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Liberal Chris Bentley should now explain Brad Duguid's energy lies

Further to my earlier post here...

...let's go back about a month and a half, and read this:
An “unmitigated disaster” - TransCanada’s lawyers describing the settlement negotiations, Globe and Mail (September 24, 2012)
QUEEN’S PARK – Taxpayers will pay at least $450 million for the politically-motivated decision to cancel and relocate the Oakville gas plant, Ontario PC House Leader Jim Wilson said today. This brings the total cost of cancelling the power plants in Mississauga and Oakville to a staggering $640 million.
“It’s an insult and an abuse of power to deceive taxpayers about the true costs of these cancelled power plants,” Wilson said. “Internal government documents reveal a far more damning price. Taxpayers will pay a minimum of $450-million – all because the Liberals were afraid of losing their seat in Oakville.”
The cost, according to Schedule B of the Memorandum of Understanding between the government and TransCanada, includes a $40 million payment for unrecoverable costs and a $210 million payment to purchase TransCanada’s gas turbines. The OPA documents further reveal that an additional $200 million will be required for new transmission lines, a cost which was concealed by the Minister of Energy for the past two years.
“The case for contempt is growing against the McGuinty Liberals,” Wilson said. “Not only are they still trying to hide the true cost of cancelling these gas plants, but there’s also reason to believe that Minister Bentley has failed to provide all documents requested by the Estimates Committee.”
Despite emails from the Ontario Power Authority repeatedly citing political interference in the decision to cancel the plants, Wilson noted that the released documents did not include any of the requested correspondence between officials from the Liberal Party of Ontario and officials at the Ministry of Energy and the Ontario Power Authority.
“Massive portions of the documents are either redacted or missing entirely,” Wilson said. “Therefore, we have introduced a motion of contempt to ensure the Liberals are held accountable for withholding the truth from Ontarians,” Wilson continued. “If passed, the motion will re-strike the Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs to immediately begin an investigation into the cancellations of the two power plants and the subsequent cover-up.”
“The costs of these cancelled plants continue to rise, at the taxpayers’ expense. We may not know the true costs for years, but it is clear that the figures provided by the government are absolute nonsense. The cost of cancelling the Oakville power plant is at least $450 million.”
“It’s all further proof that the McGuinty Liberals are grossly incompetent and can’t be trusted to manage a highly important and complex issue like energy,” Wilson concluded

Note the part I highlighted in red above. The costs of the McGuinty Gas Plant Scandal (known as of Sept.24, 2012) for the Oakville plant, were 40 million for 'unrecoverables', plus 210 million for turbines, plus 200 million for new transmission lines.

Now, keeping in mind the above-noted costs for the Liberal-aborted Oakville plant, let's look at the figures provided in this letter to the editor "Ontario Cabinet Minister Responds" (National Post, Nov.3, 2012) written by Liberal hack Chris Bentley:

"Re: McGuinty’s costly machinations, Terence Corcoran, Nov. 1.
The McGuinty government has always been clear about the total cost of
relocation of both the Mississauga gas plant and the Oakville gas plant. And that number is $230-million. It is misleading and inaccurate to suggest the cost is more than $1-billion.
The total cost of
relocating the Mississauga gas plant is approximately $190-million, and that includes a settlement agreement with EIG, the financier of the Greenfield South project, on behalf of Greenfield Power, the Ontario Power Authority and the province. It also includes all payments made by OPA including construction costs, design costs, permitting costs, etc., for the Mississauga site.
For the Oakville gas plant, the total cost of
relocation is approximately $40-million, including all payments made by the OPA including engineering costs, design costs, and permitting costs for the site.
Terence Corcoran suggests there are unaccounted for transmission line costs, related to the
relocation of both plants. That is simply not the case. Transmission upgrades were needed with or without the power plant being built in Oakville. Since the plant is not being constructed in the area, these transmission upgrades may be needed by 2018 instead of 2029. No costs have been incurred".

Suddenly the cost of the turbines (agreed by McGuinty's Liberals and TransCanada) has vanished from Bentley's Nov.3 letter. Now, Bentley says, the transmission lines in Oakville would have had to be upgraded "with or without" the Oakville plant being built.  And what about the site in Bath (and in Sarnia, for that matter): Are absolutely no transmission upgrades needed there, as part of the relocation?

Bentley also glosses over his Liberals' secretive 'no cheque to TransCanada' machinations, and, Bentley glosses over why the mysterious land deal (swapping the cancelled-Oakville site for a new site at Bath, Ont.) was even necessary, seeing that Bentley's predecessor, Energy Minister Brad Duguid, said (in this Oct.7, 2010 Toronto Star story) that Ontario DID NOT need any more power, and, Duguid also said that the Oakville plant WAS NOT going to be rebuilt anywhere else in Ontario!!!
[...note that even in Wikipedia's page on the Liberal Ontario gas power plant scandal there is ABSOLUETELY NO LINK made to the Oct.7, 2010 Toronto Star article; this was still the case - even as of Jun.13, 2014 - a day after Liberal liar Brad Duguid was re-elected!!! 
Even the Toronto Star's trio reporters who had written the original Oct.7, 2010 story (ROB FERGUSON, ROBERT BENZIE AND TANYA TALAGA) never bothered to follow up their own story on Liberal liar Brad Duguid's deceptions! The Star even endorsed the Liberals during the Oct. 2014 provincial election campaign...]

Why didn't Bentley address his colleague Duguid's (false) statements?

We have learned, thanks to Parker Gallant, that the Liberals were planning a land swap and planning a replacement plant in 2010, even while Liberal Liar Brad Duguid was telling the Toronto Star the complete opposite!

Why doesn't someone ask Bentley, why is it that Ontario now (supposedly) does need the power from Bath, yet, Ontario (supposedly) didn't need the power a scant two years ago, from Oakville?!
Yet, here we have Bentley, on Nov. 3, 2012, clearly telling us that BOTH plants WERE going to be relocated!!

Is the power from the Bath plant actually needed? Where is it needed? Based on what?

Duguid had told us in 2010 that all the (naturally expensive) projections which McGuinty's government had made (which led to the Grits approving the Oakville and Mississauga sites in the first place) were thrown out the window because 'things changed'!

So, what has 'changed' again??!

Did something mysteriously 'change' again, which necessitated Bentley's Liberals to move the cancelled-Oakville plant to Bath, and the cancelled-Mississauga plant to Sarnia?
Duguid had clearly stated that Ontario did not need the power!

So, was Oakville swapped for Bath (in other words, was Bath 'given' to TCE ) not because the province still did need the power (despite Duguid's claim to the contrary), but, so that McGuinty's Liberals would not be on the hook for the entire 'lost-opportunity-cost' to TCE of the Oakville-cancellation (had the Oakville site been just cancelled outright, and not moved), and, specifically so that 'no cheques' would be written??

Was the reason to swap Oakville for Bath based on Ontario actually needing the power (...which Duguid said we didn't need..!!!) or was the swap made because McGuinty did not want the optics of the public seeing a cheque issued to TCE, which would be an admission of McGuinty's energy-policy incompetence. ( incompetence of such magnitude that it directly led to a cornered McGuinty's resignation.)

Bentley claims in his Nov.3 Post letter that his Liberals have 'always been clear about the total cost of the relocation' of both plants.

Yet, Bentley eludes giving an answer to why the plants were relocated in the first place, seeing that Brad Duguid told us in 2010 that Ontario didn't need the power!!

And Brad Duguid also specifically said that the cancelled Oakville plant was NOT going to be relocated anywhere else in Ontario!! Why is Bentley misleading us in his own letter?!

Apparently Bentley can now say whatever he wants in the Post, just as Duguid spouted whatever the hell he wanted to in the Star. One or both of these Liberal GreenFear-pushers is/was lying.

The point is, that the venue for all this, where all this information was to have been publicly aired and settled, was supposed to be at the Legislative inquiry which was set to start its hearings at Queen's Park on Oct.24. Bentley's disgusting Liberals made sure they weren't going to have to answer questions before the committee - by proroguing Ontario's legislature on Oct.15, 2012!

The act of proroguement itself was an attempt by Bentley's Liberals to subvert justice. Brad Duguid made a show of how he was supposedly oh-so eager to appear before the legislature's hearings - then his Liberals conveniently cancelled them!

Instead of Bentley making his case before the actual hearing, he writes a misleading letter to the editor. What a joke; what an abhorrent Liberal ploy to hide their massive global-warming-paranoia-induced GreenFear energy fiascos.

This all has the makings of a massive political fraud, and really, most of McGuinty's Liberal cabinet should be tried in a criminal court.

{In Keith Leslie's Apr. 3, 2012 Global News report:
"...The Ontario government was hit with a $300-million suit filed last week by the financiers of a cancelled natural-gas plant in Mississauga that the Liberals shut down in the middle of last fall’s election campaign.
A giant electrical transformer was delivered to the site of the cancelled gas plant Monday, and the opposition revealed Tuesday that the Ministry of Energy has rented a 18,500 square metre (200,000 square foot) warehouse nearby.
Bentley said the transformer was merely being stored on the site until a new location for the power plant is found.
“There was some equipment that was procured before construction was stopped,” he said.
“It needs a place to go, so some of it’s being stored on the site, but there’s no new construction proceeding..."  Yes: a "new location" for a power plant which previous Liberal liars said was NOT NEEDED!!}

Hopefully, Wendy Metcalfe's clique of St.Catharines Standard Wrong-Righters, will not have the time to ask their Liberal buddy MPP Jim Bradley (... he's just Ontario's Environment Minister - - - what could he know about any of this..!?) about how Duguid's and Bentley's Expensive Green Energy Experiments, which led to McGuinty's pathetic resignation, were based on, aided, and abetted, by Bradley's own Liberal GreenFear ideology.

Wendy's Wrong-Righters won't even ask their greenshevik idol Liberal Jim Bradley to go on record confirming his belief ...(as New York's Michael Bloomberg also believes; and laughable Liberal global-warming fearmonger MP Kirsty Duncan...) that Hurricane Sandy was caused by man.
GreenFear pushing climatalarmists keep pushing their unsubstantiated delusions, which conveniently conflate events such as Hurricane Sandy {...or Katrina, or "....fill-in-the-blank..."}with man-made climate change.
We saw this again at Rex Tillerson's Jan. 10, 2017 confirmation hearing, where some protester began shouting that her home was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy - the intended (though in reality unfounded) implication being that man (...personified in this protester's mind into being Tillerson himself..!) caused the climate to change, thereby causing Hurricane Sandy, thereby destroying her house. It's that simple, y'see.
This is the kind of delusional link, the kind of tenuous, conflated innuendo, that green bolsheviks - such as Jim Bradley's and Justin Trudeau's Liberals - love to encourage, love to see, love to foment.
They revel in seeing their pathetic work unfold in this kind of spectacle - this is is their kind of GreenFear at work. This green cancer is in Canada, and in the States.

Also on Jan 10 2017, Canada had to endure another visit from another deluded global-warming-infected stooge, this time, from the limousine lefty Hanoi Jane Fonda, the Viet-Cong-Commie-hugger who happily posed with the VC's on an anti-aircraft gun, the same guns which the NVA used to kill Americans. Jane Fonda made a fortune proudly peddling her anti-American "Fuck The Army" mantra. She went to North Vietnam to support the Communist enemy, to show the dumb folks back home her creds as a commie supporter.

Fonda flew (yes, flew - on a green helicopter powered by unicorn-farts --- no hypocrisy here, ever...) over Fort McMurray in Alberta, then immediately made a baseless link by announcing matter-of-factly (as a psychopath might) that the fire was "part of global warming"!!

So, there ya go, folks:y'see? It's "all settled"! More Fake News fodder for the Disciples of Al Gore and David Suzuki: climate-change caused the Fort McMurray fire, according to the GreenFear Gospel delusions of Learned Climatologist Jane Fonda!

Despite what Hanoi Jane spouts, Environment Canada's Senior Climatologist, David Phillips, has never stated that the Fort McMurray fire was caused by 'climate change'. (Maybe Jane Fonda can get Canada's Cagey Climatologist to once and for all  'prove that climate change is man- made'!!! That'd be funny.) Where-oh-where does Hanoi Jane get her scripted 'facts'?!! You might wonder how some people become so deluded, so detached from reality.

What can you expect from pathetic multi-millionaires who dish out their scornful doses of leftism to the dumb proles?! Hanoi Jane brushed past a female protester (a protester, by the way, who was not a happy Fonda fan) patronizingly telling the protester that "I am not against you" - while in fact, Hanoi Jane WAS against her, and against the people of Fort McMurray. Fonda was there on a 'higher' mission, as a GreenFear-spouting stooge.
Fonda should be nominated for a GreenFear Oscar for her amazing Fort McMurray performance, for her phony act, as she patronized the local yokels with her phony 'care' - all the while, her agenda  was to shill for the Greenpeace/Agenda 21 globalists who despise the mere existence of Fort McMurray f If Fonda can act as a willing propagandist for the Black Panthers, she can act as a useful idiot shilling for the 'Club of Rome' too.
It was amazing to see Fonda performing her Fort McMurray 'compassion' act - phony compassion from a person who had proudly named her own child with father Tom Hayden,'after a Viet Cong martyr who attempted to assassinate US defense secretary Robert McNamara, before wisely changing it to Troy".

That's the kind of deplorable mentality which touched down in Fort McMurray.

 (Isn't it hilarious, by the way, how Wikipedia's lengthy page about Jane Fonda DOESN'T MENTION that Fonda's infatuation with Viet Cong Communists led to her naming a child after an assassin? Wikipedia just says this:
 "Their son, Troy O'Donovan Garity, was born on July 7, 1973 in Los Angeles, and was given his paternal grandmother's maiden name, as the names "Fonda and Hayden carried too much baggage". Fonda and Hayden wanted to give their son a name that "was both American and Vietnamese" and chose "Troy", an Anglicization of the Vietnamese "Troi", as the only name they could think of meeting that requirement. Hayden chose O'Donovan as the middle name after Irish revolutionary Jeremiah O'Donovan Rossa." 
 Amazing how Wikipedia's Jane Fonda page simply avoids (covers up) any further details explaining Fonda's 'Anglicization of Troi" - such as that name was chosen to lionize and honour an enemy of the US who tried to kill an American defense secretary!

But, Wikipedia's page on Nguyen Van Troi DOES state that:
"Anti-war activists Jane Fonda and Tom Hayden named their son, an actor now known as Troy Garity, in honor of Trỗi."

Then we look at Troy Garity's Wikipedia page, which states:
"Troy Garity was born Troi O’Donovan Garity Hayden... ... His parents named him for the Vietnamese resistance leader Nguyen Van Troi"
Funny at how the information is skewed here - reading this deceptive spin, we are led to believe that Jane Fonda lovingly named her son after a simple, benign, well-meaning friendly ole "resistance leader" y'see - not after an assassin who attempted to kill Americans Robert McNamara and Henry Cabot Lodge Jr.

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