Saturday, October 27, 2012

B.C.'s vaunted Save The Earth carbon-tax is revealed as just a typical greenscam greenwash tax

Further to this earlier post...

...we now see that British Columbia's Liberals are keeping their useless carbon tax!!

Oh, how Ontario's Liberal MPP Jim Bradley (who is Ontario's Chief Climate Change GreenFear-pusher) must be ejaculating bittersweet curses of regret, thinking, 'damn, it could have been me doing that, here in Ontario'!

How swell it would have all been for Jim Bradley's ''Planet Saving Department'', if only those pesky voters hadn't given Ontario's Lying Liberals a minority; if only Ontario's emboldened damn opposition of conservatives and socialists weren't asking so many questions, that Bradley and his cowardly Liberals had to run from scrutiny and shutter Queen's Park!

Gosh: B.C. Liberal Christy Clark is living Ontario Liberal MPP Jim Bradley's enviro-wet-dream - bringing in a tax to... ah...''Save The Planet''; then (when it is essentially revealed that there was no ''Planet Saving'' going on & that it was simply a Greenwashed GreenScam) instead of removing said fraudulent tax, the Liberals keep it anyway!! This is exactly what Jim Bradley and McGuinty wish they could have done!! All that McGuinty needed to implement a similar GreenFear-based tax in Ontario, was one more seat, which thankfully, his Liberals did not get.

Pure textbook Liberal tactics, applicable to Liberals where-ever they ply their vile trade: inventing taxes, even under phony pretenses, and keeping the fraudulent loot anyway. Jim Bradley and McGuinty would have dearly desired to pull off this GreenScam in Ontario.

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