Sunday, November 25, 2012

Justin Trudeau's little Liberal lies

Further to my earlier post, where Justin Trudeau was claiming that he was being 'taken out of context'... we have this Nov.24, 2012 report by Mark Dunn:

"Justin Trudeau said Friday he was only bad-mouthing one Albertan in a televised rant that has come back to haunt his quest to follow in his father's footsteps and become prime minister.

The Liberal leadership hopeful used a hastily called news conference in Vancouver to issue what critics called a half-hearted apology to wiggle out of a jam opponents have seized on to paint the Liberal party as anti-Alberta.

Trudeau's campaign hit the skids Thursday when a French interview he gave two years ago surfaced with him bemoaning western influence on national affairs and arguing that Canada does better under prime ministers from Quebec.

On Alberta, Trudeau said he didn't mean to smear the whole province - just Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

"I'm sorry I said what I did," he said. "I was wrong to relate the area of the country that Mr. Harper is from with the people who live there and with the policies that he has that don't represent the values of most Canadians.

So, basically, all the excuses which Justin Trudeau had made, just two days ago, have already been revealed as Liberal lies!! Incredible! We can only imagine mini-Trudeau's Great Radiant Liberal Future.

Now we see there was nothing "taken out of context", as Justin pretended there was, two days ago, after he was caught trying to explain away that forked tongue act of his, revealed in that Quebec interview.

Now we see that Justin, the Grit grifter, was saying one thing here, and another there, all the while pretending in his campaign that he wasn't!! Another calculated Liberal lie.

Even his half-hearted apology should be seen as a lie, for what Justin Trudeau was saying in Quebec was the real, smug Trudeau. Justin wasn't sorry for anything, until his hypocrisy caught up with him while he was grifting for votes in Alberta, cowboy hat and all. Then he lied. Then changed his story, again.

The only person Justin Trudeau has managed to smear, is himself.

The Liberals need this kind of inept two-faced bumbler to become the third stooge [well, Bob Rae is just the Liberal Shemp] to complete their Great Triumvirate of Liberal Leader-Bufoons-in-the-Wilderness: Dion, Ignatieff, and Trudeau ...oh, that would be great...

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Another tankard of Niagara's Finest GreenFear, Sir, if you please...

Further to my earlier post...

Another slick bit-o'GreenFear surfaced in the St.Catharines Standard's Nov.24, 2012 editorial page A8, this time courtesy of some apparent climate-change expert, Bernie Puchalski, who tells us (without citing his sources - much as the way Liberal Environment Minister Jim Bradley seems to operate, when he sells us his Kyodiot planet-is-dying green kool-aid) that "...Given the dramatic increase in severe weather caused by global warming, the risk of extreme rainfalls overwhelming containment facilities..."

...blah blah... bla...  blahhhh... blah...  ...same old green canard, different pet project...

Whatever it is Puchalski was trying to talk about here, just doesn't much matter, does it: once he brought out the GreenFear card, he instantly undermined whatever possible merits his case may have had.

What we need to monitor is the "dramatic increase" of "atrocious man-made" GreenFear-peddling, mistaken as real science, and propagated as an if-all-else-fails-last-ditch cudgel to build support for some enviro-scheme or another.

I mean, Puchalski had some good reasoning in his article - until at the end, when he just had to unnecessarily trot out the irrelevant GreenFear-card.

And, Puchalski even wrote about Good Ole Liberal Jim Bradley in his article, but didn't bother questioning GreenJimmy's years of climate-change/global-warming deceptions.

Why?! Is Puchalski's default-belief the same as Jim Bradley's, Al Gore's, Stephane Dion's and David Suzuki's?! You know: "it's all settled"?!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Hypocrite Dalton's petty, pathetic, whining, waning days...

It was astounding to hear Ontario Premier Liberal Liar Dalton McGuinty's hypocritical whining about Harper in this Nov.20, 2012 Toronto Star story "McGuinty laments Harper’s refusal to attend premiers’ meeting in Halifax".

Yes folks: this is from the same Liberal scumbag Dalton, who refused to work with the elected members in Ontario's Legislature, and who then prorogued the Legislature and ran away from a House contempt inquiry!!!

This is the same McGuinty who resigned as premier, to allow his Liberals free time to conduct their own little leadership/free publicity campaign!

This is the same proud Liberal who, upon receiving a minority government from the electorate, resented not getting his own bullying way, and couldn't be bothered dealing with the pesky opposition, or answering any of their pesky questions!!

Yes: this is Dictator Dalton bizarrely and sanctimoniously lecturing Harper for 'passing up a chance to co-operate' on issues!

{... like, back when Ole 'Clean-Air McGuinty' didn't want to be tied down by federal greenhouse gas regulation..? Let McGuinty pretend that didn't happen...}


But, there it is: the unabashed two-faced Liberal scumbaggery for all to see.

Another piece of stink to add to Disgusting Dalton McGuinty's portfolio of Grit stink, sure to enhance his glorious legacy of duplicity and failure.

This incident, small as it is, speaks volumes about this slimy Liberal's character - it's as if he cannot comprehend the enormity of the damage which his own political experiments have caused in Ontario.

Hey: let's go to a party and sing praises to the Great Sorbara, and merrily celebrate the Liberal disaster zone which Ontario has become...

Thursday, November 22, 2012

No "true" in Trudeau

Nice story in the National Post, Nov.22, 2012:

"Interim Liberal Leader Bob Rae has apologized for a colleague who suggested Alberta Conservative MPs are shills for the oil industry and should “go home.”
Rae says Ottawa MP David McGuinty’s comments were a mistake and certainly not helpful, coming less than a week before a Calgary byelection in which the Liberals have high hopes of an upset.
McGuinty himself has not apologized and has not responded to requests to explain his remarks.
Rae says the MP, who did not attend the Liberals’ weekly caucus meeting today, is away on family business until next week.
In McGuinty’s absence, Rae is offering his own unequivocal apology on behalf of the party.
He says he has not yet decided whether McGuinty should be stripped of his post as the party’s natural resources critic.
Justin Trudeau distanced himself from McGuinty Tuesday.
Asked at a campaign appearance in Edmonton what he thought of reported remarks by David McGuinty, Trudeau would not comment directly but stressed his priority is national unity.
“My entire campaign has been about bringing people together, about not pitting region against region and about being a strong representative and a voice that says the same thing in Chicoutimi as we say in downtown Calgary as I’ll say in Toronto as I’ll say in B.C.,” said Trudeau.
“That’s the kind of politics that I am trying to do here.”
The comments sparked outrage in Alberta, where the Liberals are working hard to try and gain even a toehold. Trudeau has been to the province twice already and his leadership rival Martha Hall Findlay chose to launch her campaign in Calgary.
Joan Crockatt, a Conservative candidate in Monday’s byelection in Calgary-Centre, quickly issued a news release invoking the ghost of Trudeau’s father, former prime minister Pierre Trudeau.
“This anti-Alberta prejudice is the same the Liberals had when they brought in the disastrous National Energy Policy in the 1980s that did tremendous damage to our economy and cost Albertans billions of dollars,” she said.
“David McGuinty’s role as official energy critic should make every Albertan worry.”
The comments also set the Internet a-Twitter with vitriol."

...gosh... so much to deal with here, what with that global-warming-fear-spreading-nutter David (the other stupid ginty meat) McGuinty's anti-Albertan rant...

...but let's get to the fruit of Pierre's loins first. Note what Justin said above:

“My entire campaign has been about bringing people together, about not pitting region against region and about being a strong representative and a voice that says the same thing in Chicoutimi as we say in downtown Calgary as I’ll say in Toronto as I’ll say in B.C.,” said Trudeau.
“That’s the kind of politics that I am trying to do here.”

Really, Justin?! Ole Liberal Justin: is he now Mr. Alberta-lover, or just another Liberal liar?

Exactly what "kind of politics" is Justin "trying to do here"?!

Justin blatantly just lies about how his Liberal message is supposedly the "same thing" everywhere: when Justin was bragging/lying about his supposed openness in Alberta, he just - ooooppsie - happened to conveniently not tell us about this interview he gave in Quebec, as reported in a Nov.22, 2012 CBC report:

"Liberal leadership candidate Justin Trudeau is having to explain comments he made about Albertans in 2010, one day after fellow Liberal MP David McGuinty resigned his critic role over pointed comments about Alberta Conservative MPs.
Sun Media published comments on Thursday that Trudeau made in a November 2010 interview in French on the Télé-Québec program Les Francs-tireurs (The Straight Shooters). In the interview, Trudeau seemed to take aim at Alberta politicians, and argued Canada was better off in the hands of leaders from Quebec.
"Canada isn't doing well right now because it's Albertans who control our community and socio-democratic agenda. It doesn't work," Trudeau told interviewer Patrick Lagacé.
When asked whether he thought Canada was "better served when there are more Quebecers in charge than Albertans," Trudeau replied, "I'm a Liberal, so of course I think so, yes. Certainly when we look at the great prime ministers of the 20th century, those that really stood the test of time, they were MPs from Quebec.... This country, Canada, it belongs to us."
Just a day earlier, Trudeau's caucus colleague McGuinty apologized and resigned his role as Liberal energy critic after he was reported as saying Conservative MPs "really should go back to Alberta" and run for the provincial legislature or municipal office if they weren't willing to adopt a national vision on energy policy.
Conservatives angrily denounced McGuinty's comments on Wednesday, and on Thursday said Trudeau's 2010 quotes are proof of an anti-Alberta bias within the Liberal Party.

'Arrogance of the Liberal Party'

Immigration Minister and Alberta MP Jason Kenney said Trudeau's comments were "the worst kind of divisiveness, the worst kind of arrogance of the Liberal Party, and it brings back for many Westerners the kind of arrogance of the National Energy Program, which of course devastated the Western economy."
The National Energy Program was a policy introduced in the 1980s by Trudeau's father, the then prime minister Pierre Trudeau, and is often cited as a key reason for Western resentment.
In a statement posted on Facebook and released to the media, Trudeau's campaign said the 2010 comments were being taken out of context.
"The Conservatives are using out-of-context statements made years ago in a long interview. They are clearly concerned that they are losing the byelection in Calgary Centre and are resorting to smear campaigns to stop their slide," the statement said.
"Justin knows that Calgary, Alberta and all of Western Canada are at the very heart of Canada's future. That's a message he has taken to every part of the country, from the beginning of the campaign. We need to get beyond the divisive politics of the Conservatives and include all Canadians."
On CBC News Network's Power & Politics, Alberta Conservative MP Michelle Rempel called the younger Trudeau's comments "ridiculous" and "insulting."
"You know, I'm so fired up about this because I am from Alberta and I represent people in the heart of a vibrant, dynamic riding who believe in a strong, national, unified country," Rempel said.
"And, you know, for Mr. Trudeau to come out and try — I'm not sure if I heard his statement correctly, it's the first time I heard it — but for him to try to say, 'Oh, wait, the Conservatives are smearing me,' rather than 'I unequivocally apologize for these remarks, they were wrong, they were ill-informed,' it's ridiculous," Rempel said.

Byelection looms

Trudeau's leadership campaign adviser repeated the suggestion that the controversy was linked to next Monday's Calgary Centre byelection, where the Tory candidate is in a tight race with a Liberal.
"This is coming up because the Conservatives have been very surprised at how poorly they're doing in the Calgary Centre byelection, and they're quite concerned about losing what they thought was a safe riding in the heart of their home territory," Gerald Butts told Power & Politics.
"And they're losing that riding because they've ignored the concerns of Albertans for too long, and in particular in Calgary people are waking up to that fact."
Butts said it's important to understand the context of Trudeau's remarks.
"It was a very long interview in French, and the question was about why are Quebecers disengaging and turning off from federal politics. And what [Trudeau] was saying, which was not dissimilar from what he said in January which caused a similar unjustified firestorm in English Canada, was that Quebecers see a government that doesn't share their values," Butts said.
"And I don't think you could walk down the street of Montreal and not find too many people who would disagree with that."
Butts noted Trudeau also told an Alberta audience this fall that the National Energy Program was a "mistake."
Trudeau has made several recent trips to Calgary, Edmonton and other Western cities as he campaigns for the Liberal leadership, saying he's eager to put the Liberal "ghosts of the past" in the West to rest.
"My entire campaign has been about bringing people together, about not pitting region against region and about being a strong representative and a voice that says the same thing in Chicoutimi as we say in downtown Calgary as I'll say in Toronto as I'll say in B.C.," Trudeau said during a stop in Edmonton on Tuesday, Canadian Press reported."
... your claims in those last lines about your Liberal campaign just aren't true, Mr.Trudeau.

Your statements in Alberta were clearly in context; and, they have now been contradicted by your own earlier statements from your Quebec interview.

Looks like Justin will say anything to anyone, anywhere, as long as it could possibly get him a vote...

oh... and, Canada doesn't belong to Quebec Liberals, Justin.

This is the just same old Liberal shit, from another smarmy grifting Grit.
Oh... and why doesn't someone ask Dalton McGuinty's stalwart Ontario Liberal MPP Jim Bradley what Ole GreenFear-pushin' Jimmy thinks about oil, Albertans, and Ralph Klein... hmmm?

A serving of GreenFear kool-aid in Niagara

There was another slick piece of GreenFear in the Niagara press, this time courtesy of Paul Forsyth, (Nov.22, 2012, Niagara This Week, "We're living in the blue economy: study") who eagerly wrote of Diane Dupont, a Brock University professor, who "said climate change is no longer disputable: global warming is here to stay, and it will inevitably have impacts such as more unpredictable storms and droughts..."

Are we all frightened yet, by the threat of climate change?!


Just as Al Gore and his friends have instructed us to believe!!

And so, obediently, Paul Forsyth... (reporter, or GreenFear-enabler? Discuss, class) ...didn't bother to ask any questions or challenge these repetitive old green canards.


Was Forsyth told by his editors not to question his subject's claims? Was Dupont simply preaching to the choir, counting on Forsyth and Niagara This Week to amplify the GreenFear agenda, to bring it back to its pre-Climategate glory-day peaks?!

Is it because Dupont's claim, that "climate change is no longer disputable",  also happens to be Forsyth's own belief - so, why question it?! Is this reporting?!

Forsyth didn't bother to provide any other sources to comment on Dupont's claims, either. Why?! Is it because Dupont's claims meet the default position of the reporter - yeah: who could question 'climate change'? It's all settled!! All of it!!!! Why even bother getting another source's comments - right?!!

Is this also the default position of Niagara This Week's editors - that "climate change" (whatever that even means?!) is indisputable, so, accepting a one-sided story on this issue from Forsyth is just natural?!

Forsyth didn't even bother (and his lazy, biased editors didn't bother, either) to define what Dupont's meaning of "climate change" is; what Dupont's meaning of "global warming" is; and where AGW stands, as a causation, in Dupont's definitions?

Isn't clearing up these definitions relevant to the discussion? Or was Forsyth's story simply an exercise of GreenFear propaganda, with no pretension of even being unbiased?

Why doesn't Forsyth get sent by his Niagara This Week employers to interview Ontario's Environment Minister, Liberal MPP Jim Bradley, about the official Liberal causes of "it's all settled" climate-change/global-warming/climate-warming/whatever?!

Forsyth could get Bradley to not only wholeheartedly agree with and corroborate Dupont's claims, but maybe GreenJimmy would happily even throw some more tax-payer green Brock's way, to fund the green fight! Oh, yeah... and Forsyth could then ask GreenJimmy about how man-made-global-warming was...  umm... already 'secretly proven' to Jimmy, some 20-30 years ago!!

I mean, we can't have enough biased politicians and professors telling us that it's all settled, forcing us to drink their green kool-aid.
Fast-forward to May 8, 2014, and read Barbara Kay's National Post story "Global warming mediacracy" which essentially deals with the exact same issue I had been writing about above, where Kay writes of how "utterly irrational and faith-based global-warming theory is, and how collusive its fundamentalist supporters and the media have become in proselytizing that faith".
Yep: that just about nails the "reporting" from the "it's all settled" GreenFear-spreaders in Niagara's media.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Another St.Catharines Standard Jim Bradley puff-piece

Further to this earlier post...

...the St.Catharines Standard Bradley Shoeshiner somehow dug up Ole Jim Bradley for a story in their Nov.20, 2012 edition.

[Amazing, eh?! For half a year, when dozens of patients were infected and dying of C. difficile in Niagara, the St.Catharines Standard couldn't be bothered to find Jim Bradley!!!!!!!]

But hey - don't worry: this was just another JimmyFriendly puff-piece, with no substance; this time from Niagara Falls Review reporter Ray Spiteri. It was a 'very important' article about, ah... um... oh yeah... what Jim Bradley (the Environment Minister!) thinks about the 100K Sunshine List!

Wow! For this, they found Ole Jimmy?!?!!

And the Standard even carried a nice large photo of Good Ole Liberal Jimmy, just for good measure! Oh, that's super! Why, it's like a campaign photo, it's so great!! hahahahaha

Spiteri made sure - damn sure - not to mention that Jim Bradley is even a Liberal! Spiteri just wrote that Bradley is an "MPP". But Spiteri managed to remind us that Mike Harris was a "Conservative". Thanks, Spiteri.

So, Liberal MPP Jim Bradley was not asked about Bradley's years of global warming / climate change GreenFear-mongering, which directly led to Dalton McGuinty's eventual resignation as Premier. (...not to mention the multi-billion-dollar costs of Bradley's Liberal GreenFear-paranoia-based energy experiments).

Spiteri didn't ask Jim Bradley why the gas-plants are being built, when Brad Duguid told us that Ontario didn't need the power. (I mean, for cryin' out loud: Spiteri even had the loquacious Bradley babbling on that if someone changed the Sunshine List "they might be accused of trying to hide something"! Say whaaat?! You mean, like your Liberals did, Jim???!

Bradley gave Spiteri the opening; Spiteri just did his stenography and moved on.

Spiteri didn't ask Good Ole Jimmy why his Liberals are denying health care to Ontario children, who must go to the States for their treatment.

Was Spiteri told (...he didn't do this story all by himself, did he?! If so: shame...) by his editors to write some puff-piece to get Ole Jimmy in the papers again, on issues far removed from Jimmy's disgusting Liberal proroguation? This story did the trick.

So, that's what we saw in the St.Catharines Standard: another little bit of JimmyFriendly propaganda, ignoring the true political questions swirling around Jimmy's Liberals. These are the kind of stories which Warren Kinsella approves of!

Good job, all around!! The Ontario Liberal Party (...and Jim Bradley, natch!) thanks you!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Niagara press refuses to ask Liberal Jim Bradley why billions were wasted on fraudulent green energy, while children were forced to travel to U.S. for health care

Further to this recent post ...

...we are all anxious to hear as lefty apologista Naomi Lakritz spits out her anti-patient-choice, pro-healthcare-monopoly venom, to hear her attack children and their parents for daring to go to the United States for health care, in the same way Lakritz attacked Shona Holmes for doing the same thing.

Let's hear Barbara Yaffe yap on about how Canadian families, such as the parents of Liam Reid and Erika Crawford (whom Christina Blizzard wrote about, Oct.25, 2012) should be forced to wait for health care which will never come, because McGuinty's Ontario Liberal single-payer-pushers just decided not to cover the children's required treatments!

Let's hear the proponents of single-payer health-prisons attack even prominent Canadian politicians, who dared to leave Canada to obtain health care in the United States - see here,  herehere , here.

Let's also hear the same monopoly-pushers in tandem predictably demonize these health-care-seekers as 'Unpatriotic', as 'Un-Canadian', as 'Traitors to Tommy Douglas'. This is what they do.

Let's watch as the Niagara press, led by Wendy Metcalfe's laughable Wrong-Righters/Liberal Shoewipers, do their best not to dare ask their global-warming-climatalarmist buddy, Liberal Jim Bradley, or the other local Niagara Liberal hack, Kim Craitor, about how their Liberals found billions to blow on fraudulent GreenFear-induced energy experiments, yet, their Liberals wouldn't provide the healthcare needed by two children!

... (and we all know that the Standard would have added another shift of reporters in a giddy effort to track this story locally, had it been a Conservative government in power, and a Conservative MPP in their riding!! But, now that BuddyBradley is in charge...  ummm...  Jim simply vanishes from scrutiny!)...

Wendy's gang didn't ask Jim Bradley, because whatever Ole Green Jimmy said, couldn't possibly be made to sound good, even though the water-skiier FriendlyFraser could have given it the ole college try, jes fer Ole Jimmy's sake, doncha know. Fraser could have used the same tired lines which Lakritz and Yaffe and Danielle Martin and the rest of the Michael-Moore-infected, medicare-monopoly-fanclub regularly trots out.

Feh - these kids are just another anomaly... right Jim??  Liberal MPP Jim Bradley (Ontario's disgusting Environment Minister) has more important Things To Do, what with having a Planet In Peril to rescue, what with having to Save The Earth From Climate Doom

Children who need health care can wait, dammit, until Liberals such as Jim Bradley deem they are good and ready to grant it to them.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Liberal Jim Bradley 'intentionally misleading and deceptive' regarding industrial wind turbine safety hazards

 Further to my earlier post here...

...where Trish Crang Singhampton wrote:

"...Both Premier Dalton McGuinty and Environment Minister Jim Bradley have been repeatedly quoted as saying that the setback requirements in Ontario are 'some of the toughest in the world' and 'the best in North America'. Contrary to these claims, there are a multitude of townships and counties in the United States, other areas of Canada and various countries around the world, with setback regulations and wind ordinances that are clearly stricter than those in Ontario.
I believe that Mr. McGuinty and Mr. Bradley are intentionally trying to mislead and deceive the people of Ontario. Their statements are simply not true..."

...will Wendy Metcalfe's self-appointed St.Catharines Standard Wrong-Righting Jim Bradley Mutual Admiration Society of Water-skiers now bother to ask Ontario Environment Minister Jim Bradley about this Lorrie Goldstein story, "An ill wind for McGuinty; New scientific study links wind turbines to health hazards"?!

(What's Ole Greenshevik, Kyoto-Pushin', Climate Alarmist & General Global-Warming GreenFear-Peddler-about-town Jimmy got to do with any of this - right Warren oh, sorry right, Wendy...?!! hahahah)

Why would the St.Catharines Standard bother to ask their Ole Buddy Green Jimmy, about any of this stuff?!

Those wind turbines are all Green, Clean, and Good, right Wendy?! Isn't that the Standard's natural default narrative, unless Jim Bradley issues a new set of commands?! Jim Bradley's Industrial GreenFear-approved bird-shredders are 'Saving The Earth From Doom' - according to Liberal Jim Bradley's GreenFear mythology. Who cares about setbacks, when the 'Planet Is In Dire Peril'?!? Those who challenge Jim Bradley's hallowed climate-despotism are 'deniers' who cannot see that 'it's all settled' - right Wendy?! Isn't that what Jimmy would say? If the Standard ever bothered to challenge their BestBoyBradley, maybe we'd know!

Why would the Standard ever bother to examine Jim Bradley's Liberal record of GreenFear-paranoia-based deceptions?! Why would the Standard ever bother to ask Liberal MPP Jim Bradley about how municipalities such as Wainfleet are being sued by the Wind Industry, because they dared to establish larger set-back requirements in their own jurisdiction?! How dare they!

Why would the BradleyFanClub at the St.Catharines Standard bother to ask current Liberal Environment Minister Jim Bradley about any of this, seeing that former Liberal Environment Minister John Wilkinson lost his seat over how Ontario's rural communities were steam-rollered by the Liberals' GreenFear-paranoia-based policies?!

It's for the best, then, for the local Niagara press not to broach the subject with secretive, sensitive Ole Jimmy. Oh...  not sensitive to the people, mind you; sensitive to The Earth, Ole Jimmy is! To Jim Bradley and his Liberal cabal of GreenFear climatalarmists, people are in the way of Green Jimmy's Save-The-Planetism.

Liberal Chris Bentley should now explain Brad Duguid's energy lies

Further to my earlier post here...

...let's go back about a month and a half, and read this:
An “unmitigated disaster” - TransCanada’s lawyers describing the settlement negotiations, Globe and Mail (September 24, 2012)
QUEEN’S PARK – Taxpayers will pay at least $450 million for the politically-motivated decision to cancel and relocate the Oakville gas plant, Ontario PC House Leader Jim Wilson said today. This brings the total cost of cancelling the power plants in Mississauga and Oakville to a staggering $640 million.
“It’s an insult and an abuse of power to deceive taxpayers about the true costs of these cancelled power plants,” Wilson said. “Internal government documents reveal a far more damning price. Taxpayers will pay a minimum of $450-million – all because the Liberals were afraid of losing their seat in Oakville.”
The cost, according to Schedule B of the Memorandum of Understanding between the government and TransCanada, includes a $40 million payment for unrecoverable costs and a $210 million payment to purchase TransCanada’s gas turbines. The OPA documents further reveal that an additional $200 million will be required for new transmission lines, a cost which was concealed by the Minister of Energy for the past two years.
“The case for contempt is growing against the McGuinty Liberals,” Wilson said. “Not only are they still trying to hide the true cost of cancelling these gas plants, but there’s also reason to believe that Minister Bentley has failed to provide all documents requested by the Estimates Committee.”
Despite emails from the Ontario Power Authority repeatedly citing political interference in the decision to cancel the plants, Wilson noted that the released documents did not include any of the requested correspondence between officials from the Liberal Party of Ontario and officials at the Ministry of Energy and the Ontario Power Authority.
“Massive portions of the documents are either redacted or missing entirely,” Wilson said. “Therefore, we have introduced a motion of contempt to ensure the Liberals are held accountable for withholding the truth from Ontarians,” Wilson continued. “If passed, the motion will re-strike the Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs to immediately begin an investigation into the cancellations of the two power plants and the subsequent cover-up.”
“The costs of these cancelled plants continue to rise, at the taxpayers’ expense. We may not know the true costs for years, but it is clear that the figures provided by the government are absolute nonsense. The cost of cancelling the Oakville power plant is at least $450 million.”
“It’s all further proof that the McGuinty Liberals are grossly incompetent and can’t be trusted to manage a highly important and complex issue like energy,” Wilson concluded

Note the part I highlighted in red above. The costs of the McGuinty Gas Plant Scandal (known as of Sept.24, 2012) for the Oakville plant, were 40 million for 'unrecoverables', plus 210 million for turbines, plus 200 million for new transmission lines.

Now, keeping in mind the above-noted costs for the Liberal-aborted Oakville plant, let's look at the figures provided in this letter to the editor "Ontario Cabinet Minister Responds" (National Post, Nov.3, 2012) written by Liberal hack Chris Bentley:

"Re: McGuinty’s costly machinations, Terence Corcoran, Nov. 1.
The McGuinty government has always been clear about the total cost of
relocation of both the Mississauga gas plant and the Oakville gas plant. And that number is $230-million. It is misleading and inaccurate to suggest the cost is more than $1-billion.
The total cost of
relocating the Mississauga gas plant is approximately $190-million, and that includes a settlement agreement with EIG, the financier of the Greenfield South project, on behalf of Greenfield Power, the Ontario Power Authority and the province. It also includes all payments made by OPA including construction costs, design costs, permitting costs, etc., for the Mississauga site.
For the Oakville gas plant, the total cost of
relocation is approximately $40-million, including all payments made by the OPA including engineering costs, design costs, and permitting costs for the site.
Terence Corcoran suggests there are unaccounted for transmission line costs, related to the
relocation of both plants. That is simply not the case. Transmission upgrades were needed with or without the power plant being built in Oakville. Since the plant is not being constructed in the area, these transmission upgrades may be needed by 2018 instead of 2029. No costs have been incurred".

Suddenly the cost of the turbines (agreed by McGuinty's Liberals and TransCanada) has vanished from Bentley's Nov.3 letter. Now, Bentley says, the transmission lines in Oakville would have had to be upgraded "with or without" the Oakville plant being built.  And what about the site in Bath (and in Sarnia, for that matter): Are absolutely no transmission upgrades needed there, as part of the relocation?

Bentley also glosses over his Liberals' secretive 'no cheque to TransCanada' machinations, and, Bentley glosses over why the mysterious land deal (swapping the cancelled-Oakville site for a new site at Bath, Ont.) was even necessary, seeing that Bentley's predecessor, Energy Minister Brad Duguid, said (in this Oct.7, 2010 Toronto Star story) that Ontario DID NOT need any more power, and, Duguid also said that the Oakville plant WAS NOT going to be rebuilt anywhere else in Ontario!!!
[...note that even in Wikipedia's page on the Liberal Ontario gas power plant scandal there is ABSOLUETELY NO LINK made to the Oct.7, 2010 Toronto Star article; this was still the case - even as of Jun.13, 2014 - a day after Liberal liar Brad Duguid was re-elected!!! 
Even the Toronto Star's trio reporters who had written the original Oct.7, 2010 story (ROB FERGUSON, ROBERT BENZIE AND TANYA TALAGA) never bothered to follow up their own story on Liberal liar Brad Duguid's deceptions! The Star even endorsed the Liberals during the Oct. 2014 provincial election campaign...]

Why didn't Bentley address his colleague Duguid's (false) statements?

We have learned, thanks to Parker Gallant, that the Liberals were planning a land swap and planning a replacement plant in 2010, even while Liberal Liar Brad Duguid was telling the Toronto Star the complete opposite!

Why doesn't someone ask Bentley, why is it that Ontario now (supposedly) does need the power from Bath, yet, Ontario (supposedly) didn't need the power a scant two years ago, from Oakville?!
Yet, here we have Bentley, on Nov. 3, 2012, clearly telling us that BOTH plants WERE going to be relocated!!

Is the power from the Bath plant actually needed? Where is it needed? Based on what?

Duguid had told us in 2010 that all the (naturally expensive) projections which McGuinty's government had made (which led to the Grits approving the Oakville and Mississauga sites in the first place) were thrown out the window because 'things changed'!

So, what has 'changed' again??!

Did something mysteriously 'change' again, which necessitated Bentley's Liberals to move the cancelled-Oakville plant to Bath, and the cancelled-Mississauga plant to Sarnia?
Duguid had clearly stated that Ontario did not need the power!

So, was Oakville swapped for Bath (in other words, was Bath 'given' to TCE ) not because the province still did need the power (despite Duguid's claim to the contrary), but, so that McGuinty's Liberals would not be on the hook for the entire 'lost-opportunity-cost' to TCE of the Oakville-cancellation (had the Oakville site been just cancelled outright, and not moved), and, specifically so that 'no cheques' would be written??

Was the reason to swap Oakville for Bath based on Ontario actually needing the power (...which Duguid said we didn't need..!!!) or was the swap made because McGuinty did not want the optics of the public seeing a cheque issued to TCE, which would be an admission of McGuinty's energy-policy incompetence. ( incompetence of such magnitude that it directly led to a cornered McGuinty's resignation.)

Bentley claims in his Nov.3 Post letter that his Liberals have 'always been clear about the total cost of the relocation' of both plants.

Yet, Bentley eludes giving an answer to why the plants were relocated in the first place, seeing that Brad Duguid told us in 2010 that Ontario didn't need the power!!

And Brad Duguid also specifically said that the cancelled Oakville plant was NOT going to be relocated anywhere else in Ontario!! Why is Bentley misleading us in his own letter?!

Apparently Bentley can now say whatever he wants in the Post, just as Duguid spouted whatever the hell he wanted to in the Star. One or both of these Liberal GreenFear-pushers is/was lying.

The point is, that the venue for all this, where all this information was to have been publicly aired and settled, was supposed to be at the Legislative inquiry which was set to start its hearings at Queen's Park on Oct.24. Bentley's disgusting Liberals made sure they weren't going to have to answer questions before the committee - by proroguing Ontario's legislature on Oct.15, 2012!

The act of proroguement itself was an attempt by Bentley's Liberals to subvert justice. Brad Duguid made a show of how he was supposedly oh-so eager to appear before the legislature's hearings - then his Liberals conveniently cancelled them!

Instead of Bentley making his case before the actual hearing, he writes a misleading letter to the editor. What a joke; what an abhorrent Liberal ploy to hide their massive global-warming-paranoia-induced GreenFear energy fiascos.

This all has the makings of a massive political fraud, and really, most of McGuinty's Liberal cabinet should be tried in a criminal court.

{In Keith Leslie's Apr. 3, 2012 Global News report:
"...The Ontario government was hit with a $300-million suit filed last week by the financiers of a cancelled natural-gas plant in Mississauga that the Liberals shut down in the middle of last fall’s election campaign.
A giant electrical transformer was delivered to the site of the cancelled gas plant Monday, and the opposition revealed Tuesday that the Ministry of Energy has rented a 18,500 square metre (200,000 square foot) warehouse nearby.
Bentley said the transformer was merely being stored on the site until a new location for the power plant is found.
“There was some equipment that was procured before construction was stopped,” he said.
“It needs a place to go, so some of it’s being stored on the site, but there’s no new construction proceeding..."  Yes: a "new location" for a power plant which previous Liberal liars said was NOT NEEDED!!}

Hopefully, Wendy Metcalfe's clique of St.Catharines Standard Wrong-Righters, will not have the time to ask their Liberal buddy MPP Jim Bradley (... he's just Ontario's Environment Minister - - - what could he know about any of this..!?) about how Duguid's and Bentley's Expensive Green Energy Experiments, which led to McGuinty's pathetic resignation, were based on, aided, and abetted, by Bradley's own Liberal GreenFear ideology.

Wendy's Wrong-Righters won't even ask their greenshevik idol Liberal Jim Bradley to go on record confirming his belief ...(as New York's Michael Bloomberg also believes; and laughable Liberal global-warming fearmonger MP Kirsty Duncan...) that Hurricane Sandy was caused by man.
GreenFear pushing climatalarmists keep pushing their unsubstantiated delusions, which conveniently conflate events such as Hurricane Sandy {...or Katrina, or "....fill-in-the-blank..."}with man-made climate change.
We saw this again at Rex Tillerson's Jan. 10, 2017 confirmation hearing, where some protester began shouting that her home was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy - the intended (though in reality unfounded) implication being that man (...personified in this protester's mind into being Tillerson himself..!) caused the climate to change, thereby causing Hurricane Sandy, thereby destroying her house. It's that simple, y'see.
This is the kind of delusional link, the kind of tenuous, conflated innuendo, that green bolsheviks - such as Jim Bradley's and Justin Trudeau's Liberals - love to encourage, love to see, love to foment.
They revel in seeing their pathetic work unfold in this kind of spectacle - this is is their kind of GreenFear at work. This green cancer is in Canada, and in the States.

Also on Jan 10 2017, Canada had to endure another visit from another deluded global-warming-infected stooge, this time, from the limousine lefty Hanoi Jane Fonda, the Viet-Cong-Commie-hugger who happily posed with the VC's on an anti-aircraft gun, the same guns which the NVA used to kill Americans. Jane Fonda made a fortune proudly peddling her anti-American "Fuck The Army" mantra. She went to North Vietnam to support the Communist enemy, to show the dumb folks back home her creds as a commie supporter.

Fonda flew (yes, flew - on a green helicopter powered by unicorn-farts --- no hypocrisy here, ever...) over Fort McMurray in Alberta, then immediately made a baseless link by announcing matter-of-factly (as a psychopath might) that the fire was "part of global warming"!!

So, there ya go, folks:y'see? It's "all settled"! More Fake News fodder for the Disciples of Al Gore and David Suzuki: climate-change caused the Fort McMurray fire, according to the GreenFear Gospel delusions of Learned Climatologist Jane Fonda!

Despite what Hanoi Jane spouts, Environment Canada's Senior Climatologist, David Phillips, has never stated that the Fort McMurray fire was caused by 'climate change'. (Maybe Jane Fonda can get Canada's Cagey Climatologist to once and for all  'prove that climate change is man- made'!!! That'd be funny.) Where-oh-where does Hanoi Jane get her scripted 'facts'?!! You might wonder how some people become so deluded, so detached from reality.

What can you expect from pathetic multi-millionaires who dish out their scornful doses of leftism to the dumb proles?! Hanoi Jane brushed past a female protester (a protester, by the way, who was not a happy Fonda fan) patronizingly telling the protester that "I am not against you" - while in fact, Hanoi Jane WAS against her, and against the people of Fort McMurray. Fonda was there on a 'higher' mission, as a GreenFear-spouting stooge.
Fonda should be nominated for a GreenFear Oscar for her amazing Fort McMurray performance, for her phony act, as she patronized the local yokels with her phony 'care' - all the while, her agenda  was to shill for the Greenpeace/Agenda 21 globalists who despise the mere existence of Fort McMurray f If Fonda can act as a willing propagandist for the Black Panthers, she can act as a useful idiot shilling for the 'Club of Rome' too.
It was amazing to see Fonda performing her Fort McMurray 'compassion' act - phony compassion from a person who had proudly named her own child with father Tom Hayden,'after a Viet Cong martyr who attempted to assassinate US defense secretary Robert McNamara, before wisely changing it to Troy".

That's the kind of deplorable mentality which touched down in Fort McMurray.

 (Isn't it hilarious, by the way, how Wikipedia's lengthy page about Jane Fonda DOESN'T MENTION that Fonda's infatuation with Viet Cong Communists led to her naming a child after an assassin? Wikipedia just says this:
 "Their son, Troy O'Donovan Garity, was born on July 7, 1973 in Los Angeles, and was given his paternal grandmother's maiden name, as the names "Fonda and Hayden carried too much baggage". Fonda and Hayden wanted to give their son a name that "was both American and Vietnamese" and chose "Troy", an Anglicization of the Vietnamese "Troi", as the only name they could think of meeting that requirement. Hayden chose O'Donovan as the middle name after Irish revolutionary Jeremiah O'Donovan Rossa." 
 Amazing how Wikipedia's Jane Fonda page simply avoids (covers up) any further details explaining Fonda's 'Anglicization of Troi" - such as that name was chosen to lionize and honour an enemy of the US who tried to kill an American defense secretary!

But, Wikipedia's page on Nguyen Van Troi DOES state that:
"Anti-war activists Jane Fonda and Tom Hayden named their son, an actor now known as Troy Garity, in honor of Trỗi."

Then we look at Troy Garity's Wikipedia page, which states:
"Troy Garity was born Troi O’Donovan Garity Hayden... ... His parents named him for the Vietnamese resistance leader Nguyen Van Troi"
Funny at how the information is skewed here - reading this deceptive spin, we are led to believe that Jane Fonda lovingly named her son after a simple, benign, well-meaning friendly ole "resistance leader" y'see - not after an assassin who attempted to kill Americans Robert McNamara and Henry Cabot Lodge Jr.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Liberal Brad Duguid's deceptions underpinned by fraudulent GreenFear ideology

Further to my earlier post Liberal Brad Duguid should explain his gas-plant closure lies...

... there was this great story in the Nov.2, 2012 National Post "Dalton McGuinty, power puppeteer", written by Parker Gallant, detailing how Ontario Liberal premier McGuinty's office and McGuinty's strategists, were 'invested in hiding the mess' of their gas-plant closures:

" ...As I read the documents so far, including board briefings and emails among the many players, it’s the Liberal strategists attached to the Premier’s Office and Ministry offices who are invested in hiding the mess the gas plants created. As energy consultant Tom Adams suggests in his review of the documents, the evidence suggests the total cost of plant cancellations is likely greater than $1.3-billion, the burden to be borne by electricity consumers. The documents show that McGuinty strategists managed the gas files to benefit the Liberal party rather than taxpayers and ratepayers. Once the plants were cancelled, in October 2010 and September 2011, the top-down political influence is very noticeable. Post-cancellation negotiations to cover the costs of breaking contracts fell to Liberal party officials who tried to cover up the mess, not to energy experts.
One early sign of the Premier’s Office control came early, in November 2010, a month after the government announced it would cancel the $1.2-billion contract to TransCanada Energy (TCE) to build the 900-megawatt Oakville plant. One of the 56,000 documents is a presentation made to the board of directors of the Ontario Power Authority (OPA), the agency that runs the provincial power system under government oversight. One slide in the presentation captures the essence of the issues:
  • Premier’s Office staff advised TCE that Ontario has other needs for gas-fired generation
  • OPA staff [is] advised that Province would be pleased if the following or a combination of the following criteria were achieved:
  • Negotiated solution does not exceed $1.2 B
  • No cheque issued to TCE
  • Good location for replacement facility (i.e. rural and meets setback requirements of Bill 8)
  • Per unit cost close to that of similar generation technology…”
Regarding the Oakville plant, therefore, it looks like the Premier’s Office is well aware of the liability created by cancelling the TCE contract, and that it wants a settlement that “does not exceed” $1.2-billion — the cost of the plant — and that “no cheque” is to be issued to TCE. What we now know, however, is that while no cheque was issued, TCE was awarded another site in Bath, Ont., and other concessions. No cheque was issued by the government, but ratepayers will be paying through their electricity bills.
Among the strategists on behalf of the government was David Livingston, then the CEO of Infrastructure Ontario. Mr. Livingston, now the premier’s chief of staff, used Infrastructure Ontario staff to put together “term sheets” that would be used in negotiations with TCE. One option involved transferring part ownership in another gas plant, Portlands, to TCE as compensation for loss of Oakville. The offer appears to have been made without consulting the owner of the asset, Ontario Power Generation. TCE rejected the idea. It also rejected the possibility of building a 1,000-MW gas plant at the Lambton, Nanticoke or Thunder Bay coal facilities, also owned by Ontario Power Generation.
These offers were obviously meant to avoid a lawsuit or the possibility of having to cut a cheque from the provincial treasury...  "

{related update - fast forward to Dec.17, 2015, where the name of McGuinty's Liberal chief of staff, David Livingston, pops up in this Globe and Mail report:
"Two former top Ontario political staffers have been criminally charged with orchestrating a plan to delete government e-mails and other documents that could have shed light on the billion-dollar cancellation of two gas-fired power plants – a long-running scandal that continues to dog the governing provincial Liberal Party."}

Looking at Parker Gallant's above story, it is becoming clear that McGuinty's manipulative Liberals, in October of 2010, were already pulling strings behind the scenes in regards to their cancelled Oakville plant: the secretive Liberals insisted "no cheque" be issued to TCE for the McGuinty-caused Oakville cancellation; and, the Liberals were planning to swap the Oakville site for another site in Bath, Ont.

Now: the funny thing is, that Brad Duguid, McGuinty's Energy Minister at the time of the Oakville-plant cancellation, was reported in this Oct.7, 2010 Toronto Star story (written by Rob Ferguson, Robert Benzie and Tanya Talaga) unmistakably saying that the Oakville plant was NOT going to be rebuilt anywhere in Ontario!!

Duguid also said that the electrical power from the cancelled Oakville plant was NOT needed in the province!!

Read that again, if you still don't believe what the Liberal liar Duguid said:
- (1): that the Oakville plant was NOT going to be rebuilt
- (2): that the power which the Oakvile plant would have provided for years into the future, was not needed.
These Liberal lies are important to remember.

Yet now we see from Gallant's story, that behind the scenes, McGuinty's Liberal liars were going ahead to replace the cancelled Oakville gas plant! Which then also begs the question: what were they going to do with the power from this 'new' Bath plant (power which Duguid claimed Ontario didn't need !) sell it to the Americans for pennies on the dollar?!

Furthermore, in this Oct.5, 2012 CBC story, Duguid clearly stated:
"I was minister at the time, I was engaged in the Oakville decision from the beginning and throughout, fully engaged".
If this is true (...and who knows, since so much of what Duguid spouts is deceptive horseshit...) then Duguid, by his own admission, knew about the secretive 'no cheque to TCE' ploy, and, he was directly involved in setting up the 'Bath-for-Oakville' / 'we'll 'give' you this-in-lieu-of-that" bait-and-switch scheme - while telling us the opposite!
Duguidd himself has made the case that he was outright lying about the whole mess.

And no pesky paper trail of cheques, either - what a perfect display of how Jim Bradley's slimebag Liberals operate!!!

Also, note how the Oct.5 2012 CBC story touts Duguid as being oh-so-eager to appear before the Queen's Park legislative inquiry into the Grit Gas-Plant Scandal - so: how'd that go, you may ask?! Well, conveniently enough, Duguid and his Liberals CANCELLED the inquiry by proroguing and CLOSING down Queen's Park!
What manipulative slimeballs!!

The Oct.5, 2012 CBC story reported Brad Duguid saying:
"One of the reasons I'm looking forward to testifying is it'll give me an opportunity to, in a very detailed manner, talk about the decision that was made to cancel the Oakville gas plant," Economic Development Minister Brad Duguid told reporters.
Duguid was energy minister when the Liberals cancelled a gas-fired generating station in Oakville in 2010, and when they halted construction on a Mississauga gas-fired plant plant two weeks before last year's election, helping save Liberal seats in the area.``

Sure, sure, Brad... 'one the reasons' - well, let's face it, the main reason - why McGuinty quit, ran away and closed down Queen's Park, is so that Liberals like you didn't testify!!
Why isn't anyone asking Brad Duguid to explain his lies?! No wonder this Liberal hack coyly didn't want to run for Liberal leader!
{By the way, let us not forget the revelations made in this July 19, 2012 CBC report: "The Liberal campaign decided to halt construction of a power plant in Mississauga days before last fall's election when they were behind in the polls, Finance Minister Dwight Duncan admitted Thursday."
That's right: Liberal Duncan admitted it was a Liberal CAMPAIGN decision, NOT a government decision.}
In other words, Jim Bradley's Ontario Liberals were using tax-payer's money to influence an election.
Why aren't the Toronto Star reporters who compiled the original Oct.7, 2010 Star story - Rob Ferguson, Robert Benzie and Tanya Talaga - not now updating it, specifically in relation to what has happened in the last month?!
For cryin' out loud: was Duguid lying to us then, or is he lying now?

Was anything this Liberal clown's government said actually true? Duguid is up to his ass in green Grit energy deceptions, all traceable to Liberal Jim 'Climate-Doom' Bradley's years of GreenFear-mongering.

The Ontario Legislature's inquiry into the Liberal gas-plant scandal was 'supposed' to start on Oct.24, 2012 - but it looks like this entire 'inquiry' was a pre-ordained deception, set up to fail; a diversion, a deflection, from the start, never meant to actually take place.
McGuinty's Liberals, deathly afraid of what would be revealed, aborted justice, prorogued the house at Queen's Park on Oct.15, and ran away like the rats they are.
Let's travel into the future, to Oct.16, 2017, and read a Toronto Star story (headlined "Top McGuinty aide dismissed concerns about lack of gas plant documents") written by Rob Ferguson. The aide referred to was none other than David Livingston (who was mentioned earlier in this post in Parker Gallant's article) and who, by 2017, was on criminal trial in regards to what the Liberals did in the gas plant scandal. (update: on a late Friday night news-dump, Jan.19, 2018, David Livingston was found guilty for his part in the Liberal gas plant scandal. The real criminals - the scumbag Ontario Liberals - have gotten away scot-free)
Note that it is the same Rob Feguson who co-wrote the Oct. 10, 2010 Toronto Star story I cited earlier in this post, which reported that Brad Duguid said (lied) that the gas plant in Oakville was being cancelled because Ontario didn't need the power!! Duguid also said (lied) that the gas plant was not going to be  built anywhere else in Ontario, either. (Both the Oakville and the Mississauga plants were built elsewhere)

So it is quite interesting now to read Rob Ferguson's Oct 16, 2017 report, seven years later: Ferguson now writes that:"McGuinty has previously said the two plants were scrapped because they were located too close to residential areas".

So, isn't it quite strange that the Toronto Star reporter Rob Ferguson now, in 2017, fails to mention what Liberal hack Energy Minister Brad Duguid had said 7 years ago, what Rob Ferguson himself had reported: the liar Duguid had said that Ontario didn't need the power, and, said that the plant wasn't going to be rebuilt.

McGuinty's own energy minister, the liar Brad Duguid, said f*ck-all about these plants 'being too close to residential areas'!! Liberal Liar Duguid had made up a different lie than his Liberal lying boss McGuinty did!
And nevertheless: the location of these plants was all planned and approved under the Liberal government! The Liberals and planning officials knew about these plans to build gas plants; the plans had been scrutinized and tendered - - -  so, how on earth - after all this Liberal planning - could they suddenly discover at the last moment - right at election time! - that oh.... um... there are houses nearby, so we better cancel it all!!!

Why does this Toronto Star reporter, Rob Fergusion, fail to mention what McGuinty's own energy minister had said, and just whitewash it away, and cover it up now?
The Ontario Lying Liberals were making things up as they went along, and already in 2010 their stories and excuses weren't adding up.

Liberal Jim Bradley's scary $eat-$aver surprise

Further to an earlier story here...

...did you see that nice, and timely, Dewar editorial cartoon on page A6 of the Oct.31, 2012 St.Catharines Standard? It was great - Wendy Metcalfe's and Judy bye-bye Bullis' Wrong Righters are so in tune with the times.
The cartoon shows Liberal MPP Jim Bradley answering his door on Halloween. Jim is casually dressed (as usual when he's at home) in his Liberal red, ermine-trimmed regal gown, with a strange pelt wrapped around his head, and, with a roll of toilet paper trailing out from under his red robe, printed with $$ signs on it!!
Dewar's da best!!
And there was a ghoulish pumpkin outside on Bradley's doorstep, looking like McGuinty with a long nose: a Dalton Pinocchio pumpkin! Who sez Ole Jimmy doesn't have a sly sense of irony!?
And the trick-or-treater who is standing at Bradley's doorstep had a Ted McMeekin mask on, and was very creatively dressed up as a large stuffed chair, which was upholstered in an interwoven brocade pattern, emblazoned with the words "$eat $aver" scattered about in a stylish fashion.
And the trick or treater who looked like McMeekin sez to Jimmy: "Here's your subpoena, Sir. You've been served"!!
Oh, that Dewar - what a wit! Great cartoon, Wendy!! It's spin like that which makes Warren wince.