Thursday, January 17, 2008

Liberal Stephane Dion's Top Secret Mission to Niagara revealed!

The Niagara Falls Review (Jan.17, 2008, pg.A10) carried a story headlined: “NATO intervention in Pakistan could be necessary: Dion.

Liberal leader Stephane Dion, who just returned from Afghanistan, where he was agitating for Canada’s troops to leave, suddenly announced that his answer to solving the NATO mission in Afghanistan is to start another NATO front within Pakistan.

Dion has truly outed himself as the fumbling ‘Bumbledore’ of the Liberal dynasty.

Dion also complained that the government revealed his schedule - while he was already in Afghanistan.

Did Dion read the Niagara Falls Review story, also on Jan.17, 2008, but earlier on page A5, where the Review ‘reveals’ that:

Liberal Party leader Stephane Dion will be in Niagara Saturday to meet with party members. Dion will address the crowd at 7:30 a.m. at the Quality Inn Parkway Hotel Convention Centre in St. Catharines. Tickets are $20.”

Got that…Saturday morning, Jan.19, hotel, St. Catharines, twenty bucks?

Will Dion complain about this ‘revelation’?

Why can’t the people of Afghanistan, whom Dion wants Canada to abandon, enjoy the same open privilege of peacefully attending a Dion rally as the people of Niagara?

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