancel the two plants, were plentiful - but Morrow should not now be claiming that the "power is needed" while utterly ignoring, and failing to provide into context, that in 2010, Duguid's Liberals were lying through their teeth with the excuse that the power WAS NOT needed!!!
It's like Morrow is shilling revisionism for the Liberals here! After all: Morrow's story was a summary titled "Ontario Liberals' gas-plants scandal: Everything you need to know" - yet someone reading Morrow's story, would NOT know how the Liberals lied!

B.C.'s vaunted Save The Earth carbon-tax is revealed as just a typical greenscam greenwash tax

Further to this earlier post...

...we now see that British Columbia's Liberals are keeping their useless carbon tax!!

Oh, how Ontario's Liberal MPP Jim Bradley (who is Ontario's Chief Climate Change GreenFear-pusher) must be ejaculating bittersweet curses of regret, thinking, 'damn, it could have been me doing that, here in Ontario'!

How swell it would have all been for Jim Bradley's ''Planet Saving Department'', if only those pesky voters hadn't given Ontario's Lying Liberals a minority; if only Ontario's emboldened damn opposition of conservatives and socialists weren't asking so many questions, that Bradley and his cowardly Liberals had to run from scrutiny and shutter Queen's Park!

Gosh: B.C. Liberal Christy Clark is living Ontario Liberal MPP Jim Bradley's enviro-wet-dream - bringing in a tax to... ah...''Save The Planet''; then (when it is essentially revealed that there was no ''Planet Saving'' going on & that it was simply a Greenwashed GreenScam) instead of removing said fraudulent tax, the Liberals keep it anyway!! This is exactly what Jim Bradley and McGuinty wish they could have done!! All that McGuinty needed to implement a similar GreenFear-based tax in Ontario, was one more seat, which thankfully, his Liberals did not get.

Pure textbook Liberal tactics, applicable to Liberals where-ever they ply their vile trade: inventing taxes, even under phony pretenses, and keeping the fraudulent loot anyway. Jim Bradley and McGuinty would have dearly desired to pull off this GreenScam in Ontario.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Why isn't Liberal Environment Minister Jim Bradley being jailed for failing to warn Ontarians about the recent earthquake?

Two interesting letters appeared recently in the National Post, regarding the bizzare case in Italy where scientists were actually convicted of failing to predict an earthquake!

First letter was from Derek Wilson (Oct.25, 2012):

Re: Scientists Found Guilty Over Italian Earthquake, Oct. 23.
Seven geological scientists and disaster experts were sentenced to six years in prison, in Italy, for “monumental negligence” in failing to warn of an imminent earthquake that killed 308 people.
Outspoken climate-change deniers should be worried by this precedent.

Second was from Scott Hoffman (Oct.26, 2012):

Re: Is There A Parallel Here?, letter to the editor, Oct. 25.
After noting that geological scientists and disaster experts in Italy were jailed for monumental negligence in failing to warn of an imminent earthquake, letter-writer Derek Wilson says that “outspoken climate-change deniers should be worried by this precedent.”
Is he saying that if you question the “science” of climate change, you are a heretic who should be imprisoned? If that’s the case, it might be easier to burn these doubters, including me, at the stake.

So, let's ask: don't out-spoken global-warming fear-mongers also deserve to be jailed?

After all, David Suzuki pushed that kind of climate fascism quite openly in Canada, which the leftist press hungrily ate up, that 'climate-change-deniers' should be jailed!

Shouldn't the global-warming fraud artists also be jailed, from the IPCC down to their local cheerleaders throughout the Planet, including in Niagara?!?!

Do people such as Liberal Environment Minister Jim Bradley fit into Suzuki's climate fascist scheme? Did Jim Bradley not busily spread climate-doomsday fear, which was unjustified - and does Bradley deny doing so?!

Are Jim Bradley and his Liberal party not equally guily of not actually ever proving their "climate-change is man-made" claims?! Jim Bradley spent a large part of his career 'denying' that his alarmist global warming GreenFear claims were unsupportable. How is that different than scientists being found guilty for not being able to predict an earthquake?

And, what about all those global-warming GreenFear-spreading accomplices in the media, who unquestioningly parrotted the 'global-warming/climate-change/or-whatever-it's-being-called-now' climatalarmism, such as the Liberal-friendly water-skiing  climate-doom-enabling press in Niagara?

Following Suzuki's and Wilson's reasoning, shouldn't the press also be jailed, for aiding and abeting GreenFear's great global-warming swindle; lustily cheering as the GreenFear was spread locally by the Jim Bradleys, the Stephane Dions, the David Suzukis, and their robot climatalarmist clones? Will the St.Catharines Standard and Niagara This Week deny that over the years, their GreenFear coverage was pretty much completely biased from the start; that their default position was to push the status-quo, that 'man-made Co2 was an imminent danger to the planet', and, that only Good Ole Boys such as Jim Bradley could Stop The Planet From Utter Doom?!

On Oct.26, it was reported that there had been an earthquake in upper western New York State and Ontario, based around Olcott N.Y., just several miles across the lake from Liberal MPP Environment Minister Jim Bradley's St.Catharines office.

Why didn't Jim Bradley warn Ontarians that there was going to be an earthquake very close to home, and that Ontario could be in Great Peril and Danger? Isn't that exactly what Jim 'The Planet Is In Peril' Bradley preaches in his global GreenFear sermons?

Why didn't the St.Catharines Standard or Niagara This Week immediately send some of their crack water-skiing reporters to ask Jim Bradley all about this, to ask Good Ole Jimmy about how close Ontario came to utter doom and devastation in an earthquake, and why Ole Jimmy failed to warn us all about this pending peril? Is this not a relevant question to ask of Enviro-Jimmy?

Looks like Jim Bradley - McGuinty's own Environment Minister - failed to predict the earthquake.
There was nothing on Jim Bradley's Ministry of Environment  Liberal government website about any possible earthquakes endangering Ontarians!

Why isn't David Suzuki agitating to jail Liberal MPP Jim Bradley, for failing to stop global-warming, and consequently, causing continuous planetary earthquakes and hurricanes and rising tides?!

The St.Catharines Standard's Wendy Metcalfe can send Don Fraser to ask Jim Bradley, whether he denies his Liberal government is responsible for keeping the earthquake secret. Isn't this what Wendy's wrong-righters do?

Ohhh... what...?! Jim Bradley is innocent?! Hmm... I see... it's better that no one asks Jim about any of this... this tactic only works when the press or Suzuki are attacking conservatives; this tactic isn't designed for questioning innocent, well-meaning, GreenFear-infected Liberals.

Liberal Jim Bradley should follow McGuinty, Duncan & Bentley: get out and stay out

Gosh... remember those Good Ole Days, when Good Ole Jim Bradley would magnanimously appear in the Liberal-fawning Good Ole St.Catharines Standard, and on-cue rail on sanctimoniously about the health-care evils of Harris?!!

Gosh, how the St.Catharines Standard loved to hear Bradley's sweet Liberal lullabies, demonizing harris.

Yet now, for some strange reason (which may involve water-skiing lessons...!) the St.Catharines Standard BradleyFanClub can't find Ole Jim Bradley, and ask him to comment on this article by Christina Blizzard.

For some reason, Wendy Metcalfe - who claimed that the Standard was some kind of wrong-righter - and her gaggle of water-skiing-Liberal-water-carriers, have suddenly lost Jim Bradley's contact info!

Oooops - now the Standard can't get hold of Ole Jimmy?!

Jim Bradley and his GreenFear climate-change-paranoia-pushing gang of Liberal scumbags have blown BILLIONS through outright incompetence and political fraud - yet Jim Bradley and his Liberals refuse to send a child to a Detroit hospital for eye surgery? Or another child for spinal surgery? Wow - someone call Mike Dukakis and that sicko Michael Moore.

Blizzard wrote:
"Dalton McGuinty and his health minister, Deb Matthews, have cruelly failed Whitby tot Liam Reid, 3, and Erika Crawford, 17.

Liam needs eye surgery in Detroit to save his sight. New OHIP regulations mean the province won’t pay. Erika just returned from Maryland where she underwent delicate, life-saving surgery for Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS).

Before surgery, her spine was pressing on her brain stem and the main artery in her neck. She was confined to a wheelchair and fearful that any sudden neck movement could cause her to have a stroke.

On Thursday, the Brantford teen paid a surprise visit to her high school. She’s walking — and she’s grown two inches since the surgeon straightened her spine.

It’s not the government she has to thank. It’s friends, family — and you, dear generous readers, who sent contributions from across the province. One donation came from Calgary."

From Calgary - in Alberta?

But: Jim Bradley hates oil - and Albertans, doesn't he?! How dare these "oil barons" cover-up for Jim Bradley's health-care duplicity!

And to send these kids to the evil United States, for health-care that Jim Bradley refuses to give them in Ontario!?? Why, this is a slap in Jim Bradley's face!

Jim Bradley hates Americans, and their health care too, doesn't he?!!! And, Jimmy hates doctors...!

Jeez... this whole thing doesn't sit well with Ole Jimmy!! How dare Ontario kids be sent to Detroit for health care, just because Single-Payer Jim Bradley and Tommy the Commie Douglas refuse to provide the needed health-care at home?! Time for the Shona Holmes-haters to climb out of Commie Douglas' socialist ass, and start attacking these kids for daring to get their health care in the States, and for leaving Jim Bradley's Grand Liberal Health Nirvana. (A cautionary tale for Obamacare)

[That's the line - "Oil barons interfere in Jim Bradley's vaunted health monopoly; children sent to U.S. for successful treatment, instead of suffering in Ontario, as good citizens of the Liberal State Health Monopoly; How Dare They?" - which would work in Wendy's skewed headline, if she got Don Fraser to cover this story... which she won't, cuz, well, ya can't jes' make JimmyBoy look bad, eh?!!]

Discuss this publicly, Jim, you disgusting health-care monopoly-pushing despot. Bradley's entire career was based on sliming others, for what he himself would far-surpass in doing!

Now that Liberal dirtbags McGuinty, Dwight Duncan, and Chris Bentley have said they're leaving, can Good Ole Disgusting Jim Bradley be far behind?

Why should Jim Bradley cause even more harm to Ontario? Bradley and his morally-bankrupt duplicitous Liberals have done way too much damage.

Do Ontario a favour for once, Jim: Get the FLICK out.  Leave, and don't come back.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Niagara press refuses to examine climate-record of McGuinty's GreenFear-monger Jim Bradley

In "Climate-free U.S. debates" (National Post, paper edition, Oct.24, 2012) Climate Depot’s Marc Morano issued a statement on Oct. 23, 2012: 

It is very surprising to see three presidential debates and one vice-presidential debate pass without a single mention of climate change. This is the first time this has happened since global warming hit the national stage in 1988. Global warming activists are justifiably outraged by this. After all, Obama declared in April of this year to Rolling Stone that he would make global warming a key campaign issue in 2012. Obama let down a key part of his political base by going silent on climate.
What happened? How did climate change get reduced to a comedic punch line in the 2012 presidential campaign?
The answer is clear. The man-made global warming fear movement never overcame having a partisan figure like Al Gore being its public face and suffered from having the scandal-ridden and distrusted UN IPCC as the source of its science.
Perhaps the most important factor in the climate silence in the 2012 presidential race was a result of the forced vote in the House of Representatives to pass a cap-and-trade bill in 2009, which helped fuel the rise of the Tea Party movement in the U.S. No longer could a politician regurgitate the standard global warming claims of consensus and the need to “act” without facing laughter and derision from angry crowds.

The St.Catharines Standard and Niagara This Week have never bothered asking Ontario's primary GreenFear-monger, Liberal MPP Jim Bradley, about where Good Ole Green Jimmy obtained his still-secret-as-of-Oct.-2012 "global warming" evidence.
The local Niagara press giddily, unquestioningly, parroted the climatalarmism peddled from Chretien, Martin, Lastewka, Dion, Ignatieff, McGuinty, Smitherman, Duguid, Jim Bradley, Ban-Ka-Boom, Suzuki, and Gore.

The Niagara press never overcame their own internal partisan biases. They accepted the "global-warming ìs all settled" green-kool-aid from day one.

Neither Bradley, nor his GreenFear-mongering gaggle of Liberal colleagues, admirers, and sycophants, were EVER seriously challenged in Niagara's press, were they?!!

Look back at the St.Catharines Standard's years - decades, actually - of casual, loyal Liberal stenography, which was dutifully peddled as "journalism". Al Gore was lionized in Niagara's press, David Suzuki was fawned over, as was the IPCC, no real questions asked!!

Even after McGuinty announced his resignation on Oct.15, 2012, when he claimed with a straight face that Ontario's economy was his Liberals' most important concern (...oh, come on...!), neither the St.Catharines Standard, nor Niagara This Week, bothered to examine Jim Bradley's lengthy record of climate-fear-pushing ideology, or to examine how Bradley's ballyhooed green bolshevism directly contributed to his Liberals' costly destruction of Ontario's economy. Niagara's Liberal-besotted press was too afraid to make the link.

Local Niagara mayors and councillors (many of them Liberal butt-wipers themselves) did "regurgitate the standard global-warming claims", peddling the GreenFear industry's consensus-science/political-science/junk-science (...as I had written yesterday...) and, they did - with all deluded serious urgency - warn/fearmonger us that we 'had to act' on phony and costly GreenFear-induced projects now-now-now to 'Save The Planet From Climate Doom'. Unbelievable.

The St.Catharines Standard knows all about this, since the Standard did its best to peddle such Liberal GreenFear lies without question; and the Standard did its best not to examine, nor laugh with derision or disdain, at the actions resulting from the outlandish climate-paranoia of the GreenFear-infected locals. Remember: we were all told we 'had to save the planet', at any cost: that was Jim Bradley's and his green-kool-aid-drinking sycophants' mantra.

The St. Catharines Standard has never asked their Buddy Liberal Environment Minister Jim Bradley, about why his Liberal government still peddles cap-and-trade, as evidenced on Jim GreenFear Bradley's own Ministry of Environment tax-payer-funded website; Ontarians should spend the time to visit Jim Bradley's toxic website, to see Jim Bradley's Liberal carnival of green bolshevism in all its unsubstantiated, bureaucratic, bullsh!t-laden glory, all paid for at our expense - in more ways than imaginable.
In particular, note the "Participating In Cap and Trade" section of Bradley's government-propaganda website.

Next, have a look at this May1, 2012 You Tube video of secretive GreenSlimebag Jim Bradley avoiding questions at Queen's Park, about his Liberal cap-and-trade schemes, while still spreading his unsubstantiated GreenFear about climate change!!!

You will see Jim Bradley's smug outright deception about there not being any Liberal cap-and-trade schemes, when all one has to do is visit Jim Bradley's own government website, mentioned above, where there is an entire page devoted to what Jim Bradley says his Liberals have no plans to do!

See Lorrie Goldstein's Jul. 25, 2015 column on Obama vs. Harper's climate mythology:

"...Obama is so politically delusional on the issue of man-made climate change, that he actually predicted at the start of his presidency that it would mark the moment, “when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal”.
In that context, the free ride he has been given by the media on this subject, aided and abetted by politicians like Justin Trudeau, is an embarrassment to our profession.
By contrast, the media assessment of Harper — that’s he’s a skeptic on climate change who views the solutions as prohibitively expensive and pays only lip service to the issue — is accurate.
Now consider Obama’s record.
He never even tried to ratify the now-defunct Kyoto accord, as opposed to Harper, who legally withdrew Canada from it.
Obama took one shot at putting a price on U.S. emissions, failed, and gave up. Harper never supported the idea, except for the brief period when Obama did.
Under Obama, the U.S. has become the world’s largest producer of oil and natural gas.
Obama has approved enough new oil and gas pipelines in the U.S. to more than encircle the Earth — except, hypocritically, for the Keystone XL, so he can play up his non-existent green credentials to a gullible media, especially in Canada.
Obama recently approved drilling for oil in the Arctic Ocean, despite the Deepwater Horizon blowout in the Gulf of Mexico during his presidency, that led to the worst oil spill in U.S. history.
Under Obama, U.S. coal exports — the dirtiest fossil fuel — to Asia and Europe hit record levels in 2012. (Recently have they fallen back, somewhat.)
Obama’s so-called “historic” deal on emissions with China — the world’s number one emitter, while the U.S. is number two — is a non-binding, unenforceable wish list the two countries might do someday, long after Obama, whose term ends in January 2017, is gone.
Obama’s domestic commitments to reduce U.S. GHG emissions are no more believable, or doable, than Harper’s.
And yet, when world leaders gather in Paris this December to take yet another crack at developing a global treaty on emissions, Obama will be treated as a saint by most of the media in attendance and Harper, if he’s still prime minister, as an ogre..."
Yep: ...and Niagara's local media climate-change-con-job-cabal - even in 2015 - will still continue giving their biased, scrutiny-free ride to GreenFear-pushing propagandists, and will still continue to propagate their standard GreenFear myths that Obama and Jim Bradley are not the actual ogres, but instead are climate-change-preventing gods...!
It is a mass-delusion.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

St.Catharines Standard spins their stories

Thank goodness that Wendy Metcalfe's Gang of St.Catharines Standard Water-Skiing Wrong Righters were able to put in that oh-so-hilariously-titled story [by Reuters' Patricia Zengerle, Oct.24, 2012, page D4] "Romney mocked on military stance".

Of course, Wendy - and maybe even Don Fraser, too, I would gather - know that the appropriate headline for the story was "Patronizing President avoids straight answers"!

Too bad the Obama-lovers at the Bradley Buttlicker don't have time to examine Obama's appalling cover-up of the Benghazi terror attacks.

Funny that the Standard JimmyBoyShoeshiner has the space to publish a drive-by smear against future-President Romney, yet somehow, the local Liberal-lovin' rag can't find the time or column inches to devote to examining the questionable timelines, the incoherent explanations, and the contradictory claims given by Joe Biden, Hilary Clinton, and their President, about the Benghazi attack and its aftermath. Fundraising in Vegas, while blaming a You Tube video, apparently were more important to Democrats in Obama's White House, than responding to save their own diplomats.

The St.Catharines Standard will ignore that, just as they have ignored their local boy, Liberal Jim Bradley, and his contributary role, as chief GreenFear-monger, in Ontario's economic meltdown. In the Standard's entire Oct.24, 2012 edition, there is no local coverage regarding Jim Bradley or Kim Craitor - despite the disgusting actions their government has taken in Ontario since Oct.15.

This is how Wendy's Wrong-Righting gang of biased water-skiers roll; their news spin should deservedly be mocked.

Dalton McGuinty's disgusting Liberal legacy

As the National Post reported, we are now seeing that Ontario's disgusting slimebag Liberal, Dalton McGuinty, is inventing more disingenuous excuses for proroguing Queen's Park, blaming it on the opposition's supposedly 'spurious phony contempt motion'!

Is that what McGuinty's Liberal Environment MinisterJim Bradley will also be saying now?! That the electorate doesn't need to know what Jimmy's secretive  Liberals have been up to?!

Jim Bradley's Ontario Liberal Party -with their gas-plant-scandal- decided to buy themselves an election in 2011 using taxpayer money; so now, the outgoing Liberal lizard McGuinty comes up with this last-ditch excuse, that the contempt motion was phony?!

What is phony, is how this vile, self-serving Liberal lizard McGuinty continues to mock Ontario's electorate, spinning his forked-tongue yarn in any which way possible, so as to hide from accountability.

Liberal lizard McGuinty, to prove to Ontarians how his Liberals were pure as the virgin snow, could have submitted all his secret documents, appeared before all the committees, and made his case openly and transparently: the resulting democratic process would have told us whether the contempt charges were justified or not.

But, Dalton the Despot McGuinty prorogued so as to hide from, to circumvent, the Ontario Legislature's contempt inquiries. Dalton felt he was above having his Liberal lies questioned and picked apart!

So, Dalton, with preplanned malice, also decided to resign, purposefully not appointing an interim leader, as a further stall tactic.

That is Liberal scumbaggery of the highest order.

This is Liberal coward Dalton McGuinty's disgusting, spiteful, peevish, deceitful legacy, for all see.

What a fittingly ignoble sight this is, capping-off Ontario Premier Liberal Liar McGuinty's last days: watching this pathetic lizard lying and hiding and spinning duplicity, to the very end.

It is wonderful to know that Liberal dirtbag hacks, such as MPP Jim GreenFear-spreader Bradley, still just adore Dalton to bits. And it's wonderful to know what Liberal MPP Jim Bradley really thinks of Ontarians.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Media fails to examine McGuinty's Liberal climate junk-science

Interesting to see Greg Van Moorsel's Oct.23, 2012 article in the St.Catharines Standard, where he talks about the Liberals' energy mess, yet - amazingly - Moorsel doesn't bother to specifically mention Ontario's Liberal Environment Minister Jim Bradley, nor Bradley's personal political complicity in Ontario's costly Liberal junk-science-based green energy failures - which was ostensibly the subject of Moorsel's article!

Moorsel somehow mentioned there being "hold-out Grits" in Kingston, in Windsor, and in London - but totally "forgot" to mention the green Grit bolshevik hold-out in Niagara, St.Catharines Liberal GreenFear-pusher MPP Jim Bradley! [Bradley? Huh...? Whaaaa...? Waz Ole Jimmer thare gots ta do wid any'o'dis??]

Moorsel should specifically ask Jim Bradley about the Lake Vostok climate-lies, posted at the base of Toronto's CNE Exhibition wind-turbine. Let's see Enviro Jimmy's specific answer to that propaganda.

Moorsel should also ask Jim Bradley for Bradley's specific "evidence" about 'man made Co2 causing global-warming', because, if Moorsel doesn't get the green goods from Ontario's GreenFear-spreader Bradley, then Moorsel is spinning crap himself. (...like when Moorsel goes on about "dirty coal" (a well-worn Liberal line) and 'GHG emissions' - which are mutually exclusive issues! Bradley would like Moorsel and the media not to see that distinction, because it would lead to questions about Jim Bradley's faulty 'science', which shakily supports Jim Bradley's Liberal green-socialism. The Moorsels' of the media might begin asking about how Jim Bradley's junk-science, was crassly manipulated to become political-science. (With this in mind, also remember that Jim Bradley has just told us how his secretive Liberal despots could not stand to have their their politically-expedient, junk-climate-science-based GreenFear Liberal climate lies examined and picked apart!)

Moorsel should also specifically ask Jim Bradley (after all, Bradley is just Ontario's Liberal Environment Minister (!) who at the moment has nothing to do for the next 3-4 months) all about the Bradley government's secret Samsung deal. Wasn't that whole Greenscam entirely based on unsubstantiated GreenFear-mongering by Liberals, spreading climatalarmism that the Planet was going to blow up soon if we did not submit to Bradley's Liberal green energy experiments?! That's exactly what this was all based on - and the junk-science-based GreenFear-mongering was incessantly led by Liberal stalwarts such as Jim Bradley.

Jim Bradley's Liberals - and Jim Bradley in particular - have a lot to answer for, in how they spread their polarizing and unsubstantiated GreenFear throughout Ontario for almost a decade.

It would be nice if the Niagara media would actually start some real investigative journalism, detailing the McGuinty Liberals' crass climate lies and resultant political opportunism, as seen from a local perspective ....(not to mention having the media examine their own willing complicity in propagating the 'Planet-is-going-to-be-destroyed' climate-doom-scenario)

Let's not forget, this very same insane GreenFear climate paranoia was also unquestioningly peddled in Niagara (as it was in regions all over Ontario) by the media, and by countless municipal and regional lemming councillors and mayors, who were cultivated by, and who themselves insidiously regurgitated, the same faulty green-science-fiction. None, along with Bradley, have ever been compelled to provide any real substantiation for the costly and useless projects which they suddenly found necessary and in vogue, to 'save the planet from doom'.

This was a green cult which now needs serious examination. So, give Ontario Environment Minister Jim Bradley a call - he's responsible in large part for Ontario's energy fiasco, and, he'll probably appreciate a break from all the paper-shreddin' he'll be doing during his long, paid break...

Where's the Canadian documentary about how Jim Bradley's Liberal climate-alarmism helped destroy Ontario's economy?

Quick: Someone, get the water-skiiers from the Wrong-Righting St.Catharines Standard to giddily call Ontario Liberal MPP Jim Bradley about this great news:
Below is another example of the global GreenFear industry diligently at work, still propagandizing about climate change [or global warming, or whatever the enviro-socialists are calling their green-bolshevism these days]. This Oct.23, 2012 report from the National Journal drools with righteous indignity about the overall wonderfulness of this new "expose":   
"Tonight's PBS's award-winning documentary series FRONTLINE will air "Climate of Doubt," a special that features the climate-change reporting of National Journal energy correspondent Coral Davenport.

"Climate of Doubt" focuses on how climate change skeptics mobilized to undermine public acceptance of a scientific consensus about global warming. Davenport has written frequently and in-depth about the topic - including the December 2011
National Journal cover story "Heads in the Sand" - and the documentary includes her reporting as well as an interview with her.

press release from PBS further describes "Climate of Doubt":
 "Four years ago, the presidential candidates agreed that climate change was a critical issue demanding urgent attention. But that national call to action has disappeared and in the past four years public opinion on the climate issue has cooled. This election cycle, the presidential candidates barely discuss climate change. And new studies find that only about half of Americans believe global warming is caused by human activity. What’s behind this dramatic reversal? In Climate of Doubt, FRONTLINE correspondent John Hockenberry of PRI’s The Takeaway explores the inner workings of the movement that changed the debate on climate change.
Climate of Doubt describes the individuals and groups behind an organized effort to attack science by undermining scientists, and to unseat politicians who say they believe there is current climate change caused by human activity."
With groovy terms such as "undermine public acceptance of a scientific consensus" going completely unchallenged, the above article in no way shows that it is an unbiased piece, right?! haha
Coral Davenport isn't showing any evidence of the scientific basis underlying the GreenFear industry's global-socialism effort - she is just defending it.
No one asked Liberal Environment Minister Jim Bradley [also Ontario's senior climate-change fearmonger] about why global warming agitation hasn't been mentioned recently, in conjunction with Dalton McGuinty's resignation as Ontario premier!!
Why have Wendy Metcalfe's St.Catharines Standard Wrong-Righters decided to cover up for Jim Bradley's GreenFear agenda, yet again?! They still haven't asked Jim Bradley to actually and publicly provide the "evidence" for AGW, which Jim Bradley has alluded to having, for decades - pre-Al-Gore!!
Coral isn't going to mention Liberal Jim Bradley's costly GreenFear-inspired failures in her "expose", is she?!!
Coral isn't going to tell the story... (and, neither will the St.Catharines Standard Bradley-Buttlicker!) of how Jim Bradley was the GreenFear-pushing industry's exemplary political hack-soldier, propagandizing his GreenFear garbage throughout Ontario.
As with the St.Catharines Standard, and as with Coral, the Jim Bradleyites of the GreenFear movement were never really questioned; their supposed 'greatness of purpose' and the 'soundness' of their false scientific basis, were simply lauded, lionized, and magnified ad-nauseam, without analysis, by a far-and-wide fawning press!! To these GreenFear-enablers, it was always "all-settled", from the beginning!! It was simply just taken for granted!! The St.Catharines Standard's decade long-plus love affair with Liberal Jim Bradley's climate fear-mongering is a blatant example of this blind loyalty to a political conjob.
Coral won't discuss the "dramatic reversal" when climate-change propaganda fooled millions of voters, who were fearmongered by Al Gore's climate deceptions, and Obama's 'I will stem the rising tides' baseless rhetoric, and Stephane Bumbledore Dion's GreenShift shafting, will she?
Coral won't bother examining those 'individuals and groups behind an organized effort to attack those questioning the false statistics put forward by the GreenFear industry', will she?!
Coral won't exmine how the GreenFear industry was influence peddling with groundless climate paranoia, agitating to 'undermine the critics questioning GreenFear's-sacrosanct claims, and to unseat (or to jail, right David Suzuki?) politicians who questioned the veracity of climate alarmism', will she?!
It's about time, isn't it, that the St.Catharines Standard, along with the CBC and TVO, get into this propaganda-business together, to do their own little ahem "special" on the GreenFear industry in Canada, and how damn great it would have all been, only if it hadn't been exposed as being based on Jim Bradley's groundless sack of potatoes...

Saturday, October 20, 2012

When will Ontario's press make the link between McGuinty' green energy fiasco and Liberal Jim Bradley's GreenFear ideology?

In "McGuinty exit reflects reckless rule" (St.Catharines Standard, Oct.20, 2012, pg.10) Jim Merriam wrote about how "green energy was the "in" thing, and the Grits didn't have Clue No.1 what a screw-up the Green Energy Act would be."

Well, that's not at all true: McGuinty's Liberals certainly and plainly DID know that their GreenFear policies were a sham, and, what's worse, McGuinty and Liberal hacks such as MPP Jim Bradley, DID NOT CARE!

Of course McGuinty's climatalarmist Liberals knew that their green activism was pie in the sky horseshit...

 (...and it still is; yet, the same 'green is in' crap is still being unquestioningly peddled in the St.Catharines Standard, in a laughable David Suzuki column directly below Merriam's column, on the same page 10 of the Oct.20, 2012 Standard!)

... it's just that McGuinty's ignorant green bolsheviks simply disparaged and dismissed those who pointed out the dire consequences to Ontario's economy of McGuinty's GreenFear-fuelled paranoia.

But, for the sake of clarity, why doesn't anyone ask Good Ole Jim Bradley about all this?!

Did Merriam bother to ask McGuinty's most vociferous - and most deluded - GreenFear-pushin', harris-hatin' Kyoto-agitator, Jim Bradley, about whether Good Ole Jimmy knew about the idiocy of his own Liberal green energy experiments?!

Why didn't Merriam interview Jim Bradley, and get the green shit from the red Liberal horse's mouth?!

It would certainly be entertaining to hear Jim Bradley try to falsely pretend that disparate people such as Ernie Eves and Buzz Hargrove did not warn McGuinty and Bradley about their green fiasco in the making!

Jim Bradley's mouth spewed untold amounts of GreenFear-pushing propaganda over the years; and, during these years, no one from the St.Catharines Standard has ever challenged the so-called evidence or assumptions underlying McGuinty Environment Minister Jim Bradley's decades of GreenFear-pushing.

(The mantra, the status-quo default narrative, at the St.Catharines Standard JimBradleyFanClub had been (and still most likely remains) that global warming is 'all settled'; so, based on this bias, as far as the Standard was concerned, Jim Bradley's years of climate alarmism, and the subsequent fallout from Bradley's fear-mongering faulty ideology, did not need to be seriously examined!!
End of story -30- right, Wendy?
No "wrongs to be righted", as far as Jim Bradley is concerned, eh?!!)

If Merriam had asked Jim Bradley for an interview (now that McGuinty's "gone") and Bradley became 'suddenly unavailable' to answer these questions, at least we would still see that Jimmy's hiding, as is Jimmy's wont; after all, Jimmy's going to go into virtual hibernation until the spring!! Well, that's what it'll seem to us, but, really, Jimmy will be surreptitiously fund-raising and propagandizing about the greatness of McGuinty.

Seriously: Jim Bradley and his poisonous Liberals happily prorogued Ontario's parliament for purely partisan reasons, while then trying their deceptive best to blame others for "partisanship"!! Now, that his Liberals have closed the House, Bradley should have plenty of time on his hands to give detailed interviews to Niagara's "strong press" ...(right Warren Kinsella?!?! hahahah) as if ...

Hey, maybe Wendy Metcalfe's St.Catharines Standard Wrong-Righters will be tasked to ask Jim Bradley (oh, dream on...!) about how Jim's GreenFear ideology led to the destruction of Ontario's economy.

I'm sure that Wendy's gang of fifth-columnists (most of whom probably have taken various 'water-skiing lessons from prominent Liberals, and so, can't possibly and openly be biased' hahahahah!) will parrot whatever new narrative the Liberal party needs them to parrot, and make it out that Liberal green bolshevism had nothin' to do with anything!! They just need a bit more time to start that narrative!
Oh, yeah... and by the way: did y'all see that great cartoon (appearing along with Merriam's and Suzuki's articles, on the same page 10 of the Oct.20, 2012 St.Catharines Standard) portraying Liberal MPP Jim Bradley as an enormous pig with his fat belly hanging out over his pants, lifting his enormous porcine hocks and hooves to take a golden shower on Ontario's taxpayers, while carrying a  giant cash bag of pension loot on his shoulders?!?!

What a great cartoon that was, Wendy...
Really... ... really...
... just like those other  cartoons the Standard published...
Folks, you should find this Dolighan cartoon (Oct.20, 2012, page 10, St.Catharines Standard) and see for yourselves, the bitter extent of Liberal-bias... wow...
...and who sez the Liberal-friendly, water-skiing, Grit water-carriers at Wendy Metcalfe's St.Catharines Standard Wrong-Righter aren't Bradley Bootlickers?! wow...
...a Dalton cartoon?
.. why should there be a Dalton cartoon?!?

Thursday, October 18, 2012

McGuinty held secret union meetings before he bailed

In my earlier post here...

... we were treated to Liberal Deb Matthews spreading her Liberal duplicity that health care was somehow 'not political' in Ontario.

Now, we see this Toronto Star Oct.18, 2012 report revealing that Dalton McGuinty was holding secret meetings in his Queen's Park office just last week, with his labour allies and union buddies - including Linda Haslam-Stroud, president of the Ontario Nurses Association.

So... umm.. health care isn't political, eh Deb? That's your patronizing position??

And McGuinty's clan aren't serial Liberal liars?? Quick, someone from the Niagara press - don't ask Jim Bradley about any of this.

Jim Bradley spews more toxic rhetoric: blames opposition for McGuinty's cowardly proroguement!

Further to previous posts here and  here...

Let's take a look, shall we, at Niagara This Week's report, with the headline "McGuinty resignation puts Queen's Park on hold" by Pieter Van Hiel (published Oct.18, 2012, on page 4 of the paper edition)

First off: let's remember, despite the misleading, amateur-hour, biased NTW headline, it was NOT McGuinty's "resignation" which "put Queen's Park on hold"!!!

McGuinty resigning [or not resigning] had nothing to do with the prorogation!!

The two actions are unrelated!!

Don't reporter Pieter van Hiel, or, the ignorant NTW headline editor, comprehend that?!

McGuinty PROROGUED the house, but he did NOT have to do so. A premier's resignation is not a mandatory pre-condition for shutting down the democratic business of the House!! These two issues have nothing to do with each other!!

McGuinty chose to shutter and suspend Queen's Park as a spiteful measure, to protect his Liberals from uncomfortable parliamentary inquiries; McGuinty quitting/not quitting doesn't magically cause the House to close/not close!

McGuinty could have just as easily resigned, and not put Queen's Park on hold. The NTW headline writer is either biased, or ignorant of this distinction.

Why is Niagara This Week conflating these two issues, and arriving at false headlines?! To enable and propagate St.Catharines Liberal MPP Jim Bradley's poisonous narrative?!

We all know that McGuinty - spitefully, acting solely in the interests of his power hungry, self-serving Liberal party, and not at all for the people of Ontario - deliberately decided NOT to appoint an interim leader.

Had McGuinty truly cared for the province, and "did what was best for the province" (as Jim Bradley falsely, laughably, claims in Hiel's story), then McGuinty would have had the decency to think through his resignation. He would have announced a new interim leader, allowing not only the business of the House to continue,  but also allowing McGuinty to make a well-transitioned, non-disruptive exit.

But, no. What we got from this Liberal scumbag, was another slimy last-minute kick of grit in our faces.

Liberal MPP Jim Bradley - Ontario's main Kyoto cheerleader/agitator, enthusiastic supporter of Ontario's Liberal-created green energy fiascoes, and senior Liberal propagator of GreenFear climate change paranoia - tells reporter Hiel that "The atmosphere in the legislature is politically toxic (right now)".

What's "toxic" is Liberal GreenFear-pusher Jim Bradley's OWN toxic rhetoric - Jim Bradley is as full of shit in Hiel's interview, as Bradley has been for the last decade, on numerous issues.

Bradley was a global-warming-pushing fearmonger, who used GreenFear tactics to obtain and keep hold of political power.

Reporter Hiel had a direct chance to ask Liberal Environment Minister Jim Bradley to publicly disclose the "evidence" which Jim Bradley's Liberals have had in their possession since 2003, that AGW causes global warming/ climate change/ or whatever semantics Bradley is using for his pseudo-climate-based political socialism. But reporter Hiel didn't ask.

WHY?? Why ignore / 'forget' to ask Bradley, about how his own enviro-lies contributed to the mess which his Liberals find themselves in today, and which consequently, we as citizens will be forced to clean up and pay for?!

Was it NOT a relevant question to ask of Jim Bradley? Was reporter Hiel told by his editors at Niagara This Week, not to ask Jim Bradley about his deceptive, and costly to Ontario, climate change activism?! Or did Hiel just not fully understand who and what Jim Bradley actually was?!

Did reporter Hiel not know, not remember [or just not care] that immediately after McGuinty's resignation announcement on Oct.15, 2012 , McGuinty had held a press scrum, where he claimed that the economy was the most important issue in Ontario?

Hiel could have directly questioned Bradley about the veracity of McGuinty's audacious claim regarding the sudden-'importance' of Ontario's economy, seeing that for years, McGuinty and Bradley were NOT concerned with Ontario's economy: they were always fear-mongering about CLIMATE CHANGE!!!!

Why didn't Niagara This Week reporter Pieter Van Hiel, when he had the chance, ASK Jim Bradley about that?!

Why wasn't Jim Bradley, the Kyoto-pushing greenshevik, asked directly about how Bradley's own GreenFear-soaked policies detrimentally affected Ontario's economy?

Why wasn't Jim Bradley asked by Niagara This Week to explain why Bradley and McGuinty laughed derisively at those who a decade ago questioned the Liberals' climate-assumptions, and who warned Liberals of the dire consequences to our economy resulting from such climate-fabrications as peddled by Jim Bradley?! Doesn't reporter Hiel remember Jim Bradley's slimy attacks on Eves, on Ralph Klein, on the "oil barons"... ...??!

Wasn't Jim Bradley's GreenFear-agitated climatalarism instrumental in his Liberal majority government's energy files? Demonizing coal and oil, opening [and then closing!] gas plants, building costly wind plants under shady deals... wasn't all of this based on a doomsday 'the-planet-is-dying-if-we-don't-go-green-now" mentality - a paranoia treated as unassailable truth by none other than Liberals such as McGuinty and Jim Bradley?!?!

And yet, still today  - even after that dirtbag McGuinty's gone - there are still no Niagara reporters, neither from Niagara This Week, nor from the St.Catharines Standard, willing to challenge Liberal Jim Bradley's YEARS of politically-self-serving climate deceptions!

Has every Niagara reporter taken, ah, secret water-skiing lessons from Liberals?!

Just look at Jim Bradley's disgusting rationalization in support of asshole McGuinty's spiteful decision to prorogue Queen's Park: Bradley says "It was difficult moving any legislation through. It was being held up and picked apart (by opposition)."

Now, there's Jim Bradley's smug Liberal scumbaggery for ALL to see.

The reality is that when McGuinty didn't get his way, he simply walked away...

... just like when McGuinty had  walked away from cancer patient Mike Brady;
(Jim Bradley would like us to forget about that; Jim wants us all to know what a caring guy Ole Daltie is...)

... just like McGuinty ran away from a public C.diff inquiry in 2008, promising us lies which led to dozens more C.difficile patients dying in Niagara in 2011.
(Jim Bradley would like us to forget that too; Ole Dalton's a caring guy... right, Jim?!)

... just like McGuinty walked away and slammed the door on our House, on Oct.15, 2012.
(and Jim Bradley is already peddling his slimy spin, hoping we all forget McGuinty's last-ditch disdain towards the House!)

This is a typical, tiresome Liberal tactic - duck, deceive and deflect. Bradley should be ashamed.

Bradley and his stinking secretive Liberal minority cowards couldn't bear to have their Liberal lies and their Liberal incompetence scrutinized and challenged, and their insane policies "picked apart"!

Their leader ran away when the net began closing in, and, in a last act of desperation, he closed the House behind him, not to save Ontario [or even save 'The Planet', eh, Jim?!] but to save his own Liberal rat's nest. This is why Bradley is cooing over Dalton - because Dalton chose his party over the province.

What we see now, is that Jim Bradley prefers to ram it to you, the way Jim Bradley likes it.  Damn this pesky "opposition", what with their asking questions and 'picking things apart' and challenging sacrosanct Liberal dogma... why, suddenly, somehow - according to Jim Bradley's bizarre world-view - it's the opposition's fault for the closure of the House, not his Liberal's fault!!

That's what Bradley is now telling us, in a pathological case of Boyle Syndrome.
*  *  *

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Deb Matthews pretends Ontario healthcare is NOT political!

Nice to see Liberal Deb Matthews patronizingly continue to spout the Liberal lie that somehow in Ontario, the topic of hospitals or health care is magically 'not political'!

You see, to Health Minister Deb, when her Liberals are in power, healthcare is magically apolitical; yet, when harris-hatin' Liberals were in opposition, healthcare was always political - and, of course, it still is: Ontarians have been forced by politicians into a single-payer, state-run health monopoly, where patients have no choice. This callous ideology has been practised and enforced with brutal relish by McGuinty's duplicitous Liberals for nearly a decade.

The same sanctimonious line has been uttered in the past, by the likes of Jim Bradley and Kim Craitor, and they were as full of rhetorical Liberal crap then, as Deb is now.

If  Deb is seriously trying to angle for McGuinty's job, well, then, lying about government-run-monopoly health-care as not being political, is exactly the kind of bullshit that could make Deb a Lieberal leader.

That's what Liberal voters demand: illusion.
...and, because healthcare is 'not political' (according to Health Minister Deb) then why are people such as Linda Haslam Stroud attending cozy meetings in McGuinty's office, out of public view?! Oh, Deb - the deceptions you and your Liberals spin!!

Niagara Liberal-Friendly press gives Jim Bradley another free ride

Further to this post...

...when Warren Kinsella was attacking Jerry Agar on John Tory's CFRB 1010 show (on Oct.16, 2012) Kinsella, making excuses for the Liberals' proroguing the House, said something to the effect of  'oh, well... we've got a strong press in Ontario, which will get the news out on these issues' - a strange, evasive answer, indeed, since the press, strong or not, isn't a legislative body - which was Agar's whole point, that McGuinty did not need to prorogue; that McGuinty did so to avoid his government having to face the music on gas plant contempt and ORNGE investigations.

And what about this "strong press", which Kinsella tells us of?

Where was this "strong press" in Niagara, when it came to scrutinizing the disgusting Liberals for the last decade or so??!

All one needs to do, for example, is look at the utter puff piece in the LiberalFriendly St.Catharines Standard about the recent proroguation, where Don Fraser (in "Bradley defends McGuinty's decision to prorogue", St.Catharines Standard, Oct.17, 2012, page A5) basically parrots what Bradley tells him, without any discussion/question/examination into what Bradley says!

Interestingly, in the Standard's same Oct.17, 2012 issue, there was another article written by Fraser (but this doozie was on the front page, no less, while the Bradley story was deep inside on pg.5) where Fraser regales us with his revelation that "McGuinty taught me to water ski" !!!!!!!!!!! WTF?!? Are ya kidding?!!


Well, that explains the Standard's biased inability to ask Good Ole Jimmy any real questions about his Liberals' self-serving prorogation!! (...or much of anything else...)

Wow: yep, Ole m'Ginny thare teached me ta woter skee... so's I ain't 'bout ta ask Ole Jimmy none too dif'clt quessions 'bout nothin'... hyuck hyuck...

What's next from the JimmyBoyFanClub at the Standard? Admissions from other reporters that "George Smitherman taught me extreme rock-climbing"? ...or that "Jim Bradley taught me how to bowl, showed me how to hold the ball, and eye that 7-10-pin split? ...or maybe that "Deb Matthews taught me how to knit Mary Maxim curling jackets"? ...or possibly that "Dwight Duncan taught me all about para-sailing on the Detroit River"? ...or perhaps that "Chris Bentley and I built sandcastles on the beach; and I cried, oh, how I cried, when the water came, and washed them all away..."? so, based on that, therefore, I don't really feel it's appropriate for me as a reporter to ask Jim Bradley how it is NOT "highly charged" partisanship on his Liberals part to kill the below list of business which was pending in the House:
  • A bill allowing HST rebates for home heating;
  • A bill to boost security at courts and nuclear plants;
  • A bill requiring school boards to introduce concussion-prevention practices;
  • A bill banning people under 18 from using tanning beds;
  • A bill to amalgamate Ontario’s three power authorities;
  • A bill allowing workers up to eight weeks unpaid leave to care for sick family members;
  • A committee examining the role of cabinet ministers in the cancellation of two controversial power-plant projects in Liberal ridings during the last election campaign;
  • Probes into into problems at Ornge air-ambulance service and eHealth Ontario;
  • Requirements to put sprinklers in retirement homes;
  • A task force looking into auto-insurance fraud;
  • Dozens of bills dealing with issues such as: a new Constitution Day, tax credits for farmers who donate food, protection for the Great Lakes, changes to cellphone bills, adoption of alternative insurance plans, electoral fraud and protecting elephants.
  • (above list from Karen Howlett's great article in the Oct.16, 2012 Globe and Mail)
"Protecting the Great Lakes" was one of Jimmy's own trumpeted initiatives, wasn't it?! Why didn't Fraser ask ANYTHING about ANY of this, when he ...ahem... "interviewed" Good Ole Green Jim Bradley??!

(See more on Don Fraser's impressive St.Catharines Standard record of Liberal-coddling  here, here, here, here, herehere, here, here, here, here, here. Fraser's record of Liberal-friendly puff-piece pseudo-news stories has become clear over several years. Fraser's articles, more akin to opinion pieces, were portrayed in the Standard as news stories; it's obvious upon examining this spate of stories, that what Fraser has really been peddling is his politically-biased viewpoint, passed off by his lazy editors as unbiased journalism. Why was that allowed to happen at the Standard Wrong-Righter?? It's as if Jim Bradley had his own Liberal-friendly operative(s) in the biggest paper in town!)

Fraser even ignored asking Ole Dumbo about why his Liberals are not in favour of protecting elephants! Y'see how it works?!! Fraser didn't bother to report back to readers why Jim Bradley is against putting fire sprinklers into retirement homes!! Great Gaia - why oh why do we need to bother Our Hallowed Munificence, The Great Liberal Jim Bradley with such minutiae, when the Great GreenFear Spreader Jim Bradley is Battling Climate Change, Saving Mother Earth From The Perillous Brink Of [unexplained] DOOOOOOOMMMM!

Bradley bullshits about 'partisanship', and friendly Fraser obediently writes what he's told, and boom, we're done... nothin' to see here sheeple, move along now...

This is the kind of "strong press" which Kinsella is counting on, to help Jim Bradley's disgusting Liberals!

This is what the St.Catharines Standard Wrong-Righter is all about, and they're stepping up the plate, in the moment of Jim Bradley's need! They're doing a damn fine job of Kinsellazation/Liberal Bootlicking for the cause, doncha know.