Thursday, December 17, 2015

Criminal charges laid in Ontario Liberal gas-plant cover-up scandal

Finally criminal charges have been laid in the Ontario Liberals' gas plant scandal.
Unfortunately, it wasn't any of Ontario's Liberal politicians who were charged - maybe that is next?
Who gave these people the permission and the direction to enter Ontario government offices and purposefully delete the computer files??! Are we to believe that they just walked in off the street, and did all this on their own - and no Ontario Liberal politician knew about it?!??
They were even paid to do it - the Ontario Liberals had taxpayers paying for the (alleged) crime!!
The purposeful deletion / coverup of the scandalous gas plant emails was a political act perpetrated to help Ontario's Liberals win a fraudulent election - all based on GreenFear propaganda.
This is MPP Jim Bradley's kind of Liberalism. Vote fer Good Ole Jimmy. Yay!
Let's fast-forward to Karen Howlett's  Oct 28, 2017 Globe and Mail report on the the Livingston/ Miller criminal trial, to see how Jim Bradley's Liberals operated, and what kind of government they ran:

"...Court has heard that David Nicholl, Ontario's corporate chief information officer, played a crucial role in helping Mr. Livingston gain the special access used to wipe hard drives. Mr. Nicholl asked government IT managers to set up special administrative access to all of the computers in the premier's office, the trial was told. On Jan. 31, 2013, Peter Wallace, secretary of cabinet at the time, approved the access after Mr. Nicholl told him that six staffers in the premier's office already had administrative access. Mr. Nicholl did not explain, however, that the access requested for Mr. Livingston was, in fact, much more extensive, court has heard.
Mr. Livingston's executive assistant, Wendy Wai, was provided with the administrative rights, allowing her to use a special password and sign on to any computer in the premier's office. But the access was used instead by Mr. Faist.
In an e-mail to Mr. Faist on Feb. 4, 2013, presented as an exhibit in court, Ms. Wai says, "CAB IT just called, everything is set up and ready to go," referring to Cabinet Office IT. "I just need to log in as myself at each desktop and you should be able to do your part."
Mr. Faist testified that Ms. Miller's assistant, Alexandra Gair, assisted him with wiping the hard drives. She accompanied him when he was in the premier's office and had the names of staffers whose computers were to be wiped written on a yellow sticky note, he said.
Mr. Faist has told police he was instructed by Ms. Miller to "wipe off personal data" on 20 computers in the premier's office. Between Feb. 5 and Feb. 7, 2013 – just days before Ms. Wynne took office – Mr. Faist erased 632,000 files, accounting for 13 per cent of all the data on the 20 hard drives, police documents allege.
Mr. Faist testified that he submitted an invoice dated Jan. 28, 2013, in the amount of $11,017.50 to the Liberal Caucus Service Bureau.."-

Wow: Hillary Clinton's team should be so proud of  the political template set by McGuinty's trail-blazing computer-wiping Liberals!!

...and look at Howlett's Oct.19, 2017 report :

" Former Ontario premier Dalton McGuinty's chief of staff got instructions on how to double delete e-mails in the summer of 2012, a period when the government was under mounting pressure to release documents related to the controversial cancellation of two gas-fired power plants, court documents show.
"I don't really have a strong desire to be email monitor for the Premier's Office," David Livingston, the chief of staff, says in an e-mail tabled as part of an exhibit at a criminal trial. But he says he has "learned a couple of things" after talking to David Nicholl, Ontario's corporate chief information officer: "if e-mails are 'double deleted' (meaning deleted from an INBOX and DELETE file) then they are gone and cannot be retrieved;" and if an e-mail that is to be double deleted has been forwarded, it will also have to be deleted from the "sent" file.
"Having said all of this, nothing is more confidential than talking rather than writing!" Mr. Livingston says in the e-mail dated Aug. 9, 2012, which was distributed to several staff members in the premier's office, according to the exhibit. "Just reading this, so no more triple delete?" one staffer asks. "Apparently not!" came the reply from another staffer.
Mr. Livingston and former deputy chief of staff Laura Miller are facing criminal breach of trust and mischief charges in connection with the destruction of e-mails and other government records related to the cancellation of the two power plants before the 2011 provincial election. Each has pleaded not guilty.
The charges stem from police accusations that Mr. Livingston hired a non-government IT expert, Ms. Miller's spouse, Peter Faist, to "wipe clean" computer hard drives in the Premier's Office just days before Mr. McGuinty stepped down in February, 2013.
The trial at Toronto's Old City Hall has heard from two witnesses about meetings they had with Mr. Livingston in August, 2012, when a legislative committee was demanding the release of gas-plant documents from the minority Liberal government. Peter Wallace, secretary of cabinet at the time, testified on Monday about a "tense conversation" he had with Mr. Livingston during a meeting that month, in which he told him he was "acutely worried" that the premier's office had not complied with a legally binding order to hand over documents in connection with the power plants.
Mr. Nicholl also testified last week that he met with Mr. Livingston in August of 2012, when the chief of staff asked about the process for deleting e-mails and expressed concern about e-mail accounts that were still open after some employees had left the premier's office.
Mr. Nicholl played a key role in helping Mr. Livingston get special access to computer hard drives in the premier's office during the transition from the McGuinty government to Premier Kathleen Wynne in early 2013, the trial was told.
While Mr. Wallace, now city manager of Toronto, approved the special access for Mr. Livingston, he testified that he did so after Mr. Nicholl told him seven people in the premier's office already had special access. Mr. Wallace said he was not aware at the time that the access given to Mr. Livingston was much more extensive, and said it is inconceivable that he would have approved it had he known that the chief of staff would use it to access government records held by other staff members.
On Jan. 31, 2013, the day Mr. Livingston got the special access, he sounded pleased, the e-mail exhibits show. "We have broken through," he said in response to an e-mail from Ms. Miller, asking "Any luck w the admin code?" Mr. Livingston adds in his e-mail that he will be talking to Mr. Nicholl that afternoon about how to "actually get the codes and move forward."
An e-mail from Ms. Miller to Mr. Livingston titled Pete's Project and dated Jan. 24, says the process of wiping computers takes "3-4 hrs per desk."
The trial continues on Friday."
Note how all of this computer-wiping-urgency was swirling around PRIOR  to McGuinty's sudden resignation: yet we are led to believe that this was in no way a planned cover-up to protect McGuinty ...who has not been charged with anything!! Why hasn't he?? Well, for one thing, luckily heh heh there aren't any emails to corroborate anything!! Voila - the circle in complete! Nothin' to see here folks!! In this criminal trial, we have even forgotten that the whole thing stemmed from McGuinty's  GreenFear climate-change/ global-warming hoaxter policies, of which Ole Jim Bradley was a chief proponent.

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