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Liberal Brad Duguid's deceptions underpinned by fraudulent GreenFear ideology

Further to my earlier post Liberal Brad Duguid should explain his gas-plant closure lies...

... there was this great story in the Nov.2, 2012 National Post "Dalton McGuinty, power puppeteer", written by Parker Gallant, detailing how Ontario Liberal premier McGuinty's office and McGuinty's strategists, were 'invested in hiding the mess' of their gas-plant closures:

" ...As I read the documents so far, including board briefings and emails among the many players, it’s the Liberal strategists attached to the Premier’s Office and Ministry offices who are invested in hiding the mess the gas plants created. As energy consultant Tom Adams suggests in his review of the documents, the evidence suggests the total cost of plant cancellations is likely greater than $1.3-billion, the burden to be borne by electricity consumers. The documents show that McGuinty strategists managed the gas files to benefit the Liberal party rather than taxpayers and ratepayers. Once the plants were cancelled, in October 2010 and September 2011, the top-down political influence is very noticeable. Post-cancellation negotiations to cover the costs of breaking contracts fell to Liberal party officials who tried to cover up the mess, not to energy experts.
One early sign of the Premier’s Office control came early, in November 2010, a month after the government announced it would cancel the $1.2-billion contract to TransCanada Energy (TCE) to build the 900-megawatt Oakville plant. One of the 56,000 documents is a presentation made to the board of directors of the Ontario Power Authority (OPA), the agency that runs the provincial power system under government oversight. One slide in the presentation captures the essence of the issues:
  • Premier’s Office staff advised TCE that Ontario has other needs for gas-fired generation
  • OPA staff [is] advised that Province would be pleased if the following or a combination of the following criteria were achieved:
  • Negotiated solution does not exceed $1.2 B
  • No cheque issued to TCE
  • Good location for replacement facility (i.e. rural and meets setback requirements of Bill 8)
  • Per unit cost close to that of similar generation technology…”
Regarding the Oakville plant, therefore, it looks like the Premier’s Office is well aware of the liability created by cancelling the TCE contract, and that it wants a settlement that “does not exceed” $1.2-billion — the cost of the plant — and that “no cheque” is to be issued to TCE. What we now know, however, is that while no cheque was issued, TCE was awarded another site in Bath, Ont., and other concessions. No cheque was issued by the government, but ratepayers will be paying through their electricity bills.
Among the strategists on behalf of the government was David Livingston, then the CEO of Infrastructure Ontario. Mr. Livingston, now the premier’s chief of staff, used Infrastructure Ontario staff to put together “term sheets” that would be used in negotiations with TCE. One option involved transferring part ownership in another gas plant, Portlands, to TCE as compensation for loss of Oakville. The offer appears to have been made without consulting the owner of the asset, Ontario Power Generation. TCE rejected the idea. It also rejected the possibility of building a 1,000-MW gas plant at the Lambton, Nanticoke or Thunder Bay coal facilities, also owned by Ontario Power Generation.
These offers were obviously meant to avoid a lawsuit or the possibility of having to cut a cheque from the provincial treasury...  "

{related update - fast forward to Dec.17, 2015, where the name of McGuinty's Liberal chief of staff, David Livingston, pops up in this Globe and Mail report:
"Two former top Ontario political staffers have been criminally charged with orchestrating a plan to delete government e-mails and other documents that could have shed light on the billion-dollar cancellation of two gas-fired power plants – a long-running scandal that continues to dog the governing provincial Liberal Party."}

Looking at Parker Gallant's above story, it is becoming clear that McGuinty's manipulative Liberals, in October of 2010, were already pulling strings behind the scenes in regards to their cancelled Oakville plant: the secretive Liberals insisted "no cheque" be issued to TCE for the McGuinty-caused Oakville cancellation; and, the Liberals were planning to swap the Oakville site for another site in Bath, Ont.

Now: the funny thing is, that Brad Duguid, McGuinty's Energy Minister at the time of the Oakville-plant cancellation, was reported in this Oct.7, 2010 Toronto Star story (written by Rob Ferguson, Robert Benzie and Tanya Talaga) unmistakably saying that the Oakville plant was NOT going to be rebuilt anywhere in Ontario!!

Duguid also said that the electrical power from the cancelled Oakville plant was NOT needed in the province!!

Read that again, if you still don't believe what the Liberal liar Duguid said:
- (1): that the Oakville plant was NOT going to be rebuilt
- (2): that the power which the Oakvile plant would have provided for years into the future, was not needed.
These Liberal lies are important to remember.

Yet now we see from Gallant's story, that behind the scenes, McGuinty's Liberal liars were going ahead to replace the cancelled Oakville gas plant! Which then also begs the question: what were they going to do with the power from this 'new' Bath plant (power which Duguid claimed Ontario didn't need !) sell it to the Americans for pennies on the dollar?!

Furthermore, in this Oct.5, 2012 CBC story, Duguid clearly stated:
"I was minister at the time, I was engaged in the Oakville decision from the beginning and throughout, fully engaged".
If this is true (...and who knows, since so much of what Duguid spouts is deceptive horseshit...) then Duguid, by his own admission, knew about the secretive 'no cheque to TCE' ploy, and, he was directly involved in setting up the 'Bath-for-Oakville' / 'we'll 'give' you this-in-lieu-of-that" bait-and-switch scheme - while telling us the opposite!
Duguidd himself has made the case that he was outright lying about the whole mess.

And no pesky paper trail of cheques, either - what a perfect display of how Jim Bradley's slimebag Liberals operate!!!

Also, note how the Oct.5 2012 CBC story touts Duguid as being oh-so-eager to appear before the Queen's Park legislative inquiry into the Grit Gas-Plant Scandal - so: how'd that go, you may ask?! Well, conveniently enough, Duguid and his Liberals CANCELLED the inquiry by proroguing and CLOSING down Queen's Park!
What manipulative slimeballs!!

The Oct.5, 2012 CBC story reported Brad Duguid saying:
"One of the reasons I'm looking forward to testifying is it'll give me an opportunity to, in a very detailed manner, talk about the decision that was made to cancel the Oakville gas plant," Economic Development Minister Brad Duguid told reporters.
Duguid was energy minister when the Liberals cancelled a gas-fired generating station in Oakville in 2010, and when they halted construction on a Mississauga gas-fired plant plant two weeks before last year's election, helping save Liberal seats in the area.``

Sure, sure, Brad... 'one the reasons' - well, let's face it, the main reason - why McGuinty quit, ran away and closed down Queen's Park, is so that Liberals like you didn't testify!!
Why isn't anyone asking Brad Duguid to explain his lies?! No wonder this Liberal hack coyly didn't want to run for Liberal leader!
{By the way, let us not forget the revelations made in this July 19, 2012 CBC report: "The Liberal campaign decided to halt construction of a power plant in Mississauga days before last fall's election when they were behind in the polls, Finance Minister Dwight Duncan admitted Thursday."
That's right: Liberal Duncan admitted it was a Liberal CAMPAIGN decision, NOT a government decision.}
In other words, Jim Bradley's Ontario Liberals were using tax-payer's money to influence an election.
Why aren't the Toronto Star reporters who compiled the original Oct.7, 2010 Star story - Rob Ferguson, Robert Benzie and Tanya Talaga - not now updating it, specifically in relation to what has happened in the last month?!
For cryin' out loud: was Duguid lying to us then, or is he lying now?

Was anything this Liberal clown's government said actually true? Duguid is up to his ass in green Grit energy deceptions, all traceable to Liberal Jim 'Climate-Doom' Bradley's years of GreenFear-mongering.

The Ontario Legislature's inquiry into the Liberal gas-plant scandal was 'supposed' to start on Oct.24, 2012 - but it looks like this entire 'inquiry' was a pre-ordained deception, set up to fail; a diversion, a deflection, from the start, never meant to actually take place.
McGuinty's Liberals, deathly afraid of what would be revealed, aborted justice, prorogued the house at Queen's Park on Oct.15, and ran away like the rats they are.
Let's travel into the future, to Oct.16, 2017, and read a Toronto Star story (headlined "Top McGuinty aide dismissed concerns about lack of gas plant documents") written by Rob Ferguson. The aide referred to was none other than David Livingston (who was mentioned earlier in this post in Parker Gallant's article) and who, by 2017, was on criminal trial in regards to what the Liberals did in the gas plant scandal. (update: on a late Friday night news-dump, Jan.19, 2018, David Livingston was found guilty for his part in the Liberal gas plant scandal. The real criminals - the scumbag Ontario Liberals - have gotten away scot-free)
Note that it is the same Rob Feguson who co-wrote the Oct. 10, 2010 Toronto Star story I cited earlier in this post, which reported that Brad Duguid said (lied) that the gas plant in Oakville was being cancelled because Ontario didn't need the power!! Duguid also said (lied) that the gas plant was not going to be  built anywhere else in Ontario, either. (Both the Oakville and the Mississauga plants were built elsewhere)

So it is quite interesting now to read Rob Ferguson's Oct 16, 2017 report, seven years later: Ferguson now writes that:"McGuinty has previously said the two plants were scrapped because they were located too close to residential areas".

So, isn't it quite strange that the Toronto Star reporter Rob Ferguson now, in 2017, fails to mention what Liberal hack Energy Minister Brad Duguid had said 7 years ago, what Rob Ferguson himself had reported: the liar Duguid had said that Ontario didn't need the power, and, said that the plant wasn't going to be rebuilt.

McGuinty's own energy minister, the liar Brad Duguid, said f*ck-all about these plants 'being too close to residential areas'!! Liberal Liar Duguid had made up a different lie than his Liberal lying boss McGuinty did!
And nevertheless: the location of these plants was all planned and approved under the Liberal government! The Liberals and planning officials knew about these plans to build gas plants; the plans had been scrutinized and tendered - - -  so, how on earth - after all this Liberal planning - could they suddenly discover at the last moment - right at election time! - that oh.... um... there are houses nearby, so we better cancel it all!!!

Why does this Toronto Star reporter, Rob Fergusion, fail to mention what McGuinty's own energy minister had said, and just whitewash it away, and cover it up now?
The Ontario Lying Liberals were making things up as they went along, and already in 2010 their stories and excuses weren't adding up.

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