Monday, January 28, 2008

Liberal health-care action: reviewing the reviews

Liberal MPP (St. Catharines) Jim J. Bradley once lamented about the “unprecedented arrogance on the part of the government” when in opposition, referring to a Conservative budget announcement which was made at a Magna auto plant.

But what are we to make of an arrogant MPP like Jim Bradley who refuses to answer constituent’s questions about his Liberal’s killer health-monopoly? What are we to make of the Liberal’s complete disregard regarding the revelations of the Nov.2007 CIHI report which indicated the Niagara Health System in Bradley’s backyard has the third highest patient mortality rate in Canada?

A phony Liberal supposedly-possible “review” of the NHS was mentioned, but it was not about the death rate, but about ‘organizational structure’!

By Jan.26, 2008, the St. Catharines Standard was reporting that now the Ministry of Health is asking the LHIN to do a review of the reviews that have been previously done on the NHS. (This is the same LHIN that was created by George Smitherman's Liberals to act as a smokescreen for the government’s health ministry). LHIN chair Juanita Gledhill, wrote the Standard, “said she didn’t know how many previous reviews are under examination.” {!!}

How many reviews have there been at this place?!?
Even the administrators seem to have no clue of all these reviews.
It seems like this Liberal health system is out of control. The NHS (once again) in this story said it doesn’t receive enough funding from the Liberal (single-payer-monopoly-enforcing) government, and is projecting a deficit of $16.1 and $14.9 million for the next two fiscal years.

Jim Bradley's Liberals have over two billion dollars in a budget surplus. They have also raked in billions of dollars more after imposing their Liberal Health Tax in 2004. Dalton McGuinty said he "needed" the money for health care - yet now, when the NHS says it needs more money - the Liberals turn away!
Liberal hack Jim Bradley hides from giving a full explanation of why his arrogant Liberal government is underfunding Niagara's hospital system (with the third highest mortality rate in Canada), and Bradley hides from calling an independent investigation into the operation of the NHS.


Or is it negligence?

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