Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The hole in liberal logic

Re: “Canadian, eh? The hole truth”, article in the Toronto Star, Jan.20, 2008

Christine Sismondo, apparently with all sincerity, wrote that one characteristic of “what makes us Canadian” is “a shared distain [sic] of our neighbours to the south.”

Firstly, did this writer mean ‘disdain’?

Secondly, which monolithic “us” does Sismondo refer to, who have such a laughably biased attitude? Does her mythical “us” mainly consist of like-minded boorish Toronto Star readers, to whom such an assertion would be a naturally accepted dogma?

Sorry, I don’t subscribe to Sismondo’s blanket contention that Canadians define themselves by denigrating Americans.

Mostly, that's the department of Canada's NDPeers and the Liberals. It's in their DNA, isn't it?

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