Monday, November 30, 2015

Where are the nude paintings of Justin Trudeau, Kathleen Wynne, or Jim Bradley?!

Further to this CBC report, I wonder where all those other "tasteful" paintings are, of any other Canadian politicians?!
How about a nice oily canvas with Tom Mulcair lounging on a chaise, hanging out his family jewels for the snickering masses? Where's the nude painting of Liberal GreenFear-monger Jim Bradley?? Funny, that no one at the St.Catharines Standard or the CBC is asking about that!! Are any paintings of a naked Turdeau available? No nude depictions of Kathleen Wynne?
Every time you looked at any of those other politicians, wouldn't you also "burst out laughing", as the CBC's pompous-sounding interviewee, Ghahramani, said, about his newly-bought piece of Harper-hate, er, art? This supposed "biting political satire" just panders to the harper-haters, who themselves 'come from a politically vulgar, dark, depressing point'.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Jim Bradley's Liberal wind-turbine fraud

Just a month ago, on Oct.29, 2015 there was this report on the quiet removal of the massively underperforming turbine which had been located at the Lisgar GO station. What's that all about, you ask?!

Let's go back to an earlier story, in the Oct.25, 2013 Toronto Star, "GO Transit wind turbine producing 91% less power than expected", which had a great photo of Liberal GreenFear-monger Jim Bradley, as Transportation Minister, posing proudly at the 2009 unveiling of this disaster, another of his Liberal GreenFraud experiments.

Funny, isn't it, how no "reporter" at the St.Catharines Standard could be bothered to interview their local MPP - the very same Jim Bradley - about this further sad fiasco in a continuous string of billion-dollar green fiascos, based on his Malthusian-deluded green ideology!

So what that another 600,000++ tax dollars were clearly wasted by Bradley's Liberals, in their GreenFear-based long-con!!! The Standard's job is to ensure that their Sweet Greenie Jim is safely protected from scrutiny, while his Liberals screw Ontario's taxpayers.

Evil GreenFear-monger Maurice Strong a god to Justin Trudeau's Liberals

Canada's Liberal Prime Minister, the global GreenFear-pushing Justin Trudeau, is moaning about the death of socialist Maurice Strong, who was a hero to many of Canada's sick Liberals and socialists.

Let's go back a few years to 2007...
  ...(back when Ontario's Godfather of GreenFear, Liberal MPP Jim Bradley, had already been propagating his Malthusian views for decades; so both Strong and Bradley (a fellow climatalarmist TM and Kyodiot TM) have become bastard "godfathers" of the climate-change / global-warming hoax! The climate con-man Al Gore was a latecomer compared to those two grifters! Writer Peter Foster in 2008 described Maurice Strong as the "den father of radical environmentalism! Back in 1986, the Toronto Star ecstatically ejaculated all over Liberal Jim Bradley, officially anointing him as no less than an "environmentalist's saint" !!)...
...when writers Claudia Rosett and George Russell had written their detailed article about the sleazy socialist Maurice Strong, whom they noted was also touted as the 'Godfather of the environmental movement' - read "At the United Nations, the Curious Career of Maurice Strong" to see what Jim Bradley's and Green-Shift peddler Stephane Dion's fellow climate-change kool-aid-drinker was up to.

And, let's go back to 2012, to read Tom DeWeese's description of Maurice Strong in the "The Most Dangerous Man In The World":
"...This is a speech I first gave to the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in 1996, just four years after the UN’s Earth Summit in Rio. At the time I gave this address there were strong indications that Maurice Strong could be chosen as the next UN Secretary General. It didn’t happen, but that didn’t diminish his influence over the body. In fact, In 1996 all roads in the UN led to Maurice Strong. This speech represented the first time that the CPAC audience and most conservatives had ever heard of the radical agenda of the environmental movement. It was probably the first time the term Sustainable Development was ever heard by a conservative audience. In fact, at the time I gave this speech, environmentalism was the most popular and most powerful movement in the world. Yet, here, 15 years before “Climategate” I was revealing the very root of what was to become the “Climate Change” movement and its drive to destroy the industrial West. By the way, tapes of this speech became the most popular of any ever produced by the American Policy Center and continues to be one of our best sellers. TD
Let me begin by asking you a few questions. They may seem rather silly – but I have a point. So, please, just indulge me for a moment – just answer with a show of hands:
How many of you know of Adolf Hilter – and that he was evil? How many of you know Mao Tse Tung – and that he was evil? How many of you know of Lenin and Stalin – and that they were evil?
How many of you know of  Maurice Strong – and that he is evil?"...

In a Nov.28, 2015 CBC story, Justin Trudeau just, uh, forgot to mention Maurice Strong's disgusting involvement the corruption-infested UN Oil For Food scam, or Strong's disgusting connections to Canada's wealthy Liberals!!
The CBC reports Justin Turdeau spewing the usual leftist meme about Strong being a pioneer in "sustainable development"- but what does that crap mean?

Does Turdeau himself understand what his Agenda 21 handlers are telling him to say?!
Well, as it happens, writer DeWeese had already pre-explained what Trudeau (and his fellow Turdobot Agenda 21 clones) actually mean, when they speak about "sustainability":
"...The assault on property rights – in fact the entire radical environmental agenda – is being driven by the United Nations. And Maurice Strong is the number one force behind UN environmental policy. Maurice Strong is the leader of a radical contingent of Environmentalists that believe technology and modern industrialization must be stopped.
Does that sound overstated or too extreme? Well, let me read you a much more radical statement and these are not my words – they’re Maurice Strong’s:
In 1992, Strong told a UN conference…: “It is clear that current lifestyles and consumption patterns of the affluent middle class, involving high meat intake, consumption of large amounts of frozen and convenience foods, use of fossil fuels, appliances, home and work place air conditioning, and suburban housing are not sustainable.”
Now, let me explain this new term “Sustainable” that you will see popping up in environmental policy more and more. Radical greens believe that all of man’s activities on Earth are harmful (and therefore not sustainable). They believe that man is a cancer on the Earth. Their goal is to slowly cut back and finally end all development and reduce human habitat to specific areas while the rest of the world is turned into wilderness..."

Maurice Strong typified the mentality of GreenFear-pushing fellow travellers, such as Liberal MPP Jim Bradley. Strong spawned the kind of barely-cloaked Malthusian climate fascism propagated by Jim Bradley's Ontario Liberals, and by St.Catharines MP Chris Bittle's federal Liberals.

This is the climate-change/global-warming /CO2 GreenFear-mongering scam which Justin Turdeau, Kathleen Wynne, and their sycophants are propagating, locally and internationally - even right now, at the Paris Climate Coven Conclave.

If Liberal MPP Jim Bradley has already been deified to the exalted status of an "Environmentalists' Saint', then Maurice Strong will be glorified by Trudeau's Gaian green-bolsheviks as nothing less than a Malthusian Climate God.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Kathleen Wynne's Ontario Liberals implement HoskinScare TM health-care cuts

Further to this previous post...
Let's move forward to Chris Malette's Nov.21, 2015 Inside Belleville Metroland Media report about health-care cuts being implemented in Belleville, Ontario, where the QHC "admitted that the news was difficult to announce. The restructuring is intended to allow QHC to remove $11.5 million in expenses next year in order to operate within its reduced funding levels from the province. This includes a $7-million reduction in administration/support departments and $4.5 million in patient care areas, QHC said"
This is the EXACT same duplicitous healthcare-cutting template, which the Liberals followed in Niagara!
Liberal healthcare hack Hoskins is doing the same things that Smitherman, Caplan, and Matthews did before him.
The healthcare budget is set at the whim of health minister Eric Hoskins' monopolist Liberals - therefore, cuts need to be made... end of story!
As an Ontario patient, you have no other choice -
this is HoskinScare TM for you - thanks Dr. Eric!
And: isn't it sadly funny, how Metroland writer Chris Malette didn't even mention the words Kathleen Wynne, Liberal, or Eric Hoskins, in his story!! It's as if... let's see... oh yeah: it's as if Liberals have NOTHING TO DO WITH IT !!!
Wow!! Nice 'reporting' - anyone reading this Metroland Media half-story would never know that any Liberal had anything to do with these health care cuts!!! Amazing!!! Malette's article is the kind of article that could be found in Postmedia's St.Catharines Standard, where MPP Jim Bradley and his Liberal policies have been routinely babied and coddled by the local press, for decades!!!
I'm sure that if this same scenario had unfolded under 'harris', it would have been gleefully noted dozens of times per Metroland article!! (Metroland Media never lets readers down, eh, Mr. Beland Honderich?!)
Here's Belleville's MPP, Progressive Conservative Todd Smith, speaking about the QHC cuts - isn't it funny that Metroland Media reporter Malette didn't even ask the local MPP for an interview!!!
MPP Todd Smith said:
"Fall is in the air and because it is, that can only mean one thing: Another round of cuts and staff uncertainty at Quinte Healthcare hospitals. To make up for an $11.5-million funding shortfall created largely because Ontario’s Liberal government can’t manage money, jobs and services will be cut at hospitals in Picton, Belleville, Bancroft and Trenton. Money is being spent on debt that people in Prince Edward–Hastings want spent on the services they need in their hospitals.
This morning, we learned that in order to close the $11.5-million shortfall, QHC is proposing a reduction of nearly all surgery services at Trenton Memorial, $4.5 million in direct care cuts and changes that one QHC executive calls “very hard on our staff.”
During the years of this government, QHC has been the recipient of almost continual funding shortfalls from the ministry.
Speaker, if I could, I’d like to direct some comments directly to my constituency back at home: The deficit this government is running is costing you your health care services. QHC has had to come up $25 million in cuts over four years to make up for funding shortfalls because the Liberal government at Queen’s Park doesn’t have any money left. The government says money is going into better home care services but the Auditor General says services are being cut there too to pay for fat-cat salaries.
The third largest expense in the budget is how much we pay to service our debt and it’s also the fastest growing.
That’s why cuts like this have gone from being rare to happening annually."

Yet if one reads only Malette's Metroland Media 'report', one would think - as residents of Niagara were similarly conditioned to believe by their local media - that it was just the board of the local hospital making all these 'decisions'!
The link to the Ontario Liberal government's direct monopolist diktat of health-care cuts is not clearly made, at all!!
This is Liberal healthcare duplicity, in its finest most despotic mode.
Let's note again - before Liberal monopoly-supporting, single-payer-defending sycophants start deflecting blame onto the QHC - that the blame squarely belongs to Kathleen Wynne's health-cutting, monopoly-pushing Liberals.
As similarly happened in Niagara, the NHS and the NHS's CEO were conveniently targeted as scapegoats for implementing what were purely Liberal-mandated monopolist health-care cuts.
In Niagara, local Liberal MPP Jim Bradley sat back and smiled contentedly as the local media spun blame onto the NHS - while all along it was Bradley's duplicitous Ontario Liberal government which created the phony budgets and the phony budget cuts in order to manipulate the health-care cuts.
Remember the meme: health-care cuts are 'good' when monopolist Liberals or the NDP do it!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Will CBC fire Peter Mansbridge for his Trudeau propaganda?

First we had that treacly, cloying CBC interview by a palpably giddy-as-a-schoolgirl Peter Mansbridge with his new crush, Justin Turdeau.

Then, on Nov. 5, 2015, we had this further CBC vomit spewed by Mansbridge, with Mansbridge crowing that Harper denied him interviews, but Sunny Days Turdo magically answered the phone and just asked Mansbridge and an entire camera crew over to chat!!!!!!!!! Yeh - dat's da tiket...

Then, on Nov.11, 2015, we learned that Mansbridge actually had connections to PM Turdo, which Mansbridge had FAILED to mention both in his original fawning interview, and, in his subsequent Nov. 5th after-vomit brag piece:
"CBC anchor Peter Mansbridge’s obsequious bus ride with Justin Trudeau shocked the newsman’s most devoted followers.
Now, a new report says there’s a reason for the veteran newsman’s puff piece: Trudeau’s director of communications is Kate Purchase and Mansbridge officiated her wedding last July, according to media watchdog
Purchase and the CBC said the announcer was a long-time friend of the family and “spoke” at the nuptials.
Chuck Thompson, CBC’s head of public affairs, told Canadaland “there was no conflict of interest.”
Purchase helpfully added: “We have always been very diligent in keeping our personal and private lives separate.”
Purchase’s father is Bruce Anderson, who until this week, was a frequent contributor to Mansbridge’s At Issue panel."

Nowhere in his Nov.5, 2015 CBC story (...which was slickly, but falsely, titled: "How The National's Justin Trudeau access doc came together; Peter Mansbridge says he appealed to Liberals' openness and transparency‎ pledge to gain access"...) did Mansbridge mention his personal connection to Purchase, Turdo's chief flack!!

Mansbridge wrote in his Nov.5th piece:
 "I had been trying hard since election night to get "inside" the new PMO as it went through transition from contender to government. No immediate "yes" or "no," which was a good sign, but time was running out.
I much preferred the idea of "access" to the "formal interview" option, which other networks had already done since election day. So, I tried something different. I played the "you talk of openness and transparency‎, so prove it" card."
That actually seemed to curry some favour, at least with some in the inner Trudeau circle. When the person they call "the Boss" signed off, it was a "go" earlier this week, and away we went."

WOW - really, Peter?! Your talk of 'openness and transparency' was itself a blatant lie!
"Some in the Trudeau inner circle"?? Who in J.Turd's inner circle, Peter???! Your Liberal pal Purchase? Why coyly omit this fact, while cloyingly fawning over Trudeau??

And the CBC then says there is no conflict of interest - when their top news anchor blabs about 'openness and transparency', yet is a shill for the Liberals??

We now see that the Nov.5, 2015 CBC column, written by Mansbridge himself, was PURE POLITICAL propaganda.
Mansbridge could have just as easily revealed in his original interview, or, in his Nov.5th column, about how he really got his interview - he knew Purchase, she got him in; ok, then: case closed.

But, what Mansbridge did was hide that fact, and instead pursued his own agenda - he used the tax-payer-subsidized CBC to crow about his own phonily 'hard-earned' interview with the ever-so-open Turdeau; to create a paean to Turdeau, and at the same time, to slime Harper.

This is the kind of fifth-columnist slime which has infected CBC "journalism" for a long time.
This reminds me in a way of the kind of crap the St.Catharines Standard Bradley Buttlicker has been doing with Liberal MPP Jim Bradley, for decades, pussyfooting softly around Jimmy, delicately doing their damndest not to ask too many questions of their Boy Bradley on anything of any controversy or relevance.

We're used to that kind of incessant, ingrained, inbred media Liberal ass-kissing locally in Niagara.

It is nevertheless astounding to see it so blatantly, so smugly, so nonchalantly, so eagerly, so... how can you say it..? so 'self-entitled-ly' (!!) perpetrated by Mansbridge here, on a national forum.
Mansbridge should be fired. His "trust" as a journalist has been compromised.

Bend over, Ontario: Jim Bradley's coming with his massive Liberal carbon-tax-grab

Now that Jim Bradley's Liberal GreenFear-pushers are going to institute their not-so-secret carbon tax in Ontario, let's see how long it will be (...never?) before the St.Catharines Standard Bradley Buttlicker  interviews their pal Ole Jimmy 'bout this latest Liberal scam!!
Grunt LaFlush, crack stenographer at the St.Catharines Standard Bradley Buttlicker, has by now had a chance to examine all of the "global-warming/climate change science" which the 'anti-science' Harper and thousands of 'government scientists' hid from him - right?
Laflush has already had plenty of time to interview St. Catharines Liberal MP Chris Bittle, in order to gather ALL of the "global-warming evidence" which Bittle is privy to - along with Liberal MPP Jim Bradley - right?!
Laflush has asked Bittle whether he supports Bradley's climate-tax rip-off - right?!
Surely, Grunt Laflush has done this; surely, Laflush has also interviewed Liberal hacks Bradley and Bittle about all the ways in which 'global warming and climate change can be stopped' - as their climate hoaxter God Al Gore still says.
Laflush has most certainly asked former Ontario environment minister Bradley, about his thoughts on the Turdo Liberals' 8 billion litre flush of raw sewage into the St.Lawrence - hasn't he?
I'm sure Laflush has also asked the federal crap-dumping-Liberal MP Bittle all about this too! Hasn't he?!
Will anyone (?!?) from the Bradley Buttlicker ever ask the duo Bradley and Bittle whether their scandalous parties will reimburse Ontarians for the all the inbred campaigning which Bradley's Liberals did for Bittle's Liberals, on the taxpayer's dime?!
...I missed that wonderful Dolighan cartoon - - ahhh, Dolighan... so darned funny... in the St.Catharines Standard Bradley Buttlicker, showing Justin Trudeau, Catherine McKenna, and Denis "Fred Flintstone" Coderre, strategically drawn, sitting with their pants down, with their butts hanging over the banks of the St.Lawrence, taking a communal dump into the river. Wow... Dolighan...such political acumen...
'What's a couple more litres of shite between friends' says McKenna demurely. 'This crap is our gift to our Liberal-voting friends down east!' while Coderre mumbles something about 'the necessity of merde'. Justin Turdeau is drawn not only wearing ermine robes AND a crown, but is apparently toking a joint, saying 'It's 2015, man!! THIS is real Liberal change for ya!".

Wednesday, November 11, 2015