Thursday, January 3, 2008

Al Gore: lookin' out his back door

A Jan.3, 2008 National Post story quoted Environment Canada's senior climatologist David Phillips saying "Already we've had more snow than all of last winter".
More snow?
Has anyone told Al Gore about this??!
David Phillips - Canada's Cagey Climatologist - also came up with another doozy of a 'scientific' explanation, telling us "This is the fits and fickles of weather in Southern Ontario"!!
Oh... so nowhere else on earth does the weather have "fits and fickles"? Are these man-made fits; anthropogenic fickles? Do tell us, Crazy Dave.
Phillips continued with another gem of 'climate-science', explaining that: "What's happening out your back door may not be what's happening out your front door."
Again, has anyone told Al of this super-scientific 'front door/back door' principle?
 'Cause what comes out of Al's front door eerily smells much like what comes out of his back door... reeking of climate-change GreenFear-stoked alarmism.
Gore drives his Kyoto Fearmongerer down Hysteria Lane portraying climate-change/global-warming in fearful, apocalyptic tones, but isn't climate statis just as frightful?
Phillips said long-term weather is notoriously unpredictable.
But Al is not only predicting the future climate, he's planning on changing it!
Like a gambler trying to beat the odds, doesn't he know the House always wins?

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