Thursday, December 17, 2015

Criminal charges laid in Ontario Liberal gas-plant cover-up scandal

Finally criminal charges have been laid in the Ontario Liberals' gas plant scandal.
Unfortunately, it wasn't any of Ontario's Liberal politicians who were charged - maybe that is next?
Who gave these people the permission and the direction to enter Ontario government offices and purposefully delete the computer files??! Are we to believe that they just walked in off the street, and did all this on their own - and no Ontario Liberal politician knew about it?!??
They were even paid to do it - the Ontario Liberals had taxpayers paying for the (alleged) crime!!
The purposeful deletion / coverup of the scandalous gas plant emails was a political act perpetrated to help Ontario's Liberals win a fraudulent election - all based on GreenFear propaganda.
This is MPP Jim Bradley's kind of Liberalism. Vote fer Good Ole Jimmy. Yay!
Let's fast-forward to Karen Howlett's  Oct 28, 2017 Globe and Mail report on the the Livingston/ Miller criminal trial, to see how Jim Bradley's Liberals operated, and what kind of government they ran:

"...Court has heard that David Nicholl, Ontario's corporate chief information officer, played a crucial role in helping Mr. Livingston gain the special access used to wipe hard drives. Mr. Nicholl asked government IT managers to set up special administrative access to all of the computers in the premier's office, the trial was told. On Jan. 31, 2013, Peter Wallace, secretary of cabinet at the time, approved the access after Mr. Nicholl told him that six staffers in the premier's office already had administrative access. Mr. Nicholl did not explain, however, that the access requested for Mr. Livingston was, in fact, much more extensive, court has heard.
Mr. Livingston's executive assistant, Wendy Wai, was provided with the administrative rights, allowing her to use a special password and sign on to any computer in the premier's office. But the access was used instead by Mr. Faist.
In an e-mail to Mr. Faist on Feb. 4, 2013, presented as an exhibit in court, Ms. Wai says, "CAB IT just called, everything is set up and ready to go," referring to Cabinet Office IT. "I just need to log in as myself at each desktop and you should be able to do your part."
Mr. Faist testified that Ms. Miller's assistant, Alexandra Gair, assisted him with wiping the hard drives. She accompanied him when he was in the premier's office and had the names of staffers whose computers were to be wiped written on a yellow sticky note, he said.
Mr. Faist has told police he was instructed by Ms. Miller to "wipe off personal data" on 20 computers in the premier's office. Between Feb. 5 and Feb. 7, 2013 – just days before Ms. Wynne took office – Mr. Faist erased 632,000 files, accounting for 13 per cent of all the data on the 20 hard drives, police documents allege.
Mr. Faist testified that he submitted an invoice dated Jan. 28, 2013, in the amount of $11,017.50 to the Liberal Caucus Service Bureau.."-

Wow: Hillary Clinton's team should be so proud of  the political template set by McGuinty's trail-blazing computer-wiping Liberals!!

...and look at Howlett's Oct.19, 2017 report :

" Former Ontario premier Dalton McGuinty's chief of staff got instructions on how to double delete e-mails in the summer of 2012, a period when the government was under mounting pressure to release documents related to the controversial cancellation of two gas-fired power plants, court documents show.
"I don't really have a strong desire to be email monitor for the Premier's Office," David Livingston, the chief of staff, says in an e-mail tabled as part of an exhibit at a criminal trial. But he says he has "learned a couple of things" after talking to David Nicholl, Ontario's corporate chief information officer: "if e-mails are 'double deleted' (meaning deleted from an INBOX and DELETE file) then they are gone and cannot be retrieved;" and if an e-mail that is to be double deleted has been forwarded, it will also have to be deleted from the "sent" file.
"Having said all of this, nothing is more confidential than talking rather than writing!" Mr. Livingston says in the e-mail dated Aug. 9, 2012, which was distributed to several staff members in the premier's office, according to the exhibit. "Just reading this, so no more triple delete?" one staffer asks. "Apparently not!" came the reply from another staffer.
Mr. Livingston and former deputy chief of staff Laura Miller are facing criminal breach of trust and mischief charges in connection with the destruction of e-mails and other government records related to the cancellation of the two power plants before the 2011 provincial election. Each has pleaded not guilty.
The charges stem from police accusations that Mr. Livingston hired a non-government IT expert, Ms. Miller's spouse, Peter Faist, to "wipe clean" computer hard drives in the Premier's Office just days before Mr. McGuinty stepped down in February, 2013.
The trial at Toronto's Old City Hall has heard from two witnesses about meetings they had with Mr. Livingston in August, 2012, when a legislative committee was demanding the release of gas-plant documents from the minority Liberal government. Peter Wallace, secretary of cabinet at the time, testified on Monday about a "tense conversation" he had with Mr. Livingston during a meeting that month, in which he told him he was "acutely worried" that the premier's office had not complied with a legally binding order to hand over documents in connection with the power plants.
Mr. Nicholl also testified last week that he met with Mr. Livingston in August of 2012, when the chief of staff asked about the process for deleting e-mails and expressed concern about e-mail accounts that were still open after some employees had left the premier's office.
Mr. Nicholl played a key role in helping Mr. Livingston get special access to computer hard drives in the premier's office during the transition from the McGuinty government to Premier Kathleen Wynne in early 2013, the trial was told.
While Mr. Wallace, now city manager of Toronto, approved the special access for Mr. Livingston, he testified that he did so after Mr. Nicholl told him seven people in the premier's office already had special access. Mr. Wallace said he was not aware at the time that the access given to Mr. Livingston was much more extensive, and said it is inconceivable that he would have approved it had he known that the chief of staff would use it to access government records held by other staff members.
On Jan. 31, 2013, the day Mr. Livingston got the special access, he sounded pleased, the e-mail exhibits show. "We have broken through," he said in response to an e-mail from Ms. Miller, asking "Any luck w the admin code?" Mr. Livingston adds in his e-mail that he will be talking to Mr. Nicholl that afternoon about how to "actually get the codes and move forward."
An e-mail from Ms. Miller to Mr. Livingston titled Pete's Project and dated Jan. 24, says the process of wiping computers takes "3-4 hrs per desk."
The trial continues on Friday."
Note how all of this computer-wiping-urgency was swirling around PRIOR  to McGuinty's sudden resignation: yet we are led to believe that this was in no way a planned cover-up to protect McGuinty ...who has not been charged with anything!! Why hasn't he?? Well, for one thing, luckily heh heh there aren't any emails to corroborate anything!! Voila - the circle in complete! Nothin' to see here folks!! In this criminal trial, we have even forgotten that the whole thing stemmed from McGuinty's  GreenFear climate-change/ global-warming hoaxter policies, of which Ole Jim Bradley was a chief proponent.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Ontario Liberals blow billions on energy, while local paper coddles Liberal MPP Jim Bradley

Further to the CBC's Dec.2, 2015 story outlining Ontario Auditor Bonnie Lysyk's latest report slamming the outrageous energy costs and waste in Liberal-run Ontario:
"Ontario's auditor general says electricity customers in the province have paid billions of dollars for the Liberal government's decisions to ignore its own planning process for new power generation projects.
The Ontario Power Authority's 20-year technical plan, which was updated every three years and reviewed by the Ontario Energy Board, would have offered protection to consumers, said Bonnie Lysyk in her annual report released Wednesday. 
 Instead of following the legislated process, the Ministry of Energy itself effectively assumed responsibility for electricity planning," she said.
The ministry issued policy plans and 93 directives that the auditor said "did not fully consider the state of the electricity market, did not take long-term effects fully into account," and sometimes went against the OPA's advice.
"Ontario electricity ratepayers have had to pay billions for these decisions," she said.
The electricity portion of hydro bills for homes and small businesses rose 70 per cent between 2006 and 2014, which Lysyk said cost consumers $37 billion dollars in so-called global adjustment payments to generators — and will cost ratepayers another $133 billion by 2032"

Yep: energy policy was run right out of the Ministry of Energy's Liberal political re-election campaign office!

Let's hope that no-one from the St.Catharines Standard asks Liberal MPP Jim Bradley to explain his GreenFear delusion-based energy fiascos in Ontario! (Somehow, Grant Lafleche won't find any... er... 'scientific' issues here, eh??? What's Ole Jimmy got to do with any o' this?! hahah... unreal!)

Billions of tax dollars blown by Bradley and his Liberals - yet the newspaper in his own city stubbornly refuses to call Liberal MPP Jim Bradley on his climate-change insanity.
So let's fast forward to Nov. 2016, as deplorable Liberals such as Jim Bradley and Kathleen Wynne continued their horrific destruction of Ontario's economy, based on their global warming con game.

Deplorable hacks such as Lafleche and the St. Catharines Standard continue to uphold their duty to the Liberal cause, and will not dare to question how decades of Jim Bradley's Liberal green-fear-based bolshevism has brought us to this day.

The Globe and Mail reported on Nov. 19, 2016:
"Premier Kathleen Wynne is promising to win back Ontarians’ trust amid a string of ethics scandals, anger over high electricity prices and collapsing approval ratings.
In a contrite and often emotional speech to her Liberal party’s annual general meeting in Ottawa Saturday, Ms. Wynne admitted that the “polling numbers and the pundits” say “many people in Ontario are not happy with me right now.”
“People look at me and many of them think: ‘She’s not who we thought she was. She’s become a typical politician. She’ll do anything to win,’” she said in the lunch-hour address. “Frankly, I think I sometimes have given them reason to think that.”
The Premier did not say what, exactly, she believed had led voters to question her motives. But the speech comes in the wake of a months-long conflagration over cash-for-access fundraising and less than three weeks after two Liberal operatives, including Ms. Wynne’s former deputy chief of staff, were charged with Election Act offences for allegedly attempting to bribe a candidate in a by-election last year.
Standing alone without a podium in front of the cavernous convention hall, Ms. Wynne also acknowledged that she failed to grasp how much the province’s high hydro rates were hurting Ontarians. She belatedly tried to deal with the problem in September, with a hastily-announced eight per cent subsidy for residential electricity bills.
The Premier said Saturday that more relief will be coming, but did not specify what it will be.
“Our government made a mistake. It was my mistake. And I’m going to do my best to fix it,” she said. “In the weeks and the months ahead, we are going to find more ways to lower rates and reduce the burden on consumers.”
She conceded “I have some work to do to prove that I am who I have always been” and vowed to do a better job understanding voters’ concerns.
“I will do my very best to listen, to respond, to lead, and to serve you and the people of Ontario better,” she said. “I will be right there with you: As premier, as leader, I’ll be there with you as Kathleen, a proud mother and grandmother.”
What utter psychopathic bullshit from liar Kathleen Wynne, shamelessly spouting her endless series of deceptions. Such gargantuan incompetence; what an epic fiasco of massive proportions. 
What utter  ignorance. Such willful destruction. 
The Americans just got rid of their pant-suited crooked Liberal liar Hillary Clinton; Ontario should do the same with the pant-suited pay-to-player Krooked Kathleen Wynne as well.

The nightmare with Ontario's lying Liberals has not ended: Bonnie Lysyk came out with ANOTHER report released in the afternoon on Oct. 17, 2017, again on the energy file -
The multi-billion dollar costs due to  the Ontario Liberals' incompetence - all based on the Liberals' GreenFear global-warming hoax policy - is STAGGERING.
Krooked Kathleen Kooked the Books - great, eh? But that's what we get when we vote for climate-change con-men such as Liberal Jim Bradley.
You can bet NOBODY from the St.Catharines Standard will ever bother to ask Unca Jimmmy about any of this.
The Ontario Liberals' Green Fascist Energy Act was once again mentioned, this time in a May 30, 2018 Global News article ( the middle of Ontario's election campaign, no less...) headlined: "Liberals ignored green energy advice that could’ve saved Ontarians billions, lead engineer says", where the Liberals near-criminal wholesale waste of billions of dollars on climate-change-based fantasies was again detailed, including the sack of Liberal garbage George Smitherman's evil role in this GreenFear fiasco. Of course, the Liberal ass-lickers at the St. Catharines Standard hill NEVER interview their Liberal hero Jim Bradley about the massive damage his Liberal government has done to Ontario. The Standard does its best to distance itself from any criticism or analysis of Bradley's Liberal policies.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Wealthy Liberal Trudeau should "do the "right thing" and pay for his own nannies

In what has instantly been dubbed "Nannygate", the CBC has reported that Canadian multi-millionaire Justin Trudeau has already hired nannies at tax-payer expense: "The disclosure comes after an election campaign where Trudeau repeatedly attacked the Conservatives' enhanced universal child care benefit, or UCCB, and income splitting for families, arguing rich families like his and former prime minister Stephen Harper's didn't need taxpayers' help."

Back in this Sept.21, 2012 interview, Justin Trudeau's wife Sophie Gregoire was quoted saying: "I don't have a nanny but both grandmothers are helping out. I also found an amazing babysitter who can help out at night time when we have events to attend.
My priority is my family. Everything else comes second. So I have to decline many invitations, work opportunities, etc. I know and feel that it's the right thing to do.
'Right thing to do', eh? Yes, indeed... how 'humble', how... umm... 'sincere'... then!! But now, flying the entire family of kids, wife and "staff" to the Paris GreenFear Climate Coven is the right thing to do, eh? Oh, the Sunny Waves of Liberal entitlement.

In an April 2013 Montreal Families interview, Sophie Gregoire also said she did NOT have a nanny.

Yet, in this Toronto Star Aug.17, 2013 report, Justin Trudeau strangely claimed that they DID have a nanny, who was there overnight at their house during that bizarre break-in at their rented Rockcliffe (Ottawa) home.

Normally, it'd be any family's personal business whether they had a nanny or not; but now - upon hearing that Canada's rich Prime Liberal Hypocrite Turdeau suddenly does have two nannies employed at taxpayers' expense - it has become our business.

In this situation, both Trudeau and his spouse have shown themselves to be nothing more than Liberal hypocrites, already getting their fill at the entitlement trough.That didn't take long - less than a month after the Liberals took office!

Don't worry: there will be many more LibScams to follow, with Turdo as PM! {Remember Turdo's self-entitled charging of speaking fees to appear at charity fund-raisers - while he was also a sitting Liberal MP, slacking off from the House? This is the template of the Sunny Way!}

This is just the sad beginning of the inbred Turdopian Liberal Nanny-State darkness - like the story about the $1,800.00 per day gravy-train salary being given out in Denis Coderre-ville (former-Liberal-hack Fred Flintstone's Montreal) to "coordinate" what is essentially a welcome wagon for Montreal's anticipated Syrian refugee arrivals..!

When Liberal budgets 'balance' themselves, Liberal largesse has no bounds!
Let's now update to the Ottawa Citizen's Glen McGregor reporting late afternoon on Dec.1, 2015, that "the two nannies hired by Justin Trudeau to work at his new residence were previously employed by his family to look after his children, a cost he is passing on to taxpayers now that he is prime minister.
Marilou Nemiada Trayvilla and Marian Pueyo were hired last month as “special assistants” in the prime minister’s residence, although their roles appear chiefly to be providing child care to the three Trudeau children, who are 19 months, six years and eight years old."

If (...and note: IF) what Justin Trudeau now says is true, then, why the hell do we have to pay for this personal arrangement, which they supposedly already had? Let Justin and Sophie continue paying for their own nannies!

But wait - is what Justin is now saying true, that these nannies were "just hired"?
Remember, wife Sophie has already claimed that they did not have a nanny, as late as Apr. 2013.
Then, by Aug.17, 2013 - right after that bizarre break-in at their rented Rockcliffe home - Justin said that there was a nanny there that night.

So we have to ask: who was the nanny that the Trudeau's had working in their Rockcliffe house in 2013?
Why do taxpayers need to now know about this?
Well, because McGregor also reported in detail that:
"Trayvilla appears to have moved with family from Philippines to Ottawa and about five years ago was working for Ottawa lawyer Kirsten Crain and her husband, John Morales, who lived around the corner from the home Trudeau later rented in Rockcliffe.
Crain declined to say whether Trayvilla was hired through the special government program that gives temporary work visas to foreign child care workers brought to Canada.
Trayvilla went to work for another family, then ended up with the Trudeaus after Justin Trudeau won the leadership of the party and moved from Montreal into a home on Manor Avenue in Ottawa.
She posted pictures of her and the Trudeau family on her Facebook page from last Christmas.
The Prime Minister’s Office confirmed that Pueyo also worked for the Trudeau family previous. Both women are Canadian citizens, the PMO says.
Even though the two women worked as nannies when Trudeau was only leader of the third party, the PMO maintains that child-care in only part of their jobs providing “assistance” at the residence.
“Given the nature of the prime minister’s responsibilities and his young family, the Trudeaus employ two household employees who, in addition to performing other duties around the house, act as secondary caregivers to the three children,” spokesperson Kate Purchase told the CBC".

What McGregor has NOT specifically said in his report, is whether any of these two current nannies (who now work for PM Trudeau) also worked for Trudeau back then at Rockcliffe!
McGregor beats around the bush on this point, but he doesn't quite reveal that important detail!
The PMO office is also fudging the specifics here.
Was the 2013 nanny who had worked for the Trudeau's during the break-in (, the nanny that Justin said was there...) the same nanny who had worked for that Rockcliffe lawyer, and the same nanny who is with PM Justin now?!
Or was that that some other nanny in 2013?

The reason this is now relevant to taxpayers and to those who voted for Justin, is that because if one of these current nannies was working for the Trudeaus in Rockcliffe during the time of that 2013 break-in, then what Trudeau's Liberals are saying NOW - that the nannies were just "hired last month" - would be a patent lie!

It would mean that they were NOT "hired last month"; it would mean that they had already been working for the Trudeaus!
It would also clearly mean that Justin Trudeau is already trying to pull off a fraud.
Why should taxpayers pay for any of this??

Kate Purchase is a good buddy of the CBC's Liberal-fawn-boy Peter Mansbridge - why is Peetah so quiet about all this?!
Then, Julie Smythe reported in the Dec.2, 2015 Globe and Mail:
"Before Justin Trudeau became Prime Minister, his family employed two nannies, one at night and one during the daytime. Like most nannies, the women did other jobs too, cleaning, some cooking, preparing kids’ snacks and other household duties.
That the Trudeaus had hired help is not new or surprising, given their schedules with three children eight and under, and the fact they come from a privileged background.

But two nannies? Day and night child care? That is excessive by most parenting standards, even for a prime minister. Should the public purse now pay for their two nannies to care for Xavier, Ella-Grace and Hadrien?
Even before her husband was elected to the highest office in Canada, Sophie GrĂ©goire-Trudeau had a full life outside the home – volunteering, speaking out on issues such as bulimia, attending political functions and teaching some yoga. She does not work full-time, but helps important causes, is a busy mom and political wife.
In addition to her nannies, she also relies on her mother and mother-in-law to help. Before they moved to the “cottage” on the grounds of Rideau Hall, Ms. GrĂ©goire-Trudeau could be seen at the local kids’ park with a nanny and her mother, the three women all fussing over the youngest Trudeau child. Her daytime nanny would also accompany her and Hadrien to lunch at popular restaurants in the Ottawa Byward Market..."
Again - it is not quite clear here, exactly when the Trudeau's "employed two nannies"!
Sophie Gregoire had made a point of telling us that she had NO nannys at all!
Are we talking of 2012 here? 2013? 2014? Only 2015??
Again: why is this relevant? Because if the Trudeaus already had two nannies (as seems to be the case, despite the obfuscation and contradictions from both spouses) then, the nannies were not "just hired", they were already employed .
The wealthy Trudeaus, with this blatantly hypocritical, let-them-eat-cake shell-game, foisted their own previous, personal arrangement onto the tax payer.