Thursday, November 12, 2015

Will CBC fire Peter Mansbridge for his Trudeau propaganda?

First we had that treacly, cloying CBC interview by a palpably giddy-as-a-schoolgirl Peter Mansbridge with his new crush, Justin Turdeau.

Then, on Nov. 5, 2015, we had this further CBC vomit spewed by Mansbridge, with Mansbridge crowing that Harper denied him interviews, but Sunny Days Turdo magically answered the phone and just asked Mansbridge and an entire camera crew over to chat!!!!!!!!! Yeh - dat's da tiket...

Then, on Nov.11, 2015, we learned that Mansbridge actually had connections to PM Turdo, which Mansbridge had FAILED to mention both in his original fawning interview, and, in his subsequent Nov. 5th after-vomit brag piece:
"CBC anchor Peter Mansbridge’s obsequious bus ride with Justin Trudeau shocked the newsman’s most devoted followers.
Now, a new report says there’s a reason for the veteran newsman’s puff piece: Trudeau’s director of communications is Kate Purchase and Mansbridge officiated her wedding last July, according to media watchdog
Purchase and the CBC said the announcer was a long-time friend of the family and “spoke” at the nuptials.
Chuck Thompson, CBC’s head of public affairs, told Canadaland “there was no conflict of interest.”
Purchase helpfully added: “We have always been very diligent in keeping our personal and private lives separate.”
Purchase’s father is Bruce Anderson, who until this week, was a frequent contributor to Mansbridge’s At Issue panel."

Nowhere in his Nov.5, 2015 CBC story (...which was slickly, but falsely, titled: "How The National's Justin Trudeau access doc came together; Peter Mansbridge says he appealed to Liberals' openness and transparency‎ pledge to gain access"...) did Mansbridge mention his personal connection to Purchase, Turdo's chief flack!!

Mansbridge wrote in his Nov.5th piece:
 "I had been trying hard since election night to get "inside" the new PMO as it went through transition from contender to government. No immediate "yes" or "no," which was a good sign, but time was running out.
I much preferred the idea of "access" to the "formal interview" option, which other networks had already done since election day. So, I tried something different. I played the "you talk of openness and transparency‎, so prove it" card."
That actually seemed to curry some favour, at least with some in the inner Trudeau circle. When the person they call "the Boss" signed off, it was a "go" earlier this week, and away we went."

WOW - really, Peter?! Your talk of 'openness and transparency' was itself a blatant lie!
"Some in the Trudeau inner circle"?? Who in J.Turd's inner circle, Peter???! Your Liberal pal Purchase? Why coyly omit this fact, while cloyingly fawning over Trudeau??

And the CBC then says there is no conflict of interest - when their top news anchor blabs about 'openness and transparency', yet is a shill for the Liberals??

We now see that the Nov.5, 2015 CBC column, written by Mansbridge himself, was PURE POLITICAL propaganda.
Mansbridge could have just as easily revealed in his original interview, or, in his Nov.5th column, about how he really got his interview - he knew Purchase, she got him in; ok, then: case closed.

But, what Mansbridge did was hide that fact, and instead pursued his own agenda - he used the tax-payer-subsidized CBC to crow about his own phonily 'hard-earned' interview with the ever-so-open Turdeau; to create a paean to Turdeau, and at the same time, to slime Harper.

This is the kind of fifth-columnist slime which has infected CBC "journalism" for a long time.
This reminds me in a way of the kind of crap the St.Catharines Standard Bradley Buttlicker has been doing with Liberal MPP Jim Bradley, for decades, pussyfooting softly around Jimmy, delicately doing their damndest not to ask too many questions of their Boy Bradley on anything of any controversy or relevance.

We're used to that kind of incessant, ingrained, inbred media Liberal ass-kissing locally in Niagara.

It is nevertheless astounding to see it so blatantly, so smugly, so nonchalantly, so eagerly, so... how can you say it..? so 'self-entitled-ly' (!!) perpetrated by Mansbridge here, on a national forum.
Mansbridge should be fired. His "trust" as a journalist has been compromised.

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