Sunday, December 30, 2007

Liberal Jim Bradley election ads at City Hall

I wrote a letter to the city of St. Catharines on Nov.16, 2007, to obtain the City’s policy in regards to the displaying of brochures in the City Hall lobby, citing an for example, an election-style brochure/newsletter called “Seniors’ Alert, Fall 2007”, which has been available in the public lobby for some time now. On this newsletter's front cover was an "Elect Jim Bradley" ad.

Under what conditions can a private citizen place, display and/or distribute brochures/pamphlets/leaflets inside City Hall, or outside, on City Hall grounds?

Who authorizes the display and placement of such brochures/pamphlets/newsletters in the City Hall lobby? Who, if anyone, screens and/or approves the content of any such material displayed in the City Hall lobby?

Can a political party, an individual candidate, or a private citizen, during any official provincial, federal, or municipal election, or at any other time, display and/or distribute brochures or literature of any kind in City Hall?

What’s the difference between a political candidate campaigning in City Hall in person, and having a candidate campaign through paid-advertising in a brochure prominently displayed in City Hall?

I have yet to receive a written response from the City Clerk, to whom this letter was referred.

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