Wednesday, October 24, 2012

St.Catharines Standard spins their stories

Thank goodness that Wendy Metcalfe's Gang of St.Catharines Standard Water-Skiing Wrong Righters were able to put in that oh-so-hilariously-titled story [by Reuters' Patricia Zengerle, Oct.24, 2012, page D4] "Romney mocked on military stance".

Of course, Wendy - and maybe even Don Fraser, too, I would gather - know that the appropriate headline for the story was "Patronizing President avoids straight answers"!

Too bad the Obama-lovers at the Bradley Buttlicker don't have time to examine Obama's appalling cover-up of the Benghazi terror attacks.

Funny that the Standard JimmyBoyShoeshiner has the space to publish a drive-by smear against future-President Romney, yet somehow, the local Liberal-lovin' rag can't find the time or column inches to devote to examining the questionable timelines, the incoherent explanations, and the contradictory claims given by Joe Biden, Hilary Clinton, and their President, about the Benghazi attack and its aftermath. Fundraising in Vegas, while blaming a You Tube video, apparently were more important to Democrats in Obama's White House, than responding to save their own diplomats.

The St.Catharines Standard will ignore that, just as they have ignored their local boy, Liberal Jim Bradley, and his contributary role, as chief GreenFear-monger, in Ontario's economic meltdown. In the Standard's entire Oct.24, 2012 edition, there is no local coverage regarding Jim Bradley or Kim Craitor - despite the disgusting actions their government has taken in Ontario since Oct.15.

This is how Wendy's Wrong-Righting gang of biased water-skiers roll; their news spin should deservedly be mocked.

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R.Bobak said...

...yes: Future President Romney. Sounds good.