Monday, November 5, 2012

Niagara press refuses to ask Liberal Jim Bradley why billions were wasted on fraudulent green energy, while children were forced to travel to U.S. for health care

Further to this recent post ...

...we are all anxious to hear as lefty apologista Naomi Lakritz spits out her anti-patient-choice, pro-healthcare-monopoly venom, to hear her attack children and their parents for daring to go to the United States for health care, in the same way Lakritz attacked Shona Holmes for doing the same thing.

Let's hear Barbara Yaffe yap on about how Canadian families, such as the parents of Liam Reid and Erika Crawford (whom Christina Blizzard wrote about, Oct.25, 2012) should be forced to wait for health care which will never come, because McGuinty's Ontario Liberal single-payer-pushers just decided not to cover the children's required treatments!

Let's hear the proponents of single-payer health-prisons attack even prominent Canadian politicians, who dared to leave Canada to obtain health care in the United States - see here,  herehere , here.

Let's also hear the same monopoly-pushers in tandem predictably demonize these health-care-seekers as 'Unpatriotic', as 'Un-Canadian', as 'Traitors to Tommy Douglas'. This is what they do.

Let's watch as the Niagara press, led by Wendy Metcalfe's laughable Wrong-Righters/Liberal Shoewipers, do their best not to dare ask their global-warming-climatalarmist buddy, Liberal Jim Bradley, or the other local Niagara Liberal hack, Kim Craitor, about how their Liberals found billions to blow on fraudulent GreenFear-induced energy experiments, yet, their Liberals wouldn't provide the healthcare needed by two children!

... (and we all know that the Standard would have added another shift of reporters in a giddy effort to track this story locally, had it been a Conservative government in power, and a Conservative MPP in their riding!! But, now that BuddyBradley is in charge...  ummm...  Jim simply vanishes from scrutiny!)...

Wendy's gang didn't ask Jim Bradley, because whatever Ole Green Jimmy said, couldn't possibly be made to sound good, even though the water-skiier FriendlyFraser could have given it the ole college try, jes fer Ole Jimmy's sake, doncha know. Fraser could have used the same tired lines which Lakritz and Yaffe and Danielle Martin and the rest of the Michael-Moore-infected, medicare-monopoly-fanclub regularly trots out.

Feh - these kids are just another anomaly... right Jim??  Liberal MPP Jim Bradley (Ontario's disgusting Environment Minister) has more important Things To Do, what with having a Planet In Peril to rescue, what with having to Save The Earth From Climate Doom

Children who need health care can wait, dammit, until Liberals such as Jim Bradley deem they are good and ready to grant it to them.

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