Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Canadian Press' fake story about fake news

Ironic piece of fake news from the Canadian Press, about attempts to regulate fake news on the internet. In this finely crafted piece of slant, reporter Terry Pedwell made damn sure to mention Kellie Leitch and Pizzagate - while completely ignoring the sublime fakeness that is Crooked Hillary
Pedwell blabs about Hedy Fry's role as chair in this Liberal fake news witch-hunt committee, yet completely overlooks that Hedy "Burning Crosses" Fry herself was a peddler of fake news.
Pedwell himself is writing fake news here - or is it ok for CP news reports to be biased and to spin out parts and contexts that would upset their narrative?  It is hard to believe that Terry Pedwell or his CP editors didn't know about Hedy Fry's crazy claims when she was a Chretien cabinet minister.
CP made sure to slime Conservative Leitch, yet golly gee, they somehow forgot to mention Liberal Hedy Fry's fakery.
Way to go, CP (Crooked Propaganda). Turdo sends his thanks.

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