Sunday, December 16, 2007

Paul Martin's Liberal moral authority

(written Apr.26, 2005):

When Paul Martin made claims about his recent ‘moral authority’, why didn’t he have the past moral fortitude to register his Canada Steamship Lines vessels in Canada, instead of Barbados, where his firm could dodge paying the Canadian taxes he hypocritically imposed on the rest of us? Why are we expected to then be grateful, and to disregard the irony, as the Liberals dole out subsidies to struggling shipbuilders and other industries, whose competitiveness is crippled by punitive over-taxation in the first place?

The St. Catharines Standard carried a story back on July 30, 2003, by reporter Glen McGregor, which at the time seemed isolated and out of place, if not even absurd. The story claimed that John Young, CSL’s St. Catharines office manager, was fired after he refused an order to award “fictitious” and “unneeded” work to a company that made a substantial contribution to Martin’s campaign in 1997. Today, when placed in the context of Gomery’s cascading revelations of Liberal scandals, doesn’t this report bear re-examination?

It is astounding to witness the Liberals’ spectacular ability to suck while blowing. At election time, ask not what the Liberals can do for Canada, remember how the Liberals screwed Canada.

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