Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Calling on Canada's Cagey Climatologist to reveal proof of man-made climate change


Looks as if Ray Spiteri (in the Dec.22, 2011 St.Catharines Standard story "White Christmas? Dream on") engaged Environment Canada's senior climatologist David Phillips to determine whether a not-yet-snowy December in Niagara is proof of "climate change".

Spiteri reported Phillips' reply: " "Climate Change? Could be" said Phillips "We don't know what it is." "

Pardon?! "Could beclimate change???

"We don't know" ???
Yikes... that's probably not the answer which the GreenFear-mongering St.Catharines Standard was really hoping for!!  hahaha: it's supposed to be "all settled"!!
[...see some of my favourite Cagey Climatologist David Phillips stories  here;  here;  here;  here !]

Spiteri didn't bother to ask Phillips about the 'toxicity to The Planet' of the heat-trapping water-vapour cloud which Niagara Falls has been constantly releasing for some 12,000 years! [Huh? Whaat? Whazzzat 'bout? Whaddaya mean..?]

Why didn't Spiteri or his Standard editors also provide readers with Liberal MPP Jim Bradley's response to Phillips' "we don't know" answer, about climate change??

Did Spiteri even bother to ask Niagara's Greatest GreenFear-monger, Jim 'Kyodiot' Bradley - who, by the way, is Ontario's Environment Minister?!

You'd think that Bradley would have a completely opposite point of view than Phillips on the matter!

Jim Bradley and his entire Liberal party believe that the causes of, the existence of, and the political solutions to, the issue of  "climate change" HAVE ALL BEEN SETTLED!!! Spiteri surely knows about the Liberals' GreenFear peddling, doesn't he?!

Bradley personally claims that man made climate change/global warming is real, and, obviously, Bradley's been blabbing that way for at least twenty years. Of course, Bradley has never provided any specific scientific basis for his claims, going back to at least 1991. The St.Catharines Standard, meanwhile, has gladly never asked!! [see: Liberal MPP Jim Bradley shoots crap]

Bradley most certainly claims to believe that he knows what climate change is - though strangely, a secretive Jim Bradley has never publicly revealed his supporting 'scientific basis' for his climate change beliefs - scientific evidence which he clearly must have already had twenty years ago! 

Yet now in 2011 - when Cagey claims that "we don't know" if cold weather is "climate change", while Jim Bradley's Liberals claim that "it's all settled" and that they do know it is "climate change" - why didn't reporter Spiteri investigate this inconsistency in the GreenFear narrative?! 
Isn't that EXACTLY what the (obviously phony) "wrong writers" at the St.Catharines Standard smugly boasted that they were all about?!! (hahaha) 
Nah: the aim here was to look away and not look too closely at the inconsistent GreenFear narratives being peddled here! In order not to jeopardize the Standard's years/decades of Bradley ass-kissing, the first order of business was to protect Bradley from any controversy and isolate him from scrutiny;  best then, to not to even link the two disparate memes; and to suppress/downplay/overlook any connection to the inconsistency! 

Reporter Ray Spiteri had the opportune time to ask Liberal hack MPP Jim Bradley all about his Liberal global warming AGW "evidence"!! Spiteri could have asked

all about ClimateGate (# one and two);
all about the Mann-made hockey stick climate hoax;
all about the dismantling in Durban of Bradley's GreenFear weapon Kyoto, and why Bradley (McGuinty's supposed environment minister) did nothing about it; and... oh, yeah...
to ask all about Phillips' 'we don't know' answer about climate change!!

Conveniently, the deceptive, biased wrong-righters at the St.Catharines Standard only brought us half the story, if that. (...this is an example in 2011 of what - to the leftist media's chagrin - would become more clearly known and revealed as "FAKE NEWS" after Trump was elected in 2016).

There are a lot of other GreenFear-mongers in Niagara - why didn't Spiteri talk to any of them, either, so they could, once and for all, prove that Phillips is just 'full of steamy Justin Trudeau sh!t'?


In the Feb. 22, 2017 Niagara Falls Review and the St.Catharines Standard, Ray Spiteri again 'interviewed' Cagey, and again, Spiteri did not bother to ask David Phillips if what Phillips was saying was the direct result of man-made (AGW) climate-change. 

The GreenFear-mongering insinuation that this was all due to 'climate change', was palpably present in Spiteri's piece, as Cagey Dave told Spiteri how: 

“These records go back to 1901. It’s hard to break a record when you’ve got over 100 years of records. I think (Thursday) could very well be (a record), especially if we get a little bit more sun than the fog that we’ve seen in some parts of southern Ontario.”

Phillips said he doesn’t recall such a sustained stretch of warm weather in February such as this year.

“I don’t think there’s been a warmer week in February. 
What’s so interesting about this heat wave in February is that it is so persistent. You often will get one or two days where spring has arrived, and then you’re back into the cold winter weather. This has gone on. It went from (last) Saturday to this coming) Saturday"

Spiteri just obediently stenographed whatever Cagey said, without question. Spiteri could have asked: 
 - 'David, regarding this '100-yr-old record breaking February temperature' which you just mentioned, is this definitive evidence of man made climate change, the kind that Liberals such as Justin Trudeau and Jim Bradley say it is? 
 - David, you make all this innuendo about hundred year records being broken, but as Canada's Senior Climatologist, what do these records have to do with AGW climate change?
 - David, when you say to me “I don’t think there’s been a warmer week in February",are you specifically referring to the period from 1901 to Feb. 2017? Could there have been a warmer February week anytime earlier, say, oh... in the last 10,000 years? And, why is it that you "don't think there's been a warmer week in February" - don't you know these things for sure, before you say them?
Either it has been 'the warmest February week since 1901', or it hasn't - why allude to this, if you don't know? Do you want me to sensationalize the story, and spike it with GreenFear?' 

Sadly, Spiteri sold himself out as a journalist and simply danced the tired old Cagey Two Step Tango with David Phillips. Spiteri did NOT ask any questions, just lapped up David Phillips' sputum and regurgitated it in the St. Catharines Standard and in the Review.

This was again re-confirmed in a Dec. 30, 2017 Niagara Falls Review story, where Sellout Spiteri was writing about the COLD weather (-14C  -  -18C) being predicted for the New Year's Eve concert in Niagara Falls, Canada; and AGAIN, Spiteri, for some reason, trotted out his Cagey Tango dance partner David Phillips to provide some good ole GreenFearmongering. And again,  Spiteri DID NOT bother to ask Canada's Cagiest Climatologist, whether the weather which Spiteri and Phillips were reporting on, was CAUSED BY MAN!!

Spiteri quoted Phillips saying that the weather in Niagara Falls was "almost inhospitable" and the cold temperatures were "near record levels" -  YET, even after all this, Sellout Spiteri COMPLETELY AVOIDED ANY MENTION of climate change / global warming / AGW {...you know, the same GreenGarbage which is spouted by Niagara Falls' own mayor, Jim Disgusting Diodati, and, by Canada's Prime Selfie Prince, Justin Turdo!

Spiteri (if he had been acting as a journalist...) had a GREAT opportunity to get David Phillips to PROVE that the cold weather right in Niagara was evidence of man-made global warming (...as Liberals claim) -  but instead, Spiteri and Cagey hooked up to carry out just another typical version of the evasive Cagey Climate Tango stage act. They were both there NOT to prove 'climate change', but to PROPAGATE the perception of 'climate change'.

The intent was to sow GreenFear, to show scary 'extremes' of weather, to create a pretense (using Cagey as a willing 'front man' veneer) that this cold weather somehow is evidence of "AGW climate change" without actually saying it, nor showing any evidence.

This was just another media report in a GreenFear panoply of propaganda.


Let's look at 2016, at yet more in a long string of pathetic instances where David Phillips happily pops up in some alarmist climate-change propaganda piece, spouting what amounts to essentially pseudo-scientific baffle-gab.

There was the piece of hagiograhy in the Jan.17, 2016 Toronto Red Star where Amy Dempsey fawningly writes:

"During the Harper era, when scientists were routinely restricted from speaking to the press about their research, reporters could call Phillips and ask him about anything at all."
     {Nice try at deflection Amy: Your hero Cagey Dave STILL can't prove climate change is caused by humans - even in 2017, under Turdo. Get it?! Enough with your 'scientists were muzzled' Liberal bullsh!t propaganda! That's also Grant Lafleche's parroted meme! haha - pathetic.}
Torstar propagandist Dempsey: 
“Canada’s going to be a warmer country, there’s no question about it,” he said in a January 2014 interview with Peter Mansbridge that aired on national television." 
    {Pardon me, Amy: your deflective slant in not questioning Cagey's assertion {that 'there is no question'} belies your bias. It's laughably taken by you as gospel - and not something to be questioned! It's just that there'd be" NO QUESTION ABOUT IT" from CBC hacks, such as Mansbridge then, or from Toronto Star hacks such as Amy Dempsey now - you see, their default position is the false "it's all settled" meme, so therefore, that conveniently precludes having to ask any inconvenient questions.

In Amy's  Greenshevik-infected mind, there cannot be room for questions. The GreenFear propaganda house of cards relies on blind adherence to the "it's all settled" narrative; the GreenFear pushers require that their meme be parroted, not questioned; that the GreenFear narrative be amplified, not analyzed.
This is the basis of the Cagey Two Step Climate Tango, which occurs in each Cagey Climatologist 'interview'. The intent of the dancers - of David Phillips and his partners - is never to prove 'climate change' (AGW); the intent is to continually propagate a (false) perception that it is 'proven'. 

Canada's Cagey Climatologist here plays to the GreenFear-infected choir - no challenge is really expected, to whatever he may blurt! If Cagey says 'there's  no question' -  well, then, why would the Toronto Star's  Amy Dempsey ask any questions? Why disturb the mutually convenient narrative?! She's there to obediently propagate the GreenFear narrative, like a stenographer (certainly not like a journalist...)

That's the choreographed Cagey Tango: the media coyly don't ask, Cagey coyly doesn't tell. It's all about the conflation, insinuation, innuendo, false causation, and hyperbole of 'climate change' - -  without any actual evidence of AGW.

There ARE a lot of questions that Cagey's media sycophants just (conveniently!) can't think of asking, since they've been programmed by Al Gore, David Suzuki, Stephane Dion, Jim Bradley, Justin Turdo etc to believe 'it's all settled'.}

Torstar propagandist Dempsey: 
How did he get away with talking about climate change, of all things? “I think it’s because I try to stick to the science,” he says. “I stay away from the politics and the policy.”
     {Hmm: 'stick to the science' eh? Swell, Dave - so, what specific "science" shows that AGW causes "climate change?? Anyone been asking you about that little detail - proof of AGW from Canada's Top Climatologist?!!
Hey David Phillips: Provide your AGW evidence, or stop with the fake climate-change propaganda!!

The Toronto Star happily publishes horseshit like this from the likes of Amy Dempsey, yet, there is no substantiation for the GreenFear innuendo being spread. It remains innuendo, fluffed and puffed by the idolizing press. Amy Dempsey - like hundreds of reporters before her - had a clear chance to ask David Phillips to show his evidence for AGW climate change; but, not surprisingly - like those hundreds of others - she didn't ask. She refused. She chose not to challenge whatever shifty gospel she may have believed that Cagey Dave was preaching, and instead, did the usual Cagey Tango}

Torstar propagandist Dempsey:
“The other thing, too, is I never told Ottawa when I was asked for an interview. Because we were supposed to say when the interview took place, give a list of the questions, and the answers, who was it, how long was it …” Sometimes he gives 12 interviews a day. Logging that information would have eaten up much of his week. So he didn’t do it. “And they never really asked me,” he says. “They never rapped my knuckles.”
     {Wow: so Cagey Dave refused to do what his employers asked him to do - gosh, what a hero.

Similarly: Amy Dempsey refused to do what journalists ought to do - ask questions.

Instead, she simply propagandized to her GreenFear-infected TorStar echo chamber.

But let's get back on track to the real issue being whitewashed here: Turdo is now PM - so, where is Amy's story NOW. asking Cagey Dave Phillips for official evidence from Environment Canada, proving AGW?!

Y'see - it was never about proving AGW; it was about dutifully extending and propagandizing the hoax; and it was about sliming Harper. They couldn't prove AGW before Harper; they couldn't prove it during Harper, and they can't prove it after Harper. But, oh, how the innuendo machine cranked out the GreenFear!!

Even though Canada's Cagey Climatologist David Phillips HIMSELF intimates that he was NOT in any way muzzled or reprimanded under Harper, somehow his claim was either misinterpreted or purposefully misunderstood by Amy - because his phony muzzlement was a fake lib story from the beginning.

And here we see that Amy just used the phony "scientists are muzzled" meme AGAIN here in this story - really, for no other purpose than to slime Harper... - even though Turdo is in power, and even though Cagey just told her he wasn't muzzled!
So - even though Cagey sang Amy a different tune - Amy ignored him, as her mind was preoccupied with the 'it's all settled' GreenCrap agenda}

Torstar propagandist Dempsey:
"Perhaps it’s because he walked the line without stepping over it, stating facts without casting blame or offering his opinion. Or maybe after 48 years and all his achievements, he’s untouchable".
{GreenFear pushers eagerly want Cagey to crow on about climate change. Over the years, hundreds of them tried to spin Cagey's facts about weather into innuendo-laden GreenFear doomsday stories - - - like Amy does
       If Cagey is 'untouchable', it is only because propagandists such as Amy Dempsey allow him to be! Do you understand your own willing role as an enabler here, Amy? Do you get your own role in your own self-fulfilling prophesy?!}

Torstar propagandist Dempsey:
"Phillips acknowledges that colleagues may have felt he didn’t use his platform to take a strong enough stand on climate change".
    {You were getting close, here Amy - but you chose not to cross the line from being a biased GreenFear propaganda peddler to acting as an impartial journalist!}.

Torstar propagandist Dempsey:
"And indeed, his friend Phil Chadwick, who speaks admiringly of Phillips, says: “I wish sometimes he would have been a bit more definitive on climate change, but I totally understood what his circumstances were.”
{Hey, maybe Cagey doesn't have the 'definitive' evidence which his mysterious admirer Chadwick thinks he has!
How much more climate change innuendo would Chadwick like Cagey to peddle? Does he want Cagey to lie??
   Let's ask AGAIN, since Chadwick (like Amy) seems to have had his ears full of GreenCrap: 
WHAT exactly did Chadwick "totally understand" about Cagey's "circumstances"?!?
Cagey wasn't muzzled; Cagey makes that clear himself. 
Yet, that just cannot register in Chadwick's or Amy's GreenFear-packed skulls!!
So, what the f*ck is Chadwick talking about?!

What exactly were these ominous 'circumstances' which Chadwick mentions - other than the already false innuendo of 'muzzlement'?!
What were these mysterious "circumstances" which, in some unexplained-by-anyone way, held back Cagey?!???

Amazingly, Ole Chadwick doesn't really say, and Amy doesn't bother to ask Chadwick!! Great journalism propaganda, eh??! Furthermore, neither did Amy ask Cagey himself, to explain what he thought his Ole Pal Chadwick meant!
Yep: Amy's goal was simply to paint an image of innuendo!!

Amazing: Amy's story - without questioning - just piles on innuendo BASED ON OTHER INNUENDO!! Sort of like Climate Gate was all about, BTW!

In fact, the case can strongly be made, that Cagey WASN'T ASKED by Amy about proving AGW, because it would require him providing actual evidence (rather than loquacious innuendo).
So, he couldn't very well risk having anyone actually pinning him down with unexpected specific questions on climate change, which would soon show that the "climate change" aspects of any of Cagey's claims were essentially conflated, glorified, weather garbage.

Does Chadwick really think that David Phillips isn't cagey enough to avoid getting caught in a climate change lie? Cagey's moniker ain't fer nothin', you know!!! There's slippery grease, and then there's Cagey.

There is a pretension to uphold here for the AGW-infected community, which would not hold up under scrutiny.
It's best for the media just to play along with the Cagey Tango, and NOT ask for AGW specifics; beat around the bush all ya want, conflate this with that, throw in some irrelevant innuendo together with some homespun homilies, mix it all with great heaping dollops of false causation - just DON'T ask Canada's Senior Climatologist for the Chadwickian "definitive" evidence of AGW!
The hoax itself must not be challenged. (Read Chapter 17 below, to see how CTV did it - it's the same template, over and over...)

TorStar's Amy skillfully, dutifully, and obediently abides: deflect, peddle innuendo, slime Harper - but DO NOT ask the real questions!!

What a heroic effort to add to the FAKE NEWS gallery!

Does Chadwick prefer that Cagey just out and out peddle climate change lies???
Would that satisfy Chadwick - having Cagey become an outright GreenFear-monger?

Cagey's slicker than that: Cagey peddles climate innuendo!!! Your perception of what Cagey peddles is YOUR problem, make of it what you will. Hey, it's hot - is it climate change, or weather... who knows? Hey, it's cold - is it climate change or weather... who knows?! And Cagey's trademarked folksy caginess just rolls on.}

Torstar propagandist Dempsey:
"Phillips strives for balance. The doom-and-gloom perspective of some environmentalists has never sat well with him. “Why would we change if the world’s going to end in 2056?” he says. “I think you’ve gotta give people hope. And so what I try to do is to say you know it’s not necessarily doom and gloom. It’s not the end.”"

{"Phillips strives for balance"??!!
Now that's a fetid lump of crap dumped out by Dempsey! 
Yet, unbalanced Liberal GreenFear pushers - y'know, the carbon-tax pushing doomsayers who always tell us that we're past some imaginary 'tipping-point' - WANT you to believe that 'it's the end'!! This is an integral basic underlying tenet of the entire climate-change hoax!!!
What outright dis-ingenuousness from a severely conflicted, in-denial Cagey - and from his climate-tango-dance-partner/ propagandist / hagiographer!
Cagey has allowed himself to be used BY THOSE SAME "DOOM and GLOOM" climate-change bolsheviks for years!! 
And Dempsey's own Torstar propaganda organization - which has never been balanced - has happily PROPAGATED THAT EXACT SAME DOOM & GLOOM climate-change hoax FOR YEARS!!}
 Just to show how GreenFear propaganda (which Torstar's Amy Dempsey dumped out in 2016) still infects the political narrative, here's an example of the same "muzzled" lie still being perpetuated by GreenFear-infected climate bolsheviks in 2019 - like this comment by 'Joe Smoe' in the National Post on July 26, 2019:

(click photo to enlarge)

At least now, other commenters have stepped up to the plate and called out the GreenFear bolshevism of propagandists like 'Smoe': "Funny how those scientists had nothing more to say when they were un-muzzled"; "Your buddy{Turdo} has them even more muzzled and not telling the truth when they do".
(See Chapters 8 and 9 for more on the 'scientists were muzzled' lie.)


Another example of  classic GreenFear crap appeared in Joseph Brean's Dec. 7, 2016 National Post story:

 "...Environment Canada’s senior meteorologist {...note: some some reason, Phillips was referred to as a 'meteorologist' in this NP story, yet in other past publications he was referred to as 'senior climatologist'...} David Phillips said the main effect of this increasingly moist warm air is that when it rains, more falls in less time, as in the kind of deluge Phillips called a "Texas gullywasher"...

Canada is second coldest and first snowiest country in the world, so it is hard to convince Canadians that climate change “has some evil to it,” Phillips said. Many simply look fondly to a future of milder winters and longer summers. A bit of flooding might seem like a small price to pay.
But as he described it, this is not your grandfather’s flood, the classic river backup caused by melt water and ice blockage. It is a modern artifact of a highly urbanized society in an era of warming climate, when a single flooded road can leave people stranded and at risk of death.
“That’s the kind of thing that scares the bejeebies out of insurance people,” he said. “You could have floodier floods and droughtier droughts.”

So, there you are:

the Jim "Liberal Gullywasher Of Bullshit" Bradley Scientific School Of Floodier Floods And Droughtier Droughts... Now MORE STEAMIER and MORE CRAPPIER than ever!
There you have it: 
the National Post reporter Brean DID NOT ask David Phillips to provide actual specific evidence of AGW.
Instead - as many other reporters have similarly done with Cagey Climatologist David Phillips in the past - the National Post simply fear-mongered and spread fake news about climate-change, using David Phillips' silly, homey - but ultimately non-substantive - pontifications as a 'legitimizing' cover. 

The Cagey Climatologist Fan Club just loves Phillips. 


DID the CBC and ENVIRONMENT CANADA employee David Phillips conspire to create fake 'climate-change news'?

Let's continue with Cagey's Climate Saga:
In a Sheena Goodyear story written Dec. 7, 2016,  the CBC happily, obligingly published an outright lie with their deceptive, GreenFear-laden headline "The weather outside is frightful thanks to climate change and the polar vortex", (scary eh?! - apparently, Canada never had cold and snow before...umm... 'climate change'...) 

The CBC, naturally, had to run to Canada's Cagiest Climatologist for a bit'o'GreenFear-mongering:

"... "Instead of a bungee cord, it looks like more of a roller-coaster. It dips and dives. It kind of goes up over British Columbia and then dives down across the Prairies down to the United States and then comes swooping up towards eastern Canada," he says.

Sometimes, it brings warm air from the United States, giving Canada the warm November it just had. But then it swoops down and brings cold Arctic air, which is what's happening right now in western Canada.
And the cold tends to linger.
"It's hard to kick the cold air out. It's like molasses — it's thick, it's heavy, it's dense, it hugs the ground," Phillips said. "So when it becomes entrenched, well, you get that pattern set up and it just doesn't move, you see. You get day after day and week after week and then, my God, month after month with the same kind of flow."

The polar vortex 

So how does climate change come into all of this?
Arctic and Antarctic sea ice have reached record lows, declining by an area twice the size of Alaska, according to recent measurements.
"We're seeing the Arctic ice cap is melting. We're seeing more open water. The ice is thinner and so there's more heat getting up from the water into the air in the Arctic," Phillips says..
This causes the polar vortex — a swirling area of low-pressure cold air over the North Pole — to weaken.
"Therefore, it leaves home. It migrates," Phillips says. "It's sort of like Canadians going to Florida for the winter. The polar vortex comes south, and it hangs out down in the South and, of course, it brings its cold wind with it."

The bright side?

The good news is the wobbly jet stream means there will most likely be periods of respite this winter. What's more, meteorologists predict this La Nina will be a weak one. 
"We don't think it's going to be, as they say, a punishing winter, in spite of what the west are seeing right now," Phillips says.
"I'm not saying it's going to be the Goldilocks of winters but ... if you can remember the toughest winter you ever lived through and then remember last year, it might be something between those two."."
Yep: 'My God, it might be this, or... uhh... it might be that... it's a roller coaster, it dips, it dives, it swoops, it's like molasses'... blah bla bla...
Phillips' blathering completely evades the issue that 'climate change' is being used here as political propaganda. Phillips never says  (but more pointedly, he is NEVER ASKED by hack CBC reporter Sheena Easton to prove) that the 'climate change' they are referring to, is caused by man (AGW). 

After all, isn't that what it's all about?? That man is to blame and that all we need is to pay bolsheviks cash to stop 'climate-change'??!
What a bait-and-switch Cagey Tango dance of conflation going on here!
 'The ice is melting' they both fear-monger - but without revealing their underlying {emphasis on the 'lying' part...} built-in-bias: that they both believe this melting is caused BY MAN - not by nature.
It's imperative that this deceptive nuance in the presented narrative be fully understood. 
The agenda is to provide a blanket bait-and-switch "it's all settled" narrative which fraudulently ascribes that ALL weather - and therefore all of earth's climate - is man-made.
It denies that earth's climate changes naturally - and denies that earth's climate has constantly changed, from even before the ascent of man.

There's the con: they carefully construct and "report" a one-sided storyline here (it's NOT impartial: it's propaganda - it's a Cagey Tango, rigged by the dancing-partner-'reporters' with Cagey in the lead, all spinning to further THEIR mutual narratives. They need to create - to manufacture - the impression (and to endlessly repeat this impression...) that EVERYTHING to do with the weather - including, of course, 'the climate' - IS 'man-made'! 

That is their starting-off point: the "it's all settled" lie is essentially built into the core narratives of both the gov't financed CBC and the gov't financed Environment Propaganda Ministry front-man here; the aim of their GreenFear propaganda is to make it seem that there can be no other reason for ice to exist or to melt, or for the jet stream or the polar vortex to exist, or to ever have existed, prior to the footsteps of man soiling upon the virgin green Utopia of Earth, the GreenFear crowd's Great Gaia's Garden of Man-less Eden.
The Toronto Star prints a false headline ominously blaming "climate change" - - - for causing winter weather! 

In this CBC report, David Phillips happily makes the (deceptive) case for an even-happier CBC, that the 'polar vortex' was a certainty, and that it was caused by climate change, which was caused by man. The take away {the con-job} being peddled for CBC's viewers, is that the polar vortex is man made - why, look: 'we even have David Phillips here', proving this to be true!!

The "climate change" being referred to here was NOT defined, by either party here, as being of a natural origin, of natural drivers - this was purposefully left out (...censored by omission) of the story. 
So CBC only peddled the 'it's all settled' GreenFear-based 'conclusion': purporting that what BOTH David Phillips and the CBC are saying, is that they are BOTH talking about 'man made climate change' here. 

{Why did the ice melt? 'Climate Change'! 
Who caused climate change? 'Man'! 
Did man create the polar vortex? 'Yes'! 
Did man create the weather?  Yes - because he also created climate change and the polar vortex!!! Geez: can't you read the CBC's headline??! It's all right there; and David Phillips said so - so it's gotta be true!!}

However, because David Phillips, Environment Canada's SENIOR Climatologist {who's acting as somekind of "scientainer" TM, a hybrid mockery /parody of a scientist / entertainer...!} did NOT bother to try to make a clear distinction here himself in CBC's story; and furthermore, because Phillips did NOT issue any post-story clarifications himself, nor make any calls for retraction or raise any subsequent issues about the CBC's spin, then Phillips clearly allowed and approved the CBC to utilize his tax-payer-funded position as Environment Canada's senior climatologist to 'legitimize' their climate deception. 

David Phillips allowed himself to be used as a political shill

How can this example of climate-change-conjob collusion be a one way street here? How can it be said that poor ole Cagey somehow didn't know what the CBC was doing with HIS information?! It takes two to tango - and this is a blatant example of Cagey's duplicitous Two Step Climate Tango. 
BOTH parties participating in Cagey's dirty tango are NOT 'honest brokers' - they are both compromised and tainted. (...and both are state-sponsored)

David Phillips agreed without reservation to have the CBC use him as a 'face', a stooge, a front, a willing dupe, to provide a fraudulent 'cover' so CBC could peddle their political climate scientainment TM/propaganda! (because, it wasn't science..!)

This demonstrates that Phillips (a government employee) had no problems using his tax-payer-funded 'celebrity', his 'stature', to directly support CBC's unsubstantiated climate propaganda. He did not dis-associate himself from CBC's fraudulent bait and switch climate change tactics.

Phillips gave this CBC story his blessing, and willingly looked the other way when his own participation was perverted by CBC's spin; tellingly, the climate stooge Phillips did not bother to correct or disavow CBC's unsubstantiated spin, neither before nor after the story appeared, even though CBC fraudulently traded on Phillip's image and reputation to peddle their climate lies. 

David Phillips' image and reputation was paid for by tax-dollars.
David Phillips participated WILLINGLY in this CBC bait and switch climate-change propaganda effort... yet, neither David Phillips nor the CBC had any proof that the polar vortex is man-made; nor any proof that "climate change" is man made.

(Let's remember this deception, and compare it to Cagey's contorted "polar vortex" future 'explanation' in Chapter 32 )

Yet no one asks Ole Cagey Dave to prove that "climate change" caused by man, caused winter... get it??!

Get the ridiculousness of their scam now?
Isn't it the spectre of AGW  {which is the GreenFear movement's underlying tenet, their touchstone, their foundation; their unshakable premise; their supporting pillar, their all-pervading, 'all-settled' undercurrent}  which the CBC and others are hoping that the Cagey Climatologist will confirm through loquacious innuendo (...yet without actually saying so, nor providing proof) that 'climate change' is ALL MAN-MADE, and, that it can only be mitigated by lots of new taxes being instituted and spent by 'well-meaning' Liberals  to 'save the planet'?!
Phillips seems more than happy to oblige as a cover, a beard, a shill, for GreenFear-pushers, who act as if for millions of years, some kind of fictitious climate stasis had always been the norm, and that 'climate change' (...which, of course, we have been all indoctrinated 'nudge-nudge-wink-wink' to believe was caused by Harris, Harper, Bush... now Trump... and those denying deniers...) is somehow the new kid on the block, as if the climate, before man, had NEVER changed before (!!)... and furthermore, that 'climate-change' can not only be stopped, but can even be REVERSED (wahoooo!!) simply by voting for creeps such as Justin Trudeau, Elizabeth May, Jim Bradley, and Kathleen Wynne!!
It's Phillips and his interviewers who seem to 'dip' and dive' for the cause, peddling their pattern of entrenched views, trying their best to soft-peddle Jim Bradley's Liberal Green Fear delusions.
CBC's slick propaganda peddled here is in the hazy 'nudge-nudge-wink-wink-y'know-what-we mean-and-who-is-to-blame' assumptions being made, and the definitions remaining purposefully fuzzy and unspecified. It's just great all-purpose, typical climatalarmist propaganda - no other way to describe it, is there?
Sadly, Canada's Cagey Climatologist, by abiding in this effort, has shown which way his wind blows.


   On the CBC nightly news (Dec.23, 2016) there was another sacred confirmation of how far global warming and climate change has been shoved up CBC 'reporter's' asses, and how they dutifully shovel their GreenFear onto their loving, appreciative, sheep-like audience. 
   Wendy Mesley and that creepy CBC 'science' guy Bob McDonald were in a smug sanctimonious lather about Trump referring to THEIR beloved climate change religion as a hoax. You could see the seething hate/shock/disdain in their eyes; their non-comprehension of how anyone could challenge their GreenFear gospel. It was revealing, it was a teachable moment, it was precious and above all, it was sad. It wasn't news that these two CBC clowns were reporting, it was Green Bolshevik agit-prop.
    And no; they did not bother to ask Cagey the Canadian Climate King about why Environment Canada hasn't proven the very "climate change" which they themselves were just sneering at Trump about.
    Is somebody at CBC "muzzling" Mesley or McDonald, to stop them from obtaining all the "climate change" proof they could ever want, from Canada's Chief Climatologist, David Phillips???
(hahahah.... as if Wendy and Bob were really ever going to go to Cagey to PROVE CLIMATE CHANGE once and for all... hahahah)
    Or, is someone "muzzling" Ole Cagey, stopping him from revealing the actual evidence of climate change, once and for all??!!
    Funny how these GreenFear pushers continually spout their climate fear agenda, yet somehow can't get/won't provide the actual evidence, which supposedly exists right under their noses at the now-supposedly-un-muzzled Environment Canada!!
    All the CBC reporters had to do was ASK CAGEY to show them the climate change proof  - - but that is NOT the point is it? The point is to keep the GreenFear charade afloat, not to really prove it; the point is to spread endless innuendo and confuse and conflate cherry picked weather with meaningless climate projections, with hints that "progressive" saviours such as Liberal charlatans Jim Bradley or Justin Trudeau can PREVENT the climate from changing, if only they could have an endless supply of taxes.
    To closed-minded CBC clowns, their GreenFear-based religion is 'all-settled' and cannot be questioned. It was a typical drive-by anti-Trump smear, but, apparently it's mandatory for the CBC to keep flailing Liberal climate change deceptions.


But let's get back to Cagey's bountiful loquaciousness, which has no bounds (!) - here's yet another piece, this time by CTV's Taline McPhedran, Dec.11, 2016) :
"According to Dave Phillips, a senior climatologist with Environment Canada, the weather system moved from the northwestern part of the United States and over to the Great Lakes, heading northeast. A majority of areas in southern Ontario are expected to get anywhere from 10 to 15 centimetres of snow by Monday morning.“That’s more than we had all of last year and this is only the first big one,” Phillips told CTV News Channel on Sunday.."
OMG: Canada's SENIOR CLIMATOLOGIST is warning us this is only the first big one ----  that means, there will be more Big Ones  ---- Ohhh Great Gaia... what to do? --- what to do?!? --- can we get Liberal hacks Trudeau and Jim Bradley to prevent all this???
We don't want any 'Big Ones' anymore!! We want nothing to change!!
There was not much snow at all in St. Catharines during Dec. 11 - Dec 12, 2016!! A little bit of snow fell overnight - WAY LESS than what fell during "ALL OF LAST YEAR", as David Phillips fear-mongered about, and got completely wrong.
Cagey easily, glibly and WILLINGLY fear-mongered - simply on speculation.
Canada's Cagey Climatologist CANNOT GET THE WEATHER right, a DAY in advance; yet, this is the same darling go-to guy when the media needs a booster-dose of Climate Change GreenFear.
But... oh, yes... Slick Cagey always has an out {...hence, the nick name!} He did say "a majority of areas are expected to get anywhere from 10 15 cm..." so, there ya go: ya can't pin Ole Cagey down! Ya can't make the crap stick to Cagey, there's always some indecipherable home-spun connotation, some weasel word, an asterisk, an 'expectation', a qualifier, a generalization, a 'potentially' this, a' likely' that, a 'possibility' here, a 'probability' there...
After all, in Cagey's world, some snow was bound to fall somewhere, right!? Point is: was this man-made climate change at work??? The CTV reporter NEVER ASKED.
Was there some unspoken rule that, in literally hundreds of interviews over the years, prevented anyone from asking Canada's Senior Climatologist David Phillips to provide evidence of 'climate change' caused by man? Why isn't anyone actually asking Cagey Dave about that?! Why isn't ANYONE asking David Phillips if the 'climate' can be prevented from 'changing', and if so, how?! What is it with this phony dance, this Cagey Two-Step, which the media continually performs with David Phillips?
Gosh: if we gave ALL of our treasury's dollars to Justin Trudeau and to Kathleen Wynne to 'Save The Planet', will that Stop And Reverse Climate Change???????! Will we finally get rid of this horrible changing climate once and for all, and just go back to a good ole static climate, where {apparently..!!!} nothing ever changed, like we once had for millions of years when everything was good, when there was no climate change... heh heh...  to scare us - - - until that Harris came along and ruined it all? Seriously... this is what Liberal MPP Jim Bradley - Ontario's Godfather Of  GreenFear - wanted us to believe...
Politics and weather are conflated for political purposes.
The cumulative work is in conflating weather with GreenFear, using elements of the former to 'hint at' (but not prove) the latter. 


    Another instance: Dec.21, 2016 CTV News presenter (reporter??) Erin Paul had the apparently-mandatory-because-it's-the-start-of-winter TV interview ("The real deal is coming".... ohh... ohhhh... are you afraid yet of the ominous GreenFear being peddled??!) with the "expert" Senior Climatologist David Phillips, and there was a lot of the typical homey banter.

   Yet, Bell Media / CTV reporter Erin Paul  did NOT ask the "expert":
   'David, is this climate change? Is this all caused by anthropogenic, man-made global warming? Do you have any evidence that this is man-made 'climate-change'?
I'm asking you this specifically, because also today - Dec. 21, 2016, the same day that we are interviewing you - CTV reported  Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau saying that 'climate change is a fact'.
David, what 'climate change fact' is the Prime Minister referring to here?
Do you  - as Canada's Senior Climatologist - have any evidence of the 'climate change fact' which Justin Trudeau is talking about? Don't the pipelines, which Trudeau was approving today - while telling us that 'climate change is a fact' - carry oil which supposedly causes climate change??!
David can you please expand on these specific definitions, and reconcile these assumptions, which have become political memes without scientific bearing?'

   Note that CTV never bothered to ask about the conflicting 'climate-change news' reports appearing on the same day, on their own site!
  They had a chance to question Phillips, yet, they demurred, and shied away from the issue of climate change - in other words, Bell Media / CTV FAILED TO PROVIDE BALANCE to their stated biased narrative.
THAT kind of  investigative reporting and balanced  conversation WILL NEVER HAPPEN on Canadian mainstream media. 

   Remember the Liberal meme about 'Canada's scientists being muzzled'?! (...see also Chapters 3 and 9 on the 'science is muzzled' lie)

   Yet: when exactly had David Phillips ever been "muzzled"???? Has anyone ever asked Phillips about THAT meme??! 

   Has Justin Trudeau ever directed Canada's esteemed - and un -muzzled! - Environment Canada to provide evidence of the 'fact' of 'man-made climate change', so that his Liberals can justify valiantly "battling climate change" by spending ever-more taxes?!

  Wouldn't Cagey be more than happy to provide Justin Trudeau with this proof, with this "fact" - as Trudeau claims - of man-made climate change?!
  Seems like Trudeau won't ask, because Phillips can't prove it

   Why doesn't the CTV news organization NOW ask Canada's Senior Un-muzzled Climatologist David Philips for his official stance on man-made climate change??!

   What is stopping CTV from asking David Phillips (now that he has ....ummm....apparently been un-muzzled by Liberal Saviours such as Justin Trudeau) to provide official confirmation of AGW?

   So: who is "muzzling" David Phillips today??! The left's 'evil' bogeyman Harper can't be blamed.

   Here we are at the end of 2016 - yet, the media continue their darling little GreenFear Tango dance with Cagey; they are SELF-'MUZZLING'; conspiring together in a careful dance NOT to actually confront the 'climate change' charade which they both dance around, and sadly, help perpetuate - this is the Cagey Two Step Climate Tango.
   It seems like an unspoken don't ask/don't tell arrangement - the media doesn't ask what Phillips can't (won't?) answer; in turn, Phillips happily abides, spouting cagey weather homilies and dire innuendo, but never really addressing the elephant in the room: providing evidence that "climate change" is "man made".

  After some 30,000 (yes: 30,000... Don't believe it? See Chapter 32!)  interviews over the years, by hundreds upon hundreds of writers: where's David Phillips' defense - or repudiation - of the meme (which Justin Trudeau now repeats) that 'man-made climate change' is a fact??

   This CTV reporter Erin Paul (as did many other reporters before her) HAD THE CHANCE to ACTUALLY ask David Phillips some real questions, but REFUSED to do so - all we got was softball 'nudge-nudge-wink-wink' FLAKY FLUFF.


   Speaking about flaky fluff, here we go with yet another TYPICAL example of yet ANOTHER vacuous interview with Canada's Cagey Climatologist, David Phillips (...the dance never ends with this guy: the media's at him essentially everyday...) This time it was reporter Bill Graveland who joined the long list of partners sent in to dance with Cagey Dave (Globe and Mail  (Jan.13, 2017):

    "It’s not as if winter is over by a long shot,” Phillips said. “We’ve just hit the halfway point, but the good news is ... the flow seems to be coming more from the Pacific than the Arctic.”
    Although there are no records being set in Western Canada, Phillips said it has been a tough year for the four western provinces. Vancouver has received twice as much snow as normal and recorded 30 days where temperatures were below normal — double the average of 15. “It has been persistently cold for that period,” said Phillips. “In fact, if you look at the average temperature in December, the last time there was a colder December was 1990. That was more than 25 years ago. It was a bit of a shocker.”
    Winnipeg received a record snowfall for the month of December, while Calgary has suffered freezing temperatures and heavy snowThis winter in Western Canada follows one of the warmest years on record in 2015 and, in many jurisdictions, winter was essentially cancelled last year, he said.
    Canadians tend to base their weather expectations on the winter before, so this season has come as a shock to many, Phillips said.
    “It’s like a punch in the face. Clearly, when you look at the temperatures, certainly the amount of snow, the number of cold days — if you’re whining, it’s not without cause. It has been tough.”
  Reporter Graveland never once asked David Phillips whether the 'persistent cold' was caused by man-made global warming / climate change (...as experienced climatologists like... um... Jane Fonda or... ah... Leo 'What's a Chinook?' DiCaprio might have us believe).   Graveland didn't ask exactly WHY it was a "shocker" that the month of Dec. 2016 was the coldest December since Dec. 1990. 
Was this cold directly attributable to AGW climate change???? Or was it the previous warmth?!??
  Graveland did NOT ask Cagey who would be 'shocked' - and why
   Graveland did NOT delve into what kind of expectations had been fed to those who suddenly, somehow, were 'punched in the face' and became 'shocked'.
 Were these people 'shocked' because they experienced a paradigm-shift after having been conditioned (ie punched in the face?!) by years of leftist GreenFear-mongering?  
   The only people who ought to have been shocked are those who were conned by GreenFear-mongering face-punchers that climate change is caused by man; it would be a shock to them, seeing as they were being told everyday to believe that the earth was warming and that man caused it all.
   When Phillips claimed that "winter was essentially cancelled last year"...
 Graveland DID NOT BOTHER to ask Phillips exactly where, in which exact jurisdictions was winter 'cancelled'? Was Phillips referring to the Prairies in 2016?!
   Neither did Graveland bother to ask Phillips if his statement that "winter was cancelled" was direct evidence of climate change!
   After all: the opening WAS RIGHT THERE for Graveland to ask for  logical clarification - yet this reporter REFUSED!! 

  "Winter was cancelled" Cagey tells him; sounds like global warming, then, doesn't it?! Yet: there was NO follow up from this Globe and Mail reporter!!
  Cagey's comments were just left there unquestioned - as a meme to hang, fester and ferment in the reader's mind:
... Winter was cancelled... Winter was cancelled... Winter was cancelled...
     ... repeat... 
     ...Winter was cancelled... Winter was cancelled...
      ...it must be Global Warming, you see; it's gotta be Climate Change, you see... Winter was cancelled... Do not ask why... Winter was cancelled...

   All reporter Graveland had to do {...as a journalist in a supposedly 'open and free' society, instead of a shill stenographer in a propaganda stage-show) was to follow up on Cagey's statements:

   "David, you just stated that winter was essentially cancelled in the Canadian West in 2016, correct? Was that directly attributable to Global Warming, caused by man?" 
   But, well, well... Lookit that: Graveland doesn't ask and David Phillips doesn't answer!!!
THAT'S how the climate-change hoax game is played!!
Well done, gentlemen!
Who's muzzling who???!!! hahahahaha
Nice performance!
Great Cagey Two-Step Climate Tango dance moves!
Good show! What a conjob!!
Canada's 'reporters' are apparently not taught to question, but to be obedient stenographers, helping push the party leftist line...  um, oh, yeah... except if it's a Conservative being interviewed - in that case, then a thousand questions will be asked, all editorialized with the 'reporter's' own opinions. 
   The Globe and Mail had the chance (but refused) to pin down Canada's Senior Climatologist and get down to the facts and get the evidence of all that 'man made global warming / climate change' which Jim Bradley, Justin Trudeau, Kathleen Wynne... and climatologist Jane Fonda... say is happening. 
   But facts would cloud and hinder the continual propagation of GreenFear innuendo; therefore, we have this ongoing, drawn-out Cagey Tango, where the two willing dancers coyly carry out their choreographed moves, winking at each other knowingly, dropping an opening hint here, a seductive spin there, coyly suggesting the kinds of things both know must better be left unsaid... ...  sheesh... 
     Was reporter Graveland self-muzzled, or was he muzzled by his Grope and Flail bosses to NOT ask Environment Canada's Senior Cagey Climatologist for evidence to support that what Phillips reports, is directly attributable to (man-made) climate change? 
     Wasn't this the intended, underlying message - to repeatedly report (unfounded) allegations of 'man-made climate change', without actually proving it; to scare the shit out of people with doomsday GreenFear innuendo so that leftists can have their excuse to raise taxes?
    Why the massive disconnect between the media blaring everyday about 'climate change' - - and yet, not actually asking for the corroborating evidence about said 'climate change' from Canada's SENIOR climatologist? 
    It should be easy for Phillips to prove {...seeing as that even Al Gore and David Suzuki and Leonardo DiCaprio and Jerry Brown and Stephane Dion... and we can now add the disgusting hack Juliete Payette to the GreenFear cabal...)   ALL 'know' that global warming is caused by man! 'It's all settled', doncha know!! 
   So why can't Canada's Senior Climatologist actually come out and admit that everything he reports, is and always was, caused by man-made climate change?!
    Cagey is not muzzled anymore, under Turdo, is he?? (...as the Canadian lefties loved to allege when Harper was in power, when they were spreading the meme that "Canada's scientists are being muzzled") 
  Which scientists were muzzled? Was it David Phillips? Or is Philips not a "scientist", just a glorified weatherman??!! Why is this guy ALWAYS being quoted, and yet, after the interview, we are left with the realization that he had nothing to say. How can this occur over literally thousands of media interviews over the years - and never a request - nor an answer - about proving climate change?! Its FLICKING unreal.
     Cagey Dave could just come right out and now admit that EVERY interview he has given since he started his career, was actually a long-arc demonstration of climate change evidence, right from the start, from Day One.
He could say:
 'Over the thousands of interviews I've given over the years, I can now admit that I have been actually reporting on man-made climate-change all this time, since the beginning of my career, because man causes the climate which creates the weather. Or maybe it's the other way around? {Oh, well... as Crooked Hillary conveniently says, what it does it matter now, anyway?!} Man definitely has always had something to do with it, way before I came along. Don't blame me, I'm just the messenger; blame man. Man is to blame for the weather which causes the climate to change, which then changes the weather - or something like that! - you see? Yeah: man did it. This has always been so, since the dawn of man'.
   That would make Al Gore and Canada's Climate Clown Catherine McKenna and Jim Bradley real happy. So, why isn't David Phillips letting loose and telling us the truth? What's he hiding about climate change??!
   Why hasn't anyone actually asked Canada's Senior Climatologist about... umm... "CLIMATE CHANGE"??
   Speaking of DiCaprio, Robert Williamson commented: "Leonardo DiCaprio's 8,000 mile round trip in one day on a private jet.. He's one of the morons that tells all the rest of us that we have to cut back our middle class lifestyles to "..save the planet" Leonardo DiCaprio jumped on to a private jet to fly from Cannes on the French Riviera, to New York, U.S.A. After receiving a green award, the actor then flew straight back across the Atlantic to France again so he would not miss the banquet and party with his friends at an AIDs benefit gala. He spent a week lounging on his superyacht in the Mediterranean, just after receiving another environmental accolade. Leonardo DiCaprio flew to Brazil on another trip to catch the soccer matches.... then cruised up and down the South American coast ...partying with his friends on his Arab pal's motor yacht which he chartered... one of the largest private yachts in the world... His Arab pal is from the United Arab Emirates and he's an oil tycoon. The yacht is the fifth largest private yacht in the world.. It's name is "Topaz". Length: 147 m (482 ft) Beam: 21.50 m (70.5 ft) The main engines of the Topaz are twin Pielstick diesel engines, each with power of 7990 hp. This is enough power for the yacht to reach a service speed of 22.9 knots, while the maximum speed is over 25.5 knots. The yacht is also equipped with two diesel generators and an emergency diesel generator. These aggregates provide power to the stabilizers, navigation equipment and all the facilities on board. Topaz is equipped with zero-speed stabilizers, jacuzzi (on deck), double helicopter landing pads, swimming pool, tender garage, swimming platform, air conditioning, underwater lights. There's also a fitness hall, cinema and a large conference room.
And in 2014, emails hacked from film studio Sony revealed he took six private flights in just six weeks which cost $138,616.00 This travel included two round trips from Los Angeles to New York, and one from LA to Las Vegas. This is the moron who spoke on the horrors of climate change/global warming at the U.N. and took advantage of the Oscar Ceremonies to speak on how bad Global Warming and CO2 are... and how all of us have to cut way back on our CO2 producing lifestyles.... to "...save the planet.." and how me must leave the oil in the ground "...where it belongs."
Kurt Boyd commented on the hypocrisy of the climate-change GreenFear peddling movement: "The Left has figured out long ago that signaling virtue is far easier than actually having virtue".


  The Sad Saga of Canada's Cagey Climatologist continues:
   Fast forward to another CBC GreenFear piece  (Jan.31, 2017)   this time written by Lauren Pelley, where the dark insinuation is that somehow climate change caused the month of January to be cloudy, sunless, and , well... dark. Lauren Pelley again does the Cagey Two Step Tango with David Phillips, never once asking Cagey "Is all this evidence of man made climate change, Dave? Will the carbon taxes legislated by Sunny Ways Turdo eliminate these dark days forever, Dave? Should we all vote for the Liberals, Dave, to Save The Planet From Dark Peril??"
Another sad demo of Fake News on the GreenFear-peddling climate front, in a long line of similar Cagey Dave  propaganda.
C'mon, somebody: just ask Ole David Phillips, if he has any evidence whatsoever of man made climate change!
   NO ONE is preventing Canada's Senior Cagey Climatologist from answering.
    No one is muzzling David Phillips! (Eh, Grant Lafleche?)
    It's apparent that NO ONE IS ASKING!

   The Cagey Two-Step should be called the Cagey Side Step Climate Tango, because that's what both participants in these climatalarmist phony 'interviews' are doing: one partner neatly, deftly side-steps asking 'questions', while the other moves in unison to provide nebulous, conflated side-stepping deflective 'answers'. It's a spectacle of fancy footwork, from which neither rutting party comes away virtuous.
   The reporters are muzzling themselves, dancing a side-step around the climate change AGW issue with Ole Cagey, but never directly addressing it. By reading/seeing their breathless media reports and interviews with Cagey, they create an appearance {an illusion} as if  they are actually discussing and demonstrating 'evidence' of 'man-made climate change'!!
   The stench of underlying GreenFear permeates their phony reports, the main purpose of which is to propagandize FOR GreenFear-policies, without actually demonstrating that the weather event factoids which Dave spouts, are actually caused by man.
   All these "reports" over the years, all these sordid tangos danced with cagey David Philips, amount to an impressive oeuvre of unsubstantiated GreenFear propaganda. It's a homey pastiche of cagily subtle hints, causal conflation, insidious double-meanings, allusions, illusions, dire innuendo, oblique comparisons.
   Why aren't hacks such as Lauren Pelley (...in a long line of sad stenographers, pathetically  posing as 'journalists'...) asking the question?

   The Canadian and the Ontario governments peddle claims about climate change which Canada's Senior Climatologist Phillips (to his discredit) cagily refuses to address (...although, of course, he freely could), and furthermore, which his enabler-"interviewers" (to their discredit) never dare ask (...although, of course, they freely could).

   Therefore we have this ongoing delicately deceptive, deflective Cagey Tango, this phony show where two willing nudge-nudge-wink-wink partners choreograph their coy side-stepping dance to propagate the GreenFear pretense without challenging the underlying premise. 
   As the saying goes, it takes two to tango, so we see that Cagey and his long line of pathetic interviewers/dance partners always seem to follow the same moves, the same side-stepping template - they have both willingly peddled what amounts to a long-arc of innuendo posing as  'it's all settled climate science'.
   In other words, it's designed to be fake - - it is appearance over substance; the propaganda effect is in performing the Cagey Climate Tango in an illusory way that makes one believe that somehow, what is being shown shows evidence of climate change,  when in fact, after radio interviews, after TV interviews, after newspaper interviews - no such evidence is actually produced: Cagey babbles on and his bobble-headed interviewer-stenographers just nod in blank stupor and write whatever Cagey says, without question. 

    It's designed to be 'politics-disguised-as-science' propaganda - a cagey conspiracy that is inherently apparent throughout thousands of Cagey interviews ( see Chapter 32!): how can the question of "man made climate change" not ever be raised? They just dance their tango around the issue, using dexterous moves to side-step from their faulty "it's all settled" premise.
   It's as if the press spins what Cagey says as being 'evidence of climate change', when Cagey was only nudge-nudge-wink-wink talking about common weather - - - a disconnect of cross-purposes, with the press seeing only what they wanted to see. Is that delusional or premeditated?! Who is pandering to who?? Who are they trying to con?

   It's like David Phillips is in a weatherman's Canadian version of Being There; he's acting as Canada's Chauncey Gardener of weather, where Cagey Dave has been elevated to some kind of climate change deity, where everything he says is taken at face-value as wise greenie gospel explaining man made climate change.
    And yet, you'd think that David Phillips would have recognized this scenario a long time ago, after perhaps being misunderstood after several interviews, and then set the record straight by openly saying yes, this IS evidence of AGW, or, no, this ISN'T evidence of AGW.
    But Cagey Dave didn't challenge his interviewer's reports. They came to him, begging for wisdom and climate guidance, as they flocked to Chauncey. Cagey became a light in their proverbial darkness. They heard what Cagey uttered, and determined that it was wisdom. It reaffirmed their own beliefs, spoke to their innate suspicions, reflected their own illusions - how could it not mirror their own default bias?! Like Chauncey Gardener, Dave let the charade continue for years; unlike Chauncey, though, Cagey Dave had a chance - many chances - to set the record straight.

The Sad Saga of Canada's Cagey Climatologist will continue.


Let's ask:
Why hasn't anyone in Canada asked Canada's Senior Cagey Climatologist to comment on Stephen Capozzola's article about the  fake basis of the Paris climate agreements?!

Again, you'd think that all those Canadian GreenFear-pushing media outlets which amplify the climate change lie on a daily basis, would have asked David Phillips, or flakey Liberals such as Justin Trudeau, Catherine McKenna, Jim Bradley, Stephane Dion, or Kathleen Wynne, or daffy David Suzuki, for their detailed responses - detailed responses, you know, not the politicized GreenGarbage rhetoric that is their usual hallmark.

As Stephen Capozzola asks (PoliZette, Feb.14, 2017) in "Discovering the extent of  global warming cheating: Once experts aren't bound by politics, the truth about climate change surfaces":
 "...One has to wonder why, if the case for man-made warming is so tenuous, would alarmists resort to such questionable methods? Wouldn't the more obvious recourse be to question the hypothesis itself? But such is the state of the contemporary global warming debate. Hundreds of advocacy groups are engaged in an all-out campaign to certify the premise of anthropogenic warming..."

That sums up the bullshit which has been spewed by the skewed left, deluded and besotted with creating a scenario of fear to push their socialist agenda. Canada's prime minister Zoolander Turdo has happily pushed the phony climate change agenda - yet, we are to believe that somehow scientists were umm... 'muzzled'... by someone {...Harper, Trump, Harris, Diefenbaker...???} to prevent them from revealing their unfounded 'truth' about supposed man  made climate change!!! 

It's a bizarre reverse-onus bias being peddled here.

The 'man made global-warming / climate-change' hypothesis is NOT to be questioned; it is to be treated as Green Gospel.
The thing is, no one has asked Liberal climate liars Jim Bradley or Stephane Dion or Justin Trudeau, for their detailed evidence on supposed  man-made climate-change, details on the underlying AGW premise which they use on a daily basis to further their socialist agendas. 

These unsubstantiated claims you often hear in the media that 'science is muzzled' are themselves regurgitations of a phony meme, still constantly repeated in Green Bolshevik echo chambers; y'know, 'Harper muzzled scientists'; 'Trump muzzles science' etc.
Yet, when exactly was 'science muzzled'??? No one has ever asked the politicians who ought to know - such as Canada's and Ontario's Liberals, for example!!

There again is the falsity of the Green Lie;  Liberals in power in Canada - such as Jim Bradley - get away with peddling climate change bullshit without ever being held to account by a complicit media! The phony policies based on fairy-tale AGW fear-mongering are accepted, not questioned.

The media set the tone to ease in the Green Fear agenda years ago. The media has acted as the protectors for the political policies for which there is no scientific basis,  spreading a meme that 'science is being muzzled' - YET, they also spread the meme that 'the science is settled' - - - how utterly convenient to have these two contradictory memes in use, to support the same agenda!!! 

Interesting how the scientists who are supposedly 'muzzled', are only those who peddle the GreenFear agenda; yet, conveniently (for the GreenFear narrative to work) those scientists who challenge the 'it's all settled' meme are never glorified and raised to the hallowed status of being 'muzzled'- those scientists are immediately shamed, denigrated, and branded as "deniers" - that other gem of a meme beloved by the purveyors of Green Fascism, who are the true 'muzzlers' here. (see Tom Ferguson)

You see the handy narrative? It is only the GreenFear-pushers who can possibly be 'muzzled' {...do you see how the default bias works here?!}
The GreenFear-pushers can be elevated to a hallowed status as 'Victims Of Scientific Suppression' in the 'War On Science' - they are nothing less then glorious green martyrs, you see; but - if you do not subscribe to the "it's all settled" GreenFear fascist mantra, you are not a martyr; you are not deemed a Victim Of Scientific Suppression - you are labelled a heretic 'denier' - as Time hack Eric Polley does in his Feb.16, 2017 fake news story "Climate change denial is the original fake news" .

Eric Polley, of course, can't be bothered to show any evidence of AGW (...that's never the point though, is it?!) - he just professionally peddles the GreenFear agenda. 

Time should be ashamed to peddle such one-sided nonsense, but they're not by far the only ones slickly suppressing science by skewering 'deniers' while skewing the facts - The Atlantic happily threw a couple of punches too, publishing Meehan Crist's Feb.10, 2017 story "How the new climate denial is like the old climate denial", without actually providing ANY evidence to support the AGW premise, which they claim is being 'denied'!

In a classic case of projection and deflection, Crist, Polley and their editors are themselves the deniers, denying the reality of their own false AGW premise. (Yikes: paradigm shift alert!! Hypocrisy alert!!)
Their 'real' premise is the false GreenFear-premise: that AGW is 'all settled' - that is their unquestioned jumping off point. (Like drones chattering in their echo chambers, GreenFear-pushing climatalarmists seem to miss the irony that Crist's article is exactly the kind of article which Polley sneers about!)

It's all rather a convenient political construct, isn't it?!

Have a look at Terence Corcoran's insightful column "Canadian finds polar bears are doing fine — and gets climate-mauled" (National Post, Dec. 7, 2017) on how climatalarmists attack those who question their "it's all settled' claims:
" We take you now deep out onto the frozen floes of Arctic science and polar bears, where the most dangerous threat known to man and bear alike is lurking among the icebergs: Junk science.

As a starting point, we look to a story published December 1st on Vice News’s tech site, Motherboard, that included an interview with U.S. polar bear scientist/activist Stephen Amstrup. In the article, Amstrup accuses Canadian polar bear scientist Susan Crockford of filling her bear research with extreme allegations. Climate activists have targeted Crockford, a zoologist and adjunct professor of anthropology at the University of Victoria, because her research inconveniently finds that, despite their claims, polar bears are not at risk. “You don’t have to read far in her material to see that it is full of unsubstantiated statements and personal attacks on scientists, using names like eco-terrorists, fraudsters, green terrorists and scammers,” Amstrup claimed.

A few days later, Motherboard published a slithery retraction. After Crockford complained that Amstrup’s comments about her were “a lie” and that she has never used such terms, Amstrup “clarified” his comments. He said that when he accused Crockford of calling scientists fraudsters, he really meant to accuse “climate deniers as a whole, rather than Crockford in particular.”

Ah, well, mix-ups like wrongly accusing a scientist of slanderous language are the kind of things that can happen given the context. It’s all part of an escalating epic of polar bear junk science. It begins with a paper in which Amstrup, who heads the activist group Polar Bears International, and other climate scientists — including famed temperature hockey-stick maker Michael Mann — produce what must be one of the most pathetic scientific smear jobs in the already sorry history of climate change science smear campaigns. Also along for the hatchet job was Stephan Lewandowsky, an Australian psychologist who asserts that people who have doubts about climate policy are wacky conspiracy theorists who would also tend to believe the 1969 moon landing was faked. Motherboard published a slithery retraction

In their new paper published November 29th, in the journal BioScience, Mann, Lewandowsky, Amstrup and a dozen other authors, headed by Jeffrey Harvey of the Netherlands Institute of Ecology, attack Crockford as an unqualified climate “denier.”

Crockford is fighting back. On Wednesday, she demanded that BioScience retract the paper. She describes it, in part, as “simply malicious, and an egregious breach of professional ethics” and filled with “untrue statements.”

The sole personal target of the BioScience paper is Crockford. Crockford has written books on polar bears for children and adults (such as Polar Bears: Outstanding Survivors of Climate Change) and runs Polar Bear Science, a blog site that for years has drilled holes in many of the claims and predictions of mainstream climate scientists. One recent post showed that polar bear populations around Churchill, Man. were in good shape, amid lots of sea ice. Another recent item said Amstrup’s claims of sea-ice loss were inaccurate.

Climate scientists in the Amstrup/Mann/Lewandowsky camp have apparently had enough of Crockford’s steady debunking of many of their polar bear alarmist claims and have set out to destroy her and her reputation via what can only be called a vicious personal attack." in a new paper published November 29th, in the journal BioScience, Mann, Lewandowsky, Amstrup and a dozen other authors, headed by Jeffrey Harvey of the Netherlands Institute of Ecology, attack Crockford as an unqualified climate “denier.” ..."

    If anyone, it is the media (playing offense as usual for their leftist political agenda) which continues to protect their favourite politicians (and therefore their socialist policies) from scrutiny.
    Take at look at Martin Regg Cohn's sly worship to Green bolshevism, not surprisingly, printed in the Toronto Star and its drone propagation outlets, such as the Windsor Star, Feb.16, 2017. It takes a propagandist's skill to pen a supposed 'critique' which in fact is a lament that Liberal GreenFear Bolshevism doesn't go far enough! 
    Like Polley and Crist, Cohn purposefully fails to provide any specific evidence for AGW - but again: that's not the point, is it, to question the premise of AGW?! 
    The point is to continue propagating the GreenFear hoax, without questioning the premise! {You know: just the way it works in Canada with hundreds of Cagey Climatologist interviews!}
    Cohn dutifully skips over any mention of the premise of 'man-made global warming/climate change', as he shills for policies which are solely based on that premise! 
    The GreenFear hoax must be taken as a given - the rule is "it's all settled, don't you dare ask questions", and so the media stories are built upon that premise.  
    It is the media itself, which is muzzling science by propagating the phony. one-sided GreenFear agenda, and by simultaneously demonizing anyone who dares challenge the underpinnings of this socialist fabrication.
    Think about it, they themselves are the muzzlers of science... they {...the 'free' press..!} self-muzzle scrutiny of the GreenFear lie, while themselves muzzling those who actually challenge the AGW premise.
    (Let's nominate Martin Regg Cohn and Eric Polley into Polley's own Climate Change Hoaxter's Hall of GreenFear-Peddling Shame, along with 'bright' lights such as Jim Bradley and the entire Ontario Liberal government, David Suzuki, Al Gore, Turdo and his Liberal Greensheviks in Ottawa... )

   It's an Orwellian deception enabled here by the media, where the real muzzlers deflect their own complicity in a meme designed to blame others for 'muzzling science'!!!

   You see this all the time in the St. Catharines Phony Standard (...look at the sickening GreenFear-mongering spewed by Liberal Climate-Fraud-Conman Glen Murray, Ontario's Chief Climate-Change Liar, in the Feb.15, 2017 Standard...); look on the CBC, Toronto Star, Globe and Mail, Huffington Post, Time, McLean's etc - the prevalent GreenFear-based climate-change lie is peddled on a daily basis, while its validity - and therefore, the validity of those political policies which are based on the AGW climate lie -  are purposefully not questioned; the premise is never scrutinized.
   I mean, who wants to believe that climate-change fraudsters such as Justin Trudeau will be flying to sign phony 'climate agreements' in Paris, agreements which are phony promises based on phony premises which have no scientific substance?!
 (... this is same smarmy  Justin Trudeau, who believes the climate-change AGW fairy tale is "a fact", who officially met with Donald Trump in Washington (on Feb.13, 2017) and who nevertheless, muzzled himself to avoid mentioning climate change! What a phony true believer!)

Stephen Capozzola wrote:
"For those who follow the heated squabbling of climate alarmists and skeptics, this has been a bombshell week. John Bates, a recently retired scientist at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), has revealed that a 2015 study by the government agency was riddled with bias and questionable methodology.
More specifically, NOAA released a study in 2015 announcing that we haven’t had a “pause” in global warming over the past 15 years. Although the study flatly contradicted data from satellites and weather balloons documenting a net flatlining of temperatures, its findings were cited prominently at the 2015 Paris climate talks. The resulting Paris accord called for major decarbonization efforts worldwide.
According to Bates, the “pausebuster” study, led by former NOAA Director Thomas Karl, was rushed to publication before underlying data issues were resolved. Bates says that Karl was “insisting on decisions and scientific choices that maximized warming and minimized documentation.”
It’s interesting that the Obama administration rushed to embrace the Karl study, though, since a subsequent paper in Nature Magazine disagreed with the NOAA report, saying the observed “slowdown” in warming is real, and occurred at a time when carbon dioxide emissions have been rising steadily.
Even the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has stated that “the rate of warming over the past 15 years … is smaller than the rate calculated since 1951.”
Subsequent rumblings about possible bias at NOAA prompted Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Texas) to investigate the matter in 2016, earning the veteran congressman considerable criticism. In taking on NOAA, Smith was accused of being "anti-science" and trying to "intimidate" the scientific community. The U.K.'s Guardian even referred to him as a "witch hunter."
Now, however, it looks like Smith was absolutely right to question whether taxpayer money was used in a dubious manner.
It's significant that satellite and weather balloon readings of global temperatures have steadily borne out observations that net temperatures have remained relatively stable since the start of the 21st century. However, NOAA said that its 2015 study used "significant improvements in the calculation of trends" to assemble "improved versions of both sea surface temperature and land surface air temperature datasets."
But NOAA engaged in two very questionable practices in order to arrive at their new and improved graph of temperatures. They included seawater temperature measurements collected from the engine intake valves of ocean-going vessels, and they estimated Arctic Ocean temperatures by extrapolating from nearby land areas.
The result? When compared to satellite and weather balloon data, their "new" findings eliminated the net flatlining of 21st century global temperatures and instead showed a series of scraggly rising temperature lines.
Essentially, NOAA wanted the American people to believe that eliminating satellite data, while including readings from engine thermometers, would yield a more accurate temperature record. For the casual observer, all of this might seem plausible. But clearly NOAA engaged in a questionable methodology.
Most notably, thermometers installed in the intake valves of ocean-going vessels aren't intended for such precise measurements of temperature. This becomes all the more apparent when one considers, for example, that 2016 was declared the "hottest year on record" by a mere 0.01 degrees Celsius.
But there's also the possibility of "heat contamination" from the ships themselves. Seawater intake valves also pose a big problem, as well. They vary in depth according to the size and shape of a vessel's hull — presenting a problem for collecting samples of uniform depth.
Interestingly, NOAA gave priority to these ship readings. As one of the report's authors explained, "[D]ata collected from buoys are cooler than ship-based data. In order to accurately compare ship measurements and buoy measurements over the long-term, they need to be compatible. Scientists have developed a method to correct the difference between ship and buoy measurements, and we are using this in our trend analysis."
How exactly did NOAA adjust for this discrepancy? They added 0.12 degrees Celsius (0.25°F) to each buoy to bring their measurements in line with readings taken from ship gauges.
It's somewhat amusing to look at NOAA's website, though, and see their justification for using engine intake readings. Essentially, they portray such measurements as a step forward in scientific progress, thanks to the "change from ships throwing a bucket over the side, bringing some ocean water on deck, and putting a thermometer in it, to reading the thermometer in the engine coolant water intake."
But NOAA took another liberty, as well. They decided to estimate Arctic Ocean temperatures based on neighboring land areas. Simply put, there are only a limited number of temperature monitoring stations in the Arctic.
As such, NOAA simply extrapolated Arctic Ocean temperatures from neighboring land-based measurements. However, much of the Arctic Ocean can remain ice-covered throughout the summer, and imposing warmer land surface data on areas of sea ice will inevitably skew temperature readings.
But this is what NOAA undertook in order to make the case for concerted worldwide action against fossil fuel use. And while many climate-watchers had suspicions about the validity of NOAA's approach, it took Bates' revelations to help confirm the bias that drove their findings.
One has to wonder why, if the case for man-made warming is so tenuous, would alarmists resort to such questionable methods? Wouldn't the more obvious recourse be to question the hypothesis itself? But such is the state of the contemporary global warming debate. Hundreds of advocacy groups are engaged in an all-out campaign to certify the premise of anthropogenic warming.
And with salaries, grants, and reputations on the line, it's doubtful that truth and scientific accuracy will get in the way of their ultimate quest. The American people deserve better, though, noting the large sacrifices that will be asked of them if the United States continues to follow the edicts of the Paris accord." Steven Capozzola has served as media director for both the Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) and the U.S. Business & Industry Council (USBIC).
      Will any media outlet ask Justin Trudeau or Jim Bradley or Glen Murray or Chris Bittle about any of this? These Liberal clowns propagate the climate-change lie every day they are in office. 
      And, far be it for any reporter in Canada to ask Canada's Senior Cagey Climatologist (...or is he Canada's Cagiest Climatalarmogist TM ...!?!) David Phillips for his comments on the phony basis of the Paris climate accords and Canada's labyrinth of cap and trade schemes  - what's that got to do with climate change - right?! 


Let's look back at what I wrote earlier in this post, in Chapter 2:

    "In the Feb. 22, 2017 Niagara Falls Review and the St.Catharines Standard, Ray Spiteri again 'interviewed' Cagey, and again, Spiteri did not bother to ask David Phillips if what Phillips was saying was the direct result of man-made (AGW) climate-change. 
   The GreenFear-mongering insinuation that this was all due to 'climate change', was palpably present in Spiteri's piece, as Cagey Dave told Spiteri how 
These records go back to 1901. It’s hard to break a record when you’ve got over 100 years of records. I think (Thursday) could very well be (a record), especially if we get a little bit more sun than the fog that we’ve seen in some parts of southern Ontario.”
     Phillips said he doesn’t recall such a sustained stretch of warm weather in February such as this year.
      “I don’t think there’s been a warmer week in February. 
What’s so interesting about this heat wave in February is that it is so persistent. You often will get one or two days where spring has arrived, and then you’re back into the cold winter weather. This has gone on. It went from (last) Saturday to this coming) Saturday"
Spiteri just obediently stenographed whatever Cagey said, without question, without research, without objectivity, without any journalistic intergrity.
  Spiteri could have asked: 
    'David, regarding this '100-yr-old record breaking February temperature' which you just mentioned, is this definitive evidence of man made climate change, the kind that Liberals such as Justin Trudeau and Jim Bradley say it is? 
    David, you make all this innuendo about hundred year records being broken, but as Canada's Senior Climatologist, what do these records have to do with AGW climate change?
    David, when you say to me “I don’t think there’s been a warmer week in February", are you specifically referring to the period from 1901 to Feb. 2017? Could there have been a warmer February week anytime earlier, say, oh...um.... in the last 10,000 years
   David, and also, why is it that you "don't think there's been a warmer week in February" - don't you - as a scientist - know these things for sure, before you say them? Either it has been 'the warmest February week since 1901', or it hasn't - why allude to this, if you don't actually know? 
   David, do you want me to sensationalize the story, and spike it with GreenFear?'

    Sadly, Spiteri sold himself out as a journalist and simply danced the tired old conjugal Cagey Two Step Climate Tango with David Phillips, the way hundreds of other Canadian presstitutes have done.
    Spiteri did NOT ask any questions, just lapped up David Phillips' sputum and regurgitated it in the St. Catharines Standard and in the Review.


      Spiteri's Tango With Cagey (... as mentioned in Chapter 12 above) appeared on Feb.22, 2017,  so it was amusing to see that only a week later (on Mar.1, 2017) Cagey was involved in yet another typical GreenFear-laced piece, where he was basically spouting similar things as he had spouted to Spiteri - but in this case, the reporter actually did try to ask if all this warmth in Feb.2017 was climate change. This is what Spiteri and literally hundreds of previous Canadian reporters failed to do. 

     So who was this supposedly 'heroic' reporter?
It was Kate McGillivray, who reported this in her CBC article (Mar.1, 2017).
(Yes, this was in the CBC!! But, looking at the story in the link, it isn't even clear if McGillivray actually interviewed Cagey herself, or, was she reporting a second-hand story here, based on some other interviewer on Metro Morning... was it her, or someone else, doing the actual interview?? I am taking it here that McGillivray was Cagey's interviewer. If it was someone else, than the same comments apply to whoever it was that actually did this Cagey interview.)

McGillivray wrote:

"So long, normal weather: Toronto just had the warmest February on record

Expect the unexpected and get used to temperature swings, says climatologist Dave Phillips

 It's official — Toronto just lived through the warmest February in at least 80 years, says Dave Phillips, senior climatologist at Environment Canada.
"It also had the warmest February temperature ever, up to 17.7 C on the 23rd," which broke records going back to the 1840s, he told CBC Radio's Metro Morning.
The month didn't start off this way.
""We had temperatures at -12 C," said Phillips. "We had a month's worth of snow in the first ten days."
After that, the jet stream, a narrow band of strong wind, moved "almost into a summer position, well north of us in Northern Ontario. It allowed the warm air to just flood into Southern Ontario," he said.
All that warm air led to 12 days in a row with melting record temperatures. "So clearly, the look and the feel of winter disappeared in February," Phillips said.

Enjoying the weather, worrying about the climate

So are February's unseasonably warm temperatures a sure sign of climate change?
"I'm reluctant to always go there," said Phillips.
He said that it's the wild swings over the last few years, the absence of "normal weather," that is more of a tip-off.
"We had the coldest February on record two winters ago, here we have the warmest. That back-and-forth, up-and-down is more a mark that something is happening to our climate," he said.
"We say, 'Enjoy the weather but be concerned about the climate.'"
   Amazing, isn't it: 
   A CBC reporter/interviewer asks Canada's Cagey Climatologist whether the Feb. warm weather is a sure sign of climate change, and a hostile Cagey cagily answers that he is "reluctant to always go there"!! 

   Why is Cagey - Canada's SENIOR CLIMATOLOGIST! -  "reluctant" to talk about climate change?!?
  After all: Cagey's among fawning friends here; he's talking to the CBC for Gaia's sake, he's singing to his own choir: these people are GreenFear fanatics infected with green bolshevsim.

    Phillips shills the climate-change issue, ominously rattles off fearsome temperature records being broken, citing scary "wild swings", declaring (ie GreenFear-mongering) that this all due to the absence of "normal weather" - and yet in the same interview, he refuses to put into perspective whether all that weather he had just talked about, had anything to do with climate change!!!!!!!

   Apparently, Cagey's kind of GreenFearmongering is meant to be taken - unquestioningly - at face value; the cagey unspoken insinuation is prepared and provided for us to jump to a conflated conclusion that this must therefore all be due to man-made climate change, and also,therefore, that there is NO OTHER POSSIBLE alternative! 
   The GreenFear link is pre-engineered for our unquestioning consumption, prepared by both Cagey and the CBC, without any evidence that anything here is linked to AGW. The illusion and the insinuation and the scary spin is meant to confuse, and to suggest that the only possible cause is AGW. 
   This is a carnival act of scienteeringTM , of presenting factoids  without scientific relevance or parameters, to devise a scene of confirmation bias (the "it's all settled, folks, just trust, nothin' more to see here" narrative). 
   This insane propaganda perverts and hides the fact that earth's climate has changed ever there since there was a climate. It is a sickening delusion which Cagey and his climate change cabal are peddling here.
  There is an interesting interplay here, in this slick GreenFear piece, but make no mistake about it: this is still CBC fake news GreenFear propaganda, even though Kate McGillivray tepidly did try to "go there" with Cagey. 

   (...also, compare Cagey's caginess in NOT "going there" about climate change with the CBC, to the fact  that Cagey had 'gone there' - just a month earlier, on Jan.30, 2017! - when he had held a lecture at the Nottawasaga Conservation Valley Authority where he claimed that "climate change is the here and now" - - - yet, what does that even mean? !?   
   It's simply cagey innuendo! That's not scientific terminology: that's just Cagey's homey blatant PR sloganeering rhetoric. 
   Has climate not always been changing, Mr. Phillips? 
Wasn't climate change "the here and now" ever since there was a there and then??! 
  yet, no reporter has ever questioned Cagy on that most basic tenet of his green bolshevik beliefs!
   What utter pandering horsesh!t dripping from Cagey's piehole.         When did earth's climate NOT change, Mr Phillips??!?)
   The CBC (in McGillivray's Mar. 1, 2017 story) could have done their homework, so that after Cagey refused to talk to them about climate change, they could then have questioned him on what he had previously said about climate change at the NCVA, just a month earlier... but, the CBC didn't ask!!!!! 
   We all know that's EXACTLY what the CBC would have done, if it was some conservative politician they were trying to slime: the CBC interviewer/attacker and the CBC research department would have known everything the target had previously said, and then sprung a 'gotcha' on their target - - - but, oh well, with Cagey, they just let it slide... 

    Keep in mind that McGillivray's piece is nevertheless an orchestrated CBC event spun, processed, and presented to further the GreenFear-mongering agenda, scary headlines, innuendo, and all.  
  The focus was on fanning climate fear, and definitely not on scrutinizing why David Phillips refused to "go there" and refused to provide the CBC with 'evidence' of AGW!!! Funny, eh?!! 
  The CBC's editors well know how to orchestrate the Cagey Tango, telling half the story (...actually way less than half of the story; more like lying by omission) - - most of the real story is what the CBC left out, such as specifically providing interviews from any GreenFear-bloviating Canadian Liberal, dipper, or greenie, asking them if the weather events which Cagey talks about (...but which he cagily refuses to confirm as AGW!!!!) are in fact evidence of climate change.

  The CBC did their best to ignore Cagey's caginess.
  Climatalarmists such as Jim Bradley, Justin Trudeau, Glen Murray, and Elizabeth May peddle GreenFear-lies every day they exhale carbon dioxide. Where's their reaction to Canada's Senior Climatologist coyly demurring to confirm to the CBC any 'evidence' of AGW - the AGW upon which they base their daily GreenFear Bolshevik policies?!? (Phillips' ought have been immediately branded as a "climate change denier" by these same GreenFear pushers!!}
   Funny that Canada's political peddlers of GreenFear never actually cite Canada's Senior Climatologist David Phillips as a scientific source of confirmation of 'man-made climate-change'!!
   And: Where's the leftists' phony "science is being suppressed" meme now, when Canada's Senior Climatologist muzzles himself  (...under J-Turd's Liberal watch, no less..!) and refuses "to go there" with the CBC; refuses to publicly state to the aroused and panting press that the weather events he reports are evidence of AGW??
   The CBC has spent untold millions of tax dollars over the years, helping peddle the GreenFear lie that man has created the climate - and the CBC will continue to do so, regardless of the cagey games which David Phillips was playing in that Mar.1 CBC report! 
   They will continue to peddle GreenFear, and will make sure that Cagey's comments aren't mentioned - they {...ahem... not 'Harper'...} will suppress what Cagey said. 
   (...The CBC, predictably, did exactly that, continuing their GreenFear-laced climate fascism only 4 days after Kate McGillivray's report, where NO MENTION at all was made of Cagey Dave's inability/refusal to show evidence of "climate change" -  see Chapter 15 further below...) 
    They will muzzle Cagey's comments. 
    They will continue to peddle the phony "it's all settled" meme.
    They will censor their future GreenFear-mongering to purposefully not mention David Phillips' climate skepticism, which he demonstrated in McGillivray's CBC report on Mar.1, 2017.
    So where's the backlash when Canada's Senior Climatologist REFUSES to agree with the CBC narrative? Where are the instant mass denunciations of Cagey as a 'Denier', as an 'Uncle Tom Of Science', as a 'Traitor To The Planet'... .... ...?!!!!
   Funny eh? For years, the eco-fascist left happily chortled and regurgitated the meme that scientists such as Good Ole Cagey were somehow "muzzled" when it came to climate change. 
   Cagey was lionized and treated as some kind of a 'subversive' victim-hero, as some kind of martyr, cleverly sending us coded messages of climate change while he was being 'suppressed' - a paranoid narrative which the left hungrily ate up.

    Everything Cagey said - even still here, in McGillivray's own Mar.1, 2017 article! - was nevertheless, still spun to reflect the gospel of AGW. 
    The CBC's McGillivray had a chance in her report to actually examine this 'suppression' meme (...a meme which her own CBC had happily peddled). 
   But she also "refused to go there"!!!
   See how the Cagey Two-Faced Two-Step Climate Tango is played?!? 

   Look at these dance-moves:
   Cagey refused to go there when asked about climate change - but then, the CBC 'reporter' herself also refused 'to go there', by slyly refusing to question Cagey's refusal! 
    The reporter was fully aware that Cagey carried the heroic-climate-martyr mantle, of being a hard-done-by victim of "suppression"!
    Yep: the CBC's McGillivray completely ignored THAT uncomfortable line of questioning!! 
   The CBC refused to challenge the hypocritical two-faced optics here. 
  McGillivray refused to ask Cagey{Canada's supposedly-suppressed climate-change martyr} - why, now that he's free... good Lawdy, free at last... would Cagey then decline any opportunity to freely spread the man-made-climate-change gospel???!
  Did this aspect not occur to McGillivray?! 

  Wasn't she, or her editors, cognizant of the dichotomous optics here?
   Did they not see Cagey's blatant hypocrisy on this issue?!
   And, did they not see their own concurrent glaring hypocrisy in giving Cagey a free pass without scrutiny?! 
   After all, the ongoing narrative has been that Cagey was suppressed; that Cagey was denied the opportunity to Tell The World The Truth; that Cagey was a heroic VICTIM, nothing less than a Climate MARTYR!!! After all, isn't that what Ole Pal Phil Chadwick was insinuating?!
    So, why would a long-suffering victim of climate suppression, such as Cagey David Phillips, refuse to reveal The Climate Change Truth to McGillivray?
   Why would Cagey deny The Truth on the CBC?! 
   Why would Cagey suppress The Truth from McGillivray??!
   Why would Cagey deprive Canadians of The Truth???!
   Why would Cagey muzzle The Truth????!
  Amazingly: the CBC hack McGillivray did not bother to ask!!!        She damn well saw the dichotomy - and MUZZLED it! Whoops, nothin' t'see here folks, let's move on...

   When Cagey answered that he was "reluctant to always go there" reporter McGillivray could have explored this, to ask:
Why is David Phillips 'reluctant to go there'?? 
Go 'where', exactly?
Why can't he just prove climate change, when we're all told that the 'science is settled'??
Is he being suppressed by anyone?
Is someone preventing Phillips from linking the warm Feb 2017 weather as being evidence of man made climate change?
If records are being broken, as Phillips is saying, then why can't he admit that it is evidence of climate change?' 

    Note in the CBC's spin of their story, how McGillivray and her CBC editors cleverly did NOT bring up the point that David Phillips could not give them their desired 'climate change is real' money shot!
   After all: that is exactly what they were seeking.
   Instead, they got a REFUSAL from Cagey - and then they let him get away with it, as well.
  This is a noteworthy point, because the entire point of this interview was to create and then propagate another daily dose of the typical climate change hysteria which the media, like the CBC, regularly peddle. 
   It is noteworthy to actually see how the CBC's reporter/s, though somewhat thwarted by Cagey's unexpectedly weird answer, deliberately CHOSE not dwell upon his refusal. 
  The reason: it would NOT SERVE to further the CBC's own climate change agenda! The reporter/s and their employer  had a built in bias NOT to question, but to be fed and to stenograph the usual climate mumbo-jumbo.
   So when this standard of collusion (this particular Climate Tango) was not reached, the focus of the story was deliberately tilted TO DOWNPLAY Cagey's refusal. (ie this is the polar opposite to what the CBC would have done, had a conservative said the same thing...)
  The CBC did not bring up another salient point - that in the past, when Phillips didn't deliver the 'climate-change evidence' to the media, that it was at that time all blamed on the phony meme that Phillips was 'muzzled by Harper'.  {....Y'see how the propaganda works..?!
    Yet - now that Liberal Turdo is in power...
    ...and now that Cagey works at Turdo's frickin' phony 'Ministry of Climate Change'...
   ...and now that Cagey is (supposedly) un-muzzled, and is no longer "suppressed"...  
  ...the CBC IGNORES analyzing this incongruous set of circumstances... as well as their own previous role in propagating it!
    Y'see the Two-Faced Tango now; y'see CBC's self-serving spin now?! 

     The old narrative was that scientists such as Cagey were only 'muzzled by Harper'; yet when Cagey refuses to confirm AGW now, under Trudeau, no similar link is being made to Trudeau!!           Aren't dem CBC climate commies clever, eh?!

    Where's the bombastic vitriol to Cagey's refusal, from the man-made climate-change hoaxters such as Jim Bradley or Justin Trudeau, or Catherine McKenna, or Kathleen Wynne...? 

    In 2016, Jim Bradley's Ontario Liberals, practicing Newspeak, renamed their Environment Ministry to become the  "Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change". In 2015, the Turdo federal Liberals renamed Environment Canada (where Cagey peddles his cagey climate business) to the "Ministry of Environment and Climate Change".
Turdo stated that "climate change is a fact" - yet, Canada's Senior Climatologist David Phillips {who works at Turdo's Ministry of Climate Change...!!!} CANNOT or WILL NOT 'go there' to actually confirm this "fact"!!
   And furthermore, the CBC refused to follow up on the BLATANT discrepancy - and this is a glaring discrepancy - going to the heart of the AGW man-made climate-change change issue. 
   Weren't McGillivray nor any other CBC hack prepared with any follow-up questions? 
   Even in Oct. 2018, CBC commenters such as "Naomi Forbes" were still busily spewing the leftist 'Harper muzzled scientists' meme!!

    The usual narrative from the AGW GreenFear-pushing warmists includes a litany of attacks on anyone who dares to even profess climate change skepticism - they are immediately slapped down, tarred and feathered as "deniers". We all know and have all  seen this kind of typically reflexive leftist trope. The disgusting David Suzuki demonized 'deniers' and wanted them put in jail.
    Strangely, Cagey is allowed to remain in his conveniently fuzzy, grey, slippery, shifty, amorphous, nebulous climate change zone, UNABLE to confirm to the CBC that what he's saying is (or isn't) climate change!

    McGillivray could have asked (...but didn't) in her article:
    'Hey David - you work at Canada's freakin' Ministry of Climate Change - - why can't you do us a solid and confirm once and for all that climate-change - specifically AGW man-made climate change - is real, for f***sake??? C'mon, David - Turdo pays yer wages; we're all pals here, why don't you confirm that man-made climate-change is real??? What's stoppin' ya from agreeing with Suzuki and Stephane Dion??? '
    McGillivray's CBC story is such a Green-Fear laden piece of crap, that the narrative was purposefully shifted NOT to trumpet a headline that more accurately reflects the real issue:
 "Canada's Senior Climatologist David Phillips refuses to confirm climate change" should have been the actual headline, as THAT was the real story.
  (Maybe someone should re-interview Cagey's pal Good Ole Phil Chadwick, for his reaction to Cagey again refusing to provide evidence of AGW -  - -  even though Cagey isn't being suppressed by anyone...! Maybe Chadwick could entertain us with some other boogeyman excuse..?)

    McGillivray's story was spun to emphasize the GreenFear angle. McGillivray could also have explored (...but didn't) the long arc of the climate change lie. McGillivray could spend several years documenting all the past hysterical climate-change GreenFear-mongering perpetrated by HER OWN CBC colleagues. But she won't.
   She didn't even ask Cagey about his citations, such as 80 year old records apparently being broken, dating back to the 1840's. 
Even Cagey's glib math fails to prompt McGillivray from her climate-change infected stupor. {1840 to 2017 is 80 years?? Wow!! Who knew? Certainly not Cagey or McGillivray, so enamoured were they in their dance of climate caginess} 
McGillivray just let this stuff slide!! 

   When Cagey was spouting his weather record citations to Spiteri - only one week ago!!!!!! - he was claiming that hundred year old records were being broken, going back (supposedly) to 1901.
Yet in Toronto, Cagey tells McGillivray 'records' were being 'broken going back to the 1840's'. This is the kind of slippery "science" that constitutes evidence of AGW? Sad.


   Moving right along, right on the tail of Cagey's Mar.1, 2017 refusal to confirm AGW to the CBC's McGillivray, let's look at what the GreenFear-hoax-pushers were peddling at the Toronto Star, with Olivia Ward's Mar.3, 2017 GreenFear-propaganda piece - published just 2 days after Canada's Senior Climatologist refused to provide or confirm any evidence of man-made climate change to the CBC...! 
Funny, somehow Ward and the entire Toronto Star editorial staff conveniently weren't aware of David Phillips' studied silence on climate change...! Didn't they know about David Phillips's episode with the CBC's McGillivray two days earlier?? 
Propagandists, such as the Star's Olivia Ward, continue their biased, GreenFear-mongering campaign non-stop (...giddily reporting oops propagandizing, without question, how ""All life on earth now depends on maintaining efforts in environmental and related sciences,” says an open letter from scientists calling on Canada to protect science under threat from Trump" !!! (haha), thereby again trotting out the 'scientists are being muzzled' meme - (now blaming Trump) while David Phillips' (unmuzzled!) comments from 2 days ago - in Turdopian Canada - are purposefully buried and forgotten - as if they never happened!! 

   Pure propaganda, hot'n'steamy from TorStar's fake news factory!

   The ever-clever Toronto Star even published Fake News about fake news (even though the Star's own editors jumped hoops to pretend that they weren't peddling fake news)  as was pathetically demonstrated in Kathy English's classic fake-news-worthy piece of Atkinson-principled-propaganda seen in the Toronto Star, Feb.17, 2017. 
It's a sick spiral of cognitive impairment with these deluded Green Bolsheviks.
Here we see the Star lying about their role in peddling fake news, when they have been portraying a biased position (a political position, not a scientific position; ie peddling the hoax that 'the science is settled', and trumpeting political propaganda disguised as 'proof' of AGW'.)
Kathy English ranks up there with Goebbels in the propaganda department. 

    (... and despite their phony claims, FaceBook / Google aren't stopping the peddling of the kind of GreenFear which the Star peddles...! Google News happily publishes 'climate change is man made' science fiction on a daily basis, disguising these fake stories as "news" classed under 'science', instead of where they belong - in a hybrid 'science fiction' fake news category, where fake-science morphs into real political-propaganda. You know: the same pseudo-science that Ontario Liberals, such as Jim Bradley, peddle and practice.)

   You have to wonder if the Star's Olivia Ward (in her Mar.3, 2017 Fake News article) had even read her own Toronto Star colleague Kathy English's Feb.17, 2017 fake story on fake news?!?
(Ward's article came out less than 3 weeks after English's, so Ward ought to be aware of it, it's not ancient history!)
   Ward would have (or should have!) seen her Star colleague English's mighty attempt to provide her slanted Atkinsonian definition of Fake News, to justify how the Star cannot possibly be publishing phony articles!!

Kathy English writes:
"So, what is fake news?
To answer that accurately, we must look to Craig Silverman the Canadian journalist who first wrote about the phenomena of fake news for BuzzFeed News in November. Silverman, who has achieved global recognition for this important work, exposed the reality of fraudulent news, deliberately created and shared, largely on Facebook, to gain advertising dollars. Much of what he discovered was pro-Trump fake news that cast his opponent, Hillary Clinton, in a negative light with clearly false information.
Silverman’s reporting provided a fascinating look into the digital media universe and the ease with which wholly made-up “news” could be spread – and seemingly, believed. This “ecosystem” of fabricated information presented as serious news continues to be a significant concern in discerning the credibility of news sources..."
    It's quite sickening to see English use Silverman's views as justification that the Toronto Star is not a fake news peddler, when what he writes definitely would include the Star's own peddling of its slanted brand of fake news for clicks and for subscriptions!! Did Silverman ever examine the anti-Trump "news" spread by Tor Star?!?
    The Star editorializes its news, placing facts and events into their branded Atkinsonian slanted narrative. News and opinion and political propaganda meld, morph, and intertwine in various degrees from story to story; editorial stances permeate what should be news stories; news stories are fabricated to support editorial positions - - - but, this is nothing new, nor exclusive just to TorStar - so why the impassioned phony pretense by English that somehow the Star is as pure as the (man-made) snow?! 
    English is disingenuous to say the least, when, in an article about fake news, she just censors the starting point, that the Star is an inherently biased, Atkinsonian endeavor, that TorStar is a fake 'fair' and fake 'balanced' organization; in other words, that there is no 'fairness' or 'balance' to be expected. 
We expect leftist garbage from the Toronto Star - that is their inherent essence. 
English can't bring herself to acknowledge how the Star's basic organizational tenet infects and seeps into everything they do.          There is an ideological political agenda at the Star, and stories are editorially engineered, spun and processed to reflect their biased Atkinsonian narrative.
The Toronto Star frequently and eagerly prints phony 'news' about Donald Trump ...like Eric Tucker's unsubstantiated AP story, published by Tor Star on May 15, 2017 about Trump asking Comey for loyalty...! - yet Kathy English continues to prattle on about how the Toronto Star doesn't make things up! 
 Political opinion is substituted for and presented as "news" - it's a massive bait and switch, where "sources" are secret, and where opinion - salted with insinuation, infused with innuendo and peppered with propaganda - morphs into manufactured 'news'. The Star's role is to massage and amplify their politicized brand of 'the news'. English knowingly peddles a fake narrative - as if her organization does NOT peddle biased, processed political opinion, disguised as 'straight facts'!!! 
  (Is the irony lost on Kathy English, that the article is ostensibly about fake news?!  Or is she so deeply embedded in 'principled' Atkinsonian assholery that she cannot see the irony?! That is tragic. Or, is it that she does see the irony, does see her own disconnect, does see her own discrepancy and hypocrisy - and yet, coldly doesn't give a shit, and as an unrepentant propagandist, peddles the lie anyway?? That's fanaticism.)  
   All we have to do is look at Olivia Ward's fawningly fakey article (appearing only 3 weeks after English's) to see how fake English's denials of the Star's propensity for fakeness are!!! 
   They keep on doing it, while denying it - is this a genetic compulsion, that they just can't help it; that they can only function in their own bias, sealed up in a silo of their own comfortable paradigms?
   English would like us all believe in her own partisan alt-left hallucination, that fake news can ONLY come from the scary right, not from socialists... Now, let's get back to reality and continue to document the GreenFear climate change lies peddled by the 'non-biased' hahaha Toronto Star over the years.
   Kathy English can help demonstrate how full of umm ...non-fake news the Toronto Star is, by getting her Star colleague Olivia Ward to contact David Phillips (Canada's Senior Climatologist) to get his reaction to the GreenFear crap-laden story which Ward wrote on Mar.3, 2017. Why was Phillips omitted from Ward's own story?
   Kathy English claims that the Toronto Star would never deliberately publish false information: I have yet to see any validity in any of the “fake news” charges lobbed our way. While it should go without saying, I think it’s safe to say, the Toronto Star is not in the business of fake news. While this news organization’s work does sometimes fall short of its own journalistic standards, to suggest that the Star would deliberately publish false information is wrong. We don’t make stuff up.
And, that’s a fact."
     So here we are at the heart of the issue: the Star does make things up, but doesn't see it that way. They manufacture stories embedded with their corporatist Atkinsonian narrative. English slyly hazes over and conflates the Star's rare 'straight, factual news reports' with the Star's much more common 'newspinion' pieces, where biased Star reporter/propagandists clearly push a political agenda; where the headlines are consistently spiked, biased, or deceptive; where other related opinions and contexts are conveniently omitted and deliberately edited (censored) to further the biased Atkinsonian narrative. {Also see Chapter 48 on the issue of ingrained leftist bias} 

   The Star's penchant for publishing propaganda was clearly demonstrated (as documented in Chapter 3) by Amy Dempsey's GreenStink in the Jan.17, 2017 Toronto Star - a month before Kathy English's fakey defense/denial of TorStar fake news!!
Though Kathy English claims "we don't make stuff up", but the Star's Atkinsonian narrative belies her phony claim. 
Amy Dempsey's GreenStink (see Chapter 3) belies English's claim: and let's remember that Dempsey wrote her Star story a month before English's phony apologist piece was published. 

Then - just 3 weeks after English's propaganda piece was published - the same Star garbage appeared again, this time with Olivia Ward's GreenStink-laden story, where strangely, Environment Canada's Senior Climatologist (...who coyly would not confirm climate change 2 days earlier on the CBC!) was NOT interviewed. The Star purposefully spins, censors and omits - yet, hey, they don't make stuff up - ya, sure, Kathy!!! The Star's serial-propagandists just want you to believe their manufactured version!
   You'd think that of all the people in Canada, Ole Cagey Dave would have had something relevant to say to Olivia Ward about 'muzzling scientists' and about 'global warming/climate change'!!!
   So why did the Toronto Star NOT ASK Phillips to comment on those very issues?!

   Look, for Gaia's sake: 
Kathy English's Toronto Star just muzzled David Phillips, while claiming they don't do fake news! 
Trump didn't do that: the Toronto Star did.

   It's amazing. The Star consistently prints climate change stories as "news", which are based on the AGW GreenFear hoax. 
   What English and Toronto Star are doing here, is so insidious, it really is beyond 'lying', or 'fake news', it's Orwellian in scope. 

    Following Kate McGillivray's Mar. 1, 2017 CBC article (detailed in Chapter 13 above) where Environment Canada's Senior Climatologist refused to link his weather reports as evidence of climate change, the CBC ran another story just 3 days later (written by Maryse Zeidler,  Mar.5, 2017) with this typically GreenFearsome fascist headline:
"20 years ago, B.C. scientists warned of provincial impact of climate change
'Being able to talk about climate change outside of the science world, that continues to be a real challenge' ".
  The CBC's Zeidler trots out Stewart Cohen, referred to as a "senior climate change researcher with Environment Canada", yet Zeidler suppresses any mention of Environment Canada's SENIOR CLIMATOLOGIST David Phillips in her story, and Zeidler doesn't bother to ask Cohen to comment on EC's Senior Climatologist Phillips' refusal (...3 days earlier, on CBC, with McGillivray..!) to link weather to "climate change"..! 

The CBC's GreenGoebbels certainly work at a feverish pace to peddle their propaganda. Has Cagey already been greenwashed out of favour by the CBC's climate fascists?? Wow. (ya better repent now Cagey...)

Who is preventing anyone from "being able to talk about climate change", as the headline on Zeidler's story ominously suggests??! (...as if the media themselves aren't the ones who immediately attack and shame anyone who challenges the 'it's all settled' hoax...)

  For Great Gaia's sake: it was Zeidler HERSELF who prevented David Phillips from 'being able to talk about climate change' - by omitting him from her story! Maryse Zeidler and the CBC [...not, um, 'Harper'suppressed David Phillips!! 
   Wow - see how that works, Maryse?

    Zeidler actually never bothers to ask her subjects about that mysterious impediment preventing them from "being able to talk about climate change"; that dark insinuation in the spiked CBC headline is just left to hang there without question. It's enough for the CBC just to print the claim, without delving into messy details which spoil the overall effect of the desired GreenFear narrative. That's not reporting - it's biased, scripted stenography: it's propaganda.

    Here's the same old 'science is being suppressed' meme being slickly, subtlety - subliminally - peddled, without substance. We are just supposed to "know" that these poor old scientists are being somehow suppressed... by someone.... y'see...

    Not once did the CBC's Zeidler bother to actually provide, nor ask for, any evidence of man made climate change!!

Her starting off point, as we see, takes for granted that 'the science of man made climate is settled' - therefore, all the subsequent propaganda flows from that faulty premise.
    How can the CBC be peddling 'fake climate news', eh?! Well, if they do not question the premise, and 'believe' it to be 'real', and continuously peddle their stories under that supposition, to them it's all 'real' and cannot be fake! This is the silo which the CBC and their propagandist 'reporters' operate in.
  After all, no TorStar or CBC reporter has been threatened to be jailed by David Suzuki for lying about AGW, so, really, how fakey can the their science-fictiony false global warming stories possibly be!?! 

  Yes, there is some kind of perverted, demented, contorted 'logic' in the Green Bolshevik mind - ya can't blame us: we think/we believe/we trust/we don't even ask if  it's real - - - it can't be fake if we thought it was real, y'see? We was just tellin' ya, what our (selective) impressions were, of what we were (selectively) told by the (selected) people who fit our (selective) narrative!! 

   There is no need for CBCor TorStar reporters to actually question anyone about the AGW premise; their task is to propagate AGW and to amplify it, as if it was real. 
Gotta repeat the lie; gotta keep the lie goin'; gotta perpetuate the propaganda, a day at a time...
And if it means censoring David Phillips - while still claiming science is being censored {!!!} well, so be it: green climate fascism MUST march on at all costs.
   It's as if what David Phillips had said just 3 days earlier...
 (...to CBC's McGillivray on Mar.1, 2017, see Chapter 13, which was not what the CBC had actually wanted nor expected him to say...) ...wasn't conveniently relevant to Zeidler's report!!
   Is Zeidler's report the first act of the shaming and shunning of David Phillips, who sinned and refused to bow to the GreenFear-peddlers' demands??
  Note that Zeidler didn't bother to directly ask Stewart Cohen to provide all the data from Environment Canada (...data which David Phillips also has) which 'proves' AGW. Why didn't she ask??
   Zeidler could have asked for that, and could have listed all the citations which Cohen and Environment Canada have, which 'prove' AGW. (It's not as if David Phillips has secret Environment Canada climate-change files which Cohen doesn't know about!!! Does he?

  But this typical CBC propagandist, disguised as a 'reporter', DID NOT do so, as the purpose of this CBC story was about creating a haze of GreenFear, not about reporting facts.
  Zeidler purposefully didn't ask Cohen, to comment on his Environment Canada colleague David Phillips' refusal - made on CBC just 3 days earlier - to link weather to AGW. 
Why was that avenue not followed - what, the CBC in British Columbia doesn't know what Mother Corp. is peddling elsewhere across the nation?!?
    I mean, Great Gaia's Ghost: Zeidler's assignment was to peddle an illusion for us to believe that somehow in BC, they've had 'evidence of AGW' for 20 years doncha know - or so the narrative leads us to believe; yet, no actual AGW evidence was provided by anyone in Zeidler's report, from 20 years ago, or from now - of course, unless speculation, conflation, and false causality is considered 'evidence'!
   Zeidler could have easily even asked Ontario's Liberal Godfather Of GreenFear himself, Jim Bradley, about the existence of AGW evidence - - - Bradley has secretly had it, for some 30 years - maybe more, who knows..!
   Why didn't Zeidler interview Bradley and ask him all about his 'decades' worth of 'AGW evidence' (which he's never revealed) and compare it to all the 'evidence of AGW' which we are led to believe in her report that Environment Canada has, and which (apparently!) everyone in B.C. knew about 20 years ago???
   Zeidler was more than happy in her one-sided story to peddle Cohen's and "climate scientist" Trevor Murdock's views:
     " ...Despite those advancements, both researchers say the biggest challenge on the climate change front has been trying to change public perception. 
Cohen says it's frustrating to see people who still don't believe climate change is happening, or that greenhouse gas emissions have anything to do with it.
"Being able to talk about climate change outside of the science world, that continues to be a real challenge," he said.
"We need to figure out how to do that better and how to do that more continuously too."
    As expected from the CBC, Zeidler obligingly did NOTHING to question both her 'researchers' - despite the fact that there are climatologists "in the science world" who do question AGW; but, haha - that's NOT the point of this CBC article, is it!!

   If anything, we see that the CBC happily does "continuously" peddle GreenFear (which is exactly what Cohen wants) as if Zeidler was not sent by the CBC to do just that!!!
   Can't the "journalist" Zeidler see her own role aiding and abetting the propaganda she's peddling?

    She WAS there, paid by the CBC, to peddle one side of the (false AGW) story, and she was there specifically to "change public perception" to accept the AGW hoax (and therefore, to accept AGW-premised political policies). She was there as a paid propagandist!!

The entire episode is a fabricated piece of self-serving, echo-chamber propaganda.
   If Zeidler had acted as an independently-minded actual journalist, rather than a GreenFear groupie, she could have said to Cohen: 
   'What the f*ck, buddy: I am here, and the CBC is giving you a soapbox to peddle your views - more than they give any other views - so don't f*cking patronize me, ok? 
  So let's get to all that AGW 'evidence' you say you have from Environment Canada, which supposedly supports Catherine McKenna's Mar.9, 2017  claim that "Climate change is clear. It's man made", and which supports Prime Minister Turdo's claim that "climate change is real"... Show me that evidence... ...'
    hahaha: that never happened!! Zeidler and the CBC were there to preach and produce propaganda, not to investigate and produce facts.
   Zeidler wasn't there as an impartial reporter  { ...which CBC reporter ever is, I wonder?!}; she was there as a tainted, biased believer and as a willing participant in the GreenFear propaganda-peddling effort. Zeidler was there to dance the typical boiler-plate Cagey-style tango (...the same old GreenFear tango, but without Cagey - whom she relegated to the Climate Change doghouse for the time being...)
   Zeidler writes a story propagandizing and peddling GreenFear, interviewing her selected (and decidedly selective) subjects as if their views are somehow unknown or somehow being suppressed... as if their kind of views HAD NEVER ALREADY BEEN CONTINUOUSLY PROPAGATED BY THE CBC ON A NATIONAL BASIS!!! 
   The disconnect, the self-serving loop of propaganda, is astounding. 
   This CBC reporter  GreenFear-monger had a chance to write a story examining the 'scientific evidence of AGW' and how this 'evidence' - politically portrayed as "being settled" - manifests in Canadian politics. 
   Who stopped her from doing that?!?
   Instead, Zeidler earned her CBC paycheque by spinning GreenFear while never actually addressing the underlying premise of AGW. Great job.


   Speaking of the 'political manifestation of climate-change', on Apr. 29, 2017 we saw AGW-infected Niagara politicians such as Carlos Garcia and St.Catharines mayor Walter Sendzik immediately link spring flooding at Lakeside Park with climate change - with no AGW evidence provided, and with no questions asked by reporter Allan Benner!
   These two GreenFear-mongering politicians "agreed that climate change is to blame for the problems.
“When someone says, ‘What does climate change look like, and what does it mean to a city like St. Catharines?’ This is what it means,” Sendzik said. “It means a higher rate of erosion on our shoreline, it means flooding in areas like Port Dalhousie and Lakeside Park, and it impacts the yacht club.”

  So: what does GreenFear propaganda look like?! Look no further than Benner's biased 'report' about 2 smug local clowns peddling Al Gore's and Jim Bradley's climate-change-paranoia!! 
   You'd think by reading this St.Catharines Standard crap, that the water levels in the Great Lakes watershed had never deviated in the last... oh... thousand years! (....or, even since Jim Bradley was first elected!)  
    Apparently, we are to believe that there had never been any rate of erosion in the Great Lakes - until this week!! Apparently, prior to April of 2017, the entire Great Lakes ecosystem was always in a comfortable stasis, where nothing had ever changed !
    (The Standard did not bother to ask Mayor GreenPants why his city approved a condo building being built beside Lakeside Park literally feet from the flooded lakeshore!! I guess the mayor and the Standard need future 'climate-change victims' to justify this GreenFear-mongering) 
    The Standard plants a biased half-story without the context; keeping the GreenFear propaganda alive a little longer, rehashing the phony narrative whenever possible -  kudos all around for a great team effort of fake-newsmanship!
   Report the AGW lie, don't question the liars pushing the AGW premise. Don't ask, don't tell, nudge-nudge wink-wink - that's how the national media typically dances with Cagey, and those same jive moves are copied locally. 

   Compare mayor Walter Sendzik's GreenFear-mongering on Apr.29th to this May 5 CBC story by Laurene Jardin  (headlined "St. Lawrence River could rise if N.Y. request to lower Lake Ontario is approved") reporting New York State Governor Cuomo's request to open up the dam at Cornwall to drain off more of Lake Ontario's water.
   This is completely relevant to the issue  - yet, it's funny how Sendzik (the Agenda-21-infected mayor) never made any mention of any dam, nor its effect on the water levels in Port Dalhousie! The local yokels were left with the (intended) scary impression that this was all due to 'climate change'. 
   And reporter Allan Benner didn't bother to ask about that, either (...remember: the point is to play up and propagate the false impression of AGW, not to question its false premise... to propagate the 'climate-change' agenda by spiking the appearance over the substance.)
   Jardin wrote:
"Jean Aubry-Morin, a Canadian member of the International Lake Ontario-St. Lawrence River Board, said it's a balancing act... 
 Aubry-Morin said that the board would take current water levels in Quebec into consideration before adding any water into the St. Lawrence.  
Because of the snow melt and spring showers, the international board redistributes water into the appropriate body of water every year.
What's abnormal about this year, Aubry-Morin says is the amount of precipitation the provinces have seen in the last six weeks.
"It's a one-in-20-year situation," he said".
   Yet, mayor Sendzik and councilor Garcia acted as if they'd never heard of any kind of  'once in a 20 yr situation' - to them, this was 'evidence' of drastic climate change (which probably in their minds, was also directly and personally caused by Donald Trump!)
   No one in Benner's story mentioned the Cornwall dam's existence, let alone its purpose!
   No one mentioned the dam's systemic effects, downstream and upstream, upon the Great Lakes-St.Lawrence watershed, and its effect locally, upon the beach at Lakeside Park!!! 
   And Benner didn't bother to ask about any of this, either. 
   It's interesting to note that in her story, CBC reporter Jardin did NOT make any of those expected, typical, obligatory, false-causation references to 'climate change'. That was an unexpected, refreshing move.

   SO: now let's see what cagey ol' David Phillips saying about all this!!

   Let's look at Stephen Smith's May 4, 2017 CBC story (headlined "Mix of 'rare events' led to rapid rise of floodwaters in Montreal's West Island, prof says"):
   "David Phillips, a senior climatologist with Environment Canada, said another factor adding to the problem is the repeated occurrence of storm systems over the last five weeks that didn't just come and go, but stuck around for days.

"They haven't been hit and run," he said. "They've had more time to linger and spread more of their misery. Instead of one day of rain, we're seeing maybe two or three days of rain from the same system."
April had 19 rainy days in total, Phillips said, and many of those days saw heavy amounts of rainfall.
"It was not just a drizzle, an inconvenience — it was a gully washer, like half a month worth of rain in one day," he said."

   There goes Cagey again, with his oft-repeated, very scientific "gully-washer" rhetoric...
   It's funny how the CBC reporter Stephen Smith - when he had the chance  to do so - DID NOT BOTHER TO ASK David Phillips if the flooding along the Great Lakes confirms Al Gore's Inconvenient Truths about Climate Change.

   Isn't THAT what every leftist infected with AGW wants to know?!? 
   They want confirmation from Environment Canada's TOP CLIMATOLOGIST that this flooding is caused by AGW!
    They want to know that the Trudeau government's "it's real, it's all settled" climate change policy is based on science.

   When David Phillips blurted to reporter Stephen Smith that "It was not just a drizzle, an inconvenience — it was a gully washer, like half a month worth of rain in one day", why didn't reporter Smith immediately ask if this gully-washer of rain was an example of 'man-made climate change'?? 
  Was this an "inconvenient" question for the reporter ask? 
  Or did Smith - anticipating that it would be an "inconvenient" question for Cagey to answer - decide to self-censor, and to not ask it, in order to protect and not embarrass Cagey??!

   Why ignore such an obvious follow-up question??
   Why didn't the CBC reporter Smith simply ASK Canada's Senior climatologist to directly confirm that all this flooding is due to AGW?

  After all, isn't that a simple, straight-forward question for a reporter to logically ask, after he's just been told by Canada's Senior Climatologist that a half-month's worth of rain fell in one day??

   Wouldn't a reporter reasonably ask, following-up on Phillips' own gully-washing rhetoric: 'Mr. Phillips, you cite lots of rainfall - a half-month's worth of rain in one day... is that an example of man made climate change, Mr. Phillips?'

   Why didn't the CBC reporter Smith follow-up on what Phillips said?

   Even small town mayors are apparently convinced it's all due to climate change - so what is preventing BOTH Canada's top climatologist, and Canada's national broadcaster, from publicly providing what should be such a straightforward answer, to such a straightforward question??
   Trudeau's Liberals (and Turdo's hacks never lie..) have told us that 'climate change is real'; so why does the CBC shirk from asking Environment Canada about confirming 'climate change'??

   What prevented the CBC's Stephen Smith from asking David Phillips this question?

  Let's ask (... yes.... again... ...):
- was David Phillips "muzzled" by anyone?!
- did anyone prevent or suppress David Phillips from answering such a question?!
-  is it an unspoken belief that it would be beneath the dignity of David Phillips to be asked such a direct question?!
- did any one "muzzle" Stephen Smith (or any other CBC reporter, for that matter?!)
- did anyone prevent or suppress reporter Smith (or any other CBC reporter) from asking David Phillips to confirm that the flooding IS INDEED the direct result of AGW?!
-  is it beneath the dignity of any CBC reporter to directly ask Philips such a question?!?


  In  this May 9, 2017 CBC story by Paul Cote  we again see Canada's Senior Climatologist David Phillips using his very scientific terms such as "crap-shoot" to describe the weather. Yet, this CBC reporter fails to ask Cagey, why "man-made climate-change" is similarly not a "crap-shoot".

{Great Gaia's Ghost: here we have Canada's Senior Climatologist spouting scientific jargon such as 'crap shoot' to conflate his weather/climate stances - yet, Canada's leftist press DARES NOT ask Liberal dolt Justin Turdo or Canada's Climate Barbie, Catherine McKenna, how it is, that the Liberals 'climate change' policies are based on "crap-shoot" weather prognostications?!
Yep: that narrative is forbidden - ie: is suppressed.
Better not to link Cagey to the Liberals' Agenda 21 plans...}

   The CBC reporter Cote DID NOT BOTHER to ask climatologists Phillips, nor Ian Black (...described as "CBC's Ottawa climatologist"!! Wow: lookit that; is there a tax-payer-funded in-house CBC climatologist in every Canadian city??! Nice gig - no bias there, eh..?!) whether the weather that they are commenting on is due to man made climate change.
  Cote DID make sure to actually use the words "climate change" in his story - because, well, Phillips works for the phonily-named ministry of "Environment And Climate Change Canada" - so, the subliminal hint in the story is there:  'gosh, it must be man made climate change, because that's the name of the place Cagey works for'!! 

  Cagey David might as well be working for "Wild-Card Dave's Emporium of Gully-Washing, Crap-Shooting Climatology", because David is strangely unable to provide Canadians with any evidence of man made climate change. (...How about that, eh, Phil Chadwick?! {see Chapter 3} Who's 'suppressing' David Phillips now, eh Phil?? What are "David's circumstances" now, Phil?!)

  The CBC reporter Cote didn't bother asking David Phillips if all the "historically high water levels along the Ottawa River" (where Turdo's Liberals have now called in the ARMY to assist, no less) are a direct result of AGW.
  Given these circumstances, why did reporter Cote refuse to ask Phillips the obvious question? 
  Is it not relevant to the situation?!! For years, the CBC has shilled the climate change hoax - why shirk now from attributing direct examples of it? Don't climatologists Phillips and Black have the credentials to recognize and confirm direct evidence of  "climate change"?!

   CBC reporter Cote didn't even ask his own in-house-CBC-climatologist colleague Ian Black the same question.
One story, two climatologists - yet, NO QUESTIONS raised, nor any answers given, about 'climate change'!! That's a Cagey Climate Threesome Tango, right there!! Well done, fellas.

   Why even bother with having both of these climatologists in the story anyway, if they will not touch the issue of climate change? 
   Were they even asked about it by reporter Cote? 

   Was anyone suppressing Paul Cote, or Ian Black, or David   Phillips, stopping them from mentioning 'climate change'?! (... because we know that the tired old "science is being suppressed" meme would immediately have been trotted out if Harper was in power... leftists are now employing that phony meme in the US, against Trump, in order to deflect from Turdo in Canada - that's just how the propaganda is carried out)

  But, now that Turdo, Canada's Shiny Pony, is in power, who is suppressing who?!
- Was Cote told by his CBC bosses NOT to ask Phillips or Black any inconvenient questions about climate change?
- Was the CBC suppressing, censoring, and shaping/editorializing climate science?
- Was CBC reporter Cote told by Phillips or by Black not to ask them about climate change??
- Or, did CBC reporter Cote just decide all on his own (...and his CBC editor just said nothing..!)  to not ask such questions, because he figured it just wouldn't look good for Phillips or Black to be put on the spot and be badgered to provide actual evidence for what 'everybody knows' is "settled" climate change?!

   The above questions point to what a piece of CBC fake news this story really is.

   What's a cozy nudge-nudge-wink-wink dance between three 'don't-ask-don't-tell' partners (...or even more participants, if you consider that CBC editors were also involved in the propaganda)... we're all friends here, playin' for the same team, you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours...

  Cote didn't tell us whether he did or didn't actually ask Phillips or Black about climate change; we don't know if they answered... all we know is that another great smelly piece of GreenFear propaganda was shat out by the CBC, where the inherent impression is left that this is all due to 'climate change', yet where, at the same time, no evidence to make such a link is actually presented. 
  That's some fine propaganda!! 
  We are all just supposed to "know" nudge-nudge-wink-wink that everything in the article IS about climate change!! Through osmosis, innuendo, and conflation, we are supposed to "know", we are supposed to take for granted, that AGW is a given, infallible premise here - naturally, "all-settled" - which cannot be questioned.
   So, why belabour the point by asking pesky questions, when we 'know' that it's 'all settled'??!?
   It's apparently just not polite to ask!
   WTF - really?? What a CBC farce.

   Cote once again demonstrates the Cagey Tango - it's f*cking ridiculous how hundreds of reporters do the exact same thing with Dave Phillips; they follow the same template, the same dance steps, to put on the same propaganda show.


   We saw the Cagey Tango in action again, when good old Cagey Dave Phillips was trotted out for an appearance in one heck of a CTV News climate-fear story on CTV's 11 pm national news broadcast in Canada, Sept.1, 2017. (http://www.ctvnews.ca/video?clipId=1200532)
   It was sad to watch Sandie Rinaldo having to host a pathetic story by John Vennavally-Rao; she starts her introduction by stating "it seems {...note: she said "seems"...} that there are more storms pounding the planet these days" and goes on to conflate monsoons in "India, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Pakistan" and "intense flooding" in Nigeria to the storm Harvey in Texas.

   This wham-bam set-up between Rinaldo and Rao is textbook propaganda: the entire segment was set up as being a 'question' by Rinaldo  {..."Is climate change the culprit?" Rinaldo plaintively asks before passing the GreenFear torch to Rao} but really, it was NOT an examination - it was a presentation of climate fear-mongering in the best GreenFear tradition: all bluster but no evidence of man made climate change.

   Rao continued this GreenFear tag-team assault on CTV viewers by actually bringing in that Grotesque Guru of GreenFear Garbage AL GORE - - the climate con man - - and... wait for it... YES:  Canada's Cagey Climatologist was also thrown into this roiling cauldron of climate propaganda.

   We see Cagey blathering on CTV that:
 "Climate change is the steroids of weather. It just makes it more powerful; it fuels it, it gives it more oomph."
   Really: this is the explanation for climate change, from Canada's Senior Climatologist?!
   And was Cagey talking specifically of man-made climate change, which gave this scientifically-precise "oomph" to Hurricane Harvey??!??!!!
Rao doesn't bother to clarify anything.

   Most tellingly though, neither Rinaldo nor Rao bothered to specifically ask Cagey the direct question of linking man to the climate events which they had just indicated
   They certainly had the chance, and they certainly could have asked Phillips: that would have been journalism.
But journalism was never the aim here, was it?!
   Why didn't Sandie Rinaldo or John Vennavally-Rao actually ask David Phillips to confirm that anthrpogenic climate change caused hurricane Harvey? 
   After all, isn't that really what CTV wanted Phillips to publicly say: that humans are to blame? So why not actually ask Canada's senior climatologist the question?
   Who stopped Sandie Rinaldo or John Vennavally-Rao from asking David Phillips for proof of AGW?
   Who 'suppressed' David Phillips this time?! It wasn't Harper or Trump: it was CTV.

  In reality, journalism wasn't on the agenda in this CTV Fake News effort: this was a pretense of journalism, a screed with its own agenda: purporting to be news, presented as news, shown on CTV's national nightly news broadcast. But it wasn't news: it was calculated propaganda at the highest level.

  This CTV media fakery used Cagey Dave as an image, as a prop, as filler, as a 'wink-wink' gesture to virtue-signal that - despite the segment's supposed 'questioning' of climate change; despite Rinaldo's deceptive intro asking "Is climate change the culprit?" - the default position of this Rinaldo-Rao segment is that the story was really NOT questioning climate change!!! 
The CTV/Bell Media foregone-conclusion was that man-made climate change IS the culprit! Masterful deception.

  The impression meant to be conveyed was that 'climate change' WAS the cause of hurricane Harvey -  and that there was no question about this!!! The "culprit" question was a deception. 

   That is the typical GreenFear playbook: the default premise right off the bat is that "it's all settled" {...meaning there cannot be any questions...!} -  so, we can see that Rinaldo's portrayal of this segment as being a 'question', was a false, deceptive introduction - since there was NO actual examination of the underlying "it's all settled' premise!

{How could there be questions, when "it's all settled"?!?}

   This CTV 'story' was fixed and slanted from the get-go, the aim being to propagate the "it's all settled" GreenFear narrative, not question it.
   This is the same old GreenFear-pushing tactic used at the Toronto Star and CBC.
   The aim was to create an impression that 'climate change' (specifically AGW, specifically, humans) caused Harvey.
   These same kind of stories always pop up with the same scary false causations, allusions, and conflations, just as it was with Katrina. (...French Prime Minister Macron did exactly that - six just 6 days after this story - see Chapter 19!!)

  Cagey was used as a background for Rao's GreenFear-mongering - - no specifics from Phillips were actually required (...nor asked!!!); the point was to build a scary story edited with scary statements and scary video clips. 
While Rao reports that "experts are reluctant to blame global warming for causing any single storm"...
      (...which experts??? None were named! Was one of them David Phillips??? But, Rao just had Phillips on his segment, and Phillips didn't actually say on Rao's segment that he's "reluctant to blame global warming" ...!)
...Rao then goes on to try to show the exact opposite, conflating a link where there was none - it was all speculation and politicizing: the CTV/Bell Media corporate conglomerate even had Rao sliming President Donald Trump about climate-change - - this right after neither Rao himself, nor Al Gore, nor David Phillips, could actually provide evidence of AGW!
So "it's all settled" you see: we just can't provide the evidence.

   This is the kind of fake news story that CTV pushes out these days - - and sadly Cagey David Phillips seems more than happy to oblige these kind of convoluted GreenFear propaganda efforts.
  Note to CTV programmers and news directors: CTV should utilize this Rinaldo-Rao classic piece of GreenFear propaganda as an off-the shelf, ready-to-go-at-a-moment's-notice kind of instant GreenFear fake news video story, whenever any storm hits: all CTV has to do, is bleep out any reference to Harvey, and just insert the name of the new storm.
It's that easy!
This story is a classic boilerplate generic propaganda template, it is a goldmine which could save CTV/Bell media a lot of money in the future by not having to write the same propaganda over and over for every storm: just recycle THIS classic - it's that good!
CTV could replay this same Rinaldo-Rao segment a week later - when Irma hits - and all they'd have to do, is insert the name 'Irma' -  no-one would know or care that this originally appeared as 'Harvey'!
This Rinaldo-Rao segment has great GreenFear-mongering value!!
CTV could replay this same versatile, all-purpose GreenFear segment for years, for every storm that will ever occur in the future!!
More Bell Media / CTV climate-change garbage was shat out by Lisa Laflamme and John Venavally-Rao on the Nov.29, 2018 nightly news tv broadcast. This time, Bell Media was trying to deride Ontario's new carbon plan. Bell Media / CTV deceptively editorialized the biased report, showing meant-to-scare shots of chimneys and factory smokestacks - the only thing missing was some unrelated shots of polar bears! Lisa and Johnny even threw in a one-sided retort from Trudeau's Liberal green-fear-fascist Climate Barbie, for good measure. Another true piece of garbage. Now that GM's leaving Oshawa, CTV / Bell Media / and climate-change-fascist Barbie will be very happy - no more smokestacks to worry about... and no jobs, either. Yet, Climate Barbie will still collect her salary.

...and the sh!t-peddling by Bell Media / CTV continued on their April 1, 2019 television nightly national broadcast, this time with Lisa Laflamme and Jill Macyshon peddling climate fear-propaganda, helping defend Crime Minister Turdo's eco-fascist carbon tax which went into effect in Ontario and 3 other provinces that day.
The horrendously biased "report" was nothing but propaganda, complete with imagery of fires, melting ice and Hamilton's steel works, etc.
They even included two different images of polar bears as well as a clips of some environmental-defense eco-fascist and of Climate Barbie Catherine McKenna babbling her lies.
The use of the polar bear imagery, (see Chapter 39) linking it to climate-change/global warming politics, is shamefully fraudulent. Bell Media, CTV, Lisa Laflame {aka LaFlimFlam} and Jill Macyshon have outed themselves as base liars, dissemblers and willing propaganda peddlers, NOT journalists. This was not news, it was Liberal BS without a shred of journalistic effort.
This is the kind of eco-fascism which emerges from the shadows, when a crooked government and its media corporations conspire. This is what Katie Telford's Liberal-bought-and-paid-for 'opinion pieces' look like.
Bell Media / CTV and their propaganda team are nothing more that Turdo's c*ckholsters.   


On Sept. 7, 2017, CTV reported  France's PM Macron spouting this doozie about Hurricane Irma:

"French President Emmanuel Macron says France is "grief-stricken" by the devastation caused by Hurricane Irma, and he's calling for concerted efforts to tackle global warming and climate change to prevent similar future natural disasters.
Speaking Thursday during a visit to Greece, Macron said the planet's situation must be stabilized and that leaders must make take steps to combat global warming "so we can avoid such natural disasters in the future."
French Interior Minister Gerard Collomb told Franc Info that at least eight people died and another 23 were injured when the monstrous Category 5 storm walloped the French Caribbean island territories of St. Martin and St. Barthelemy. That number is expected to rise."

Yes, Macron  is spouting the same GreenFear mantra that Canada's Liberal climate-change-pusher Justin Turdo spouts.

Looks like Macron is channeling Al Gore and David Suzuki - - and politicizing a natural disaster to push some more GreenFear bolshevism. 

Macron - like Canadian PM Justin Turdo - believes that the "planet's situation must be stabilized"!
Not only is Macron calling to 'combat' global warming - he's ALSO going to 'tackle' climate-change'.
Apparently, y'see, 'global warming' and 'climate change' are now NOT the same thing anymore, in the GreenFearFascist playbook.
So Macron is now de-conflating 'climate-change', to make it appear that it is separate from 'global-warming! Such dichotomy, such inconsistency - coming from someone who demands stability and consistency from 'the Planet'....! 

Maybe Macron needs to be 'stabilized'...? 

Is this the new revised Agenda 21 narrative, which will be coming soon to Canada, in order to muddle the GreenFear alarmists' own lexicon?

In Canada, will any reporter ask Justin Turdo about Macron's comments, and ask Turdo to specifically endorse Macron's comments that hurricanes can be prevented, and to publicly link Hurricanes Irma and Harvey to man-made climate change, which can be reversed??! 
Will anyone ask Canada's Cagey Climatologist David Phillips to publicly confirm that Hurricanes Irma and Harvey were not natural, but  were 'man-made' - - and whether they could have been 'prevented'???

But, we know such questions will never be asked - it is just enough that the Agenda 21 puppet Macron obediently mouth the obligatory GreenFear memes, and that his GreenFear-infected colleagues around the world knowingly and approvingly nod in agreement - - yet, no specifics will be offered, because 'it's all settled'.

No one it seems will ask the GreenFear-infected Macron how he will "prevent" disasters that are {as he himself just said...!} inherently "natural"? 

Macron is saying here that he will prevent what is natural - and the gravity of this statement doesn't raise any eye-brows?
What Macron is saying here is in itself UNNATURAL, and inconsistent with reality.
And yet: this state of cognitive dissonance is considered quite normal to the GreenFear-infected masses.

Is Macron acknowledging that hurricanes are "natural disasters", or does he not understand the meaning of 'natural disaster'? How will Macron "prevent natural disasters"?! This GreenFearmonger is spouting nonsense.

Is he saying hurricanes are 'preventable' because they are caused by man (ie hurricanes are not natural!) and therefore, they can also be prevented by man?! oops: there's that cagey inconsistency again!! Conflate this, deconflate that, mix this term here with that term there, claim one thing here causes another thing over there... 
In Macron's mind, is all of nature man-made, and therefore 'preventable', as well?!?
(Let's remember what French crappiere Macron's fascist climate-change policies had created by Dec. 2018. Let's remember how Turdo and Macron have presented themselves as great pals. Let's remember that these two are Clown Princes of Agenda 21 globalism. Macron spouts smug perverted leftist crap (such as "Nationalism is a betrayal of patriotism") which sounds just like something which Turdo would eagerly spout as well. To pieces of sh!t such as Turdo and Macron, 'internationalism' is a welcome assault on national sovereignty. To them, borders are an affront to internationalism.


GreenFear pushing climatalarmists keep pushing their unsubstantiated delusions, which conveniently conflate events such as Hurricane Sandy {...or Hurricane Katrina, or Hurricane Irma, or Hurricane 'fill-in-the-blank'...} with man-made climate change.
We saw this again at Rex Tillerson's Jan. 10, 2017 confirmation hearing, where some protester began shouting that her home was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy - the intended (though in reality unfounded) implication being that man (...personified in this protester's mind into being Tillerson himself..!) caused the climate to change, thereby causing Hurricane Sandy, thereby destroying her house. It's that simple, y'see.
This is the kind of delusional link, the kind of tenuous, knee-jerk, conflated innuendo, that green bolsheviks - such as Jim Bradley's and Justin Trudeau's Liberals - love to encourage, love to see, love to foment.
They revel in seeing their pathetic work unfold in this kind of spectacle - this is is their kind of GreenFear at work. This green cancer is in Canada, and in the States.

We see it again, regarding Hurricane Irma.

Back on Jan 10 2017, Canada had to endure another visit from another deluded global-warming-infected stooge, this time, from the limousine lefty Hanoi Jane Fonda, the Viet-Cong-Commie-hugger who happily posed with the VC's on an anti-aircraft gun, the same guns which the NVA used to kill Americans. Jane Fonda made a fortune proudly peddling her anti-American "Fuck The Army" mantra. She went to North Vietnam to support the Communist enemy, to show the dumb folks back home her creds as a commie supporter.

Fonda flew (yes, flew - on a green helicopter powered by unicorn-farts --- no hypocrisy here, ever...) over Fort McMurray in Alberta, then immediately made a baseless link by announcing matter-of-factly (as a psychopath might) that the fire was "part of global warming"!!

So, there ya go, folks: y'see? It's "all settled"! More Fake News fodder for the Disciples of Al Gore and David Suzuki: climate-change caused the Fort McMurray fire, according to the GreenFear Gospel delusions of Jane Fonda!

Despite what Hanoi Jane spouts, Environment Canada's Senior Climatologist, David Phillips, has never stated that the Fort McMurray fire was caused by 'climate change'. (Maybe Jane Fonda can get Canada's Cagey Climatologist to once and for all  'prove that climate change is man- made'!!! That'd be funny.) Where-oh-where does Hanoi Jane get her scripted 'facts'?!! You might wonder how some people become so deluded, so detached from reality, so perverted by propaganda.

What can you expect from pathetic multi-millionaires who dish out their scornful doses of leftism to the dumb proles?! Hanoi Jane brushed past a female protester (a protester, by the way, who was not a happy Fonda fan) patronizingly telling the protester that "I am not against you" - while in fact, Hanoi Jane WAS against her, and against the people of Fort McMurray. Fonda was there on a 'higher' mission - as a GreenFear-spouting stooge.
Fonda should be nominated for a GreenFear Oscar for her amazing Fort McMurray performance, for her phony act, as she patronized the local yokels with her phony 'care' - all the while, her agenda  was to shill for the Greenpeace/Agenda 21 globalists who despise the mere existence of Fort McMurray.
If Fonda can act as a willing propagandist for the Black Panthers, she can act as a useful idiot shilling for the 'Club of Rome' too.
It was amazing to see Fonda performing her Fort McMurray 'compassion' act - phony compassion from a person who had proudly named her own child with father Tom Hayden, "after a Viet Cong martyr who attempted to assassinate US defense secretary Robert McNamara, before wisely changing it to Troy".

That's the kind of deplorable mentality which touched down in Fort McMurray.

 (Isn't it hilarious, by the way, how Wikipedia's lengthy page about Jane Fonda DOESN'T MENTION that Fonda's infatuation with Viet Cong Communists led to her naming a child after an assassin? Wikipedia just says this:
 "Their son, Troy O'Donovan Garity, was born on July 7, 1973 in Los Angeles, and was given his paternal grandmother's maiden name, as the names "Fonda and Hayden carried too much baggage". Fonda and Hayden wanted to give their son a name that "was both American and Vietnamese" and chose "Troy", an Anglicization of the Vietnamese "Troi", as the only name they could think of meeting that requirement. Hayden chose O'Donovan as the middle name after Irish revolutionary Jeremiah O'Donovan Rossa." 
 Amazing how Wikipedia's Jane Fonda page simply avoids (covers up) any further details explaining Fonda's "Anglicization of Troi" - such as that name was chosen to lionize and honour an enemy of the US who tried to kill an American defense secretary!

But, Wikipedia's page on Nguyen Van Troi DOES state that:
"Anti-war activists Jane Fonda and Tom Hayden named their son, an actor now known as Troy Garity, in honor of Trỗi."

Then we look at Troy Garity's Wikipedia page, which states:
"Troy Garity was born Troi O’Donovan Garity Hayden... ... His parents named him for the Vietnamese resistance leader Nguyen Van Troi"
Funny at how the information is skewed here - reading this deceptive spin, we are led to believe that Jane Fonda lovingly named her son after some cuddly, simple, benign, well-meaning friendly ole "resistance leader" y'see - not after an assassin who attempted to kill Americans Robert McNamara and Henry Cabot Lodge Jr.


It didn't take long for some deluded celebrity to conflate Hurricane Irma with - - wait for it... Donald Trump!
This time, it's Jennifer Lawrence spouting nonsense in the Sept. 9, 2017 Independent, sounding as if she is mentally ill:

"Jennifer Lawrence has suggested that it is difficult not to feel as though the devastating hurricanes in Texas and approaching  Florida are signs of “Mother Nature’s rage and wrath” at America for electing Donald Trump...
.... "It's scary," she said in response to the interviewer’s statement that there was "an end-of-days feeling" across the world.
“You know, it’s this new language that’s forming. I don’t even recognise it. It’s also scary to know that climate change is due to human activity, and we continue to ignore it, and the only voice that we really have is through voting.”
She then suggested the recent hurricanes devastating Texas and nearing Florida may have been prompted by Trump winning the presidency. "I’ve heard things and seen things on TV in my own country that devastate me and make me sick, and it’s just really confusing."
Lawrence has been a vocal critic of Trump since he launched his presidential campaign in 2015, when she said a victory by him would "be the end of the world" during an Entertainment Weekly interview.
 She also spoke about him on the Graham Norton show in 2016 where she said she wanted an opportunity to see him and say: "Hey Trump - f*** you.""
Lawrence's "language" is easy to recognize, it's symptomatic of GreenFear-infection, a deluded mixture of confusion, fear, hate, and ignorance, all summed up in one pathetic politicized propagandized package. 
Who in Canada will ask Canada's Cagey Climatologist David Phillips to confirm that "climate change is due to human activity" - as Lawrence AND as Canadian PM Justin Turdo both claim?

Can David Phillips confirm that the weather and the climate will stop changing - and go into stasis - if Jennifer Lawrence's favourite politicians get elected??!
Lawrence isn't the only one spouting these profoundly ignorant GreenFear delusions: in Canada, climate alarmists such as J-Turd's federal Liberals and Kathleen Wynne's Ontario Liberals all spout the same propagandized Agenda-21 GreenFear. (The fear-mongers of the IPCC are meeting in Montreal this week with J-Turd's Environment Canada to cook up some more GreenFear for Lawrence's future consumption..!)
You can bet that pretty much all Canadian federal Liberal MP's and MPP's are cheering Lawrence on, as they believe and agree exactly with what she is saying: she is echoing their own delusions.
And yet: Canada's Cagey Climatologist sits on the sidelines, and cannot or will not discuss the GreenFear-mongering which his own federal agency is carrying on with the IPCC!!!

There have been countless comments made, similar to the idiocy spouted by Jennifer Lawrence, which bizarrely conflate Trump to 'climate change'. Typical would be something such as was posted by commenter David Grant, in a Dec.31, 2017 Newsweek artcle written by Grace Guarnieri with this purposefully deceptive headline: 
Grant vomited out: "This is what you get for voting for Trump!"

Wow: how utterly moronic - and you can bet that Jennifer Lawrence would entirely agree with this clown.
Obviously, it doesn't matter to Grant that the same cold had occurred in Niagara during Obama's term - - - and for thousands of years previously!!
The mental illness displayed by these GreenFear-infected people is astounding.

The deceptive, click-bait part of the Newsweek article was that - contrary to Newsweek's fake news claim - the waterfalls at Niagara were NOT "frozen over" at all; the water was flowing as it usually does!! Water freezes in these parts in the winter - it is commonplace for the mist from the falls to cover the surrounding area with a buildup of ice!!

But the intent of articles such as these (and there were literally thousands of these articles between Christmas and New Year of 2017) is to make it look as if there is something out of the ordinary happening here, ominously hinting at "climate change", as if Niagara Falls had never encountered freezing cold before!

These sensationalized, spiked, fake reports roll out like clockwork every winter, as the WORLD-WIDE media gets involved, eagerly amplifying a lie that 'Niagara Falls has frozen', and, attempting to conflate that this is somehow a never-seen-before phenomenon associated with 'climate change'. 

Those local readers in far-off places have no fu*king clue about it, yet, triggered by the propaganda they read, chime in with their bizarre "knowledge" that somehow it has all to do with "climate change" or Trump.

What reporter Guarnieri should do, is follow up her Newseek non-story with a REAL examination of Niagara Falls, ON own mayor Jim Diodati's destructive record of Liberal GreenFear beliefs. 
Please ask the GreenFear-pusher Dionutty to prove that the winter in Niagara Falls was caused by 'climate change'!!! It would be instructive to watch the lies pour out of Diodati's mouth as he scrambles to assemble rationalizations based on fictitious climate fairy tales he learned from Jim Bradley and Al Gore. 

Make no mistake: Liberal hack Jim Diodati himself DOES think that climate change causes winter in Niagara and causes the falls to... uh... 'freeze'! {Cuz they never froze in the past, eh!!!} Diodati in his rapture with Green Bolshevism would also most likely agree that Trump caused the falls to freeze!! That's just the way these deluded Liberals are.

It was sickening to see this clown Diodumbo, with the other clown Mercer, going on about the cold on the CBC's New Years telecast from Niagara Falls on Dec. 31, 2017 {...as if it being cold was something unusual; as if, as the deluded left like to now stereotype, it was 'extreme weather', which had never happened before!}

How is it that deluded morons who believe that hurricanes were caused by Trump, or that 'the falls froze because of Trump', have no explanation why hurricanes existed under Obama; or why Niagara Falls is 'frozen' on the Canadian side, where glorious Liberals - such as Diodati, Kathleen Wynne, and Justin Trudeau - have jurisdiction?!!
Didn't the falls on the Canadian side also freeze due to Turdo and Diodopey and Krooked Kathleen being elected, as well?!?
Oh... wait... it doesn't work that way... ...  ah... I see... !!
The morons who blame hurricanes on Trump were again triggered and crawled out of the woodwork by the thousands in late August , 2019, in the run up to Hurricane Dorian.
As reported by CTV and many others, Canada's former PM Kim Campbell (...who claims that climate change is "making hurricanes more destructive" and blames Trump for her delusions) eagerly jumped onboard the Trump hate train, tweeting this disgusting drivel on Aug.28, 2019: "I’m rooting for a direct hit on Mar-a-Lago". What a pathetic motherfuc*er Kim Campbell has become - and this classless scumbag still has a job selecting judges for Canada's Supreme Court?!


    Further to the issues raised in Chapter 13 (...where Canada's Cagey Climatologist refused 'to go there' when a CBC reporter asked him about climate change!) we now see this sanctimonious claptrap from Akshat Rathi at Quartz (Sept. 2, 2017)  propagandizing that "Nobody would claim global warming created Harvey"is this writer for real?!
Jennifer Lawrence spouted that same superstition just a week after this article!
 (...and in Aug 2019, Kim Campbell would do so - See Chapter 21) 
Untold tens of thousands believe the GreenFear-mongering propagated by Obama and Crooked Hillary and Justin Trudeau and Stephane Dion and Jim Bradley and Al Gore and David Suzuki and the IPCC!! 
The Toronto Star and CTV / Bell Media and CBC and TVO and Huffington Post and countless other GreenFear-infected media sites -  with 'moral license'! -  constantly blare their GreenFear climatalarmism.

Rathi is in fact pushing GreenFear with this ridiculous article. He has the obligatory slime against Trump, then goes on to fear-monger that "The more Americans see global warming as a direct threat, the better the chances for the whole world of doing something about it."

So Rathi does us a favour here, and reveals the phony underpinnings of the GreenFear hoax: that it is a matter of deception and of perception - not a matter of reality; that it is a matter of appearance over substance. That it is a matter of 'tone', of politicization, of power-grabbing, of exploiting natural disasters to fear-monger for political power.
This is GreenFear exposed.

Note how the virtue-signalling Rathi disgustingly couches his GreenFear propaganda in moral, not scientific tones - after all, his crap is headed "A "QUESTION OF TONE: It’s morally right to bring up climate change even as the tragedy of Hurricane Harvey unfolds."

Again, it's important to notice what the default position here is: it is the phony GreenFear premise that "it's all settled", so there cannot be a question of AGW. Therefore,  in this perverted, gamed construct, the 'moral high-ground' also defaults to the GreenFear-pushers.

It's funny, how Rathi and his GreenFear-pushing colleagues never criticize the 'tone' of Canada's Cagey Climatologist David Phillips, about the "morality" of Cagey refusing to acknowledge what Rathi would like Cagey to acknowledge: that humans cause hurricanes
Wow: doesn't David Phillips - Canada's Senior Cagey Climatologist! - have any moral climatic obligation to stop being cagey and finally admit that humans created hurricanes Katrina, Harvey, Irma, Hazel...??!
Isn't Cagey's refusal 'to go there' immoral, in Rathi's perverted opinion? (ahem... who muzzled Rathi not to directly ask David Phillips about these issues?!?)
It seems that most Canadian media outlets actually believe (through secret codes being telegraphed by Cagey and his interviewers..!!!!!!!!!!!) that Cagey IS covertly admitting that humans cause hurricanes - - isn't that the unspoken undercurrent, the intended subliminal take-away, of every David Phillips 'Cagey Tango interview' since time immemorial !?!
Yet,  GreenFear-mongering propagandists such as Rathi, paint Trump with climate-immorality - while Cagey remains morally unscathed, as pure and morally innocent as the man-made snow!!


   On Sept.11, 2017, David Horsey, a science-fiction-peddling entertainer in the Los Angeles Times, spouted off more GreenFear horsesh!t, peddling the GreenFear climate change lie while also saying that climate change doesn't cause hurricanes wildfires, or tornadoes!! Yep: figure that one out!! Marvel at the disconnect, the deflection and the deception!
   Oh, how Al Gore's mythological narrative conveniently changes; how desperately the "it's all settled" GreenFear propaganda is pretzelized - twisted, bent, contorted and reshaped - to prolong the phony meme!
  Canada's Cagey Climatologist would be impressed by the sheer deception, deflection, and perversion penned here by Horsey - this is Toronto-Star-quality, Green Bolshevik-level, propaganda! 
Here's a classic climate-change-propaganda piece, deceptively crafted and presented as NOT being a climate-change-propaganda piece! (...like that CTV Rinaldo-Rao phony report in Chapter 18... or like most CBC reports..!)
David Horsesh!t includes an obligatory slime against Trump AND Rush Limbaugh - yet, strangely, the seemingly-cognitively-impaired Horsey doesn't comprehend the conflicting 'logic' in his climate tale: Limbaugh has never claimed that hurricanes are caused by 'climate change'; so in fact, Horsey AGREES with Limbaugh, yet still finds it necessary to attack him! What a load of horsesh!t from Horsey.
It is Horsey's own GreenFear-infected fellow travelers who blindly insist that hurricanes are man-made!! 
Horsey deftly, purposefully, ignores - he denies! - mentioning all the other climate change hoaxters who DO claim that climate change (...including hurricanes... get it, Horsey??) is caused by man!  
That is exactly the perception that the loony left wants to convey - - it's not the opposite, as this confused LA Times science-fiction entertainer purports!

Following up on CTV's previous climate-propaganda-peddling efforts (as seen previously in Chapter 18), we see CTV/Bell Media and David Phillips again spreading climate-change propaganda in Josh K. Elliott's June 1, 2017 CTV News story.
Was CTV reporter Josh K. Elliott ordered by someone NOT to specifically ask Cagey Dave, whether the weather Cagey was referring to, was MAN-MADE CLIMATE CHANGE??

Do you see the purposeful deception; the double-speak, the planned innuendo and Green-Fear-mongering inherent in this piece of typical green-garbage 'reporting'? 

Josh  - like hundreds of Green-fear-spreading lemming  'reporters' before him - DID NOT bother to ask Cagey for Cagey's specific evidence of man-made climate change: why did this CTV reporter fail to be accurate; why did his editors allow this shoddy type of pseudo-journalism to continue?
This "story" is just like hundreds - if not thousands - of other similar half-baked, innuendo-laden stories in which Cagey was prominently featured over the years, spouting the same GreenFear mongering crap, dancing the exact same Cagey Tango with some compliant dance partner/'reporter'.

It is important to note that in his last paragraph, Josh wrote that David Phillips 'added that summers have been gradually warming up over the last 70 years due to climate change' - yet, look closely: Josh DID NOT actually provide the specific quote anywhere in his article of EXACTLY what Cagey said on this point - - there was no direct quote by David Phillips; it was Josh K. Elliott's interpretation of whatever Cagey said.
Take a look: the only mention of climate change was made in the story's last paragraph by CTV reporter Josh, who then attributed it to David Phillips. 
If Phillips said this, why not then actually provide the actual quote in its entirety??? 
Why does CTV publish an entire article creating ominous fear about weather (with no mention of climate-change), until the very last paragraph, where climate-change is finally introduced as the 'cause' of all this previously-mentioned weather? Furthermore, as pointed out, the climate change phrase is not given to us as a direct quote, but as an attribution made by the reporter.
    (It's noticeable that CTV has started doing this a lot, especially on their tv 'news' broadcasts, where someone like Tom Walters will go on for 4 minutes blathering on about something or other, mostly insinuating and flaming Trump-hate or climate change propaganda pieces, spewing all kinds of innuendo and partial truths - then in the last 10 seconds basically admit they actual have no real story. Paul Hunter at the CBC does this a lot as well, complete with rolling eyes and smug grimace.) 

Why all this two-faced, side-stepping double-speak with reporter Josh, then??? 
Did David Phillips actually directly claim - with no scientific evidence asked for, nor any provided...! - that the summers are warmer everywhere on the planet since 1947??! Is that what Cagey actually said??!

- Why didn't  CTV reporter Josh provide the actual quote wherein Cagey told him about climate change causing summers to be warmer over the last 70 years???

 - And, on the other hand, why wouldn't David Phillips correct the reporter, if the report overstated or misinterpreted what was said?!? 
For Gaia's sake: let's remember that Cagey Dave had "refused to go there" about climate-change with the CBC (...see Chapter 13 above!) back in March 2017; so why would Cagey Dave decide to (supposedly) mention climate change to this CTV reporter, in this story, 3 months later??!

- And why didn't CTV reporter Josh K. Elliott challenge David Phillips to specify what "climate-change" David Phillips was referring to? Was Cagey cagily and obliquely referring to man-made climate change? Or, was that cleverly left for reporter Josh to assume on his own; to use his own biases to interpret Cagey's vague decantings, maybe taking personal guidance from climate luminaries such as, oh, Leonardo Dicaprio or Jane Fonda or Jennifer Lawrence, known for their knowledgeable perspectives?!? 

- Why didn't  CTV's stenographer Josh ask David Phillips to provide the evidence that it was man-made climate change (AGW) which according to Canada's Senior Climatalarmist, has caused 'summers to be warmer for 70 years' ?????

- And why didn't this CTV stenographer ask David Phillips to scientifically back up his supposed 'last 70 years' claim? The summer warming started '70 years' ago eh? - - but exactly where?? Was it everywhere - equally, without exception, across the entire planet - exactly 70 years ago, that summers started getting warmer??! That's what Josh reported that Cagey told him!!!

Yet: Josh didn't bother to challenge Cagey on anything! Cagey spouted his usual loquacious "rock-and-rolling" "either way" teflon-smeared climate-innuendo, and the stenographer/reporter  danced along with Cagey's lead, no questions asked!

We've seen this exact same Cagey Tango, where the media and David Phillips perform their award-winning Cagey Side-Step routine, where some reporter and Cagey cozily dance their choreographed 'don't-ask-don't-tell / you-know-what-I-want' moves; the reporter willingly side-steps asking hard questions, as Cagey coyly side-steps by giving soft answers, both moving in unison to carefully make sure - nudge-nudge-wink-wink - that they don't step onto each other's toes for their own mutual benefit, to further their own agendas - - it's the exact same GreenFear-mongering template, the same song-and-dance, time after nauseating time.

What was different 71 years ago, then?? Can David Phillips provide evidence that AGW suddenly started on Jan.1, 1947 {...but only, apparently, during the summers!!} and that there was NO climate change prior to 1947????! Were summers all colder, everywhere on the planet, up to the end of 1946??! 
C'mon Dave: WTF are ya doin' here?!?

Did it not occur to CTV reporter Josh K. Elliott to ask??
Or was it Josh's job here, in collecting his CTV pay cheque, to not ask any questions, to not rock the 'it's all settled' boat, but to just dance the Cagey Tango with David Phillips, obediently spreading climate change propaganda??


Let's remember how Canadian Liberal Prime Minister, the global GreenFear-pushing Justin Trudeau, had moaned about the death of socialist scumbag Maurice Strong, who was an inspiration to many of Canada's sick Liberals and socialists. (...Turdo also is fond of  dictatorships, because they can get things - like climate change legislation - done quickly, without opposition...)

Back in 2007... (back when Ontario's own Godfather of GreenFear, Liberal MPPJim Bradley, was agitating for climate fascism) ... a detailed article about Strong was written by Claudia Rosett, on Feb. 8, 2007, headlined "The Curious Career of Maurice Strong", in which Rosett named Strong as the "Godfather of  the environmental movement" (..which is exactly what Liberal GreenFearmonger Jim Bradley made himself out to be in Ontario, by the way). The article gave an eyeopening summary into the green fascist movement as it was at the time, ten years ago - but - it is still quite relevant, interesting and informative to re-read this same article, ten years later, in 2017, to see how prescient the analysis and warnings were.

Let's also go back a few years, to 2012, to read Tom DeWeese's description of Maurice Strong in the "The Most Dangerous Man In The World":

"...This is a speech I first gave to the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in 1996, just four years after the UN’s Earth Summit in Rio. At the time I gave this address there were strong indications that Maurice Strong could be chosen as the next UN Secretary General. It didn’t happen, but that didn’t diminish his influence over the body. In fact, In 1996 all roads in the UN led to Maurice Strong. This speech represented the first time that the CPAC audience and most conservatives had ever heard of the radical agenda of the environmental movement. It was probably the first time the term Sustainable Development was ever heard by a conservative audience. In fact, at the time I gave this speech, environmentalism was the most popular and most powerful movement in the world. Yet, here, 15 years before “Climategate” I was revealing the very root of what was to become the “Climate Change” movement and its drive to destroy the industrial West. By the way, tapes of this speech became the most popular of any ever produced by the American Policy Center and continues to be one of our best sellers. TD

Let me begin by asking you a few questions. They may seem rather silly – but I have a point. So, please, just indulge me for a moment – just answer with a show of hands:
How many of you know of Adolf Hilter – and that he was evil? How many of you know Mao Tse Tung – and that he was evil? How many of you know of Lenin and Stalin – and that they were evil?
How many of you know of Maurice Strong – and that he is evil?
There is the point of my questions. Maurice Strong has the potential to be the most powerful and most evil dictator the world has ever known – right now – today – in our day and age – and yet, most of you have never heard of him."...

We should remember how, in a Nov.28, 2015 CBC story, Justin Trudeau just, uh, forgot to mention Maurice Strong's disgusting involvement the corruption-infested UN Oil For Food scam, or Strong's disgusting connections to Canada's wealthy Liberals!! Lying by omission; rehabilitating green fascists: that's Canadian Liberalism for you.
The CBC reports Justin Turdeau spewing the leftist meme about Strong being a pioneer in "sustainable development"- but what does that crap mean?
Does Turdo himself understand what his Agenda 21 handlers are telling him to say?!

Well, as it happens, DeWeese had already pre-explained for us, back in 2012, what Trudeau (and all his Turdobot Agenda 21 clones along with him) mean, when they speak of "sustainability":

"The assault on property rights – in fact the entire radical environmental agenda – is being driven by the United Nations. And Maurice Strong is the number one force behind UN environmental policy. Maurice Strong is the leader of a radical contingent of Environmentalists that believe technology and modern industrialization must be stopped.
Does that sound overstated or too extreme? Well, let me read you a much more radical statement and these are not my words – they’re Maurice Strong’s:
In 1992, Strong told a UN conference…: “It is clear that current lifestyles and consumption patterns of the affluent middle class, involving high meat intake, consumption of large amounts of frozen and convenience foods, use of fossil fuels, appliances, home and work place air conditioning, and suburban housing are not sustainable.”
Now, let me explain this new term “Sustainable” that you will see popping up in environmental policy more and more. Radical greens believe that all of man’s activities on Earth are harmful (and therefore not sustainable). They believe that man is a cancer on the Earth. Their goal is to slowly cut back and finally end all development and reduce human habitat to specific areas while the rest of the world is turned into wilderness."

This is the belief of GreenFear-pushers, such as Niagara's Liberal MPP Jim Bradley. This is what the Green-Shifter Stephane "Bumbledore" Dion believed. This is what St. Catharines MP Chris Bittle's federal Liberals believe. This is what Jim Bradley's Ontario Liberals believe. Just because Strong is dead doesn't mean that his fellow-travelers have stopped kissing his ideological ass: they relentlessly continue push their GreenFear agenda, on a daily basis. (TVO airs climate propaganda every day!)

And climatalarmist David Phillips? It looks like he's just one of the soldier-enablers on that gangrene-infected GreenFear Road.
Nicolle Mortillaro (CBC Nov.13, 2017) spouted more GreenFear, and the same day, on the CBC's disgusting nightly "National News" television broadcast, the pathetic Rosemary Barton kept up the GreenFear shill, peddling the climate change '15,000 scientists' garbage over and over,  unquestioningly regurgitating what they were told to spout.


Now that there was another cold snap across Canada and the States in Dec. 2017, starting before Christmas, it's funny how the global warming and climate rhetoric becomes more subdued. (it doesn't stop TVO from peddling its climate change propaganda, though: they still shill their green garbage EVERY DAY, almost hourly!) The GreenFear is still being peddled, but using unsubstantiated phrases such as 'it feels like' and 'extreme'.  When Canada got a white Christmas, the Green Fear peddlers cringed, because they would have preferred writing more of their 'Green Christmas' narrative stories, to peddle their spin.
Cagey Dave was peddling the idea that there would be a warmer winter, as Alexandra Jones wrote in the Toronto Star Nov.21, 2017, in an article comparing Dave Phillps' projections with Chris Scott's forecasts. But make no mistake about it, Alexandra Jones' Star article was nothing but typical GreenFear propaganda - there was no semblance of journalism here: the elephant in the room - AGW - was purposefully and carefully avoided by Jones AND by her two subjects.
       A real interview with Cagey and Scott by a non GreenFear-infected journalist would be quite interesting - yet, this was NOT it, and it appears there never will be such a thing on Canadian media.
     You will note that the underlying lie (that AGW is man-made) is, as expected, as usual  the unquestioned starting point - therefore rendering the entire discussion here as a charade.
     Who censored Alexandra Jones, preventing her from directly asking Cagey Dave and Scott for answers regarding the evidence of man -made climate change?! Listening to these participants, no-one broaches the question if the El Nina or El Nino they refer to, are also 'man-made'!! Did anyone muzzle Jones, or David Phillips, or Chris Scott?! This phony Toronto Star 'reporter' had a direct chance to engage BOTH high-profile weather forecasters to confront the issue as to whether the weather they are commenting upon, is DIRECTLY LINKED to man made climate change.

But instead, Alexandra Jones doubled-down and just performed a slimy Cagey menage-a-trois three-step tango.
Her CBC snow-job was not to investigate climate-change, but to propagate climate change.

     Get ready for the Toronto Red Star to publish some slime about Trump AND deflect from the NON-global warming we're having - oh, wait: as expected. they've already done it, reprinting a sack of Greenfear Garbage headlined "It’s cold outside. Get ready for the Trump global warming tweet"
originally vomited up by New York Slimes hack Kendra Pierre-Louis.
Kendra has no evidence of AGW, just like TorStar hack Alexandra Jones has none - but they love to spread the GreenFear narrative.
And yet  disgusting Toronto Star editor Kathy English (see Chapter 14 ) claims that her socialist propaganda rag doesn't publish fake news!!! 


Finally, Canada's cagiest Climatologist comes out and claims that all weather is due to man made climate change - or is it really what he said - who knows?! Thankfully, Mike Postovit, a Global News sports videographer (not a science-fiction critic...) was on hand in Kingston, Ontario on Jan. 20, 2018, to help peddle Cagey's climatic- wet-dream, writing:
    "Canadians love to talk about the weather. And there’s been plenty to talk about this winter with lots of snow, deep freezes and quick thaws.
According to experts, it all falls into the category of “climate change,” the focus of a Kingston Symposium on Friday. Environment Canada senior climatologist David Phillips helped to kick off the daylong event.
"Everybody recognizes now that it is a major threat, probably one of the most important environmental issues that humankind has ever faced.”
Raising awareness and pushing for action — that’s what Phillips and others are trying to do...."
You read it: snow, freezing and thawing are somehow all conflated by David Phillips into being un-natural, caused by man! (Therefore, unexplained "action" is needed... !)
David Phillips - on the federal government's payroll as Canada's Chief Climate Green-Fear propagandist - peddled horseshit that "Everybody recognizes now that it is a major threat, probably one of the most important environmental issues that humankind has ever faced.” without any scrutiny from anyone in Kingston!! Why doesn't David Phillips make these bloated claims under his official capacity as an Environment Canada employee? Is he expressing his personal or his official federal government department's official views?? Why isn't anyone asking?
This Climate Clown was preaching his addictive GreenFear-mongering to his own echo chamber.
Apparently, Canada has never had snow, never seen thaws, never experienced floods, never had droughts, never had severe storms... it's the same deceptive, Cagey Crap, shat out of Cagey's deceptive mouth into the receptive ears of his already-GreenFear-infected acolytes.
Cagey was there to peddle his seductive climate-change bullshit - that's clearly his 'gig' - and his fans eagerly swallowed Cagey's GreenFear-infected deceptive diarrhea.

The Kingston Whig Standard's Elliot Ferguson had a chance on Jan.19, 2018, to act as a reporter, instead of a fanboy, by asking David Phillips for any evidence that anything Cagey was saying, was linked to man made AGW climate change. {...because that was the pathological delusion underlying the raison d'etre of this 'sustainability' conclave, wasn't it - that AGW climate change is all settled / so don't ask any questions, move along now, g'wan outta here, ya denier...}
David Phillips fear mongers about extremes and about changes, yet, no one asks him to quantify anything, nor question his theories on his preferred alt-world-climate view - that of climate stasis - where apparently nothing anywhere, ever changes (...and if it does change, well, gulldarnit, it'll be controlled by da gubermint...) ... it beggars the laws of thermodynamics.
     But Ferguson - like the thousands of 'reporter lemmings' before him - DID NOT bother to question things: Ferguson re-peddled Cagey's conflated deceptions and happily sent Cagey's green fertilizer/propaganda back to his editor for spreading - wink, wink, wham, bam, thank-you, man: the sordid Cagey Tango was flawlessly and effortlessly performed once again, just as expected! 
The dirty dance was done, and - hurrah! - no GreenFear was hurt or damaged during the production; the deceptions and conflations will live on to propagate another day! The dance partners had their brief moment, and the issue of their dance -  a shiny new GreenFear report - will, Gaia-bless, grow with the years, joining the thousands of older bastard stories inseminated by Cagey and his dance partners, in their legendary Pantheon Of  Propaganda.


Then we had David Phillips' boss, the Liberal hack Catherine McKenna, spouting more of her GreenFear delusions, see:
   This is the climate-change perversity under which David Phillips thrives!
Funny how Canada's GreenFear press carefully ensures that their 'reporters' never ask BOTH Cagey David Phillips and Climate Conjob Queen Catherine McKenna, in the same story, to each provide their corroborative scientific evidence of  "man made global warming / climate change" !
    {It's like Cagey is treated as Homey Dave The Entertaining Climatologist With All The Neato Weather Anecdotes, who says just enough to make ya think that he's got evidence of AGW; otherwise His Homeyness is PURPOSEFULLY kept compartmentalized from any substantive climate change issue!!}
    We have seen that Cagey is blatantly left out of the loop, when McKenna opens her wide yap to spew climate fear  and lie about solutions for a problem which she knows nothing about.
McKenna doesn't use David Phillips' climate spoutings as an evidence-source, because David Phillips is cagey enough to pin himself not with any actual evidence, but with the perception of evidence! Over the years, as we have well seen, David Phillips could have easily proven the "global warming / climate change is caused by man" thesis - - except for the fact that for all those years, he's never had any evidence to prove AGW; all David Phillips ever had was innuendo and conflation - just like any other Canadian Liberal has had: a lot of fear-mongering based on science-fiction.

    (We well remember how the leftist press presented a phony narrative that somehow, 'science was being suppressed', prior to that piece of merde Turdo's election! 
    Well - now that NO ONE is apparently still not suppressing Cagey - why can't Cagey come out of his comfortable climate closet and reveal publicly his support and devotion to Liberal McKenna's climate change delusions?!
    Who's suppressing Cagey now?! Where's Ole Chadwick now, when we need some handy excuses?!
    It's funny how the "suppression" meme was carried out to create an impression as if somehow David Phillips secretly knew 'all about the truth' that MAN 'caused the climate to change', and that only if bad ole Harper wasn't in power, well by golly, David Phillips would reveal everything!!
Well: that has not happened!
And there is no "suppression" now, any longer - - - is there?! heh!
It's been self suppression, self censorship by Cagey Dave and his co-opted legacy of reporter-co-conspirators for years;  they happily hooked up with Cagey to perform their sordid Cagey Tangos - literally, with no questions asked!
    THAT kind of suppression / collusion to peddle a lie was never considered 'suppression' by those reporter-swingers who participated in hundreds of Cagey's past press orgies. 
    They wrapped Cagey in a 'don't ask/ don't tell' sheath of devotion; they slipped on a mutually-beneficial condom of propaganda all these years; the media was Cagey's prophylactic, building up his profile; protecting him from criticism, protecting them from criticism; both coming out clean after each tryst with their craven GreenFear agendas satisfied.
    We see that David Phillips' phony 'suppression under Harper' was just a decoy narrative, a deflection intended to politically smear Harper; yet, which in scientific terms, had nothing whatsoever to do with the actual science of climate change.
Cagey Dave HAD NOTHING then; and Cagey Dave still HAS NOTHING now.
  -  David Phillips suppressed HIMSELF by not revealing (during the time he was supposedly "suppressed" by others!) that he had NO evidence of AGW.
  -  David Phillips still suppresses himself (when he's supposedly NOT being "suppressed" by others!) by still not revealing that he has NO evidence of AGW.
    This is a very concerning psychological state - publicly playing along with these narratives and themes, going with the flow, never questioning the false 'it's all settled' premise of AGW, all the while performing an act of pretense - peddling speculative, conflated propaganda - as if there was scientific evidence of AGW.
   The phony 'science being suppressed' narrative was deflective AND projective: deflective in that it cast a smear (as was its political intent) against Harper; projective in that there was suppression being carried out  - but it was suppression by the GreenFear-pushers themselves, who attacked any political and scientific questioning of their climate change false construct (...as the Liberal fascist McKenna is still doing in 2018!)
Cagey David Phillips (though purporting that he might have) never did have ANY shred of evidence of 'man made climate change' during his oh-so-phonily-difficult-years-of non-existent-suppression! - and he still doesn't.
  Yet: it appears Cagey quite willingly allowed himself to be co-opted by the GreenFear-mongers as some kind of fellow-traveler mascot (a Stalinist 'useful idiot' comes to mind), and it is quite evident that David Phillips has become a Climate Change Quisling; a seeming stooge for the AGW-peddling liars who consider him their 'legitimizing' colleague.
  When Liberal pieces of crap such as Climate-Con Queen McKenna make their climate claims, we do expect their lies: they are Liberals, after all; but it's sad to see what a climate charlatan David Phillips has become.
Truly pathetic.
  When McKenna (instead of  citing any actual scientific 'evidence' of AGW!) derisively mentions and dismisses "deniers", we AGAIN see the deceptive, deflective leftist bullying at work: Climate Barbarian McKenna peddles a fantasy, a delusion within which she cannot seem to find logical meaning: it's as if she is actually incapacitated and mentally unable to perform her role here. She is a disgrace, and a danger to Canada.
This is David Phillips' boss.
This is David Phillips' ideological colleague.
This is the kind of fascist climate-bully whose actions Climatologist David Phillips supports through his deafeningly studied silence.
You'd think that loquacious David Phillips would make some comment  on McKenna's fascist climate related outburst  - after all: David Phillips isn't... um... 'suppressed' any longer; he's free to speak out on climate change issues, as Canada's Chief Climatologist in Turdo's Canada, right!?
But look: Formerly-Loquacious-Dave cagily and conveniently experienced a sudden man-made drought of words; a man-made drought of opinion!
   David Phillips aids and abets lying Liberal scumbags such as Catherine McKenna. Neither of these two have any shred of evidence to support the AGW man-made climate-change lie.
McKenna - like other 'climate-change' fascists - labels people who disagree with her authoritarian (...and, by the way, still unproven) views, as 'climate change deniers', a term intended by her to be an all encompassing smear.
Yet, it is not a "denial of climate change" that is at issue here, is it??!!
    Let's examine the bait-and-switch perversions being used here by the climate-change liar Catherine McKenna: what does this deluded Liberal hack even mean when she uses this phrase, which she believes to be an epithet describing some one else, yet, which is in fact a phrase she is projecting ABOUT HERSELF:
   It's not about people 'denying climate change', as the Liberal liar McKenna claims; it's about people denying her lies about MAN-MADE climate change".
    Propagandists such McKenna fraudulently misrepresent one as being the other: a massive bait and switch.
The climate DOES change: it ALWAYS has changed; and it WILL continue to change!!
It is deluded GreenFear-infected morons such as Crooked Catherine McKenna that are denying and purposefully deflecting from this elemental fact!
McKenna is projecting a deluded fictional fantasy {...to Crooked Catherine, "climate change" means "man-made, AGW climate change" - which is politics, not science}.
It's the fraudulent "man made" part that climate criminals such as McKenna fail to dis-associate from her deluded politics. 
    Crooked Catherine is purposefully deceptive,  muddling the distinctions to make an emotional, not a scientific case -  she is peddling an alt-'reality', which isn't 'reality' at all, but fiction.
    McKenna is peddling a man-made political lie, that in some bizarre utopian fantasy, the "climate" had been in a fabled, wonderful, calm, peaceful, predictable stasis; that earth's climate had never changed, and that just by raising taxes and tinkering with human lives, she can CREATE CLIMATE STASIS again (...a fascist, scientifically-deluded wet dream - planned economies, planned weather, planned climate... everything planned and controlled by the Liberal gubmint...)
    Do you see the vile perversion, the con-job, the bait-and-switch, the utter hypocrisy at play here?
It is Liberal Catherine McKenna who is the true "climate change denier". 
    McKenna denies the fact that Earth's climate... as well as the entire universe, for that matter... has always changed.
    It is Liberal GreenFear-mongering political criminals such as Justin Turdo and his Crooked Climate Barbie who are peddling psychotic  denials of climate reality: 'climate stasis' was NEVER the norm, it is a Liberal psychotic fable. 
    McKenna and her GreenFear-infected fellow travelers obfuscate and conflate and build insane pseudo-scientific narratives based on dangerous political lies and science-fiction.


we see that those pesky deniers are still badgering Canada's Crooked Climate Queen, Catherine McKenna with silly questions about McKenna's Liberal climate change lies!!
Too bad that Liberal liar McKenna can't rely on getting ANY help from her employee, Canada's Senior Climatologist David Phillips on the climate change issue!! After all, what's climate change got to do with climatology - right!!?
Helen Warn keeps asking McKenna for a response:

     "Well Climate Barbie. You STILL haven't answered my basic question, although I have asked you many times, including e-mailing you at your official government e-mail address.
And unlike you, Barbie, I have some qualifications, including a PhD in meteorology from McGill, and papers published in academic journals.
So here it is, one again:
What, exactly, is being *measured* to justify spending piles of money on this issue? And how accurate are those measurements, both now and over time? And how do you know what the contribution of human activity is to whatever you are measuring?
Since AGW believers frequently bring up surface temperature, let's look at it as an example.
So show me a map of the earth's surface temperature, and a companion map of the margin of error.
Then do the same thing in (say) 1980.
If you prefer another atmospheric parameter than surface temperature, suggest it and provide reasons for your choice, and then answer the same questions.
Finally, tell me what part of the differences is due to human activity, how you know, and how accurately you know it.".

That piece of crap Liberal Catherine McKenna in Ottawa is doing exactly what that piece of Liberal crap Jim Bradley had done in Ontario: it's the same green fascist template: propagate the AGW lie; never provide any AGW evidence. 
It's an old story, with criminal proportions.


 A reason explaining why the disgusting Liberal climate-change liar Crooked Catherine McKenna cannot expect to use ANYTHING that David Phillips says about climate change, can be found in this typical "Cagey Tango" report: look what passes as serious commentary from Canada's Senior Climatologist - it's pathetic.

Let's look at this Apr. 3, 2018  CBC report by Canadian Press reporter Ryan McKenna (not to be confused with Catherine McKenna...) headlined: "Polar vortex to blame for cold snap, Environment Canada climatologist says".

Of course, the "climatologist" here is Canada's Cagiest Climatologist, David Phillips, offering another DOOZY of an "interview". It's amazing that this kind of climate garbage, this kind of sordid Cagey Tango, has been going on for essentially what - - some 30,000 interviews?! (see Chapter 32 if ya don't believe that!) - and yet the issue of man made climate change IS NEVER QUESTIONED!! These reporters file skewed stories (stories with an intentional built-in bias that "AGW is real") which are at their heart, fake news, false reports, puffball pieces with large amounts of relevant context simply - purposefully - ignored... it has to be seen this way by now; one cannot listen to the weather garbage being tossed around by Cagey, and keep what he says in a vacuum separated from the political realities and context surrounding what he says.
Ryan McKenna reports:
"David Phillips blames a polar vortex for the spring cold snap.
       (...yet, there were no questions about this from the possibly-unconscious reporter McKenna, who could have asked "But David: Justin Turdo tells us that MAN is to blame for climate change! So, um.., Dave, uh...  how is it possible that some kind of magical vortex is to blame? Doncha mean that 'man is to blame for the cold snap'? I was told that this was "all settled" a long time ago..?)
"At this time of the year, it's often back and forth, up and coming, very yo-yoish kind of weather, where you're getting winter trying to hold on and summer wants to get a foothold," Phillips said Monday. 
    (No questions about this either, from CP's possibly-unconscious reporter McKenna, who could have called out and asked "'Yo-yo-ish' eh? 'Back and forth', huh? 'Up and coming'? Is that official, scientific climatologist lingo, David? Care ta 'splain that?"
You know: the kind of questions a journalist would be eagerly asking, if he was interviewing a 'scientist suppressed by Harper'!)
"And yet the war is being won by winter. Old Man Winter is clearly the bully in this particular situation and has got a grip on the entire West and is not letting go."
      (No questions about this from the possibly-unconscious reporter McKenna, who could have asked: "There's war on against the West? Whaaat - ya mean, like Liberals are attacking Canada's West?? Whaddaya mean, David, exactly? 
And who is "Old Man Winter" David?? 
Why are you using discriminatory ageist lingo during the reign of Prince Turdo? We don't see this old guy listed anywhere with Environment Canada, or in Catherine McKenna's Liberal climate change policies. 
Is he a Liberal bag man? 
A Liberal lobbyist? 
What does Old Man Winter have to do with the science of climate change, David? 
David, aren't YOU clearly the climate-change-peddling bully?
David, why are you blaming some fictional character, when YOU spout GreenFear everyday? You sit mute when Liberals BULLY Canadians with unsubstantiated climate-change fear; yet you yourself say the same things! Canadians are being bullied by the Liberals and by you, not by 'Old Man Winter' or 'Old Man Summer'... David: can you just finally STOP with your bullsh!t...??"  
...but  no, no, no... CP's reporter Ryan had dozed off for the entire interview...)
Phillips said the duration and intensity of cold the region is currently experiencing hasn't been felt since 1970.
      (Sleepy-headed reporter McKenna forgot to ask if the RECORD cold - which according to Dave Phillips has not had this duration and this intensity for 48 years - was due to man made global warming!!
Because Crooked Catherine McKenna the Lying Liberal would say that it WAS man made!!
What sayeth David? Well, Ryan doth NOT bother to reporteth! Why dost thou NOT reporteth, Ryan, what David sayeth?!? Has Cagey got his climactic claws on yer forked tongue?!)
Environment Canada's record low for April 2 in Saskatoon is –28 C, which was set in 1954. The temperature there on Monday morning was –21 C.
"This cold air, it's just entrenched. It's like molasses," Phillips said. "It's filled all the nooks and crannies."

   It's quite apparent that David Phillips' own climatic secretions fill in all the voids, dripping over all those nooks and crannies, all those inaccuracies, imperfections, prognostications, insinuations, and conflations with layers of his own verbal 'molasses'.

Phillips is Canada's SENIOR climatologist, for gaia's sake - - we OUGHT TO EXPECT MORE (...don't we?) than this typical plate of steamy dung, garnished with a side-order of meaningless 'green' gibberish mixed with Cagey's mumbo-jumbo, served on a shallow platter by shallower reporters. 
Is THAT is the best that Canadian journalism can muster??! (Clearly, this crap is good enough for Canadian Press' propagandists and for the CBC...)
No real journalist should sit through this kind of weaselly BS, and take it seriously from such a one-sided perspective, and not even try to make an effort to question anything! Either the interviewer is in the GreenFear camp already, or they're doing a puffball interview to avoid any confrontation with Cagey - which is it... what is it?!
How is this fake report not itself an example of "SUPPRESSION of science"??!
It certainly is propaganda - the lack of questioning alone puts this report into the fake news category.
This is the kind of suppression that the same GreenFear peddlers had projected upon Harper's government. Their political aim was to insinuate 'suppression of science', yet, it is their articles which suppress science by simply parroting what heir GreenFear heroes spout, no questions asked. 
Did Ryan McKenna's editors at CP forbid him to ask David Phillips about man made climate change? 
Did Cagey himself stipulate this as a condition of his interview? Was this a real interview? Because if it was, it was - typically, like the rest of the Cagey Tango saga - pathetic.
Or was this a a pre-screened, pre-scripted interview, ie, not an 'interview' at all, but planned propaganda (aka just another typical Cagey Two-Step Climate Tango)??
How can we get these SAME garbagey Cagey 'interviews', with the same shallow, pandering template, the same delicate Cagey Tango, predictably performed thousands of times?! 
Cagey here blathers to the press that the "polar vortex" is to blame for a cold snap - -yet, the reporter in this interview doesn't bother to ask Cagey if the Polar Vortex is natural or man made!
Was CP paying reporter Ryan McKenna to lose consciousness or fall asleep during this 'interview'?
Or was Ryan bound by a written or implied contract to pretend that he had fallen asleep and posted an entire story before awakening?!
I mean... f@cking really... come on!!
Canada's federal Liberal government says that Climate-Change is man made, so when reporters such as Ryan hear Phillips blaming not "man" but instead, blaming a polar vortex - why don't they start asking questions??
By blaming the "polar vortex" for creating a cold snap, Cagey has taken the credit {...blame..?} AWAY from 'Man" - and THAT goes AGAINST what Turdo and Climate Barbie claim! It CANNOT BE some stupid natural vortex that should be blamed: according to the GreenFear-pushers, MAN is to blame, for everything!

How did Ryan, CP, and the CBC, manage to sleep their way through all this?! Cagey just revealed to them indirectly that what Turdo's Liberals are peddling is a climate lie; Cagey told them that a polar vortex - not man - was to blame for the prairie cold snap.
Yet the CBC headline was NOT:
"Canada's Senior Climatologist at odds with official Liberal climate change policy"
It was NOT "Canada's Senior Climatologist contradicts official Liberal climate change claims"...
It was NOT "Canada's Senior Climatologist links climate change drivers as being natural, not man made"...
It was NOT "Canada's Senior Climatologist challenges Liberal climate claims that "man" is the driver behind climate change"...
It was NOT "Liberal Prime Minister Turdo infuriated as Canada's Senior Climatologist blames "Old Man Winter" for causing climate-change"...    ...see the point?!

Ohhhhhh, how to spin this? How to spin this, to save Cagey Dave from the Wrath Of Turdo?
Oh, wait: how about we say that Old Man Winter is actually a man - ya see? He's real - as real as climate change is real - - -  therefore, we can still say - truthfully say, ya see? - that climate change is man made!! Old Man Winter did it, and because he is a man, ya see,  he can be blamed! So yes, it's true: climate-change is definitely man-made (because as we Liberals have told you, Old Man Winter is a man). If you don't think about it, then it all makes perfect sense, and we can't he accused of lyin' either!! Yes, that'll work perfectly!! Excellent idea, great plan!! Yes, David Phillips can go back to being blameless again!!

TAKE A GOOD LOOK in Chapter 5, at how the Canada's Cagiest Climatologist wormed and twisted his way in 2017 to make it appear that that the polar vortex WAS man made.
Compare what he said  to what he's saying here on Apr. 3, 2018. Such slimeball tactics.

Whatever Cagey says, is massaged...
(... oh, what Mr. McLuhan would have had to say about this, about how the medium is not just the message, but that the message itself has been massaged... so the medium is the massaged message, in fact...)
... to NEVER associate back to the climate change hoax. We see it here, yet again. The message is SPUN, shaped and formed; the massage begins even before the reporter is assigned.

Cagey claims that the vortex itself (not man) is to blame...  why did the sleepwalking reporter Ryan not bother to question this?
Does this reporter even know - or care - about the opportunity he SQUANDERED by not confronting the lies, the double-speak, the greater deceptions, which surround the issues in his story, transmitted by CBC everywhere?
By having ONE reporter actually digging into what Cagey says, an analytical breakdown and reconstruction of Cagey's weather sputterings could begin.
But, the assessment NEVER occurs - and Ryan here is not the first reporter to be taken for a sordid spin while Cagey has his climactic way. Was this Cagey Tango a consensual act - or is pure, innocent Ryan another of Cagey's serial climate victims?!
 In either case, the readers of Ryan's CP/CBC propaganda are victims of an orchestrated climate-change GreenFear-infected propaganda campaign.


Let's go back to a Sept. 21, 2013  CP24 story by Chris Fox:

"Dave Phillips likes to say that he has about 30,000 weather stories and believe it or not he’s probably not exaggerating. As the senior climatologist at Environment Canada, Phillips has been in the meteorology game for more than 40 years and during that time he’s amassed a library of crazy weather facts, stories and trivia..."
Yep - and Chris' story could possibly go down in the history book of GreenFear propaganda as being story # 30,001 where David Phillips got away without having to face any challenge about how whatever he's talking about, has anything to do with man made climate change!! 
That's over 30,000+ Cagey Tango performances!! And this count is from five years ago -  from 2013 ! - and nothing else in the Cagey template has changed except for the increasing story count! There have certainly been several thousand MORE interviews since (Cagey has a voracious appetite to spread his climactic seed) yet, the "Climate Change" aspect of Cagey's blusterings, remain CENSORED; remain VERBOTEN; remain SUPPRESSED; remain UNCHALLENGED! 
(Let''s remember, as we saw in Chapter 13, how Cagey Dave himself REFUSED 'to go there' refused to go to the "climate change" topic, on a CBC interview !! And this was on a CBC interview, for gaia's sake - they are Cagey's best pals! Who "suppressed" Cagey then, in 2017?!! Still blamin' "Harper"  heh heh?! Funny how the CBC didn't blame Trudeau for 'suppressing science', when Turdo's own State Climatologist wouldn't talk about climate change to Turdo's own State Broadcaster..!)

These interviewers eagerly dance around the climate change issue with Cagey, making moves in coordination as if they are talking about climate change; they spin and they twirl, pedaling their two-step climate-shill in unison, as if they were one, until they're sweaty and spent and created another fresh precious sweet little bundle of 'AGW evidence'. 
Ahh, yes... happy times, indeed... Good times, them days... them 30,000 tangos... 
All those decades of sordid dirty dancing; all those mutually-beneficial Cagey Tango 'interviews', yet NO 'man made climate change' evidence!! But sh!tloads of AGW innuendo!!
Here we have a typical Cagey Tango interview, where man made climate change is COMPLETELY IGNORED by the interviewer, Chris Fox!.
Did someone order Chris Fox NOT to mention the subject of climate change to David Phillips?! Was someone suppressing either Chris Fox, or David Phillips, from saying ANYTHING about climate change? Were they being "suppressed " by anyone?
Or were they pulling this off all by themselves??! 
{Remember back in Chapter 3 how Cagey's ole pal Phil Chadwick was openly despairing over how somehow Cagey was someone's victim, how Cagey suffered mightily under somekind of "circumstances" which mysteriously prevented Cagey from talking about climate change! This was happily reported by TorStar's Amy Dempsey - no evidence necessary!}
So let's ask again: who in this CP24 report was 'suppressed'; and how?!?! The only thing that can be said, is that they themselves self-censored, they themselves decided to suppress the man made climate change issue -  they decided NOT to deal with anything to do with climate change - while interviewing Canada's Senior Climatologist!!!!
COME ON: just LOOK at the massiveness of this GreenFear con job! 
The closest to anything related to climate change that Chris Fox bothered to ask was "....we have had lots of extreme weather lately to the point that I have ask if we can even call it extreme at this point. Is it just the new norm?"
Chris Fox didn't specify what he even meant by terms such as 'extreme weather' or 'new norm'. Those were media-created memes which we all were led to believe that are representations OF man made climate change.
David Phillips cagily did not address the specifics of Chris Fox's terminology, which Fox used to lead into his question; Phillips cagily used Chris' assumptions to create this equally non-committal 'answer':
"We have always had extreme weather but it seems more complex now. It beats us up more."
So there you go: what did Chris Fox think he asked Canada's Cagiest Climatologist? And what does Chris think of Cagey's answer - did he actually get an answer to what he thought was his question?! Did Cagey 'satisfy' Fox?
Here's the REST of Cagey's blabbering 'answer': 
"...It is almost as if our grandparents were able to deal with that weather. They didn’t have to pick up the kids from daycare, they didn’t have to go to that social meeting and they were more resigned to the weather. But now because we have changed the impacts have changed. There is a sense that the weather is also getting more extreme at the same time, but it is also getting more variable. For farmers in Ontario for example they used to always seem to get the weather they expected and now they are sometimes getting the wettest season followed by the driest. It is almost like normal weather doesn’t occur anymore and we plan everything on normal weather. We build hospitals and schools based on normal weather, we make holiday decisions based on normal weather and the government drafts policy based on normal weather. If it is not normal anymore maybe we are planning for something that’s not going to be the situation and that can cause a problem."
Whaaaat?! What's "normal" when you are listening to Cagey's loquacious verbiage? WOW - and yet, try reading ANY random David Phillips Cagey Climatologist story, and you will see the same bullcrap, the same Cagey Tango, performed every time!
And we still have about 34,853 more Cagey Climatologist stories to get through! We are immediately applying for Canada Research Council, Arts Council, Gaia Council, and TVO/CBC grants, funding, 'gifts', University research grants and endowment funding to continue our work to fully document how climate change issues were presented - and how they were covered-up - by Environment Canada over Cagey's decades!

Over 30,000+ interviews, there were tens of thousands of participants playing along with Cagey's Two Step Climate Tango - editors, reporters, media outlets: let's see how the AGW-climate-change-global-warming hoax was presented, how was it characterized and handled by Environment Canada and its employees! This wasn't David Phillips' personal private soap-box to peddle Liberal 'man-made climate change' propaganda! 

Let's have a look at the hometown cheer-leading that David Phillips got from the Windsor Star's Sharon Hill (Mar.30, 2018) where the deceptive headline was "Canada's King Of Climatology has Windsor roots", but really, this headline should have properly depicted Phillips as "Canada's King Of Cagey Climatology" .

(...of course, needless to say, but it still has to be pointed out: never was there any question by this lazy reporter asking Cagey about climate change! Funny, eh - you'd think THAT would be a basic question, if a reporter's job was to get at the truth; clearly that was not the case (again) here. The Cagey Tango proceeded as per template requirements, the dirty dance was done, wham bam, no AGW climate change evidence needed.

What's of particular interest is what Phillips said here:
“You know, in a way I am a teacher because my classroom is Canada. My job is to talk to young people, old people, to raise awareness of weather and climate,” Phillips said of his quest to entertain and educate.
“I often feel like I’m the old snake oil salesman. You do that song and dance. You build them up to a fever pitch and then you sell them the bill of goods. You can’t just come in and say I’m going to talk to you about the most important environmental issue humankind has ever faced. They’re going to tune you out. You’ve got to tell them about the weird, wild and wacky weather and then you can sort of ease into it.
Let's ponder the gravity of Cagey's statement (a statement which he likely meant to be self-effacing, but which in fact was a self-realized admission): Cagey by now well knows that he IS a snake oil salesman!! He's making this statement to Hill, in a way as if this wasn't his real persona, but that he's aware of the perception - - but what is happening here, is that David Phillips has clearly realized - AND PROJECTED - his own persona here! It's not a stereotype of a hypothetical 'someone else' he's talking about: it's a description of HIMSELF. 
It's quite revealing.
Of course Cagey is a "snake oil salesman"! 
Of course Phillips does his "song and dance" across the vast Canadian stage - - there's even a name for the scam: The Cagey Two Step Climate Tango - a ritual publicly performed with many willing partners over 30,000 feverish times.
And when Phillips says bluntly and openly "...and then you sell them the bill of goods" , does Cagey even understand what he's saying; what a "bill of goods" actually is, and what it means when one admits that they're "selling them a bill of goods"?? WTF?!
It means that you are a FRAUD ARTIST.
It means you are running a bait-and-switch scheme; that you're a con man; a grifter; a hustler: it means you are purposefully and knowingly misrepresenting something in order to sell a bill of goods - - WITHOUT any intention of actually delivering those goods. 
It's shocking and amazing that Cagey is able to so clearly recognize what he's helping Canada's Liberals do here! (Spreading climate-change fear without showing any evidence; not delivering any evidence that increasing taxes prevents climate-change)
He's not just "talking" here, or "educating hahaha" {... it's more like he's inculcating or, well... let's just say it: propagandizing} here - he's a crucial part of the hustle needed to pull off the con; he's the confidence man, that trusty ole face we see all the time on the TV with all that goofy homey bullshit weather patter: all the while, he's a two-faced charlatan actively participating in a political GreenFear con.
The victims hand their money to the scammers {the Green bolsheviks} but all that the victim-taxpayers get, is just their (increased tax) bill - nothing else!
They get their bill listing 'the goods' they supposedly bought - but those goods never actually materialize. This a fitting and appropriate description of the entire AGW climate-change con: the cause (AGW) of  'climate-change' is a myth; the solution (more taxes to 'stop climate change') is a myth, based on the earlier myth. A common, convenient lie ("It's all settled, no questions need to be asked") underpins both myths, completing the circle of climate-deception.
It's a deceptive promise, a fake promise, an empty promise, just jive talk, without the goods to back it up, meant to be a scam from the start - pay da carbon tax now, suckah... maybe you'll see some 'result' in 3,000 years.
As we saw in Chapter 5, and many other examples, David Phillips, the green-snake-oil peddler,  is selling a PRETENSE, an "appearance", an "impression", a "story", a "thought", a "possibility", an "idea" that he is talking about MAN MADE climate change - without having any evidence for it. 
We've been sold a bill of goods by David Phillips on at least 30,000 occasions, by the looks of it. He performs a clever tightrope act. His "I’m going to talk to you about the most important environmental issue humankind has ever faced" trope sounds like it's coming from a religious cult, or from Al Gore's ass: it's tiresome and repetitive, a scripted UN Agenda 21 meme he uses frequently, which reeks of GreenFear - see Chapter 28.
He's a shameless smooth-talking, climate hustlin' shaman who's sold a LOT of bills of goods with his climate mumbo-jumbo. He uses these tactics with an ulterior purpose to further a political agenda: to create an impression that governments can control the climate, because climate is man made, not natural; that all the weather events we see, are not natural, but man made - this is an absurd piece of manipulative pseudo-scientific conceit. 

So, what right does this devious government employee have, to act as some kind of  'teacher' {a propagandist}with his own private curriculum and personal agenda, acting as some kind of phony 'entertainer' peddling his GreenFear-laden insidious personal beliefs without sanction nor evidence? Since when is it Cagey's job at Environment Canada to act as a "scientainer''TM soft-selling climate change deceptions?
It's a devious approach, and thankfully, David Phillip has now himself come clean with his duplicity.
Sharon Hill's real headline should have been "Canada's Cagiest Climatologist admits shilling 'man-made climate-change', without substantiated evidence".

   CTV (the Bell Media conglomerate) excreted another stinking climate change tango with Cagey David Phillips, in this Jun 17, 2018 CTV television news interview/climate-change propaganda segment, this time with Erin Paul interviewing Cagey, and not once did Paul ever address the cagey elephant in the room... that being David Phillip's lack of evidence that anything which was being reported, was due to man-made climate change.

Because, well, that's the intended underlying message of what was being portrayed, though CTV craftily slid around actually making any direct link that what they and Cagey Dave were presenting, was an actual example of what Canada's federal Liberals call 'man -made climate change'.
Funny, the purposeful dance of deception being tangoed away by Paul and Cagey.

When Cagey cites record heat days, Paul (a 'reporter..?) strangely DOES NOT BOTHER to directly ask Canada's SENIOR (...and most cagiest!) climatologist, whether the weather which Phillips was referring to, is man made, due to climate change. CTV reporter Erin Paul had a chance - but purposefully avoided - to get the 'evidence of climate change' directly the climatologist's mouth. (CTV's Paul has danced Cagey's dirty Climate Tango before - see CHAPTER 8 - where the same template was followed: let Cagey babble, don't ask about climate change)

So, instead, they both again danced the by-now-familiar Cagey Sidestep Climate Tango, peddling GreenFear as if it was 'all-settled-climate-change', yet, purposefully leaving a disconnect and purposefully side-stepping the underlying issue: that David Phillips could NOT provide any evidence of AGW.

(CTV's David Maher also included parts of  the Paul/PhillipsTV interview, in a June 17, 2018 written story. Maher also did NOT provide any question or comment about David Phillips' lack of evidence that what was being reported, was AGW)

Cagey, Paul, and CTV provided a lot of GreenFEAR, but no evidence of 'climate change'. Clearly, they wanted to show that all this was somehow due to 'climate change', yet despite the innuendo and bluster, all they could do was create an impression that this was 'climate change', without any evidence to support it.

Why are these CTV employees purposefully refusing to ask David Phillips if the weather events which Phillips is spouting on about during his interviews, are evidence indicating 'man made climate change'? Who is censoring and muzzling CTV's employees on the climate change issue?! Is there a standing order, an edict, a contractual clause of some kind, which sets out that when federal employee Cagey Dave gives an interview, his interviewers cannot broach the subject of climate change?! Does federal employee Cagey Dave only grant interviews to pre-approved, friendly ass-kissers, who... well... will kiss his butt and not dare insult Cagey with questions? Is that how ya get to dance the climate tango with Cagey?

Another segment with Cagey Dave appeared later that day on CTV's national televised nightly news, where this time host Lisa LaFlamme acted as the lead-in to the report.
LaFlamme did her best to inflame the introduction  with incendiary hyperbole:
"...extreme heat is gripping big parts of Canada tonight - and it's not even summer. Records were smashed on the west coast, parts of the prairies, and southern Ontario, where it felt like a blast furnace. Here's Janet Dirks on the scorcher..."
Dirks introduces Cagey Dave's segment  by saying "The heat wave in southern Ontario has made for a sweltering spring", then cuts to David Phillips saying: "We've had 6 days already in Toronto with temperatures above 30. You know, last year, we'd go to Labour day and we looked at the numbers and there were 9 of those days. So, my gosh, we're not into summer yet, and we've already got 6 in the bag."
Wow: scary stuff, right? You'd think such a frightening GreenFear-laden story would be fully analyzed by CTV's reporters!

But - after showing Cagey's meant-to-frighten-but-not-explain claims - Dirks just cuts away from Cagey, goes on to her other spots, and does not return back to Phillips for a followup; nor does Dirks analyze / question what Phillips had said. (...and neither did the story's host LaFlamme)
So, Cagey was allowed to spout his GreenFear - as was expected of him -  and - as expected from CTV -  nobody asked Phillips anything about his statistics, and whether they had anything to do with man-made climate change!

Dirks ends her report with another fear-mongering warning about "extreme weather" - the media code-word for 'man-made climate change'.
There ya go: another tenderly-danced, craftily-choreographed Cagey Climate Tango is "in the bag"!! Cagey pops up for his climate-alarmist money shot, and everyone's satiated, no questions asked!


Canada's Cagiest Taxpayer-supported Climatologist was at it again, shoveling his half-baked GreenFear into the willing media's maw.
Again, as it often is the case, it was CTV News publishing the GreenFear, and again, David Maher (See Chapter 34) pops out as CTV's GreenFear-spreading journalist/propagandist.

Propagandist David Maher and CTV - Bell Media refused to ask Canada's Senior Taxpayer-funded Climatologist  whether the weather Phillips was commenting on, was evidence of climate-change caused by man!! After all, that WAS the entire intent of CTV's article - the propagation of climate-change innuendo; that was the under-lying editorial skew, to convey the climatalarmist impression that somehow, man is the root cause of what David Phillips is fear-mongering about.
         "...Phillips added that the effects of extreme temperatures are beginning to be felt around the globe. “The planet is on fire, it’s overheated and we’re seeing the impacts of that in terms of people dying from the heatwaves, crops are burning up and we’re seeing wildfires. All that is related to the fact that we’re under global fever,” he explained..."
         When GreenFear spreader Cagey Dave tells CTV / Bell Media / David Maher that the "Planet is on fire" amazinglynobody asks Cagey ANYTHING about that! 
David Maher had a chance to ask Cagey to expand upon his statements, but like the thousands of other 'reporters' before him, Maher REFUSED to challenge Cagey's Climate-Change Narrative. 

Who muzzled David Maher, preventing him to act as a journalist, turning him into a climate-change-GreenFear-shilling whore stenographer? Did CTV / Bell Media direct Maher NOT to question David Phillips about anything - especially about climate-change? 
Is that part of some kind of pre-arranged 'deal' with Cagey, that certain subjects are NOT to be broached by the interviewer? Is this a formalized method of interviewing a federal government employee: that Cagey spouts and the reporter doesn't ask any questions?
Or did David Maher decide all on his own to dump his journalistic integrity, and to bend over for Cagey, because Maher was already an ardent believer in Cagey's GreenFear-smeared worldview, and would never dare to offend Cagey with questions that would damage Cagey's narrative?
Is Maher a CTV Bell Media journalist, or a CTV Bell Media stooge-stenographer/propagandist? 
Cagey vomits his GreenFear without question, David Maher obediently licks it up and CTV / Bell Media happily publishes Cagey's climate-vomit - without any bothersome shred of journalistic standard.  
When Cagey vomits out statements that it's a "fact that we're under global fever", nobody asked Cagey The Climate Scientist what the f*ck that even meant. 
David Maher mis-characterized this as an 'explanation' from Cagey, but nothing was quantified or put into perspective - there wasn't ANY 'explanation' whatsoever, just a jumble of climate-change fear-mongering. 
It was Cagey vomiting climate-change innuendo into Maher's unquestioning mind. David Maher and David Phillips colluded happily to dance out another infamous Cagey Tango.


Not to be outdone by the climate hooey spewed by Bell Media/CTV on Aug.5, 2018 (See Chapter 35), Global News decided to emit even more toxic climate-change propaganda on Aug.7, 2018, by spreading Nina Chestney's Reuters climate alarmism with this fear-mongering headline: "Earth at risk of entering irreversible ‘hothouse’ state", complete with science-fiction fantasies about parking the climate and  tipping points, all presented as if this was 'news'.
For some reason, no Canadians were included in this Global propaganda, to obtain their perspective on the contents - there was nothing here even from Canada's Senior Cagey Climatologist. 
Global published this Reuters GreenFear (and Global also embellished the Reuters feed by adding videos of its own - one about Canada's "raging wildfires" - for extra GreenFear-mongering effect) yet, no Canadian viewpoint was included, not even from the usual Canadian GreenFear-mongers.

Rex Murphy's article "Justin Trudeau and the climate alarmists are the fear mongers" (National Post. July 20, 2018) encapsulates the kind of pervasive GreenFear-spreading climate-change cult which I have been writing about here; a cult of green-fascist fear merchants which regularly pollutes media outlets such as Global, CTV, Toronto Star, CBC, TVO, and a myriad others, as well as infects political parties, Turdo's Liberal government included.

Murphy writes: "A recent column in The New York Times may be the silliest production of the human mind since the first spark of consciousness, or the latest episode of The View.
Unsurprisingly, of course, and inevitably, it’s by a global warmer. As a piece of scare-pessimism, “Raising My Child in a Doomed World” is quite unsurpassable. It was emoted/written by a {Roy} Scranton, author of a book on the same theme: We’re Doomed. Now What? Essays on War and Climate Change. He is a professor of English literature, although I think it fair to claim that neither English nor literature should be thought complicit in Mr. Scranton’s fifteen-alarm brand of climate lugubriousness and pitiless despair.
Prof. Scranton is not a cheerful boyo. No one will don the party hat after reading his explanation that one logical conclusion is “… the only truly moral response to global climate change is to commit suicide. There is simply no more effective way to shrink your carbon footprint. Once you’re dead, you won’t use any more electricity, you won’t eat any more meat, you won’t burn any more gasoline, and you certainly won’t have any more children. If you really want to save the planet, you should die.” Well, break out the marshmallows, throw another log on the fire, and tune up the ukulele — we’re going to have a sing-song.
A little math: within the set of All Campers, there is a subset of Happy Campers, among which Mr. Scranton is not to be located. Does he exude manic hopelessness and possess an imagination mesmerized by the thrill of apocalypticism? Does the Pope like bears he encounters in the woods? Try this passage: “Barring a miracle, the next 20 years are going to see increasingly chaotic systemic transformation in global climate patterns, unpredictable biological adaptation and a wild spectrum of human political and economic responses, including scapegoating and war. After that, things will get worse.” (Emphasis mine.)
I cite these samples not to stir a Gadarene impulse among the Canadian population, nor indeed to stir the worthy subscribers of the peerless National Post, as they say on the web, to Read it All. That way madness lies. I merely wish to point out the brilliantly obvious point, which Mr. Scranton so indefatigably illustrates, that the strongest undercurrent in the great global-warming crusade is, and has always been, outrageous, hyperbolic and unhinged doom-saturated scare mongering of the millenarian kind. 
The most rabid in the eco fringe are fear merchants, different only in the formulation of the message from those lonely loonies in wild robes who used to station themselves outside baseball parks holding scraggly posters screaming “the end is near.” (c.f. An Inconvenient Truth.)
Environmentalists of the most desperate kind do not play the fear “card.” Their whole deck is fear. They savour catastrophe as a kitten laps milk. “We’re Doomed” is their prom theme. Of all the world’s political movements there is none so invested in the art of raising scares and projecting calamity — unless its doom prophets are heeded — as environmentalism. 
This scenario has advantages … for them. It allows for the grand assumption of the role of messiah, flattering for those who assume it —something else for the sane people looking on. And it supplies thereby an endless stream of immaculate self-righteousness, with the attendant arrogance of wanding away any counter-views. I am the Saviour. You are the Denier (or Satan).
Now Mr. Scranton’s article to which I have alluded is such a pure syrup of perfect alarmism and global-warming fear projection that I should not be surprised to see it tweeted by our current minister of the environment and climate change with the tag #MustRead. Some will dare call it “science.” It is perfectly in accord with our minister’s blithe dismissals of all who think and see differently from her. 
These are considerations to keep in mind when you read of Justin Trudeau’s latest bath in stagnant waters of rhetorical cliché. He’s gone for the weary “politics of fear” meme, so stale even the moths have stopped chewing on it. Lately, in the face of growing anger over his leadership, he’s taken to accusing “conservatives across the country (of) playing the fear card.” Nor does he limit it to local conservatives: he sees this as a global phenomenon: “I think one of the things that we’ve seen… they are playing not just here in Canada, but around the world a very dangerous game around the politics of fear, the politics of division … raising the kinds of anxieties…” etc. etc. 
A few months back, Radio-Canada reported on Mr. Trudeau’s speech to France’s National Assembly: “With his trademark rhetorical flair (!) Trudeau began his address by talking about the fear and anxiety gripping working people around the globe, pushing the disenfranchised further into the hands of populist and xenophobic movements that threaten Western liberal democratic values.”
Now, this is not a Cranton-esque level of doom projection, but there are at least two points about Mr. Trudeau’s recent fascination with levelling scare-mongering charges against his opponents. Maybe three.
I’ll let the capital-c Conservatives speak for themselves. Yet I am willing to go on the record as noting that their leader Andrew Scheer is less “scary” than a Care Bear, and as far his as playing the “fear card” and “raising anxieties” he’s a total flop. Not one pulse has raced since he claimed the leadership.
Secondly, who’s scare mongering here? Why, the politician who is claiming that “liberal democracy” is under “threat” from his opponents.
Thirdly, and this is by far the most consequential: Mr. Trudeau is the foremost political leader in the world fully subscribed to the global-warming theory that all things are coming to an end — now! A movement that pulses with fear mongering, dances with dystopia, is fascinated by extinction and apocalypse, and elevates within its ranks such superb dark, witless visionaries as the author of We’re Doomed. Now What?
Who’s playing the fear card?"


   When Prof. Scranton (see Chapter 36) writes that:
 “…the only truly moral response to global climate change is to commit suicide. There is simply no more effective way to shrink your carbon footprint. Once you’re dead, you won’t use any more electricity, you won’t eat any more meat, you won’t burn any more gasoline, and you certainly won’t have any more children. If you really want to save the planet, you should die”
  then why haven't the purveyors of climate change bolshevism done just that: put their 'money where their mouth is', and heroically commit suicide for Mother Gaia?
   These green charlatans, preaching and signalling their moral virtue, cannot abide by what their own science-fiction-based conceit ultimately demands: that they show their so-called 'virtue' through their own mortal sacrifice {...ie that THEY walk their talk...)
    But instead, these same green fascists project THEIR OWN demented 'sins' onto others. The same GreenFear-infected illness which Scranton peddles, has been alive and well in Niagara and in the rest of Ontario for years, where the population has been cudgeled relentlessly by the elitist green virtue-signalers and their media acolytes. Let's go back to story I wrote in 2010, to see that the nihilist green climate-change insanity which Scranton is spouting in 2018, has been regularly peddled for years:

   Julie Greco wrote in "Lighting up a green Christmas" (St.CatharinesStandard, Dec.2010):
"If the Griswolds of Vacation fame went green, their house might resemble the Bloms' during the holidays.
"Christmas is when we go crazy," says Andrew Blom, who has spent countless hours over the past month transforming his front lawn at 41 Senator Dr. into a dazzling holiday wonderland.
About 10,000 lights take the shape of Christmas trees, wrapped presents, reindeer and snowmen, all programmed to blink to the beats of seasonal songs.
The beacon of light generated from the Bloms' postage stamp-sized lawn at the corner of Macturnbull Dr., makes it one of the neighbourhood's main attractions during the holidays.
"Last night, we had people dancing on the sidewalk in front of our house," said Andrew's wife Jamie.
At first glance, it might appear the family's spectacular light show is a drain on energy resources -- not to mention their hydro bill. But that's not the case.
Energy efficiency has been their focus for the past five years, thanks to their son Zack, now 14.
When Zack was in Grade 5 at Power Glen School, he became interested in environmental issues. One day, he came home from school and told his parents how they had discussed energy and waste in class.
"My teacher said when my parents were born, people didn't really know what they were doing to the environment," he said.
His parents remember it a different way.
" 'Energy pigs' was the word he used," Andrew remembered with a chuckle.
"He told us we were personally responsible for the demise of the Earth and that we had to fix it."
That was a dramatic turning point for the Bloms.

As owners of an energy business, they had always researched new, cutting-edge products and alternative energy sources such as solar and geothermal, but until then they hadn't practised what they preached at home.
"I was the type of person who never wanted to recycle. But since Zack came home that day, we're huge into it now," Jamie said.
Now the family has solar panels on their roof and their water is heated through solar power.
The Bloms' shift to environmental awareness happened to coincide with their decision to get charged up about the holidays by going all-out with their light display.
"You wouldn't believe it but before, he was like the Grinch. He didn't want to do anything," said Jamie.
"I said, 'Is this what you want Zack to remember?' That's when he turned into this."
But Andrew didn't want to sacrifice his environmental consciousness for his newfound festive spirit. By opting for LED lights, his whole Christmas light display is powered by the same amount of energy it takes to run five 100-watt light bulbs.
"People always assume that our hydro bills must be out of control, but it's less than it was before," said Jamie.
"The only energy it really consumes is all the hours and hours he spends putting up the lights and programming the music -- human energy."
But the effort is worth seeing the faces of local children light up during the holidays, said Andrew.
Zack agreed.
"At first, I thought it was obnoxious. But after all the people who come to see it, I feel like we're helping them enjoy Christmas a little more."
The clock is ticking for St. Catharines residents interested in participating in the city's sustainability study, to draft a sustainability strategy in 2011. The deadline for filling out the online survey is Tuesday. To take the survey or for more information about the study, visit www.stcatharines.ca"

   Why didn't the Standard's reporter Greco bother to identify this apparently-heroic Power Glen "teacher" who was - and perhaps still is - propagandizing his/her own green bolshevism to impressionable fifth graders? 
   Apparently, neither the Standard's reporter nor editor had any concerns or questions about this teacher's methods. The entire point of the article was to peddle climate-change propaganda - and this is a typical example of what it looks like. Even a link to a "sustainability study" was oh-so-conveniently included in this one-sided story! How thoughtful. It's as if Greco was working not as a journalist, but as a fifth-columnist, a bought and paid for propagandist for the Liberal government. No 'journalism' or balance seen here - just a plain peddling of the GreenFear agenda.
   Is this kind of GreenFear now officially part of Ontario's Liberal-approved greenshevik curriculum? That and watching endless reruns of Al Gore's Inconvenient Climate Deceptions? Don't ask local Liberal MPP Jim Bradley for an answer - this is exactly the kind of greensh!t doomsday GreenFear-mongering which Bradley and his Liberals encourage: see Bradley's "greener ways to live" propaganda. Were the kiddies also given recommendations by their ClimateFear teacher on who their parents should vote for, as well?!
   Yep - apparently Blom is personally held responsible for helping save the Planet, because his parents were "energy pigs". And Obama was personally going to halt the 'rise of the oceans'! Praise be upon them.
   But isn't the use of thousands of lights - even if they are LED's - still offensive to some dour Suzukiite, somewhere?           Degrees of perception, eh... or is it degrees of deception?
   Aren't suicide and sterilization the best methods for achieving the greenshevik goal of population control in order to save the Earth from exploding/flooding/melting/burning?
   Someone - just go and ask Liberal MPP Jim Bradley to explain what the FLICK was being "taught" in his city's schools in 2005! Which approved Ontario provincial curriculum was this mysterious, un-named PowerGlenGreenshevik teacher using - the belief in Kyoto and the Mann-made hockey stick graph?!

   Scaring the shit out of children in Liberal Ontario might be fine for McGuinty's Liberals, but they are probably itching to do even more, like showing the latest United Nations 'educational video' where teachers BLOW UP STUDENTS who don't obey the Greenshevik Commandments.

   Yeah, that's right - maybe McGuinty isn't going far enough in scaring the kids to repent for their collective 'enviro-crimes' - maybe it's time McGuinty's Liberals now show the kids how it feels to die for their parent's carbon sins.
"Seriously??" you ask?
Well, read for yourself Peter Foster's column "U.K.'s Climate Killers" (National Post, Oct.7, 2010):

"The uproar over the “eco snuff” video put out by British climate alarmist organization 10:10 is more than a minor embarrassment for the warmist cause. Ten ten is not just any old bunch of hysterical radicals. It is virtually a propaganda arm of the U.K. government. Moreover, thousands of corporations, local councils and schools have signed on to the group’s Orwellian “pledge” to reduce carbon emissions by 10% by the end of 2010.

The “satirical” video — which 10:10 posted last week but had to withdraw in the face of an angry backlash — consists of four segments in which, respectively, school kids, corporate employees, former French soccer ace David Ginola, and X Files star Gillian Anderson are told that there is “no pressure” to get onside with the carbon reduction program. Then, those who refuse to sign up (including Messrs. Ginola and Anderson) are blown up, with a great deal of splattered blood. Side-splitting! Literally.

When I first saw it, I thought it had to be a spoof of the insanities of environmental extremism. Who would believe that any green organization would cast themselves as potentially murderous ecofascists? What message could one take from the movie but “Those who fail to agree with us will die,” even if we’ll just kill them tongue in exploding cheek. But the video, which was written by Richard Curtis, who penned Four Weddings and a Funeral, was comedically dead serious.

Ten ten was set up by Franny Armstrong, who found instant St. Joan of Noah’s Ark status last year after making an hysterical movie called The Age of Stupid. The film featured a lone archivist looking back from a dystopian future and wondering how humanity could have gone so terribly, terribly wrong.

Virtually the entire UN turned up for the film’s New York premiere. And since Ms. Armstrong’s message was not a million miles from the suicidal climate-change stance of the British Labour Party, the movie’s London debut was attended by a gaggle of politicians, including then environment minister and now opposition Labour party leader Ed Miliband. “Red Ed” was ambushed by the film’s star, Pete Postlethwaite, who threatened to march up to the gates of Buckingham Palace and give back his Order of the British Empire if new coal-fired plants weren’t stopped.

Abasing himself further in order (obviously successfully) to further his political career, Mr. Miliband then agreed to “debate” Ms. Armstrong. The only problem was that they were both on the same side. Not to worry. Ms. Armstrong used the occasion to launch the 10:10 campaign.

Since “10% by 2010” is the kind of target beloved of those who delight in moving in (and leading) intellectual flocks, the entire British Cabinet had soon signed on, along with a raft of corporations, soccer clubs (such as Tottheham Hotspur, whose players appear in the movie) and miscellaneous trendies and publicity hounds. Since coming to power, Tory leader David Cameron’s new coalition government has also signed on. Presumably now he wishes it hadn’t.

The 10:10 organization issued an apology for the video. Sort of. “With climate change becoming increasingly threatening, and decreasingly talked about in the media, we wanted to find a way to bring this critical issue back into the headlines whilst making people laugh.”

Make ’em chuckle all the way to the child psychologist.

Ms. Armstrong was more combative. She told The Guardian (a powerful 10:10 supporter) “Doing nothing about climate change is still a fairly common affliction, even in this day and age. What to do with those people, who are together threatening everybody’s existence on this planet? Clearly we don’t really think they should be blown up, that’s just a joke for the mini-movie, but maybe a little amputating would be a good place to start?”

A little amputating.

Ms. Armstrong went on to provide her idea of perspective. “We ‘killed’ five people to make No Pressure — a mere blip compared to the 300,000 real people who now die each year from climate change.”

Here was a wonderful example of Ms. Armstrong’s facility with numbers. I counted at least seven people who were offed in the movie. As for those 300,000, that’s a whopper manufactured by former UN secretary-general Kofi Annan’s private NGO, the Global Humanitarian Forum. In fact, there is no way of linking a single death to the impact of humans on the global climate.

What seems to have been utterly exploded is 10:10’s credibility. The video was designed to coincide with a series of events at next Sunday’s (10/10/10) “Global Day of Doing.” These included “sumo wrestlers cycling to training in Tokyo.” But now major corporations such as Sony, and climate “prophets” such as Yale’s Bill McKibben, are leaving the sinking 10:10 ship, and climate skeptics are having a well-deserved field day.

According to Mr. McKibben, another mystic numerologist who claims the world is doomed at any level of atmospheric carbon dioxide beyond 350 parts per million, the video “represents the kind of stupidity that really hurts our side, reinforcing in people’s minds a series of preconceived notions, not the least of which is that we’re out-of-control elitists.”

Right on! But the problem is that free-floating moralistas such as Ms. Armstrong have been inflated by the alarmism peddled by the likes of Mr. McKibben. Still, Ms. Armstrong did have some support. The child actor who played one of those spectacularly eviscerated declared: “I was very happy to get blown up to save the world.” " 

Unreal: figurative enviro-snuff films for the kiddies!
'Blowing up' children to teach them a climatalarmist lesson! It's all fun!!
This is the greenshevism of the kyodiots, writ large.
So, dear sheeple, contact Jim the Liberal Kyodiot Bradley, and McGuinty's education minister Leona Dombrowsky, with demands that this extreme enviro-fascism be brought to Ontario immediately!
The GreenFear warmists have no time for energy pigs anymore - killing off the non-green heathen is the new GreenFear tactic.
The Power Glen GreenFear Prophet of Doom would love this, eh, what with the picking of victims based on gaian greenshevist enviro-moralism, shaming and 'killing off' sinful students who don't worship at the Green Altar of Gore, Dion, Suzuki, Bradley, and Ban Ki-Moon.
It's only a movie, eh... for now...


Following up on the themes from Chapter 20, let's look across the border to New York State, and witness how the disgusting Democrat demagogue Chuck Schumer - just after Hurricane Michael made landfall in Florida (PJ Media Bridget Johnson) Oct.11, 2018 - used his Agenda 21 rhetoric to dole out great heaping dollops of GreenFear:
" Amid daylight assessments of the toll inflicted on the southeast by Hurricane Michael, Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) said on the Senate floor today that "if we did more on climate change, we’d have fewer of these hurricanes and other types of storms."
"Everyone knows that, except for a few. Why? Why won’t they admit the truth? Maybe there are two words that explain it: oil industry," he said.
Michael made landfall close to a Category 5 storm on Wednesday afternoon, ripping apart Florida panhandle buildings and severely damaging Tyndall Air Force Base.
Two deaths have been reported due to the hurricane, which inflicted heavy winds and rain across Georgia and the Carolinas this morning on its march up the coast. More than 900,000 homes and businesses were without power this morning.
"This year has seen huge a number of powerful storms and hurricanes buffet the Atlantic seaboard and the Gulf. Harvey, Irma, Maria, Florence, and now Michael have wrought severe damages. According to NOAA, 2017 was the most expensive year on record for disasters in the US. At some point, we have to acknowledge that the intensity of these storms is much greater than in past years and is a symptom of a changing climate," Schumer said. "Climate change is real, it is being driven by human activity, it is happening right now. These are facts; they are not in dispute. Our scientists know it, our businesses know it, the world knows it, and the American people know."
"But too many senators on the other side of the aisle just put their head in the sand," he added. "It costs us more, and more, and more."
Schumer cited a new UN report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change that says there's currently a 12-year window to make “far-reaching and unprecedented changes” to avert dramatic effects of global warming.
"So while we are thinking about the people of Florida and Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina and everyone in Hurricane Michael’s path, let’s remember that we are running out of time to do something about climate change, and the kind of storms we are seeing now will only increase if this body continues to keep its head in the sand, ostrich like, and ignore the scientific realities," he added.
Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen was asked at a Wednesday meeting of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee if climate change is a security threat to the homeland."We measure out rain storms now, the amount of rain by the foot, not by the inch," said Sen. Tom Carper (D-Del.). "We have parts of Montana, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, even California where they -- they're on fire, they've been on fire earlier this year. Places bigger than my state, a big state I might add. And the extreme weather we've had, I think in the last 100 years, 33 Category 5 hurricanes in the whole Atlantic."
"I think it's very serious. As you said, just in 2017 alone, 15 percent of the United States population was affected by either a hurricane or a forest fire. So the intensity, the changes in weather patterns, the changes in which the hazards manifest all require us to update everything we do," Nielsen replied.
She added that pre-mitigation grants "will really help to prepare areas, but we have to increase our modeling."
"We're working much more closely with NOAA, working much more closely with the Department of Interior, USDA," Nielsen added. "We have to do more to anticipate and understand how these start to manifest."

Let's ask if Cagey Climatologist Dave in Canada will agree with all this GreenFear mongering being shat out by Schumer - where are all those breathless Canadian media interviews, trying to get Cagey to agree with Schumer's climatalarmist shit?! 
By the way, where are all the interviews with Cagey regarding the latest (Oct 7, 2018) IPCC climatalarmist propaganda?! Where's Cagey's official assessment of that GreenFear-laden document as it specifically relates to Canada?!?! (Note: this same phony Oct.2018 IPCC report was used by Canada's Liberals, such as MP Chris Bittle (See Chapter 43) to spread further climate-change lies. Turdo Liberals such as Bittle were using unsubstantiated IPCC reports to push political policies.) 

Also, it was pathetic to hear Canadian radio hosts such as Bill Carroll - from whom we should expect MUCH more - interviewing Canada's Cagiest Climatologist (audio heard at IHeart Radio, 580AM ...

      {...the link has since been mysteriously cancelled, I see! Apparently, now no trace remains of this interview. Seeing as Hurricane Michael hit landfall around noon (CDT) on Oct 10, 2018, then this interview was broadcast on Carroll's Oct.10 show, but possibly it was on his Oct.9 show. I recall that I was listening to this interview just prior to Michael making landfall, so I believe it was broadcast on Oct 10, 2018...}
  ...and in a 16 minute long interview, NEVER ONCE could Carroll bring himself to ask David Phillips if Hurricane Michael {...or Florence... or ANY hurricanes, for that matter} were a direct result of man made climate change.
Bill Carroll refused to ask the question. Shame
Was Bill Carroll 'muzzled' by someone, or did he self-censor? Was it a pre-condition of the interview that Canada's Cagiest Climatologist could not be asked certain questions by the host?
Was Hurricane Michael the result of what the IPCC had just finished fear-mongering about?? 
Who best to explain this to Bill Carroll's loyal listeners, than Carroll himself digging down into the issue with David Phillips?? This is exactly what listeners trust and expect Carroll to do - cut through the bullsh!t. 
Carroll had an enormous amount of time (...16 minutes is a generous amount of radio airtime) and a very timely, crucial window of opportunity at hand: Hurricane Florence and the IPCC report had just occurred recently, and Michael was just about to make landfall within hours - all relevant stuff. 
If there was any remaining main stream Canadian radio host who would have the balls, the creds, to ask David Phillips the hard - and completely timely, appropriate and relevant - questions, it would be Bill.
But instead, what we got - - sadly - - was just another tepid Cagey Two Step Climate Tango; it sounded just like any other typical Greenwashed Cagey drivel that we usually expect from the CBC, TorStar, CTV, etc. 

  Canadian Liberals and NDP socialists completely believe the same kind of IPCC garbage which Demotard Schumer spouts - in this context, Carroll had a golden opportunity to dig into these issues, from a multitude of levels.
But, all we got was the same sad old Cagey Tango, sterile, sappy, and forgettable.
  What a wasted opportunity.

  Of course - as expected - Canadian media was chock full of Michael storm coverage, along with the usual attached GreenFear mongering, innuendo, and conflation to AGW. 

  Interestingly, Global News published this Oct. 11, 2018 report regarding Hurricane Michael

   But, if you happened to re-read this same story the next day (on Oct.12, 2018) you would have found that the original story had been changed and re-edited - and, that an interesting paragraph which had been in the Oct 11 version, was now gone!! Readers who had only read the Oct.12 version would have no idea that there had been a previous version.

Here is a screen-grab from the original Oct.11 version, which shows that an interesting disclaimer had been inserted into the original story: 
above: click on photo to enlarge
   On the next day, on Oct.12, if you read the same Global News story, the story had been changed and updated, and the disclaimer (seen outlined in red above, in the original Oct 11, 2018 screen grab) was removed.
   The original Oct.11, 2018 story had included this disclaimer:
     "The storm is likely to fire up the debate over global warming. Scientists say global warming is responsible for more intense and more frequent extreme weather...but without further extensive study, they cannot directly link a single weather event to the changing climate".

  Whaaaaat?? "Scientists say" - - which ones say this??
"Cannot directly link"?? Which ones cannot link??
  But that's EXACTLY what that Cuomo did a day later - using the storm to peddle his fake climate fantasies.
  This is what every Liberal in Canada has also been doing, for years, including Turdo and Climate Barbie.There is never a disclaimer when a Liberal douche-bag spouts GreenFear - they reiterate the false narrative, the lie, that "it's all settled" - so why bother asking for scientific links!!?
 {'We gotta DO something' squawks a deranged Cuomo 'We gotta do something; we gotta do it now' blablabla... 'we're past the tipping point'... squaaawk... blabla}

  Yet (ever so briefly) Global News printed a heresy, noting that the links between climate rhetoric and climate science is NOT settled.
  Then, it was gone!!!!
  Will Global ever provide this disclaimer again, on every other 'climate change' story they print? They should.

This was a giant faux-pas by Global to include such an observation in a story; it is NOT what the leftist GreenFear-pushing MSM wants ANY story to even mention! 

So, why did Global insert this paragraph into their original story - and why, then, did Global later remove this paragraph? 
You won't see this kind of bold caveat being mentioned on Bell Media's CTV, or the socialist Torstar empire, or on the CBC... they believe and preach that "it's all settled", that the links are already well established, and that it is heresy to ask questions or challenge their green religion.
  For example, don't ask if Climate Barbie is lying about climate change causing polar bear extinction; we are just supposed to blindly believe that what Climate Barbie and her Climate Cabal decant, is pure gospel. 
  Its 'all settled' - so we are told - that polar bears are going extinct in Canada, right?! Climate Barbie thinks so... so then, it's gotta be true! {Do NOT ask for verification of any Liberal lies, either!!}
    Having read Global's above 'warning / disclaimer' that scientists "cannot directly link a single weather event to the changing climate..." {...which Global published on Oct 11, 2018 , and then removed a day later!}...
...let's compare this to a contradictory meme which CNN propagandist Angela Dewan had written 2 months earlier, on Aug.5, 2018:

"...Extreme heat waves are frequently cited as one of the most direct effects of man-made climate change.
Remarkably, scientists can now work out in just a matter of days how much human-induced climate change has had to do with a particular weather event, using a combination of observation, historical data and current information from weather stations...
Scientists have been able to use this kind of modeling for more than a decade, but improved technology now allows them to do it nearly in real time, letting people understand the links between what they are seeing and climate change.
Despite the deadly summer, overwhelming evidence that humans are altering the planet, and ever-improving science that links specific weather events to global warming, the international politics around the issue of climate change are in disarray. And there are alarming signs that the planet may be in worse shape than ever before..."

 So, what we see, is that CNN's Aug.5, 2018 narrative (claiming scientists can now link a specific weather event to man-made climate change) was initially completely contradicted by Global's Oct.11, 2018  'disclaimer' (that scientists cannot link a specific event to man-made climate change)...  and that suddenly, on Oct 12, 2018, Global's 'disclaimer' vanished'!!
 Since neither Global nor CNN are obligated to provide truth in their stories, THIS is the kind of FAKE NEWS which we are left with. 
 Global didn't explain why they changed their story! Was Global's disclaimer not valid? Did Global suddenly change their mind, and just go with the narrative built by CNN? 
 Was this a scientifically or a politically motivated media-change, on the subject of climate-change?!!!!!!!!!!!!
 And - in all this purposeful confusion - we STILL note, that Canada's Cagiest Climatologist, David Phillips, was NOT called upon by Canada's Global network, to comment on this quite relevant issue!!
{YEP - the real headline here: "GLOBAL MUZZLES CLIMATE SCIENTIST"}
 Global refused to have David Phillips explain why Global's disclaimer was removed .
 Was Global's disclaimer [that a specific weather event cannot be directly linked to man-made climate change] actually correct?
 Or was Global's disclaimer not correct (and this was the reason why it was removed the next day??) ...which leads to more pesky questions: 'hey Global, why did you print lies from 'climate-change deniers'... ya see how it works?? 'Hey Global: were ya lying then, or iz ya lyin' now?'; 'Global: News you can't trust'; 'Global: for those times ya don't want any news at all'; 'Global: your trusted source of misinformation'...)
 You see the problem here is that Canada's Cagiest Climatologist cannot prove CNN's claims [that a specific weather event can be directly linked to man-made climate change].
  He would have done so by now (...hence this blogpost !! He's been asked, but: he REFUSES!) As documented here, Cagey Dave is, well... cagey about making these claims, and so, Cagey isn't much help at this point to openly assist Global's propaganda efforts. 
  These propaganda peddlers don't want to be caught in an outright lie, so, it's better just to keep sowing the confusion; to keep peddling the tired old it's-all-settled lie. Let's just think about this for a moment: they don't want to be caught in an lie, BUT THEY DO IT ANYWAY - how nefarious is that?
 We are left with the intended, GreenFear-approved impression that Hurricane Michael - and therefore, that every hurricane, ever - were all caused by man.
  Propagating this narrative as if it was true keeps Cagey and Global in business.
  If Global ACTUALLY WANTED to get at the truth, GLOBAL would have stuck with their initial disclaimer, and invited Climatologist David Phillips to show them how and why their disclaimer was incorrect {...y'see how UNCOMFORTABLE that would be for these two climate-tango dancers?! They are in fact, both on the same GreenFear-infected page here: they don't want to prove anything, and they don't have to prove anything: all they have to do is repeat the GreenFear lie.
That initial disclaimer was kryptonite to BOTH Cagey and Global's agendas, hence its quick execution.
  Global could have asked David Phillips (but they didn't) to demonstrate exactly why and how Global's disclaimer was (supposedly) incorrect... and let's not forget that by censoring Cagey, Global ALSO did not have to ask Cagey to prove the opposite view of Global's disclaimer - ie, the one matching what CNN had espoused 2 months earlier!!) 
  David Phillips would have to explain to Global how - as CNN claims - a scientist such as himself ALREADY KNOWS that every specific weather event (such as in this case, Hurricane Michael) is now scientifically linked to man-made climate change.
  In order to explain this, Environment Canada's federal employee David Phillips would have to lie.


 Joseph Brean's Oct.9, 2018 National Post article clearly outlines how both Canada's Climate Barbie Catherine McKenna and U.S. conman Al Gore LIED about polar bears and climate change. McKenna is Canada's Minister of Climate Change Propaganda! 
"...Last year, for example, when a picture of an emaciated polar bear circulated on the internet, Catherine McKenna, Canada’s Minister of Environment and Climate Change, wrote in a tweet: “THIS is what climate change looks like”, Brean reported.

In her Dec.9, 2017 tweet, Canada's Climate Barbie also wrote that "Climate change is real. As are its impacts. Time to stand up for our polar bears and our planet."

The photo which Climate Barbie cited, was a National Geographic image of what appeared to be a thin white bear.
The National Geographic photo came with this attached caption: "When scientists say bears are going extinct, I want people to realize what it looks like" says photographer, Paul Nicklen".

Yet, there was no evidence that this photo of this bear had ANYTHING at all actually to do with AGW, or whether the bear was "going extinct".
The photographer provided no evidence except his personal bias - he just wanted people to 'know' something, um, ya know, like, ah, whatever he believed they oughtta know, without really knowin' dat much 'bout it... but, it's gotta be true cuz da National Geographic pretended it's true, and dat's what da photographer wanted us ta know.... bla bla bla... 

So, Canada's Climate Barbie - infected with climate-change delusions and too stupid to understand the manipulative lie staring her in the face (it reinforced her already-skewed biases) - swallowed this National Geographic deception about this bear, and furthermore, this propagandizing Liberal fool then conflated the photo to CLIMATE CHANGE!!

...hey, Paul Nicklen and Ms. McKenna:
This is what CLIMATE CHANGE PROPAGANDA looks like.!! ...and what climate-change propagandists look like.

Brean continues:
"In reality, it was just what a sick old bear looks like. “It’s far more likely that it is starving due to health issues,” polar bear biologist Andrew Derocher told the National Post. Another scientist observed that polar bears have no predators, so when they die, it is usually of starvation.
The trouble is that, if a sick bear is the narrative face of climate change, then a healthy bear can just as easily be the face of denial.
It was the same old story a decade ago, when a photo by Amanda Byrd of Mushing Magazine went viral. It was on newspapers around the world, on the day the United Nations issued a major climate change report.
The photo, taken in summer from Canada’s flagship icebreaker the Louis S. St-Laurent, shows two polar bears on a melting ice floe in the Beaufort Sea, north of Barrow, Alaska. {Yes: the Daily Mail was spreading the phony polar bear lie since Feb.1, 2007!!!}
“Their habitat is melting… beautiful animals, literally being forced off the planet,” said former U.S. Vice-President Al Gore in a presentation of his film An Inconvenient Truth, with the photo on the screen behind him. “They’re in trouble, got nowhere else to go.”
This was not even close to true.
“It’s just too cute to be true,” a spokesperson for Environment Canada said at the time. “You have to keep in mind that the bears are not in danger at all. It was, if you will, their playground for 15 minutes, you know what I mean?”
Al Gore LIED about polar bears - ya know what I mean?!
Gore's been lying about it for over a decade!!
Gore's lies have been repeated and amplified - without question - for years, becoming ingrained as a propagandized "truth", when in fact, it was a lie pulled out of Al Gore's giant ass.
Gore's false narrative; his deceptive 'convenient lie'; his mythical meme, continued to infect millions of sheeple into the future - eventually infecting Canada's vacuous Climate Barbie.
Catherine McKenna LIED about polar bears - - ya know what this means??
It means that this Liberal hack has NO credibility.
Canada's Environment ministry had already stated  a decade ago that the "bears are not in danger at all". 
Let's remember that now, climate liar McKenna is the Environment Minister - so it's not as if she didn't know about her own ministry's previous reaction to the polar bear lie - that the bears were not in danger!!! 
So Climate Barbie, as a good Liberal, ignored this and continued her lie anyway, in 2017, as if it were still true! 

Margaret Wente also wrote about this fake polar bear deception in the Dec.11, 2017 Globe and Mail:

"...All of our team was in tears," team member Cristina Mittermeier told the CBC's As It Happens. "We hear from scientists that in the next 100 to 150 years, we're going to lose polar bears …We want the world to see what starvation of a majestic animal like this looks like." Only later, when pressed, did she admit that it was "impossible to tell" why the animal was dying. That shocking video is a classic example of fake news – a phenomenon that's depressingly common in the environmental business, even at a leading brand such as National Geographic. So what if it isn't true? If it's all for a good cause, the facts don't matter. "The point is that it was starving," explained Ms. Mittermeier. "As we lose the ice in the Arctic, polar bears will starve."
Well, maybe. But even concerned scientists agree that one emaciated bear is not evidence of climate change. "It's far more likely that it is starving due to health issues," tweeted Arctic wildlife biologist Jeff Higdon. As apex predators, polar bears live long enough to get old and sick, just as people do. Starving polar bears are the stuff of periodic propaganda shots. In 2015, another polar bear in Norway became the temporary poster animal for global warming, and tugged heartstrings around the world. Not so fast, said Ian Stirling of the University of Alberta. "A difficulty hunting could be involved," he said. "I don't think you can tie that one to starvation because of lack of sea ice," he said.
But never mind. The news media can't resist. In this case at least one news outlet embellished the story by telling us that the bear "struggles to find food across a barren landscape that should be covered in ice." That's ridiculous. The bear is on the land. It is summer. That's what the tundra looks like in the summer."
Where's David Phillips, Canada's Scien-tainingTM Climatologist, to explain all this?! Hey Dave: are Canada's polar bears starving and becoming extinct due to climate change - - as Liberal Climate Clown Barbie says?! What: it's not Cagey's job to explain - just to entertain, propagandize, spout homey homilies and innuendo...???!! Who's suppressing Cagey Dave now??!! Where is Canada's SENIOR Climatologist, when it comes to challenging the lies propagated by his Liberal masters??!! Oh, what would Cagey's pal Phil Chadwick say now...?!

The above observations about the fakery of the AGW-infected main stream media are - once again - demonstrated in this Oct.16, 2018 Rolling Stone climate-change propaganda, which (like clockwork!) used an image of a polar bear swimming in water to link its GreenFear-mongering to climate change! The tag under the deceptive polar bear photo read: "It’s going to take mammals at least three to five million years to recover from the damage humans are doing to the planet" The credited photographer was JIM LO SCALZO/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock". 
So, Al Gore's lies continue unabated, amplified by media brands such as National Geographic and Rolling Stone who happily propagate the hoax. Why was this image of a polar bear used by Rolling Stone? Well: simply to propagate GreenFear lies. That's it. 
And it should also be noted that this Rolling Stone article was falsely presented by Google as "science" (!!) in its news feed - which is another lie compounding the original lie. This is how Al Gore's lies are amplified and propagated. This was a science fiction story - not 'news' and certainly not 'science'.
CNN - America's all-round propaganda-peddler - was also publishing the same kind of fake news, pretending it's somehow 'scientific', linking 'climate change and polar bears', written by CNN propagandist Angela Dewan on Aug.4, 2018: "...Climate change is here and is affecting the entire globe -- not just the polar bears or tiny islands vulnerable to rising sea levels -- scientists say. It is on the doorsteps of everyday Americans, Europeans and Asians, and the best evidence shows it will get much worse..." GreenFear propagandist Dewan just spouts innuendo and false causality, spreading fear and climatalarmism.
On Nov. 22, 2018, on its nightly national news tv broadcast, Bell Media's CTV network continued spewing more of its GreenFear-mongering, in a blatantly biased story hosted by the should-be-embarrassed Lisa LaFlamme and propagandist Vanessa Lee.
Again, Bell Media and their CTV network used deceptions - including showing a montage of images - even, yep, you guessed it - of a polar bear walking on a watery ice floe, to shill for climate-change bolshevism. This entire report was fake news - plain propaganda - which was crassly presented as 'journalism'. It was a lie... like the excrement shown by CNN, Rolling Stone, Forbes, CBC, TVO, and many others.
(Note: these media propagandists don't have to prove AGW: their role is just to SPREAD the lies, to repeat them and to amplify them. No 'journalism is needed - or wanted! - here.) 
Bell Media's laughably pathetic one sided propaganda (it was NOT news, nor was it journalism) basically shilled for the positions spouted by lobbyists Environmental Defense and by Turdo and Climate Barbie, meant to provide political 'legitimizing' cover in support of the upcoming Paris climate 'talks' - and naturally, also to attack Trump in the process. 
Using the typical deceptive meme of showing imagery of polar bears and water and steam and ice walls shearing into water, CTV, LaFlamme and Vanessa Lee basically indicted "the oil and gas sector" for causing the images which they had just shown!
This was a COMPLETE PIECE OF GARBAGE! Laflamme and Bell Media/ CTV shat out a CLASSIC piece of GreenFear fascism.
On the nightly tv news broadcast, Apr.1 2019, CTV, Bell Media, Lisa Laflamme  and Jill Macyshon AGAIN vomited out shat more Turdo-friendly climate-change propaganda, again using the discredited and deceptive imagery of polar bears to fraudulently link them to "climate-change"!! (also see Chapter 18)
On Dec.2, 2018, WNED tv replayed a tired old "Globe Trekker" travel segment on their 'create' series, where host Ian Wright explores Norway. We see Wright on the ship "Stockholm", searching for polar bears up in Spitzbergen. We see Wright speaking with some female 'researcher' on the ship, who basically tells him that polar bears are being endangered by man, because man causes climate change. That is taken at face value by the host, no questions asked; and, WNED and producers WNET also expect  - still, in 2018! - that their tv audiences ought to continue swallowing that as well.
{And the advertiser underwriting this segment was none other than car manufacturer Subaru - a company which relies on cold weather for its reason d'etre. Shame on Subaru for sponsoring climate-change propaganda.}

Despite the fact that the polar bear deception has been clearly revealed, it still doesn't stop the Green Fascists from utilizing their propaganda. The Toronto Star (Dec.3, 2018) blithely continued to deceptively use the image of a polar bear to promote a pile of Trump-hating, anti-oil GreenFear propaganda slime - written by New York Slimes 'reporters' (!) Henry Fountain and Steve Eder.
Seeing as the Toronto Star - a Canadian leftist propaganda outlet - devoted a lot of column-space to this American-sourced Trump-hate, why didn't the Toronto Star provide ANY Canadian perspective to this story?! Funny: NO comments from any Canadian Turdoite, nor from Canada's Climatology King, Cagey David Phillips.
You'd think Cagey Dave would have something to say about how Canada's man-made climate is killing  polar bears... as Canada's Climate Barbie insists it is!!

Forbes also keeps using green-fascist Polar Bear Propaganda in this Dec.2, 2018 piece by Peter Cohan, who - below a meant-to-GreenFear-monger photo of a polar bear! - tells us that climate change is "the rise in the earth’s temperature caused by people whose actions increase the proportion of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere".
There ya go... the weather AND the climate is man-made, and has never changed since there was an earth OR a universe... Such smugness, such facile delusion, such self-centered cognitive impairment, such narcissism...
it beggars belief.

On Dec.3, 2018, the CBC National nightly tv newscast had to keep up with the polar-bear/climate-change hoax, airing an 'indepth' segment on polar bears, where host Ian Hanomansing ominously stated without evidence that polar bears are starving in Churchill, Manitoba (as if it was all due to 'climate-change'). This while making the locals look bad for wanting to shoot polar bears which attack them. Typical perverted CBC leftist propaganda.
The CBC National nightly news broadcast, on June 19, 2019, once again spread lies about polar bears. (It's not that these people can't learn: they don't care - they repeat their GreenFear lies without stop.This time, CBC liar Andrew Chang was babbling about polar bears (...in Russia, no less..!) and casually linked them to those in Canada and to unspecified climate change! Yep, just like that - Chang just took a shit on the CBC, he reported no facts just GreenFear-mongered and walked away, leaving his green stink festering on CBC's viewers screens. He got his CBC paycheque for lying and calling it news.THIS is what fake climate change 'news' looks like - it's all imagery and innuendo, peddled by presstitutes willing and eager to get paid for shilling propaganda. Clearly, Chang was c*ck-holstering for Turdo, seeing as the CBC in June 2019 began actively campaigning to support Liberal policy in advance of the fall federal election. Spreading lies about polar bears and climate change is just part of the CBC's multi-million-dollar campaign to re-elect the turd Justin and Climate Clown Catherine.
On June 20, 2019, the CBC (...let's remember, the CBC has started its ground game GreenFear campaign to re-elect Turdo) once again displayed their false meme of a polar bear, this time on their midday tv newscast with some bald headed CBC git 'interviewing' a Waterloo university employee of some kind, Blair Feltmate, about 'climate change'. Feltmate, a GreenFear-monger, wasn't even talking about polar bears - but that didn't stop the climate liars at the CBC from displaying their deceptive polar bear trigger imagery during the 'interview'!
And what a laugh this interview was - the CBC's baldy just stood there as Feltmate went on and on about saving the planet by telling people to go camping in the summer and to use LEDs in their house. This CBC dog-and-pony GreenFear Bolshevik act was nothing but propaganda.

Feltmate has recently popped up all over the CBC (...or should we say, Feltmate has pooped all over the CBC..?) espousing his brand of GreenFear-mongering.

It's funny how Feltmate shows up with the host baldy on CBC, on Jun 20, 2019, yet Baldy DID NOT bother to mention that the CBC had to apologize for reporting inaccurate climate-change fear-mongering pooped out previously by Feltmate on the CBC, as had been reported by Terence Corcoran in the Feb.1, 2019 National Post:

"...Insurance Bureau of Canada’s decades-long campaign to raise alarms about the ravages of floods continued last week with an appearance by Blair Feltmate, a favourite star climate-change witness for the biggest insurers, at the Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority’s annual meeting. Feltmate heads the industry-funded Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation at Waterloo University, which claims climate change has triggered a surge in flood events in recent years. As Feltmate put it during his comments at the meeting: “The elephant in the room, from a climate-change perspective, is… too much water in the wrong places.
Not quite. The real elephant sharing the room with Feltmate turned out to be a detailed report from Guy Gendron, a CBC/Radio Canada International ombudsman, outlining how such distorted flood claims led the news network to publish stories last fall that contained “inaccurate and irrelevant” information.
At the time, last September, Feltmate was interviewed by the CBC’s English-language Radio Canada International arm, promoting the insurance industry’s sensational new report that claimed bad weather and flood events are soaring due to climate change. Weather that used to happen every 40 to 100 years is now occurring every six years, the industry has said, and the only way counter the threat is to introduce a national “green infrastructure” program.
Robert Muir, an Ontario municipal engineer and member of the Ontario Society of Professional Engineers, complained to the CBC ombudsman, pointing to flaws in Feltmate’s and the insurance lobby group’s claims. He alleged that the CBC report was misrepresenting science and insurance risks.
In his review of Muir’s complaint, the ombudsman delivered a scathing critique of the CBC coverage on its Radio Canada International site, saying that the CBC report had “failed to comply with journalistic standards” in assessing and reporting on the industry’s claims.
On Wednesday, the CBC published corrections to its reports. “The ombudsman,” said the CBC correction, “has ruled in favour of the complainant. Certain statements relating to rainfall amounts and the so-called 100-year events deemed to be inaccurate or irrelevant to the story have been removed and/or replaced. Information from Environment Canada has been added to indicate their statistics show no increase in rainfall or extreme rain events beyond ‘normal’ variations … These changes to the original story have been made on Jan. 29, 2019 to comply with the ombudsman’s decision.”
There are many angles to the ombudsman’s report. The ombudsman makes it clear that he is not passing judgment on the fundamental accuracy of any of the claims. His issue is with the CBC’s failure to report the other side of the story..."
Funny how the fake-news CBC (shilling for Turdo) eagerly goes back to the same hack for MORE green poopaganda! 
And, again, there was still no "other side of the story" on the biased CBC, during Feltmate's June 20, 2019 appearance!
Even an Ombudsman's report doesn't make the CBC's caught-in-the-act climate-change-deceivers change their ways.
After all, the CBC is a propaganda outlet, not a news organization.
 On June 20, 2019, John Oakley, on his Toronto radio show,  was interviewing some Green party hopeful hack from Newfoundland (some CODCO alumnus who apparently is a comedic climate-change expert) who tried to claim that both "climate-change" and "global warming"  (wow: they're... um... apparently different in Newfoundland.... who knew?!)  cause autism. Yep: it's just plain insane climate-fascism out there for all to see. Comedy genius? Or fu*kin' nutbar??

Funny - realllllly funny - thing is, that this "comedian" /  medical doctor of autism, this "brilliant satirist", was by Sept.21 in hot water for performing a black face act - ON CBC, of all places. 
Yes - the CBC allowed this programming (Hey Andrew Chang, hey Katie Simpson, hey Rosemary Barton, hey Petah Mansbridge, hey Suhanna Marchand.... any one of you creeps gonna "investigate" YOUR OWN fake-virtue-signalling employer and it's ingrained biases??!! bwahahah 

 And the green succubus Elizabeth May - who spent a lot of time excoriating Turdo's blackfacing - could care less about HER OWN candidates doin' the same thing!! As CTV reported on  May 21, 2019:
   "As for a high-profile candidate running for the Greens in Newfoundland and Labrador who exposed his own blackface skeleton the previous day, May seemed to be much more forgiving.
Greg Malone, who is running the riding of Avalon, said on Friday that he coloured his skin to play Mahatma Gandhi in a sketch broadcast on the CBC comedy series CODCO, which ran in the 1980s and '90s. He discussed it in a report on the CBC website, in which he said white people need to do a better job of putting themselves in the shoes of visible minorities.
May said she applauded Malone for coming forward.
"Greg Malone is a brilliant comic and satirist and actor, and quite well respected. And he came forward. The blackface activity in which he engaged was broadcast on the CBC. So he regrets it. It was some many, many, many years ago," said May.
"I am grateful of having someone of his character and integrity running for the Green Party of Canada in Avalon."

Yep: Green fascist party members have 'character and integrity'. Just like every Liberal candidate who supports their rascist Crime Minister all have integrity and character. No one asked to resign - because they are all all climate change fascists. This overrides their inconsequential gaffes. They are hunting the big prize; and their fake virtue signalling has been shown to be a hoax as well. Turdo had previously fired candidates who had essentially not even done anything wrong. Yet Turdo remains as PM. And if the buck stops with the leader, May should now resign as well. Walk the walk, you climate-change lying P'sOS. They'd be screaming their lungs out demanding Scheer resign IF this had happened with Scheer.
Yet ever Liberal MP still supports their lying piece of shit leader Justin Trudeau, no matter how much he lies, no matter who or how many people he gropes, no matter how many time he blackfaces and laughs along with his Liberal minstrel show. What a fu*king embarrassment.
On June 20, 2019, Niagara This Week, a publication which falsely advertises that they "Dig deeper into more news" printed an entire editorial ("Green ballot overdue") GreenFear-mongering about climate change. Sickening green-garbage, editorial diarrhea piped directly from the socialist scumbags at their mother-ship the Toronto Star. In Niagara, this propaganda was c*ck holstering for more taxes, and even waxing poetic about the disastrous, imbecilic GreenShift joke-policies espoused by the Liberal clown Stephane Dion. NTW might have well stuck MP Chris Bittle's Liberal member in their collective mouth as well. 

     Bell Media / CTV shat out another great piece of GreenFear climate-change propaganda with this Oct.14, 2018 story, which was attributed just to "Associated Press" and not even to a specific reporter. This was big time corporate climate propaganda from Bell Fake Media! Here's their spiked headline :
"Trump says climate change not a hoax, but he doesn't know if it's man made"
The intent here is to mock Trump.This is because CTV likes to make false associations with the term 'climate change'. 
If you examine the line "Trump says climate change not a hoax", you can very well believe that Canada's Climate Change Clown Catherine McKenna would say the exact same thing: a report titled "Catherine McKenna says climate change not a hoax" would not be mocked by the GreenFear-pushing-press!!
On the face of it, the two seem in agreement.
Yet, the nuance is in the definition of the phrase "climate change", and in the lazy, foggy, biased way the quotes are provided.
To Trump, "climate change" would be in reference to 'the climate' changing naturally - therefore, it is not a hoax, that the natural climate changes.
That is his start line.
To McKenna "climate change" would be in reference to 'man made climate change' (AGW) - therefore, to her, it is a hoax that the climate changes naturally.
That is her start line. 
McKenna denies that climate change is a natural occurrence.

    Trump's starting line is that the natural climate is changing (and always has changed...); therefore, by saying he doesn't know if it's man made, is factual.
   But Lying Liberal McKenna (...the 'climate change is killing polar bears' hoax pusher....) has already prejudged that climate change is man made, not natural, and that "it's all settled".

  This is the same play on words, the false causation, the same deception, the same conflation, that every GreenFear pusher makes. 
  CTV giddily reports Trump saying "I'm not denying climate change", as if that is ludicrous for anyone to say; yet, it's only odd to those already in the GreenFear-infected 'it's all settled' tank, hopelessly immersed in GreenFear politics, and too impaired to understand the definitions in play here.
  After all, who could possibly claim that the climate is NOT "changing" - and has not been changing for millennia??!
   Well: it is Climate Barbie's Liberal climate-change deniers who downplay (they deny!) the fact that earth's climate has been changing, ever since there was a climate; ever since there was an earth, before man!!

   Funny how the AP / CTV / Bell Fake Media propagandists purposefully muddy the story.
   The GreenFear propagandists' aim is to make Trump's observation seem ludicrous.
    {Lookit, lookit - we got Trump denying he's a climate change denier... hahaha... gotcha... oh, yeah, we got 'im... yep, got  'im good... hahaha...}

   But CTV / Bell Media completely ignore McKenna's insane rejection of the earth's natural climate, her stance that earth's natural climate does not change - it cannot change - because it is not natural, but is man-made?!? 
 CTV / Bell Media ignored examining McKenna's delusion that earth's climate NEVER changed, that it was in some kind of (fictional!) stasis, until man appeared on the scene? 
{...THAT is the "climate change hoax" which Trump refers to!!}

  Can't the AP / CTV / Bell Media propagandists spot the difference by now?! hahaha - sure they can! But their job is to sell propaganda. They make money in the racket.
Not once did CTV try to examine the veracity of the 'AGW is all settled' lie!! Their job was to slime and to de-legitimatize Trump, deflecting from any analysis of the climate deceptions which they help peddle. 
The only thing actually 'settled', is that the GreenFear AGW lie has never been settled: it remains a lie. Keep spreadin' your fake news, CTV}
   Isn't McKenna the one denying the existence of (natural) climate change?!
Typical of the GreenFear movement, McKenna and her Turdo Liberals purposefully pull off their bait-and-switch tactics, purposefully peddling false causalities, conflating natural climate change with hoaxed-up 'man-made climate change' political lies.
(McKenna's climate deceptions were already examined previously in Chapter 29)
It is the GreenFear-pushers who are denying real, ongoing climate change (...helped by reports such as this by AP / CTV / Bell Media...) by unquestioningly attributing it to man.
On  Aug.27, 2019, CTV's evening tv news host Michelle Dube reported on the "pumice island" which was supposedly floating to Australia, and that it was hoped (by who?) that this would restore the coral reefs: then she shat out a pile of GreenFear claiming {with no suportable evidence} that these reefs were destroyed by "climate change". After inserting this alarmist crap propaganda, she then merrily continued on with her "news" cast.

   We see the Dec.3, 2018 Globe and Mail producing more unchallenged climate change propaganda:
 "...Many cities hadn’t done enough research to be able to write a comprehensive plan.
Scientists are increasingly able to attribute extreme weather events to the influence of climate change. And when floods or wildfires destroy lives and property, it’s usually in a city.
“Where are most of our people and property?” Prof. Thistlethwaite said. “They’re in cities. There’s a concentration there of exposure
     The issue of man made climate change is, once again, not opposed nor even questioned in this climate propaganda piece. The doublespeak here is the canard of 'extreme weather'. 
   Why didn't Thistlethwaite include any link to any scientific attributions to Canadian Climatologist David Phillips, as a legitimate source for this 'extreme weather' fearmongering scenario? 
    Where is Canada's Cagey Climatologist, giving proven scientific evidence on this very specific issue?
    Why has the professor muzzled David Phillips?
    Was Cagey one of the scientists that Thistlethwaite alleges who "are increasingly able to attribute extreme weather events to the influence of climate change"???
    Where is CP reporter propagandist Bob Weber's interview with Cagey Dave - or ANYONE ELSE!! - to provide comment, perspective, corroboration, or questioning of this 'report'?!?!
   Why did the Globe and Mail, Canadian Press, and Bob Weber suppress Environment Canada's Senior Climatologist David Phillips?! Does Cagey Dave have no relevant input here?!?
    This was NOTHING but typically biased climate-change propaganda.

    CTV / Bell Media once again had a GreenFear-spewing bowel movement and excreted more unadulterated globalist climate-change propaganda in this Dec.3, 2018 story, from AP's Frank Jordans and Monika Scislowska.
   For some reason, Canadian media conglomerate Bell Media  did not bother to provide any Canadian relevance to this UN fascism, nor bother to provide any commentary or perspective from anyone other than the already-infected green fascist cabal and their climate-coven echo-chamber.
    GreenFear-fascist delusions and climatalarmism from hacks such as Richard Attenborough are propagated without a word of skepticism.
    What does David Phillips have to say about all this climate-change paranoia?
    We don't know, because CTV and Bell Media muzzled him.

   Oh yeah, Attenborough has recruited Facebook to propagate GreenFear Fascism by using bots to infect the masses with climate change propaganda. What - you haven't hear of this?! Gosh: imagine the smug outrage if someone other than Green Bolsheviks tried that kind of media politicization and manipulation with Obama's FarceBook pal Zuckerberg!  


         On Dec. 12, 2018, residents of St.Catharines were treated to the above mailed pamphlet featuring a huge pile of stinking Liberal climate-change eco-fascist fear-mongering from Turdo's c*ck-holster, MP Chris Bittle.
   This was timed of course, to coincide with the shameless COP24 (Coven Of Propaganda) climate-change orgy going on in Poland. We've been inundated by a surge of media climate propaganda, creating a rising wave of GreenFearStink over the last 2 months, since October.

    We see Green Fascism being freely emitted by climate-change-charlatans such as UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, who spouts things like: "To waste this opportunity would compromise our last best chance to stop runaway climate change," Mr Guterres said. "It would not only be immoral, it would be suicidal."
    When is anyone going to discuss the morality of Canada's Climate King David Phillips' refusal to provide the evidence to justify the climate fear being spread by globalist Gueterres and his fellow Agenda-21-pushing Liberals hacks in Canada?!
    Wow: Canada's Cagiest Climatologist is sanitized, and controversy-free in Canada, inoculated from guilt - or scrutiny! - by the fawning media. Ole Cagey is demure and virtuous, a paragon of climate-morality, always standing by with some hackneyed ole homespun homily; standing by as his Liberal overlords lecture us with unsubstantiated doomsday scenarios of horrific suicidal climate catastrophe.       Yep: David Phillips happily fanned the GreenFear flame for decades, dancing tangos with his adoring media to push the climate-change hoax. Where's the discussion regarding David Phillips' missing moral compass?


  The CBC (Jan.9, 2019) carried this piece of  'news' about seals in Newfoundland dying. This story was eagerly carried by CNN's Gianluca Mezzofiore and other media hungry to ominously portray {ie: to GreenFear-ize, to purposefully distort...} the issue as some kind of critical climate-change event.
The problem for that narrative, however, is that some seals were stranded on shore because the shoreline FROZE while they were out. 
   In context, just this week, at his cross-country rallies, Turdope was telling his gullible fans that "climate change is real".
But, as he did with his bizarre interview with Evan Solomon in the first week of Dec. 2018, what Turdo means is that 'everything is melting', and that ALL 'CLIMATE CHANGE' IS DUE TO MAN. 
And therefore, he means that his Liberals are going to 'stop the melting'; and that forcing Canadians to pay carbon taxes, will prevent ice from melting, and will create an unchanging climate stasis where the laws of thermodynamics are magically suspended due to Justin Trudeau's Unicornian Liberal demented science-fiction climate fantasies.

In this article about the seals, the issue (contrary to Turdo's pontifications) is NOT about ice melting, it's about the shoreline freezing up with ice - so, the GreenFear narrative has to be shifted into innuendo that
- the ice umm... should not have been icy {!}
- that the ice should have been umm, meltier {!}... or, ummmm... better yet 
- that the water should never be frozen at all!! {.....ummm, which means that there should be global warming to 'stop the ice'!
 But wait: Liberals say they want to "stop global warming"! They say there shouldn't be global warming - thereby meaning Liberals want more ice. 
OH NO - - - wait: whaaaaaaaat?! Justin Trudeau WANTS Canada's poor defenseless seals to die, because he and his Liberals WANT to 'stop global warming', therefore, they want MORE ICE???! 
   {oh gosh, oh golly... 'how do we spin this now?', Turdo's buttlickers ask! Damn: why'd we report this story anyway? There's no good way out for Justin on this one...}

Is Justin Trudeau in favour of letting seals die, because Justin Trudeau wants to stop global warming?? If the Planet had less 'Global Warming', then more seals would die in Newfoundland, because of the ice. 

So let's see: Justin Trudeau wants to 'stop the melting', he wants to 'stop the sea levels from rising', he wants to 'stop global warming'  - so: he is in favour of more ice, correct? Therefore, Justin Trudeau wants to starve and kill seals. (...and so, there is Justin Trudeau's 2019 Liberal election campaign slogan. It'll make a great bumper sticker, too..) You're welcome
Yep: "Save Canada's seals, Flush Turdo". You're welcome again... 
(isn't that the tactics which Liberals employ against Trump?)
The optics are clear (no?!):
 "TURDO Hates Global Warming, Loves Global Cooling. Turdo wants seals to freeze and die".
Whaaaaaaat?!? Is that what CNN and CNN's "newsgathering partner" CBC are saying?? {btw, is anyone surprised that CNN and CBC are each other's fake news c*ckholsters?!}

The GreenFear spin is that these poor cuddly creatures (which Paul McCartney loves so much) are victims of global warming - because the water froze.
 Btw, has Sir Paul given ANY of his millions to the seals yet..?! Has he fed them? Clothed them? Bought an iceberg for them to live on? Written a couple o' tunes and donated the profits to them...?
Hey, maybe in the spring, CNN and CBC can write some propaganda about seals drowning because the ice then is melting...

This is spun as if, you know, the coastline HAS NEVER FROZEN OVER in Newfoundland, ever before; as if riverbanks have never frozen, as if this is all new, never happened before; that this is "extreme weather", all due to either 'global warming', or, due to 'climate change', and that only Liberal taxation can 'stop climate change'.  Yes: Liberal liars actually claim they are going to stop and prevent the earth's climate from changing.
The psychosis underlying this conceit is more than troubling.
And what actually is the problem here: is the problem that the water is frozen, or is the problem that it is not frozen?! The leftist GreenFear-pushers have to carefully, cagily  dance around their narrative to keep their hoax going.

Hey: speaking about those who are professionals at performing cagey climate tangos, maybe Canada's Cagiest Climatologist can help! Hey Dave: has Newfoundland ever experienced frozen coastlines before? 
Hmm: thanks for nothing Dave. Go collect your pay-cheque from Environment Canada.

Climate-hoax-protectors inevitably come up with THIS typical rebuttal narrative, when the hypocrisy in their religion is mentioned, lecturing others that "weather is not climate".
Talk about the kettle calling the pot an off-colour!
These GreenFear pushers everyday push the line that EVERYTHING weather-related in nature has been caused by MAN - ie "AGW".
The minute ANYTHING happens weather wise, it is IMMEDIATELY linked to "global warming", no questions asked!! That IS the automatic default reflex OF the Green bolsheviks! 
Any wind, any fire, any drought, any flood... anything, anywhere... is portrayed as somehow being 'climate-change' - made by man!
The GreenFear-pusher's catch-all phrase for all this is that "it's all settled" and that no questions dare be asked about this premise.
It is IMMEDIATELY branded as "extreme weather" due to "climate change'' (underlying meaning: that it was caused by man). 
This is the typical Jane Fonda/ Dicaprio/ Jennifer Lawrence mentality. Forest fire: global warming!! Volcano: global warming. Hurricane: global warming. Earthquake: global warming. Tsunami: global warming. Thunderstorm: global warming. Flood: global warming. Drought: global warming... 

This all-encompassing, one-size-fits-all, no-need-to-ask-pesky-questions grab-bag of deceptions underlines their 'climate change' / 'global warming' / 'extreme weather' GreenFear narratives. 
If it rains, it's due to one {...or more!} of the handy narratives above!!
If it doesn't rain, it's one {...or more!} of the phony narratives above
If it's windy, it's one {...or more!} of the above
If it's not windy, it's one {...or more!} of the above
If it's ______ then it is caused by one {...or more!} of the GreenFear hoaxes above...

The funniest thing is to read the comments from demented climate change zombies who pop up to immediately bandage up their GreenFear religion's transparent phoniness.

Here's commenter Ralph Eddy, who "thought global warming was supposed to make less ice not more"....
....to which Joe Smithson replied: "Learn the difference between weather and climate".

Hm: imagine that: does Smithson quickly also impart this same wisdom to the likes of Turdo, Jane Fonda, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, as well as to all the GreenFear-pushing media propagandists on CBC, Bell Media CTV, TVO, PBS, TorStar...etc etc?! Did Smithson EVER lecture those propagandists about the "difference between weather and climate"??
They DON'T CARE; they KNOW the difference and yet they still peddle innuendo-laden, fear-laced climate-propaganda, spinning everything AS IF it was man-made 'climate change'.
Great gaia: even Smithson knows that - doesn't he?! Doesn't he  know the difference between natural climate change and 'man-made climate change'??? Does he not understand the difference between saying "AGW is all settled" and proving it?!
At least Smithson forgot to throw the "denier" label at Eddy. 

When David Butler commented
 "So much for "climate change melting all the world's ice". Greenpeace spin doctors are in an emergency meeting..."  
     ...it triggered Jim McAlpine to write:
 "so much for having a simple understanding of the difference between global warming and regional conditions". 
That is a hilariously deceptive, deflective, self-serving smug response. The GreenFear lie is applicable EVERYWHERE - McAlpine gets that "simple understanding" ...right? The lie is that THE ENTIRE PLANET'S CLIMATE, EVERYWHERE is changing DUE TO MAN. No exceptions to the rule.

The concept of "regionality" (of picking and choosing micro-weather patterns and isolated regional micro-climate constructs) is an inconvenient footnote in the larger lie. The minute one starts investigating 'climate-change' inequalities in regional issues, the main "Planetary" propaganda narrative is severely diminished, exposing the "it's all settled' lie to a greater risk of scrutiny. Al Gore doesn't talk about the climate in east-end Halifax, as opposed to the climate in northend Winnipeg; for the lie to work, regionality MUST be subdominant to the larger lie. 
If McAlpine himself understood the "difference between global warming and regional conditions", then - as a GreenFear-believer -  he'd have understood the risk that any regional anomalies will bring to the Big "it's all settled" Climate Change Lie. The Big Lie would soon fall apart if all the fu**ing anomalies were quantified!
And Josh Woodferd responded to Butler with this brilliant equation: "Weather=/=Climate"
Ya, yaJosh / Einstein:
did you send this same equation to the same people that Smithson didn't send his to?! Weather is always now perverted into being "man-made climate change" by GreenFear believers! 
Those who spout climate-change propaganda always use the formula "any weather, anywhere = man-made climate change"!!

 They PURPOSEFULLY sow seeds of deception, insinuating that literally any weather event is ALL due to "climate-change / global-warming" {...and therefore, due to mankind}.

What a stretch of incredulity for those such as Woodferd who spout the Weather=/=Climate formula, yet, nevertheless, believe the "climate-change" lie. 
Why spout this formula to Butler, if you disagree with what Butler wrote?! In fact, Butler, I am sure, not only full well knows and understands that 'weather doesn't equal climate change', but, that he believes this, as well. 
Butler would obviously agree to this truth!
So why does Woodferd throw this into Butlers face, as if somehow Butler is the one who doesn't get it?!
Has Woodferd blessed Turdo and Climate Barbie with his great formula?! They lie about 'climate change being caused by man' on a daily basis. 
They equate weather with climate, to perpetuate their political lies, and they have a widely complicit media helping them spread the climate propaganda. 
{...so, to imagine that Turdo's Liberal spin doctors would be in an emergency meeting right now, to try to distance Trudeau from dead seals, is a sadly comical and very accurate commentary on Liberal climate-change lies and incongruities}
Why send Butler this formula, yet, not to the others who purposefully flaunt the Weather=/=Climate rule?!!

The CBC wrote several versions of this story, closing comments and going to a new one; the Jan.7, 2019 version had this comment from Jon Palmer:

"If we weren’t in the era of global warming, aka Climate change, that headline might have read “seals trapped inland by extreme cold and ice”. 
I have enjoyed reading the CBC headlines this past year, and how they will literally drag needles through their tongues instead of admitting that there is lots of ice. 
Remember the “tourists” that were trapped in arctic sea ice after ignoring the Canadian coast guards warning about the massive arctic ice pack? 
Of course the CBC neglected to mention that the “tour boat”, was actually a leased science vessel full of government funded climate scientists on their way into the arctic to study the “melting arctic ice pack”. The irony was so thick you couldn’t cut it with an industrial laser".

But commenter Lily O'Loughlin apparently didn't like the way these comments were going, triggering her to write the leftists' typical textbook smear:
"It still doesn't mean that the planet isn't in a warming state overall. But of course the deniers will seize on anything to try to prove it isn't."
Isn't Lily the one denying natural climate change?!  Here we have some "it's all settled"-mantra-infected fool - who has no evidence showing that something is - demanding that someone else prove the negative, that same something isn't.
Isn't Lily the one here who believes that all weather on earth (and therefore all of earth's climate) is caused by MAN - as Justin Turdo instructed her to believe?!
When Lily says "It still doesn't mean that the planet isn't in a warming state overall", isn't she already - right there - using the 'regionality difference' deflection, which is anathema to the Great Planetary Climate Change Hoax that she's supposed to uphold?! Pointing out DIFFERENCES causes folks to ASK QUESTIONS about your "it's all settled" mantra - get it?! Ya don't defend the "it's all settled' lie by pointing out differences here, and then over there, and then muddling the whole thing up with 'yeah but overall here', or 'nevertheless over there' - - - the GreenFear lie is supposed to be applicable uniformly, everywhere, without question, everywhere across the entire planet
Lily has been TOLD that "it's all settled" - so any concept of 'regionality'  itself is dangerous heresy - especially to Turdo and the UN!! 
"Man-made Climate-Change" is NOT ASYMMETRICAL in its political dimension, it is ABSOLUTE - Lily probably never did learn this.
 And: specifically what "warming" is she talking about? The supposed AGW warming CAUSED BY MAN?? The "warming" which will be supposedly STOPPED BY TURDO'S FASCIST LIBERAL CARBON TAX GRAB? That warming?!
It's funny that Lily herself COULDN'T SEIZE the moment to PROVE AGW - yet had the time to smear someone who pointed out the hypocrisy of the GreenFear agenda!
 (But let's not feel bad for Lily: Cagey David Phillips - Canada's Cagiest Climatologist - also cannot prove "man-made climate-change". Cagey Dave earns his living by giving everyone the impression that everything he reports, is evidence of man-made climate change. But even that cowardly codger will NOT say that "it's all settled" on air. Wonder why that is...?)
The GreenFear Standard Operating Procedure is to sow confusion, and to never focus on their "it's all settled" mantra, but always deflect away from it. They cannot prove their own propaganda, so the next best thing is to repeatedly promote their propaganda as if it was true. As we see, they'll do anything to force others to prove a negative. This is how the mentality infected by "it's all settled" propaganda works. They don't have to prove anything, all they have to do is smear someone with the GreenFear-monger's handy 'denier' label.
See how the Suzuki-Dion-Gore-Bradley-Turdo-infected climate change propaganda works?

Ontario's TVO television media empire has spent several years repeatedly propagating one-sided climate-change alarmist programming.
Steve Paikin and TVO excreted another stinking pile of GreenFear during their preach-to-the-AGW-infected-choir propaganda-show on TVO's Agenda  Jan.15, 2019.
Stevie's 4-person cabal of climate-change fearmongers even included 'luminaries' such as Michael Mann, being taken with studious seriousness by an all-engrossed, nodding, full-to-the-brim-of-AGW-koolade Paikin.

The underlying premise of this TVO propaganda - that everything which these climate clowns was saying was 'all settled' - was {...as is the requirement in the GreenFear religion} NEVER questioned by Paikin, who was apparently cock-holstering for Suzuki... the entire show was carried out as if it was settled.

The IPCC was cited as a holy scroll, and well, that's that - it's automatically 'all settled'. 
What a piece of fakery, of propaganda, which - naturally - included the obligatory nudge-nudge-wink-wink barbs thrown in about Trump, and needless to say, included the  usual put-down of 'deniers' ...sub-human 'heretics' to the green-religion being espoused by TVO's biased host and panelists; heretics who were purposefully banned from participating on this TVO panel! 
As is standard in a totalitarian phony-discussion panel, no differing views are allowed..!
{...and why aren't challenges allowed: well, you already know how the catch-22-climate-lie works: because 'it's all settled', heretic views, by definition, cannot be taken seriously, no questions can possibly be asked of the 'it's all settled' claim, because - you see - it's all settled {!!!}... thus, the climate-change agenda safely self-perpetuates, unscathed}

With Paikin leading his climate coven, no serious questions were asked BY ANYONE, nor were any EXPECTED!!  Some 'discussion' that is - ie it's purposeful non-discussion: just lecturing the same re-hashed one-sided propaganda!

This entire show was just a climate-change-propaganda orgy, where everyone spent the entire show essentially blowing each other. Charlatan Paikin was the ringmaster, acting like the Hef of GreenFear, peddling climate porn.

These were all AGW-infected fellow-travelers stroking each other, ejaculating greenie rhetoric over each other, massaging each other with breathless ominous innuendo, cooing sweet green nothingness into each other's appreciative ears!
TVO's "Agenda" program was an agenda of propaganda, which ought to be renamed as "TVO AGENDA 21": host Paikin's agenda was to propagate bias, to have NO CHALLENGES, nor any other views. Shameful tawdry media behaviour! TVO carried out basically a FAKE interview, where all the participants - even the host - were all infected by and blabbing from the same GreenFear hymn book.

TVO and Paikin even tried to make us to feel sorry for these AGW-peddlers; yet, Paikin didn't bother to ask them why they didn't follow Prof Scranton's (see Chapters 36 and 37) innovative solutions to the climate change issue:

"…the only truly moral response to global climate change is to commit suicide. There is simply no more effective way to shrink your carbon footprint. Once you’re dead, you won’t use any more electricity, you won’t eat any more meat, you won’t burn any more gasoline, and you certainly won’t have any more children. If you really want to save the planet, you should die”..."

Yeah: apparently Paikin didn't want to rock his kumbaya-climate-change-orgy with this downer scenario. 

Funny, that Hef Paikin umm... did nothing to challenge  his panelists, about anything! Pure TVO 'it's all settled' chicanery! 

One of Hef Paikin's 4 TVO climate-pornographers was Jason Thistlethwaite, who we see was mentioned spouting his climatalarmism in Chapter 41, where also it was noted that Cagey Climatologist David Phillips was conspicuously missing from that climate-change story.  

Thistlethwaite again pops up on TVO, and Cagey again is nowhere to be seen!  

Gosh: is Cagey being made irrelevant by the New Young Turks Of Climate Bolshevism, just because Cagey refused 'to go there' with the CBC (as noted in Chapter 13)?!!

So, TVO and Steve Paikin muzzled Canada's Cagiest Climatologist, David Phillips, from participating in this TVO GreenFearFest - - - why?
Why did TVO ban David Phillips from participating in this climate-change lovefest? Did Justin Trudeau prevent David Phillips from telling the world 'the truth about man-made climate-change'?? 
(Paikin and his gang would have had an entire show - maybe three shows! - on this topic, if this had occurred during Harper's term!! They could even have gotten Phil Chadwick (see Chapter 3!) to jump up and down yelling 'Lookit! Lookit wott dem 'servatives dun ta po' ole Cagey'... But now... well... now that this is happening under Turdo's watch, suddenly it's Phil who is muzzled, nowhere to be found..! what a topsy turvy world, eh, Phil?!) 
After all, y'all cain blame Harper for muzzzlin' Cagey, but ya shore caint blame Turdo fer muzzlin' Cagey - - that's just the way the GreenFear-infected media's built-in bias is skewed.

Didn't David Phillips 'belong' with this TVO climate cabal; didn't he fit in well with Paikin's chosen climate clan members?
Was Cagey umm... uh.... 'busy' that day?!
Was David Phillips' climate-reputation lower than Mann's??
Why was Canada's Senior Climatologist David Phillips banned from participating in this TVO climate propaganda (where he....umm. clearly belonged)?

One reason might well be that Paikin and TVO are now blatantly ripping-off David Phillip's own Cagey-Tango shtick.

Cagey's been doing his climate-tango dance moves with a complicit media for years.
What TVO and Paiken have done here is turn Cagey's old-shtick into a new fake-discussion forum, double-doubling down on the climate-change propaganda: if one cagey climate commentator is good enough to propagate tonnes of GreenFear, then let's have FOUR climate-change hacks doing it!!
Maybe Paikin and his TVO puppetmaster overlords avoided David Phillips because they were ashamed that they stole his routine.
 Of course, TVO has continued spreading their biased, non-objective GreenFear propaganda. Another example (of MANY) was their show aired on July 31, 2019, with the climatalarmist Dianne Saxe on the 'panel' - and some OTHER climatologist from the perverted Ministry of Environment and Climate Change" - but it wasn't Cagey. Why is TVO muzzling Cagey nowadays?!!

    Here's yet more from the perverted world of the GreenFear-infected moral-virtue signalers, such as this lunatic-left junk-science crap by Laura Brehaut, espousing that veganism is akin to planetary godliness (National Post Jan.17, 2019):
         ".. an international team of scientists has made a bold promise of health and sustainability …  A dramatic global change in diet and food production has the power to prevent roughly 11 million deaths each year and avoid climate change, the Eat-Lancet Commission says in a report published Wednesday in the medical journal The Lancet..."
  Yes, you read this insanity correctly: demented GreenFear climatalarmists are now claiming - no evidence required - that eating beans will "AVOID CLIMATE CHANGE".  

  Yep: read it again: behold the full glory; revel in the sweeping scope of this blatant insanity:
"AVOID" climate change!?! These are demented people.
Ya, this is umm... the kind of quack 'medical advice' {?!?!} being prescribed by this so-called 'medical journal': if you eat more beans, you'll "avoid climate change"!! (...and if you dare doubt this fanatical falsehood, you're a damn denier)
  (This twisted narrative isn't new; it's just recycled climatalarmism similar to that peddled by David Suzuki years ago: see Beware the GORZUKION
Yep - - ya see: it is all settled now, for sure, this time {!!} no doubt about it!! 
  After all:
  8 out of every 7 GreenFear-infected medical practitioners, along with 11 out of every 6 climate-voodoo clinicians all agree, that this prescription to "avoid" Earth's climate really works! 
  No diagnosis and no scientific exams are needed!! All gullible sheeple are eligible to apply! Just do as you're told - don't ask questions about either the scientific basis for, or the veracity of, our claims; and soon, you will STOP EARTH'S CLIMATE!
  Follow our beany instructions, and soon you too can be living in a part of earth where the climate can simply be avoided!! {...omfg...}  

 Oh, uh... and, The Lancet Urinal forgot to mention that this "cure" is being called "Climate-B-Gone"TM....  and that large doses are now being trafficked in Canada at all participating Liberal MP offices, simply by paying a handy carbon tax. 
  Ya pay the Turdo Climate Tax, and you too can avoid earth's climate... 
     ...yes, you too can live on that fabled Turdopian part of Earth, where there is no climate...
 ... ...omfg...  ...OMFG...  ...OMFG: what have they done??!??
   [WARNING: DO NOT MIX Climate-B-GoneTM  with any reality-based, non-marxist prescriptions. Doing so will cause side-effects, such as awakening from your socialist slumber, and having a sudden urge to ask questions about the leftist "it's all settled" lie.]

 We are being asked to believe - according to the witch-craft / marxist 'medicine' espoused by Dr. Propaganda at the Lancet Urinal - that if ya eat more beans, the Earth's climate will ... uhhh.... umm... stop 'changing'..!
  You will magically "avoid" being in a climate which changes - so, you'll be living in some fantastically sealed, unchanging, static climate, which never changes! {...because, well, um, you 'avoided it...)
  Yep: just by eating more beans, you'll be living in the GreenFear fascists' wet dream of a fabled climate stasis! 
  {This the exact same kind of fantasy that is trafficked by Liberal virtue-signalers such as Turdo and Climate Barbie in Canada... oh, and Great Gaia's Ghost: let's not even mention the um... billions of  extra-gaseous farts resulting from all dem beans bein' et... sheesh...talk about man-made global warming...}
  As commenter Andris Lielmanis well asks: "Global vegetarianism could lead to climate stasis?"

  And we are told to believe that not only will mass-planetary-veganism somehow "AVOID climate-change", but that it will also 'PREVENT 11 million deaths each year'!!
Holy Great Gobs Of GreenFear-Deluded Hypocrisy And Contradiction: don't the quacks running the Lancet Urinal already know that AGW means that MAN IS THE PROBLEM??? 
Don't the Lancet Urinalists know of Prof Scranton's (see Chapters 36 and 37!) Final Solution TO SOLVE GLOBAL WARMING?!
Why bother saving 11 million people, when all they're gonna do is continue putting the "Planet In Peril" just by virtue that they are still alive and still exhaling CO2?!!
The "it's all settled: man did it" GreenFear-peddlers HATE "MAN". Get with the program, why doncha, ya Lancet urinalists! 
  The AGW GreenFear lie is that MAN IS THE PROBLEMthat 'climate-change' is CAUSED BY MAN; and that there would be ...ummm.... uh... no climate, if only MANKIND was NOT ALIVE; if only there was NO MANKIND ...after all {you have to think like a GreenFear-spreader here}: 
  'how could there even be a climate on earth, if man wasn't there to create it?! So, you see, it makes perfect sense the more you don't think about it: No man = no climate! Because humans created the climate (as Turdo and Climate Barbie believe), Earth cannot possibly have had any climate before man! So: it's man's fault that we even have a pesky ole climate - and now it's changing, so we must act now to stop the tipping point of the planetary man-made... ...bla bla bla.... '.
  OMG: you see how the fu*king GreenFear-infected insanity develops?!
  Man caused everything; the earth would be better off without humans...bla, bla, bla... (...a play on the handily unprovable 'is the light still on, when the fridge door is closed' scenario.)
   POPULATION CONTROL has been a BASIC tenet of GREENFEAR FASCISM from the beginning. Let's not pretend it ain't so!! Self-loathing GreenFear-pushers basically just HATE HUMANITY {...and, well... they hate cows, too... and Alberta's oilsands...} and believe that 'climate change' is CAUSED BY THE EXISTENCE of MAN; their underlying motto, bluntly speaking, is SAVE THE PLANET - KILL THE PEOPLE. MAN IS EARTH'S ENEMY.
   Humans are seen as destructive pests, raping and defiling a virginal, innocent, pure Mother Earth. There is a serious mental condition underpinning this mass 'climate-change' psychosis.
   That we - as MANKIND {...oops, pardon: or as Canada's Crime Minister Soxy Turdo sez: "'PEOPLEKIND"...} - are simply ALIVE, is a huge problem - of existential proportions - for GreenFear-infected psychopaths. 
   As we see here, these GreenFear fascists just excrete their stinking socialist agenda regardless of whether it makes sense, or even whether it contradicts their own previous lies. They practice chaos and will disrupt even their own constructs, to feed their psychosis. 


More climate-change lies were peddled by Bell Media, CTV, and The Canadian Press - lies which were fraudulently portrayed by enablers such as Google as "news" - when it is just click-bait GARBAGE; have a look at the laughable climate-crap shat out by CTV on Feb.12, 2019:
"Wondering what the climate in your city will be like in a few decades?
An unusual study published today suggests you should look about 1,000 kilometres to the south.
Matt Fitzpatrick of the University of Maryland says that's the average distance between 540 cities in the U.S. and Canada and the closest place that resembles what their climate will become.
Fitzpatrick says if nothing changes, Montreal can expect a climate similar to that of Chester, Pennsylvania.
Vancouver will feel a lot like Seattle and Calgary's weather will resemble what folks in Spearfish, South Dakota, now experience.
Fitzpatrick acknowledges his calculations are approximate."

"...Approximate" ...to what measure of reality?!
CTV just publishes sh!t and we are supposed to believe this? Absolutely NO context was provided, nor any other informed commentary on the faux-"science" being fraudulently peddled here. This isn't news nor science. It's unadulterated GreenFear-mongering - it's "science-fictioneering TM".
"...If nothing changes"!!!  ...based on what?! Upon lies modeled upon other AGW lies?!
Why wasn't Canada's Cagiest Climatologist David Phillips consulted by CTV, and included in this story, in order to, um... confirm the veracity of these climate hallucinations disguised as political fear-mongering?! 
Why did CTV suppress science here? Where's Phil Chadwick when Cagey needs him???
Did Justin Trudeau personally intervene and interfere with CTV's handling of this story; is CTV working for the Liberal Party?!

Further to Chapter 14, where lefist media bias at the Toronto Star was examined, I wonder what the Star's propagandist Kathy English would say about Lara Logan's views, as reported in the  Washington Examiner (Feb.19, 2019)?!

English defended her biased, grossly perverted leftist views, with a blithe ignorance that borders on cognitive dissonance. Logan was referencing the EXACT kind of leftist media manipulation practised by Torstar and Kathy English !! Because it's Atkinsonian leftism, it... well... can't be fake, right Kathy!? Kathy's TorStar horse-hockey fakery has been called out.
Whether it's about issues of politics or climate, the leftist bias tinges everything that purports to be journalism, but in fact, is just politicized propaganda. So far, you've been able to see 48 chapters of examples here!!

When Logan says: 
"Although the media has always been historically always been left-leaning, we’ve abandoned our pretense, or at least the effort, to be objective today ... That means we’ve become political activists in a sense and, some could argue, propagandists — and there’s some merit to that.”
Logan elaborated on these points at considerable length, and with considerable thoughtfulness and insight, even while acknowledging that being so forthright might be “professional suicide for me”, she clearly exposes the majority of Canada / US media!! 
Whether it's the CBC, St.Catharines Standard, or the Toronto Star, it's the same lefty-bias-brain-dead story (...in the case of the St.Catharines Standard, it's now literally part of the Torstar Borg propaganda zombie clan)

David Phillips conflates Lake Erie seiche to "climate change"

  We see that David Phillips, Canada's Cagiest Climate-Change-Conjuring Conman, was peddling his climate-change sophistry in a pathetic Mar.1, 2019 CBC story, based on a Conrad Collaco interview, which included - as is typical with the by-now familiar Cagey Tango format - distortions and omissions (bordering on basically outright lies) by Cagey, about the Lake Erie ice-overflow which had occurred at Fort Erie on Feb.24, 2019. 
  Cagey used his position as Canada's Senior Climatologist to make false links, to present a fraudulent scenario, using a glib grab bag of innuendo, conflation, and omission, to presto!! make it appear that the ice-overflow at the Niagara River / Fort Erie area, was somehow a one-off, NEVER-before-seen phenomenon ---
-  as if Lake Erie storm surges had never before existed,
- as if Lake Erie seiches had never before existed, 
- as if Lake Erie had never before been over 90% frozen-over, 
- as if windstorms had never before swept across Lake Erie,
- as if Buffalo/Fort Erie had never before been in a lake-effect snow-belt. 

   It follows that charlatans such as Cagey, also believe that the Ice Bridge down below Niagara Falls is 'man made'!! For some reason, the CBC's Collaco was too brain-dead to ask Cagey about any of this!! Was Collaco ordered by his CBC handlers not to ask Cagey any unauthorized questions? Or was Collaco paid by the CBC to just fall asleep on the job?!
  Cagey purposefully - fraudulently - chose to dismiss all these factors, and instead, presented his tainted Trudeau-approved political narrative, that this was due to "climate change". 

   With this article, we now have conclusive evidence that Cagey is a climate-change propagandist, and that the CBC is a willing enabler assisting (never challenging) the propagation of the AGW lie.

When Paul Wells (at Maclean's, of all places!!) wrote a damning story on Mar.4, 2019, FINALLY realizing that Justin Trudeau is an imposter - the SAME prism can applied to Cagey Dave's antics as an employee of the federal government, spreading a specious, speculative climate fear narrative.

Cagey Dave - Canada's Climatological Conman - has finally jumped the proverbial shark here and shown himself not as a trusted, unbiased scientific observer, but as a biased imposter, a charlatan, a shill who can be trusted to propagandize leftist green religious dogma.

  When Wells talks of Turdo that
    "...the operating assumption seems to be that we’re simply supposed to read between the lines—that we’ll understand that when Trudeau speaks he is not to be taken seriously..." 
this examination can just as easily be applied to Cagey: if we bothered to read between the lines which Cagey spouts, we'd realize he's so tainted with "it's all settled" assumptions and climate-change chicanery that we will all have to understand that Cagey shouldn't be taken seriously when he speaks, either.
   Cagey is a closet climatalarmist, a GreenFear-monger, shilling a leftist political agenda. Took awhile to see it, but there it is.
David Phillips even claimed to the CBC that he could make the claim that the ice-overflow is due to man-made climate change (...after all: isn't this which Cagey is peddling - AGW - when he says 'climate change'? He means man made climate change... he means earth's climate never changed, until man caused it to - quite a demented, self-important conceit, eh?) 
   Yet - after spending the entire CBC interview expounding GreenFear-mongering 'examples' that it was 'climate change' - Cagey actually did not offer ANY proof.
   All he had was a claim!  
   Just hot air and hyperbole.
   Just "it's all settled" mumbo-jumbo.
   Cagey just cobbled together a load of innuendo, salted with false causation and doused in a stew of conflation, claiming he could make a claim, but never made his case to support his claim.
   And the CBC and Colaco let him get away with it - which was the plan all along, wasn't it?!
  That is what the slimy Cagey Climate Tango is all about - the goal is to propagate the AGW hoax, to keep the climate-change lie alive, while never questioning AGW's phony 'it's all settled' underpinning. 
   There was no questioning by Collaco about Cagey's climate claims, it was all accepted as gospel; it's like Cagey took a sh!t in Collaco's brain and the regurgitated climate crap suddenly became another phony CBC "climate-change" story!

  What we have was another example of Cagey's outright deceptions and the fake-news'-media collusion which amplifies it.
  On Mar. 5, 2019, we also saw more fake news about Canada's Crime Minister Justin Trudeau published in Canada's MSM, about how Canada's Groper-In-Chief suddenly cancelled a climate-change-propaganda-peddling trip to Saskatchewan, in order to head back to Ottawa to plan strategy on how he and his criminal Liberals would continue to conspire to cover up their SNC-scandal-related crimes. 

  This was sudden, because Liberal Jane Philpott resigned on Mar. 4th, causing yet more cracks in Turdo's shady facade. Her resignation news came just as Turdo was peddling his climate-change-horseshit to brainwashed Torontonians.

If one looks at the Mar.5 reports, most media outlets DID NOT mention that the Regina Canadian Tire store, at which Turdo was planning to peddle his GreenFear-mongering, had had protests against Turdo's appearance there, and that the cancellation was portrayed as if it was made by Turdo, not by Canadian Tire.

The fake news was peddled by CTV, Canoe, Citynews, Bloomberg and many others. It was all attributed to the Canadian Press (CP). Who actually wrote this deceptive feed? hey Kilpatrick - is this your hackey 'work'?!

On April Fool's Day 2019 Canada's foolish Crime Minster Turdo and his fascist GreenFear-spreading 'the polar bears are dying' liar Climate Barbie foisted their fake Turdo Tax onto Ontario and other provinces.

  This fascist 'carbon tax' legislation was 'justified' by 'scientific reports' that magically happened to be released just in time to justify the Turdo Tax gouge. 
   Media outlets such as the Apr.2, 2019 Calgary Herald   - happily, shamelessly, eagerly - printed fear-mongering headlines such as "Effectively irreversible': Canada warming twice as fast as the rest of the world, new scientific report shows"  - WITHOUT A SHRED OF SCRUTINY !!! 
   This story - - oops pardon - - this Liberal government propaganda wasn't even written by a named reporter; it was just undiluted Liberal GreenFear-mongering shat out of Turdo's PMO and funneled into the CP Canadian Press feed, as if it was actual news, or even journalism - but it was not. (...hey, is this your fakey CP work again, Kilpatrick?!!)
Is this how Telford's Liberal-friendly op-eds work as well?!! Not just for SNC cover-ups, we see!!! 
This is the kind of fascist corporate/government collusion which Turdo's media-fund-millions can buy: blind fealty!

The "climate adviser" mentioned in this written-by-no-one story, - - oops, again pardon! - - bought-and-paid-for propaganda, was Elizabeth Bush, Environment Canada's government shill here. This CP/Calgary Herald Liberal agitprop failed to mention her 'climate qualifications' - is she a scientist?! Or just a highly-paid PR shill?
    And - where was David Phillips in this story?! Was anything which David Phillips said or studied or published or claimed in the last 30 years, included here??
    Why did Justin Trudeau's Liberals, the Canadian Press, the Calgary Herald and Elizabeth Bush, suppress science and censor David Phillips?! By the way... where are those stories of an outraged Phil Chadwick (see Chapter 3) whining about Cagey being suppressed, now ?!!   
   None of the players have bothered to explain what Canada's Senior Climatologist David Phillips' input was (if any) on this latest climate-change-hoax propaganda!
  If  David Phillips had NO input - then WHY didn't he?? Did Cagey cagily refuse? Was he banned from taking part? Did someone stop him from participating? 
WHY did Canada's SENIOR CLIMATOLOGIST have NOTHING TO SAY about climate change in this "new scientific report"??!

Has ANYONE even asked for Cagey's side of the story?! 
Funny how Environment Canada's Senior Climatologist was MUZZLED and missing in action while Environment Canada shilled UN Agenda 21 climate deceptions! 

   We are left with the distinct impression that David Phillip's does believe in the AGW lies being spouted here, and that Environment Canada is creating political cover by politicizing science; they are gaming EC's bureaucracy by infecting it with Turdopian green bolshevism.
    (...Cagey Dave as much as showed this himself, when he was lying about the Lake Erie ice-overflow which occurred back on Feb.24, 2019. Phillips was acting as a true climate-change denier - denying that climate changed naturally - by downplaying and deceptively omitting that the seiche-caused-ice-overflow in Lake Erie was natural, and that this phenomenon was a known entity (see Chapter 49). Phillips - Canada's supposedly "top climatologist" - conflated this common Lake Erie weather event as being some kind of proof of man-made climate change!!)
This kind of blatant, biased politicized deception / omission / confirmation-biased-spin from a "scientist" is appalling. It serves not science, but political ends.
   So Cagey is side-lined here, but notably, does not dispute the propaganda; we expect Canada's Senior Climatologist to wade into issues such as, um 'climate change' - but what we see here is deception, manipulation, and cowardice.  David Phillips has now shown he does indeed tacitly agree with the climate hoax, but cannot actually provide evidence of it.  So Turdo's Liberals have found another EC shill to spout the UN's Agenda 21 plans. 
   Funny that neither CP, nor the Calgary Herald, nor Elizabeth Bush, bothered to provide the link to the actual report; the names of the scientists were not given, nor the details of the reports used. 
  Basically, this is just Turdo's Ottawa-style biased summary, copying the same template which the IPCC's fear-mongering reports use. It is Turdo's mini-me version of the IPCC's 'cherry-picked-summary of other cherry-picked-summaries' technique; a basket of Agenda 21-loyal lies. It's the "all-settled" climate lie, now made in Ottawa.

  Funny that no other sources were provided by CP or the Calgary Herald to give any challenge or perspective to this latest Liberal climate propaganda! 
   Was Elizabeth Bush actually interviewed by any real journalist?? Was she challenged about anything she claimed?!
   This is blatantly pure FAKE NEWS; one-way biased stenography / fascist "journalism" - the Calgary Herald and the Canadian Press have become Turdo's Truthers; Turdo's Pravda.

  A prime example of GreenFear propaganda, of climate alarmism, was shat out by Allison Hanes and the Montreal Gazette on Apr.28, 2019 headlined "Quebec's flood crisis could be terrifying new normal".
   This story was falsely presented as 'news' by Google, when it was not news, but was pure climate fear-spreading propaganda being indiscriminately peddled by the Montreal Gazette and Google.
   It's fake 'journalism' such as this which has been shaped by 'scien-tainers' such as David Phillips. Cagey Dave was not even mentioned in this story - why, we don't know. Why wasn't Canada's Senior Climatologist interviewed here?! Why are the Montreal Gazette and Allison Hanes muzzling science?!? Why's no-one asking Phil Chadwick about Cagey's muzzling?!
   Nevertheless, Cagey's imprimatur is palpable. This is the kind of propaganda Cagey'd approve; after all, it's the same kind of stuff he peddled and, as we can see, inspired.
   Hanes claims that "we are at nature's mercy" regarding the the flooding around Montreal - yet then spends the rest of her story spouting an utter contradiction, purporting that it's all caused by climate change...  meaning that it's NOT 'natural' at all, but has all been caused by man!
   For Great Gaia's sake Allison: get your propaganda in order!
   Hanes shills the usual Agenda 21 climate drivel 'solutions' - bait and switch, conflation, false causation, bias confirmation - yep, reporter/propagandist Hanes throws it all into the "it's all settled"' climate lie!
   This fake news reporter Hanes conflates and confuses issues and peppers her propaganda with spiked terms such as scarier, catastrophe and terrifying to push her editorialized, biased GreenFear-mongering. 
   (...hmm: is Allison's OWN propaganda 'natural' - or is it 'man-made'?!? Discuss, class...)

    Let's go to June 13, 2019, when the CBC, on their nightly national newscast, began touting that they will be broadcasting some kind of 'climate change in your backyard' phony-news segments coming up next week.
    There's a federal election coming up in the fall, so of course, Justin Turdeau's cock-holsters at the CBC are obligated to provide their climate-fascist hero with favourable media cover. This is what the CBC is expected to do, in trade for the cash they got from Turdo: con the electorate for Turdo's benefit.
    Already, the CBC (Climate Bias Corp.) was previewing all the scary visuals which they will be using to bolster their climate-change-lying-narrative - - in order to con Canadians into believing that a Turdo carbon tax will somehow... uhh... "stop the climate"!! {wtf?!?! What does that even mean??}
    (Talk about a contrast on the same day on US television, where everyone in the (leftist) media was in a self-righteous uproar over some fake Nancy Pelosi video. These are the SAME media clowns who for 3 years have lied continually that 'Trump was elected by Russia'!
    It's the SAME media which in 3 years never acknowledged that the Steele dossier - which became the basis for Mueller's anti-Trump witch-hunt - was cooked up by Crooked Hillary and her Russian spy partners. Yep: that same media now suddenly becomes very concerned about 'deep fake' Pelosi videos - when they themselves have been happily, repeatedly, collectively lying about Trump from day one. Lies about Trump were peddled AS IF they were fact, on ALL the major networks, 24/7.)
    In the same fashion, CBC can lie about "climate-change" {in other words, spread FAKE NEWS} while pretending that it's true - for political purposes; just as the US media got away with it against Trump; and because they are leftist-biased, their viewpoint is the one pounded into people's minds.
    They will use the same propaganda to provide political ground cover for Climate Barbie and Turdo; the same tired narrative, the same ole' GreenFear lies, the same ole photos and the same ole video clips {...cue random, tiresome background cliche visuals of cracked soil, flooded soil, hot sun, storms, melting ice, forest fires, chimneys, polar bears, cars in a traffic jam...} you know, film anything to make it appear ominously related to 'climate change' - and at the same time, dupe the marks into votin' Liberal.
    Basically, the bought-and-paid-for CBC is now going to blatantly become just an extension of Justin Trudeau's Liberal campaign team. We can't expect even a token amount of pretension on behalf of any CBC hack, trying to appear as if they are 'fair' in the coverage - the CBC's past narratives and biases clearly show their track-record. 
  The CBC - Turdo's cock-holster - is now rolling out its campaign to re-elect the Liberals.

  So - now that we have noted the CBC's above action on June 13, 2019 - let's ALSO remember WHAT ELSE transpired, earlier that day, as seen in this Jun 13, 2019 CBC report !! 
   We see that Canada's fascist Liberal climate change propagandist Catherine McKenna had forced a carbon tax onto Alberta, on the SAME DAY that the CBC was touting their new 'climate change in your backyard' propaganda series on the nightly news!!!!
  WHAT A 'COINCIDENCE' - eh?!!!! - that the CBC just happened to announce their new fake-news GreenFear series later on the same day?!
  We see a planned coordinated propaganda effort right there. Tax funded CBC fifth columnists helping shill for the Liberals who fund them (thanks, Ms. Telford..!) creating political cover for McKenna and Turdo to carry on the global warming charade for Justin Trudeau's overlords at the UN.
And, you might ask:  hey, where the f*ck is Ole Cagey in all this?! Well, Cagey, the old climate-change propagandist, has done his job in the trenches, heroically carpet-bombing the media with his climate change horse-shit, doin' his part to keep the socialist hoax alive; setting the stage for his boss, Climate Barbie, to napalm Canada's economy to ruin. Cagey Dave helped destroy Canada's economy. Well done.
So, as planned, on June 17, 2019, the CBC's campaign to re-elect Justin Trudeau using climate-change lies began. 
CBC used its national tax-funded media power to spew its leftist bias, disinformation and fear - to monger GreenFear - for political purposes. 
This is also what Paikin and TVO have been constantly doing for several years now, with their repetitive 'climate watch' green propaganda, the same tired GreenFear-laced bumpers, over and over... like what Cagey Ole Dave's been doing for decades... repeat the lies often enough and... well, y'see how CBC presents its perverted spin!
The AGW climate change hoax was spread again on the CBC tv midday "news" on Aug.1, 2019, where the climatalarmist GreenFear-propagandist-hosts breathlessly fellated Justin Trudeau for 10 MINUTES for his Nunavut park announcement. It was a KatieTelford-freebie advertisement for Turdo and his Liberals - 10 free minutes of nation-wide non-stop Justin blowjobs.
Included was CBC hack McGregor studiously babbling about "climate change" AND "global warming" - at the same time. {Now, they are apparently different!!}
Also - again - the false meme of a polar bear was trotted out by the CBC - and was mentioned by Trudeau, as well, who intimated that polar bears were dying. No scrutiny or objectivity was provided by the CBC whatsoever - because "it's all settled" you see: how can a 'reporter' question something which is "settled"!!?

The CBC spread more climate change lies on their Sept.22, 2019 nightly tv fake-news broadcast.
The GreenFear was spread by the bug eyed grimace Paul Hunter, who claimed that the rains in Texas were caused by climate change. No supporting evidence was brought forward by the hack Hunter, nor by the host, the revolting Rosemary Barton. They PRETEND that "the science is settled", therefore, they purposefully  DO NOT actually examine the climate change hoax. Their job is to promulgate the lie, as if it were true.
That's what Paul Hunter - a prime example of a presstitute -was paid to do by the CBC and Trudeau's multi-million dollar Media Fund.
These CBC GreenFear peddlers once again just took a large sh!t on screen and let it fester. The pos... (presstiute on staff; whadaya think it meant?) Hunter then tried to tie the Texas rain to Trump, while the CBC was (deceptively) showing the usual random, irrelevant - in fact, outright fraudulent - images and clips of forest fires, melting ice (in Texas, Paul?!... ya fuc*in' fifth-columnist...) and smokestacks - a complete demonstration by the CBC of a fabricated story; showing NOT 'news', but blatant Trudeau co*k holstering. 
Paul Hunter and the CBC were making a political advertisement for Trudeau during the federal election, to deflect viewers from the fact that their Crime Minister Justin Blackface and his Liberal klan members are nothing more than a two-bit minstrel show. 

   ...and BAM, here we go again: the climate-change liars at Canada's Global News ran a fake news story on July 12, 2019, making a laughably tenuous 'link' insinuating that "climate change" caused an Air Canada flight to drop. This one-sided pseudo-science garbage was cobbled together by Brian Hill, an "online Writer and Researcher, Investigative Global News". "Investigator"??! Peddling phony science dressed up as biased 'news' - more like a Glo-bull Fake News "propagator" than an investigator.
   This follows a slew of similar recent GreenFear-laced propaganda peddled on other Canadian media, from stories that "climate change" - specifically: 'man-made climate change' - causes volcanoes {!}, caused the recent California earthquakes {!}, caused Hurricane Barry (the first 'hurricane' of the 2019 season (!) which ended up not being a hurricane after all...}, and causes threats to hummingbirds in Costa Rica {!}. Really, what ISN'T caused by climate change?!! hahahah
   By the way, Canada's frenzied media eagerly hyped and fear-mongered about 'Hurricane' Barry so much, that one would think that it was occurring in Canada. Then on July 14, 2019, after Barry had hit landfall, it was just a tropical storm, not a hurricane at all.
    What disappointment the poor GreenFear-pushers at the CBC Climate Bolshevik Corp. must have felt, losing a great chance to use a natural event to shill for Turdo's fraudulent carbon tax by using the 'horror of man-man hurricanes' as their false meme. 
   On July 14th, the CBC didn't even bother to get Canada's Cagey Climatologist to tell everyone how Barry was made by man. (Cagey was muzzled by Trudeau and the CBC!)
   Basically, anything can be - and is being - attributed to the "climate change" boogeyman - and the extension is that ALL the above scenarios (...essentially: anything!!) can be "prevented" if only we give Liberals more cash.
    It's an insane conceit: Turdo and Climate Barbie will heroically 'stop the climate'... ... ...

On Aug.2, 2019, the CBC shat out yet another (of many) GreenFear-laced piece of climate change hokum, this time publishing an "Associated Press" feed which doesn't even name the climate change fanatic(s) who wrote this propaganda. Telford's cash goes a long way to feather the nest for Lieberal King Turdo, doesn't it!!
CBC did not bother to provide Canadian confirmation of these European AGW biased assumptions, which are being propagandized fraudulently as "science", when in fact this is a religious-cult-like climate-change hoax masquerading as 'science'. 
This is manna for GreenFear-infected fascists and eco-marxists who are triggered by such confirmation-biased propaganda. 
Oh, and CBC muzzled David Phillips from commenting on this article!! Isn't Phil Chadwick concerned?!?!
Why did Trudeau prevent Cagey Dave from providing confirmation from a Canadian perspective on the Euro-trash-scientaimentTM described in this CBC fake-news-fable?! 
Can't some Telford-bucks roll into Cagey's coffers?!!

Liberal Crime Minister Turdo, Canada's Serial Ethics Violator
     On Aug.15, 2019, Canada's Crime Minister Turdo (who was found guilty on Aug.14, 2019 of his second conflict of interest ethics violation, this time for influence peddling in the SNC-LAVALIN scandal) popped up in Fredericton, New Brunswick (in a pre-election campaign stop, where his travel is paid for by Canadian tax payers, not by his Liberal party), agitating and spreading more GreenFearTM climatalarmismTM, as well as (of course) doling out 'climate cash' to eager local yokels to stop the "climate crisis" -  a man-made political 'crisis' cooked up by his handlers at the UN. 
    The CBC dutifully reported:
 "Droughts, fires, floods, and heat waves — communities across the country are facing the impacts of the climate crisis," Trudeau said in a statement. "In Fredericton, people have seen first-hand the damage and uncertainty caused by extreme weather events.." 
     For some reason, CBC DID NOT include David Phillips in this climate change story, in order to show official scientific evidence that the St.John River has never flooded before and that, before "climate change", there was.... um... NO climate change, because the climate was always stable and predictable and nice!
    On Aug.16, 2019, the CBC, on their nightly national tv broadcast, again shat out another piece of climate fear, this time with CBC GreenFear propagandist Ian Hanomansing hosting a repeat story from Susan Ormiston, trying her best to create a climate of fear around the permafrost in Tuktoyaktuk. Susan even had - of course! hahaha - a star walk-on performance by the polar-bear liar Catherine McKenna, who spouted (without any question from ANYONE!) her usual climatalarmist rhetoric. 
    Imagine that, eh?!! We are supposed to believe that Ormiston was just... um... y'know... um... randomly wandering around the North with her film crew... and by golly, coincidentally, they 'just happened to meet' Climate Barbie in Tuktoyaktuk one day!!! What a con job!
    This was a repeat episode which CBC had aired in June 2019. Looks like Telford's media bucks to help re-elect Justin Trudeau are sure being well-used now - especially since the Liberal Liar Turdo had been found guilty just two days earlier, on Aug.14th, of his SECOND ethics violation while in office!
The CBC's in-house 'Committee To Re-Elect Justin Trudeau Using Tax-Payer Dollars' desperately needed a diversion from further uncomfortable analysis of their hero Turdo's ethical-transgressions, so what better dog-whistle to Turdo's perverted base than to throw on a repeat of some old climate change propaganda?! That'll pacify the CBC's base of climate-change deniers!
This was a pathetically transparent ten-minute FREE ADVERTISEMENT for Turdo's Liberals, paid for NOT by the Liberal Party, but by Canadian taxpayers.
Canada's GreenFear-mongers might have a harder time pushing their 'climate change' hoax during the federal election period, as seen in this Aug.18, 2019 City story.
Already the GreenFear spreaders are exhaling large amounts of C02 with their histrionics:
  "...Catherine Abreu, executive director of the Climate Action Network Canada, called the Elections Canada warning “shocking.”
“Climate change is a scientific fact,” she said. “It’s not an opinion...”
And the CBC already had Tim Gray predictably whining about this, on their noon tv news on Aug.19, 2019. Maybe Abreu and Gray can pretend they represent religious cults, instead of political organizations?!
Climate change deniers deny that earth's climate has been changing - ever since there was an earth. That's a scientific fact. They deny the sun's pivotal role in not only the earth's climate, but earth's entire existence! (...Oh no, another fascist idea for Justin Trudeau: Mr. Sunnyways way will soon come up with a "Sun Tax" to "stop global-warming"..!)
They will huff that for a while they can't dissemble opinions/hoaxes that 'climate change is real' {...what?!), 'climate can be stopped' or 'reversed', or that earth's climate had never 'changed' in the past, had never evolved, and was ALWAYS in some mythical comfortable stasis until Al Gore and Jim Bradley discovered a way to huckster more cash from government coffers.
I guess that explains why the CBC and TVO and the rest of 'em have been carpet-bombing us with Turdo's and Climate Barbie's "it's all settled' climate alarmism - gotta get that climate-change propaganda in before the writ's dropped, eh?
CBC and other media outlets might even have to ease off on Cagey during the election, what with his propensity to spout climate diarrhea while also bein' a federal employee ..!
The Aug.18, 2019 National Post also ran this same story, with some typically engaging comments:
(click on image to enlarge)
- Interesting observation by Steve Burton that climatologists are like astrologers {!!!} - "no science, lots of hot air. Most scientists, when they look at the "science" behind climatology, are horrified".
 This sounds like a good description of Canada's Cagiest Climatologist! 
 Let's look at Cagey's climatological performance as seen in this Mar. 1, 2019 CBC story, which is an example of state-run agitprop being disguised as "science". (...This is the same horrifying Martin Collaco interview which was already partially-deconstructed in CHAPTER 49... but there is so much CBC Cagey Climate Crap to unpack here..!) 
  Collaco and the CBC allowed David Phillips to spout his GreenFear scientainment at length, couched as 'news'.     But note that the CBC here - as usual - is not in any sense acting in a journalistic capacity; there is NO pretense of any balance, or even any challenge to Cagey's emissions.           Cagey blabs on and on in his gilded cage, knowing he is safe from any dissent or challenge. This isn't news, it's a staged theatrical performance.
  This is designed as a biased enabling tool to push climate-change propaganda - one of thousands of CBC 'articles' to do so. This article fully demonstrates yet another typical example of the 'Cagey Climate Tango', where the CBC facilitates 'climate-change' fraud, acting as an enabler and Cagey as the devious "scientific" beard.

  (click on image to enlarge)
What a pantload of phony-'science' RUBBISH! 'Here's the weather you want' bla bla bla 'maple syrup', 'jokers in the weather deck' (...great gaia: Cagey's repeating THAT bizarre homily again? He's been using this dumb phrase for years), 'wild swings', 'global fever'... yes, "when will it end" - more specifically, when will Cagey's Climate Crap ever end?! This is not science - this is pseudo-science propaganda, it's climate theater.

These GreenFear-pushing bait-and-switchers are practicing "political science" disguised as "science", as if they are a brainwashed cult.

Interesting column by Danielle Smith in the Sept. 6, 2019 Calgary Herald, regarding an interview which Canadian Crime Minister Justin Turdeau had on Netflix with a so-called 'comedian', Hasan Minhaj: 

..."Minhaj praises post-nationalist Trudeau for inviting the world to Canada’s doorstep with his welcome-to-Canada tweet heard around the world, then seems shocked that it resulted in an immigration backlash, particularly in Quebec with its secular law banning religious apparel in public service jobs.
He even points out that Trudeau’s 32 per cent popularity is lower than Donald Trump, who is at 41 per cent.
As much as I can revel in a bit of schadenfreude for our pompous prime minister getting his comeuppance by an even more pompous American, about halfway through it stops being funny. Minhaj’s interview may have been bad for Trudeau, but it is even worse for Alberta.
Minhaj saved his most devastating blows for talking about Alberta’s oilsands, which he acknowledges is the third-largest oil reserve in the world, and which he calls the tarsands because they “are dirty and gunky, mixed in with sand, and refining it causes a ton of pollution.” To his credit, Trudeau does a good job explaining how pipelines are a better way to transport oil than rail or trucking and talks about how Canadians know we can balance the environment and the economy.
Minhaj would have none of it, though, and he proceeds to damn Trudeau with his own words, saying Trudeau sold himself hard as the guy who would “get the Paris agreement done,” calling him a “climate hero,” a “one-man PR team for the environment,” pointing out that climate change was his “signature issue,” and even saying he would be what the Green New Deal would be like “if it had piercing eyes and wanted to read you poetry” — whatever that means.
For Canadians, it’s jarring to hear an American complain about the twinning of an existing pipeline when the U.S. has 116,000 kilometres of crude oil pipelines, the largest network in the world. It’s shocking to hear an American complain about the expansion of Trans Mountain to carry 890,000 bpd, when the U.S. approved three new pipelines in the last three years that will carry 2.4 million bpd. And it’s beyond belief an American would be outraged by our tanker shipments going from 60 to 400 a year from Burnaby, when tanker exports from the U.S. Gulf Coast are now at their highest ever.
Minhaj joins a long list of celebrity hypocrites that includes Al Gore, David Suzuki, James Cameron, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jane Fonda and the like — acting as if Canada is solely to blame for the world’s use of crude and expecting us to bear the sole obligation to stop producing it.
I’ve been perplexed for some time about why it is that wealthy, fossil-fuel guzzling stars target us. Minhaj finally explains why we in Canada are held to a higher standard than anyone else.
In an homage to the Black Panther comic book hero, Minhaj ends the segment by telling Trudeau he is the White Panther presiding over WaKanada and that our country is “a proving ground for whether progressive policies can work.”
Think about that: the progressives of the world want Canada to be a demonstration project, proving that we can support mass immigration, eliminate poverty, offer free health care to all, maintain pristine landscapes, while choking off the principal source of wealth that allows us to accomplish all those things.

As I said, I almost felt sorry for Trudeau. But he’s to blame for the pickle we find ourselves in, by raising expectations that could never possibly have been met. No wonder celebrities think we live in a movie."

The yankee left's obsession with Canada as a political laboratory experiment is quite clear. Politically challenged Demotards continually demand and expect that Canadians obediently obey the left's moral-virtue signals, and obediently submit to being manipulated by U.S. GreenFear social-engineering experiments. 
Of course, it's not only yank leftists, but Canadian ones as well who desire to oppress their fellow Canadians - y'know, GreenFear-pushing scumbags such as Jim Bradley, Justin Turdeau, Catherine McKenna, Stephane Dion (heck: all Liberals...) as well as Canada's gaggle of commy dippers and green eco-fascists. 
We see how American organizations openly conspired "to land-lock the Tar Sands"; to choke off Alberta's oil industry. 
We see Trudeau's federal Liberal links to these U.S. efforts through the activities of Butts - who was also McGuinty's chief of staff provincially during the Liberal's eco-terror reign in Ontario.
The cancer of Jim {The Godfather of GreenFear} Bradley's Liberal eco-terrorism - having helped destroy Ontario -metastasized and sought another host to feed upon, and so spread from Ontario to infect Ottawa. That same cancer had also earlier spread provincially to Alberta with the election of Notley's commy dippers.
We know that during his election campaign, oil-hater Trudeau had happily accepted Obama's 'political advisors' to assist in the spread of globalist eco-terror in Canada. Yep: in 2015, the stench of Obama was perfume to Turdeau. This cancer existed RIGHT IN TURDEAU'S OFFICE; its goal: to create disruption in Canada's economy, through the propagation of GreenFear eco-terrorism.

     See how yankee eco-terrorists attempted to interfere with the provincial election in Alberta, as detailed in this Apr.12, 2019 column by Vivian Krause.
     You can bet that ignorant clowns such as Minhaj - those sanctimonious believers of "Trump-Russia" conspiracy theories -  couldn't care less when it is THEIR country openly meddling, openly interfering, with elections held in Canada. 

    That American GreenFear-mongers are meddling in Canadian affairs (despite the ignorance of Minhaj and his audience) is not a new thing; Vivian Krause had appeared before a Feb.9, 2012 Federal House of Commons Standing Committee on Natural Resources hearing, delivering this statement:

"...I will be making my remarks in English, but I would be happy to answer any questions in either French or English.
     My name is Vivian Krause. Over the past five years I have followed the science and the money behind environmental campaigns. I've written a series of articles published in the Financial Post and elsewhere. I also write a blog called Fair Questions. I'm not part of an industry, political party, or a campaign.
    As I prepared to testify today, I watched a short video at the website of the joint review panel for the Northern Gateway project. In that video, the chairperson of the panel, Sheila Leggett, says the decision that the panel will be making is on whether the Northern Gateway is in the public interest of our country. She emphasizes that public participation is important, and that the panel is focused on making sure it has a process that is open, fair, and transparent. With the backing of government and the oil industry, one of the most powerful industries in the world, it's expected the proponents of the Northern Gateway will have significant resources at their disposal. This is common knowledge. When the public hears from the spokespeople from the ministry and government, we consider the source.
    What hasn't been known until recently, however, is that some of the opponents of various pipeline projects and the campaigns against the Canadian energy sector also have some deep-pocketed supporters south of the border. I believe that in order for the joint review panel to conduct its work in a manner that is open, fair, and transparent, funding on all sides should be out in the open. In my review of the American tax returns of the foundations funding the environmental movement both in the U.S. and in Canada, I've traced $300 million that has gone from American charitable foundations to environmental campaigns affecting our country. Most of my analysis is based on American tax returns because the IRS requires greater disclosure than the CRA.
    The $300 million is from roughly 850 grants that I've traced from ten foundations. In addition to these foundations, an additional dozen or more American foundations have granted substantial funds to Canadian environmental groups. By my analysis, American funding from the foundations that I've followed has increased tenfold over the past decade, from about $4 million in 2000 to $50 million in 2010. Of the $300 million in American funding that I've traced, at least $30 million is specifically for campaigns targeting the oil and gas industry in Canada.
    As I see it, the campaign against Canadian energy is one side of a two-sided coin. The other side of the coin is the creation of the renewable energy industry. In trying to understand the campaign against Canadian oil and the pipeline projects that are the lifeline of the Canadian energy sector, I think this is perhaps the most important insight that I can offer. This thinking is reflected in the strategy paper entitled “Design to Win”, which is prepared by the California Environmental Associates and funded by all of the big American foundations that are funding the campaign against Canadian oil. In that document, there's a diagram that clearly spells out that consumer and voter campaigns are funded in order to influence politicians to create the context for, and I quote, “massive shift in investment capital from dirty to clean energy”.
    Of course, the dichotomy between dirty and clean energy is a bit of a false dichotomy in the sense that the so-called clean energy industry also has some negative environmental impacts. Underneath this dichotomy is another dichotomy, which of course is between energy that has historically been largely or partially from foreign oil imports and an industry that has been created that is primarily domestic.
    The campaign to shift from dirty to clean energy, as it appears to me, is also about reducing dependence on imported oil, and increasing energy independence. In fact, if you read the fine print, you will find that American foundations say this themselves in their strategy papers, that one of their interests is in increasing American energy security and American energy independence.
    In the media coverage in the public debate over the last few weeks, there have been several recurring questions. I'd like to speak briefly to each of these. The first question is, so what? Environmentalists have downplayed the extent of their American funding by saying the oil industry has foreign investors, and the environmental impacts of the oil industry are global, so it's fine for the environmental movement to source its funding globally. These are valid points. I will argue, though, that at the heart of the funding matter is not just the foreign nature of the funding; it's the fact that the money involved is big, and that it's coming from billion-dollar foundations, and in one case a hedge fund billionaire. And the funders that are funding this strategy are funding science as a marketing tactic to sway market share, to manipulate markets, and in some cases to protect trade interests. If thousands of Alaskan families say they are giving $25 or $30 to B.C. environmental groups, that would be foreign funding, but I don't think it would bother us, because in fact if there is a major oil spill, Alaska would be affected.
     What we see here is the opposite of that. It's not small amounts of money from a large number of foreign sources; it's very large amounts of money from a very small number of billion-dollar foundations. Actually, my blog and most of my writing has been about the science and the money behind environmental campaigns. Really, it's the use of the flawed science and some of the exaggerated claims that are my biggest concerns. Some of what the environmental organizations are saying is simply untrue. This brings me to ask who is funding these campaigns and why.
    Another question that comes up is the question of who is calling the shots. Environmentalists insist that they're in the driver's seat. However, this does not quite ring true for me, because most of the foundations funding these campaigns don't accept unsolicited proposals. In other words, they have their own ideas.
    The third issue is what we might call the constituency issue. This is an important question for the joint review panel. When an organization receives a substantial portion of its funding from foreign sources, who does that organization represent? For example, RAVEN, a small first-nations group that campaigns heavily against the proposed Prosperity Mine in B.C., reported in its tax return for 2009-2010 that 83% of its funding is from outside Canada. When an organization is that heavily funded by foreign funding, whose interests is it representing? Are they Canadian interests or the interests of its foreign funders, or perhaps both?
    Incidentally, I've also seen grants that mention specific mines and other specific projects. In one case, it was a ski resort, the Jumbo Glacier ski resort, in British Columbia.
    When billionaire funders are involved in influencing public opinion and public policy on a major issue of national importance, I think the money should be out in the open, whether the billionaire funders are American or Canadian. I believe that this applies to foreign investment and philanthropy, as well.
    Going forward, I hope that the CRA will require the same level of disclosure as the IRS. If that had been the case, this would have been out in the open over the last ten years. I also hope, as I've said before, that government and industry will begin a dialogue directly with the American foundations that are funding the campaign against Canadian energy. These foundations give away $1 billion a year. I don't know that they can be outspent, even by the oil industry. They've already spent hundreds of millions of dollars in our country, so I think it's clear that they're serious about what they're doing.
    I think the time has come for dialogue directly between the Canadian energy industry and the American foundations that are funding the campaign against it.
    Thank you very much..."

Panelist David Anderson begins to question Krause"

 "I want to thank our witnesses for being with us today.

    Ms. Krause, I'd like to start with you. I wish we had a little more time to explore deeper some of the things you've talked about here.

     Most of us assume that the battle we see against pipelines and oil sands is an ideological one. It was very interesting this morning to hear you talk about the economic aspects of that. It's also interesting that we see these socialistic obsessions being funded by billionaires.

    Who are the key players in the foreign funding that's coming into Canada? Can we track the money a little bit? How does the money get into Canada? What organizations does it comes through, for the most part?

Ms. Vivian Krause:    The main funders are the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, the David and Lucile Packard Foundation, the Oak Foundation, and the Rockefeller Brothers Fund. The Rockefeller Family Fund funds things south of the border. There's also the Wilburforce Foundation, the Brainerd Foundation, and the Bullitt Foundation. Those are the main ones.

The big five are Hewlett, Packard, Moore, Pew Charitable Trusts, and the Rockefeller Brothers Fund. Those foundations have $20 billion in assets and give away about $1 billion a year. 

Mr. David Anderson:  Many of them made their money from the oil and gas sector. 

Ms. Vivian Krause:   For example, the wealth of the Pew Charitable Trust originates from oil, as does Rockefeller's. 

Mr. David Anderson:   How are they able to get that huge amount of money you're talking about into Canada?

Ms. Vivian Krause:   To finish up, I think it's important that there is a plan here. In fact, Tides Canada was funded by the Hewlett Foundation to develop “a strategic plan to address oil and gas development in British Columbia”. That was in 2004 that Tides Canada was paid $70,000 to develop this plan by the Hewlett Foundation. Since then Hewlett has poured in $26 million. 
    I think it's fair to ask what the plan is. Does it involve funding a large number of environmental groups that campaign in concert against Canadian oil? Does it involve the creation of the Great Bear Rainforest? Does it involve funding the first nations on the strategic north coast of B.C.? Does it involve funding a particular scientist, politician, or political party? Those are fair questions. What's the plan? 
    Secondly, of the $300 million I've traced, far and away the largest recipient is Tides Canada and its sister organization the U.S. Tides Foundation. I've traced $60 million of American money that has gone through Tides Canada over the last ten years.

Mr. David Anderson:   Do you know what percentage of that has gone into this project in Alberta or B.C.? Is that too difficult to find out?

Ms. Vivian Krause:
    Just to give you one example, the Hewlett Foundation and the Packard Foundation together have granted $90 million towards B.C. environmental groups. Of that $90 million, about $80 million was specifically for projects to create the Great Bear Rainforest, and also to address the energy sector. It's interesting that here we have $55 million that's specifically for the creation of the Great Bear Rainforest, but of course that isn't called the Hewlett Packard Rainforest, it's called the Great Bear Rainforest. Now, in the name of protecting the Kermode bear, environmentalists are arguing that oil tanker traffic needs to be banned on the entire gateway portion of the B.C. coast. The interesting thing about it is that the Great Bear Rainforest goes from the northern tip of Vancouver Island all the way to the southern tip of Alaska, every square inch of the coastline.

Mr. David Anderson:   So were they to get their way, they would shut down any possibility of moving supplies out of that area.

Ms. Vivian Krause:

    Whether it was the intention or not, I don't know. But the Great Bear Rainforest has become the great trade barrier. I do find it interesting to note, though, the tax returns of the Wilburforce Foundation. Of course the Wilburforce Foundation was created by Gordon Letwin, who is one of the original founders of Microsoft. Gordon Letwin has put nearly $100 million through the Wilburforce Foundation, some $60 million of which came in Microsoft shares. So Wilburforce in turn has granted $16 million to B.C. environmental groups.

    One of their grants was specifically to devolve control of land on the B.C. coast to first nations and local communities in the interest of protecting the Great Bear Rainforest. I find it interesting that an American foundation saw fit to empower Canadian aboriginal people, of all the aboriginal people in the world. Having worked with the United Nations in Guatemala for six years and in Indonesia, I would have thought that there are other aboriginal people in the world who could also have used those resources. It does strike me as interesting that so much American money has gone into the creation of this park, a no-trade zone specifically on our strategic gateway to Asia.

Mr. David Anderson:    It's interesting, because some of the environmental groups would agree exactly with what you're saying. I've got a quote from Michael Brune, executive director of the Sierra Club, where he said:

The effort to stop Keystone is part of a broader effort to stop the expansion in the tar sands. It is based on choking off the ability to find markets for tar sands oil.

    So it sounds like that's actually the political activity behind what's really going on here..."

   Later at this hearing, another panelist, socialist Claude Gravelle, starts questioning Krause. 

  Pay attention: it is instructive to witness Gravelle's inherent bullying, antagonism and disrespect towards Krause throughout their entire interaction - truly a disgusting representation of socialist fascism: 

"We go now to the official opposition, to Mr. Gravelle, for up to seven minutes.

Mr. Claude Gravelle (Nickel Belt, NDP):  

Thank you, Mr. Chair.   Ms. Krause, you've made some pretty serious allegations impugning the motives of U.S. charitable foundations, suggesting that they are pawns in some economic strategy.Do you have any real evidence that there are U.S. commercial interests funding the Canadian environmental movement efforts to protect our wilderness and our coasts? Do you have any real evidence?

Ms. Vivian Krause:    With respect, sir, you're putting words in my mouth that I haven't said. What I can tell you is what is written down in the tax returns--

Mr. Claude Gravelle:  Can I just stop you for a minute here?

Ms. Vivian Krause:     Please do.

Mr. Claude Gravelle: I just want to quote Peter O'Neil from The Vancouver Sun, who has you as saying, “I have seen no glaring evidence of commercial interests in the U.S. that are funding the campaigns against the Northern Gateway.” Yet today you've made all kinds of accusations here. 

Ms. Vivian Krause:  Yes, well I understand commercial interests to be a particular company, and I don't see any evidence of that. What I do see is--

Mr. Claude Gravelle:   So you haven't seen any evidence of this happening?

The Chair:    Would you let her answer the question, please, Monsieur Gravelle? 

Mr. Claude Gravelle:  She's made some pretty serious accusations here. 

The Chair:   Go ahead, Ms. Krause. 

Ms. Vivian Krause:   I'd be glad to respond to your question.
    What I do see is that wealthy Americans have the interest of their own country at heart, as, I think, do we. My impression is that perhaps what is driving this is the overall broad interest of the American economy. I think one of the best things that any country can do for itself is to give itself a good secure supply of energy and to cut the competition off from having that. So I've never suggested, and I would not suggest, that there is a particular oil company or any particular commercial interest behind this. But it is clear--and the foundations have said themselves--that they are interested in increasing the energy security and the energy independence of the United States and also in weaning the United States off imported oil.

Mr. Claude Gravelle:   So what you're saying is you have no evidence.

Ms. Vivian Krause:   I'm saying that I believe that the--

Mr. Claude Gravelle:   Okay, so you have no evidence. You just have accusations.

The Chair:   Monsieur Gravelle, do give the witness--

Mr. Claude Gravelle:   She doesn't have any evidence.

The Chair:   Do give the witness a chance to answer, and you can ask another question later.

    Go ahead, please, Ms. Krause.

Ms. Vivian Krause:

    I would say I do have evidence, but not of commercial interests. I think there is evidence of the motivations. They're clearly written down. I think they are mixed and that there is a real true interest in protecting the environment and addressing the true environmental impacts of the energy sector. But I think the interest is not purely in protecting the environment, because the foundations themselves say that they're also interested in issues of energy security, national security, and energy independence.

Mr. Claude Gravelle:  So you've only targeted environmentalists with your crusade. If we look at your background, we see that you've worked for a Conservative MP, you've worked in the salmon farming industry, and you've been paid on at least one occasion by the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers. It doesn't take much of a conspiracy theorist to claim that the real hidden agenda is coming from you.

    Have you conducted any research about the remaining secret backers of the Enbridge pipeline and what interests they are silently promoting?

Ms. Vivian Krause:   Well, sir, first of all let me say, just to give you the right numbers, I did work for a Conservative MP for four weeks, and I was fired.

Some hon. members: Oh, oh!

Ms. Vivian Krause: I worked for the United Nations in the poorest countries of the world for ten years.

Mr. Claude Gravelle:  I'm not surprised.

Ms. Vivian Krause:  I also worked for the salmon farming industry. That was ten years ago. For the last five years, I've been working on this unpaid. I'm not paid by anybody, okay?

    Could you remind me again what your second point was?

Mr. Claude Gravelle:   We'll go on to another question.

An hon. member: He forgot.

Mr. Claude Gravelle: Oh, we'll go on to another question.  You've been trained as a nutritionist-- 

Mr. Claude Gravelle:  Never mind.  You've been trained as a nutritionist?

Ms. Vivian Krause:   Yes.

Mr. Claude Gravelle: We've had some pretty highly qualified people come to our committee, with expertise on subjects like industry, labour.... We've had government officials and leading academics testify on the decline in the refinery industry and the loss of jobs. So as a nutritionist, you're not an expert. Why are you...?

Ms. Vivian Krause:  Why am I doing this?

Ms. Vivian Krause:

  I'll be glad to answer your question. The reason I'm doing this, sir, is that no one else did. Frankly, the work I've done I think is important. It shouldn't have been done by an unpaid lay blogger working on her dining room table using Google. It should have been done by the media--this is investigative journalism type of work--but that wasn't happening. I felt it was an important issue, and that if I didn't do it, it just wouldn't get done. So that's why I did it.

Mr. Claude Gravelle: 
Do you not agree that it seems more concerning that a foreign-state-owned company like Sinopec has not only bought up large swaths of oil sands, but is now trying to push the pipeline through? You hardly even need a conspiracy theory to imagine that they aren't looking out for Canadian interests, because they also have a veto on new refineries in Canada. Don't you find that kind of odd?

Ms. Vivian Krause:  If you are saying that foreign investment in a Canadian industry should be out in the open, I agree with you. When foreign funding to the critics of industry is coming from a hedge-fund billionaire and billion-dollar foundations whose expressed interest is the energy security and energy independence of their own country, I think that should be out in the open. I think all funding should be out in the open.

Mr. Claude Gravelle: 
   If you think this should be out in the open, why aren't you researching these companies that are backing Enbridge?

Ms. Vivian Krause:
  Many other journalists have already done it. It's already out there. No one was looking into the foreign funding of the environmental movement, and that's why I did.

Mr. Claude Gravelle:  There is a chart of the Prime Minister with Ethical Oil, the two ministers and a bunch of staffers. I think maybe your picture would fit in quite well, because that's what you're defending: Ethical Oil. I just can't believe what you've been saying

Ms. Vivian Krause:  I think it's obvious that they have used my research in their campaign, but they have done so without my permission. Frankly, in some cases they have inaccurately quoted my research, and I've insisted on having the record corrected. I'm not part of that campaign.
The point I'm trying to make is that we have money coming here from foreign billionaires. In the public debate--

Mr. Claude Gravelle:  We also have money coming in from billionaires supporting the pipeline.

The Chair:  Your time is up, Mr. Gravelle

Ms. Vivian Krause:   I was just going to say that in the public debate the emphasis has been put on the fact that the money is foreign. I've been trying to put the emphasis on the fact that it's big. If you look at my blog, you'll notice that I've also drawn attention to the money from big sources in Canada. For example, the Bronfmans have contributed $6 million to the David Suzuki Foundation: $2 out of every $25 of funding to the David Suzuki Foundation has come from the Bronfmans, the Claudine and Stephen Bronfman Family Foundation. 
 I haven't looked only at American money; I've looked at big money on both sides of the border.."

    Instead of being concerned about what Krause actually revealed, this disgusting NDP hack Gravelle did his utmost to personally demean her, and to dismiss and discredit her findings!

This is how GreenFear fascism presents itself in Canada - and asshat clowns such as Minhaj have no fu*kin' clue.



 Following up on the subject (detailed earlier in Chapters 37 and 46) of Green Fascist Doomsday scenarios, another typical insane example comes our way as seen in this Sept.4, 2019 report in Sweden's Fria Tider, where the idea was presented that humans should practice cannibalism to 'save the planet'.

Yep... ...THIS is what GreenFear-pushers such as Turdo, McKenna, Jim Bradley, etc. are all about.

This is the kind of far-left extremist GreenFear fascism which the lib left has been fanning and drooling over. 

The TV4 report reads: 

"Can you imagine becoming cannibal and eating other people to save the climate? That issue was seriously discussed in yesterday's After Five in TV4.

Anyone who watched TV4 After five on Tuesday may have been, to say the least, surprised. There, the idea was presented to start eating people.
The feature is about the fair "Gastro Summit - about the future of food" in Stockholm, where the behavioral scientist Magnus Söderlund holds seminars on the possibility of eating human flesh - to "save the climate".
- What makes most of us react instinctively with disgust when talking about eating human flesh to save the climate ?, wonders host Tilde de Paula.
Magnus Söderlund answers:
- First of all, it is that this person who is to be eaten must be dead.
One problem could be that dead bodies overall are taboo. In addition, criticism arises against defiling a dead body. Another explanation, says Söderlund, is that many are "slightly conservative" when it comes to eating something they are not used to, ie other people.
The conclusion is that it can be difficult to get the Swedes to become cannibals for the sake of the climate. However, according to the researcher, it is important from a sustainability perspective to discuss different options for the future.""

  When are Turdo and McKenna going to advocate for this Green Policy Initiative, the Turdo Soylent Green Plan For Canadians?! 
  Funny that the St.Catharines Standard hasn't asked Liberal hacks such as Turdo, Jim Bradley, or Chris Bittle, about their reactions to implementing this Green Friendly method of cannibalism to 'Battle The Climate Crisis', to 'Save The Planet From Peril'! 
    Who will Jim Bradley eat first?! Or maybe Suzuki will feast on Bradley first?! Maybe Elizabeth May will eat Climate Barbie, as a tasty example of Planetary Climate Stewardship?
   So many questions remain unanswered from Canada's provincial and federal Liberal Parties!
   "Cannibalism For The Climate" can be Trudeau's signature policy - the newest, stylish 'Final Liberal Solution For Earth's Climate Emergency Crisis' !
  Gosh, all Justin Trudeau has to do is sneak in a quick approval and Canadians can soon be legally 'Saving The Earth' in kitchens across We The North-istan.

    So, "it's all settled" then - the Liberals are all for it... after all, that's their own default answer, isn't it: 'it's all settled, don't ask any questions'?! 
   If these Liberals are against cannibalism, well, then, they are denying 'Solutions To The Climate Emergency'!! 
   If Liberals are against eating human corpses in the name of Mother Gaia,  then they are 'Impeding Progress To Save Mother Earth From Doom"!! 
   If these Liberals are against cannibalism, well, then they are nothing more than 'Climate Change Deniers'!!!
   Isn't THAT how the Liberal's own narrative works - when they apply it to others?


It was revealed that Canada's Climate Barbarian Catherine McKenna and Turdo's Lying Liberals deleted 100 years worth of climate data, as reported by Lorrie Goldstein, in the Sun, Sept.17, 2019.

Fuuny that Environment Canada did this kind of muzzling - eh?? 
Funny that NO ONE knows where David Phillips stands on this travesty of science?
Cagey Dave loved talking about all these '100 year-this and 100 years-that record broken' homespun weather stories.
What's Ole Cagey Dave gonna come up with now?!
Create GreenFear innuendo from data from the 1960's  on... and then attribute THAT speck of time to long-term climate change??!!
How about good ole Phil Chadwick - isn't he whining about how Harper destroyed all the data and muzzled all the scient... ... ... oh, wait... ah... ummm... er... ummmm... ah... oh, right: TRUDEAU's LIBERALS did that! 

 "...Canadians already suspicious of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s carbon tax are likely be even more suspicious given a report by Ottawa-based Blacklock’s Reporter that Environment Canada omitted a century’s worth of observed weather data in developing its computer models on the impacts of climate change.
The scrapping of all observed weather data from 1850 to 1949 was necessary, a spokesman for Environment Canada told Blacklock’s Reporter, after researchers concluded that historically, there weren’t enough weather stations to create a reliable data set for that 100-year period.
“The historical data is not observed historical data,” the spokesman said. “It is modelled historical data … 24 models from historical simulations spanning 1950 to 2005 were used.”
These computer simulations are part of the federal government’s ClimateData.ca website launched by Environment Minister Catherine McKenna on Aug. 15.

She described it as “an important next step in giving our decision-makers even greater access to important climate data for long-term planning. The more each of us uses this type of information, the more it will help.”
Blacklock’s Reporter, which describes itself as “the only reporter-owned and operated newsroom in Ottawa” focusing on intensive reporting of government documents, notes that in many cases the observed temperatures scrapped by Environment Canada in creating its computer models, were higher in the past than today.
For example, Vancouver had a higher record temperature in 1910 (30.6C) than in 2017 (29.5C).
Toronto had a warmer summer in 1852 (32.2C) than in 2017 (31.7C).
The highest temperature in Moncton in 2017 was four degrees cooler than in 1906.
Brandon, Man., had 49 days where the average daily temperature was above 20C in 1936, compared to only 16 in 2017, with a high temperature of 43.3C that year compared to 34.3C in 2017..."
More climate caginess coming soon!


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