Friday, October 26, 2012

Why isn't Liberal Environment Minister Jim Bradley being jailed for failing to warn Ontarians about the recent earthquake?

Two interesting letters appeared recently in the National Post, regarding the bizzare case in Italy where scientists were actually convicted of failing to predict an earthquake!

First letter was from Derek Wilson (Oct.25, 2012):

Re: Scientists Found Guilty Over Italian Earthquake, Oct. 23.
Seven geological scientists and disaster experts were sentenced to six years in prison, in Italy, for “monumental negligence” in failing to warn of an imminent earthquake that killed 308 people.
Outspoken climate-change deniers should be worried by this precedent.

Second was from Scott Hoffman (Oct.26, 2012):

Re: Is There A Parallel Here?, letter to the editor, Oct. 25.
After noting that geological scientists and disaster experts in Italy were jailed for monumental negligence in failing to warn of an imminent earthquake, letter-writer Derek Wilson says that “outspoken climate-change deniers should be worried by this precedent.”
Is he saying that if you question the “science” of climate change, you are a heretic who should be imprisoned? If that’s the case, it might be easier to burn these doubters, including me, at the stake.

So, let's ask: don't out-spoken global-warming fear-mongers also deserve to be jailed?

After all, David Suzuki pushed that kind of climate fascism quite openly in Canada, which the leftist press hungrily ate up, that 'climate-change-deniers' should be jailed!

Shouldn't the global-warming fraud artists also be jailed, from the IPCC down to their local cheerleaders throughout the Planet, including in Niagara?!?!

Do people such as Liberal Environment Minister Jim Bradley fit into Suzuki's climate fascist scheme? Did Jim Bradley not busily spread climate-doomsday fear, which was unjustified - and does Bradley deny doing so?!

Are Jim Bradley and his Liberal party not equally guily of not actually ever proving their "climate-change is man-made" claims?! Jim Bradley spent a large part of his career 'denying' that his alarmist global warming GreenFear claims were unsupportable. How is that different than scientists being found guilty for not being able to predict an earthquake?

And, what about all those global-warming GreenFear-spreading accomplices in the media, who unquestioningly parrotted the 'global-warming/climate-change/or-whatever-it's-being-called-now' climatalarmism, such as the Liberal-friendly water-skiing  climate-doom-enabling press in Niagara?

Following Suzuki's and Wilson's reasoning, shouldn't the press also be jailed, for aiding and abeting GreenFear's great global-warming swindle; lustily cheering as the GreenFear was spread locally by the Jim Bradleys, the Stephane Dions, the David Suzukis, and their robot climatalarmist clones? Will the St.Catharines Standard and Niagara This Week deny that over the years, their GreenFear coverage was pretty much completely biased from the start; that their default position was to push the status-quo, that 'man-made Co2 was an imminent danger to the planet', and, that only Good Ole Boys such as Jim Bradley could Stop The Planet From Utter Doom?!

On Oct.26, it was reported that there had been an earthquake in upper western New York State and Ontario, based around Olcott N.Y., just several miles across the lake from Liberal MPP Environment Minister Jim Bradley's St.Catharines office.

Why didn't Jim Bradley warn Ontarians that there was going to be an earthquake very close to home, and that Ontario could be in Great Peril and Danger? Isn't that exactly what Jim 'The Planet Is In Peril' Bradley preaches in his global GreenFear sermons?

Why didn't the St.Catharines Standard or Niagara This Week immediately send some of their crack water-skiing reporters to ask Jim Bradley all about this, to ask Good Ole Jimmy about how close Ontario came to utter doom and devastation in an earthquake, and why Ole Jimmy failed to warn us all about this pending peril? Is this not a relevant question to ask of Enviro-Jimmy?

Looks like Jim Bradley - McGuinty's own Environment Minister - failed to predict the earthquake.
There was nothing on Jim Bradley's Ministry of Environment  Liberal government website about any possible earthquakes endangering Ontarians!

Why isn't David Suzuki agitating to jail Liberal MPP Jim Bradley, for failing to stop global-warming, and consequently, causing continuous planetary earthquakes and hurricanes and rising tides?!

The St.Catharines Standard's Wendy Metcalfe can send Don Fraser to ask Jim Bradley, whether he denies his Liberal government is responsible for keeping the earthquake secret. Isn't this what Wendy's wrong-righters do?

Ohhh... what...?! Jim Bradley is innocent?! Hmm... I see... it's better that no one asks Jim about any of this... this tactic only works when the press or Suzuki are attacking conservatives; this tactic isn't designed for questioning innocent, well-meaning, GreenFear-infected Liberals.

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