Monday, January 14, 2008

Towns forced to find doctors while Liberals look away

The National Post wrote in “A boost in pay and the doctor will stay, MD recruitment” (Jan.14, 2008), of “towns offering money, homes to lure physicians”, due to Canada's doctor shortage. "It is estimated that as many as five million Canadians are without a family physician".

If Ontario towns are offering money or homes to physicians, why isn’t such municipal activity being challenged by Health Minister George Smitherman under his Commitment to the Future of Medicare Act?

Why should a mayor and council have the right to bribe doctors to their town with financial incentives, yet individual residents are forbidden by law to pay a doctor for their own medical care?

Why should municipalities be forced to cover for the Liberal’s mis-managed health-care policies?
What’s next…local city halls sourcing and paying for surgeries, while Smitherman looks the other way?

Talk about creeping, indirect taxation and the blurring of boundaries!

Premier Dalton McGuinty and George Smitherman are responsible for Ontario's health care monopoly.

They must be held to account.

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