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Niagara Liberal-Friendly press gives Jim Bradley another free ride

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...when Warren Kinsella was attacking Jerry Agar on John Tory's CFRB 1010 show (on Oct.16, 2012) Kinsella, making excuses for the Liberals' proroguing the House, said something to the effect of  'oh, well... we've got a strong press in Ontario, which will get the news out on these issues' - a strange, evasive answer, indeed, since the press, strong or not, isn't a legislative body - which was Agar's whole point, that McGuinty did not need to prorogue; that McGuinty did so to avoid his government having to face the music on gas plant contempt and ORNGE investigations.

And what about this "strong press", which Kinsella tells us of?

Where was this "strong press" in Niagara, when it came to scrutinizing the disgusting Liberals for the last decade or so??!

All one needs to do, for example, is look at the utter puff piece in the LiberalFriendly St.Catharines Standard about the recent proroguation, where Don Fraser (in "Bradley defends McGuinty's decision to prorogue", St.Catharines Standard, Oct.17, 2012, page A5) basically parrots what Bradley tells him, without any discussion/question/examination into what Bradley says!

Interestingly, in the Standard's same Oct.17, 2012 issue, there was another article written by Fraser (but this doozie was on the front page, no less, while the Bradley story was deep inside on pg.5) where Fraser regales us with his revelation that "McGuinty taught me to water ski" !!!!!!!!!!! WTF?!? Are ya kidding?!!


Well, that explains the Standard's biased inability to ask Good Ole Jimmy any real questions about his Liberals' self-serving prorogation!! (...or much of anything else...)

Wow: yep, Ole m'Ginny thare teached me ta woter skee... so's I ain't 'bout ta ask Ole Jimmy none too dif'clt quessions 'bout nothin'... hyuck hyuck...

What's next from the JimmyBoyFanClub at the Standard? Admissions from other reporters that "George Smitherman taught me extreme rock-climbing"? ...or that "Jim Bradley taught me how to bowl, showed me how to hold the ball, and eye that 7-10-pin split? ...or maybe that "Deb Matthews taught me how to knit Mary Maxim curling jackets"? ...or possibly that "Dwight Duncan taught me all about para-sailing on the Detroit River"? ...or perhaps that "Chris Bentley and I built sandcastles on the beach; and I cried, oh, how I cried, when the water came, and washed them all away..."? so, based on that, therefore, I don't really feel it's appropriate for me as a reporter to ask Jim Bradley how it is NOT "highly charged" partisanship on his Liberals part to kill the below list of business which was pending in the House:
  • A bill allowing HST rebates for home heating;
  • A bill to boost security at courts and nuclear plants;
  • A bill requiring school boards to introduce concussion-prevention practices;
  • A bill banning people under 18 from using tanning beds;
  • A bill to amalgamate Ontario’s three power authorities;
  • A bill allowing workers up to eight weeks unpaid leave to care for sick family members;
  • A committee examining the role of cabinet ministers in the cancellation of two controversial power-plant projects in Liberal ridings during the last election campaign;
  • Probes into into problems at Ornge air-ambulance service and eHealth Ontario;
  • Requirements to put sprinklers in retirement homes;
  • A task force looking into auto-insurance fraud;
  • Dozens of bills dealing with issues such as: a new Constitution Day, tax credits for farmers who donate food, protection for the Great Lakes, changes to cellphone bills, adoption of alternative insurance plans, electoral fraud and protecting elephants.
  • (above list from Karen Howlett's great article in the Oct.16, 2012 Globe and Mail)
"Protecting the Great Lakes" was one of Jimmy's own trumpeted initiatives, wasn't it?! Why didn't Fraser ask ANYTHING about ANY of this, when he ...ahem... "interviewed" Good Ole Green Jim Bradley??!

(See more on Don Fraser's impressive St.Catharines Standard record of Liberal-coddling  here, here, here, here, herehere, here, here, here, here, here. Fraser's record of Liberal-friendly puff-piece pseudo-news stories has become clear over several years. Fraser's articles, more akin to opinion pieces, were portrayed in the Standard as news stories; it's obvious upon examining this spate of stories, that what Fraser has really been peddling is his politically-biased viewpoint, passed off by his lazy editors as unbiased journalism. Why was that allowed to happen at the Standard Wrong-Righter?? It's as if Jim Bradley had his own Liberal-friendly operative(s) in the biggest paper in town!)

Fraser even ignored asking Ole Dumbo about why his Liberals are not in favour of protecting elephants! Y'see how it works?!! Fraser didn't bother to report back to readers why Jim Bradley is against putting fire sprinklers into retirement homes!! Great Gaia - why oh why do we need to bother Our Hallowed Munificence, The Great Liberal Jim Bradley with such minutiae, when the Great GreenFear Spreader Jim Bradley is Battling Climate Change, Saving Mother Earth From The Perillous Brink Of [unexplained] DOOOOOOOMMMM!

Bradley bullshits about 'partisanship', and friendly Fraser obediently writes what he's told, and boom, we're done... nothin' to see here sheeple, move along now...

This is the kind of "strong press" which Kinsella is counting on, to help Jim Bradley's disgusting Liberals!

This is what the St.Catharines Standard Wrong-Righter is all about, and they're stepping up the plate, in the moment of Jim Bradley's need! They're doing a damn fine job of Kinsellazation/Liberal Bootlicking for the cause, doncha know.

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