Sunday, January 20, 2008

Jim 'Bafflegab' Bradley's Liberal de-congestant

The St. Catharines Standard story, “GO unveils more powerful, fuel-efficient locomotives” (Jan.16, 2008), reported on Niagara’s Own Boy Jimbo Bradley, our Hon. Blusterer of Transportationmanship.

“Transportation Minister Jim Bradley said the new locomotives will help GO Transit increase ridership from its current level of about 30,000 passengers each weekday. “Up to 30,000 more passengers every day, once all 27 locomotives are in service” Bradley said.”

The famous Bradley Bafflegab can be seen in its blustery, disingenuous glory: not one of those trains will be picking passengers up in Niagara, though…right, Jim?

Bradley said: “This is a sound investment that will pay Ontarians back for generations to come by reducing congestion on our roads and improving the air that we breathe.”

It’s magic hearing the spin flow, like soothing anaesthetic, from Bradley’s mouth…it’s the same kind of Liberal crap Bradley and McGuinty were spewing in Niagara eight years ago, when they were doing their ‘we’ll bring GO trains to Niagara act”. The air will be cleaner!! The roads will be clearer!! We are your political de-congestant!! Vote now, vote often!!

Just prior to the last election in Oct. 07, Jim Bradley again teased St. Catharines that he would bring the GO train to Niagara. Barely a couple of weeks after he won (sadly) – suddenly his promise morphed into maybe a FLICKING GO bus; and who knows when, at that.

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