Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sunmedia paper protects Liberal Jim Bradley from scrutiny

Tues. May 29, 2012, brought us another health-care story on the front page of the St.Catharines Standard ("Province cuts fees, docs close Sat. clinic"), with reporter Grant Lafleche actively not bothering to provide any quotes, comments, reactions - any response whatsoever - to this story, from Good Ole Liberal MPP Jim 'I hate doctors' Bradley!!
Was Ole Jimmy even contacted by the Standard to provide a response? Lafleche didn't bother telling us! Did Ole Jimmy refuse to comment? Who knows - the editor didn't say! Or did the Standard simply decide to protect Liberal MPP Bradley, and allow Jimmy yet another free pass from scrutiny, on a subject potentially unflattering to Jimmy`s Liberal policies?!
Yep: Ole Jim Bradley and his health-care-cutting, single-payer monopoly-pushing Liberal ideologues are... ummm... cutting health-care -  yet, strangely hahahaha  the St. Catharines Standard's elite team of self-anointed Wrong-Righters CANNOT FIND their own local Liberal MPP, Jim Bradley, for his response!!!
It's as if Good Ole Liberal Jim Bradley has nothing to do with it - with any of it!!!