Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Dalton McGuinty's disgusting Liberal legacy

As the National Post reported, we are now seeing that Ontario's disgusting slimebag Liberal, Dalton McGuinty, is inventing more disingenuous excuses for proroguing Queen's Park, blaming it on the opposition's supposedly 'spurious phony contempt motion'!

Is that what McGuinty's Liberal Environment MinisterJim Bradley will also be saying now?! That the electorate doesn't need to know what Jimmy's secretive  Liberals have been up to?!

Jim Bradley's Ontario Liberal Party -with their gas-plant-scandal- decided to buy themselves an election in 2011 using taxpayer money; so now, the outgoing Liberal lizard McGuinty comes up with this last-ditch excuse, that the contempt motion was phony?!

What is phony, is how this vile, self-serving Liberal lizard McGuinty continues to mock Ontario's electorate, spinning his forked-tongue yarn in any which way possible, so as to hide from accountability.

Liberal lizard McGuinty, to prove to Ontarians how his Liberals were pure as the virgin snow, could have submitted all his secret documents, appeared before all the committees, and made his case openly and transparently: the resulting democratic process would have told us whether the contempt charges were justified or not.

But, Dalton the Despot McGuinty prorogued so as to hide from, to circumvent, the Ontario Legislature's contempt inquiries. Dalton felt he was above having his Liberal lies questioned and picked apart!

So, Dalton, with preplanned malice, also decided to resign, purposefully not appointing an interim leader, as a further stall tactic.

That is Liberal scumbaggery of the highest order.

This is Liberal coward Dalton McGuinty's disgusting, spiteful, peevish, deceitful legacy, for all see.

What a fittingly ignoble sight this is, capping-off Ontario Premier Liberal Liar McGuinty's last days: watching this pathetic lizard lying and hiding and spinning duplicity, to the very end.

It is wonderful to know that Liberal dirtbag hacks, such as MPP Jim GreenFear-spreader Bradley, still just adore Dalton to bits. And it's wonderful to know what Liberal MPP Jim Bradley really thinks of Ontarians.

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