Tuesday, October 8, 2019

JustinTrudeau lies - AGAIN - on CBC's televised debate, Oct.7, 2019

    It's debatable whether there was an actual debate held on the CBC's two hour-televised 'election debate' show on Oct.7, 2019. The format was not conducive to debate, but to mere sound bites. Allowing 40 seconds or so for any candidate to provide an informative answer on anything isn't helpful for a debate. The format ought to have been better, on that almost anyone who saw the debate could agree.

   At any rate, it is interesting to note how the majority of main stream media refused to highlight portions such as where Scheer zinged Trudeau, telling him that if he's so enamoured with provincial politics, there is an opening in the Ontario Liberal party for him. The studio audience behind Trudeau sat stone faced - appearing that they were insulted at this !!! - while others in the audience raised a cheer.

   Of course, this was in reference to Trudeau's incessant references to Doug Ford (who WAS NOT running for anything!!), but who had won a decisive majority in Ontario, reducing Ontario's Liberal party to a rump without even official party status. (Yes: that's how badly Jim Bradley and his gang of Liberal liars did in Ontario)

   Ignoring that Jim Bradley's Liberal Ontario-destroying disaster was fomented by the same buttholes who are now helping Trudeau destroy Canada, Trudeau was bizarrely infatuated with Ford (and Harper!) on the campaign trail.

  When Scheer brought up the fact that Trudeau had lied about the SNC Globe and Mail story (which broke on Feb.7, 2019) being false, Trudeau AGAIN lied about it on the debate, again saying - as he had originally in Feb. - that the Globe and Mail story STILL IS a lie!!

  It was an unbelievable statement - completely detached from reality.
  Trudeau's lying and his cognitive dissonance here is stunning.
Yet: the imbeciles who love Trudeau's coloured socks and coloured shoe-polish and ignore this clown's blackface racism, can't get enough of his interpretation of reality.

  He was found guilty of violating Canada's ethics laws twice - and still refused to actually acknowledge that he did anything inappropriate. He fired JWR for "protecting jobs"?! That's a lie which even SNC refuted!!

  That Trudeau is STILL lying in October, insisting that February's Globe story was false (...and therefore, that reporter Fife is a liar... really, Justin?) - despite what we since learned, that it clearly was not false - immediately raises questions about Trudeau's mental stability.

  Why did Canada's MSM not follow up on Trudeau's insane doubling down on his original lie?!
MOST Canadian media ignored Trudeau's continual lies and distortions.

 I noticed that Andrew Coyne brought this very same observation up on the CBC's At Issue panel (CBC nightly national news, Oct.8, 2018) the next day after the televised debate. But boy, did they ever quickly gloss over that - the host Rosemary Barton said nothing, Chantal Hebert said nothing, and Althia Raj said nothing about Trudeau's desperate, long-running lie, either.
Coyne was there with 3 mutes beside him.
Althia was there last night when Trudeau lied - she was one of the debate moderators  - and it was on the CBC!! Barton was there as well, and she was one of the moderators!!
Yet; wow - now, a day later, it's as if it had never happened.

   Canada's blackface-pasted Prime Minister LIES AGAIN - during CBC's nationally televised debate, 2 weeks before the election - and, yet the very next day, not one of the other CBC panellists had anything else to add to Coyne's quick observation. (...it's surprising that Coyne didn't later find a horse's head in his bed, courtesy of  the Libranos...)
   Then of course, the CBC merrily went on to interview imbeciles who clearly hated Scheer and said they'll vote for Trudeau. (Yep - Fake news much, Andrew Chang?! C'mon!!)

   The green succubus Elizabeth May also seemed impaired, not only infected with GreenFear-doomsday paranoia, but crazily accusing Singh of wanting to build an oil refinery in Alberta - yet, the confused May (...was she drunk? High on Trudeau's spliffs??) was actually citing HER OWN party's platform... wtf was THAT all about?

   Global reported May's claim back on May 27, 2019 that her Green Party wanted to build oil upgraders for Alberta bitumen!!

    Yet, Canada's MSM refused to examine what the confused May was saying.
    Hey Lizzie: we bet YOU aren't going to be PM anytime soon.

    Then, we learned through the  Oct.11, 2019 National Post that the piece of sh!t CBC suddenly, 10 days before the election, decided to sue the Conservative party for using clips from the CBC debates in their ads. Unreal. The CBC was specifically suing on behalf of Rosemary Barton: the SAME host who REFUSED to discuss Turdo's doubling down (which he did during the Oct.7, 2019 CBC nationally broadcast debate) on the original lie he made in Feb. 2019, that the Globe and Mail SNC story was"false".

    Yep: Turdo lied on the CBC, and Rosemary Barton refused to even comment on it when Coyne happened to mention it on the At Issue news segment the next day. (Barton, the hack host, quickly moved on from Coyne's comment)
NOW, the CBC on behalf of this clown Barton, is suing the Conservatives - for using content which every Canadian paid for. The CBC is rife with phony reporters who aren't journalists, but are propagandists who are 'news shapers'.
By the way, CBC uses video clips of Scheer and other politicians all the time. Maybe the Conservatives should sue the CBC and Barton - for using 'unauthorized videos' on the news.
This is the bizarre fascism which Canada now faces under the Dark Days Of Turdo, when the desperate bolsheviks and their gang members try to consolidate power.
Nasty FLICKIN' stuff.

    As Howard Kirshenbaum commented "This lawsuit and the claims by the CBC are nonsense for exactly the same reasons that the CBC, or a talk show, can't be sued for excerpting and quoting Scheer or the Conservative Party. Their opinions of Trudeau or specific policies are public interest, subject to fair comment, not insulated from scrutiny or use or even satire, a political right, by le "droit moral" or copyright. It in any event was paid for by the public, in any event is partisan and political opinion, not art; and to suggest it is immune to re-publication and use, even abuse, is beyond arrogance to idiocy ie pure CBC"

    Barton the disgusting hack should be counter-sued for not doing her job as a journalist.
The Prime Minister of Canada lied on a CBC media event which Barton MODERATED - and yet, the very next day, Barton sat as the CBC's 'news' host of the At Issue panel, and she REFUSED to delve into what Turdo had done!!
Barton and the CBC are just propagandists!!
WTF are we paying Barton's fat cat salary for???
This was pure dereliction of duty by Barton; purely politically motivated: as was this subsequent CBC lawsuit.

   The (phony) journalist Barton refused to go there, because it would make Justin look bad. The CBC NEEDS CASH from the Liberals, and NEEDS to have Liberals in power. It is in the CBC's favour and in their self-interest, to play down anything negative about Trudeau, as much as they can.

    Let's remember that Barton, on the Oct. 8 At Issue segment, did not mention a thing about Trudeau lying again regarding the G and M SNC story being untrue. It was Coyne who brought it up - unprompted by Barton nor any of the other 2 panelists.
Barton DID NOT bother to follow up on Coyne's observation.
And then we find out that this hack Barton several days later went on to sue - at taxpayer's expense?!!!! - the Conservatives?! Yet, LOOK AT THE INHERENT BIAS WHICH BARTON was demonstrating here on Oct.8!

   How long had this lawsuit been in the works, BEFORE it was made public?
When Barton was doing her At Issue hosting on Oct.8, had she already started legal proceedings against the Conservatives??
If so, BARTON SHOULD HAVE IMMEDIATELY BEEN REMOVED FROM HER JOB until the lawsuit she initiated, had been settled. (..and now that the lawsuit IS public, BARTON should be removed from all duties immediately.)
Everything the propagandist Andrew Chang lies about, Barton has just undermined.
You can't believe a word Chang says, when Barton's down the hall in her office creating fake news and suing politicians during an election and pretending there is no built-in bias at the CBC!!

    Biased Barton has tainted and discredited herself completely. This stank ain't gonna wash off; this is a permanent stain. What an effing CBC joke this is.
This is a seriously demented perversion of the free press going on here. Barton's gonna libel-chill the Conservatives - - - while she herself thinks nothing of censoring news and commentary about the sitting PM's lies - news and commentary which may be favourable to the conservatives  - and to EVERY OTHER federal political group, as well!

    Any counter lawsuit against Biased Barton and the CBC should definitively cite Barton's biased incompetence as shown on the Oct. 8 At Issue segment.
BARTON SUPPRESSED THE NEWS!! (...anyone not seeing the actual debate the night before, who watched the At Issue panel for an impartial summary, was given a deceptive, dishonest view by Barton's handling of the subject - just the way the CBC likes it --- no fake CBC 'news' eh, Andrew Chang?!
BARTON BUTCHERED THE MEANING of  news and of journalistic integrity.
BARTON REFUSED to further examine Coyne's observation, and just moved on, almost as if she didn't hear what Coyne had said.

    But she had heard, didn't like it, and refused to do any follow up, refused to ask Hebert and Raj to specifically comment on Trudeau's double-down. Barton essentially censored the story by squelching any possible further discussion, as it was happening.

    Of course, as all this goes on, the CBC has also been flooding the tv airwaves with ads using Andrew Chang to earnestly tell us oh how great and wonderful and wise and helpful the CBC is, in order to 'help' us make the right, informed decision on election day!! This is laughable if it wasn't so pathetically and blatantly calculated.
   Chang's vomitous lies and distortions are backed up with nonsensical visuals, among which are images of melting glaciers!!
 YEP: that's what it has come to - pure CBC lies and chicanery. And fraudsters like Chang - 
 who just recently in a (fake) news story, was telling us nonchalantly that "climate change is real", in order to boost some deceptive climatalarismist story he was introducing. 
    That's urinalism, not journalism: and that's today's CBC - selling political piss disguised as news!!! 
Chang's another creep that ought to be fired along with Barton, and literally hundreds of other CBC GreenFear-infected political hacks.
    Then there was good ole Dwight Drummond, hosting his Our Toronto CBC tv segment on Oct 12, 2019, blabbing with 4 GreenFear-infected bobble heads whining about AGW climate change as if it was real. Dwight (...again, note how the textbook lies are perpetuated) is also taking a political piss here, never asking any of his climate alarmist/doom spreaders to actually provide their "evidence" of AGW. Dwight doesn't ask, because his employers directed him to pretend that "it's all settled" and  therefore, these idiots blather on about their shared delusion and their fantastic socialist 'solutions' (to a 'problem' which has nothing to do with AGW, but has a lot to do with marxism)
     So while Rosemary Barton and the CBC sue Conservatives, the CBC, using Drummond and others, just keeps keep doubling down on the GreenFear lie. 
     What is the CBC's underlying message, which Drummond, Barton, Chang and the GreenFear gang are ALL peddling: it's their 'green virtue', their elitism, their politics, their not so well hidden hate for conservatism. They peddle this vitriol openly on the public CBC broadcast network. 
   Drummond had no intention of even hinting at balance or truth or impartiality here - it was a joke, and, it illustrates what the CBC has become, an insulated choir of climate change infected clowns singing a cacophony of doom to themselves in a silo.
    Without challenge, their delusions are self reinforced to the point where they become detached from reality. 
   There is a mass-hysteria at play here, with wild alarmist claims being thrown around about 'extinction' and the 'end of the world' and the 'dying planet is on fire' and 'climate crisis emergencies'... all conjured up in the GreenFear-infected mind as if it was a a reality. 
  Sacks of crap such as Elizabeth May and Jagmeet Singh (and Turdo, Climate Barbie... let's not forget Good Ole Grampa Of GreenFear, Jim Bradley!) live from the avails of prostituting GreenFear-paranoia. 
   Drummond didn't question the premise of AGW, and wasn't interested in anything of substance. (By asking questions, he could have very quickly brought to light the insane climate paranoia which was bubbling within his panelists). 
   But Drummond didn't bother; he encouraged and enabled the climate lie to fester, unquestioned, and let the deluded participants continue building their hoax-based narrative. He's as fake as his guests.
     But the CBC is not the only broadcaster doling out GreenFear: on TVO, the day before, on Oct.11, 2019, Steve Paikin was busily spreading... (again... and again... and again...) the climate change hoax as well, with his cabal of  GreenFear-spreaders, including Abreau. It was the usual climate claptrap, the usual marxism, the usual politics disguised as being 'science'. 

     On Oct 12, 2019, in this fast moving story, the CBC apparently changed the story, now saying that it -the CBC - is the only party suing the conservatives, and that Barton is NOT involved!!!
Whether Barton was originally part of this action or not, isn't clear. We'll never know whether Barton was privately filing lawsuits against a political party, while the CBC was peddling a lie that they are 'impartial'. 
    Very scummy way of dealing with things. It certainly would have raised huge issues of impartiality had Barton continued with this, and it is a good thing she isn't. Doing so would have sealed the coffin on her 'career'. She is now free to smear conservatives once more! Hurrah!! Great move, CBC!  haha: the CBC will never sue Trudeau for lying on their debate!!
     Of course, this doesn't in any way change the fact that Barton was acting in biased manner in her At Issue hosting duties, and doesn't change the fact that pretty much every CBC 'personality' exudes hates for conservatism and for anyone who disagrees with their 'virtuous' stand on climate change. That's the inherent undercurrent, the subtext, in practically ANYTHING the CBC does. 
   It was hilarious to see the deceptive spin which Adam Carter was trying to peddle on Global's Focus Ontario joke of a show on Oct.13, 2019. Carter was making a big deal of asking 'where is Doug Ford' in Scheer's campaign'. 
Yet, urinalist Carter did not similarly ask 'where is Kathleen Wynne in Trudeau's campaign?' or 'Where is Dalton McGuinty in Trudeau's campaign'?!
You know, Adam: those Liberals, those great pals of Trudeau's, whose focus was to destroy Ontario; those Ontario Liberals whose party self-destructed and crashed down in flames to non-party status? Those Ontario Liberals {whom Turdo loved to hug}, who had the same Butt-holes advising them to destroy Ontario, who then moved on, like a plague, to help Blackface Turdo destroy Canada? 
THOSE Liberals, Adam: where are they during Blackface's campaign?!?!
How many Telford bucks went into producing this Global slime? At Focus is out of focus.
Carter also claimed that 'housing was a top issue' during the federal campaign, when really, IT WASN'T, and ISN'T.
This is more deceptive Global spin. 
The MAIN issue - almost every day - is about incessantly pushing the "climate change" hoax - not healthcare, not out of control immigration, not out of control debt, spending and taxation, and not housing! These are all minor footnotes in the 2019 election campaign; the over-riding issue has been manufactured and presented to us as a phony 'climate crisis', Adam. 
Did you examine that, Adam?! Global has been spreading climate change GreenFear for years now. 
  Check your employer's records, Adam; then, check even YOUR OWN records, Adam: count all those "housing crisis stories" which you and Global... umm reported... and then compare them to ALL THE CLIMATE CHANGE hoax stories which Global has shat out!!
  And why are you even on this program, Benzie?!  Have you no real journalism to practice, instead of participating in this televised pablum??
   It's darn funny how the CBC, on their Oct. 14, 2019 nightly nationally broadcast news, was showing video clips of some guy walking into an advance polling station, talking with the clerks, and going up to the screen to vote, then waving his folded ballot around in the air as he returned it back to the ladies at the desk - when we have all been told that NO CAMERAS are allowed inside polling stations. 
    This apparently was in one of the 2 Burnaby B.C. polling stations, at the desk where the  vote in poll 116 was being held.
The face of the voter (who was the CBC subject) was clearly shown at the poll, as were the clerk's faces. 
    Unless this was a staged video, how is it that the CBC can waltz into an advance poll and do this? This was clearly done during business hours, when the polling station was open to the public fro voting purposes.
  Simply by having their cameras and CBC logo right there inside - or even near - the polling station, the CBC is casting political bias and influencing votes - seeing as the CBC lies about 'climate change' on a daily basis, and slants their political 'news' to reflect that - eh, Catherine Tait?! 
  The CBC isn't impartial, as it pretends to be, no matter what Andrew Chang has been 'forced' to say. The Liberal elitist disdain is always there in the background. The CBC hates conservatives privately as much as Blackface Boy and Khalistinian Singh hate conservatives publicly.
    Did the poll supervisor at that location give the CBC permission to film within the polling station?! Yet: hey - Rebel media wouldn't be allowed to do the same thing, would they?! 
   Is this another Telford media bucks-financed production?! 
   And yes: Rosemary Barton was the CBC host for this segment: after the video was shown, the broadcast went directly back to her.  Apparently, Barton had no problem with this either.
  As Oct.15-16-17 went by, with the federal election mere just days away, we saw the Telford media bucks extremely hard at work, pushing Turdo's Liberal lies over and over again, story after story, fear mongering about Doug Ford, about Harper, about evil conservatives... lie after lie after lie, dutifully 'reported', with no actual analysis. 
   The lies uttered by Trudeau are repeated and re-amplified, but remain mostly unchallenged, and the take-away to the viewers is, that whatever the issue in the segment had been about, it is portrayed as 'fact'
  At the same time, anything Scheer says, is parsed and picked over and counter views are immediately presented on cue - just look at Katie Simpson's reporting on Scheer. Simpson's reporting is at odds with other CBC election reporting - because there is almost always a negative slant to the Conservative candidate and the party inherent in Simpson's sneering and instantly-editorialized commentary - while other CBC reporters with other candidates have mostly a fawning role: non-questioning, non-parsing, non-instant-counterpoint-providing opinioneering in their reports. {...same kind of delivery and performance seen with CTV's Smug Tom Walters and CBC's Twitchy Paul Hunter, whose 'reports' palpably seethe with Trump hate}.
  Think of  the day the Turdo Blackface racism scandal was revealed, how Katie Simpson immediately was asking when did Scheer know about it, and if Scheer had done the same thing!!! Seriously: it takes a sick CBC mind to offer that up as a narrative - considering that the Katie and CBC NEVER BOTHERED - in 5+ years - to look up Turdo's quite-public Blackface racist past. Anyone ask what Simpson and Tait were doing, as Canada's Blackfaced Sock Puppet was prancing around the PM's office?!
  That's what bought political 'reporting' is these days - propaganda helped nicely by greasy Telford greenbacks.
   Phony media "truth checkers" - employed immediately after any conservative says anything - are suddenly nowhere to be seen when Blackfaced Boy Blunder spouts his inanities. Or when the no-visa-from-India Khalistinian Canadian spouts his divisive deceptions, or when the green succubus hisses out hers. 
   I wonder if Turdo, after he's flushed down the toilet several days from now, on election day, will immediately resign, or stay on and pretend that somehow he had heroically 'saved the day'. The internal Liberal plans must already be afoot for replacing Trudeau, considering how much 'support' he's lost. And - to that - we actually don't know how much he really had, in the first place, for it all might have been illusive hype. What we see is that Turdo's ego interfered with his perception of reality.
  It's clear a week before the election that Canada will undergo a much-needed Liberal enema. One term Turdo is already's caught in the swirl flushing down the drain. (Unfortuneatley, the national enema wasn't strong enough, and the Liberal wastrel hasn't been fully flushed yet.) 
 It may well be that most of the support which Turdo may have had pre-Blackface Revelation Day, quickly evaporated quickly thereafter. In the following days, the bought media tried very hard to downplay the enormity of what the lying PM had done (...and, had kept secret), desperately trying to whitewash Turdo's tattered, shoe-polish stained 'reputation'. 
It was astounding to see the spin, the hypocrisy, and the instant attempts to rehabilitate the racist PM's deeds. You'd have to be thicker than a brick - a cult member - to vote for any Turdo Liberal. 
  Canada's budding future First Blackface Prime Minister, Justin Turdeau, seen preening in all his its festooned, post-national, peoplekind-like glory.
  Also on Oct 16, 2019, the bucket of yank stank Obama interfered in Canada's federal election by endorsing Blackfaced U.N. Sock-Puppet Trudeau. Yep: as long as a racist is also a 'progressive'{ie, a socialist}- then it's OK: Obama's on board the hypocrisy train!
   There was Aldous Huxley-level propaganda on full bizzaro display on TVO on the evening Oct.23, 2019, when there was a segment hosted by an indigenous woman, going on about racism, while showing a photo of Stephen Harper in Indian head-dress gear. This is sadly funny - pathetic - seeing as TVO's next segment right after this one, was their much-self-touted "documentary" about propaganda.
  It's 'funny', because it's pretty certain that the TVO documentary about propaganda, would not be including their own  previous segment about racism, because that segment was itself propaganda - in that it was showing images of Harper in head-dress gear which was gifted by, provided by, and worn with, local indigenous groups themselves, in a ceremonial setting. It's not as if Harper was doing this for laughs at some frat party.
   There was no parody nor any disrespect attached here whatsover.
   The false inference TVO was peddling (...purposefully peddling...) was that Harper was a racist for wearing it.
    Missing in this one-sided narrative was the context of the real story. Giving half the story, spiked with false and deceptive imagery, is part and parcel of manufacturing a purposeful lie.
    This was pure skewed propaganda - exactly as defined in TVO's own subsequent segment - shown by TVO, in their own immediately-preceding segment!
    TVO itself was spreading propaganda, while also at the same time producing sanctimonious documentaries about others doing it!
    And by refusing to acknowlege that they themselves were propagandists, TVO doubled down on the propaganda factor!! Add in Propagandist Paikin's lies about climate change, and TVO's credentials as a propaganda peddler go through the roof. No hypocrisy at TVO, eh?!
    Justin Trudeau wasn't given shoe polish by black people, or forced by anyone, to wear it and to make fun of black people. Turdo did this HIMSELF.