Monday, October 15, 2012

Lizard McGuinty leaves lying Liberals in the lurch

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Great news: disgusting Dalton McGuinty - the Premier Liberal liar of Ontario - has called it quits.
Funny, just two weeks ago, Ontario's Liberals supported McGuinty with flying colours during their leadership review; McGuinty said nothing about stepping down as Premier, not even to his own sycophants - yet, two weeks later, McGuinty announces his resignation!! Even the sheep in his own flock were duped by Dalton!
Now, if only we can say good flickin' riddance to the rest of McGuinty's lying sacks of Liberal crap.
The bad news for Ontarians is that McGuinty and his smug Liberal minority junta just couldn't leave well enough alone, and decided to dump on us again, by despicably proroguing the legislature at Queen's Park.
Oh, the things Liberals will do to hide from accountability.
During a live press scrum on Monday Oct.15 at 8:40 pm, McGuinty, the hypocrite, claimed that the economy was the most important issue for Ontarians.
What another load of Liberal horseshit - if that is true [if that ever was true] - then McGuinty would never have foisted his disastrous, expensive, economy-killing green energy experiments onto our province.
McGuinty and Jim Bradley purposely dismissed and disregarded the arguments which were made a decade ago, that their greenshevism was going to be costly to Ontario's economy. Liberals didn't care about the economy - they were all about 'saving the planet.'
So - McGuinty's still lying now, on his last day, or he was lying then.

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