Friday, November 2, 2012

Liberal Jim Bradley's scary $eat-$aver surprise

Further to an earlier story here...

...did you see that nice, and timely, Dewar editorial cartoon on page A6 of the Oct.31, 2012 St.Catharines Standard? It was great - Wendy Metcalfe's and Judy bye-bye Bullis' Wrong Righters are so in tune with the times.
The cartoon shows Liberal MPP Jim Bradley answering his door on Halloween. Jim is casually dressed (as usual when he's at home) in his Liberal red, ermine-trimmed regal gown, with a strange pelt wrapped around his head, and, with a roll of toilet paper trailing out from under his red robe, printed with $$ signs on it!!
Dewar's da best!!
And there was a ghoulish pumpkin outside on Bradley's doorstep, looking like McGuinty with a long nose: a Dalton Pinocchio pumpkin! Who sez Ole Jimmy doesn't have a sly sense of irony!?
And the trick-or-treater who is standing at Bradley's doorstep had a Ted McMeekin mask on, and was very creatively dressed up as a large stuffed chair, which was upholstered in an interwoven brocade pattern, emblazoned with the words "$eat $aver" scattered about in a stylish fashion.
And the trick or treater who looked like McMeekin sez to Jimmy: "Here's your subpoena, Sir. You've been served"!!
Oh, that Dewar - what a wit! Great cartoon, Wendy!! It's spin like that which makes Warren wince.

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