Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Canadian Press' fake story about fake news

Ironic piece of fake news from the Canadian Press, about attempts to regulate fake news on the internet. In this finely crafted piece of slant, reporter Terry Pedwell made damn sure to mention Kellie Leitch and Pizzagate - while completely ignoring the sublime fakeness that is Crooked Hillary
Pedwell blabs about Hedy Fry's role as chair in this Liberal fake news witch-hunt committee, yet completely overlooks that Hedy "Burning Crosses" Fry herself was a peddler of fake news.
Pedwell himself is writing fake news here - or is it ok for CP news reports to be biased and to spin out parts and contexts that would upset their narrative?  It is hard to believe that Terry Pedwell or his CP editors didn't know about Hedy Fry's crazy claims when she was a Chretien cabinet minister.
CP made sure to slime Conservative Leitch, yet golly gee, they somehow forgot to mention Liberal Hedy Fry's fakery.
Way to go, CP (Crooked Propaganda). Turdo sends his thanks.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Who has muzzled Canada's Cagey Climatologist to suppress the evidence of "Climate Change"?

More on the 'Canadian scientists are muzzled' meme here, in this nicely biased article by Rebecca Leber:

"...In 2012, Ottawa Citizen’s Tom Spears contacted both NASA and Canada’s National Research Council in 2012 to request information for a story about snowfall. A report from the Environmental Law Center documents how NASA responded within 15 minutes, but it took eleven Canadian federal employees 50 emails to decide whether the journalist’s story would be “positive/informative.” Eventually, the reporter received “approved lines." And earlier this year, federal meteorologists were ordered not to discuss climate change in their coverage of extreme weather. The reason, an Environment Canada spokesman told journalist Mike De Souza in May, is that meteorologists are only experts in “their field of severe weather,” so “climate change or long-term trends would be directed to a climatologist or other applicable authority...” 

So,let's ask: It's 2017; Canadian Prime Minister Zoolander Turdeau has been PM for over a year now. 

What has stopped Tom Spears or Grant Lafleche from contacting Environment Canada's Senior Climatologist, the cagey David Phillips, to confirm Jim Bradley's and Justin Trudeau's contentions that 'climate change / global warming' is caused by man?! 

{Phillips is a well-known "Senior Canadian Climatologist" - isn't he??! How tyrannical of evil Harper to make Environment Canada direct climate change inquiries to... gasp... climatologists. The utter gall; how dare Harper do that?! How awful it must have been, to be told that questions about 'climate change' would be directed to EC's climatologists!!}

They didn't bother to ask BEFORE Harper; they're not asking AFTER Harper! Funny, eh? 

Where's all that 'scientific' 'man-made climate-change' 'evidence' in 2017, from Environment Canada, which Lafleche and Spears can now (apparently) easily obtain by just a simple phone call or email directly to one of Zoolander Turdo's government climatologists?!?

You'd think that Lafleche and Spears would have already published all this evidence - even when Martin was in power... or when Chretien was in power... or at any time, really, just by getting it from Liberal MPP Jim Bradley, who has had the (secret) evidence of man-made climate-change for several DECADES. Bradley was free to show Spears and Lafleche all his 'global warming evidence' - and Harper had no control over that!
Yet, for some reason, Lafleche and Spears never asked Bradley - after all, Jim Bradley was only Ontario's Environment Minister, and the Godfather of GreenFear. Bradley could have been asked - yet, no one bothered. Was Bradley muzzled by someone, who prevented Bradley from revealing all his 'scientific" evidence proving climate change?? Or was Bradley not directly asked (as David Phillips isn't): because they can't actually prove it?

You'd think that Lafleche and Spears would have already published all the 'evidence of man made climate change' {...remember the meme's intended innuendo: that 'science was suppressed' by the evil Harper...}
Yet NOW that Turdo is PM - - - WHAT'S STOPPING THEM??!!! Who's suppressing Environment Canada's scientists now???
Who's suppressing the reporters now?? Who's muzzling the reporters?! 

Is it the reporters' OWN selective SELF-muzzlement, the kind we typically see with the "it's all settled; move along now, nothing to discuss here" crowd?! 

Talk about how FAKE NEWS is peddled. It wasn't about phony 'climate change' or phony 'suppression of science' at all; it was about smearing Harper. 

It was never - not then, not nowabout asking any Canadian Cagey Climatologist to prove 'climate change'; it was about perpetrating a hoax that somehow, someone was preventing climatologists from being asked about climate change.
So, who will be blamed in 2017 for 'suppressing' David Phillips, and preventing him from providing all the 'evidence of climate change'??!
You'd think that as Canada's Senior Suppressed Climatologist, Phillips would now be happy to finally publicly expose all his 'climate change evidence', which he was... um... prevented from revealing under Harper!! 

But Turdo is now the PM;  Lafleche and Spears have been free to ask for and to report on all the 'climate change evidence' in Environment Canada's possession - - - and suddenly the 'science is muzzled' meme disappears from Spears and Lafleche, and no one asks!!
They could ask, but they don't - that's the orchestrated wink-wink Cagey Tango, where the muzzlers are doing the muzzling, and the muzzled willingly oblige.